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No sound from speakers
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Ham Radio grayline and great circle map applications?
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epdfview doesn't print a certain file, is it corrupt?
Claws Mail - Broken in Puppy?
Puppy 5.2 frugal install lost ethernet connection
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Annoying problem in Firefox (Orbit)
Handbrake and DVD
Flash crashes, fixed
How to have Puppy mount my USB HDD at boot?
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Recover rox
SWAP Partintion is Not Working
No Dropbox status icon in system tray in Wary.
lupu desktop settings not saved in vmware
No Sound on eeepc 1005hab
Kudos List - Who are your Unsung Heroes in the Puppy world?
SeaMonkey update giving display problems
GPSD .pet installed, doesn't seem to work
Towards a better Puppy Experience - Top5s
Lucid Puppy 5.2 drops WiFi connection
japanese font/filename support
Puppy 431 can't boot from pup files on w98 hdd solved
Puppy 5.2.5 and Compiz
X11 clients with ssh
No display on ideapad U160
Can't keep default keyboard layout (frugal linstall)
ssh logins
Use of NTFS in a Puppy Only PC
Netbook 12" supported ?
Hosts file not affecting browsing
Turning off hard drives
Quirky 1.4 will not rip dvd's - solved
EXT3 File System Observation - Space Usage <ANSWERED!
Can the location of desktop drive icons be modified?
Save file filling up in var/cache/fontcofig.
"Adobe Flash Player Settings":
Seamonkey crashing on 525
GoogleEarth.sfs and your pupsave filling.
How to compile driver for RTL8188CUS USB wireless chipset?
[Solved] Unable to connect to wifi eMachines 350-21G16i
BloGTK for Puppy?
How to display time in different timezone using strftime?
Any app that warns you when CPU temp gets too high?
How to copy PMs from Puppy forum to local disc?
What is wrong with cryptmount?
unable to partitioning with Gparted
how do I correct an error in .jwmrc ?
how to install Wine
How to mount second hard drive at bootup?
Will sfs files meant for Puppy 431 work ok in 412?
Audio problem
Linuxprogram for Dreambox?
Peacekeeper Results /Chromium/Opera/Firefox
How to start Puppy with Windows application running in Wine?
(SOLVED)How to access top window menus through keyboard?
[Solved] Lucid 5.2.5 and wifi
current path in terminal title bar [SOLVED]
How do I start a vnc client?
Optimum use of graphics card drivers in Puppy Linux
is a Rolling release puppy possible.
Opera tab question.
Is there a SeaMonkey SFS package out there?
FF 5.0 Crashes
How to boot my Puppy frugal install?[SOLVED]
Want to see how you are tracked on the internet?
How to configure my Windows key as a Super key?
auto network config
Will packages made for 431 work in 412?
How to enable IPv6 in Puppy 5?
Some questions about ReiserFS [SOLVED]
Foreign Characters
external HD NTFS partition will only mount read only.(solved
can't access Hotmail with SM 2.0.11
Lucid Puppy 5.25 - Kernel panic - No init found - Try init=
Keyboard Layout XVESA puppy 4.3.1
Using docx files Puppy 4.xx series [Choice made, I think]
Xvesa on Lucid 5.2.5
Opera Flashblock Script Anywhere? [Solved]
Puppy on fusion processor?
Antialiasing, in Rebol windows, doesn't work!
Wav audio file only plays in mplayer and pmusic
What did the first version of Puppy look like?
Corrupted file system and tcp forwarding [Solved]
Disabeling Flash (plugin) in SeaMonley 1.1.18
Can I control the mouse with the keyboard?
How to upgrade Puppy without burning a CD? [SOLVED]
From Ubuntu to Puppy: I need a migration plan
How to install Kobo Desktop?
Unity2d on puppy possible?
pmount default options for ext3
Really Useful Opera Extension
Can't "quietly" merge folders.
What is "$@"
Problem installing gmp libray
New XML Paring Error encountered - solved
Installing malayalam (Indic)
Can't update automake
Pmusic 2 - alpha 3
Configure kernel to ignore hard disks/non-removable drives
Difficulties upgrading a frugal install
Trying to compile VLC 1.1.15 with Mozilla plugin
Realtek RTL8191SE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC
How to restore system setting or prevent Saving changes?
/root/.jwm/jwmrc-personal ???
PHP pet?
My save file decreased with 5.4MB
How to edit Openbox menu?
Remaster vs Woofy, what's the difference?
Problem with Wifi Script [SOLVED]
ROX icons are too big, in GTK file chooser
500 Internal Server Error Lucid 525
Missing png file
Opera Font Question[Solved]
Incredibly Useful if you need an ICON
question about x11
Problem running Wine from Teamviewer6 pet
Puppy Puplet Hurt-me-Plenty
Rather Nice Firefox 4 Theme
How do you make a sub forum?
rip CD to which format?
Can't install pets to USB
Where is mouse/trackpad configuration stored?
How to prevent users from changing the system?
Advanced keyboard configuration / layout variants
The "Taskbar"
lupu save file
Where to find ncurses-devel?
How to install Puppy in an Acer Aspire netbook?
Is there a way to play movies and music from Windows 7?
Lucid 5.2 working on HP Pavilion dv6500
Lucid 5.2 can't get 7 button mouse to work
Some questions about Puppy 525 remastering
Fbpanel in Jwm as 2nd panel.
Re-loading win xp to a solely Puppy machine.
Questions about a 'frugal' install
Puppy can't seem to handle some sites
Is Google-Chrome a totally CRAP browser?
Macpup 525 Error Faulty Download
One mouse click sometimes seen as two
need EXT3 Defragmenter
Is there a way to set time out on boot menu?[solved]
How to decode base64 mime attachments - munpack?
Broken Universal Installer - almost Universal???
Pup Won't Boot if there is HDD
Pmusic 2 - alpha 1
Pnethood 0.6.7 cannot find shares...
<SOLVED>How to make iptables entries persistent after reboot
Ownership of files/directories in other distros
How do I get multi- OS boot menu on external USB hard disk?
Solved: Pnethood can't find Win2K machine
disappearing windows in SM 2.0.11
Printer driver addons for lupu and wary puplets (solved)
Slow Performance Pup5.25
Can't force Skype to use SOCKS5 proxy in Puppy Linux
change the openbox-menue
sound corrupted when computer wakes
Eliminate Swap Partitions {SOLVED}
Puppy with GraphOn or Citrix
How to remotely access Puppy Wary from Windows 7?
Questions about usability / personalization
LibreOffice 3.4 doesn't print. 3.3 does.
Increase sfs amounts at bootup???
Python and .sfs
good music/video synchroniser
copying from my usb stick to a usb hdd with encryption
Firefox Password File. Where is it & how to back it up?
usb mouse losing config
VLC Screen full of numbers.
Scripts for updating the Puppy Linux menu
Hiawatha Log Files [solved]
Xorgwizard and Xwin
How can I fsck at boot
Solved: What does Gstreamer need to play WMA files?
Getting Wireless to stay on [Solved]
What to do when Puppy crashes?
How do I make a zdrv from puppies with Built-in drivers?
How to install Puppy on a SDHC card? (SOLVED)
Do I've a choice not to save change when shutdown ?
Blackberry tether or bluetooth
Error: "GTK-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library"
take data out of the personal save file
frugal hd install: kernel panic - not syncing
taskbar mousover position
retrovol broken
Reading stringed instrument tablature (*.tef) files
USB power control
Wireless fail to work after install to USB flash
Two puppy machines sharing folders?
USB flash boot problem on Dell
Is my Lucid Puppy Studio spoofing?
Lucid/Openbox users, Extras here
why dpup?
Can't connect wary to internet with new modem:
Menu Icons do not survive remaster
Opening audio streaming from Chrome browser
Why choose dpup instead of lupu?
Createing a Windows 7 RecoveryDisk USB
Wine error message
URL bar in SeaMonkey lost
Script for desktop icons
Any alternative desktop locking software in plac of XLOCK ?
Attempting to compile, getting "Make not found"
I am not a shill for Codeweavers
Puppy alternative to Skype?
Trouble in configureing application. Installation attempt.
Audio Interface in PuppyStudio3.3 (SOLVED)
Audio Interface in PuppyStudio3.3
trying to install Rednotebook journaling software (.deb)
Does anyone have compiled Qt library?
FoxitReader Set Run Action
Editting the XFCE menu...
Unable to bind Print key in openbox
Uninstalled pet left program title in menu
Webcam not working with Flash player
Default Applications SOLVED
OCR an image file to text or office document?
Changing a windows drive letter
Compiling Deadbeef music player
PPM Puppy Package Manager won't open anymore 5.25
Save Ram to File [SOLVED]
How to make Osmo give notification(s)?
5.25 Live CD DHCP connect problem
Firewall - should Puppy's be a easy2use, user-friendly one?
My shared home error.
Tweak Laptop Touchpad?
How to run pure-ftpd as non root user
why u use puppy?
[solved] Detection of SCSI Scanner LuPu 521
To burn a boot floppy image to CD.
[SOLVED] Rsnapshot for Puppy Linux? Other backup tools?
Really Great new Firefox 4 Add-on
SOLVED: Cant exit X to prompt (or run xorgwizard)
problematic full install of Puppy 525 retro
Failed to negotiate with DHCP
Why cant i find a working version for wireshark with .pet
Custom Help File Being Re-Written
Where does package manager download pets to?
How to get Java working in Puppy 5.2.5?
Trouble booting Puppy from flash drive
Seamonkey 1.18 - permanent space at bottom of window[SOLVED]
[SOLVED]USB device not being recognised on Puppy 4.3.2 V3
(Solved)How to save lupusave file to hard drive?
Wary 5.1.1 Full HD install pcmcia not working
Moving to a different computer
Xsane plugin for gimp
Puppy For Tablets??
puppy in a browser???
Sophis Theme for JWM + GTK
[SOLVED] how to enable Show Desktop icon on taskbar?
desktop icons disappeared & Chromium not displaying right
How to remove sticky files created by Wine?
On the way to making a Puplet
rdesktop & xfreerdp ALSA underruns
How to upgrade Puppy 4.2.1 full install to Wary 5.1.1?
nfs server Permission denied
Difficulties with SFS
puppy 5.2.5 loss of openbox configuration
YouTube won't work in Puppy 2.17. What to do?
Unable to download Audacity using Quickpet
Archos (ALi corp) USB Audioplayer problem in LuPu 520
Booting USB without HDD
Strange new hard disk {SOLVED}
Given older handicapped notebook
DVB module compiling
How to install selinux?
pure-ftpd startup and command line
Flash drive plugged in at bootup not recognized
lighthouse pup
525 JWM keyboard shortcuts
Do you have >3GB of RAM? You need to see these Puppies
How to run OSMO automatically
How to compare files in Puppyland?
User Feedback Issue Report 2.5.5
Do I even need a screensaver?
Repairing puppy
wifi startsed not connecting out of the blue
Hibernate option?
Power button options
Why there's no "at" command?
skype crashes
5.25 Upgrade
bookmarks lost after crash
OSMO is already running report (SOLVED)
instructions on compiling acpi_call.ko?
Calculator desktop link (solved)
playing audio stream
Position Seamonkey???
Xserver randomly restarts or freezes
Puppy scripts for pet
Boosted Session Transport Monitor?
Mp3 files created by Audacity won't play except in Audacity
Puppy on self-rebooting EVO N610C
FRUGAL install (entire partition) .sfs conflict!!!!
Puppy on the older eeepc (701SD 7014G)
Request for help to use ntfsundelete
Using Ubuntu as a host PC for Wireless Router advice needed
Icecat 4.0.1 help with webm video
remaster 'with' mozilla extensions intact?
VNC server Puppy 5.2 (Client Graphical connection)
Where the debs are in PPM
Puppy 525 HD install went bad
How to set up connections with netcat?
Can menu.lst present multiple sfs file options?
Firefox 4 and Flash 10 crashes
Puppy LAN 101
Asus EEE 1215n audio + wireless driver wanted
Conky is wonky[Not solved but fixed]
does this kernel works for puppy 5.2.5?
does BASH know about coprocesses? like Korn's |&
Grub2 automatic selection
CUPS 1.4.3 500 internal server error spup100 [SOLVED]
How to compile linux-ATM 2.5.1
[SOLVED] how to uninstall jwm and openbox in lucid 5.2.5?
Boot to a puppy ISO image?
That did not go WELL!
Can't mount NTFS partition in Puppy 5.1 (found workaround)
Stardust Icon set?
I can't get SSH to work in Puppy. What am I missing?
Impossible to substitute JWM theme (SOLVED)
booting from an sdcard
I installed, I saved, and... oh crap.
Ping Ttuuxxx
How to enable font antialiasing/Hinting permanently for LCD
how to uninstall pre-installed apps like abiword?
VLC display options?
Build l2tpv3 Kernel modules for use with Puppy 5.25
Save file encryption confusion. Whats it all about.
Gnumeric hyperlinks don't work in Spup
Green Dillo [SOLVED]
I tried to fix Flash, now it is worse than it was
Some sites yes, some sites no. Why?
Can't find theWord bible program icon (SOLVED)
xboxdrv with mupen64plus
Portable Apps for Linux
Configuring xrdp server
[solved]mounting removable devices
How to tell puppyversion in Puppy 5?
Kernel compiling problem (Solved)
OpenOffice Icons Disappeared
Virtual box 4 crashing
Puppy 5.2.5 and Windows 7 SP1 Home basic 64 bit - Dual-Boot
wvdial vs. kppp
Carriage return won't paste from Abiword to Yahoo email
[solved]bash scripts dont work
grub setup booting more puppies
How Puppy Works - Best documentation
X Suddenly Won't Start
Iron - how to extract movie - where are they cached?
ye olde ibm doesn't like lucid pup
Simple Question About Adding Links to Forum Posts [Solved]
Memory being shown as inactive
desktop wont save state
Restarting X server repeatedly harmful?
How do I set up two screens?
save manually
Troubleshooting with pmount
Shutdown in openbox
mnt/home symlink
Some Puppy ISO's won't boot
How do I copy an existing USB OS to a larger flashdrive?
firewall useless for puppy
kernel panic
CUPS network printer problem(SOLVED)
Did you frugal install? If you do, can you do me a small flavour?
Lost Sound [SOLVED]
Testing Quirky V142
How to install KDE3?
lucid520 frugal install wakepup doesn't
A couple of remastering questions
usb floppy legacy for boot
where are the kernel headers for wary 511? SOLVED
Email Client Sylpheed Configuration
Where is 'Internet Connection Wizard'? [SOLVED]
no sound dell laptop puppy 4.21
change from dial up to ethernet problem, 5.0 ->5.2
Creating Desktop Icons
Docking bar? [SOLVED]
How to make a ISO file adding changes to Puppy?
Move wireless settings from new pupsave to the old pupsave
Start an .exe in Mediapup-rxvt
Desktop alternative?
Woof without dev ?
Webcam Viewer? Is there a guvcview pet available?
How to shut down Lupu without saving session ?
How to bypass a firewall with samba-tng? SOLVED
CPU desktop temp and Puppy
How to choose which graphics driver Puppy will use?
Booting into a device with an ARM processor...
i have three questions about puppy
Seamonkey Crashes [solved]
Missing the CPU usage icon in JWM Tray [Solved]
p deskjet 1050 printer fine but scan not
Re-Master a Full Install
troubles in compiling djview
lupa_525.sfs not found
How to speed up downloading Real Audio?
How to convert PAL to NTSC?
FIREFOX: how to edit about:config
Gftp and ad-hoc
sudo command not found
Transfer a USB Install
pfix=ram boot option gone from remastered Lupu 525?
Can SSH as Root - CANT SSH as normal user
Controlling layer filesystem
Anyone installed spotify with wine
Problems with Connecting with new laptop (solved)
Grub4DOS hosted on FreeDOS
How to run MSpaint in WINE?
fldigi alc problem on 20m
Installed libxss1.0.0 disappears on restart
How do I set up US deadkeys keyboard?
How to enable or install volume keys on keyboard?
really trying to get openoffice or Something office..
VLC media player display is turned 90 degrees
troubles with dlopen in compiling ghostscript in puppy 3.01
Add an image to the Grub [SOLVED]
Using PRecord with PupRadio
glibc upgrade
I need Kernel module aic7xxx in lupu 520
How to install Lilypond in Puppy after 2.13.42?
Unistall wine (solved)
Shrinking Personal Storage
bring back puppy 431.
XFCE missing window borders!
Mplayer OSD change size and location
Music slide show video Howto make one ?
How to enable compositing of Cairo Dock?
Looking to make a hot key to switch between keybd layouts
no skype or amsn (solved)
How to add boot options.in Grub 2 (SOLVED)
WIFI File Sharing with a laptop / i-Pad
Can't open Gdmap [solved]
Icons all question marks in a triangle [SOLVED]
Kill processes at startup
Forum bug
Wireless Interface
WakePup2 for new builds of Puppy Linux?
symlinks and Firefox profile in /mnt/home?
Can Puppy identify the type of RAM?
dbus module
Puppy-based alternative to BackTrack 4?
Differences between Puppy 4.3.1 and Lucid 5.2
mdi file viewer in puppy
Mounting a corrupt data DVD: any chance?
No sound on Vortex 3300DX
How to edit initrd.gz from a Puppy iso?
ROX Filer Too Slow [SOLVED]
Can Puppy 4.3.1 Retro be converted to 4.3.1 (normal)?
[SOLVED] Can't start X
OpenSSL headers do not match Library
Active interface (world+monitor icon) configuration?
Hissing sound when playing audio
Can't copy files or create folder on external drive
Broken Startup-folder
no sound on avidemux
How to remove that little arrow from Fluppy's taskbar?
Trident Video CyberBlade on Lucid Puppy 5.2
lupusave in ntfs partition
Virtual alternative to the more known Vbox and VMware?
pet packaging
How to make desktop icons huge?
School/Library application: how NOT to save changes?
Keyboard shorcut for Rox's 'Terminal here' option [SOLVED]
Slim down puppy's system ram usage
How to disable startup sound *Ruff Ruff* in Puppy Lucid 520
How do I run tcsh shell without messing up JWM config?
Lucid Puppy 5.2, JWM, lost desktop icons (SOLVED)(FOLLOW-UP)
FATAL: Module prism2_usb not found
synaptics driver
loading SFS files based on hardware
Firefox Spanish edition
802.1x supplicant configuration for WIRED interface
Puppy Linux 5.1.* (Lucid) behavior?
alsamixer input/output error in quirky and wary -usb install
Will Mplayer or Gxine play a region 2 DVD in the USA?
LibreOffice in Wary 501
Two Operating systems on one hard drive
stack dump and return *demi-solved*
Black screen with video
[Wary 511] Get rid of 4 desktops
xscreensaver running as "nobody" or "root"
[SOLVED] Cannot start X
Keyboard and mouse won't work
Converting media with Puppy 5.2
Can anyone build the multi-user window manager?
SOLVED-Installed petget-411,now unable to uninstall anything
Pengguna (Untuk yang sudah terbiasa)
How to read Asrock 890fx CPU Temperature in Conky?
Questions about Compiz Fusion
How to add full Bash command set to rxvt?
Whats the linux equavalant of a batch file??
Wireless configuration
what am i doing wrong??? installed Fluppy but it won't boot.
No JavaScript? {Solved}
I moved lupusave.2fs :o
the French speaking part of the forum
Swap file questions
Frugal Install - getting error 15, file not found
Changing Refresh Rate
Gnome-mplayer subtitle Chinese Big5
WvDial version 1.53
Evince 2.30 Not Available (Solved!)
Wireless and Citrix and Wine, Oh My
DosEmu: how to specify proper path for command.com?
Spanish version of Puppy
lucid pup 520 creates a swap file?
can't get puppy to boot on netbook
remaster with icons
Default Puppy 4.3.1 Permissions
postgresql in Lucid Puppy 5.2
plugin for HP laserjet P1005
Xournal Xinput Trouble
how to swap sound output from alsa to oss SOLVED
Xorgwizards opens after every boot (SOLVED)
mouse stuck at reboot
Geany templates lupu 5.20
Puppy doesn't show the icons of all the partitions
How to set default SeaMonkey resolution?[Solved]
How to change the keybord layout when Puppy is not using X?
can't mount a partition
How to change urxvt colours
Puppy 4.2 acting strange.
Compiled SDL game won't run
Can I replace my save file with a directory?
how to use joysticks
Opera woun't start on Pyppy 5.1.1
[SOLVED] Unable to change Linksys router settings
My root home folder is max size; how to make it bigger?
Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0"
2 swap partitions; how to stop Puppy from using both?
Get Java application to run on Startup [SOLVED]
How To Remove the task bar? [SOLVED]
remaster cd problems
Booting time. What are yours?
is vlc's regular buffer faulty?
AbiWord drops numerics when saving .doc files
setting up an ad-hoc network
Two /etc/X11/xorg.conf files!!!!
Elo Serial touchscreen axis inverted
How to enable ENTER key on numeric keypad?
Kiosk Touchscreen Problem [SOLVED]
Terminal out put After wbar is fixed, with img bgr errors...
MySQL 5 pet or sfs?
(SOLVED)How to set Nvidia in puppy linux 5.2 correctly
Gnumeric fix?
Where are the lib files needed by Puppy packages?
Edit_SFS remastering problems
Application for microphone
Can't automount ntfs partition as rw on Wary startup(SOLVED)
How to use a virtual box in Puppy?
Wary can't see the ethernet port on ADSL2+ router
Mail command in scripting?
alsa problems SOLVED
How to extract mutiple files once? (Solved)
What happened to puppylinux.ca?
TopoResize / resize2fs for windows
Best way to remove unwanted programs from Lucid 520?
Pburn 3.3.1 in Puppy 5.2 problems
How to use Fujitsu Stylistic 3400 touchscreen in Lucid 5.2?
Is Transmission hogging personal storage space?
Loading SFS to RAM Without Requiring 2X RAM (Solved)
squashfs-tools 4.1 for Windows
Having trouble compiling newest version of John The Ripper
Can i install Lucid packages in Puppy 4.2?
Upgrading Portable apps on Puppy 5.2
Can't donwload with Pet Package Manager (SOLVED)
How to add contacts to Osmo in Lucid 520?
"Boot partition not found." when booting Puppy from USB
Puppy Linux on Panasonic ToughBook W8
lupu-520 can't listen radio at www.fifm.cn
System date is correct but programs are a day ahead
sftp on Puppy 5.1.1 - bbsd.so.0 - No such file or library
Can't send video in Skype (SOLVED)
bootcode to force pup to recognize savefile? *SOLVED*
Puppy package manager empty
Problems with Puppy Package Manager in My Wolfe 028
Request that Linux Apps which "just work" be ID'd
Cannot start Puppy from CDROM
Puppy Wary 5.0 - Finally suspends to RAM
How do I get grub2 without using Ubuntu? [Solved]
How to Auto Gzip/Unzip pupsave (2fs/3fs) files?
usb multi-boot annoyance.
How can I keep Puppy from searching for savefiles?
How can i modify the right click menu? SOLVED
Opera and Geany disagreeing when editing files
Puppy 4.31, 5.2 CDs no hard drive icons on desktop (SOLVED)
rc.shutdown modifications for pup-xxx.sfs over 600 mo?
X Won't Start when AutoAddDevices set to True
Puppy overrides Ubuntu user permissions? (Solved)
How to auto-gzip/gunzip lupusave.3fs during runtime
Thunderbird crash after first use
Remastering puppy5.2 CD
Where does CUPS-PDF Printer put pdfs?
How can I make the menu fonts larger in Thunderbird? SOLVED
How to use Epson Stylus 740i parallel printer? (Solved)
BlueGriffon, best way to install it?
Mouse Identification Problem
Sony Bravia KDL32EX 503,USB dongle>wireless conn to router
How to have single mouse clicks only?
Online banking/shopping security(SOLVED)
How to get more attractive open/save file dialogs?
Mouse Cursor Wrong on Screen
How to make Puppy use an external X-Server?
(Solved!) No Sound on Puppy 5.11
Moving window controls to the left feels right
No Partition Table
I'm not that impressed.
Browser crashes
Need to setup a non root user to run the game Paintball2
What can I do to disable CTRL+ALT+... in Xvesa ???
sfs limits
Opera 10 wont see my flash!
GUI for ClamAV
Borked Install Dumps To Scary CLI
Upgrading Puppy Installation To Newer Version
Htop: A RAM usage question
Can't USB install - searching for Puppy files in computer...
freememapplet not showing personal storage file space
adding new MIME types in rox-filer
deb packages won't launch
[POLL] Which method do you use to boot and run Puppy?
4.31 CD boot failure
Boot Options?
After installing Skype, ALSA disappeared
Why puppy does not seem to stand up
Pmount vfat permissions
which is the best p2p or torrent for puppylinux 5.2
How to play mp4 files?
Not able to boot Lupu 520 off USB SOLVED
Problem debugging a C program in XOpup
a CD-remastering challenge to PuppyLinux developers !
Detecting modem on boot, takes a long time
Mouse Mixup - How Do I Fix?
please delete
Is there a completely free (as in Free Software) Puppy?
Warning flashes for a second just before Puppy loads(Solved)
Can you install a Boot loader onto a CD?
LibO_3.3.0 final just released
How do I install an additional language in Puppy?
[SOLVED]How to set fbpanel icons?
remaster without CD directly from ISO on HD
Even More Software [Solved]
How to use Belkin wireless G USB adapter?
Pet packages, text files missing from remastered CD (Solved)
Puppy Network adaptor on HP Probook 5310m
make an initrd.gz
How to tell the total monthly download of many Pups?
How to edit .xinitrc?
Package Installation Problems
Lupu 5.20 /etc/init.d
Backing up a FULL install [SORTED]
Opera and flashplayer (again) [SOLVED]
GRASS GIS with Puppy
Open Box Start menu keybinding
Toribash working :)
how to fix null entry in menu?
Bibletime 2.7.2 and Video don't seem to like each other.
mini-dog.xpm not shown in Fluxbox menu (Lucid Puppy 5.2)
Making a new Puplet with Woof...
Puppy won't load lupusave.3fs [Solved]
It might sound rude but.. Why aren't puppies comparable and?
How to dial into Puppy machine?
Pwrkap ?
Open Box
Lucid Puppy 5.2
Puppy 5.2 rightclick on taskbar window icon missing options
Aqualung ripping MP3s? [solved]
Where is the GOOD OLD Lucid Puppy 2.4.2(but NOT 5.11 or 5.2)
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How to configure Hiawatha server for php?
In the making of FULL Korean menu
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Dead Links Thread
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pianobar (SOLVED)
How to manually force Puppy/Quirky recheck Internet.[SOLVED]
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How to connect to a hidden wireless network? (no SSID)
(solved)Removing a drive icon
Virtualbox Stereo Mix
Touchpad won't work after boot until I restart Xserver
Nero Linux ($15.99) comparable to Pburn (free)
(Solved)Default bootup cursor settings
Trying to get ipod to run on NOP 4.0
Customizing the fbpanel Menu in Puppy Linux 5.2
Wary or Lucid?
Fan doesn't work in Puppy (Major issue)
Initrd difficulties
Puppy 5.2 madwifi and wireless connectivity questions[Solved
5.1 retro kernel version???
Lost my hard drive partitions
Thanks For All The Fish
puppy vnc server
Openshot in 5.2 failing [Solved]
How to un/compress a sfs file from the command line? (SOLVED
files missing after remaster
Bummer, could not run 'etc/init.d/rcS': No such file...
Looking for xfce-4.6.1.pet (NOP)
Clean shutdown of filesystem [SOLVED]
network connection problems in Lupu5.2
How to unmount drives in xfce using Hotpupx?
Can't recompile kernel
How to upgrade my kernel without compiling?
Running Puppy on an Aspire One 0751h
How to record webcam in Wary 500 or Lucid 5.20?
Dotpuphandler doesn't work in Wary 500
time resets when connect to internet [solved]
Fitting Puppy on USB - Partitioning?
Terminal crashes?
.po or .pot translate files
How to make Puppy connected to the internet like it used to?
Compiling Gnumeric [solved]
Puppy can ping XP but not another puppy
How to list installed packages? [SOLVED]
How to install Huawei Modem ?
WinXP & Ubuntu dual boot: replace ubuntu by Lupu 5.0.0
Why won't Bash ldd command load Adobe Air? (Solved)
Which is better, remotedesktop or tightvnc?
Lupu 5.1.1: how uninstall a .deb package?
Package Manager Woe
Resume after Suspend Does Not Work
Wine Tricks not working
3rd party device driver build
Lucid has lost its voice (solved - use 5.2!)
Change the default terminal for rox filer [solved]
opening a filename.squashfs for view / extract
Does puppy write to NTFS system disk without asking?[Solved]
Opera Question
How to get external IP address? [SOLVED]
Is there a limit on the number of icons on the ROX desktop?
Happy new year all
Puppy boots from USB stick but then can't see it
Linux Mint Debian Grub?
How I make a Wary 5 version with the Xorg of T2 8.0rc??
Can't setup synaptics trackpad on 5.1.1 [SOLVED]
Puppy Studio 3.1 / Ardour NOT launching ...
Inspiron 910 Wireless Inop[Solved]
How to install evtouch?
‎Viewnior Image Viewer in Puppy 4.2.1
LUPU 511 PPOE connect problem
wifi problems
How to save scripts from Geany as executable?
Kernel panic! after improper shutdown
USB input/output error
New Puppy with old kernel???
Problem with sound COMPAQ ARMADA 1500C - Pup 4.31
How to use woof?
Network on Puppy 5.1.1 (2)
How to use Tataphoton Huawai ec1261?
delete this
SFS Linked to a USB Stick or SD Card?
How to remaster?
wireless lan internet connection ver. 5.1.1
Kernel timing question...
[SOLVED] Removing a 'symlink' ?
Pcdripper doesn't work
sfs files and desktop icons
How to check if I have bad RAM?
Lucid Puppy Open Office SFS does not see JRE
Using different file system in frugal installs?
puppeee 1.0
Tray Apps Disappear when using IceWM
as pfSense - Puppy as internet-logger?
Will not run wmv files !
Is there a screensaver in Puppy?
What is the login for root?
khtml2png and Puppy 4.3.1
Connecting to the internet without a modem (Solved)
how to make vd tech netbook boot on Puppy USB stick?
custom firewall
All of a sudden I can't start X...
Opera 11 font problems
Firefox and AbiWord problems
IRC chat channel
Seamonkey appears not to play Adobe Flash videos
Adding repos
Hard drive cloning
Strange place for the PC Speaker, in hardinfo...
How to connect to Windows' remote desktop?
Poweroff or shutdown its controled or configure by what ???
tray disappears when disconnecting Pupdial
XAMPP and virtual hosts
Problems Installing On Flash Drive [SOLVED]
Problem with 4.3.1 PDF view or 2.1.4 ghost View (Solved)
I can connect to WPA2 netwk w/ static IP but not DHCP
Filling up rootfs
Figaro's passwords manager
SeaMonkey 1.1.11 Discombobulated!
CPU actin up...I think
USB install won't boot after hard shutdown
Puppy Package Manager Empty
FTP Active/Passive Mode (SOLVED)
manualy upgrading a pup?
Where's my toolbar [SOLVED]
How to run Flightgear in Puppy 511?
How to change screen resolution for tv out?
S3TC Texture Compression
Ati fglrx + MacPup = pretty
4.2.1 Hanging Up Starting X
How to update mime database (Puppy 431)...
Geany got discombobulated! -SOLVED, easy, thnks rcrsn51
Questions re using Puppy live CD in an office computer
Firefox is crashing on me all the time too.
Editing presets on Pup Telly and PupRadio
Can't upgrade Puppy b/c I lose audio
Fresh *Install* of puppy 5.1.1
How to run Google Earth in Puppy?
How to play Civ 2 in Puppy 5.1?
[RESOLVED] PCMCIA CD drive and shut down
Ctrl+Alt+key + ... don't work
Yahoo Messenger for Puppy?
Wine SFS for Puppy Linux 4.3.1
Why does full install to IDE-CF use EXTLINUX instead of GRUB
Increase boot partition on USB under ComboFormat [SOLVED]
What version of Xorg is in Quirky 1.4?
Video resolution - IBM(Lenovo) Thinkpad T60
Dial into Puppy Machine
Problem installing Java media Framework on Lucid Puppy 5.1.0
Aqualung not streaming internet radio.
how to install compiz in my puppy (puppy431+Gnome)
Trying to install a working KXstitch in Puppy 5.1.1 <SOLVED>
strategy: interchangeable Flash 9 and 10
get rid of Print icon on Navigation Toolbar SM 2.0.7?
How to run 'Play it Slowly?'
[solved] chrome can't do extensions
First distro with a smp kernel?
puppylinux.ca and puppylinux.asia
Errors with compiling WGet 1.12?
remaster doesnt show SM upgrade
total time count truncated in VLC 0.8.6
How to get Conky to run in transparent mode?(SOLVED)
Firefox spontaneous shutdown
How to make browser connect through ppp connection?
Openvpn is in Lucid repository, why not in Lupu PPM?
Profiles with Puppy?
working pc for Puppy Linux
Can multiple Puppies be burned onto one CD-RW? (SOLVED)
working link to download vlc-0.9.2 for puppy4.3.1
Reducing Menu Clutter through Control Panels?
Toggle a tray icon when a network share is mounted?
Assinging a workspace to seperate ouputs
Iron and Chrome cache problem?
apps with no x involved
X server refuses to start on intel 865g
Howto Install DNS Tool DIG
Video files that played last night won't play now
Improper shutdowm on hard drive installation
Can't install GRUB to fat partition on flashdrive
Wifi lost in 4.3.1 after using Puppy Studio 3.1
Missing files on my hard drive?
What is the best way to update .pet package to newer version
PHP Web-pages in Puppy Linux
Is there an Mplayer with multicore support?
Too many time zone choices.
Serious poll for the regulars and rest of us :-)}
Some Browser Benchmarks
Play live guitar under Puppy
Google Chrome breaks cups
Which puppy / pupplet version ?
Would like to get Seamonkey and Firefox running Solved
Running hd installed puppy from usb grub?? (solved)
HP D530C P4 2.66Ghz 512Mb good for puppy?
merge sfs files into one sfs using aufs & mksquash?
A Note about thread formats -- date of "First" Entry
Use Grub floppy to boot USB [SOLVED]
Hot Little Puppy!
How to build ATI Catalyst driver in Lucid?
Kernel headers missing: I can't compile software
Firefox/Seamonkey silly trick, new tab homepage
frugal install on ext3
Feedback request on proxy servers
Unable to connect to network Lan with Aspire one (Solved)
Firefox 4 Beta 7 sfs for Wary/Lucid/Quirky
Opengl in Quirky 1.3 ???
Remaster Puppy live CD-startup options
Midori and Chrome as spot?
firewire on Puppy Studio
Desktop replacement
Can not print in a net share printer (HP Laserjet p1005)
Trying to compile mplayer (solved)
Wireless wizard finding networks, but will not connect
Low sound on Puppy
Problems with GRUB - quirks
Unable to build .pet - new2dir ends with SegFault
*Warning* - installation of python.pet makes OpenShot stop w
WINE - Best Puppy?
I can't access my private message --- (Solved I hope)
Compiled in *puppy - What exactly does this mean?
drive icons 4.3/4.3.1
vboxdrv error (Lupu 5.1.1): kernel source error?
Perl warning: setting locale failed
sb x-fi go! with lucid puppy
Found idle packages
[ask] ePSXe emulator , in lupu511
GoogleEarth Lucid
Lupu501 + Python
Script writing question
(SOLVED) How to Run PHP Scripts in a Web Bowser???
WNOP, Tigerpup (or was it Ripple) - Compiz Fusion- Where?
links in pets sometimes didnt come
Best Puppy Solution for local network file & printserver?
How to sync Google address in Puppy?
unique desktops /WITH/ unique icon sets ?
Problems With Grub
Quirky devx full install
SOLVED read desktop pointer position ? SOLVED
Problems with CMAKE
Seamonkey 2.0.5 lucid pet
JWM Tray Issues (disappearing tray)
Puppy Linux - and usability - a conundrum
Save file first tiem setup.
LUPU Problems
Flash crashes Firefox
Middle mouse button (scroll) makes Seamonkey windows vanish
year old 214x
Why does video work if it's not defined in xorg.conf?
Laptop Close Action
How to play a video as screensaver?
How do I specify the Category icon in JWM Start Menu?
Getting Started Banner
Reduce Tab Height Seamonkey 2
Dropbox on Lucid Puppy
Is therea way to concatenate binary files? Solved!
Bios Upgrade for Compaq Armada M700
Deleted inode referenced
ALSA config is not saving changes
Make puppy launch shell scripts in terminal
flSynclient disables pad, Puppy now unusable
What is initrd?
Seamonkey 2.0.10
GTK1 problem in Puppy 2.02 who's got the brains to help?
Puppy 5.1.1 desktop customization question
Chromium resolution
Possible to put a link on the desktop?
Working sound settings not saved with Puppy 5.1.1
graphics poor on all puppylinux versions
Services listening on the internet?
Can I modify /root/.jwmrc?
Sound AND Network gone after reboot /w save session?
back up pupsave2fs regulary
Ports Blocked by Default in Puppy?
Abiword Problem
kompiling inkscape 0.47 results in very big binaries
Link to the ".pet"-site?
Puppy Studio screen colors messed up after waking up
GRUB with puppy
Can't connect to NG G54 Router
Where are Wolf Pup's .PET packages?
USB Wifi connects but doesn't allow internet connection
xorg video wizard mot saving prefrences
automatically mount encrypted partition
JWM not displaying
5.11 or 4.31
LuPu 511 full install Power Off reboots instead
How do boot to a command prompt?
DocBook... How do you install it???!!!!! SOLVED
virgin broad band2go + quirky
using a USB install / problem writing savefile to main drive
Possible Bug with Abiword and Lupu 5.1.1
Installing libraries in 511?
lupu-5.1.1 Pburn
32 vs 64 bit CPUs - How does Puppy do it?
etc/profile - please scrub this post. Posted in error
Puppy 5.1.1 can not handle latest mini USB flash drives
Where to Host .pets for Others to Download?
Slow mouse in Puppy 5 (solved)
Users of OSMO
CPU Scaling..a Very Odd Question
WANTED: small mailserver to send outgoing email only
Change Desktop Icons
Weird Dual Monitor Problem
'Remaster livecd'' & 'Save to file'
eekboek accounting system (Dutch language) [aborted]
Quirky 1.2
When Puppy shuts down it doesn't turn off the power- Solved
*SOLVED* remastered CD savefile problem / 2nd try *SOLVED*
wmv-file in gxine
Can one install KEEPASS and DROPBOX on Puppy-Lucid??
Hardware information and how use keyboard interface
wallpaper change
where can i get belender pet for lucid?
puppy 510 odd periods spent writing to disk
Change screen resolution
CUPS - Broken Again ... or Still?
Kernel Panic, Lulu-511-cd won't boot [SOLVED]
how to config my videocard (permanently)
problem with puppy remaster
Which booting method should I use?
JWM - What does Snapmode mean?
Window cycling ignores some windows in Puppy5, Wary, Quirky
Kernel Panic - not syncing:
How to view/download BBC TV?
Ubuntu - Puppy 5 hybrid system
No browser: frugal Wary 090 with 160MB RAM (Solved)
Possible to Remaster Quirky 1.3?[Solved]
No auto DHCP in Puppy 5.1.1
gxine and flac
Internet upload/download totals don't reset each month
Delete Built-IN program
Glade Interface ddesigfner
internet connection
Xorg Lagging - CPU?
How do I install Synaptics Driver for touchpad
Woof ERROR: could not 'chroot' into sandbox3/rootfs-complete
how do i stop xwindows from launching?
[SOLVED] DevX file in remaster??
Cannot Voice Chat through Meebo, etc.
control C control V error going through wine?
Finally a Speed Dial for Seamonkey
PDI Spoon runs in Puppy 4.3.1 but not in Lucid
lampp has 11 processes running
live CD loads drivers my usb flashdrive install is missing
puppy in multi session CD disc mode
Abiword 2.8.6
Recompile Kernel Puppy 412
perminantly setting wine so a link opens with a certain prog
[SOLVED] Boot failure - kernel panic
.doc file causes Abiword to crash in Wary 0.7 (Solved)
WiFi connection in different puppies
thanks for perfect lucid 511 but i do need help please wbar
Puppy511 can`t encode x264 video with ffmpeg...
syntax highlighting with vim can't work?
Missing Photographs.
Puppy Linux 5.1.1 good
SD Card - Recover or Delete Damaged Files?
utf-8 encoding in busybox vi
Build webpage using Puppy without installing anything
Using Cron
xorg config
So where is bluetooth support in Lucid?
popup in firefox 3.66 although popups disabled
PCMCIA does not work after kernel recompilation
When a program wont start
Question about uninstallation of installed pet packages
Trying to create a multi-boot thumbdrive - SOLVED
Dual Band Wireless n
RTSP - Can anybody view these videos?
Minimisation to tray?
xorg/xorgwizard not providing all display options
Force full install on USB device
Thunderbird upgrade
Trouble with Lucid Save File (Solved)
Missing php_version.h installing php cairo_wrapper (solved)
How to do screencasts? -[SOLVED]
How to create a 'Pupsave file' after downloading lupu-511?
Creating a 'save' file question
Lupus 5.1.1 desktop keeps black
A request/suggestion for a utility
How to set the icon text color in 2.17.1?
USB disks are not recognised
More bash awesomeness
Where has all my space gone to...?
Can Puppy turn off laptop monitor? [Solved?]
Lupu battery indicator wrong on Eee PC
Audio with spot
Lupu problems with Xorg, Icewm and keyboard
intermittent problems with 3g dongle - how do i debug?
Pwget and bad md5sums
video conversion
Puppy on Flash won't connect to internet..
combining shortcuts query
How to delete Lupusave file, so Puppy will boot?
Restarting xwin automatically after an improper shutdown
How to automatically lock screen??
Another couple of questions about .pet creation
lupu-511.sfs not found
gnome-mplayer cover art
Rebuilding initrd.gz in luci 5.1.x, how you do it ?
Quick Puppy Installer
amsn unable to connect (4.2.1) - solved
JWM question... Transparency?
puppy linux does not load
Feed Reader
rec. sound from comp. works in XP not in puppy [SOLVED]
extract pet package and create a txz
wbar problems
2.6GHz P4 benchmarks barely faster than 1.5GHz Celeron
Puppy 5.11 on ASUS 904HA Atom Processor Wireless On/Off
After installing xfce no drive icons on desktop (Solved)
put lxde into change wm script in pupeee
Any way of recovering a broken pup save file?
Every startup, i must configure network card again (puppy 4)
I can't get the module numpy to work in python
I need a bigger cursor
Lupu can't compile Madwifi-hal
how to lock panel in place?
Forum login
kernel .config file
How to change the default browser?
Remove Drive Icons on Desktop(SOLVED)
Basket Note Pads
Fluxbox shutdown problem [SOLVED]
SSH Server startup problem in rc.local
Can i remove base programs?
Wireless Connection Dropping in Puppy 5.1
Wireless Connection Dropping in Puppy 5.1
How to turn on Numlock at boot?
Warning:Deprecated conf files
Missing "libgio" on Lucid 5.1.1?
Can not save to partition
veetle in Puppy?
Latest Wakepup2 .pet file
Changing desktop icon text color
[Solved] Lupu-511.iso gives error messages under VirtualBox
bhuvan - Google Earth Alternative?
Change Alt+F4 to Alt+z
mount point confusion; ntfs/usb
libgtkembedmoz.so error with skipstone
multi core chips and hyperthreading in Puppy?
Blue screen when playing videos with Puppy 5
Why is screen dim with current Puppies when using Xorg?
Finally, and about time! Broadcom Linux drivers
Virus Killer for Linux
unionfs/rootfs slowly running out of space
How do I upgrade from 5.1.0 to 5.1.1?
Comparing Wary 5 devx to Lucid 5.1.1
AbiSuite Dictionary gone?
Thinkpad X60 wireless problem - SOLVED!
Installing printer
Loading drivers needed to access disk drives - slow
Lupu-5.1.1 Keyboard frozen
Wine in puppy 511
Can Lucid Puppy 5.1.1 use programs from Ubutu repositories?
problems booting video card to blame?
Where to find missing lib 11 ser.so dependency?
wine as an SFS file?
power off problem
[SOLVED] puppy 5.0.1 wpa_supplicant error
Woof compiling?
How to record the sound my laptop is making?
How to recover JWM taskbar when it disappears?
How to run an sfs file without rebooting Puppy 4.3.1?
Touchpad "tap-to-click" stopped working
wbar bug with puppy 5
Back to Puppy (for good on this machine, at least)
LAN Connection is ok but no Internet [SOLVED]
java in puppy 5.1
How to measure Memory Use
WIFI on Toshiba Satellite Pro 460 CDX? [SOLVED]
How to configure installed Puppy for different computer?
[Wary 070]Wireless connection keeps on dropping
[Wary 070]Wireless connection keeps on dropping
the linux "demo" scene
How to make a live Puppy DVD?
Pup 51 + pmenu
bootcodes for quirky
"URL sniffer" for radio station to find its stream URL
A DOSBox question
An Xclipboard question
Puppy inoperable after power failure
.wine in /mnt/home, .../spot in /mnt/home/spot
puppy 501 hooking up
Network Boot - does Puppy need this as an option to installs
PDFEDIT; does it actually work in lupu 5.1?
Uninstal pre-installed apps in Puppy 5.1
Puppy 4.31 or Very Wary
errors running e2fsck on (light) encrypted pupsave
connect to a strange wpa2/tkip network
Replace file? (SORTED)
Puppy on high end hardware?
Firefox extension - FLASH-AID
How can I use Itunes with Puppy 5.0.1?
How to update system clock with ntpdate?
Audio doesn't mute - Sometimes wifi connection becomes off
Adding a PPA
1366x768 resolution on Radeon HD5165
keyboard AZERTY lucid puppy 501 problem
Run Pnethood on Ubuntu
NVidia drivers for Puppy 4.3.1 Retro? (k2.6.21.7)
Playing .avi video files
Install Lucid 5.1 using pendrive at old laptop
Conky Configuration GUI
Shut off touchpad, Lupu 5.1??
Doubt about installing ethernet driver
Quintin likes 5.1.1
choicePuppy distro and lightweight computing
Audacity stoped working
Cannot find Compaq NX7010 laptop's modem,
Available RAM becomes low
puppy 5.0 and 5.1 not establishing proper wifi route rt61
How Do I Get Xsane Working with Pupy 4.3 and HP 4280?
Installing Squid - Missing Perlapi-5.10.0 upstart-job
[Solved] The good, the bad and the ugly
Booting lupu-510.iso from Grub2?
Quick Pet download of Firefox-(Solved)
how does puppy know which modules to load ?
Skype - Logitech Quickcam Communicate STX
Setting up a Bluetooth GPS with gpsd??
can firefox masquerade as a handheld device?
Black screen - nothing except stuck cursor
Mounting a Win95 Filesystem - Japanese Version
pupevent/udev question
Wary 060
[SOLVED] Can't watch Apple Movie trailers
How to edit a PDF?
Move/copy a module [SOLVED]
wbar won't start in Lupu 5.10 (SOLVED)
Need a bigger cursor for Lupu 5.1 (Solved)
[SOLVED] Convert TXZ to PET with Src2pkg
Network two Puppy Machines?
Fat puppy install performance questions
Lucid Puppy, 4.3.1 CD not saving sessions on USB flash drive
Deskop icons disappeared
[SOLVED] bookmarks lost after each reboot
Want to run completely in RAM, no thumb drive writing
Puppy Linux 5.01 and NZ Vodem
Introducing myself, how can I get bluetooth in Puppy 5.0.1?
warning battery
Can Puppy 5.1 be installed on a hard drive?
Touchpad not working on Toshiba Satellite C650D
How to Fsck?
Internet Connection Issues on Puppy 4.0
Can't boot Puppy from USB thumb drive
logitech rumblepad 2
puppy 5.1 internet connection failed && can't install pets
Unexpected Restarts when mounting CD
No network on Dell Inspiron 570 with Lucid 5.1 [SOLVED]
VOIP - where are we at?
No booting from USB pendrive
puppy freezes when closing laptop lid
ugh, skype in 4.3.1 doesnt work, derp
SSE2 SIMD instructions
puppy boot parameters
Jailkit and puppy 3.01
Quake I USB Gamepad
What are the boot parameters?
VLC as default? (solved)
Quirky 1.2 Abiword question
Some Basic ALSA and other Questions
What are the "<" and ">" characters called? (Solved)
Deleting Old Cups Printers
Where is Ttuuxxx
DVD ripping
Lupu-5.10: NetSurf Won't Render My Modem's Webpage
Is Gparted not working, or only me ?
S L O W video and X server after motherboard change
Lucid 5.1 Welcome set up screen and Getting Started splash
How to compile modules for Lucid Puppy 500, 5.1?
[SOLVED] Gxine, Xine, VLC > Quicktime won't stream
Xchat dcc pending fail...Help
Skype - video problem SOLVED
xorg video not providing full range of resolutions
Compiling problem
grubconfig stuck at "working, please wait"
How do I restrict user access?
Can't use make command in 5.1
How do I make a sound play when a key is pressed?
Setting either GKdial or PupDial to redial continuously
Mail server???
Problems with loading OS on old pc
glibc- Can I have several of them?
How to install USB wifi driver?
Firefox.., Well I never Knew
Which license is Puppy Linux under?
Unable to install VirtualBox Guest Hosts
Need script to move highlighted file [Solved]
What is SeaMonkey and why is it in Puppy
Japanese read and write, everything else english
Mount point for system hard drive has disappeared? (SOLVED)
[SOLVED] Issue: Unwanted "DOS-like" GRUB screen at boot
Cannot launch KDE :/
Adding linksys wireless card
Simple ad-hoc connection setup
AlsaPlayer 0.99.8 and Ogg playback?
ldd command error
trying to install guest additions in virtual box
[SOLVED] Can I change the folder menu.lst is in?
Webcam Support
Sound Problems (sorted)
Problem converting avi to mp4 with FFConvert
Question about making a screensaver from a .jar file.
Trying to load 2fs file from harddrive via USB
where can I download rp-pppoe
Puppy 5.0, and problems on HP mini
Deleting corrupt Inbox file [Solved]
Cannot connect to WEP Network
where find tutor ab.internet intimity and discretion
Getting mouse events in puppy.
How do I get files to be named correctly after downloading?
Where's the GUI?
Installed Mplayer, Gxine and Pmusic stopped working
Which order for scripts in /root/Startup
AVI to AMV Conversion?
JPEG save quality. Is it possible to detect it from file?
Configuring Radeon HD 2600
Can Puppy 5 use ANY Ubuntu repository program?
Sound problems
Lupu-508 Beta 3 needs testers
Missing Dependencies on OpenOffice
VNC with 4.3.1 or spup 040
Desktop icon opens VNC and connects
Working with dir2pet... hopefully.
automatically changing usb drive
FirePup- Moxilla extensions won't work--Solved
Load sfs via BootManager
Can't add Adblock Plus to FirePup
Flash + shockwave player under wine?
xinput command missing
dosemu and the -s option
Lucid Startup directory
How to hide the "fun" submenu in the start-menu ?
Firefox 3.68 error with opening PDFs' ??
How to set run action for .par file? (Solved)
Intersting Issue with the Universal Installer
USB flash disc corruption on /dev/sdb and /dev/sdb1:Solution
Puppy 5, VirtualBox 3.2.6
Maximum Ram
Puppy does not start from disc installation
How can I rotate a VGA screen 90°?
PUPMODE 12 question -- Solution
100% RAM linux softwares
what happens with sound in quirky?
upgrade older puppies to glibc 2.11 easy as pie
Turn Firefox into a Web Page Editor
No Puppy will boot from Live-CD (SOLVED)
Video Chat - Video Conferencing?
PCMCIA CDMA modem hangs up and does not redial
gFTP only works after logging in by other means
What can I do for use multimedial key with Xvesa???
automatic orthography+grammar control & handicapped people
How "label" pup_event icons on desktop??
Aircrack won't work - missing dependencies?
Using Pburn to burn avi file: video file too long for DVD?
How do you get suspend/hybrinate options?
Video playback hassles
Files in root show up as text files
Make patch sysfiles: missing dependancies for GIMP
Taskbar not appearing
apt-get working on Puppy 5 lupu pretty simple
CPU Temp Comparison
Kernal panic
how to create users and install xdm on a ext3 full install?
ns-communicator won't open.
CUPS 1.4.3 - Printing Problem
Spup 040 - TV Card Compatibility & Setup?
Spup 040 - Good Grub Settings?
Spup 040 - Seamonkey Upgrade Method?
can not change wallpaper
Pburn issues in 4.3.1, full install
how to make a priority ms.word 2003
Partition missing
Ever GROWING pup save file - a solution
gameport to USB adapter
WPA wpa_supplicant - How to clear old settings?
Printer not available in GIMP
Monitor error?
Can you get pup4xx.sfs to mount successfully in Puppy 2 ?
How to increase console text size? - SOLVED.
How to get ethernet connection working with kernel
Printing from Geany
making Puppy a PXE server ?
Xorg problem
How to autoload a Kernel module in a pet?[SOLVED]
3 SFS files: optical, Flash, HDD. Which will Puppy use?
SPUP 040 - Video Support?
No problems booting but all installs corrupted on reboot
how does PupDial work under the hood?
Lucid Puppy 5.1pre needs testers
YIPPY - New Desktop & Search Engine
CUPS Error during Printing
CUPS Error during Printing
How to add ubuntu univers repo?
assigning internet keys
Announcing -- Puppy 4.2.1-Gnome
Lupu on dell inspiron 700m - no boot
puppylinux.org been down for days
Lightweight download manager, but with following features
Tray Applet Program and Swallow problem
anyone have a basic calculator?
Recovery of lost applications from crashes.
Is there a newer Netstat version than 1.42 for puppy?
Update Puppy Linux 5.0
Will Puppy be faster on a SSD?
Can Puppy use a vertical screen?
nenscript or enscript.
can puppy linux snare me an itunes file?
DIsk not formatting
javascript and streaming radio
Problems running Tomboy
Dealing with Adobe Flash Player 9
Uploading pictures using Firefox and Thunderbird
installed pidgin and the dependency libs but it won't open!
How to not display the IP at booting?
Problems with installation of Grub on Toutou Linux 4.3.1
Laptop overheating with Quirky 0.1.8 and Opera 10.60
Pet Package Manager
Changing the theme in 4.1.2?
How do I upgrade Puppy 4.1.2 to newer?
smoller icons on desktop
Firefox 4... Pretty?
Getting Puppy Version from Console?
Seamonkey - Simplified Import of Old Settings?
Frugal Install Without a CD?
[SOLVED] Unable to connect to wpa enterprise PEAP
NTFS Read-Only issue
Are There Artists?
PupSave File - Forcing the Creation of a New One?
OpenOffice Stopped Opening RTF Documents
Which is the first version of Puppy that detects firewire?
Use a mobile phone for network
I broke my Quirky 120 package manager [FIXED--NEVER MIND]
Palm OS Emulator "POSE"
Ubuntu installed Grub 2, broke my computer
dual boot strategy for eeePC
What does "Linux video capture interface: v2.00" mean?
Drive Icon Disappeared FOUND
How to put jpg files into a pdf?
Laptop fan runs fast after installing Dpup
How to remove unwanted programs?
Upgrading Perl 5.8.8 to 5.8.9 [SOLVED]
SCLISS - Simple Command LIne Search Script
Hijacked homepage in Mozilla Bon Echo
lupu 501
GParted->sdc_USB_Flash_Drive: "no devices detected"
ROX-Filer (v2.9): trouble setting "Run Action"
RAR file SW
su command not found in 4.3.1 VM installation
Fluppy crashed
How to boot Puppy over LAN via PXE?
Puppy equivalent to the command # script?
cpu scalar
Dual core with Puppy 4.3.1 - usb install - SOLVED!
Puppy Linux 5.0.1 and Xming
Truncated list
Anyone know an ingenious way to cool a laptop?
erratic keyboard <solved>
Utility Menu
Unable to get fullscreen games under Wine.
SOLVED: How to install Redshift (eye strain reduction .deb)
Saving Changes on USB
Puppy built-in Wav files
Installing Codeblocks
Play m3u-playlists in PL? [SOLVED]
Transmission Dependencies Fail To Download
Firefox 3.6.4 Update Freezes System -- Lucid Puppy 5.0.1
? about opera browser
How to set keyboard shortcuts?
What's the best motherboard for the long haul?
puppy pfile with full install?
How come I installed a .deb package in Puppy 4.3.1?
Puppy 4.3.1 does not see partition (should be) sda4 - fdisk
Mount unable to detect drive
Nathan Wallpaper Gone After Pwidgets
A wallpaper
Need driver for PCI wireless adapter in 4.2.1
Keyboard problems
Setting the time with a USB stick install
Can't create pup_save file
Skype works but Browser will not
puppy 431
Looking for a fast-booting rescue Puppy
Creating .pet package using cmake
How to convert mixed jpg and png files to pdf?
Lucid Puppy 5.01 + Gnome
Rescue pupsave file - assistance please
[SOLVED] Save Quickpet downloads?
How to remove camera created files from SD? [Solved]
HP j3640 & PUPPY 3.01
What programs would you like to see in Lucid Puppy 5.1?
Mirror Drive in Puppy?
Boot Puppy, Ubuntu and Win 7! But how?
Record streaming audio and convert it to mp3! [SOLVED]
KDE 4.4 on Quirky
Where are ATI Drivers for 4.3.1? (Solved)
TurboPup questions
HP K5400dn CUPS
Spell Checker on OO
Linux-Malware in Gentoo a Threat to Puppy?
Network settings saved but don't run at startup
List Your Firefox Add-ons
GIMP wont open files
enable 3d for intel 945[help]
Flv files (YouTube's ones) & players problems
transmission package for lupu puppy 5
Sometime not recognize usb interface
ruby gem won't install: "zlib is missing"
pup_save file keeps getting smaller
Uninstall - revisited
Songbird libraries
how do i uninstall Wine?
How to use PcTel PCT 789T-C1 Winmodem?
Serial file transfer to Win95 machine
Puppy Browser won’t work
tcpdump+tcpick (tcp stream sniffer, tracker N capturer)
curl for puppy (a tool to see the info of server)
Pidgin-2.7.1 for puppy
LUPU-5.01.sfs keyboard freezing
screen scraper with charcter recognition?
Puppy 5.01 cannot see hard drive
Keyspan serial converter
Xorg vs Xvesa questions, directed to a developer (please)
Oracle OpenBox and puppy 5.0.1 problems
Puppy @ work: replacing Win98
Cnee does not seem to work in any puppy?
yes puppy supports FAT but does puppy support exFAT?
devx installed, make not found
Accidentally Deleted Default App, "Draw"
How to password-protect Hiawatha web server?
Woof- distro binary compatibility
wary-030 is being disobedient
Gimp for Pup 4.3.1
dual boot kernel panic
How does Puppy 5 retain its speed?
Grub2 does not see frugal Puppy on partition
Puppy 500 on flash drive, XP on hd
Huge Problem With X In Puppy 431
Clean Uninstall
No battery icon in Lucid Puppy
Flash/Adobe screwup
puplet boot from usb, can't find .sfs file
HPFS/NTFS(0x07) Which Puppy Linux version to read it?
SOLVED: Wide Monitor setup issue.
USB flash drive only recognised as a floppy drive
something broke my Quirky Abiword.... [SOLVED!]
how can I patch a program? (patch: command not found)
What Puppy program runs .wmv video files?
Tray bar gauge
How to upgrade Lucid Puppy 5 to 5.01?
?How do I open a .pet without installing it!
file system for slave hdd?
Firefox extension to change theme/menu font settings
controling directories in partitions
How to recover from bad shut down
Cron jobs on puppy...
problem running java
extlinux syslinux-4 ext4
Problem with partition sizes
Gnumeric........ CONSOLIDATE question
Where can I download Chromium browser for pp 4.3?
Some newbie questions about PL 5.0.1
seamonke 2.0.4 close itself from time to time
How do you auto align desktop icons in PL 5.0.1?
How do I install Java in PL 5.0.1?
Lost my Parcellite and pupsave space icons!
Quirky/Lupu Mouse Problems, Need Help........[Solved]
How do I configure Puppy 5.0.1 onto a boot CD?
A quick WiFi scanner
(SOLVED)Battery jwm panel
[SOLVED] Seamonkey 1.1.8 settings changed
How to rename partitions?
Windows neither works nor lets Linux work
Power saving trick for laptops - BETA
USB GPS and tangogps
auctex in Emacs
No language translation option in Puppy 5 email?
Issues with compiling Aqualung for 5.0.1
A different way to install puppy?
Way to batch print?
How to permanently turn off ROX's pinboard?
Tmp files on HD instead of RAM?
Quake I - SOLVED! (easy)
wunderbar missing sometimes
MPlayer with Audio Filters?
How do I install drum kit in Jackbeat?
psip configure
install strange behviour
Puppy allow spooling of print jobs to its printer
PUPPY SAMBA as a File Server to Windows PCs on a small LAN
Stuttering Sound - kernel Pups
How I clumsily installed a localized mtPaint in Puppy 5
Is there a complete list of kernel modules?
The Puppy paw-on-button logo in a vector format
Some areas in need of attention
Replacement for MS-Access ?
How does puppy react to hardware upgrades?
Erratic Mouse behavior and abnormal power down problem
Where is apxs for apache2?
Puppy 5 programs in puppy 4.3
Browsers crash
How do I compile lxSplit ? [ SOLVED ]
streamer from xawtv not working in 4.3.1
Shutting down, but not powering off [semi-solved]
Puppy consistently crashes and won't recover
Seamonkey: "Could Not Initalize the Browser's Security...:
Improving Dial up connection speed.... [ SOLVED !!! ]
Wireless Access problems
Constant background download showing in Download Pwidget
k3b version 1.91.0 on Lucid Puppy
Wireless doesn't always connect
How to make GRUB2 automatically boot to Puppy?
Reassign return/enter key function to shift key button
6+ core support?
WINE-problems installing Chemsketch
Lupu won't boot on netbook
Using yahoo mail with seamonkey mail
Unistall programs
Opera Great in Lupu
Problems with new2dir
No video after boot-up
Dynamic buttons in JWM's tray?
no nvidia fx5200 agp support for lupu-500 new puppy 5
pmount suddenly stopped mounting drives
how to install Flash 9 on Puppy 4.3.2?
Vote - on the new puppy 5 serios
Vote - your experance with the new puppy 5 serios
Wikidpad for Puppy
Puppy iso from Grub2's loopback device
Common data partition for Windows and Linux [ANSWERED]
SSH with Puppy
Electronic ID reader not working.
How should I modify Puppy 5.0 to use a hwclock set to UTC ?
Static lib vs. shared lib - what's it all about?
How to configure Hiawatha web server?
Multifonction Brother MFC260C introuvable
Add desktop icon(s)
Remastering "Flash Puppy" USB
Does Puppy Linux 5.0 have a better repository?
Video editing
Lucid.... Doubtful Decision?
Puppy 3.01 IPv6 support
HD mounting
Packagemanager is empty?!!
RealTek 8139 driver and jumbo frames on lupu-500
Kopete and TEENpup 2009 Legacy?
Serial Mouse dont work in Puppy 5.00
Can't Find pup-xxx.sfs on Boot
Soft ware for 'Puppy server'
Converting Personal Save File to Read-Only
Minor issue and router questions - Puppy on old Siemens PC
How Do I Boot to the Right Install?
How to add Gdmap to ROX's right-click menu? (Solved)
Adobe Digital Edition
Grub4Dos Hotkey
How batch modify/delete tag in MP3 files in Puppy?
Missing dependency (qt) after installing Skype .pet
Run Puppy on iBook G4?
How I made Puppy into a server
i broke grub [solved, sort of]
What is the best virtualization software for puppy?
Save on HDD instead of USB Stick?(Solved)
Pinball Seamonkey Theme Hack
Seamonkey extension adds tab clicking options
GLXGears, what pet will install it?
Problem With Sound.[solved]
Some .png files won't open
EXT2-fs error causes crash
C-Media CMI9739A 6-ch audio: 2-channels working only
tried running vmware_vmplayer-2.5.2_k2.6.25.16-sfs4.sfs
Firefox is already running, but is not responding. (SOLVED)
Installed TrueCrypt 6.3a, now how to start it?
full installation - unpacking SFS
Symlink on vfat and ntfs
Quirky 100 can use my laptop wireless!!!
Clipboard saturating too quickly
If No Home Button in Seamonkey Drives you NUTS!
Puppy listening on ports
Problem with building a PET file (Solved!)
LAN connection problems on old laptop [SOLVED]
Where to save boot options so I don't have to enter them?
How to share ADSL connection using telephone as proxy?
Printing Using HPLIP, Installing Python
Installing puppy like Slax(well sorta)
Removing Right Click Capabilities on desktop icons
How to Create an SFS for ChoicePup 4.12?
PWidgets calendar broken
Disabling Alt modifier for moving windows
Problem after partitioning Seagate hd
How to set up auto backup to ftp server?
Trust SC-5500p 5.1 Sound card
Laptop screen with squashed resolution
Juno for Linux
NETBOOKS - Graphics Compatibility
Touch screen on a Panasonic Toughbook
Ubuntu 9.04 boots into X 15 sec faster than Puppy 4.3.1
Old laptop as Digital Clock [SOLVED][and SOLVED even more]
Firefox 3.x.x for Puppy 2.17.1?
pdvdrsab shutdown after few seconds
Seamonkey 2 is eating my Pupsave
tscc codec - camtasia
has IP address but no internet [solved]
Right click on desktop question
new YT video page & SM 1.1.18
fit-PC Slim Linux
Here is why Java does not work in firefox!
Where do I check fo / put in a third DNS Parameter for sat?
How to use Verison wireless modem?
How to log in as root, to reboot Puppy from server?
Customizing Puppy
How Do I permanently separate 2 ports of lan Traffic?
How to turn JavaScript, Flash, Java off / on in SeaMonkey?
Wake on lan problems.
Advice needed about how to validate a download with GnuPG
Printing, internet not working ini 4.2.1
Ahhhrgh, Ubuntu is doing what Puppy wouldn't :(
How do I make VNC Server automatically start @ boot up?
Error - Cannot Copy Pupsave
peculiar jwm poweroff interaction
Rox is late on launch
Yet another USB Puppy install
4.2.1 freezing when I shutdown, reboot
No Sound...oh, but THERE IS sound
openoffice- failed to install
How can I create a remaster which always forces Pupmode=13
How to use midi controller on puppy
Open GL on ATI Radion 3100
Add fonts 2 Seamonkey
Weird Modem Problem
Error compiling Webkit: something to do with glib
TP-Link TL-WN321G on USB 1.1 with Puppy
Why doesn't this screenshot script work?
C header files for vmware-server
Qustions about Ogg
Duke Nukem showing background of computer
Offset Filechooser, is this the FIX?
Puppy not detecting my swap partition? Solved
SD card install won't boot, says "Boot error"
Wireless Not Working At All
WPA mystery
localhos:631 question
Puppy stopped booting after ALL PARTITIONS DELETED
Need script to delete files with special characters (Solved)
How to run Puppy without a CD drive?
Learning to compile - dealing with missing dependencies
Software request: Latest full inkscape
Puppy screen capture tools
documents and settings
Icon text color
How to re-enable blinky
Firefox 3.0.8 Video Online Playback Frame by Frame; no flow
Puppy-based web server went from root to NOBODY!
Brunopup pers. storage file mysteriously getting full....
Picture out of sync with sound
Will Microshaft Never Learn?
How often does 4.3.1 update the save file?
[solved] liveCD 431 : mounting ntfs partition in read-only
2 or more VNC servers on LAN (SOLVED)
How to use AOL dial up?
Xlockmore and etc
Puppy 4.3.1 on Sony VPCZ1
How to configure scanner in Canon Pixma MP250? (SOLVED)
GLIBC_2.7, anyone? (SOLVED)
Laptop fn keys, media keys, and volume knob
busybox missing the wall command? [SOLVED?]
How to sync Seamonkey 1 and FF 3.6 bookmarks? (Solved)
How to install iBus in puppy 4.3.1?
Need advice on using an uninterruptible power supply
Can't Install Puppy FIXED
How to create swap memory on puppy 4.3.1 ?
Commandline script for converting .doc to .txt using Abiword
Mplayer and Gxine flash black screens [SOLVED]
Puppy 2.4.31 (retro) does not find ZIP drives
Puppy 2.4.31 ( kernel) and USB SM card reader
Puppy 2.02 - pet install and icewm problem
Looking for GLIBC 2.7 /2.9
Email translation
xfprot on puppy 4.3.1
Problem with SeaMonkey-2 and mouse side buttons (SOLVED)
PCMCIA Ethernet Card not Detected in Puppy 4.3.1
Any low-vision aids for Puppy? (Solved)
Can you access XFS file systems from Puppy?
re: same issues with Puppy 4.1.2 and 4.3.1
Possible to simultaneously connect to 2 wireless networks?
Connecting to multiple WiFi Networks Simutaniously
Trick for making USB sound cards work
How Do I Play Internet Radio on 4.3.1? Aqualung Won't Open
What runs on the system when a drive is connected?
Burning bin/cue files[SOLVED]
PuppyBrowser Home page?
Seamonkey/Firefox Question [Solved]
Print direct to printer, not to a file first: HOW?
Puppy's IRC channel worse than useless
How do i upgrade glibc in Puppy 4.2.1?
Toolbar has Disappeared!
midomi music searching doesn't work (midomi.com)
Wireless connection interupted by BT
any experience of openoffice with hardware acceleration?
How do you get dd to work??
SimDock issue
Shell Script from The File Manager
No Nags during boot
how do i reset the internet options etc on d pup?
Moving Puppy Forward
Seamonkey upgrade broke gxine
....waiting for www.murga-linux.com
Simple Technical Drawing Package wanted
internet connection problem
what does selecting " view topic" really do?
Network connection works, but browsers refuse ... [SOLVED]
Personal wiki and blog; hints to get them up and running
seamonkey broke my CUPS
Disable Suspend when lid is CLosed
<SOLVED> libSDL_net...where is it? <SOLVED>
Rox not displaying thumbs in some directories
How to connect to a network with WPA + AES?
Oroborus not working quite right in dpup 484 beta5 install
Menu entry for CLI apps
SeaMonkey 1.1.19 static builds
Pburn won't finish checking media[SOLVED]
Netboot Internet Connection Problem with PXE/DHCP
black screen with menu tree and task bar
How to access pictures stored in LG Mobile phone?
Black screen with TaskBar and Menus
gphoto2 and gtkam problem
Cache files keep bouncing back after clearing [Solved]
Why are my backup USB drives now read only? Can't back up...
How big is your urlclassifier3.sql file?
Where does Puppy 4.12 burry its mouse cursors?
Not able to compile gxine
Wrong .sfs File Loaded at Boot [SOLVED]
Lucid Puppy Keyboard Weirdness - SOLVED
Quircky 10 - testing - where do i unpack the kernel source?
Puppy full Installation Problem (on CF via USB)
My save file suddenly shrank by about 150 MB
increase the size of the virtual desktop
Is there a way to disable a laptop touchpad?
[SOLVED] How to get rid of taskbar items...
New CUPS, maybe, so I can use network printer?
How to listen to .ums, .ram, .mms streamed audio? (Solved)
puppy on a jetway itx
Puppy for low ram old junk?
How do I mount an external (USB) DVD writer?
How to play YouTube flv files I downloaded and saved?
Volume Control Slider?
Disconnect problem with old pcmica wifi card
X doesn't come up after poweroff in full HD install
Audio device sharing
/mnt/home weirdness with SFS files
Pwidgets->CPU_graph: How do I change the color to orange?
Puppy on Startpage.com?
Is there a patch for Pawdioconverter?
phpMyAdmin Problem in puppy 4.31 SOLVED-Mostly
gxine media player has never worked
[SOLVED] No 'make' command in Puppy?
mangled MP3 files
Swedish Firefox 3.6?
Puppy Linux 4.3.1 kernel 2.6.21 NOT Shutdown my pc [SOLVED]
Booting JWM [SOLVED]
Question re: password protected HD
How to install perl-tk sharutils dcfldd netcat cryptcat?
Puppy and USB slots
How to remove desktop icons I don't use? [SOLVED]
OpenOffice sfs woes [Solvenated]
Important, For developers and users: SeaMonkey strategy
Pet Maker Plus fails to make .pet in Stardust
How to make "LOST" Swan timer display on my desktop?
Burniso2cd - Is Burn Not Verified Unusual?
OpenOffice OxygenOffice - Font Defaults?
Thunar and Icons lost
Can I remaster Puppy directly to a USB stick?
Low volume after setting volume to 100%
Puppy went mute.
How do you force an umounting of a newer SFS if it failed?
ttmkfdir not available - need to add font to OO
Sharing between Ubuntu & Puppy
digital camera photos are scrambled
CUPS Update or Replacement?
Osmo - can I see all entries of a week and cut and paste?
MODEM ZTE ZXDSL 852 and Sagem Fast E3T
Wake Up on Lan with puppy
How to convert AVI files to play from DVD player? (Solved)
Make a flash drive partition usable in windows?
Unclean shutdown or reboot
Within BoxPup-413: Firefox won't run after update...[SOLVED]
How to remove some icons from the screen?
Streamtuner is misbehaving (Solved)
Puppy won't BOOT
conficting hd free space reports [SOLVED with GREAT TIP]
How to send SMTP email "from" my domainname?
Power Crash - Seamonkey Lost Inbox?
CPU Frequency Scaling Tool Question.
Has anyone found a decent IP Calculator for puppy?
realtek rtl8187 wifi
Puppy requires restart for usb detection?(solved)
Removing unwanted packages after upgrade
Upgrade Kernel?
[SOLVED] Are Puppy's benchmarks accurate? (yes)
[SOLVED] Failed mounting of network ISO
[Solved]Pnethood network problem
How to enable only 1 address to route through an interface?
Which Flash .pet do I use? (Solved)
Using the windows key to open the puppy Menu? (Solved)
Isolate LAN with iptables?
FFPLAY, vision lags audio by 4 seconds
Sylpheed not minimizing in the tray
Skype, no share screen?
no sound w/4.3.1 or dpup (Edit- it's back)
3G internet connection sharing with wireless router?
DOSbox Question: executing linux apps/commands
oops 008 icons gone
Rox - Show hidden files-solved
Need wifi dongle for pup431 on leonovo q100 net-PC
How to use pup-431.sfs without "copying to ram"?
Quirky Moonlight
No network interface
Installed Pupeee 4.2 won't boot: Error 15: File not found
Online course from BYU requires newest java and flash
Turn on screen after power suspend
Unable to download Quirky 008 from Ibiblio
Osmo recurring tasks
Deleted-double posting
ip addressing MAC address problem <SOLVED>
pup_stardust-012.iso burn problems
dir2pet gtkdialog error
Media players failure
How do I manually create a "pupsave" file? .2fs v. .3fs?
NetworX running under WINE...
Network Wizard Scanning Hangs
trying to set gmail to handle mailto links in seamonkey
Crashing Seamonkey 1.1.18
Puppy Utility Respin
why cant i d/l dpup...ggrrrrrrrr (Solved)
mhWaveEdit audio quality too low or too high
devx loading, "make" command not found
How to undelete a file?
what others (frugal distros) will puppy play well with?
Does Puppy run faster on a Linux partition?
ROX File Menu for any mime type?
HowTo: prevent things being saved in the clipboard...
Dell Latitude E6400 and build in microphone problem in Skype
What version of Kismet will work in Puppy 4.3.1?
ath9k Wireless drivers on Compaq Presario
How to run LaTale?
How to change the charset for Telnet?
Startup Script
Customizing SeaMonkey 1.1 with extensions
What filesystems can Puppy's Gparted handle?
memtest - RAM tester
trouble with mountine USB drive
Puppy 4.3.1 and Acer Aspire Revo
Major sound issues
JWM Corrupt Config
Computer won't talk to Printer
dPup / problems with pet downloads
icon co-ordinates / properites - SOLVED
Asus 1201n wifi issue RTL8192S driver needed
disable toolbarqueries.google.com
I need a .rar File?
development mail server setup
XBCD controller drivers...
Icons for new root menu category
Tor and Privoxy fill up the space in my save file
foxy screen capture
Growisofs borked my multisession DVD
partition crashed, where to from here?
Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-SE2
No sound in thinkpad r60e [puppy 4.3.1]
Patching the Puppy Kernel - FBcondecor
Xfe: "Error loading icons"
Installing Myspell
Where do I get Module.symvers?
sync system time at startup
Usage Meter - ADSL Broadband
Where to find OpenOffice for Puppy?
TL-WN321G USB WLAN adapter eats up CPU but gets no network
ELINKS browser, how to authenticate to newsserver
Kernel compile compiler compiling
Twinkle-421: desktop sda11 shows mounted, but isn't
xdg-open and Rox
How to convert CD to ISO image? (Solved)
How to link desktop icon to SFS files?
How to extend /tmp if save file is encrypted?
Current Free Space Decreases with Usage. SOLVED See below.
Trying to understand graphics card drivers SOLVED FOR ATi
puppy linux log file
ACPI modprobe ERRORs
Manual install of 4.3.1 fails on first reboot
Question about HTML Links in a slide presentation: SOLVED!
USB to parallel and serial adapters
How to add pets to Puppy's iso? (Solved)
Dougals Remaster NOP w/ Guest additions
Emulate at command
wav playback has no gui
NVIDIA Drivers for v4.3.1 ?
Something about multisession CDs
CITRIX-Client running with Puppy
Frustration trying to WiFi connect. [SOLVED]
I want to access my Puppy (at home) from School
is FIREFOX causing this webmail problem?
Audacity Lacks Input selector on Mixer Toolbar
Decoding Quicktime audio stream from a radio station
How to acces a universal card reader on another computer?
OpenGL libraries
Bootsplash compilation error
Change the color of the text under desktop icons: Solved!
Invert Mouse Axis and Display
Why Does Forum Use Non-Free Fonts?
How to use Pburn to backup Windows(NTFS) Files?
desktop icons gone
my sound doesnt work!
Can I set my mozilla cache to clear automatically?
Where's the sound?
Xpad on startup
wbar open my-documents? (SOLVED)
How to view processor utilization per core?
dpup firewall
the mystery of packages
missing/misconfigured drivers in 'retro' versions.
Mounting a network drive in Windows
Twinkle-421: GParted doesn't see ext USB HDD partition...
Can't connect to Wireless
JRE Won't Work in 4.21 SOLVED
Mplayer to play music - Is it orthodox?
Hand Writing Recoginition & Mouse Gestures
Video driver problem
How to downsize the Puppy iso?
How to get "make" / How to build on Puppy ??
Video Problems: one solved(sort of), one not
Can I set fan temperature thresholds?
How to set sh file association?
Easytag with libFLAC.so.7 gives bus error?
How to use Google Chrome in Puppy?
Remastering, revisited...
1TB external HDD: need partitioning recommendations
Broadcom b43 Internal wlan Netcard
GIMP won't save image filetypes
Automount flash drive at a specified location
How to use VGA projector output connector: Solved!
VirtualBox startup
Wardog - A Puppy Derivative
Grub requiring manual install?
Couple of Themes for Seamonkey 2
samba: net rpc join unable to setup creds
Compiz Puppy linux
Webcam problems.
Problems with switching (GTK?) theme...
Problems Connecting via Ethernet after netboot
some usb cameras not detected
Question re: using WakePup CD to boot Puppy from USB
Nothing saved after turning off laptop [Solved]
XP + puppy multiboot without using GRUB
Spike in CPU usage every 60 sec
SDL and Python for Puppy Linux
How to use Belkin wireless G PCMIA card?
How to copy large .img file from dvd to usb?? Abandoned
My puppy's desktop is now a 'black hole'!
PUDD very slow
Firefox 3.6 and Java
How to connect EEEPC to Neufbox wireless?
[SOLVED] Failed to connect with pppoe(adsl)
Boot ISO image in harddisk using GRUB?
I seem to be able to gzip the .ko files in my save file
pburn makes endless coasters
How to set up Puppy as a file server?
How to add and use swap after installation?
CUPS - Latest Version?
NFS mount with root user
how well will this work?
Attempted devx_431.sfs install failed... (maybe?)
remove access to hard disk
Master password in Seamonkey doesn't work
Sensible titles for terminal windows
Restricting an application to a hard RAM limit
PSubdir handling and alternatives
[SOLVED] My computer has slowed to a crawl
Moving desktop icons to a folder
puppy and gps navigation apps
adding new mime-type in puppy 3.01
Skype 2.1 beta2 - has anyone got it working?
Oscilloscope, strip chart or other waveform viewer? (solved)
[solved] #ntpdate -b pool.ntp.org
Laptop & HDD sleep/standby command issue
Need CD Player with a small amount of pitch control
icewm & wbar questions, and a request for more buttons
How do I print an A4 PDF over four pages?
Menu configuration - sources of items for jwm? [SOLVED]
Using the DRAW software
WLAN timeouts on PCMCIA orinoco_cs
How to access a Windows Share in Puppy 4.31
Can Puppy 4.3.1 be fully installed in russian language?
[Solved] Add a second menu button in the task bar?
Multiple issues with Puppy 4.3.1 install (with added extras)
SeaMonkey Browser & Email (Solved)
How to install wifi firmware? (Solved with Xubutu)
Log files for network problems?
libqscintilla, libqt-mt and libqui dependencies on 3.01
Name of alsa input devices for mhWaveEdit? (Solved)
How to install VirtualBox?
[Solved]X locked, only TTY access. Need to login!
Ubuntu karmic/Puppy Linux "time bug"
Whats happened to linux swap?
Debian and slackware packages on puppy linux
How to capture mouse movements for later use?
can't change default editor to emacs
ROX Filer - shift key open not working - SOLVED
What happens when I press ctrl-alt-F1?
Jackbeat - does there exist a pet?
How to prevent Trojan Horses from infecting my computer?
Device file /dev/sdb missing in the /dev directory
Trouble installing JDK
How to use Google Earth in MacPup?
Changing pupsave file name
SoftMaker Office Suite on Cio.com - Rave Reviews
Grey screen after installing XFCE
Puppy On Laptops
Share puppy laptop wireless with windows desktop?
Installing puppy linux in USB compact flash memory
how localize Rox-filer?
Puppy 4.30 not loading save file
Puppy 431 zmixer cd, mic, and line controls not working
How to disable Save prompt when shuttingdown multisession cd
Hard disk formatted by mistake; how to recover?
Tivo Desktop
XFCE Color question
Can't access Win98 shares anymore
Gxine won't play a specific online radio channel (Solved)
(Solved) Leafpad segfaults on start
transferred directory becomes inaccessible [solved]
What directory types does Rox-filer "Open with" recognize?
How to use Hpodder podasting app in 4.3?
connecting to xp from puppy 4
VLC package for Puppy 4.3.1?
Laptop - Blue Screen Freeze in 4.31
Didiwiki, Osmo, Seamonkey, aMSN
older Puppy with lzma compression
problem partitioning swap
How to Use SFS in Partition Save
trouble mounting liteon usb dvdrw
USB stick instlation boot problem
Why is my SD card file system suddenly locked?
A bootcode needed
Does PuppyLinux support External Usb DVD Burner?
Is it possible to Extract an application out of a Puplet?
screen capture - Camtasia - xvidcap ?
How do i install VMware inside Puppy?
Can't get Aircrack's airodump to work
VMware Player 3.0, VMware Tools and Puppy 4.3.1
Common Seamonkey Setings
Puppy Linux 4.20 nsound not working...
Hamachi on NOP?
Mysterious Adventure
PPM window wont resize properly - cant see installed package
truecrypt cant mount any partition on Lighthouse 4.43d
Problems with Tesseract, optical character recognition
Browser Challenge
VirtualBox on 4.3.1 Help Requested.
NO sound after alsa update
wireshark problem
How to Clone / create PuppyLinux multi-session CD image
How do you enable the spellchecker in Firepup?
How to give Execute permission to everything in Puppy?
Black Screen Question
Opinions on performance of Puppy 4.3 on an ext4 filesystem?
Seamonkey 2.x upgrade using earlier version folder
HOW TO edit initrd.gz in Puppy 4.3.1
PUPsave interrupted by hardward power cutoff
Puppy hangs at 'booting kernel'
Puppy won't boot from full install, or shut down when booted
In the boot process, when does Puppy use swap?
I've been banned from freenode
How can I listen to a music CD in 3.5.1? [Solved]
Autorecover from sudden shutdown
How to make Puppy shut the computer down at a set time?
Ubuntu One access with Puppy 4.3.1 ?
Ubuntu crashes on boot after frugal install
Garble wierd colors appear on flashplayer on youtube?
Blank screen after GRUB
CPU Frequency Scaling Tool
Two pup save files and etho auto connect
How to make Puppy ignore unwanted wireless networks?
Screen program for virtual terminals
I don't want Puppy to start X on boot
How to set resolution automatically on custom live cd?
Firefox menu font is distorted. How can I fix it ?
puppy 4.3.1 broadcom bcm4318 (air force one 54g)
No acceptable C compiler (solved)
Woof-Based Versions in Advanced Topics » Puppy Projects
Frugal with Vista - how to do it?
Firefox Preferences do not work (in 3.5.1)
Breaking stuff w/o knowing it.
BoxPup taking too long to display photo files
Is possible to create here a section for italian user?
Puppy on ARM Netbooks
Puppy Server
Connect Boxpuppeee to internet via Telstra prepaid wireless?
Hauppauge 850 USB DVB on Puppy 4.3
Dual Boot Ubuntu 9.10 with Full install Puppy. Possible ?
Installed Pokers Stars in WINE, now I can't find it
JWM and Thunar?
Run an Application at Startup
wifi on 4.3.1 via rt61pci, no proper route
macpup on a mac
SSH Filesystem
How do I add new icon locations to ROX via icon theme switch
app needed for recording
A simple request of regulars
getting grub to also boot Slackware with ext4fs
Pwidgets, rc.local, and proxy problems
Graphviz files
Pwireless - Wild Variations in Wireless Signal Strength?
Puppy not shutting down from menu choices..
Puppy & Seamonkey & Firefox Not Playing Well Together
How to hide the task bar on bottom of the screen?
Need to view or convert a PSD image file
How to get 1366x768 resolution from ATI Radeon 3200?
4.2.1 not detecting sdb
Wide screen usage
Adblock Plus for Seamonkey [solved]
Converting nonencrypted pupsave to encrypted pupsave(SOLVED)
getting nfs client working 4.2.1,
[solved?] cups dead after puppy upgrade
WPA Bug?
Microsoft Outlook Contacts and Emails
Changing root password when using CF card
Epson stylus sx400
Resizing a window from the top - can it be done?
[solved] gcompris screen displays off center
How to prevent "Disabling IRQ #11" when booting?
DVD playback skips, jumps in 431 on TP 600e (Solved)
Desktop computers fan spinning like crazy all the time
Can't connect to the www, though all seems well (Solved)
Disabling the ALT-1 ALT-2 screen switching action
Need more fonts for Puppy
NOP 4.31 frugal drops Belkin wifi connection after a while
GTKam crashing
[SOLVED] 4.3.1 Fonts too small in FireFox and Seamonkey
How do I erase a HD in Puppy? (Solved)
Increase buffering in Pmusic, how to ?
Puppy Initial Boot
headless on version 4.3.1 with VNC running on X trouble
How to tar.gz/bz2
How do I get Wacom Babboo fun tablet t work with puppy 4.3.1
Installing pixman-0.15.20 - Help
Tooltips ? Hints ? What creates them on desktop ?
Pup_save Will Not Resize
Installing Linux (Keeping Windows)
Solved 4.3.1 No Sound Intel ICH9 on Toshiba notebook
The Headless MP3 Player
Does anyone know how to configure gxine to...
bandwith controller
can't delete folder [solved]
'no setup signature fund'
using local copy of freedb
Puppy 4.3.1 and nVidia Chipset
How to increase BUFFER in GXINE
How to use Logitech USB webcam?
HP dv5 1110el - Wireless - BCM4312 - Windows Vista (SOLVED)
error while loading shared libraries:libdbus-glib-1.s0.2....
Puppy is the norm now
Is there a pupplet with Rhythmbox or other media player?
ping smokey01
Should I enable composite extension in Puppy 214X?
3g2 video files in Gxine displays good video but no sound.
Sound HD Intel motherboard - D945GCLF2D
is there any way I can use a windows wine software with com1
Disaster strikes !!
PS/2 Detection
How to Change pup_save File [Sloved]
(Solved) Where can I find libdts.so.0 ?
builtin camera on Lenovo s10-2 [SOLVED]
4.2.1: Wallpaper set_bg script error RESOLVED!
find Abiword dictionaries+install them (solved)
Puppy Space - Pmusic Issue
conexant modem
How to compile C / set up 802.1Q in Puppy?
Getting CUPS working
(Solved) Transmission: How to reduce font size?
How do you install Slack Builds
(Solved again) Sound. No video in Gxine.
How can i make my own puplet?
Some way to dualboot two OSes and run them simultaneously?
Where is the Puppy 4.3.1 Package List with versions
Puppy 4.3.1 not recognizing keyboard
How to save a mutipage forum thread? (Solved)
pup 4.3.1 installed to HDD, but backgrounds and icons missin
deleted files not retained in trash
I installed Blender 2.48, but cannot run it
Dimdim - Web Conferencing?
Switching network interfaces on the fly
Problem with Puppy Linux on Dell Latitude C800 Laptop
removing "boot linux and install grub thingy" on boot
Going back a Pup
Can I update Grub on MBR using existing tools?
xset screen saver
My trials & tribulations working with Puppy for the 1st time
What's your favorite Puppy browser?
How to turn on fan? proc/acpi/fan is empty!
how-to add / create the menu / screen icon for a new app???
Can't see 2 partitions in upup 466, frugal install
blinky symbol disappeared
GRUB horrors booting from HD
Anki on Puppy 430?
GParted create VFAT16 scans back VFAT32 on USB-Flash- 4.31
Problems compiling Numpty Physics
sfs font why not work?
How to type international characters?
shell script for exe under wine question
Can't get scrolling done with a4tech WinEasy 4D mouse
Ubuntu 9.10 and Turbo Pup 1.0
Use a hard disk with bad sectors that are repaired?
Migration warning -> Broken Puppy parts
Is there a 4.31 initrd modified to load more .sfs modules?
How do I change two keys around?
Is 64 Bit software and drivers Essential on 64-Bit CPU?
Sound not working
Inconsistent trackpad behavior
Wifi wizard doesn't always load the right module
Drive lettering and the dd command.
How to compile Par2cmdline?
Change Abiword's default save location - Solved - workaround
No NIC detectable on cold reboot
Legacy GRUB with support for ext4 partitions
Hulu Desktop
Configuring wifi on an Asus EEE-PC 900A?
Widgets in 430?
2fs files getting fat too fast
CUPS - missing Text Only driver
How to connect freeciv server to LAN through router?
LCD screen not centered
frugal pup431 JWM tray loudspeaker icon missing
LIBS Files- lost and not found !
Bug in Abiword~
Certain embedded videos won't play in 4.3.1 (Solved)
How to remote control Puppy with bluetooth or infrared?
How to dim/ brighten Samsung N110 netbook? (Solved)
Xmms or bmp skins
ATI X1650 Dual Screen
Trash Icon
[Monitor Fail] Not Solved , No relation to Puppy OS
How to run emesene succesfully ?
How to use PuppyBASIC in 4.3.1?
JWM tray configuration
Mangler v1 released. Ventrilo is here!
How do I add -R flag to dhcpcd?
Pentium I, 100MHz, 73MB RAM - Recommendations & Problems?
installing missing libs wine-1.1.4
How do I make Puppy linux work like a real linux distro?
resolve.conf gets rewritten on reboot even if I (solved)
How to clone a Puppy install?
Close the lid on it!
can i use existing XP installation in virtualbox?
WBar 1.33 maxing out CPU
Epson TX800FW All-in-one printer
Writing on a read-only hard drive
Using e2fsck
"The scarily-named Injector" of dependencies
is there a deb2pet anywhere?
?Is there a multi .jpg image overlay program anywhere?
Slow startup? Bootchart reveals all
puppy on hp pavilion ze4904us
How to use Huawei e1750 modem?
lost desktop
Need script to shutdown my computer via ssh
i need libgio-2.0.so.0
Setting for Lan Video
Ralink Cardbus 2860 for Belkin F5D8013 N
Xorg settings not saved
(Solved) Won't start after switching boot flag.
Addressbook in DPUP?
I'm seriously frustrated with xscreensaver..
GXINE - Weird Behavior 0.5.9 in Puppy 4.31
Set the file system in RO when boot up puppy 4.3.1 on a CF
wpa_supplicant question
I have this questions about my graphic card...
How to blank a CD/RW? [Solved]
menu for pet and sfs [solved]
Why is Opera Mail so awkward? Is it just me?
Portabase doesn't print?
Asus P5PE-VM motherboard: no PS2 keyboard or mouse
How to convert frugal to full install?
xpdf cant get it to work
Puppy 4.3.1 hotpup problems <SOLVED>
Menu icons?
PXE Boot Puppy 4.2.1+ with pup_save
Any Speed reading software out there for Puppy? Linux?
applications' font on the menu are extremely small
Strange problems, libgconf-2.so.4 missing? Pupeee 4.2
How to use Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000?
Black screen after installing lots of packages
Puppy 4.3.1 on the Toshiba Portege R100
scim can not work in puppy 431
Opera Mail Question
HP Printing in NOP-431
Puppy boots from HDD on one laptop, but not an older Sony?
/etc not saving in 4.3.1?
Facebook stopped working in Puppy
How to update partition icons on desktop
How to remaster a full harddrive install?
-lGLU fails (need libGLU.la)
Autoraise window in JWM
Unable to install 4.0 on one computer.[SOLVED]
Ubuntu can't see .txt file created in Puppy
Video-frame capture from Skype_2.1 on frugal pup431 - How?
Building glade interfaces
usb drive installation with open office
Need Link to Setting up CUPS 1.3.9
What's a lightweight, fast Puppy?
Will the Save icon on the desktop save all my changes?
Tip of the Day: webchatt with eBuddy
UTF8 and Textmaker
4.3 installed; seems connected but can't browse internet
Undoing my <console|rxvt> louseups
Program can't find OpenGL headers
Wireless Internet
I lost icons in the menu and now in the system tray also.
how to temporarily disable firewall in Puppy 4.1.2 (SOLVED)
.desktop file run a command under jwm.-SOLVED-
How to use "PUDD" Puppy Universal DD?
4.x full install with XP: Puppy will not boot; grub error 15
new puppy (version 4. * ) will not boot , grub error 15
[SOLVED] Pupsave on sda11 cannot be seen during boot
Pmount won't mount USB unless plugged in at boot
Printing via Fax
Does chkrootkit contain a rootkit?
Java Plugin PET for Seamonkey 2.0?
Firefox 3.5.5 not saving preferences/configurations
Amateur Radio - Another New App
How to use fonts from Puppy 2.x in Puppy 4.x?
Opera does not see Flash in 4.3.1
[SOLVED] Info on 4.3.1 "Puppy HTML Viewer" please
Mobile internet with Puppy
How to play movie trailers at lovefilm.com?
Xsane: scanning in binary mode
How to force Puppy NOT to load in RAM on a PC with 512MB?
Can I prioritise programs' internet access?
Laptop ethernet connection; won't recognize
Passing mail setup from Seamonkey 1.1.18 to Seamonkey 2.0
A Puppy 4.3.x Rant
How to stop X from command line?
Lazarus in Puppy 4.3.1: Ready to use! Download ISO!
How to view .tiff files from the patent office?
Can't change file permissions with chmod
Disadvantage of having firewall
Free Memory dropped from 250M -> 20M
Xorg doesn't play hi def videos
A few questions about installing, running Puppy
No desktop icons (puppy4.3.1 + ff3.5.5)
Selective mounting of partitions (w/ arguments) with Pmount
Missing the ability to play Theora video! ARRRRRRR GRRRRR
Loading SFS Modules without a Save File
How to install Google Chromium/Chrome browser?
share internet with puppy 4.3.1
Network connection question
Need fdformat command for Puppy
calling mikebe re this thread
I'm flaky about my install choices
What is in /etc/hosts
Have a problem with SeaMonkey dependency: ligio-2.0.so.0
How to increase Rxvt font size in 4.3? (Solved)
Xarchive lost functionality in 4.3.1?
How to make a development Puppy?
Handling docx files
Why does Pidgin close himself?
The mystery of network connectivity (SOLVED)
udevd[1053]: delete_path: rmdir(/dev/.udev/queue) failed
microphone on eeepc
Is there a GUI controller for V4L radio card?
Pupremaster2 for 4.3.1?
Chkrootkit shows infections, what next ?
Unable to open database in SQLite3
I have 4 computers and have webcam attached to each of them
Probleme using geany
Wireless in 4.2.1 Multi-user
iexplore in Wine 1.1.20 doesn't work [SOLVED]
How do I make the 'z' key do what the 'page down' key does?
Desktop Drive-icon pileup in 1024x600 graphics [SOLVED]
Where to find libstdc++-lib6.1-2.so.3?
Which wireless router brand is best for Puppy?
Adobe Flash Player .lib
Is there Sticky keys and other accessibility features?
desktop icon without image
Unable to use space available on USB flash drive
Buffalo USB HDD auto-poweroff causing boot problems
How to uncompress pup-431.sfs
Has anyone used Puppy in a Toshiba M50?
Rox size and position from command
Pfind searching hard drive
Uninstall .pet from command line?
Lightweight panel that lets you rearrange taskbar entries?
How to install Monodevelop in Puppy 4.1.1?
Puppy 4.2.1 to 4.3.1 Upgrade Weirdness
Linking http:// LINKS in emails (Thunderbird) to Firefox
[Solved] Japanese Character Support
Pmount crippled by MUT option <recovered-not fixed>
Pets are changed by http download? Or something. [Solved]
How to (completely) remove SeaMonkey from Puppy ?
web cam capture gui
SFS installer question
flash drive wont read files larger than 112K
Open challenge: Fix wi-fi WPA (with wpa_supplicant?)
kernel sources
Two questions for experienced Puppy hackers
How to run Magnifier program from taskbar ?
firefox crashing system
Possible to stream webcam image using puppy linux?
Isn't there a webmaster who can stop the argueing 4.3<>4.2
How to join video and audio in Puppy?
xlock does not start
keyboard shortcut for right click
Wanted: a 64 bit operating system
raw device
How Can I Get Different Mozillas to Cooperate?
Re-Installing with analternate *.sfs
pmusic won't play my music
World of Goo game won't run in Puppy
How to boot Puppy from XP using boot.ini file?
Installing Puppy 4.3 on IBM Thinkpad A31
How to install TightVNC on 4.2.1?
Multi-session live DVD; + or - ?
Daylight savings settings not correct for Australia?
Mount Sony Memory Stick?
Which Email client is best for me?
Puppy 4.3: Why Built on 4.1?
Seamonkey 2.0.1pre has been Released
What is the maximum allowable pupsave size?
How to put shortcuts on desktop?
InfoWorld Endorsement for Linux on Desktops
Alternative email handlers
After upgrading, no sound.
How to install Windows Live Messenger on Puppy Linux 4.2.1?
Two questions concerning the compiling of gcc (solved)
Not enough temp storage for DVD burn [SOLVED]
puppy 4.3.1 black screen after upgrading
Installing Applications - File Types
Xfce 4.6 unable to perform shutdown?
What is a software library?
Hiawatha - Puppy Linux 4.3.1
pans partial download not there, but filling up space
How to compile LaTeX and Java from my Puppy system?
Battery life at 0% processor activity?
Readahead in puppy?
Appearing empty files in Puppy 431 scsi ?
Difference between reinstall/ pet with 4.3.1
Booting a Puppy 4.31 CD with a 4.12 save file
Question about fixmenus
What's the max size of the personal save file these days?
Puppy keeps locking up after a week.
How can I configure YahooWebMail as my default in SeaMonkey?
What was that ad doing on the index page?
Partition space drains right after install
Gslapt from the Menu Broke with One Use
.desktop files not work with "Internet" entries
Question concerning a patching discrepancy (solved)
Strange: SyncBack under WINE in BoxPup conventional install
Seamonkey 2 vs 1.1.18 (and Firefox 3.5.*) Comparison
DC++ program for Puppy?
Puppy hangs when laptop lid is closed
Puppy 4.3.1
Those that worked on Puppy 4.2.1 where did you hide
how to upload packages to puppylinux.ca?
Unable to record audio. Any hope? [unsolved]
Puppy Linux Can't See USB Flash with pmedia=atahd boot
addition in bash-[solved]
Weird mouse behavior on old laptop
How many threads should show in Top for mozilla browser?
how to force puppy not to use RAM?
I tried to dual boot (frugal) and now I want puppy off
New in 4.3 from 4.2?
FireFox 3.5 dependencies, What is with this libORBit thing?
wrong seamonkey webpage renderization
bash scripting
Display and wireless question eeepc701SD
What is .wh..wh.plink ?
Where Is My Application?
Boot USB/SDHC then eject & Always cache writes?
How to listen to a music CD?
Pupeee and Puppee
Old Laptop .avi player/ideas please?(solved)
Questions re Pup 4.3.1 w/FF on Dell Latitude CPx
libsigC++ -- where can I get it
What are SFS files for? 2fs files? pupsave files?
Need program to run in Wine, in background, on startup
Where is the ImageMagick binary in TeenPup 2009?
In Praise of Seamonkey 1.1.18
How to upgrade from 4.30 to 4.31?
Problem installing and executing Tucan in TEENpup Legacy2009
Latest V4.3.1 ISO
import from iceweasel 3 (debian)
Have you been auto-mounting Samba or Windows shares?
Eee control for Celerons - Testing in 4.3
trying to get puppy to recognise USB VoIP phone
Flash 10 is HORRIBLE on older machines.........
CUPS: HP P10006 - Keeps Being Stopped By Something
Aero-Drop Mouse Cursor .pet Here
Error compiling aMSN
How to install madwifi driver?
e2fsck in initrd.gz
How to auto-check filesystem at startup?
PUPMODE 13 on HD frugal
EeePC on LARGE display
What Opened CHM Files?
Wireless on Neoware M100 thinclient computer
Dual boot; how to set up Grub, grub4dos?
Can't get Quake Live to run
One computer in network causes Pwidgets to display
Sound is not working on Toshiba NB200 netbook
Theora missing?
Rxvt has problems with some urls
Two Very nice Seamonkey add-ons
Webcam problems
Puppy 4.1.2 as an ethernet to wireless bridge?
How to switch wireless driver for Portege 2000 eth1?
Puppy Motherboard Swap?
My Experience With The New Puppy 4.3
Blog editor/client
can`t delete job with cups
Search-word in Sea Monkey
Black Desktop Puppy 430
Pupdial Unstable in 4.1.2
Firefox uses up a lot of puppy space
Puppy 4.3 missing XMMS?
PPPOE auto-reconnect problem
OpenOffice Sound in presentation
You struck gold, but didn't see
Can`t make good block devices... What`s wrong ???
Remaster not working in Puppy 4.3
FreeOTFE and Cryptoloop
How to build a custom Puppy for a realtime application?
USB Adapter For Teenpup 2009 Legacy
Where is the bootmanager pop-up script?
How to add toggle to XKBoption list ? (Picture attached)
Boot Issues With USB & SATA Drives
CPU Temp in Taskbar?(SOLVED)
Noisy fan Puppy430
Corrupted audio when running on battery
How do you get on-line with newer versions of puppy
How to remove old Puppy install, replace with new one?
youtube videos are choppy -puppy430
Desktop Icons with no image [PL 4.2]
Which SeaMonkey libraries are used by other programs?
Convert pupsave.2fs to pupsave.4fs
Vista, 4.3 installed on separate disks; Puppy won't boot.
How to make scim start automatically after reboot?
Free up some space on savefile
Wifi and Printer
How To: Extract .tar.gz file directly to mksquashfs?
Why is there a sbminst file in my Puppy?
Eee-pc 701SD wireless driver for k2.6.30.5 [testing]
no sound with 4.30 on dell studio 1555
How to convert ogg to mp3 ? (solved)
Seamonkey 2 :)
Scripting question
Unable to boot TeenPUP 2009
Puppy Linux 4.1.2 works better than Newer versions of Puppy
Need instructions on how to write to a Windows hard-drive
packages included in default installation.
install an sfs in a full installation
firefox crashes in puppy 4.12 w/ alt gtk themes
Using DD to backup a complete multi-partition drive
Wifi by PCMCIA Linksys WPC11
Need help insalling Perl DBI
Ping MU... HELP!!!!
Use Firefox as a Podcast Client
Puppy 4.3 kernel configuration?
(request) Pup file for hydrogen drum
More info for Lobster
Problem saving files with Adobe Fireworks in WINE(SOLVED!)
Genie & Vala
How to clone a NTFS partition with Pudd? (Solved)
rs-mmc memory card in usb card reader can't mount (2nd time)
Seamonkey/Firefox don't display webpages correctly
How to keep mails outside pupsave?
A Crash Downloadnig Wallpapers
Troubles With Firefox Solved
Trouble With Bookmarks Firefox
Trouble With Prefs Setting In Firefox
Run mysql on webserverpuppy
emacs, vim type question.
If I try to download something SeaMonkey quits.
Eee Atom CPU control - testing
Getting Java to work
I want to clean out my Boot folder. What should I keep?
Webcam in Puppy 4.2.1
Problem with VirtualBox Guest Additions with puppy 4.3
Linux WebKit options?
Hiawatha web server - how to configure and use?
RemoteDesktopClient GUI problem [PARTIALLY SOLVED]
Problem with flash and seamonkey browser(SOLVED)
better audio in 4.3
How is openoffice working for you in puppy 4.3
Run Puppy Linux inside Windows XP! Is it possible?
puppy equivalent for knoppix fromhd boot option
How to display Asian fonts?
The Future of Puppy
Refresh Desktop icons (ROX pinboard) in code?
Brand new 431 install. Do I need anything else?
Segmentation Fault (xarchiver), or sign of something worse?
Puppy 4.3 APM won't power off [solved]
How to update to 4.3 from 4.2?
Graphical Grub Dissappeared In 4.3?
How to change rxvt prompt?
Boot 4.3 from EXT4?
Local Apache websvr no access /mnt/sdb5 as DocRoot [SOLVED]
Single command to add paths to each path in $PATH ? (Solved)
Pup430 - Need to enable pcmcia wifi on Acer Aspire 5050
Intel945GCNL MB- Audio Problem in puppy 430
Puppy CD won't boot - kernel panic
Puppy 4.3 CPU under constant load
[Solved] jwm theme configuration file : 'jwm_colors' ?
Power Off while running Puppy - does it work?
How to Add a Launchbar To the Top of Your Screen, Puppy 4.3
libdbus-glib-1.so.2.0.0, where can I download it? [SOLVED]
Firefox 3.5.2 & Seamonkey 2.0b -solved-
Puppy Linux 4.2.1 + Gnome 2.20.3_test02+wifi
pup_xxx.sfs vs. pup-xxx.sfs Why the change? [SOLVED]
Where is the script that loads sfs files in 412?
troubles with new kernel
Kill rxvt & Xterm by the working path?
Why does Opera 10 see Flashplayer 10 beta plugin
Need To Adjust App Display Size
cutting mp3 files with mpcut
Seamonkey Fonts, What do You Use
SeaMonkey in Puppy 4.3 gives security error message.
[SOLVED] How to downgrade Flash Player to an older version?
Can't get 1360x768 working on 1366x768 HDTV
Slow Scrolling Seamonkey 1.1.18???[Solved-ish!]
Puppy 4.30 final woes (SOLVED)
Adding Firefox 3.5.2(3) to Puppy 4.3 Final
Remastering 4.3 Final with Dougal (Pupremaster)
SD card is locking files
Distribution Release: Puppy Linux 4.3 on Distrowatch
4.3 won't boot from USB flash
How to take a screenshot?
Make more block special device files...
Watch for file or dir. changes without looping?
How to connect to wpa2 enterprise?
Problems Playing Streaming Quicktime Movies
Strange Browser
Advanced Grub Functions Puppy 421
Trouble installing RPM (Brother printer driver)
Compiling Broadcom wl driver in Jaunty Pup
Complet theme installer ?
Comp freezes when playing mp3's in puppy
How To test if script is already running? [ Solved...]
kstreamer for puppy
Wireless card, connection (or lack thereof)
Java runtime environment (JRE) questions
How well does Puppy play withWiMAX?
Puppy w/ Fldigi Software
Puppy frugal installation
Network Config fail. Eth0 successful but no net. IP = APIPA
Wifi + Wep & EEEPC 701
TRIM (SSD command)
Question about Pmetatagger
General purpose audio/video libs
forum weirdness
Burniso2cd not working ""SOLVED""
How do we manage custom resolv.conf?
4.1 red tray applet showing ram use v. time in 4.2
NOP 4.13 on USB wont boot on Acer Aspire One (SOLVED (boot))
Mouse clicks - Uninstalling programs.
Pet install difficulty
SoundBlaster Live not working in Lighthouse Pup 3.01 Gold
Puppy - V425
wiNe problem
can't play video downloaded from youtube
Full install -> copy into RAM, swap tmpfs. Question
.SFS files
Problem getting open office to load -solved-
Xubuntu; why the HECK do I bother...............
PuppyLinux Reference Card
Question regarding puppy 2.14 's savepuppyd daemon
Full install on Pen Drive?
Sakar digital usb camera-"iConcepts" need some input...
Need script that extracts lines from another script (Solved)
How do I set my display to 256 colors?
Install Firefox 3.5.* in Puppy 4.2*, 4.3.* Instructions here
How to create humongous initrd for puppy 301
Display resolution set to 1280 X 1024 but still doesn't fit
Is it possible to extract recent Fedora rpms?
2.14 gives page of errors attempting boot from my old laptop
Library requirements for gnome and kde based applications
mozilla-dev & gecko-sdk
NVIDIA 177.82 k2.6.25.16 problem
HP Laserjet 1020 printer problem in Puppy Linux Solved
How to have Puppy make sounds for common events?
[Request] Puppy as a wireless router
Bootable SD card for Toshiba Libretto U100
Anyone use a Podcast downloader?
Seamonkey add-ons in 1.1.15
800x600x16 resolution PupDial dialog box goes offscreen
New Puplet?: ChemPup
How to autodetect and connect ethernet Internet connection?
How to lock down Kiosk in xvesa?
8 frugal puppies share one seamonkey bookmarks
Is there software to use Puppy as ciber client?
A comment on "the Text User Interface" tutorial
netcard not recognised on a dell optiplex gx520
how can i align desktop icons and save the order?
How to make the mouse pointer larger?
Rox Filer
How to update SeaMonkey within PuppyLinux?
How to compile and use new Linux kernel for Puppy?
During slideshow screen went black
Grubconfig broken in latest upup?
Back up Save file........Possible?
The Text-User Interface
installing Leadtek WinFast DTV Dongle Gold in puppy 4.2
nop - jpegtrans command not found when using gqview
How to speed up 4.2's internet connection?
greek subtitles-mplayer
CUPS-PDF suddenly refuse to work (solved)
spacing in word processors
No Video with 4.2.1 Toshiba Satellite Pro, 4.3.1 sorta works
Windows XP Shared folder Access Denied
Where are the shared icons located?
pup_420.sfs - not found
puppy vs XP/Vista/OSX & general thoughts.
Is there a version of Octave for Puppy 4.2?
Unable to burn CD or DVD in Puppy 4.1.2
4.2 CD won't boot
How to get NFS working in Puppy?
Firefox .pet installed; how do I launch it? (Solved)
Dreaded PPLOG "403 - Forbidden" message in 4.2
Problem booting Puppy 4.20 Full Install
Webcam exercise in total frustration and futility
copy, cut and paste in console windows[SOLVED]
Installing MySQL Administrator Gui [SOLVED]
Scanner unavailable in official, on Pizzapup works!
e2fsck on save file recovered 25MB!
Rox sometimes won't copy mp3 files to mp3 drive
Live(frugal)HD & LiveUSB Boot
Adding programs to "Open With."
Get RISC OS running on Puppy Linux with RPCEmu
Google Earth won't start
A few problems configuring my Puppy
fsck.ntfs - does a pet for it exist?
mtpaint 321 not printing - solved
playing youtube videos offline
LaTeX command wont work
Why does Firefox 3.06 keep crashing on Puppy Linux 4.1?
How to change rxvt's font size? [solved]
Preventing NFS stale file handle errors
[Solved] Puppy 4.1.2 Abiword landscape prints as portrait
How to Remaster a FULL HDD Install with recompiled kernel?
Which binary / hex editor for Puppy?
Suspend (uswsusp) problem: flash drive disconnects at resume
How to use Logitech quickcam E2500?
rdesktop and sound redirection
Frozen Bubbles game
Software working in Wine 1.17 in 4.1.2
How to burn WMV or AVI files to DVD in Puppy?
MS-SYS to restore MBR
What are these 10 built-in packages needed for?
Puppy Swap File Questions
Is it worth it? (Absolutely!!!)
Open Office 3
problem going online AFTER proper pppoe-setup
Puppy 4.1.1 wireless problem on EEE 901
I'm trying to write a little script advice needed.
DOTPup not installing
Common Puppy Window Managers with font smoothing??
How to build Puppy from source?
ROX equivalent to MS Windows Explorer "Send To" menu?
Damn Good Reason to Use Puppy
Loading browser as a desktop
Remastering problem
Free Memory reduced every day
fjkey-st4000 compile problem
Puppy 4.1.1 as a File Server?
How can I boot a full Puppy installation from USB?
XVESA and XORG at boot
View videos frame-by-frame in puppy
Latest Java plugin for pup411 seamonkey_1.1.11 [SOLVED]
"Error saving pinboard" ...... what's this all about?
Touchpad tapping doesn't work
First Bash script- now a one-liner
Firefox crashes randomly
ICE wm menu has no icons
Laptop sound too faint in Puppy; ok in Windows (Solved)
Philips SPC900NC Web Cam Drivers OK?
Batch-jpg resizing in pup411 mtPaint-is it possible? [SOLVED
xorg dervers-7.3.2.pet broken?
SOLVED: Samba Server Not Starting after 4.11 retro upgrade
My puppy is broken.
X locks up on boot...
Looking for a copy of puppy-4.00-dingo-alpha6 [SOLVED]
Isomaster fails to create iso. Divisible by 4 error
Saving RAM to 'pup_save' file... questions
Puppy Linux probing UDP Port 137
How to select master volume control
My Samsung ML-2510 works fine in MacPup Foxy 1.5
Opera launch: console vs icon differences [Resolved]
Wireless Internet
Need desktop with NO icons
How to Install Non-Puppy Stuff
Does anyone have the LabJack U3 working with Puppy?
What is the unleashed ISO?
4.1.1 Xorg ATI Display Problem...
xvidtune changes won't stay[SOLVED-by vtpup]
Games and Emus
Xorg problem on Fujitsu
How to remap mouse buttons?
Is there an Open Movie Editor .pet?
How do I fix faulty keymapping? (not Xmodmap - it is deeper)
dev 411 causes failure in layered filesystem?
Pbackup won't back up from /mnt/home -- SOLVED
How to update the kernel in 4.1 using
Bash script question
Changing drive icon pllacement in 4.1.1?
How to use Aircrack?
Touchpad in 4.1.1... [solved]
I have returned to Puppy, problem downloading file...
I broke my eee 701
How to compile glibc?
Pup-save as ext3
Link to Firefox config doesn't work after reboot
Problem downloading .pets linked to from this forum
Where is the .configure file in 4.1 and 4.1retro?
Running Vyke on Wine
How to install Wine in TeenPup?
X fails to start (solved)
I want to make a TTF font
For Lobster
Can no longer drag and drop pictures from ROX to app's
Can't add bookmarks to Seamonkey's 'personal bar' (Solved)
Can retro and normal be used alternately?
My menu bar has gone missing!
Asus chassis intrusion - solved
ISO Ripper for Puppy? (Solved!)
Not booting from CD stylistic ST4120p
How to get the Neu-Blue icon theme for Rox?
MiPup wireless problem
Does anything in Linux ever work
Creating a menu item for OO on a remastered system?
wine 1.0 on puppy 4.1 here vivitab math
Debian Dual Boot?
Lexmark P915 Setup on Puppy 4.1.1
Xscreensaver-5.07-i686 and OpenOffice-2.4.0.sfs problem
Can alsa-lib-1.0.16 be compiled with kernel
no wlan with puppy 4.1.1
Compiling and bootmanager
Issues with Conversion of .tgz to .pet
Problem with Abiword 2.6.3 in Puppy 4.1
Pplog overwrites posts puppy 4.1
Abiword not saving my dictionary additions
gxine - Fails to play abcnews live video
Xine Keyboard Volume Control
java and javafibs problem
Program to Automatically Shutdown Puppy in X minutes/hours?
how can I determine pppoe status or network interface type
How much RAM kernel supports?
Footprint different for frugal and full. Why?
British English Spell Checker for Abiword won't work
Accents in Opera.
How to change the mouse pointer in 4.1.1?
Bristol softsynth and Amstrad CPC emulator
only two screens at prompt?
Two issues (pupX and Alsamixer)
Petget is not downloading files but I can get on the net
puppy 4.1.1 on Asus EeePc 900A ssd
How to get Dougal's Remaster Script to run? (SOLVED)
Hard drive full install- can I replicate current live system
Crash on Dell GX240
Unlzmaing Linux
How to reduce memory usage
How would I connect to the internet though another PC?
Does Puppy know about Kerberos?
Volume controls 4 Acer with enclosed speakers
Control fan speed
How to add a (sub)category to the menu? (Solved)
How to install Dougal Remaster in Puppy 4.11?[solved]
NOP, reduce touchpad sensitivity [solved]
NOP Mouse Question[solved]
Handling filenames with spaces (in bash scripts)
SMP kernel = Physical * Core * Logical ?
Multiple Midi Thru Ports
How to open the firewall port for amule?
Desktop icons GONE - 'hotpup' remains
Messages on startup after setting up PSC with HPLIP
Icewm and customized menus
Network interface on mini-ITX computer is not found!!
how to watch bin/cue video in puppy
Using Puppy 4.10 as a Rescue Disk
JWM has too many config files
How to make ext3 filesystem on USB bootable?
What is the easiest way to clone Puppies?
How to install libqt3-mt-dev?
Baffling Problem - C:\windows\system32\explorer.exe /desktop
Touchpad problems
How to install network printer 4.01
iPod manager for very low RAM system?
4.11 Won't Recognize HDD?
File sharing: puppy to puppy
No more internet access failed to connect [SOLVED]
Is devx_410.sfs the correct thing to run with Puppy 4.1.1?
Eee pc can use an external monitor at resolutions > 800x600?
Web Page Backgrounds
'Hide' internal harddisk from OS
Update from 4.1 to 4.1.1 nightmare
undeb problem with newer debs
Using USB to connect two PCs
MultiSession DVD and pup_save ?
3.01 won't boot from HD after removing, replacing HD
Maximum amount of loaded sfs files is 3, including....
A Question of Library Filenames and Versions - libsensors.so
wpa_suplicant vanishes [Solved]
How to upgrade from 4.1- to 4.1.1?[SOLVED]
4.1.1 rc: junk piling up in /initrd/pup_rw/
Amsn needs "wish" to run. Where can I find it?
Pointer icons corrupted
Which browser with flash support for low-ram computers?
Gadmin-Rsync crashing on 4.1.1
Where can I learn about writing scripts for Puppy?[Solved]
Suggestion: Multiple Config choices for Pmirror
Is Puppy 4.1 broadband slower than the same for Windows?
OO file sharing btw XP and Muppy
Can I rip cd's using the commandline?
My notebook's Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG not work in Puppy
How do I join 2 photos into 1? (Solved via command-line)
monitor shows coruption on boot
Can Puppy boot from DVD-RAM?
Script to run saved command lines with single click [solved]
The Puppy cannot be booted after accidentally unplugged
Does anyone here use ONLY Puppy?
[SOLVED] Grub reports error after partition was cleaned up
Copying a program from one pup installation to another
Menu translation (Fluxbox)
Why SeaMonkey instead of Skipstone Browser in Puppy?
Wireless adapter - keyboard lockup
[solved] keyboard layout for encrypted pup save login ?
buy xeon setup or upgrade ram?
What script line keeps the console window open in 4.1?
x11vnc, tightvnc, and really sluggish behaviour
Xlock stops network traffic
Wine needs glibc with NPTL support to run?
how do I not copy pup.xxx.sfs to ram
How to add a user to a group in puppy?
Event Manager Desktop Drive Icons
Linux Outlaws - podcast
Has anyone got a game called Heretic 2 to work on Puppy?
Puppy seems to boot, but finishes with # sign
Is there a master file for IceWM / jwmrc menus?
Boot With No Mounts Possible?
Wine Chat
Inferno Puppy: Screen too large for display
How to tell which USB port a device is connected to?
WinFF .pet please, maybe?
Lexmark E238 through Windows network
4.1 doesn't recognize Sierra PCMCIA Wireless AirCard 775
Do I need a special Wakepup?
no jwm and mouse after system crash on puppy 4.10
Script to emulate a "shell" for a command-line program.
Wine on puppy 4.10 part 3 [very solved puppy gurus]
Deluxe Pacman under wine
Sony MP3 player doesn't recognize m3u playlists? (Solved)
Message: "Personal storage is getting full"
Wine on puppy 4.10 part 2 [solved]
how to stack up windows on toolbar?
Customizing 2.16, how to remove clock from JWM tray?
What is the preferred way to localise shell-script apps?
Comcast Broadband connection configuration information.
Pwireless quirks/problems [solved]
Gxine "add folder"?
wget on puppy 4.10 [solved]
Wine on puppy 4.10 [solved]
Can not print from shared Windows printer SOLVED
puppy on acer aspire one?
How to check if Puppy was upgraded?
OpenOffice 3 SFS adding sound files
Can Puppy run from a network?
problem with enlightment WM
Broken Networking
How can I get seamonkey to download mp3's with a left click?
CF card in IDE adaptor
Package doesn't work can't remove or reinstall
OpenOffice 3 - Wot no sound?
Is Puppy practical for a small office?
Dismembering Puppy
What Monitor do I buy ?
Lin'n'Win scheme corrupted, need to have triple boot [SOLVED
Can I boot with pfix=ram AND load the devx sfs?
Problems With A Printer And The Main Menu
MiPup - new puplet
Setting up a data collection computer
How to remove xload and freemem?
My topic has gone?
Disabling fast boot option
How to remove freememapplet warning message from desktop?
Remove Live USB Drive after boot possible?
identify the usbflash drive in bash
Just having fun, killing as many processes as I can
Canon Infrared Printer Problem
Sound mutes each time Puppy starts.
Latest news tips needed for puppylinux.org
gxine and yle.fi net radio question
How to configure PCLinuxOS grub to dual-boot Puppy?
display blanks when laptop closed - solved
I created a new user, now how do I log in as him?
Radio Shack Broke their Java Code?
Is there a 64-bit version of Puppy?
Divx videos minimum requirements
3.01, 4.10 or 2.17?
4.1 CD can't find pupsave2fs (from 4.0) on hd
How to share a network partition with Puppy?
Upgrade puppy 4.0 Dingo to 4.1
Powersaving options for Puppy 4.1
VirtualBox Guest Additions & Puppy 4.1
open with... don't work anymore
"Advanced" browsers scrolling problem - lagging terribly
Puppy 4.1 Printing Too Small
Turkish Keyboard Layout for Puppy
Is latest Gutenprint possible in Puppy? Yes
Most Updated repository of 'libs'
Xorg 1280x1024
Ifconfig shows ADSL packet errors. What do they mean?
Problems with jwm-menu [~solved]
Which script runs the X video startup and what calls it?
Tried Vector... Can't remove LILO
JWM and window borders
/usr/lib/mozilla Directory Yes/NO!!
Using PHP 5.2.6 with Hiawatha in Puppy 4.1
How to FSCK pup_save.2fs?
Encrypted Install, how strong is it? What kind is it?
Inkscape says it needs PyXML. Where to get it?
no wlan with WEP
Netcat eth0 to ttyS0?, or ttyUSB0 to ttyS0?
Setting variables (Solved and still ongoing)
Devc++ 4.9 Project to Puppy dev
Start Up Issues in 4.1
another pcmcia to USB Problem
Abiword dictionary and plugin pets don't seem to work
How does one post/reply to Barry's blog?
15" screen
How to configure Puppy in kiosk mode?
./configure does not work under 4.1?
Any utility to set time, date from network for Puppy?
run Puppy in Windows
How to install/configure GRUB in computer with RAID card?
Has the Forum been upgraded lately (October 11, 2008) ?
Wireless worked before upgrade
menu.lst params... converting from puppy 2.17 to 4.1???
How to compile, install matchbox-keyboard?
Puppy does not boot after battery died
CPU fan controller?
openoffice language files?
TexLive 2008 small network installer package
Sylpheed inbox stays blank (Solved)
How to change the colors displayed by the ls command?
usb drive on pcmcia card.
mising text in menus
arrow keys don´t work!
Opera 9.60 flash player configuration problem
Weather station via serial port - any way?
Freememapplet disappearing from system tray [live with it]
what is missing to compile?
Check Version/Upgrade
Unleashed can't find init
Compact flash reboots puppy 4.00
External Portable Hard Drive not seen by Puppy
Network setting didn't save
resolution issues with individual programs
module kernel compatability [Solved]
Puppy sees ASUS WL-107 Wireless Card as ethernet card
Pudd problems when trying to restore an image
usb driver needed - any takers
Can the memory hunger of 'X :0 -br -nolisten tcp' be reduced
How to enable firefox to use flash 9? [SOLVED]
Why is the CD configuration session not retained when doing
Request for making module
Remove flash drive after Puppy boots?
Dingo v4.1 FINAL
Netbeans/Eclipse/Java Programming possible?
How to administer Clam AV in Puppy 4?
How to get the latest Blender working in Puppy 4?
Missing libs upon installation of wxPython-
How to find and download fonts into Puppy 4?
Photoshop in Wine
Suspend to RAM in Dingo
Java JRE does't work
Pburn - won't burn !
modem users: what does wvdial log when you terminate a call?
How to install VMware Workstation 6 on Puppy 4?
No sound - alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for defau
How to nstall Huaweii E 220 USB wireless 3g modem driver?
pcmanfm and hotpup in 4.1 beta
Kernel modules unknow in 409
what does "signal 15" mean on the modem dialup? - solved
Amazing performance results: Wine vs Windows XP3
Getting locales
pschedule shutdown
Advice needed on pupsave & encryption setup
[Solved] No X after disabling HotPup
Puppy as a host for t2/LFS
Remastering; how to install educational games?
Konqueror without KDE?
What's the command to unconnect an ethernet card? - solved
Installer says unmount unmounted target partition
Aligning desktop icons?
Puppy on a HP DV6000??? So far big problems. . .
Streamtuner not linking!
Can I put /tmp in ram?
Lightweight internet browser
Why gxine???
Unleashed rebuild problem (solved)
Puppy bites Windows - owner in trouble
which media player is the best?
remaster Puppy 2.17.1
Dingo 4.1rc Retro Kernel Source
Full screen Flash player in Puppy4
USB Flash stick - multi frugal installs - no Pup_Save files
Dougal 4: rox stopped installing .pets
inapporpriate shutdown (power off)....
Wireless Network Problems
ATI_fglrx_Pup4.1-8.5.pet screwed up my set up
What is wrong with my SED program?
gparted not showing some of my partitions
Puppy 4: Firefox closing, caps lock staying on
automatically run appllication at startup in puppy
How to connect my Toshiba Satellite 2065cds?
Puppy on home network: no hostnames, only IP address SOLVED
.pet for MCC USB-1208LS data acquisition module
How to tell which graphics card is installed [Solved]
How to make squash file contents over-ride pup_xx.sfs files
PET Package Request: Python and wxpython
New Puppy Software Repository
Puppy program that displays system info on desktop?
Kernel Version?
Why I can't use my full hd to store save files?[SOLVED]
Wireless half-connects or not at all. What / Why?
PC-HP 6609 Won't power off !
Satellite Broadband Setup with Puppy 4
Cannot save from Geany (or leafpad) anymore
How to get a PET package to add icon to desktop?
Password Protect Puppy?
disk defragger in linux?
Firefox and Seamonkey - crashing !
How to install vnc server and client on puppy 4?
[Solved] Script to setup network config doesn't always work
can't run Pet install
Dealing with an Unstable Puppy
MacPup Foxy -- Very nice!
USB mouse not working in Puppy 4
How to view external (srt) subtitles in gxine?
Forum problem: No longer sending notifications
How to enter "acpi=force" boot parameter?
Puppy Repositories
elvis how to compile
Wakepup2 Sep. 16, 2008 - floppy image
CQRLOG - Which One Should I Download?
Streamtuner and Mediaplayer
Shoutcast not working - Streamtuner
Need a custom Puppy: VNC terminal with media player
USB stick speed and boot times
Question on JWM-enhancement
How to create desktop shortcuts?
turned acpi off in bios, want to enable cpufreq
Wirelesss connection troubles
Compiling the new 2.6.26 Kernel for puppy
NVIDIA DRIVERS useful without 3D?
Is there a repository of unofficial .PETs?
Abnormal high CPU usage (dingo)
Convert and install a red hat rpm to puppy?
A kernel parameter question
IPTABLES question about where to put start Logging
A nonexistant drive has appeared on my system! Why?
[Solved] Clearing Whiteouts In Pupppy 4.0
Which external usb hdd to buy for use with Puppy?
How to configure Grub so Puppy boots by default?
CPU fan not spinning
How do you make .pet files?
storage file inexplicably filling up [solved]
Switching from Full HD install to Frugal install?
Nvidia driver .pet not working with Dingo alpha 7
Problem using universal installer
Dingo V4.1A7
Freecol how do I tie it in with java?
Bootgrub splashscreen configuration [SOLVED]
Changing the desktop icon to open IE
e-Sword text not showing
Can't "STOP_WATCHING_TOPIC" in forum -<WRONG #>
DIDIWIKI - it dos not save text input into a new page
Is anyone interested in a "Fat Free" Puppy 4.1?
Running from RAM?
Ctrl+alt+backspace and no prompt
Cyrillic in Rox-filer
Partition-device-names differences between Linux-distros ?
Frugal Install Mounting
Remastering Problem with 4.1 alpha7
IBM NetVista (M42) machine with PUPPY
I wanna my own version of Puppy
SeaMonkey update
Puppy 4.0 will not boot on USB external HD - RESOLVED
Abimathview & gtkmathview 0.7.5 for pup 400
Best Java for 3.01?
Problem using VSTi under Linux
Script to restart X
Backing up / imaging
typing Unicode characters in OpenOffice
Where to get KDE?
How do you remove Menu entrys? Solved...
How to install KDE?
puppy-4.00-k2.6.25-seamonkey.iso// Solved...
How do install the compiler on Dingo?
Puppy 4 wireless troubles
[SOLVED] How to make Geany my default text editor again?
Installing Wesnoth problem with space?
booting puppy from net ?
What are Puppy's licensing restrictions?
Command Line: Irssi
Puppy 4 won't boot properly from external cdrom on laptop
Very Odd wireless problem
How do you run .bin files in Puppy?
Can Xdg Menus Hierarchy be changed???
How to print from ePDFview, Solved...
How to export X11 display to another PC?
Boot-time Worrys
connecting puppy pc to zenwalk pc via router
Streamtuner in V4.1A7
nosave option for puppy4 frugal
Which Perl Pet do I need?
Puppy 4.00 need tightvnc viewer
java/flash problem with Opera
Installed EZpup-3.0 on Puppy 4.0, now Puppy won't boot.
VLC crashes Puppy 4.0 full
How to print everything after the first space in a line?
Mplayer in Dingo v4.1A7
Puppy 3.01 boot problem with new kernel
xvesa resolution too high for new monitor
Linux from scratch
Swap File Not Being Used
Geany snippets don't work.
Can you permanently disable visualizations in Gxine?
Is there a 4.0 retro version?
Dead X, I did it again. (Solved)
2 Pupsave files into one?
upgrade 3.01 HD to 4.0
Extra fonts needed for a multilanguage Puppy
ogg Video??? in MPlayer???
How to install Linux print driver for HP LaserJet P1006?
How to save pictures from XP that will not boot? - RESOLVED
Problem with installing OpenOffice
StreamAudio - Dingo v4.1A7
Phone number protocol with psip on sipphone
Jerky Scrolling, slow screen and menu re-draw experiment.
Prevent multiple instances of VLC
DRI loads wrong kernel module in Dingo
Conky -In Dingo v4.1A7 (SOLVED)
Status Report for 4.1 PLease?
Puppy Disk Dump: How to mount or restore an image file?
How to run Breakout, Frogger? (Solved)
Dingo frugal: how to control position of desktop Icons?
how to install snes emulator?[Solved]
How to remap broken (laptop) keyboard?
Opera package won't uninstall
All the other CLASSIC progs
Uses for a DiscZerver?
Puppy 4.0 dingo
I thought I had plenty of memory. Where did it go?
Lots of errors
xorgwizard not running on Puppy Unleashed 4.0 startup
Hotpup Drive Mount SOLVED!!!
Script for removing Xcalc for Remaster...
remastering 3.01 from full HD install?
List of pet's included in Puppy 4 build
Frugal install seems to load the wrong save file.
How to install Enlightenment from source in Puppy 4?
Dingo 4.0 Hd instal,l sudden EIP error
Slypheed with JWM - not minimizing to icon
Can sudden switch off damage pup_saves?
Update Seamonkey? Solved...
need to customize jwm, menus & gui
Bash script needs to find absolute paths of input files
What's your most common command?
Which is better, Xorg or Xvesa?
Lock virtual desktop
Script to tag paragraphs in text files?
default font face on firefox 3
how can I boot Puppy 4.0 without a monitor?
Why are there two package manager programs?
how to change themes in icewm?
Does Puppy use standard GNU coreutils?
Best version of puppy for an acer aspire 3000?
How to use a USB GamePad? [SOLVED]
How to show content of the window when dragging it?
Xchat/Dalnet Problems
Blogging Anyone?
User concerns over 3.01 retro problems
Problem with Boot Manager [SOLVED]
How to uninstall applications in Puppy 4?
How to disable xwin command in Puppy Linux ssh?
xfprot-fprot.pet won't work in Puppy 4.0 - k.2.6.21<solved>
Gparted and Pups Drive Mounter differ on Solaris partitions
Questions re: programming with gtkbasic
How to partition a pendrive for Puppy installation? [SOLVED]
Corrupted filesystem [SOLVED]
Realplayer 11 on Puppy not seen by BBC iPlayer
aMSN generates error message [SOLVED]
Firefox behaves strange
Wine vs Win85 app
Gcc Library
Xara, Kino dotpets needed for puppy4
Problem installing devx_400.sfs
How to install Winamp in Puppy 4?
Grub Problem [Solved]
How to disable rightclick (menu show)?
Qemu test for Bruce B
devx c lang lib status?
Just out: Vim 7.2 text editor
Macromedia Flash Pro 8 under WINE 1.1.2
Pupsave and Full Partition
How to compile/run a C program with Geany
No cd, USB, zip, boot available. How to install Puppy?
Problems with /initrd/pup_rw and remaster
How to use amsn-0.97.2-1.tcl85.x86.package?
Networking oddities
using .jar files [SOLVED]
those little icons in the menu bar
Problem with JWM/IceWM
i messed up pidgin sounds
_sav mem disappearing.
External USB CD writer not working in 4.1 alpha 6 (Solved)
Using SFS file in Dingo 4.0
xrdp - linux remote desktop protocol server
Fixing Mouse on Thinkpad breaks Lan Connection
Seamonkey saves to /initrd/pup_rw/mnt/hda3 instead of hda3
How secure is online password management in Seamonkey?
Seamonkey offline page display problem in Pup4.0 k 2.6.21
symbol lookup error:
What does disabling "always show my e-mail" do?<SOLVED>
how to add icons to default gtk theme?
Puppy Linux software from a different distro
ICEWM drives system try
Puppy Linux over sized ram
Wakepup2 Aug 2008 - floppy image for booting from USB
Puppy 4 - CPU monitor in systray is inaccurate ?
Can't connect to server "Connection Refused" -SOLVED
I only want pup_save to hold root. NOT usr or etc
X stopped working, xwin doesn't do anything
Live CD keeps Spinning after loading
Repartionning an old pentium 3 on a full install [Solved]
Puppy save the day
pup_save conundrum
What is this desktop app called?
how do I unpack a 3fs file
Where to find Puppy version of FROGGER? I had it once...
I love Puppy, plus PureBasic for Linux
gtcam Camera Manager
Saving entire thread to a single html file - how to do it?
growing Forum problems, postings don't appear, blank page...
Installing packages from command line
Booting thru usb pcmcia adaptor in pup 301
Xorg fail to start [solved]
How to allow some IP addresses and block the rest? [SOLVED]
How do I unpublish printers in cups on Puppy 4.0?
How to add Selinux to Puppy Linux?
Do all Wine versions require the xorg_xorg_dri.pet?
How to copy text to or from rxvt? [SOLVED]
Trying to install Gweled 0.7
OSMO helper apps in Puppy 4.0 (Solved)
Bash: What's wrong with my 'grep' [SOLVED]
How many Puppy users are there?
Smaller icons on a 800x600 screen
FTP @ command line
Discussion about GPL games and missing libraries
Shockwave games aren't working with latest Flash?
Can't connect with BCM43xx wireless card
Opera Problem
How can you get option to save or not save each session?
How to make ///Computer, like Nautilus has, for Rox?
How to install files with .xo extension?
Unpacking .dat.gz files with XArchive gives strange message
X crashes during music play
[solved] puppy 3.1 and a satellite connection?
Java for other applications then Seamonkey.
[SOLVED] GCC compiler broken on devx_400.sfs?
How to make Puppy ignore save files on HD, boot from CD?
How do i install lirc?
How to list tags from flac files?
Timezone can't be set [SOLVED]
Fatal error: can't create i686/soundtest.o: No such file or
Sharing internet connection FROM puppy to ETHERNET
How to install soundcard drivers?
Puppy as a Kiosk?
How to Install Diablo 2 in Puppy 4?
Seamonkey won't fit forum text, needs lateral scroll<solved>
Laptop with Borrowed USB wifi, and free wifi at the airport
How get rid of bizarre files I copied from /tmp?
Hauppauge Nexus does not work
Can I save session to USB flash faster?
Usb modem config with Pupdial
running Open Office SFS at boot
No HELP in TBIRD and Dingo (
How to install Mad Wifi ?
reduce oversize fonts in Seamonkey
Missing xfprot dependencies. How to get, install them?
How will USB 3G broadband work with Connection Wizard?
Opengl error running Tibia.
How use "/dev/raw1394" with any video-application ?
Bash: Is the file stored in my Pup_save or on my harddrive?
Run a script at start of X in Puppy 4.0
Gxine will not play AVI's. Where are the codecs?
Fresh CD boots with old desktop
Puppy 4.00, GRUB, and 256 bits inode
How to make Puppy's firewall configuration permanent?
using .deb files?
HT omega claro cmi8788 c media oxygen chip. no sound?
Can't get open office spell check to work
X problems in 1.17 hd install
Why Is My Trash Folder Always Empty?
How to make expanding tree with gtkdialog?
Is there a LaTeX for Puppy?
petget installation errors normal? & python errors
Where to find latest versions of libraries?
How to launch the 'man' (manual) browser for any URI?
Questions re: upgrading full install of 2.17 to 4.0
ppt2pdf ? Is there such a program?
DVD -R not mounting in Puppy Linux 4.0
Looking for a small smart window manager
Does Puppy shut programs down if it starts them at boot?
Pupsave size
Menu has added all apps. in mounted SFS file?!?
Full install, 521 MB RAM; runs slow; freemem shows 15G
Postcard Creating - Which app in 4.0 Dingo?
Puppy 4.0 under Parallels?
How to make Puppy on CF card read-only?
How to install Puppy series 2 or 4 in Eee PC 900?
rt2500 Wireless PCMCIA card only worked first time **Solved*
How to install dictionary modules for stardict?<solved>
How to duplicate CF card Puppy onto other CF cards?
Question on libs in /usr/local/
How to use D-Link DWL-520E1 PCI WiFi card?
Unable to run instalation script [RESOLVED]
Why has Puppy Dingo turned into an old dog ?
Why did Puppy give up the ghost?
Create a Live CD from "any" distro ...
No Sylpheed in Puppy?
How to kill "nobody"?
unable to copy msy_xxx.sfs
How to password protect a directory?
How to use aufs?
Net Booting V4.0
What launches xorgwizard during frugal bootup?
Script for backing up directories
Modifying Shutdown Script
Installing ufraw plugin for Gimp in Puppy 4.0 <solved>
Puppy Universal Installer broken?
Wine in Puppy 4 (Solved)
In search for "something that works" - my Puppy 4 log
How to use Microsoft Sidewinder 2 joystick?
How to set a permanent alias?
Is there a Synergy package ? (desktop sharing)
Hiawatha and PHP
Modules Rebuild advice
Is there a way to decompress an NTFS filesystem in Puppy?
How do I keep rxvt open when it has completed a task?
Firefox 3 TLS error
Puppy 301, 302, 4 for Slackware packages?(Resolved)
unable to run on new system build!!
devx_400.sfs keeps crashing my computer
Unable to save files to mounted devices?
building a new profile in Seamonkey 1.1.8
How to set up a "dsl" internet connection? SOLVED!
How to tell if /dev/sda is SATA, SCSI, or USB drive?
What's so bad about not unmounting?
Mixed network printer sharing
wlan0 w/ ndiswrapper & wpa_supplicant only works in shell
grub won't boot xp, used fixmbr, now can't boot anything!!!
How to use Atheros AR5007 wifi card?
speakers shut off unbidden [FIXED???]
Which Puppy is best for Asus eeePc-4G?
Cloning a partition with dd didn't work right (Solved)
Can't uninstall apps
Having Puppy Boot Parameters load automatically
ROX-filer using memory when not required
Can 2 programs be run from one command?
CD won't boot. Something about Xwin and Xorg
How to connect wirelessly with Puppy 4?
Test Disk
No sound on Inspiron 3200 SOLVED
cups: wrong margins when print
prevent autostarting unnecessary apps
Adding stuff to profile.local not working some of the time
How to change my taskbar?
Xwin Refusal to Start
How to dual-boot with Vista?
[SOLVED] Thunar Xarchiver Plugin
devx_400.sfs and usb flashdrive (Live-RAM environment)
rc.local not carrying over into new remaster (puppy 4.00)
icewm has no menu icons
How to convert .ogg file to a .wav in Puppy?
ACL pet needed for Puppy 4.00
My Puppy died during a download
my desktop icons have turned very big, how do i fix
Enabling kernel configuration options
Puppy 2.17 broken after trying to install Pburn
Compiz fusion / puppy 4
Seamonkey 1.0.8 not up to latest YT interface
Dingo: Lost taskbar...menu grey & red {SOLVED}
Dingo Suggestions
Virus called antivirus2009 popped up. Am I infected?
Different Auto DHCP vs Static IP host name?
Opera web browser
A few Questions
puppy-4.1alpha4 touch pad clicking
How to connect via ethernet (Motorola Surfboard)?
italc: qt4-based network control/interface program
Can I remotely administer my Win2k server from Puppy?
Setting speed on a USB serial adapter
How to use Zyxel G-202 Wireless USB adaptor?
How to show web camera output with Mplayer?
Gxine position
Libc.so.6 for TightVNC Server
Does X use any libs or files outside /usr/X11R7 ? ( Solved )
HowTo statically complile "cp" command? ( Solved )
How to reset a hung laptop?
Pburner won't write data to CD, no indication why
How to stop Puppy automatically mounting swap partition?
Firefox 3 eating space, urlclassifier3.sqlite grows forever
Which media player is best for Dingo.
Puppy based on dingo, with an environment to run compiz?
Modded Puppy400 boots & fails to start X, "no tty5" ( init )
TEENpup 2008 installed to HDD but not associating partitions
AUFS as default for 4.0 Dingo [Solved]
Pantech USB modem
Simple stuff not working in "init" boot script. ( Fixed )
Creating Linux bootable disk to dump images
Building OpenGL, DRI
Larger fonts for xterm
How to burn Planet Earth files on DVD, to watch them on TV?
How can i have Puppy booting faster?
Can't make GRUB work FIXED- typo!
Floppy puppy
My experience with the Flash player in Dingo
does wired adapter interfere with wireless connecting?
Puppy 4 won't recognize my USB drive
How can i have Skipstone working?
Puppy on OLPC- Attempt in progress
What app will play a DVD ISO saved on hd?
Anyone got Freenx server running on puppy?
No Ethernet in pup 4.0
ROX-Filer eating a lot of memory
How to automount second Hard Drive???
How to make a script for web page input/output?
I've got Puppy-213 booting in ramdisk to the busybox line.
How to fax from Puppy?
How to set keyboard and xorg default boot choices?
Which apps to kill to reduce load, conserve RAM?
PetGet doesn't uninstall Apps
Remember back....(frugal/lilo/Puppy 1)
Does KVM run in Puppy?
BarestBone Puppy40x version to build on?
KDE mini sfs
Font file not saved
BarelyPUp GONE?!?!?!?
Puppy 4 does not see Syba PCMCIA USB Adapter
Are BBC vids really limited to Real or MS media players?
firefox3 missing libs
How to use CF Puppy on Alix as a router/access point?
HP, Linux & Business
Keyboard Lags with Puppy 4.00 DINGO
Puppy 4 on Toshiba dynabook satellite laptop: no graphics
Alsa audio not working for Asus eeepc 900 with puppy 4?
Download error for themer.xpi
How to remote to Puppy from XP? From Puppy?
Puppy 4 can't connect thru Belkin wifi router / NAT firewall
Atheros 802.11b/g Wireless LAN, Toshiba Satellite A215-s5850
What faster, lighter alternatives to Firefox are there?
How to use graphics card on my new computer?
Has anyone tried to compile Banshee in Dingo?
Puppy-4.00 Docs for the boot arguements. (Solved)
JWM themes don't work in Puppy 4
Is there a list of Puppy's boot options?
Is there a limitation of ttyUSB?
WakePup on CD/USB - How to use Puppy at an Internet Cafe?
VLC movie player: how to save the sound configuration?solved
Flash Player sounds like broken record
multiple pups on usb flash
How to change the password of encrypted Save2fs files?
How to change Pburn's default burner?
How to shutdown without option to save?
Tab menu in Puppy
Dingo: DRI not loading with Intel
Puppy live cd with devx option with no hdd
New Desktop Icons
I tinkered with xinitrc, and my pinboard disappeared!
How to convert m4a music files to wav easy!
Problems with WLAN Profiles and Configuration is not saved
How to install gcc compiler in Dingo?
Can I delete old Thunderbird file after update ?
Thunderbird repeat to install updates
Random lock up during boot
Various problems (4 of them actually)
SFS - How does it work?
Installing gtk+-2.12.1.pet messed up my desktop
SeaMonkey takes an eternity to load
losetup oddity
How to encrypt a normal pup_save file in Puppy 4
External drives only visible at certain times
Configuring a wireless cardbus to talk to a Livebox 5830
Gxine crashing Firefox in pup 400 Dingo
Unable to load OpenOffice 2.4.sfs using boot manager
vmware server Howto for 400 2.6.25 requested
stumped ... GRUB error 15 file not found.
How to install Times New Roman font in SeaMonkey?
Dingo 4.00 kernel compiling questions (Solved)
Kernel Panic - and other problems
Music Player Daemon will not load during boot
How to change the default "Lock" password and name?
Puppy 4 only uses 2/3 of Toshiba Satellite 4030CDT screen
aMSN tray icon disappeared from Puppy 3.01
How to repair OS of SanDisk E250 mp3 player?
Kernel source for 400 2.6.25
BCM43xx-based wifi card won't work in Dingo
Remastering a customized TigerPup
How to install freebasic allegro fb.16.pet in 2.16?
How to get Puppy 4.00 to detect softmodem when booting
Problems compiling programs in Puppy 3.01
can take 2 Window Manager
Cleaning up needless cache data in pup_save
Basic interpreter/compiler for Puppy Dingo ?
Quick find missing numbers in number list? ( Solved )
Can't wirelessly connect my Sony VAIO FZ=25 laptop
What is a Frugal install? Can Puppy do it?
Verify "disktype" output for NTFS, VFS, etc.? ( Solved )
Cannot lconnect to internet via USB
Linux Terminology Sources ?
How to set default window size?
Puppy in Windows, any version
How to get Blender working in Puppy 4?
Puppy 4.00 won't create pup_save file
Extract data from one file into 2 other temp files (SOLVED)
Shell script; Compare 2 variables word for word? ( Solved )
Kernel headers for Puppy 4.00
Script function "return" doesn't work in "loop".(Commentary)
kde357.sfs hal udev dbus automounting
Full Puppy4 install can't see DVD drive; live CD sees it ok
installing enscript
Drives mounted as "read-only" by hotpup
A dumb move (on my part)
Puppy-CD vs Puppy-IDE0
Multisession CD
How to detect UnionFS & AUFS? ( Solved )
Su spot gives "libreadline.so.5 permission denied" (Solved)
confusing wireless configuration in Dingo
No visualisation with multimedia players in Puppy Dingo
How to get k8temp to show AMD cpu temp?
Now available: Vim 7.1 .Pet File
Puppy 4 tips
Acer Aspire 4710Z any one got dial up wprking??
Puppy-400 full-install, ps2 mouse quit after a month!
How to backup a full hard drive install?
Mic Mute Button
How to modify sgmixer default settings?
How to check the status of the inadyn?
BASH scripting - cat / cut or sed - which to use.? (SOLVED)
Puppy 4 will not activate D-Link WNA-1330 wireless card
Distorted rxvt screen display
Alpine e-mail client .pet file
How to install Aircrack-ng?
VLC running in Puppy 4.0
I want Fbpanel on the bottom of other windows
How I compiled my first .pet!
custom backgrounds
Downloaded dotpups won't execute
RAM gets full quite quick?
How to become root in Puppy 2.X?
make command
Remastering: can't find app's that were in /usr [SOLVED]
.XLOADED appears to be corrupted
Designing Puppy to be a RAM operating system.
List of libraries used in Puppy 4.0?
Script talks to another script with a named pipe? (HowTo)
gtksee missing?
3.01 install locked up after uninstalling Gizmo
wine 0.9.22 no space....
using dotpups and downloading games
Pburn locks up X when told to burn an audio cd with mp3s
Puppy doesn't remember sound card configuration
Conky connecting to internet via udp..? (SOLVED)
How to install/enable usb midi controller?
Remove perl.
How to include apps in remastered Puppy?
Attempting wireless printer setup.
How do I find a "Broken Pipe"?
How to remove Pets??
How to print with Canon i965?
installing programs from ubuntu studio
Why isn't Puppy's installer like Ubuntu's?
CD boots slowly, Puppy uses 80% CPU
RAM Recognition
BASH script query again..? (SOLVED)
Maximum number of characters in $PATH ? ( SOLVED )
How to get Spanish accents with U.S keyboard DINGO (SOLVED!)
First hard drive (full) install
avidemux xvid not seen
a question about PUPSTATE
Daemon script edits $PATH & sets Global variables.
How to change the wallpaper from an SFS?
Very old Toughbook (laptop)
blender doesn't start
e2fsck rescues a lost partition
List of all Puppy versions ever released
Puppy 4 detected DLink WNA-1330 PCMCIA wifi card
How to open the init file to see its contents?
Puppy 4 CD won't boot
Puppy 4 programs not opening
I cannot play the embedded video on megachurchstation.com
Ralink RT61 PCMCIA wifi transfer speed capped at 130k?
Brother mfc 665cw printer pup4.
How to install Dillo on Dingo? (Solved)
Reviving moribund laptop - how?
Info needed on web cam for 2goPC
Why does ACPI work in Puppy but not other distros?
2.15CE: Gxine works ok but no sound in GAIM
Cups okay, but no output
Wanted: "personalised" distro
Compiled xorg-server for 3.01; why is it so big?
Thunar file manager shows wrong dir. size!
X won't start
Cmap tools installation failed
Boot Puppy from USB Stick run "virtual XP"
How to edit the console messages?
striped volume (raid 0)
Dingo 4.00: Problem with remaster SOLVED
How Puppy saved my Bootie
Trying to compile text editor with aspell spell-check plugin
Special plugin for streaming video
How to make a Debian-based Puppy?
How to install SeaMonkey themes downloaded from Mozilla.org?
How to compile CAC (Command Access Card) for DOD website?
Alternate E-Mail option in puppy
What's with the new dir.: /sys ... Purpose?
*.sfs file is not copied to ram [SOLVED]
minimum hardware requirements for Gxine
Laptop DMA Losing DVD mount
WLAN Configuration is not saved
Debian based puppy
Sound on the Asus All-in-One Motherboard
roaring penguin no internet
Where to find libsamplerate.so.0? (needed for Fldigi)
How did GRUB get on my XP hd?
X ignores modelines inserted into xorg.conf
How to add Fldigi to Puppy Linux 4?
How to re-size JWM window from the top in Puppy 4?
How do I get sound for email notification?
Is there a tutorial for the Inkscape Lite in 2.17?
what are this ssh intruders??
Number of Puppy users?
Resizing personal storage file
A new Puppy in the house!
Nginx webserver package for Dingo, anyone?
Confessions of a Distro Hopping Junkie!
How can I read files replacing newlines with tabs?
Ubuntu 8.04 Sound Problem
PXE Boot convertion of Puppy 4.00
wNOP remastered on nvidia machine retains nvidia settings
How do I post a .pet package?
Puppy through Novell server
problems connecting wine to the internet
Installing Nicotine to N.O.P. 4.00
Where to put Puppy?
Puppy and external hard drive - file corruption
How to install Nvidia drivers in Puppy 4?
Can I keymap Shift+F10 combination to Windows context key?
Puppy 4 (kernel 2.6.25) Remaster issue
how do you make a SFS for Opera?
Puppy unleashed crashes when packing pup_40.sfs
attempt at sfs w/KDE & Bibletime -- odd crash
How do I install fonts in Puppy 4.0 and abi word?
PXE Boot with Kerberos
Is there any way to backup changed system files? (Solved)
How do I put an mp3 on an ipod? (solved)
How to save EEE wifi config?
I compiled a program, how do I get it to run?
3 like machines, 3 different results (Solved)
Install onto USB thumbdrive with sector=2048
How to use ZTE 3G usb modem?
Anyone tried CuteCom with Puppy 4?
How to set pictures for the screen saver?
Puppy on your ThinkPad 240 (2609-21U) How is it running?
Request for Snack 2.2.10 pet package (SOLVED)
How to implement desktop status overlay in IceWM?
Why oh why did we switch from LinNighborhood to Pnethood?
Cannot cancel pending print jobs in CUPS v1.1.23
Issues with the way events are logged in Puppy 3.01
Can not boot from flash drive
Mouse not working - Puppy 4
How to stop display from shutting off in 30 minutes? (Solved
Any restrictions on a commercial version of Puppy?
entered password for encrypted savefile visible?
Firefox crash when saving file
adding a spelling checker to Sylpheed in Puppy 4.0
booting with grub on flash drive with other OS installed
epdf exiting if you try to print
Is there a remastering HowTo for CD?
Arrghhh! Icons just died
Auto highlighting Firefox address? SOLVED
3.01 install, how to connect Ipod with Amarok?
Porting WakePup
Missing Libraries
Autorun an application on startup
Adjusting my Mouse
Sim Card Reader
SWAP on an usb flash drive?
My howto for Linux beginners; my remastered Puppy
Puppy Linux: A true live linux
Can I automatically "start" a printer?
Where to get Puppy "signature bar" ? [SOLVED]
External USB-CDROM Detection Problem(Strange, somewhat)
Congratulations to Barry on Puppy 4!
How to build a kernel for Puppy 4?
Sylpheed - SSL certificate verify failed (SOLVED)
Autostart programs in Puppy KDE358
Quality of print using CUPS
When does Thunderbird remove mail from server
Firefox does not start
Puppy 4 Problems
Translate the Puppy menu of XFCE in French
Problems re upgrading to Puppy4
Keyboard Settings Puppy 4
Puppy Package Manager Problems
Shutdown/reboot issues
ROX-Filer should remember folder size
How-to select from multiple application suites at boot time
How do I kill X?
multiple puppies on one partition
How to split a Frugal install between 2 disks?
Frugal vs full install
Problem booting Dingo from USB flash drive
Questions re using 3.01 unleashed
need "libxcb-xlib.so.0" ?
new message notification, editing problems
Puppy 4 Slow PMount
Puppy Multisession CD - reboot, ram full, kernel pa
Timing Experiments on OpenOffice SFS & Program Folders
nvidia pet stopped boot
Wbar always visible in the bottom of the desktop ?
Seamonkey display resolution?
How to install drivers for my printer?
viewing my hard drive
DWL G510 works in PUPPY 3 but not 4
Does the sound from this website work for anyone?
boot options from usb?
How to make Pinnacle PCTV Stick 72e work?
Dump Ubuntu, Install Puppy 4 as Server
Grub and flash drive dual boot
Puppy Package manger
Removed desktop icons reappeared - why?
How to save the htop setup configuration?
Pidgin-Encryption 3.0 Plugin for Puppy 4
3.01 HD install no longer shuts down properly
PureFTPd log files
Remote shutdown/reboot from web interface
Where's xgamma?
Xorg fails on me and ignores xorg.conf settings
What is Puppy's Niche?
General open file command like xdg-open or gnome-open
How to connect Gateway T6321 / Realtek 8187B Wireless?
"kernel panic not syncing attemted to kill init"
Installing multiple Gtk engines:D
Where is Pidgin executable located
Can I save a windows partition from puppy?
can't mount iso files (SOLVED)
"WORM_SHUTDOWN" in wNOP start-up script? (Solved)
Lightest, least RAM-hogging browser that can run flash?
Firewall/Security for Puppy?
I need some info on the Linux Kernel used in Puppy
Kernel Exploit!!
Second Life
Nuke Anything Enhanced
Whats the html viewer in puppy 4?
How do I restart default puppy desktop environment? [SOLVED]
udev and booting
How to Install FreeMind in Puppy 4?
One hour difference in news client
IceWM theme problem
NVIDIA-Linux-x86-169.12-pkg1.run on Dingo
Firewall in Puppy4
Is there a utility for switching network profiles?
Need a terminal emulator, to log into a Unix server
How to set up a local petget repository?
Got a webcam working but it won't work in Skype
Happily using Puppy 3.01
How to get Broadcom PCMCIA wireless working in Puppy 4?
getting mailto to work in slypheed
Convert image to video with ffmpeg? [SOLVED]
Puppy 4.0 SeaMonkey Failure to Load Webpages
pleasently surprised! pup 4.0 dingo on a P1 233mhz 98mb ram
How to update Cups in Puppy EEE?
Conexant Audio compatibility?
Reverting to older Linux Kernel
[Solved} segfault when trying to run Firefox as "Spot"
I broke jwm configuration manager.
On making a Puppy for PC service
How to re-install CUPS-PDF??
Install OTR Plugin for Pidgin in Puppy 4.0
[solved] Changing default "save as" opening directory
Wine starting, but programs close before totaly open
Browsers (firefox, seamonkey, dillo) crashing when clicking
Wine problem - Puppy causing it?
Updating Flash requires new glibc. Where to find it?
AutoDesk DWF DWG x-mwf
Any emulators available as .pet or .pup?
How do I add a start up "chime" while desktop loads?
xwin crashes puppy 3.01 4.00
How to set cups log to debug??
keyboard us-intl problem
Where to find Goffice?
Belkin f5e222 pcmcia usb adapter
is there a devx107.sfs?
Will Linux swap work on NTFS drive?
Installing UDEV
Internet fails, Pings and traceroute OK
a few problems in Puppy.
How to install driver for infinity USB card reader?
avidemux libs(Solved)
Looking for bash script to automount partitions at boot
Cryptmount, may solve sensitive data issues
Preparing USB for transfer to SD in Dingo
jwm tray covering window bars
Lost ability to change wallpaper in Teenpup 2008
Configuring /tmp Space Availability in Puppy
Seamonkey - 13778 Bus error
How can i install Python-modules?
Installing Puppy without Optical Drive (Frugal Install)
why is gnuplot /usr/bin not clickable
Puppy Linux mentioned in Infoworld as boot disk for Windows!
Anyone recognise this Firefox theme?
CS5535 sound driver needed.
How to configure latest fluxbox on puppy 3.01 NOP?
two other problems with remasterpup2
problems with remasterpup2
Which Java for Puppy 4
Puppy can't open .pup, .png, other file extensions
ROX filer window size lock
No extension can be installed to Firefox
PuppyPin corrupted
cd boot into usb (Solved)
No Shutdown/Reboot option from launch bar SOLVED
No "Trash" icon on desktop SOLVED
Dingo 4.00 save to partition but no restore
How to install Seti@Home's BOINC in Dingo?
Puppy 4 Remaster breaks mouse pad scrolling
Puppy 4 does not recognize SATA 3 Gb/s hard drive - SOLVED
Limit amount of Physical RAM Puppy can use?
How to convert Mozilla-mail to Sylpheed-mail?
My wireless config script won't work in Puppy 4
Intel Pro100 driver problem
Kernel source sfs for Puppy 4.00?
Has anyone configured Pal talk with wine?
Puppy mirror on ftp.nluug.nl seems to have gone
building a small vi: "xterm: unknown terminal type" (solved)
Praise for Puppy and Dingo
[SOLVED] Keyboard-Device disappeared
Thunderbird for Dingo
iwconfig (wireless) in SafePup???
Bad Network Performance
where are menu files and OS fonts?
Can two swap partitions cause a problem?
Dingo on my baby laptop! ( Touchpad Problem Solved )
Puppy 4.00 Final
Problem with drivers for parallel port PCI adapter.IS SOLVED
pdf tables using Scribus for an acroform
Unable to start Jpilot
Compiling module only - kernel
Unable to execute Exaile
Perl, Python or Bash expert needed - SOLVED
Accessing serial port with Tcl in Puppy
Envy - nvidia/ATI driver tool may be useful?
Does Puppy support MTP?
how do I Install zlib-devel and pciutils-devel in puppy?
1680x1050 at Xorg startup w/ Intel 82845G video?
Reading time from motherboard RTC chip in Puppy.? (SOLVED)
can't maximize flash video in firefox
Thinkpad 600E forgetting sound settings
Why can xrandr rotate any display in Xvesa, but not Xorg?
Amarok Music Manager
Why does Puppy check the pup_save file at every boot?
Howto run a .jar in puppy on every statup??
xwin not starting
How to recompile ffmpeg to support the aac audio codec?
Booting and running with CF card in IDE adaptor (Solved)
First I lost USB's and now HD
how to represent spaces in username?
Sandbox for Puppy
How to use RDP to connect to Vista Machine
Gimp startup problem
LIVES - has anybody made it work in Puppy? - SOLVED
question about wine hack
awk gawk braces?
Cannot Reconfigure JWM Taskbar
XFCE puppy 3.01
xload is NOT a CPU usage meter
Puppy on usb flash like at HD
How to use newer versions of Puppy with qemu?
Choice of sfs save files on startup with version 2.17
Does Puppy alter device firmware?
Puppy WiFi Assistant is completed!!!!!
How do I mount old sessions on multisession disc?
How to boot Puppy from a Disk-On-Chip flash memory module?
How to adjust the keyboard repeat rate? SOLVED
Remastered Puppy won't boot in 256MB RAM (Solved)
Can I install Puppy on a micro SD card?
How do I get XM Radio Online to play?
Data recovery
No sound
Read-only mount problem (bug???)
Query -- Using dd to clone Puppy installations
Unable to configure D-Link 652 (PCMCIA Wireless N)
Getting cron to work
ooolilypond problems
How to LAN boot Puppy from a PXE server?
is there a way to change frequency of the cpu in puppy
installation and uninstallation software
toutou and thunar-volman
Not able to install PET package
Dual-boot install on HP Omnibook500: Puppy won't boot
Addl lightweight email program
Installed workaholic.deb with undeb, but it won't start.
Openoffice petget error
Light IceWM does not survive a remaster (A couple solutions)
NTFS partition in read only on mount. [Kinda SOLVED]
T22 microphone (Solved)
My computer tells me it's 4:30p, Google tells me it's 5:30a
how to read chm files in puppy 3
Puppy OS goes slowly to low memory (Solved)
What has happened to the long awaited Community Edition ?
Wireless configuration not retained
Puppy 2.14R 1.01 Problem with DHCP
conky broke my desktop/wm ?
Change the start up sound?
An Intelligent CD Data Disc
Comment regarding Xclipboard
Installing printer - which driver should I use?
Multiple audio instances
How to change destop backgroud?
How to put FireFox icon on desktop?
Battery Monitor package???
Choosing *.sfs files at boot time
Sharing Internet
bridging/connecting two ethernet connections?
cli uninstallation of video hardware accelleration pets
How to create a wired DSL connection with Puppy 4.0 Beta?
Full Install Inside a 2FS/3FS File?
Pidgin Plugins?
How to remove vga=785 line from syslinux.cfg?
Problem with REMASTERED Pup 2.14 and Firefox
ROX file manager filetypes vanished !
Fullscreen flash not working with lastest player version
Dingo4Alpha6 Wallpaper
Tiny X server
grub does not timeout
How to change the text color of JWM's program launcher?
How to scrobble songs to last fm from puppy linux? [Solved]
How to install server Linux in a call center?
How to add users?
VMware-Player 2.0.3 in Toutou Linux 03.01.1
network quits
How can i uninstall/delete some default apps?
Dingo Beta with 2.6.24 kernel: no sound
Transmission Won't Start!
Gameport Sidewinder gamepad problem
multithreading on puppy?
Crond usage
Any P2P programs besides limewire or bittorrent?
Any nice pixmaps/icons for JWM? (Solved)
What's new in Puppy 4?
How to center abiword document on screen?
XaraLx into Dingo Beta 1
e-Sword in Puppy 3.01/Wine (Solved)
How to create a password?
Making Static CD remaster for 3.01 based puplet?
switch_root kernel panic
SOLVED: Need a Bash script...
Geany Problem with compiler
Configure dhcp client to send hostname to dhcp server
keeping HDD off
Pazera (Windows freeware):convert video to Flash
Small and affordable PC could be Intel's "gold mine"
How to connect USB GPS from Haicom
Puppy changed VFAT file names to lower case (Solved)
New icon set for EZ Pup Green Vista Theme.
wireless driver problem ; kern.warn
corrupt /var/log/messages ????
gFTP; changes capitalized names when uploading files?
3.01 hd install won't boot, says "x failed to start"
Image previews are limited by file size?
How to change the "defaultsaveformat" for AbiWord. (Solved)
Icewm: how to remove settings-focus menu item?
ENTER key keycode - how to read in Bash script.?
Unable to install Scribus .deb or .rpm
How to install gtk, themes?
frugal install on cf dual wakepup boot - possible?
Mobile broadband
3.00 upgraded after booting 2.17 with pfix=ram
How to mount USB hd as same device every time? (Part Soved)
NTFS partition will only mount read only. (solved)
How to make touchscreen work under Puppy 3.01? (SOLVED)
Anyone compared speed of browsers on slow computers?
Strange problems with key mappings and JWM key bindings...
Does anyone know how to install bibletime?(kinda solved)
Frets on fire, quake 2, and warsow wont run
Remaster puppy and install to usb stick?
How to install a printer driver for the brother mfc 5440cn
How to copy files from a Windows drive before it dies?
Lin'N'WinNewB Gets me into Lin, but not Win
libvte.so.9 for gtkterm, where to find?
Video Conversion in Puppy 3.x series?
installing puppy on mini-itx d201gly2
Preventing prog windows appearing on 2nd or 3rd desktop.?
ACPI Battery Capacity and AC State
xfce menus
How to autodetect usb flash drive insertion?
I forgot the login password I gave pcpuppy 3.01
Error Code
showing always enter path in rox
just had my menu and desktop erased in teenpup2008.
MD5 checksum for puppy unleashed packages
Setting up Belkin F5D7050 with WAP
Playing MP3 files that are in a directory tree
Cross platform install
Question about GRUB bootup menu---SOLVED....Thanks guys
Puppy hangs during boot (SOLVED)
Audible Manager under Wine 0.9.22?
Do you know a good HDTV tuner (ATSC) ? [SOLVED]
How to edit video with ProjectX?
Puppy 301 boot speed.
Unleashed Desktop Customization
Network Printing HOWTO
how to set up a TTF font in icewm window title
How to configure my hd for best performance?
How to use USB save file with frugal install?
BASH scripting help - progress bar indicator..?
Can puppy connect to an MTD device???
Zen unrecognizable on Windows after use in GNomad?
Rox Right Click on Steroids
finally, success with latest dingo
How to break or pause espeak?
Unable to compile Simdock
NDAS (Network Direct Attached Storage)
Time to Panic! Can't Access Hard Drive Anymore [Solved?]
Copied partition (amount used) gets bigger with pudd?
Dingo picture - for wallpaper or other uses
WHY do I have 9 or 10 firefox-bin task running?
How to export a directory tree for a file catalog?
What is dmesg telling me?
pudd made me loose all my data on my external harddisk
How to list all installed packages?
Choppy CD Playback on Alsaplayer when using Firefox
my puppy only boots up to the 'loading kernel modules' stage
touch pad partially inoperable in Puppy 301 (Solved)
PAN doesn't run: BUS error
How to use 3d graphics in Puppy? (For games)
Old/New devx files
Survey of best Puppy version that worked with your Hardware
Firefox 3.0b4
Problem with gphoto2
In Praise of Puppy
Links in thunderbird don't open firefox
clamav dotpet?
Pan needs missing lib libgtkspell.so.0 [SOLVED]
Can't write anymore on Puppy partition, "no space left"
Editing the boot.msg file
Installing GIMP help files and running out of space
Grub wouldn't include Windows for Dual Boot with Puppy
Is there a speech-to-text program, for subtitling videos?
how do I change xdialog size in puppybasic? (solved)
Has anyone sucessfully run gecko in wine?
Puppy 3.01: sound crackles and pops; low battery life
Unable to launch tightvnc from crond
Network module SIS 191 on Puppy 3.01
.Pacakages anyone managed to install??
Is there a way to change the background in SAFEPUP
Is there a Project 64 Emulator .pup or .pet?
Cron job to monitor file changes
Frugal install can't create grub
puppy and CF cards: what to choose?
How to use irdautils?
CPU spikes and mouse lag after running Wine or DosBox
ssh & scp between 3.01ee and other linux OSs on a LAN
(SOLVED)Can't use HP Deskjet D1420 Impresor
Elite ,Nvidia and realtek ALC880 intel sound card (solved)
How do I replace Pistoi0's pup_213.sfs in a Safepup ISO ?
Link Quality x/y interpretation in iwconfig.
Where can I find WINE for Fire Hydrant Inferno? (Solved)
problem compiling x11vnc
How make undeletions folder in Puppy?
Where does the Network Wizard store its data?
Skype beta2: which to use, static or dynamic version?
LCD display distorted at lower than native resolutions
How to make a torrent, from a to z, at linuxtracker?
Unable to compile ueagle-atm, usbatm for 3.01
[SOLVED] QEMU puppy 3.01 Not a bootable disk
Can't copy and paste commands
Installed XDG, now most of my menus are gone
Puppy 301 doesn't regonize usb after frugal install (solved)
Problem compiling curlftpfs -- pkg-config can't find fuse
CDDA2WAV question
add new icon themes
devx_217.sfs not loading (solved)
Old computer won't power down
grub's being retard and hangs and gives error on ke (SOLVED)
Clueless about installing software in Linux
[Howto] Install Opera (FLASH works!!!)
How to get info from cddb
How to install Perl/tk?
Resized partitions, then Muppy 08 hung at wifi config SOLVED
.net programes in Puppy
How to resize desktop icons in muppy 08 standard?
how to extract from new slax lzm. modules?
Adding AbiWord to NOP
Python script won't run in Puppy 3.01
How to select sfs files at boot?
Unable to compile midi-USB interface
How best to make an internet cafe Puppy?
How to remaster Puppy minus video wizard and sound?
What command returns the height of a *.png? [SOLVED]
Can't load sfs files on boot
How to setup Lin'N'WinNewB with muppy 08 standard? (SOLVED)
how to load a program at startup
High-speed CF card boots Puppy slower than old, slow one
Having problems remastering Puppy 3.01
How can I create a .desktop file ?
My impression of conky
PWireless, link quality and signal/noise not displayed.
KDE 3.5.8 broken
Wakepup + Flash Problems
grub madness
Which urpm do I use to install Truecrypt?
Questions re: installing to USB external hard disk
Puppy for small biz network? / Accounting software?
ntfs-3g mount problem
problem with Geany language
cannot compile xawtv (solved)
How do I change *all* the fonts?
PC Puppy 3.01 RC5: OpenOffice won't run
Update 3.01rc4 to rc5 - How?
My machine has no swap. Can I fix that? (Solved)
v3.01: I want to help solve pup_save.2fs unmounting problem
Best way to install Puppy in USB hd shared with XP?
How to make OpenOffice 2.4 into .sfs module?
need to reinstall a Windows file
Reinstalling Puppy to my harddisk?
[SOLVED] Sound work only after running Alsa Soud Wizard
What are InkLite and mtPaint for??
Mounting at boot??? Puppy doesn't check /etc/fstab.
Does Puppy use compressed swap in RAM?
[SOLVED] No sound from cs46XX audio card
How do I delete broken or missing files?(solved)
Applications you would give to mother / father / technophobe
Firefox download dialog
How to change JWM desktop icons to white?
Installing Puppyeee to a USB key
initrd.gz question
Puppy's repository sucks
I put the devx.sfs file directly on CD but it won't work
Dressing up Xdialog widgets - How.?
How to capture video?
Installing Ekiga in Dingo A6 (given up)
How to make Thunar the default file manager for Fluxbox?
How to set separate resolution of external display?
XMMS doesn't seem to work with online radio
How can I make my own Puppy CD?
Interrupted printer output CUPS
How to make an configured automagic network setup tool?
./configure error
Trying to build Glade for Puppy
Script to show screen resolution
Is edbrowse the best program out there (yet hardly known)?
need help using xsetwacom to rotate tablet pc screen
Can anybody get gfontview to work in Puppy?
wengophone on puppy
data recovery
How to set up mac address filtering for WRK54G router?
Where to find DIVX pugin for SeaMonkey or Firefox?
How to install/compile xournal in 3.01?
Broad Band trouble
USB stick install, manipulate saving
Possible Eee PC poweroff patch
Puppy 3 and VMplayer
Need Bash script to append chars to end of line. (SOLVED)
snes9express woes
How to change default dialler from wvdial to gkdial in 3.01?
"AGP disabled" in pupscan
How to acquire an IP address?
How to use gfxmenu in grub?
accessing the internet from the command line
how to mount USB dvd burner?
Abiword and Geany will not print
Trouble compiling Icecast in 3.01.
File-Sharing folder not found?
How to password protect a single file or folder?
How to update tcl/tk from 8.5a to 8.5.0 in Puppy 3.01?
Performing video fade-in/fade-out using ffmpeg and mencoder
DVDShrink for Puppy?
How to manage files on a Creative Zen V Plus?
getting a motorola v3m cell phone to work on 2.14r v1.01
installing python outside pup_save file
Installed "R" dotpup in 2.14, won't work (Solved by a Howto)
How to edit the Xfce Menu? - Solved
How to get the "basename" command to do what I want?(SOLVED)
How to install Dazuko in Puppy?
How to remove the little square from the lower right corner?
Gimp dotpup in 2.17 frugal: Gimp won't start
2.13: lost puppybackground.pup (Solved)
Is there a vncrec for Puppy?
My puppy is slowly falling to bits!
How to remaster Puppy 3.01? (Tutorial requested)
How to write/modify bootup scripts?
BBC iPlayer, get full screen flash streaming
How to run pb_debianinstaller?
Using PET Package Manager in Puppy 2.0
Fragger- what use is it?
XPDQ interface choice for USB?
How to get Nvidia Geforce fx5200 S-Video working?
Installed JWM and IceWM; how to make JWM the default?
Troublesome Bash script to play all the files in a subdir
How to change Conky's background? [resolved x2]
How to compile Conky from source? (Resolved)
Printer Sharing Vista - Puppy 3.01
Xdialog "Cancel" button doesn't work right
216 Flash drive woes
Which versions of Puppy can go on 1GB USB Flash stick?
CUPS to be fixed in 3.02?
Questions about using Puppy from a USB memory stick
Any smp kernel news?
Rails session[:hash] not working?
can't get ruby-debug to work?
How to add mime types in 3.01?
Count characters in a line with BASH script? (SOLVED)
How to create new file with BASH script? (SOLVED)
Puppy 3.01, LCD at native (1024x768), Xorg - font clarity?
Grub doesn't honor selection
How to do an image-copy of HD with Puppy?
Firefox doubling file extensions of downloads
How to install otf fonts?
How to use an external display for my laptop?
Cinelerra starts but I can't click in the windows
How do i install sdl then the developement files?
Any recommended xfce icons theme/set?
How to mount USB hd at startup?
3.01 frugal; how to use devx_301.sfs in same directory?
dhcp broken? Can't upload to Youtube
3.01 PETGet problem installing OpenOffice Cutdown 2.2.pet
Dingo Alpha 6: How to configure DSL without Roaring Penguin?
Font size in SeaMonkey tool bar too large after update
Slow scrolling with Xvesa (Solved?)
Seamlessly integrate XP into Linux with SeamlessRDP
Boost your computer's RAM in seconds.
How to boot an ISO file from several on a CD?
How to set up a Puppy server for LAN Booting?
NTFS WARNING on my mounted external HD?
USB Broadband Modem and Puppy can it be done?
How to stop USB Puppy from periodic backup?
3.01 frugal install: eth0 network config not retained
Python GUI won't run. How to add TKinter module?
Installing Cisco VPN client (SOLVED)
SketchUp with Wine and devx_301.sfs
GTK1: missing libgmodule-1.2.so.0 [solved]
I can not configure amule to connect to server(s)
File attributes not respected on downloading.
Where is the manual for Puppy 3.01? Solved! URL here!
Dingo screws with my hard drive
Installed Puppy to HD, now programs won't start
Any way to do Skype with video in 3.01?
Can't change Keyboard country in ecopup -Bug? Solved
How to install EZPup 3.01 on USB stick?
Unable to send with Xnews under WINE in Puppy 3.01
Can I watch DivX movies in Puppy?
Multiple pup_save.2fs files under Puppy 2.15 CE?
Cannot get sound to work.
Authenticating certificates.
How to make a startx menu for multiple wm's?
How to connect to McDonalds wifi UK?
3.01 boots up to blank screen sometimes
How to install desktop-data-manager from source tarball?
Configuration of Grub4Dos for use with Puppy
How to mount slax modules with loopback?
Bought a 500 GB Maxtor Drive
Need awk program to monitor logfiles, give alerts
Is ATI 3D Rage Pro accelerated?
Puppy on Toshiba Portege 4000 - sound and batt. management?
How to give Geany text editor a black background?
A few useful little rox-scripts
216 Discrepancy between gdmap and freememapplet
How do I increase size of /usr/log/cups/error_log file?
How to lower memory usage on older PC?
2.15CE: SeaMonkey + AdBlock Keeps Crashing
linux-swap partition: primary or extended?
How can I configure large blocksize support on Puppy?
Automatic Wireless at Startup
Autoload a program at start in Dingo?
Best practice for "if..then" options - bash script? (SOLVED
winxp and puppy wont recognize usb flashdisk but ubuntu can
Automounting of iso, sfs etc.. in ROX
How to run 3-D graphics on Intel 82845G ?
Seamonkey Mail wont connect to smtp server at Yahoo.ca Eh?
Puppy seems to be filling my memory. (Solved, sorta)
How do I get Puppy 2.11 to access the floppy without BIOS
Ping Me Not! (Should I worry that Puppy returns pings?)
How do I get aliases to work?
How to implement an onWrite event hook?
Puppy on Toshiba Portege 4000 (now 4010)
Adjusting USB save interval in savepuppyd
Seeking automated file transfer tool more secure than FTP
Installed EZpup 3.01 & iceWM, now glipper M.I.A.{Solved}
How to change the name of my Puplet to DCL?
I don't want to save the session; I want to poweroff.
How to compile Open Transport Tycoon?
Fewer available packages in Puppy Software Installer
New Release of SkipStone. Can Somone compile it Please
Installing GIMP with PETget, where do I find librsvg-2.so.2?
Can't use rox as icon manager/desktop in xfce 4.2
How can I get an Xdialog --textbox to wrap?
Is there a definitive answer for "pretty fonts"?
Equivalent to Windows "quick launch" toolbar?
I'm trying to install a big program
Xcalc problem solved, Xcalc problem created
garmin 60 GPS and gpsd won't play
Make Puppy look like xp?
VMWare vmplayer fullscreen problem on Puppy 3.00...(Solved)
How to get Toshiba Portage 4010 wireless working in 2.16?
How to install Puppy & packages from the command line?
How to print from Abiword?
connect to bintec x1200 II vpn ipsec
How to add Xvesa modes? (for 1680 x 1050 screen)
Sound with Opening Apps {Solved}
ext2 versus ext3: my experience
Looking for the Smartlink modem drivers in 2.03CE
HPLIP (HP printer package) repackaged
How to copy USB install to another SD-Card for backup?
How can I raise a window programatically in jwm?
USB Controller Failure in 3.01?
How to convert vob file to mp4 format?
securetelnet screen color
216 Flash 9 crashes Seamonkey
How to install a Remote Desktop Client on Dingo?
Dev environment on Type2 Install? Barking up wrong tree?
4GB of HD lost in Puppy files! (SOLVED)
64-bit puppy......Does one exist?
Where is the source package for Puppy's gtkSee?
finding the "make" utility
Can I compile KDE apps for Puppy without KDE installed?
How to make acpi=off the default boot parameter?
Puppy 3.0 works at home but not at unencrypted hotspot
Abiword freezes with large files
Unwanted Updating
Puzzling pup301 copy mp3 files to dumb USB mp3 players
Is there any Bible-related software for Puppy?
How to replace new Xvesa with old Xvesa?
How can a script tell when ROX is closed? (Solved?)
How to use a framebuffer in Xorg?
How to boot multiple Puppys from one CD?
Puppy 3.01 frugal installation on Dell Lattitude C840
can not compile icewm in puppy 3.01
How does Puppy handle Compact Flash Card in a PCMIA slot
[Solved] Can pup301 merge(append) mp3 files
USB boot, and access, getting slower and slower
How to install adobe flash plugin into firefox?
Is there an app to convert XML address book file to LDIF?
Can a console be embedded in Puppy desktop?
How to make a script that detects if USB device is inserted?
Must reconfigure sound after each boot
Puppy Linux 3.01: Booting on USB from a folder
Puppy on Jornada 720 hangs on shutdown
3.01 full install won't load any more
How to determine version of, and update ALSA?
Problem with enlightenment E17
Can Puppy 3.01 tell size and speed of installed RAM?
Anyone got Live365 working in Streamtuner?
Script to convert alpha-numeric filenames to subject..
3.01 frugal boot problem: save file takes too long to load
Is there a Linux equivalent to Evernote?
Speak freely on Puppy
How to connect via ISDN USB dialup modem (NETMOD) ? [Solved]
AdobeReader 8.1 needs libstdc++.so.6 library
How to password protect my laptop?
Loading pupsave file crashes xwindows
Where can I find devx_210.sfs ?
How to start Puppy with SAMBA running?
NOP 3.01 + Froswire & Gaim: missing libraries/dependencies
Chnage LAN connection to PPPOE
Problem compiling mtr (GTK app) [SOLVED]
dotpups.de vanished? (Nope)
Broke Puppy by uninstalling GTK --[SOLVED]
Loading additional SFS modules on LiveCD (???)
How to start Puppy with Abiword or Geany already running?
Printing Digital Photographs - RESOLVED
Is there a Napster equivalent for Puppy?
put VLC in Multimedia section
Desktop icons missing (fixed)
Boot puppy with sshd and root password from Live CD
Puppy Linux net install
Sendmail,xmail,xampp,batch file?? How do i configure?
Automatically connect to wireless network on startup?
how to upgrade seamonkey to 1.1.7?
How to start Puppy with ftp running?
IBM ThinkPad A20m - max resolution problems
How to have black Puppy theme?
stream recording! Is it possible
How to change qt themes?
How to change the pup_save.2fs during startup?
Does Puppy Linux use XFree86 or X.org? If so, what versions?
What's the limit on loading multiple squash files?
not safe to store anything in USB flash mounted pup_save
How to get microphone working in Asus EEE?
Can't read data cd burned with vista
How do I change from unionfs to aufs
Latest version of Flash rendering problem on old PC
using java sfs modules
Asus EEE webcam woes
Is there a RealPlayer alternative?
Puppy for laptop ?
Modifying dotpup.sh in pup installer to do .tcl or other..?
Two inexpensive Linux reference books
Puppy 3.01 - launching desktop app at startup?
Sweep and how work with it?
does anyone uses poedit in puppy?
How to use a shell script?
How to check Sha1 checksum?
Need GUI Linux tool to extract images from PDF
How to delete unwanted apps from remastered Puppy?
images do not render properly?
No smilies or sounds in Pidgin?
What Windows applications do want?
Is there a cutdown version of OpenOffice ?
Which Puppy version or derivative "just works" best?
Could somebody test some USB-boot items for me?
offline dictionary for puppy 3.01?
How can I change default paper size from Letter to A4?
Puppy 2.17, USB PocketDrive boot on ext3
missing pstoedit export formats
Muppy08 has no driver for atheros ethernet chipset (ar8021)?
3 Questions
Mplayer 1.08 Crashes after start
How to boot multiple frugal installs?
Implementing unique screen resolution through the video BIOS
How to compile an applincation in OneBone?
Lose ezpup icons after restart
How to setup OpenSSH-Demon correctly?
Puppy 2.16.1 Gxine volume control is weird
Icewm theme not affecting everything it should
Install Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.1.1 as plug-in in Seamonkey?
[SOLVED] laptop on battery, screenblank after 3 minutes?
Puppy Unleashed on thumb drive: boot hangs at "switch root"
Taskbar, right button, Disappear..
Dbus-Python Bindings
Boot hanging just before looking for save files on hd.
Can NzbGet be installed in Puppy?
How to start cups installed from dotpup?
App to keep laptop active to discharge battery ?
How to get latest Wine to work in 2.17.1?
What happens to gxine in puppy 3.01?
Foxpup Pupsave file resize
How to network a printer with 2 computers?
Unorthodoxed install
Script to 'compress' files in folder before using 007
How to install Klibido?
VMware compile error in 3.01: "kernel source is different"
How to do full install of 3.01 on USB external hard drive?
loading into RAM on a 128M RAM machine?
How much ram does puppy need? Some test results
Bad PDF-File-Compression with Default PDF-Print-Utilities
How to install ppd driver for Brother DCP340CW printer?
puppy 217 loads Xwindow ("Xinit ") without keyboard
Which kernel used in Puppy works in all of your PCs?
How I got Asus Eee PC sound to work in 3.01
Need a one-click script for backing up a directory - Solved
Fire Hydrant full install won't boot
Remastering Puppy from full HD install
can you lock a hard drive to prevent unitentional deletions
Unable to extract file with é in name from rar archive
Fugitive blue screen when I use pagefile.sys for swap file
qdisc_reset - kernel panic
How to autostart programs at boot?
New graphic card problem in 3.01
How to remove built-in packages from Puppy 3.01?
3.01 on USB stick: runs on Fujitsu u810
Does QWin98 work with puppy 301?
Is there a Puppy 2.17 variant with Compiz ?
Bytecode Interpreter XFCE for Good Fonts
Seamonkey save file problem
Problem with linking an executable in bin
g77 fortran compiler for pup301?
How to use Actiontec EX560LKU USB modem?
Puppy Unleashed - won't create bootable pup_301.sfs
running as root is stupid!
Cartes Du Ciel gives "access violation" error message
Laptop Mouse device not working after USB mouse was attached
Encrypted personal storage file access
Laptop as a Wireless Repeater
Increase size of MUT's display
SQlite3 database prog in Puppy..?
sfs installing problems
How to play audio from 2 sources?
Where can I find a WINE/WinXP cursor font (theme) for Puppy?
How to disable the screen position indicator in Puppy?
How to get the P16V output of an Audigy2 working in Puppy?
How does one find the version of an installed package or lib
Can't upload (20k, .tar.gz file) to forum [SOLVED]
Puppy package manager Problems
Unable to see 802.1q tags in Ethereal
216 Anyone else have trouble logging into youtube?
Script wanted to backup my Windows partiton
Custom Puppy can't find pup_301.sfs
Python dotpup installation needs utilities
How to make script to switch Xvesa to Xorg?
How do I create a custom puppy?
Seamonkey loads painfully slowly under 3.1
CUPS problem - Waiting for localhost when try Add Printers
How to change ROX's home icon path?
Gxine plays video but no audio
Torrent RSS feed downloader script?
A few days with many distributions - but Puppy wins out!
Anyone got JPilot working in puppy 2.16 or puppy 3(Solved)
How to make caps lock work properly?
cannot load initrd
Nvidia .pet needs recompiled for 3.01 with kernel?
Enlightnment 16 Backround problems
How to transfer Puppy 2.17 to new hd?
Tried Enlightenment, now icons gone from task bar
Unable to Connect to Wireless Network
KDE on Puppy - OMG!!!!!!
Trying to get Realplayer plugins to work (solved)
Puppy 2.18 support for Duo Core?
Imposter OO Impress player
Changes to xvidtune not saved in 3.01
Changing Puppy desktop icons
How to use java webstart?
Change Default my-Documents etc?
Taskbar tray placement option in JWM
Can I change the password of pup_save 2FS file?
problem installing devx on 3.01 full install
Yet Another Wakepup2
Wireless Issues
How to get Torsmo to display CPU temp?
LAN and WLAN won't configure on subnotebook
Puppy ease of use - "choosing distro" site says its hard?
Has anyone compiled an Irssis or BitchX package?
Puppy remastering: PuppyPin problem
Torrent command line with PuppY?
How to save configuration of dual display?
3.01 w/256MB RAM: Gets sluggish as day goes on
checking hard drive sectors/verifying a drive has been wiped
Wierd PDF rendition
A new kennel to put your Puppy in?
Browser version notices for latest Puppy
How to: create a "hide task bar" button in icewm
How do I get an icon to bring existing application to front
Is there an App or tool to open bin files and edit?
How to make a custom VM Puppy with devx in ram?
Problem with USB flash Media
no access to dotpup packages Solved
Shrink Puppy's memory footprint
How to install MySQL in 3.01?
Tiny menu fonts on OpenOffice, Only on "Remaster" SOLVED
How to use Brother DCP-130 scanner?
What is a file "change time"?
How to shutdown a laptop if the charger fails?
How to run both puppy live cd and dingo?
strange clock behavior
2.15CE forecastfox problem solved
Hardinfo: system profiler and benchmark
How to compile kernel with multiprocessing (SMP kernel)?
Where does Puppy store cookies?
What's the best Puppy-PC for my father-in-law?
Changed theme, messed up .jwmrc file
ROX doesn't see files and folders created in cyrillic
Shockwave-Flash TEENpup - Some Work Some Not?
Upgraded SeaMonkey, deleted symlinks in error.
Window managers. Jwm vs Xfce vs others
Trying to compile, cant find ld
Query configuring LAN cards, pup 3.0[SOLVED]
Running Glest on Puppy
fetch dhcp special variable
How to change the blue bar in JWM application window?
3.01 can't mount Reiser fs on SATA drive?
do you know tuxonice hibernate patch?
Why not Siag Office Suite, and Ted Spreadsheet?
Trying to compile driver for D-Link 680txd ethernet card
I'm seeking 'host' dns lookup tool
Lightweight (memory) browser needed for low-mem laptop
How I installed Puppy 3.01 on Dell Lattitude CPi
HOW its made? and can you boot puppy with a GRUB cd?
free memory
LinNeighborhood connection difficulties
Analog clock, calendar for desktop?
The MBR and HPA's -- Hidden Protected Areas
Configuring Middle Mouse Button (IBM Thinkpad)
Menu Hell
Change font size in menu??
GCompris 8.4.2 and audio problems [SOLVED]
Video works in Puppy but not in PCLinuxOS or Ubuntu
How to use WINE??
How to install ARK Linux on its own partition?
Puppy FS crash
Sata drives not recognized.
How to make a swap file or partition on 2.0.2ce?
Ban I.P. Addresses From your Network
Need puppy 3.0 builld with frame-buffer support
Huawei E220 UMTS/GPRS modem config not saved
wakepup2 - Will not complete autoexec.bat file
Expansion space problem; web browser use exclusively
Upgrading VMware Player: "Unable to stop services"
How to access Puppy 3.01 remotely?
All Hail Håvard Kvålen
One Minute Pause During bootup FIXED
How to install Flash in Firefox 2,0.0.9 and Puppy 3.01?
How to set the volume higher than 100?
Massive memory leak in 3.01 OS!!!
VESA X Manager broke in 3.01
Backgrounded USB Wireless Initialization too slow?
setting up a home network
Which desktop environment does Puppy use?
Duke Nukem 3D Question
can't install dotpup(s) in NOP Puppy? <SOLVED>
Postscript viewing broken
GRUB 4 DOS update
After trying fat free puppy, couldn't load puppy 3.0!
Is there a way to blacklist modules at boot time?
Gtkpod crashing!
Where can i get libgpm.so.1 for browser Links
What command returns the time of a music file [SOLVED]
How to re-install Xorg / X-server from bash?
zdrv and normal install
post install wifi problem (fire hydrant only)
Installing 3.01 from a puppy 2.1x installation
Puppy 3.01 on a USB stick
Funky X Startup with mouse
How to make SIS741 video driver work in Puppy 3.01?
Gnumeric crashed. How to reinstall?
How to compile mplayer with xv or xvcm?
How to recover Puppy 2.15 from Xorg "upgrade?"
Freebasic problem after Puppy upgrade
How to mount an ext2 partition from DOS?
Need original .config file from original Puppy distribution
Any AntiVirus & AntiSpyware dotpups?
How to switch between two keyboard layouts? <SOLVED>
IceBuntu & GreenBuntu Theme for Icewm?
How to share internet from Puppy to Win XP via cross-over?
I have an issue extracting and repackageing teenpup2.14.1
USB boot and USB storage without a hard drive
Trying to get webcam going, need uhci, usb-uhci, usb-ohci ?
How to play a jingle at X startup?
How to install ooffice.sfs in Puppy NOP 3.01?
Recompile the kernel
Why no "kill" button in 2.15CE system menu?
Does it matter where Puppy finds .pet packages?
Will any on-line bookmark site work with SeaMonkey?
PCMCIA USB card problem
Can I use NOP 3.01 directly on XP
can I force puppy 3.0 to skip video detection?
how to truely remaster cd in 3.01 puppy?
[Solved] Where is the VLC Flash player for Puppy 3.01?
Some questions about scripts in remastered Puppy
How to view /dev/console in X?
How to use Puppy Unleashed CD from Barry?
How to access the Debian repository? (Solved)
Where is the most efficient place for a Linux swap partition
Can't write to FAT drive from network (SOLVED)
How to access network drives under Cisco/Citrix?
Practical info
Puppy Unleashed: how to create .sfs?
Frugal installs and experiments
Puppy needs fmt command
How to share puppy-linux printer ??
How to install qjoypad?
How can I find available size of a filesystem?
.deb files installing/converting to .pet
How can I make a squashfs?
cpio v2.5 won't copy links or devices
Unknown 'command' - comes up on Puppy start..?
What is correct xvesa TV out setting for 5" B&W TV?
Request for password and PuppyPc login
changing the default media player in seamonkey
How to run Google Sketch UP in Puppy?
Firefox "dot-dot" available
Refresh rates above 85Hz with Puppy - is it possible? (R200)
icons: openoffice documents
[SOLVED]Problems with XAMPP 1.6.4 on Puppy Linux 3.01
where is a gtkdialog manual or guide?
Impossible de ré installer Toutou
Problems Running gxine During (the end of) System Startup
How to copy certain files at boot, with progress % bar?
Did anyone install & run Plone on Puppy 3.01 successfully?
Puppy and S3 Graphics UniChrome™ 2D/3D Graphics Problem
How to download and open metalinks in Puppy 2.17?
Can't reboot/shutdown after Dougal remaster (Pup 3.00)
My pup_save file's full now what
How do I save FLV files from Firefox?
Need Help Tweaking Cursor-Selector...
dotpups.de and firefox: problem?
Problem with Firefox or Puppy?
Need a script that checks if a process is not running
Nvidia MX440 no 3D (Solved)
Seamonkey with Tmxxine Prism 3.01 -RESOLVED
Unable to connect with Belkin F5D7050 in 2.17
editing grub's menu.lst?
How to mount encrypted pup? (SOLVED)
Using Dual Browsers setting up shortcuts & icons - SOLVED
[Puppy 3.01] Cannot find -lgtk error
Which version of x11 does Puppy 3.01 use?
Celeron back from the dead
How do I config and connect to wifi using the command line?
Puppy Linux 3:01 can't see desktop
How can I disable the automatic save/flush?
Some technical Bash text conversion questions
How to run command in different :1 :0 window?
rt2500usb goes to sleep
Application using Gammu
recovering from system crash - kernel panic using .sfs
Eclipse crashes in Puppy 3.0 & 3.01
Recover deleted files from pup_save file?
New SeaMonkey release
Struggling to control access to a server using cron[SOLVED]
Modifying the startup/shutdown script and some other package
VNCserver only controls desktop number two?
How to input chinese character in puppy3.00+(Sloved)?
How do I get OpenGL working on Puppy
libgl.so.1 - cannot install dot pup
Scribus installation
mpd 0.13.0 gmpc0.15.1 ncmpc.0.11.1 compiled in Puppy 3.01
ncurses or dialog mp3 jukebox
SOLVED: Will the latest Firefox run in Puppy 1.07?
Compupic Image Viewer for Linux.
How would you calculate minimum RAM requirements?
Desktop lost after reboot and come back again next reboot
insmod from 2.17 to fix 3.00
WiFi RT73 not working in 301
3.01 installed, doesn't retain settings
How to make a FLASH intensive website available on a LiveCD?
Autostart a symbolic link
Frequency Scaling not working in 3.01? (solved)
NVidia screen problems solved
Dotpups.de download limit exceeded?
Rox-Desktop, parameters and drag and drop
The Linux Genuine Advantage
Graphic Drivers for newer systems
Firefox update dangers
Is there a faster image viewer than xnview, gtksee etc?
Request for somebody to get dotpup of Blender 2.45
using ramdrive as root
Gordian Knot that is Xorg
Removing Entries from DotPups List
How to start an application fullscreen? (Solved)
How to run a Puppy or Puppy variant larger than 256 MB?
Trying to get online with Puppy
Where's Dougal's Enhanced Remaster?
Logitech ChillStream gamepad - how to get it working?
VirtualBox 1.5.2 Released: Puppy 3.01 Now Works!
PureFTPd -- p3 cannot create anonymous user[SOLVED]
running BZfag sever on puppy (solved)
How to Rip a Single Chapter from a DVD?
Newly Installed Programs Won't Work in Puppy 2.0
How to backup USB Puppy?
Searching for a VPN package!
How to add drivers to the zdrv file
What happened to Dougals remaster utility in 3.01Beta?
Boot issue after rude shutdown
How to change permissions of amule folders?
XFCE broken after .PET install
201 error when installing Seamonkey extensions
Adding an application to the menu Puppy 3
Puppy 2.17 on USB pendrive
How to add cyrillic (Russian) fonts to kbd module?
How to get SSHD working in Puppy 3?
Why is Puppy's hardware support so good
Mouse Pointer
Puppy3: pango/fontconfig error compiling Gimp 2.4
Gtk-Theme-engines for Puppy 3? [solved]
Problem mounting Puppy 3.00 Initrd.gz
what's inside zdrv.sfs? and is there a way to cut it
Puppy on "One Laptop Per Child" OLPC?
Why does petget offer two CUPS versions?
Puppy 3.0 flush-2-flash on IDE-Flash drive
Lobster + Java JDK = Muddle
2.16 can't play VCDs (Solved: installed mplayer)
How do XFCE, IceWM, JWM memory requirements compare?
unrpmfull.pup install errors
Thought I'd got Canon i965 printer cracked- BUT NO!
Compact Linux Computer
Pmount - where is the source code?
Remastered Puppy 3.00 can't start X
various Puppy reviews
Viewing Flash Movies in Firefox
Has anyone gotten thunar to work?
Dialup fix, probs in faraway places
Can different Puppys have different pup_save files on a hd?
How to disable keyboard choice during first boot?
adduser misbehaving in Puppy 3.00
Puppy 3.0, Laptop getting Hot?
Which program for tv on wintv card ? (SOLVED)
Installing Dillo in 3.0
How to install Huawei E220 HSDPA USB modem?
3.0 installed but won't boot
How do I get rid of eth0?
Absolutely Fake WinXp looking Puppy
blocking a particular key on the keyboard...
odd unionfs and disk accesses in 3.00
How to put remote desktop RDP client icon on desktop?
Saving to Multi-session from HD pup save file
Dialup negotiating an MTU of 1524 for dialup in Puppy3.0
How to install rpm packages?
Need to recompile kernel
how do I copy dvd from console
Hackers VPN to Puppy on Port 500
3.00 + IceWM: lost right-click menus on desktop
dvd +RW format problems
Could a CD-RW be set to save more like 700 MB Flash drive?
opening jar files in seamonkey
How multisession Puppy saved the day
Grub eye candy
On boot, monitor shuts down in Puppy 3.00 Xorg
Can't connect with D-Link 502T ADSL modem Dodo
Gimp and Streamtuner Nonfunctional in 3.00
Browser does not open from desktop on puppy 3
Network Settings via CLI
Puppy2 and Puppy3 compatibility?
Is there any way to hibernate Puppy?
Puppy 3.00 - problem with Opera and Java
Google Talk account doesn't work with Pidgin in Puppy-3.0
3.00 Released!
Watchdog version 1 released
Laptop fan runs permanently under Puppy
How can I install KVPNC
Old computer donation/sale
key shortcuts in XFCE / mounting
Safe way to get libSDL in Puppy 3
wifi problems with CE
Gxine no full screen on Pup 3
Questions about printing from Abiword
How to use Huawei e220 usb-modem in 3.00? (Solved)
Perl application with gui
Skype dotpet doesn't work in Puppy 3?
Puppy 3 woes with toshiba satellite 1400 and Trident cards
How to not save changes, so Puppy boots pristine? (Solved)
Toshiba satellite 4030CDS and puppy 3.0
How to install GRUB for a multiboot installation?
Strange characters when I open pstocanon in Geany
Which v3 puppy? (download confusion)
Cannot print under Wine
2.17 Virtualbox, and QEMU
how to backup MBR with dd?
3 important questions about Puppy and security
How to set up vpn connection with puppy?
How to tell Puppy to use dial up instead of eth0 ?
X10 USB receiver doesn't completely control Mplayer
I need a script that checks if eth0 IP address is
Knoppix and Puppy
How to start "Dougals enhanced remaster cd" from console?
Wine gives "Unhandled pagefault" error
Large format printer setup
Online with QEMU Puppy ?
Using SFS in QEMU Puppy ?
How to use DynDNS inadyn client?
Puppy for my parents
One of those AAAGGHHH moments (creating a custom distro)
Is Barry's developer blog down?
Wifi isn't autoconfigured with puppy save file on my Live CD
no ramdisk after HD install
Xampp and phpMyAdmin
Is there a list of drivers for each Puppy?
individual gtktheme
SeaMonkey themes and extensions
How to play streaming realplayer files?
Is puppy suited for any type of serious gaming?
Dialup modem quit working
QEMU Puppy Memory
Where should I put a printer .ppd file? (Solved)
2.16: is it safe to disable savepuppyd auto-saving to flash?
2.14 remaster problem - consumes all diskspace
HDD questions
3.00Beta2 Feedback
I cannot get puppy to mount NFS shares
PETget package manager - no package displayed
How to play streaming mp3 from ftp in gxine?
Java and fonts
Make your life in Puppy a little easier...
Hard Drive partitioning
Desktop icons vanished
Abiword doesn't see my printer
Cannot ./configure
The Official U.S. time requires Java!? (Solved)
Can't get Xfishtank screensaver to work
Gaim not connecting on irc, yahoo, msn
Installed netsurf browser in 1.08 but it won't start
How shutdown as spot (or other unpriviledged user)?
Opinions wanted: Is Puppy only for older/low-power machines?
How to lock down the GUI? (For kiosk use.)
How to automatically enable eth0 with DHCP?
Puppy Users poll
Center positioning of SeaMonkey upon opening
Swap file suggestion
Screen blanking cannot be disabled
Installed Java works until USB Puppy rebooted.
Can't get Firefox to install.
Playing Airborne in Wine: no 6600gt video card detection
How to Dual Boot with WinXP on C: and Puppy on D:?
An IBM Open-Source Office Suite based on OpenOffice
New gpsdrive-2.10pre4 - Compilation error
Hiow to copy pup_save.2fs, boot from copy?
Puppy 3.00BETA Download mdsum error
natsemi LAN install not working :(
java (jre) for pup2.14?
Apple MacBook Pro - issues with 2.17x inexistent with 2.16
How to make Acroreader the default pdf reader?
Puppy don't like my pcmcia slots .. = no wifi..how to fix?
(solved) Filter internet pages (http, url filter)
Firefox Question about version in pet package manager.
usb thumb drive glitch
ftp command line client in version 2.16
Run live CD with newer versions of apps
Looking for IP release and renew script
How to change dial-up DNS settings?
bin (exe) file works in folder, but not on desktop????
Blurry Text?
How to burn mp3 files to a CD that will play in my stereo?
puppy linux and MTP mp3 players
Can I make a window open higher on the screen?
How does Puppy work when shutting down?
How to timesync Puppy?
How to check Puppy's screen resolution?
How to change the time display format?
How to get Java JRE and Flash?
How to make an exact bit-for-bit copy of a CD or DVD? (Solve
gxine video doesn't work
error while installing a Java jar file
Right-click in IceWM desktop doesn't bring up menu
Puppy Freezes when scanning for a network.
A Reasonable Approach to Uninstalling the Unwanted?
How to remove user created by Pure FTPd?
SWLPR-5400 wireless pci card problems
How to view Chinese page in Puppy 2.17.1 with en_US local?
sysctl missing - any workaround ?
whither floppy-puppy?
hyper- meta- super- qualifier keys on Puppy
dot pups no longer install (Fixed)
Where can I find old Puppy versions including any devx_xxx?
How to recover deleted Seamonkey history? (Solved)
how to have different languages support n console?
Crashing Web Browser
problem with createpuppy in 2.16.1
SeaMonkey issues?
Can I run Puppy as a web server?
Suddenly can't copy from Gimp, paste into OpenOffice
LimeWire Almost Starts Up.
Which files do I put the dns servers in?
What happen to the unsupported install of tarball?
Can't run Puppy 2.17.1 in VirtualBox under Windows XP
C-Span video link gives SeaMonkey error
How emulate M$ Windows on puppy
Run CD/DVD wizard on new installation
Lm-sensors - anyone actually using or got it to work? SOLVED
EZpupHelp Wiki
Anyone used ioswiftfox yet?
How to give my Puppy the icons from EZPup?
How to have RXVT execute when clicking on an executable?
How to install gnome games in puppy 2.17- (now 3.01)
Can't surf properly in Linux. *SOLVED*
PetGet Nolonger Works
Seamonkey 1.08... why such an old version?
anybody got 3d acceleration on Matrox G200 card?
Copyright question
Libraries deleted when DotPup and PET programs uninstalled
How to put blinky, freememapplet and mini-volume in IceWM?
su spot not working
Does Puppy Support NTP Network Time Synchronization?
videos on internet
Pet Be Gone
Which Puppy version is best for PII-500?
How do i resize my desktop icons?
network interface not being initialized at boot-up
Will puppy linux run on a flash drive and...
SeaMonkey sometimes slows down, has to be restarted
puppy sound mixer
Conky - on desktop - but not on taskbar - how?
Upgraded Win98 to Puppy, SeaMonkey mail did strange things
How to open VLC with Seamonkey?
How to install Flash in Opera?
seamonkey keeps closing
How do I install azarus?
Is there a Gnome type photo printer for Puppy?
pmount won't mount CD
How to reduce the size of my pup_save file?
I clicked on something which now makes "enter" open an app??
Bash: Fight against charsets
How to move menus to side or top of ezpup window?
How to add Flash 9 to SeaMonkey?
Stability test of Puppy 2.1.7 on a Fujitsu C-series: pass
How to install FEH (CLI image viewer) in Puppy?
Frugal install refuses to boot
How to : rdesktop & printer redirection and mapping?
Puppy will not properly display on screen RESOLVED
annoyance: network connection goes stale
Configure RP-PPPOE dialog window "open"
Here's a script for flushing RAM to USB on Puppy 3.01
Booting 2.17 without monitor
Puppy 2.17-1 and serial mouse (Solved)
2.17 on laptop: fan not going and no battery indicator
Installed Puppy to HD. Why won't it boot?
How to edit Icewm themes with mtPaint
How to use Huawei e220 usb-modem in Puppy?
Results of running ckrootkit in puppy
Proxy Settings in 2.17 Torrent Clients
Anyone Trying to use a 1366x768 Monitor?
splashy in puppy linux
Installing LAN printer
DVDs lock up Gxine, then won't play in other players
cupsd.conf file empty in 2.17.1 flash install
Watchdog v2 now available.
How to change the menu fonts in icewm?
Mozilla 1.0.6 critical vulnerability
How to remove extra components/programs?
Setting Leafpad as default application for document download
Problems playing midi (Solved)
How can I do a livecd based on puppy?
P2.17: USB Tv Tuner causing boot lock up
HD Inst: How to update from 2.14 to 2.17
Installing & running apps from separate specific folder(s)..
Tk DVD wont burn properly
My CD-drive mounts data-cds but not music-cds...
Error while compiling Freewheeling
Revive a broken XP/win2000 P.C. with Puppy Linux (and NTFS)
How do I make a package from compiled programs?
Anyone else have problems with Firefox Crashing?
How to kill a process by name from command line?
Access pup_save file located on CF card booting from CD/DVD
2.16: Gparted doesn't see all my drives
How to connect Puppy & XP computers via parallel port?
216 Why do my desktop icons get scrambled?
How do I add a directory to the desktop?
PUP firewall responds to PING
Sharing w/ Win2k
Autostarting Applications in Fluxbox
Wireless stopped working after upgrading 2.13 to 2.17.1
Save file place on disk affects speed
How to launch WM in a second X display (SOLVED)
Banned from #puppylinux IRC
Puppy on a dinosaur (HAS BOOTED!)
XP works but not Puppy? I thought this will never happen.
Watchdog v1 Alpha ready for testing - Video Surveillance.
How to install Proxim Orinoco Classic Gold Driver?
Recipe & Shopping App?
Can Puppy mount a (recent) Mac filesystem?
How to run an old windows application?
Where to find good Rox icon themes?
Puppy shutdown...Save EVERY time?
Mounting a .sfs without any of the tools?
can't access /dev/nvram
Linux Remote Desktop for Windows Vista
Anyone has initrd-humongous of 2.17.1?
Puppy 2.16 and zdrv_216.sfs
Pizzapup 3.0RC1 - can't run FFox [SOLVED]
.sfs files list.
Can't boot from live CD (solved)
wma for xmms
Is there a Pet package for JRE?
Can't mount hard drive partition using MUT (Solved...almost)
Yet another PXE related problem. :)
Changing Default Internet Browser
Puppy 2.17 to access 802.1X authenticated network
Puppy not detecting DVD writer
E17 shutdown does nothing
Dotpups.de don't work in 2.17.1 on USB flash drive
How to resize bulk jpg images?
best FirstPersonShooter for limited hardware
My puppy dont read memory USB
Booting with pfix=ram, will Puppy still create a swap file?
How boot Puppy installed HD from CD
How to view rm files in mplayer?
VMvareWorkstation 6.0 in Puppy 2.17.1
No sound in Rosegarden. How do I use Jack?
Problems with Amarok
How do I get widescreen resolution?
Solved - Modify Trash to work with spaces in path or name?
Still unable to remaster Puppy Correctly - (tried 10 times)
Can't Resize pup_save.3fs
How can I cut and paste in a terminal?
Puppy bootup messages - ascii image
How to blacklist orinoco_cs wireless module in 2.17?
How to Bluetooth file transfer between 2 PCs?
How to listen to Voice of Russia online with Tmxxine?
Puppy runs on zonbu hardware but no audio and poor video
how install puppy frugal with grub...?
Webcam with Pidgin
Dotpups display bone of dead animal
How to make a script run at a certain time?
How to install Turboprint? (Solved)
aMSN tray icon is invisible in JWM, works ok in XFCE
Cross Platform Benchmark
Has anyone ported Puppy to a Nokia 770?
All my settings got included in my remastered CD
problems with installation KDE 3.5.5 Mini
VLC-dotpup audio encoder with x264-encoder and v4l
I'm writing a new xorgwizard
netkit telnetd compiling error with devx_217.sfs ?
Video Surveillance Software for Puppy
Where does Puppy install GRUB?
Wifi and DHCP
USB direct link cable - do we need linux drivers?
2.17 Can't install printer
how to install telnetd in puppy linux ?
Can Windows 98, Puppy and Ubuntu coexist?
Puppy Full Hard Drive Install
How to get Puppy to recognize parallel port zip drive?
WPS Plugin for AbiWord for Puppy?
Flash 9 Incompatible With Yahoo Mail?
ALSA must be re-configured in 2.17 each time it is rebooted
Could there be a corrupt 3c509 NIC driver in the pack?
where to get more wrappers for Xarchive?
I have boot puppy from cd...my damn small linux is destroyed
Starting Puppy/X with no monitor and VNC
vlc - video lan player
How to auto login with user account, not root?
mplayer plays avi, mpg files, but won't play a DVD
Where to put .sfs files?
USB Puppy Stick doesn't read pup_save files on boot. Why?
Does puppy on a USB constantly write to itself?
TightVNC not loading PuppyPin with 2.17.1?
2.17 won't boot from USB flash drive
How to modify the file /etc/inittab to disable autologin?
2.17: embedded video won't play in SeaMonkey (Solved)
Puppy plugin for UBCD4win
[Solved] VLC setup for .FLV playback
Guess I have to say good bye.
SeaMonkey 1.14 install has trashed system
server,and active x controlls
2.16: Eclipse crashes when help accessed.
Nero for Puppy (install and testing)
A suggestion regarding lspci
puppy in the bigpond file library
Problems with the var directory when compiling, remastering
puppy froze and now it's almost dead.
woof woooooooooo ffffff
Booting 2.17 w/ezpup2, only xvesa works
Can Flashpuppy run on a low-ram PC?
2.16.1: volume control can't find /dev/mixer. What to do?
How to change the shell prompt to indicate pwd?
How to make xfe the default file manager?
How can I enable DMA in 2.15CE?
Preparing a HD for a frugal install
PCMCIA problem -- help would be very much appreciated
How to enable DMA, add kernel module, change to xfe, etc...?
Here's a worthwhile hack of Partview
Grub on sata, Xp wont boot
Definitely convinced
Can I make Puppy's GUI look like SuSe 10.1?
Which k3b dotpup is for Puppy 2.02?
wink 2 close in iceWm
Error at boot when SDCard plugged
How to listen again the "woof woof" of puppy?
Lost Grub & everything in Puppy partition
Puppy 2.16 desktop icons
Puppy 2.17.1 Setup problem
.fonts, .thumbnails, and moving Firefox cache
Unable to connect via RDP in puppy 2.17
Grub is messed up, but can't boot from USB. How to fix it?
Formatting hard drive with killdisk before installing puppy
HPLIP pet: How to upload ? (SOLVED)
Printer Wizard broken on 216?
Can't mount USB flashdisk on Puppy 1.09CE
How to create folders within other folders? - SOLVED
Browser options
How do I make changes in sound / audio settings persistent?
configure failure using devx_217.sfs
Puppy desktop not centered in monitor screen
Karel the Robot under Puppy?
What's Puppy's best CD burning program?
Does anyone use bibliography software in Puppy?
problems with make remasterCD from hdd install
Network config not retained
Connecting a thermal printer
Trouble compiling tkrat in 2.17
Problem Editing Menus...
Ut Oh,, no internet ability in puppy
No boot from CD = no problem!
Problems with started seamonkey and firefox.
Configuring SLiM
CUPS can't print a PDF document in 2.17
OpenOffice 1.1.4
Puppy 2.17 Broken Frugal Install
Puppy, Audacity & Griffin iMic2 -- do they play nicely?
Optional Dillo Big Mistake?
mocp problem
Another problem with bootmanager
Has anyone actually used KMymoney2 in puppy?
strange problem with Opera web browser and java JRE
Are there any flash/gxine plugins for Opera?
Printing in puppy-2.17
puppy needs SWAP...?
A newbie's initial observations on kernel compiling
Gcombust/TkDVD doesn't do multisession. I need multisession
Unable to connect with D-Link DWL-G122 wireless USB Dongle
JWM key bindings strangely affected by Numlock
How to install Java plugins in SeaMonkey?
How to switch window managers on the fly?
How to make sfs file of AdobeReader7.0
How to create an icon on the desktop for a dot-pup?
Installed Firefox in 2.16, now both browsers crash
How to play midi files?
Remaster Question
adding icon to desktop
SeaMonkey can not display Thai characters?
Issues getting GTKPOD to work
2.17 USB flash install: says no such file as wh.plink/*
Compiling in Puppy 2 and greater, hard drive install
Deleting partition with Puppy leads to L99 99 99....
problem with regional fonts in xterm/aterm
2.17 boot problem on eBox-2300 (solved)
Questions about NOP...
Flash 9 in Firefox installation problems
How to create boot floppy diskette from bootfloppy.img
Puppy and the Asus EEE Pc?
bigpond wireless modem
what files are needed to run puppy 2.17
Problems with ./configure
WM that allows different pinboards for each desktop?
Installing Firefox in Puppy 2.0
How to boot from USB drive without bios support?
2.17 Broke my PCI Support [Being Solved in Beginner Help]
Users: Info Needed: nVidia cards, TV-out, Two-monitor setups
Rutilt is working less and less
Making a .pet touchscreen driver
2.17 - lost modem and mouse
Gnumeric crash on save
[Solved] shutdown issue - Puppy 2.17
Does Puppy display local time or UTC? [Solved: local]
.FLV playback is buggy
Copying from hard drive to cd, dvd, pen drive
boot parameters for 1.0.9 CE
puppy on 40MB RAM 800MB HD`
How to remove empty lines from a Bash textfile? [Solved]
Gparted problem
Puppy doesn't run in RAM
my hard disk results (smartmontools from guesttoo dotpups)
Mouse pointer AWOL
Does type 2 install load all modules onto HD?
How to skip Xorg wizard & go directly to Xorg?
How to get sound to work on Thinkpad T40?
Changed desktop wallpaper, now have a problem
printer setup - which distro is closest to Puppy?
Trying to use gtkmoz
How to reinstall puppy 2.16.1 and retain installed apps?
How Do I Give My Computer a Name?
seamonkey message store location?
2.16: problem with nvidia card showing two displays
How do I upgrade Shockwave Flash in Opera?
Wine dotpup
Blinky (modem lights) not in tray..?
CVS howto
Custom Shell Prompt
Dual Boot Setup
2.16: can't run Xorg or Xvesa - endless loop
Command works in terminal, but not in BashScript
How to install smartmontools in puppy?
Problems with Logitech LX710 keyboard and mouse
What ever happened to the Puppy 1.x series?
more verbose save daemon
Problem with Xfce4
Transfering pictures from SD card to system - SOLVED
How to get Java working in Opera?
CUPS Wizard does _NOT_ open default browser (Opera)
Convert lzma puppy to gzip
How to get Acer 6698-AVA scanner working?
Puppy 2.17 universal installer has no partitions for install
How to stop X from a shell (Solved)
How to switch 2.13 from Xorg to Xvesa?
Is someone going to correct the testimonial links?
Configuring CUPS NOT to share printers on a network
Puppy 2.17 feedback
USB and wakepup problem
Puppy 2.18 Review: am I missing something? (Mystery solved)
Can't quite find Open Office here...
RTAI on puppy and boot from compact flash
Hard Drive install with FSCK of root
Editing the Seamonkey Location Bar
Need Linux driver for touchscreens
Individual settings - disability access - SOLVED
PXE boot syntax
Where to get GL/glu.h ?
How to install Videolan in 2.17?
2.16 on HP 4150 omnibook: sound acting strangely
What is the Linux equivalent to Irfanview - RESOLVED
How to connect to HP iPAQ PDA running Windows Mobile?
How to set Puppy's timezone to agree with server?
OpenOffice, devx, -any sfs files not being merged or loaded
Can I keep the same save file if I upgrade from Alpha?
Is there anything available to run iTunes
Placing sfs files in a frugal install - SOLVED
WakePup2 for Puppy 2.x and greater (NOW WITH more SUPPORT)
Bash question
remastering with bootmanager set to SFS
SSH -X very slow with xorg, fine with xvesa, why?
Can Motorola e815 cellphone work as modem in Puppy?
Remoting Puppy Linux with Xming and puTTY
SOLVED: A question regarding "kill" in IceWM
Menu/status bar - icons at right side missing - IceWM..?
A challenge: make Lexmark Z605 printer work with Puppy
Reloading gxine with frugal install
Why can't I access https pages?
new folder on desktop
Can't browse some Web-Sites from Hawaii with Puppy 2.16-1
Bitpim works in Puppy
Xorg Settings are getting lost...
Can I Reinstall Geany? SOLVED
changing colour of icon texts
Working AGP ati All in Wonder radeon 7200 TV tuner but no so
How to change US keymap to Latam keymap?
geany missing the java compile script
Skype 1.4 static requires libstdc++
looking for QTdbus module
How to mount the thumbdrive I'm booting from in qemu?
Network - security tuning
"Not enough space" to install on USB, solved by more RAM?
Puppy as Flash-based Data Acquisition System
ADSL modem advice
More problems merging sfs files.
How to install flash 7 in firefox?
Grub not booting a frugal install - SOLVED
2.16.1 Puppy volume mixer controls are dorky
How to create an xspf (xml) playlist?
mysql gui
How to make my webcam work?
Another useless file: /var/log/wtmp?
"NTFS volume info unclean" after partitioning HD -- RESOLVED
Space problem with puppy 2.15
UnionFS & puppy .sfs files how loaded?
My RAM keeps decreasing, and I can't get it back!
Some dotpups don't work?
Best way forward from total HD crash - SOLVED IN PART
Where is the folder for temporary files?
gxine a/v contols not all working
Compiling a module problem
Gmail won't open
21.6: what happened to gaim icon? (used to be in taskbar)
How to put volume control icon in taskbar of IceWM?
2.15 boot hangs trying to get ip address from dhcp server *
x wont load any other window manager other than jwm
firelog stuff..
Undeletable files....
How to start Puppy with browser already running?
I can't access lampp if ooo.._sfs loaded
Weird error: libxcb-xlib.so.0: cannot open shared object
Associating Apps With Tasks
Google calendar reminder in murgaLua
Icewm address bar history
Can I load pictures into Gimp from camera using gtkam?
Gimp, very slow on my puppy... :(
Gxine --poor video quality with DVD playback (mostly solved)
How to change mounted system partition settings?
Screensize problem in Remote Desktop RDP Client
How about an alt.os.linux.puppy newsgroup?
Might PDQ use more diskspace than CUPS?
Problem running Azureus with TightVNC
2.15CE: trouble with cvs
SOLVED How to install new apps without changing menu?
Swap partition & GK Dial gyrations.
Busted my pup_save (fixed)
Unbug :-) Showdesktop works with 2.16
gxine and seamonkey seem to clash
Gxine works from the command line only
Gxine won't play rm, ram files correctly
2.16 Xorg has a problem with nvidia card
Streamed avi player out of computer with 166 MHz cpu?
How to find all files that have exec permission?
puppy and frozencdlist
can't save to usb opton not availabe
Can't create symbolic or hardlink on flash drive?
Commented lines still run after remastering (SOLVED)
Can whiteout files be deleted from initrd/pup_rw?
Grey box in task bar, crashes X server
Puppy svideo output on nVidia 4000 & 5200 bds.?
Which packages necessary for minimal customized puppy?
Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0". had enough!
Open Office .sfs not merging - SOLVED
GRUB can't use Frame Buffer?
REMASTER - How much ram is needed?
How to change font size in ROX filer? (Solved)
How to uninstall packages from the command line?
How to make OpenOffice 2.2 use the 2,04 help pup?
How to set input language, font sizes?
Failure to register double clicks
My computer is running at double time!
Mplayer crashes seamonkey
Cool'n'quiet is not working
playing wmv streams without downloading first ?
How to replace Sony Vaio PCG-C1XN hdd with CF card?
Problem compiling stdio.h missing
How to Remote Desktop from Windows into Puppy?
Seamonkey @ Youtube cant switch to fullscreen Video ?
Mixed menu languages after installing transparent rxvt
Puppy 2.16 on SD card, How to put save file on hd?
Script to automatically connect to eth0 by dhcp
Grub commited Suicide, Linux partitions are hidden
How to add programs to the menu?
Nvidia - glxinfo 'command not found'
EZ pup icons look like cogwheels-SOLVED (the MS way?)
How do i get a CD to "Autoplay" ..?
Unable to install puppy linux ontoa USB compact flash reader
Make command missing 2.16.1 Live-CD devx_216.sfs installed
How do i install puppy linux onto my USB pendrive of 1 GB ?
How to load gtksee in automatic photo presentation?
XP not booting. What to do? - RESOLVED
How can I determine the screen resolution?
Wink not functional with newer Puppies
Any easy usenet / newsgroups reader for Puppy?
I need spell checkers for Abiword and OpenOffice
PDF created with scribus uploaded to website incorrectly
X doesn't staart after upgrade to 2.16.0 (from 212)
How can I reduce Puppy's booting time?
Disable copying of pup_216.sfs to tmpfs?
Data recovery on Bad drive
How do i change font colour in MUT ? (Solved)
Windoze trashed my files.
Trying to ween Off Windoz XP completely-a little help needed
Seamonkey - some useful extensions
Where I can get the official Windows XP icon set?
Printing Web Pages with Opera (SOLVED)
midnight commander internal editor
External USB DVD-Writer
Any way to prevent printing pdf files?
How to view movies in rm / ram format in Gxine?
JWM configurator error when theme changed
DBus messaging bus system
ATI graphics cards
My Puppy experience & rxvt strange behavior
PureFTP & Symlinks
How to find programs version installed on puppy? (resolved)
Using a script for Xterm?
How to automatically run /etc/etho0mode every hour?
Rant: Why do people use subroutines in scripts?
How to change the time format showed in task bar?
Pidgin (follower of GAIM) don't execute
setting permissions for folders and file in the whole tree
Which is most stable Puppy version of last month
Netterm run with wine but hang when do connection
Fluxbox covers up my ROX pinboard
SeaMonkey"s download manager says finished when not
Make Multiboot CD - Howto?
SMBMount syntax error
Live CD offers choice of booting to XP on the HD (solved)
Java sdk: which files to link to SeaMonkey's plugin folder?
New IDE Controller card stops boot....
Is there a shortcut to a clean desktop?
X doesn't start after I yanked out the power cord
How do I make the desktop a double-clicker? [solved]
how do I install a .pet with a shell commandi? {solved]
English - Hebrew editing in Puppy 216 (solved)
Problem sharing 'Puppy Mirror' with Samba client
Vdisktool testers please
2.16: MIME files don't work, ROX click does nothing.
Problem using Opera with adblocking hosts file [SOLVED]
XAMPP permissions
what is libglut and where can I get it?
Upgraded from 2.12 to 2.16, now Gxine won't play .rm files
Puppy support for LVM
Program window flashes and disappears (solved)
Is there a Puppy version of Windows' Robocopy
Seamonkey email client seems to have killed the whole suite
Howto create a desktop-shortcut to shutdown Puppy?
Please tell me everything i need to get my scanner working..
How to dual boot Puppy & XP from USB external HDD?
Can Puppy run Del.icio.us on Mozilla Deer Park
Re-build initrd.gz with new puppy version number
HP Deskjet D1360 install in Linux Puppy
Need the plain perl interpreter without any extensions
Is any DVB-T receiver (external USB) allready supported?
Using a Bt878 Tuner card on Puppy AND using a USB Gamepad
How to save downloaded packages? (Solved)
Gizmoproject on Puppy 2.16
Firewire Support
How to change colors of rxvt background, text? (Solved)
How to use German keymap?
Asus M2NPV-VM onboard sound doesn't work in 2.16 & 2.17 too
How to create an empty ext2 .sfs file?
Pure FTPd is rejecting connections
A great script I found for icewm config and a request
How to give a process more (or less) priority? (Solved)
Trying to get devx2hd.sh.gz script to work
Need mustek_pp.conf configuration file for Xsane 0.991
How to copy program icons from menu to desktop? (Solved)
How to upgrade ndiswrapper ?
How to rescue data from ramdisk when Puppy is frozen?
How to get PrBoom 2.16 working
Audio CD's burnt by Puppy are poor quality or won't play
Anyone know the Pawcast URL
xine flickers when playing video
Hard disk Installation-Saving the session without shutdown?
Free memory keeps shrinking (contents of pup_save grows)
I need chinese input and fonts
De-Iconify Rox question 2.14
SOLVED - bug: poweroff on microclient/ebox just halts
How to refresh TCP connection from console?
Acer Travelmate 230 Laptop only works with Xvesa
Pizza Puppy 301 and save file
Bash head command looses blank lines at end.
Problem linking to Opera
How to get 3com wireless card 3crwe62092b working in 2.16?
Recycling with Puppy
Error when using RutilT; invalid character
Xfce on Puppy
Wine worked the first time, but second gave error msg
Anyone has compiled a kernel for puppy?
Notes on eBox-2300 with Puppy 2.16 setup
How can I play .mid files?
IRQ11 disabled warning caused by suspend?
What do i do if i accidently deleted the pup save file..?
Realplayer & gxine gamma wrong if XV enabled (nvidia)
BBC News Video player - Reaplayer (embedded) - blank screen
How to Make the mouse pointer bigger ?
How to install a dotpup package using command line pfix=nox?
Puppy cant see USB memory stick - (SOLVED) User error !
Starting VNC SERVER automatically at boot
Wine tools will not run as root -- or as spot either
boot parameter for single user (root) textmode login?
printing plain postscript to windows print share WORKING
How to install 2.16 on 325 MB HDD? (Solved)
gxine 0.5.9 playback problems.
Puppy won't recognize atheros PCI wlan interface
what would be the easest way to set up a forum
Can Grub on HD boot puppy on usb stick?
Burning subtitles on a video
openvpn 2.1 rpm
Variable Bash
deleting files from puppy
mp3 tag editor?
2.16 Broke Seamonkey!
How to save before end of session?
Sound distorted (Solved: mixer volume set too high)
Where can I get Scribus help?
Puppy allows only single instance of Seamonkey
Sound ok from live CD but no sound after HD install
How do I configure Realplayer to play from Seamonkey?
2.16.1 Lock icon stops internet
Puppy doesn't remember I have a USB mouse
2.16 won't work in my multiboot live CD
2.15CE blank screen on shutdown?
Can OpenOffice be integrated with 2.15CE LiveCD?
Compiling a Kernel
Xvidtune problem...
How to use Puppy as (thin) client of FreeNX server?
2.16 CD won't boot (Solved by reseating RAM?)
2.16: how to delete pup_save file from thumb drive?
SOLVED 1.07 frugal install kernel panic
2.15CE: how to remove the quick launch menu?
How about a NES Emulator for Puppy Linux?
How can I add wireless tools (e.g. iwconfig) to BarelyPup?
216 Does light encryption work for anyone?
Can't find puppy-unleashed-core-2.11.tar.gz
Everything doesn't fit when I print my pdf page with CUPS
problem mounting dvd made using vista in puppy
Can't get Micropuppy 002 to pxe boot
how do you strip out the quick launch menu in 2.15 CE?
How to make TVtime always on top of desktop?
Desktop-embedded terminal in JWM - is it possible? (SOLVED)
2.16: Pet-Be-Gone, Petget say only "Usage for Xdialog"
Gxine and Sweep play sound in short bursts; madplay ok
Why does Firefox crash on me every two minutes?
Do I need to compile Madwifi for Netgear WG511 Cardbus?
Is 2.4.29 kernel available anywhere?
Touchscreen on Fujitsu Simens p1120 won't work (solved)
How to delete a print job in CUPS?
Can't connect to WPA wireless using Connection Wizard
2.16: Freemem display only big enough to show one digit
Custom dual-screen Xorg.conf being replaced
Web page gets displaced ..how to fix? (SOLVED)
modversions.h missing ??
Unable to su spot ***SOLVED***
cd burning GUI application
RAID modules
How do I run from RAM when booted from IDE attached CF
How do you upgrade SeaMonkey?
WVDial doesn't connect
I compiled GDM 2.18.1 but it doesn't work...
Need help from users with ipw2200 wireless network cards
Can GParted delete a locked NTFS partition?
muppywebcam puppy linux 2.15CE
Remote computing application
Sound Recording
2.16.1 desktop icon placement is lost on reboot
digital camera and puppylinux
script to manage saving files when running from USB
2.16.1: how to replace RutilT with newer version dotpet?
2.16.1 Network Wizard still won't autoload RT73 driver
Anyone tried Jokosher 0.9 on Puppy?
PHP and SQL server recommendations?
Wireless will detect wifi, but still cannot get IP address
Pidgin, replacement of GAIM
Problem Upgrading Full HD 2.14 Install --> 2.16
2.16.1: Agere Winmodem quit working
2.16.1: PDEV1 boot code no longer works?
That amber background color to script dialogs etc
Mouse problems
X-JWM wierdness
..don't use AbiWord to write your thesis
Open Office for 2.16 live cd & petget choices & or OO squ?
gpsd, DBus issues in 2.14
firewall on or off..how to check?
How to transfer pictures from Minolta Z1 USB-digicam?
Gcombust won't accept filenames with spaces?
2.16.1 Puppy's GAIM in need of update?
2.14: USB boot hangs at "Kernel panic..."
Can fan trip points be changed in Puppy?
Can't get transparency to Work
best setup for 8 yr old
Puppy Stops After Swapoff
Winmodem support in 2.17
Would someone compile the ShanTou ST268 USB LAN driver?
Puppy Wallpapers and Icons
p2.16: opera dies and can't be restarted (segmentation fault
where is pdfprinter_pdq on 2.16?
How the sfs do you create sfs? (SOLVED - possibly)
Compiling GNOME Desktop (need help)
tray applet problem with fluxbox
Booting from USB, sometimes I have to type 'xwin'
How to change SeaMonkey's 'internal' font sizes? (Solved)
Skype 1.4 alpha not working in 2.16.1. [Solved]
Package Manager Installable packages list empty.
looking for xfe info (eg. installation)
Need to install Wine 0.9.8 .pup
How do I manually configure network settings in puppy
how can add a group and user?
Where can I find Gtklist04MU ?
Wine gets stuck during compilation!
Why after partition the hard drive, some memory has been use
IceWM menu has gone crazy..! i don't think it's using XDG...
how to add more program into livecd?
Need assistance with DRI and Via CN700 on HP Thin Client
Computer problems or?
Any plans for a 2.16 bugfix?
Scripting question (testing file extension)
antivirus, antispyware programs for Puppy
What to do when Puppy locks up?
2.16: nVidia display resolution, wifi problems
can't find directory to extract hash files to
Glipper don't have icon at startup
Can't boot USB flash with wakepup if USB cdrom attached
2.16 on IBM THINKPAD 600x: wireless, sound don't work
Red Hat releases Windows replacement fonts for Linux
216: Flash9 Disney site doesn't work
Do USB CD burners work in Puppy?
how to use remote desktop?
Do any 2.16 scripts use the losetup -f option?
How to mount a Windows shared folder?
Pizzapup 3.0.1: how to make 'alias' command permanent?
Can't boot 2.16 from hard drive
How to auto load firmware when USB printer is turned on?
Olds materials : laptops, PC, ISAcards, ...
How to FTP to my Mac OS X machine?
Setting up virtual terminals in initrd? (never mind)
How to get Starcraft to work in Wine?
How to autorestore wireless connection after sleep?
How to use OpenOffice.sfs in 2.16?
X-Windows sometimes doesn't shut down / start up properly
webmini_215.sfs doesn't load
How to find out the things inside your PC without opening it
SeaMonkey Timeout error
Compaq junk?
How long does yours take to boot???
How to make start up Application In Puppy
Gxine and CD drive spin up
How to enable my laptop fan?
How do you setup MODPROBE BINDING?
How to use the encryption in 2.16??
2.16: SeaMonkey still won't start
Grafpup issue with Jack audio connection kit
IceWM installed, where's the quick launch button?
C compiler error in Grafpup 2.0
Must reload NIC driver, reconfig after rebooting
EPC port on Toshiba satellite 1401-410
Corrupted 2.16 ISO on nluug!!
Multisession CD - how to execute a command after booting?
How do I use web_215.sfs?
Problem with TrueCrypt: GLIBC_2.4 not found
Firefox users -how do you change mail program default
What are the packages installed in Puppy 2.14 normal?
Mapping applications via Required Toolkits (GTK, QT)
Problems detecting PCI card following kernel compile
Minimum number of processes
Classic FM (UK) radio
Trying to run Xfce on Xvesa w/ laptop, getting 320x200 res
Changing Video Card in Puppy 2.0
Xwindows not running for Users
Is puppy using my video memory? (Solved)
PuppyLinux 1-inch (25mm) square case badge
Delay in startup
Where is the font folder
256MB of RAM but can't install Firefox/T'bird in 2.14
Sound not on at start using AC 97-snd-atiixp
Why Puppy doesn't use a single version of utils
Anyone done a dotpup for TSync?
How do i download the Petget list again?
DCopServer not running , Why not...?
DWL-G122 b1 usb dongle, need driver and quick walkthrough
GXINE - Fatal Error - Segmentation fault
Putting Puppy on a diet
Abiword 2.4.5 Spelling Checker
How to set up Dual Monitors?
PetGet package manager is now empty...(Solved, sorta?)
How do I configure "key open" from connection wizard?
2.15CE: ROX-filer hangs loading proc file
Can't find system.map
2.15CE hd install: icons disappeared from system tray
Saturation problem with default sound level
smbmount and cyrillic filenames
change system language, change icons on desktop
Not sure I completely understand partitions
Minimilistic Puppy Webserver. What's best route.
Can desktop icons be changed based on an event?
Too-fast keyboard repeat is seriously ticking me off....!
How to fix resolution in php?
Puppy sees my serial mouse as PS/2 mouse
Manually installing Firefox 1.5.11 and T-Bird almost done...
Remote connection to a puppy system
USB drives that become read only
Gaim crashes
How to tell which libc version a distro is compiled on?
Petget crashes (Solved, I think)
*really* saving my wireless config
Windows NT password editor !!!
How to clone my Puppy CF card install?
My microphone has stopped working when using VOIP.
USB hard disk - is it safe to simply plug ang unplug it?
How to install the davfs file system in 2.15CE?
Seamonkey 'doubled', Flashblock won't work anymore
Kernel panic after several remasters
Systemtic crash with Mozilla
How can I delete Scribus and Blender programs?
Using TDK CD-RW drive with Firewire - is it possible?
2.14 frugal install, with devx_214.sfs, won't boot
Mouse sometimes goes crazy in Teenpup 2.10
extracting rar archive on puppy
Has anyone made a network fileserver, with any Puppy?
Mupen64 (Nintendo 64 emulator) in Puppy
Remastering CD & Seamonkey [solved]
Can I use Grafpup to format a HDD from a Mac
Beryl error
Transfer of code from forum to rxvt - SOLVED
Finding Solutions (to bugs that may byte)
Trick to making Xdialog & GTKdialog work on Slim distro.?
ROX pinboard
Is there a way to sychronize the time with a server?
How to set up proxy connection in Puppy?
Unable to connect to internet
Make a bootable back up on CD-R of my frugal install
How to install Evolution?
Moving away from EXCHANGE
remastering & .sfs files
How to install CISCO VPN Client on PUPPY
PHP Error?
How do I steup Gaim Instant messenger?
how can I back up 6Gb hd with 1Gb flash drive?
How to make Puppy sleep?
Firefox "Preferences" problem...can't click on "Content"
Boot delay
How to capture screen shot of just the active window?
Does Puppy 2.15CE support nfs?
How to change rxvt (console) background color, font?
Tiny Linux for HD setup on floppy disk or USB?
Supercookies: Storage DOM objects - shared Flash objects
New icon sets for 2.15?
Mozilla will (make me suffer and) crash during long Sessions
pure-ftpd passwords messed up. How to recover?
Bash: [solved]
Firefox plugins for .DCR files
Restart X with not default xorg.conf
Error running Gparted in Puppy-1.
Missing libs after installing PSI; where to get them?
Puppy 2.15CE FINAL and .sfs files - SOLVED
Puppy adventures in NTFS land - part two
How to encode to Xvid in 2.14?
would you buy a 1.8 ghz system
Does Puppy have a "startup folder"?
Some Questions
2.14 slower than XP on my 266MHz/128MB laptop
How to rescale an SDL Screen?
Puppy still won't boot from a P965/jMicron mobo
Unix script and split commands for puppy?
Does anybody have all-modules-k2.6.16.7.tar.gz?
How to install Pizzapup 301 to HD, then clone to CD?
Wifi: open Encryption works , WEP doesn't
Clarification requested re multisession boot params
Usb install of remastered cd fails
xara with imagemagick - how?
Remastering and Video Configuration Settings
How to change the taskbars time display settings?
I'm looking for a one click icon based application launcher
Mac like linux
Pcman file manager
No desctop icons and background picture anymore
Can't download sfs as insufficient space on disk
make an sfs starting from an pup (or pet)
stopping CD/DVD spinning down
Gxine not working. How do I reinstall it?
How to Find Corrupted Files/ Setting a Restore point.
Problems making Swap file in NTFS partition
Gslapt not retrieving list [SOLVED]
Mouse stopped working when I installed to disk
making the fans work on a dell inspiron 8000
Ooops! I deleted NTUser.dat using Puppy 2.15
swap on usb thumb flash drive posssible
Does Puppy support LVM ?
Installing Puppy 2.14 on a Drive with Linux
Puppy won't restart after power outage
Boot from an ISO image (Geexbox) on the Hard disk
Want to boot from CF Card.
Type non english fonts in Wine?
Anybody using projectX ? (SOLVED)
2.15CE Final - Could use some help in 'flea' control[solved]
Files and file types
How do I get my HP printers to work?
Using saved file
Any one using aspell spellchecker in opera?
FINDING PUPPY Version No. and Release Details
MPlayer and gxine woes on Puppy-2.14
Weak point in Linux: fonts
How to change font size of SeaMonkey's toolbar?
2.14 My dhcp connection is intermittent
Siag Office
How do you use pfix=ram with a frugal install?
Firefox crash frequently
Dangerous bug in MadWifi
A sfs file to test
How to run virtual machine in Puppy?
Can't connect with WiFi
Where to find, how to install SeaMonkey plugins?
Dialup suddenly failed in Puppy 1.04
Creation of pup_save file in Puppy 2.15
Temporarily removing taksbar panel
Wine and Mspaint? (SOLVED)
Issue with Xorg-server version and driver compile
How to configure drives in wine?
Seamonkey won't actually wipe deleted e-mails?
Puppy 2.14 Download link!?
GTKdialog2 ListBox scrolls command lines like Xterm?
Need Bash command to list text file backwards. (Solved?)
ftp://ibiblio.ort 550 error message
upgrading & save files
Wrapping that puppy up for USB-setup
Is it possible to have many frugal installs in one partition
Translating Firefox
Make a dvd read only?
Is there a utility for building with Unleashed packages?
Video problem on 2.15?
How to create a VCD from multiple mpgs, avi, etc ??
Install and run sfs files from puppy 2.15CE boot cd/dvd?
Which Puppy version marks change to new dir. layout?
Permissions problem Samba & XP resolved by full HDD Install
How to get the following multimedia running on puppy 2.14?
CUPS link on WIKI broken?
How to reduce Puppy's memory usage?
How to have swap memory on NTFS?
Firefox mailto: links won't work (solved)
How to install avidemux y kino video editors?
Does not release memory when apps close
Howto modify icons in Puppy 2.15 taskbar?
GINS and FileChooser
GRUB install problem on notebook
Bash: Remove given left part of path.
Is MUT (Puppy 2.14) blind to NTFS partitions? (solved)
How to regenerate the menu after a migration.
Need More Hamachi Help
Fully displaying web page - SOLVED
How to make XMMS autoplay when CD inserted?
Broadcom BCM43xx Wifi and 215CE
Quisp Database
Monitor screen cutoff.
puppy-215CE-Final.iso strangeness
Time clock problem
First time reboot fails on USB flash
2.15CE won't detect onboard enet ethernet chipset?
Choppy cursor on Macbook with trackpad and mouse
Need Hamachi Help
Need help with setting ftp server [Solved]
Flash doesn't work in Opera 9.2b
SeaMonkey crash (Segmentation fault) with Puppy 2.14 SOLVED
Problems with Broadcom 4400 network card
Wow! 2.15CE rocks!
RipperX- Make sure you're a member of the group "cdrom"
Running Timidity in ALSA server mode
.configure as it is on 2.14 seamonkey iso requested
AbiWord 2.4.5 Printing Problem
How to boot Puppy on P965 Mobo with IDE CD drive?
Memory usage increases sharply after remaster CD
Command(s) to list files in folders (SOLVED)
How do I work with a .tar.Bz2 file - SOLVED
Can't access http://puppyfiles.org/
Laptop temperature steadily rising with Puppy
Does VMWare Player (vmplayer) stil work in puppy? (YES)
How to delete WINFS from a harddisk?
initiating rebooting/shutdown from c++
I can't watch videos en onegoodmove.org
How do I use wget to resume interrupted downloads?
How does GTK themes work?
What linux is puppy based on?
Error: "Not enough space to unzip" dotPup?
Unzipping Pups
Problems installing Qt 4.2.3 on Puppy 2.14
Thunderbird install filled the memory; menu and taskbar gone
Can I launch programs like Nvu HTML editor from Puppy?
How to setup dictionary for Seamonkey
Seamonkey Update howto
How to disable saving changes? (Solved)
error using rsync with curlftpfs
HOW TO turn off laptop MONITOR?
xfce .... some things
How to install dvbstream?
Opera 9.10 and Realplayer 10
Matching programmes & icons - SOLVED
A couple of package managment issues or concerns
soundcard works when not using pupsave.sfs
Network installation (No CD/ROM, no USB)???
Opera Browser on 2.15 RC3 - SOLVED
2.14 Overlapping text on some websites with Seamonkey
2.14 Laptop screen problem
Has the kppp.pup ( .pet ) been repaired yet...?
How to get Gxine to start when I click an mp3?
WLAN disconnects after a while, loses LinNeighborhood share.
Accessing Blender
upgrading hd install
Non-X11 graphics using /dev/fb?
A few simple questions about Rox and JWM
Libgltt has anyone compiled it? Possible link to download
Can I switch Xorg <-> Xvesa without Puppy disk in drive?
All of a sudden no wireless!
How to show pup_save space left in xfce; rox addons?
How do I use Puppy as a DHCP server?
Installing devx_213.sfs and Puppy settings
How to make webserver with PHP work from USB flash?
USB Puppy wont boot if I have a .3fs file
Seamonkey E-mail Spellcheck Challenge
Loading puppy or memtest86 from USB Drive
Can I retrofit PETmanager to puppy 2.13? (& if so, how?)
USB scanner in 2.14 problems (SOLVED . . . sort of . . .)
Pup_save to different CD/DVD drive
How to edit the xdg menu?
Saved Session Won't Boot
Why I use Puppy Linux (please watch funny video)
How do I put folders, links to folders, on desktop?
installing puppy on ide flash drive
How do I disable the Puppy Video Wizard at startup?
Anybody compiled Xvesa with disabled ctrl+alt+Fn function?
2.14: unleashed createpuppy gives errors
Can't mount PizzaPup partition from other Linux
How to put a power-down shortcut on desktop?
Viz Final - Get Ready
Big problems with xorg while booting - stack underflow ect.
Lost Free-memory monitor
Use Puppy to defrag Win 'puters?
Is there Spell Checking in SeaMonkey MAIL?
Can I use Winamp in Puppy?
Is there an ocr dotpup for Puppy 2.12?
How to change icon sizes on desktop?
How do you get GSview and acroread to print using CUPS
xserver problems since version 2.14
NFS server & client downloads for puppy seamonkey 2.14?
What is the tiny dot under the taskbar for ?
Anyone got any SeaMonkey themes?
2.14: SeaMonkey, not ghostview, tries to open pdf
linuxtv-DVB-apps dotpet
Installing Gretl on Puppy 2.13
Does anybody have email virus-scanning in Puppy?
Booting new Puppyos version via CD updates pup_save.xfs file
Problem with fonts - enabling BCI [Solved]
Problem compiling Dev-C++
Too Many SFS
dotpup install problems in Puppy 2.14 possible bug?
Any way to boot Puppy into CLI as user, not admin?
mouse pointer disappears
Puppy adventures in NTFS land
2.15 Memory usage
MPlayer or Puppy 2.14 Memory Leak With Streaming ASF Audio?
Scribus not working here either
How to set ftp server with pure-ftpd?
How to keep installed apps and setting when upgrading
How to change keyboard layout in Wine on Puppy?
Why don't I get notifications from this Forum?
How to add the 'groupadd' command to Puppy?
how do you find out a Puppy version?
CD icon has question marks on MUT in Puppy 2.14
Can the DevX module for 2.14 be included in the Live-CD?
How do u install to USB?
identifying keyboard keys
what remastering does to your ethernet configuration
No OpenGL development headers ?
2.14: no print selection in mtPaint menu; no hardware probe
Gxine when playing a stream buffers to USB key
MAC address of USB WiFi won't stay changed
How to duplicate a CD in Puppy 2.14?
pps (Windows PowerPoint) - View This File With Which App?
How to change keyboard language on the fly?
Installed more memory doesn't seem to make a difference!
why doesn't gaim come with a #puppylinux irc account anymore
Compiling Xpdf 3.02, need Motif. Where to find it?
How to add settiings in MUT?
How to configure CUPS?
Questions about Rox 2.x (and filers in general)
2.13 USB install: Internet connection suddenly doesn't work
How to use GRUB to dual-boot Puppy 2.14 from USB?
remove USB pendrive after System boot
How secure is that Firelog Firewall?
Where to find dssi, liblo, lrdf, fftw3f modules?
How to restore deleted files?
Which audio player won't click when it changes tracks?
Seamonkey 1.1 installed, how to get rid of 1.04?
DigiPro 5.5x4" Graphics Tablet with Cordless Stylus Pen
Some question and problem with 2.15CEb1
How to have Conky show up on all workspaces?
Installing CWirc plugin
Puppy slower than Windows 2000 Pro?
Java programs start slow (Solved by upgrading to 2.14)
Pc not booting properly with puppy 2.14
Old Grub boot floppy wouldn't boot Puppy 2.14 (Solved)
Looking for a command line sound record/play tool
Which pc will run puppy faster?
How to install Amaya-8.8.51.tar.gz Pupget in Puppy 2.0?
No dhclient Command in Puppy?
Compiling in Vector Linux for Puppy, can it be done?
MP3 Players Broken?
Skype disconnects after 5 minutes max
Separating Puppy's system files from user files....
.PET packages won't install in 2.13?
Opera my default browser but what to do about Flash? FIXED
Complete multimedia pups??
Can files on a live DVD+RW be deleted
How to have a program start up only if live-cd never ran?
How do I install Sendmail on my server?
bash/ash - commands to merge two similar text files (SOLVED)
When to find temp files from streaming video?
How to configure five button mouse? (solved)
How to load Kworld ATSC-110 modules into Puppy 2.14?
Sylpheed won't connect to POP mail server
Free Memory (CRITICAL): None
Has anyone used lm-sensors for power supply fan control?
Microphone won't work for Teamspeak2 in Puppy 2.10
How to make ALIAS-command permanent?
Laptop Volume Buttons and Synaptics Scroll Area
How to make ROX open in / instead of root? Solved
Tkdvd DVD writer writes empty files
ACPI Working, Not Controling Processor Fan, Temp Is -269C ?
nvidia3d dotpup was working now gone.
Question about Busybox error
'File integrity' error when trying to unzip dotpup
Creating a Dotpup for Free Pascal Compiler and Lazarus
Seamonkey crashes when trying to watch video VS.
How to use Desktop-icontheme-chooser ?
How can I control amd cpu frequency? (solved)
setting up puppy desktop for non computer geeks
How to get transparency working in fluxbox?
Is there a ntp client available for Puppy?
kernel headers in full HD install needed (devx-file? how?)
Can't change font size in Firefox UI, Solved
Tweaking persistent connections in Opera browser
Error running batch file: bad interpreter: no such file
separate pup_xxxx files for settings and user data
Personal Settings File Missing!
My Dotpup (batmon) is missing from the Menu (Solved)
Loadmeter system monitor screen shot
IPTSTATE and Loadmeter screenshot
X will not start after adding true type fonts
Booting 2.14 frugally from an NTFS Partition
Multiple Monitor Setup - almost done
How to play .wmv files?
How to save PET packages for future installation?
Open Office won't print Times NR Bold - NOT SOLVED just GONE
Puppy 2.13 and Windows font
Remastering Puppy - unleashed CD files
Has anyone installed GnuCash on Puppy?
3Com 3c59x or 3c509B problem in Puppy "Barbie" 2.14 (solved)
How to start a prorgam on all desktops at once? [SOLVED]
How do I prevent a wifi driver loading at boot?
Gtkdialog3 --geometry - Have you made it?
Which directories are saved when remastering?
How to overwrite pup_214.sfs files with xxx.sfs files?
How to restart JWM from script?
how do I install GDM???
Need AUFS put into kernel for testing...
cups & thunderbird - overlapping fonts issue
How to get xdm and where is the "make" command?
No BCMxxx wireless joy since upgrading to 2.14
How to leave file extension out of "sed" results? [SOLVED]
abiword not working after upgrade from 2.11 to 2.14
open office 2.04 install [solved]
How to echo text to the screen (desktop)? (Solved)
Request for help setting up a home network file server.
Has a fix been found for UnionFS in Puppy-2 ?
How to prevent removing desktop items?
My PETget's gone strange
DNS for puppy?
I have 1187 .wh files. Why?
Thinking out loud about Network Printing
Anyone tried Patriot USB-Extreme Performance Flash devices?
What puppy best platform installing wine, tor ...
Different version Puppy when I boot from CD
Skype sound goes bad after a few minutes (Solved)
How to use HomePNA in Puppy?
Seamonkey prob. on 2.14 HD install w/icewm
Which Rudy rescue program is best for Windows blue screen?
Having problem with WMPOWER in puppy 2.14 (Solved)
How does the "Lock" icon on Puppy's desktop work?
CUPS killed my Puppy !!
How to save to pup_save.2fs without shutting down?
How to set the refresh rate for 1360 x 768 LCD at boot?
How do I recover from failed update to 2.14?
HowTo: Get file piped to Gunzip to make file, not echo it.
Help Files missing
Mozilla -Firefox security holes
Upgrade from 2.13 to 2.14 using USB flash questions
How to remove applications?
Streamcenter.com: finally, WABC 77 radio streaming
Unrpm won't extract Pascal rpm package in 2.14
109CE with KDE: how to download dotpups from new location?
Where can I find the bzflag.pup?
214 Italics gets you bold italics in Seamonkey
How to show what Puppy version I am running?
zdrv_214.sfs problem
how to boot puppy usb drive in Mac(intel) laptop
ERROR - Cannot find Puppy a idehd boot media
MENU Icon Unresponsive in Puppy 2.14
Hi from greece and problem accessing external HD
Linux self-extracting file? (Solved) TEST-App. DnLd.
Blinky in icewm tray?
Grub - Cleaning up a Frugal boot
Where has grafpup.com gone?
Changing Full HDD to a Frugal Install
Rox will not run Tcl/Tk apps in 2.14
Linksys WPC11 V4 on 2.14 (solved)
Network performance Improvements - tested
Which does M$ Messenger chat: Attm, BitWise, xChat or Yahoo?
How to automount a Windows share in Puppy 2.13? (Solved)
Can't run Puppy CD. An 'idecd' error.
Does Your “PCI” WinModem Work with Puppy? Yes/No
Is there an alternative to BusyBox syslogd?
Power Management
Can't install OpenOffice in 2.14
Microsoft, Mozilla look into browser flaws
tmpfs gets critically low - what can be done about this?
Tweaking the kernel for security
Anyone have a USB Bluetooth adapter working?
http://dotpups.de/dotpups inaccessible - "domain is parked"
Autostart won't run start-up applications
Problem configuring SeaMonkey fonts in 2.14
Softarc Firstclass Client Problem on 2.13
Installing and using Wireshark?
Preferences lost when HD install upgraded from 2.13 to 2.14
Rdesktop for remote access to workpc
Puppy cannot boot when running from batteries on IBM T60
Looking for desktop background/wallpaper
Is "Puppy 2.14 final" final ?
Re: Making image file, strange error... (Solved)
Suspend to disk ("hibernate") and Puppy
Mouse is Haywire
Crashing Computer - Frustration = Arghhhhh!
How to set keyboard, mouse etc settings with script?
What's /usr/local/bin/fmradioshell for?
Thunderbird's Address Book Won't Got to Internet
Bash code to get icon locations in ROX's PuppyPin.
(begin rant)==> I just wish i could get online....
Playing flv Files In Puppy 2.13
Replace desktop icons with URL
How to change resolution in 2.13 Xorg? (1440x900 Solved)
Puppy foils Hacker??
Metacafe.com crashes Puppy 2.13
Real Media in Pizza Pup???
Messed up my petget manager..few times now..
Starting WM from console not same as booting? (Solved)
Is there any cutdown versions of OpenOffice 2?
VNC Server port issue
Puppy 2.13 fails to detect ethernet card Puppy 2.11 does !
Puppy as RDP-thinclient
Is there a 'system process' tracker prog in Puppy? (SOLVED)
Xfce WM won't restart with: restartwm (Solved)
Bzflag not working
Can't minimise Skype in IceWM
Using Puppy 2.02 to repair Windows system folders (NTFS)?
upgrading hard drive installation of puppy
installing modules from zdrv on puppy flash installation
how to instal PET package from terminal?
How to merge mp3 files into a single file?
Bluefish Crashing on file lookup?
How do I change global font color in 213?
No menu in IceWM_Ultra
Upgraded 2.12 to 2.13, problem with petget
HOWTO: Remove/Insert files on a CDRW using gcombust
Portability of Puppy Linux with the Netgear WG311V3
Xfce panel file: contents.xml? (Solved)
Why does torsmo blink?
Changing Mouse Size and/or Color?
Some compliments and some complaints
How to copy a folder so its files load in correct order?
Where can I find devx_214.sfs?
Regarding the GCC compiler
cd burning software for audio-cds
MythTV: How hard would it be..?
AMD Powernow support
214B unionfs oddity
How to change Puppy fonts?
How to update libstdc++ SOLVED
How-to auto-mount volume when clicking on it ?
Could you help my friend put puppy on a USB pen drive..???
dialer problems with -- dial up software
How to get basic needs to work with Puppy?
Games dotpups don't work in PizzaPup 3 beta 3
Firewall logs of hack
xinitrc code starts WM before Login shows??? (Solved)
Bouncing application startup notification? (like KDE uses)
Dotpups linked from wiki give "file integrity error"
How to change documents types icons?
USB Sound/Headphone Test
VirtualBox install on 2.13 won't run
How to apply patch to kernel ?
Puppy, HSF Winmodem, Swap file & Other distro (Mepis)(SOLVED
Icons gone missing from 2.13 IceWM Start menu
How to get puppy to see more .sfs files at boot?
Is there a DVD Authoring program for Puppy?
Installing Firefox messes up fonts in Puppy [SOLVED]
Fall of free space from freememapplet
How to add files to /root when remastering Puppy?
How to increase swap file size?
Easy multi-user logins with Puppy?
Recompiling Kernel questions
How to compile drivers?
How to mount CIFS in Puppy?
SCSI emulation for ATAPI CD drive?
How to get MAC address from client PC's boot request?
Graveman problem
Forcing Puppy to save data to pup_save
Kernel Panic (*fixed*)
Opera 9.10 Widgets
i810 chipset acceleration
How to get Xinetd up and running?
Finally got it all working - WOOF!
HowTo easily get size from "ls" command? (Solved)
USB card install problems PCMMIA ?
Can i use DotPup and PupGet whith Rudy?
Remaster crashed
The new Xine is out!
Command line ftp client?
Puppy Love Month
How to connect to a WPA encrypted wireless network?
How to install K3b to Puppy 2.02?
Libexif.so.9 files needed for gtkam, where to download?
Can I use my USB TV tuner in puppy?
pup_save filesystem health
CD Remaster/Univeral install to USB Flash device problems.
java symlink
Autoscroll in Seamonkey?
How to upgrade puppy "in place"?
Running Linux in Windows Tutorial
DVD archiving (xdvdtool)?
What's taking up space in my pupsave file
Has anyone got Citrix working with Puppy 2.13?
Rox 2.5 - Opens wrong folder [Solved]
Keith Olbermann's video crashes SeaMonkey in 2.13
Booting into 2.13 straight in frugal install
I now have suspend 2 disk working in 2.13
Puppy comic (graphic) chat application?
No 64 bit encryped wireless access; Pet-get problems
Code makes bad ext2 image file. ( Solved )
Weird: edit .jwmrc-tray and vncserver starts working
Opera in kiosk mode (Live CD 2.13)
Need help restore desktop icon Muppy
SeaMonkey gone after install of Mozilla-1.8b1.5
How can I install XFCE icons pack
Error: umount /root - Loop device busy. (Solved... kinda)
Seamonkey crashes (live cd 2.13)
GTKdialog: howto save content of <edit>?
disable right click on desktop
Can Audacious play mp3 and midi files?
W98Pup install: Can pup001 be moved to D: ? (more space)
Flash 9 for Opera
compile issues for kde and missin xorg files...
how to add kernel commands or better patch the kernel?
Firefox can't find dialup connec. (works on dsl tho)
Network attached printer and CUPS
GTK Dialog scripting
Skype: microphone works in 2.02, but not in 2.13
Can you help me dual boot with freespire..?
"devx module" where do I put it in Puppy after download?
How to install ibm-acpi and GKIBM-ACPI for gkrellm
Writing, compiling and executing Java code
Creating, compiling and executing C++ code
p1k (usb phone)
dot pup unzip
How to boot puppy on touchscreen terminal?
permissions user spot
wine 0.9.17 question
Weard GTK behavior, Login shows twice. (Solved)
Playing DVD in 2.13: Xine apparently does not load
MP3 music distro
Multimedia Keyboard (part solved)
HOWTO (no, i know...) install a dotpup in-not-puppy UNTESTED
Turn off middle mouse button on scroll wheel..microsoft mice
instant puppy lover
Best way to remove ability to execute ALL apps.?
Need GTK password entry box to show *** (Solved)
Can I connect my mobile phone to puppy by USB?
How do you shutdown, reboot, exit to prompt progamatically?
Comparison of Puppy Flash & Mandriva Flash?
2.12: how to use APM instead of ACPI for power management?
2.13 CD - some desktop icons don't work (Solved)
image map creation? (SOLVED)
Seamonkey Mail time problem
How to install 2.13 to HDD with no CD, running 2.11?
eject button for usb storage
HowTo set GTK CheckBox default from file? (Work Around)
What file sets the "first boot" flag in Puppy-1? (Solved)
Configuring Urmet ADSL usb modem
Printing M$ Word's files problem
Muppy 6 printer config not retained
Has anyone migrated emails from Sylpheed to Seamonkey?
sound problems with Puppy 2.12
automounting a hard drive has a msdos instead of vfat
'crond' won't start from /etc/rc.d/rc.local [SOLVED]
This sound/CD selection issue
Puppy 2.13 Forgets Passwords & eBay LogIn
Puppy210 - Keymap problems
How do I encrypt the filesystem on my USB Puppy?
Yet another little Puppy?
Download link for files uploaded to ftp.servage.net?
Convert rpm to tgz
GTK+ Library Troubles; Compiling and Installing
flock crashing on puppy 2.12
how to change default booting option
how to not show welcome window when booting live-cd
gxine stops after a minute of streaming bbc radio
sound problem with eBox-2300 and Puppy-2.13
Xorg not working
Glibc 2.4 and Puppy From Scratch
PCMCIA Cardbus and Kino
IDE flash not writeable
SATA drives not seen in Muppy007 [xfered to hardware]
Can someone please send me the SDL libaries?
What's filling up my pup_save.3fs file? ("None" flashing)
Where do you put sfs files in order to install them?
2.13: unable to read console text
Many apps don't work at all; frequent lockups
Pet Get download outside of Puppy.
DelTree? BusyBox's rmdir won't do it.
(How) can i downgrade my kernell?!
Finally - online with Puppy & Conexant HSF Winmodem
Photo's and Printing templates to print 4 pics on A4 ooO?
Flash is installed for SeaMonkey; use this for Firefox??
Compliling FTDI module for Puppy 2.13
Unable to boot from Memorex 2 GB USB flash drive
How to use my Plantronics USB Headset? (Solved)
Is there a better PDF reader for Puppy than ghostview?
How to access SSHFS directory in Puppy?
What is 'ld' command and how to install 'binutils' package?
RutilT crashes when trying to connect to network with WPA
Gxine Video Playback Troubles
How to join Puppy to a Windows 2003 Active Directory domain?
Is there a CVS client for puppy 2.13?
Puppy 2.13, NVIDIA, XFCE- XFCE Panel Gone
Computer freezes when CPU usage reaches 98%
How do I use devx_2xx.sfs on puppy 2.13?
Anybody tried Crossover Office (or Wine) in Puppy 2.13?
How to turn off automatic .pup deletion after install?
Print Screen Button not working?
HPLIP setup gives PyQt error
Can the black font on desktop icons be changed to white?
A Puppy Background users might like
AbiWord - Printing and PlugIn Challenges
devx_212.sfs Where is it located for download
Tkinter library missing in Python 2.4.3 PET-get package
How to set up a Puppy server for Windows and Puppy machines?
A tip for CUPS printing
how to use unionfs?
How do I make my desktop fall asleep with Puppy?
Package installer crashes with one click...anywhere
Ghostview - Printing to another printer & Printing color?
Leafpad - Printing to a second printer?
Some basic XFCE questions [solved, thanks!]
Where can I find svn binary?
Installing Qt 4.2.2 on Puppy
Split Command Missing
Live CD vs hd Install: some testimony.
Can puppy 2.11 wake me up?
Puppy Money
installed 2.13 - no more sound or networking!Fixed already:)
Wanted: lower CD burning speed, for burning ISOs
Where is /usr/local/share/Choices/MIME-info/Standard?
Is there a Visual Basic or Delphi for Puppy?
Keep Puppy 2.0 Settings While Trying Puppy 2.13
2.12: Mozilla pupget didn't work, broke SeaMonkey
2.12 broke my Dotpup Downloader (Solved, by PSI)
Can i monitor my router using puppy syslog?
Puppy and ATI 3D OpenGL drivers for Radeon Mobility 9600
/dev/shm node missing in puppy
Upgraded to Puppy 2.13, computer still turns itself on
2.13: how to connect with wireless?
Okipage printer configuration -- Please help
GTK list box won't refresh...?
Saving Work on CD -- Please clarify
ethernet module options not saved
torsmo configuration
Upgraded to 2.13, application abc stopped working
tv card in puppy 2.12
Google video problem 2.12
has anyone used TOR?
Puppy 2.13 is a beauty :)
How to run Qt program I wrote for Mandriva in Puppy?
Problem upgrading from 2.12 to 2.13
unable to boot 2.13 ? (but no pb with the 2.12)
How to connect Wireless with WEP?
dhcpd in Puppy?
regedit (linux) anyone?
How to run Xorg wizard at startup
Puppy 2.13 is a Star
Making ISO from hard drive
Cannot modify files on memory card "Operation not permitted"
Puppy 2.13 released- great job, Barry!
Zoneminder and Puppy
Printer configuration
How to use puppy on two moniters at once?
2 questions: PCMCIA usb and Swap file
How to re-master live CD from hd install?
Java dot pup does not install
I'm told Gxine uses Windows DLL's , can any DLL's be used?
AMD 64 bit processors
Puppy 2.13 beta-2 -- kudos to Barry on the fonts
Anyone tried Gnash in Puppy?
Traffic shaping: possible with Puppy?
JWM not working in seamonkey 2.02
How-to Download GNOME on PuppyLinux
Using Puppy1 kernel in another distro.?
Does Puppy have a C-Shell (csh)
alsa sound problems (hd install)
How to convert .png image to .xpm? (Solved)
Add missing pieces (i.e., commands not in busybox) SOLVED?
Boot pup001 without CD
ipw2200 - 2.02 - Incorrect module format
How can I create Path statement for Java application.?
How to boot puppy in text mode?
about morizot firewall
Problems with Wiki link KDE
Is root usage not dangerous?
How to drag an icon to task bar?
How to make more SCSI device drivers for USBs? (Solved)
How to delete programs from 2.02?
How to open rox file manager as user spot?
Lost access to email in Seamonkey (Puppy 2.02)
2.02: how to speed up booting?
2.02 has problems with Intel ipw2100 wifi card
Bash script gives error on array, console doesn't. (Solved)
A particular Remaster of Puppy
Can I dial my modem from away and access dsl through puppy?
Host machine's ip address command required
how to install devx_201.sfs
Playing streaming media in Puppy
Infrared Printing in Puppy2?
CUPS Printing with Epson Stylus C86
Is there a Bash code syntax checker?
modprobe: "Invalid module format" from a DotPup
Help with compiling Kazehakase-0.3.7?
CUPS printer driver help please (SOLVED)
How to print with Abi Word or Ghost View?
How to upgrade 2.01 hd install to 2.02?
How to get KDE to work in 2.01?
How to execute shell script in ROX?
why you have selected puppy?
How to use LILO bootloader with Puppy?
How to install a new font?
CUPS doesn't support Ir (infrared) printer connection?
How to boot from Iomega PCMCIA CF card?
How to multi partition USB drive, cfdisk won't. (Solved)
Anyone Tried nfs with Puppy?
ghttpd web server error message
Blue garbage screen exiting to command prompt. (2.02 HD)
Testing Puppy 2.02_Seamonkey
help compiling madwifi for a compiling n00b
To update USB install, which files to replace?
Remastering on a USB flashdrive
Problem setting timezone, daylight saving
.wh..bashrc, .wh..mnt.swpx.... .wh..<whatever>???
Inkscape in Puppy 1.09CE
Adding SATA Module during HD Boot
Hypnotic Python: Puppy's missing Python libraries?
can't get KDE pannel in Megapup003 (solved)
Type 2 install: how to install alien packages anywhere?
201 - 202 upgrading woes :(
How to pass a wxBasic variable to/from ash code. (Solved)
[Megapup003 - KDE] where to get it for a re-install
synaptics touch pad puppy 2
Some games quit to run in Puppy 201 (SOLVED)
How do I compile a new kernel in Puppy?
How to vfat format a floppy? (SOLVED)
2.02 is Out! Upgrade Recommendations for 2.00 & 2.01?
How do I network multiple Puppy boxes
Puppy 2 ramblings
What's the best way to install, remove programs?
How to find all executables dependent on a library?
dd command error (Solved...DUH)
Error with Streamtuner
Something Eating Resources?
How to zip a file and choose where Bash puts it?
Has anyone got the Linksys driver to work in 2.xx?
SOLVED / WORKING streaming last.fm radio with shell-fm
Can't get Xorg to work in VMWare.
How to use the RAM more efficiently?
Can I install *.tgz as well as *pup programs in Puppy?
USB flash drive with reiser file system?
How to duplicate an installation
how do i setup Wifi on 1.09CE
Is there a "Scandisk" to repair Puppy Squash File?
Sylpheed 2.2.4 won't retrieve my email. (Solved)
Want to gather forum code snippets into html doc
How to set run-action for a wine-app?
How to make Picasa use SeaMonkey's email?
GABY: How to create a custom database?
Mame woes, almost properly working.
Where can I find Rox icon sets?
How do I install the XPde desktop?
why spot login display # ?
How to update Sylpheed?
Toward fonting perfection in Puppy
What is the file named: 0pkgs_db-2.0.1?
How to install Gaim 2 beta 3 in 2.0 barebones?
Frugal Pup201 swap file - how can I adjust size? (Solved)
Puppy in USB raid 0 - possible?
where is CSPLIT command?
How to install DOSBox
Up/Down arrow keys not working...
Puppy (ver 2.01r2) and Email Clients (Sylpheed)
will puppy run on this
symlinking /root/.icewm
What console commands are in Puppy? (Solved)
program & core puppy info
How to install SCIM, m17n, scim-m17n? (Solved)
Error when run SCIM
How about a Puppy 2.01with Opera?
Which dialog file for conscore-app do I use?
Minimalist Puppy with WINE
How to rip CDs to OGG?
What to use to view .opf files in linux?
usr_devx.sfs, devx.201.sfs compile different?
How to copy and paste text in xchat?
how to use puppy by user spot
why (i686 arch) ???
disable autologin by modify the file /etc/inittab
Where to find Puppy CE's startup/shutdown graphic?
Enable local Cdrom through remote desktop (Solved)
Need driver for Sansa e260 mp3 player
How to compile Gaim new version?
Upgrading 1.0.6 to 1.09CE without a CD
Found a promising USB wireless solution
Making my Puppy unleashed
Won't Find/Use Persistent Store
How do i create a bootable DVD from my hard drive.
Problem with 'Start--> Setup --> Remaster Puppy Live-C
How to print label for Puppy CD?
Puppy on a REALLY old laptop.
MANPATH? How/where do I add additional man pages?
GFtp / BetaFTPd problem
Capturing LIve Cam Streams?
Help on setting up multiple boot partitions. (201r2 HDD)
Choosing a cheap printer for puppy?
How to compile the kernel?
How to upgrade Puppy for Windows 1.0.7 to latest Puppy?
Moving up to puppy 2.01r2 questions
(2.0.1) SeaMonkey mail is sluggish
Where to add AT commands to modem dialup sequence?
EZNet interface doesn't save edited values
Geany + Python? How?
Scribus needs Postscript fonts
(SOLVED) need help with boot options for a thinkpad
How to recompile the kernel?
Pmount problem
Make underdog.lnx work? Or what about chroot? Help.
Can MS Outlook run in Puppy with Wine?
ATI Radeon 9600 Drivers?
Questions in puppy
Clean shutdown of puppy2 from command line?
Puppu 2.xx network connection problem
Routing probs and a useful utility Linipcfg (like winipcfg)
Locking Down Puppy
How to install StarOffice ?
Puppy 2 & Xinerama - Laptop - Projector
Where can i get the full version of Perl?
ROX icons jump to right edge on xwin restart???
Uninstall partition and cfdisk software???
Where to download TightVNC Server DotPup?
Bouncing Icons in KDE not working!
Python working?
Xserver rebooting in a loop
Puppy doesn't support .htaccess & .htpasswd?
multipe puppies on one cd
Anyone run Puppy on Server Hardware?
How to load programs automatically at startup?
Whose Install Packages Do I Use? Debian? Red Hat? Other?
Made changes to Xfce panel, now it self destructs.
Have anybody tried a newer Graveman? [YES]
Jwm and window border (SOLVED)
Why won't scim compile?
What do the "Network" applications do?
HELP: I need somebody who can compile dmx for me
Puppy 2.00 Instability?
OO problems with MegaPup & ChubbyPuppy
Apparent modprobe failure to start (wireless) driver
Pup 2.0.1: How to compile SeaMonkey 1.0.2/Enigmail?
puppy201_xfce.iso project
New installation woes with P2.01
Warning-please do not follow my brilliant example
How to disable Xserver safety check after incorrect shutdown
How do change or eliminate/strip barebones
Copied OpenOffice to HD, just works! Is that OK?
unionfs problem wtih moving files?
Unable to boot Puppy from Transcend USB pen drive
Some 109CE config questions (menu,background,etc)
booting puppy off usb under grub
How to auto mount plugin USB Disk?
Can't get swftools Flash Processor to work
xdialog and pupget
XFCE Tips: quick-mount button, session saving etc.
Wine says it needs libwine.so.1. (Solved)
How to make MTPaint Screen Capture Instant? (Solved)
desktop short-cut icons disappeared - SOLVED
Edited: Barebones Puppy V. 2.01!!! (might not make anymore)
How to configure Puppy's firewall? (Solved)
Image directory free space 0.00MB in Xcdroast
Free Memory
Uncompressed squashfs
puppy v2 boot error (solved thanks for help command worked)
How can I call regular telephones with my modem?
Just for fun
gcc compiling
How to install Minicom terminal program?
A question about system restore?
problem in booting process - reset hight speed device
deleting files of of start menu
No sound from multisession 2.01-highmem
An Improved Shutdown Script
Problem booting Puppy 2.00 with grub from usb
What's the difference between puppy iso downloads?
Undeleting files
Pages look different in SeaMonkey, not like Opera?
How to install Blender3D image editor/modeler?
How to make "poweroff" work in Puppy version 2
The bark is gone again
Gxine hangs up Puppy 201
Delete post/moved
How to replace vmlinuz in Puppy201 iso? (Solved)
Remastered CD does not have new pinboard icons
Puppy2 boot error: "touch: cannot touch 'tmp/bootcnt.tx
New mplayer problem /dev/rtc?
Can't type Vietnamese in Opera 9
2.01 Over 2.00 -- any Gotcha's?
booting windows via grub resets boot flag?? (SOLVED)
Puppy "laptop mode"?
how to use "klik" or install "debian"???
How to connect with irc in 1.0.8?
Where did usr_devx.sfs go?
Can I bind a keystroke to the shutdown command?
Please advise: optimal hd partition config for puppy
Which backup to use + bkup2cd not working
How to use Okidata 4w printer?
recovering files from fat32 and ntfs hard drives
Should Full HD install be faster than Frugal install?
Did multisession puppy fry my network card? (No)
Need help using madwifi
Gaim won't remember window positions anymore
Linux Live Scripts or alienx-remaster
Question using locale
I love Puppy
dvd writer very slow after hd install, DMA issues
Geany Can't Print?
Early trials with 2.01
function key buttons on laptop no longer working in pup2
uninsalling parts of seamonkey
MS master boot record deleted...oops...
pppoe vs tkpppoe vs rp-pppoe?
Pass variable back to parent process without file? (SOLVED)
md5sum & MD5 GUI
Computer not booting off of USB? Make it think its CD!
Puppy as standalone firewall?
How to use Remote Desktop
request to compile djmount
The Font Issue
Compiling MPlayer an option?
Problem with Zip 100 in Puppy 109
Compiling woes in Puppy2.0.1
howto install emacs under puppy
unstick Gaim
How I created my own distro in one day
DRI-VIA-OpenChrome in Puppy 2 & 2.01 (SOLVED)
Puppy 2.00 & Seamonkey Combo Unstable?
Opera 9 pupget requires libqt, which is not listed in pupget
Anyone playing on-line RPG 'Eternal Lands' in Puppy?
How to Boot Puppy2.0 from Win98 using loadlin.exe?
Poll: Is Puppy your first Linux?
Gxine: "No demuxer found - stream format not recognized
Not recognizing 2.01 CD on boot, only 2.00 CD [Edited]
Using PupGet? + 2.01 PupGet package manager oddities?
Can't install fakenes
109 remaster needs more RAM than the original puppy
Unable to install svga lib
CUPS Administration Behaving Badly
Problem with pup201 beta-ftpd ftp server
Problem with wine_200.sfs in Pup201
Problem booting 2.0.0 from HD
Puppy 2.01 and the Smartlink Modem Driver (SOLVED)
First Tests with Puppy 2.01
How to upgrade Puppy 200 to 201?
how to add files to puppy.iso? (Solved)
How to make QEMU from ISO file?
Unable to install SDL-Test: permission denied
7-button mouse with Puppy 2.01 -- anyone?
Anyone compiled acpid (for shutting down Puppy?)
Need help installing grub: hda2 mounted read-only
Need help installing Puppy2 to HD
How to change root directory?
Problems with Basic X Functionality
school class with windows network
Can not install Qjoypad
lspci-PATCHED in pup200seamonkey
Can't find /user/bin/X11R6/X after remastering 1.0.9CE (Solv
Adding Java to Puppy 2.00 for Seamonkey?
Changing bash prompt in pup2
Sound card Blaster not work !
How to remaster the Puppy 2.0 without a cdrom?
Puppy Universal Install over vector
The ROX in Puppy Do not Support UTF-8?
PupGet Broken in 2.00?
Puppy Subversion: Apology if you have not received response
Burniso2cd Fails & Stalls PC
pup2 bootup messages - is there a log file?
Help -- can't get usr_more.sfs to mount in Puppy2.0
Installing Bitstream font
Problem with Keyboard map
Problem with BASH in Puppy2??
Can not change the background
Samba server not responding, ifconfig causing it. (SOLVED)
Puppy2 wvdial unable to login to sbcglobal.net -updated
XArchive - error when creating or adding to an archive
Puppy 1 or 2 as Win98 replacement? (64MB RAM)
Pup200, great fonts. How did you achieve them?
Puppy 2.0, Opera Freezes
How to get wifi to work from Puppy CD?
Installing Skype
Which Puppy is right for me?
Error Icon on Desktop Puppy 2.0 (Solved)
2.0.0 or 2.00?
Is there a CVS repository of pdq patches/config files?
where is jwmconfig source?
devx_200.sfs--any trick to installing?
P2, nice, but where's the hard drive installer?
How to install TuxTyping?
GRUB Error2 in P2?
Mozilla vs Opera (Solved)
Upgrading Puppy 1.07 HD installation to Puppy2
scibus question.
Puppy 2 Universal Installer does not work for me
Puppy cannot find pup_save
sound issues in puppy 2 but not in 1.09?
Is it possible to have multiple pup_save.3fs? (SOLVED)
How to make boot floppy & uninstall winpup98?
USB flash memory woes - IMPROVED WORK-AROUND or FIXED
How to run Python files in Puppy?
How do I remove packages in Puppy?
Puppy 2.0 hangs up on ACPI Interrup 0000:00:03.1[A]...
Time Zone in Firefox wrong?
Qs; Network setup, Domain/Workgroup, DNS/Gateway
Way to auto. test/fix kernel argument: ramdisk=(value).
How to install TrueCrypt?
How to add/change/replace desktop icon?
Puppy 2.0 - Found SATA drives, lost USB drives
nero for linux
Puppy2 Kde questions
Base Files for Puppy 1.0.9CE
How to load the live CD quicker?(Solved)
How to link to a website from a Rox desktop icon?
(Simple?) Bash question(Solved)
Problem modding image.gz file... bad blocks (Self SOLVED)
Package Manager wizard - (cleaned up install dialogue)
One click promotion for Puppy
what is slackware?
Puppy 2.00 best puppy yet
ACPI help for Puppy!
USB Not Working (Works On Live CD )
can't install Puppy 2.0 in USB pendrive...
Does anyone have green icons?
Audio success: running Windows VST plugins with DSSI-VST!
Advanced options for an installation to HDD
Way for Bash to position apps. & bring to top?
Puppy Money Personal 0.2
Have we considered Skipstone browser?
How to stop .pup files being deleted?
How do I disable the puppy conflict removal?
Puppy 2 can't find (USB flash) boot media; ok from CD
How to put Firefox on Puppy2 CD? (No hd available)
puppy2 hd install not right
Puppy2 alsa doesn't work with opl3sax onboard sound (SOLVED)
dhcpcd fresh IP address -*.pid situation in Puppy2
How to add Xorg to Barebones Puppy 2? - Solved
Puppy-to-Puppy LAN with Samba
Learning how to create .pup package
Hey! What happened to my memory?
I miss the old remaster script
My screen went wonky
Linux security
chkrootkit found some problems?
How do I enable the GAIM "agent"?
P2 Forgets Settings on Reboot
On-screen keyboard?
How Do I find the options a binary/library was compiled with
No USB mouse after hd install; works from CD
Puppy2: Dotpups, swap file, OpenOffice
PUPPY 2 is Awesome - Upgrade Question
pup_save.3fs on NTFS?
Puppy2 Lucent Modem, no LT0 button
Puppy 2 wine problem
CNET video stopped working
Great results with KDE-Puppy109CE.iso
Theora support? (Sound but no visuals)
Differences between Puppy 1 and 2 Series
wireless woes in 1.0.9 and 2.0
Can I hibernate Windows then boot Puppy?
Puppy2 hd install can't see my (integrated) sound(Solved)
How to use an IPod with Puppy?
how do i Resize root File System/ resize pup001
Just curious: How did u get 109CE to be faster than 1.0.08r1
How to set system fonts in icewm? (Solved)
Adding Icon To Desktop for Seamonkey Mail App
Belkin Connect 802.11g wireless g notebook card model F5D701
Picasa for Linux - maybe for Puppy?
Fixed-How to automount vfat drives at boot?
Tcl/Tk: How to read command line parameters? (SOLVED)
How to play 2 sounds, use 2 mice, at same time?
SED not replacing line segments, just prints file.
puppy2 b8 - no mouse
Any audio/music folks tried FST with Puppy?
XFCE Menu for Puppy 1.0.9
Will MUT 0.8 work with 1.0.9CE?
PuppyPin file has no icon info. (SOLVED: globicons )
109 has changed my pup file - now its messed up
Positioning new icon on desktop with installer.
How do I track down compiling problems ?
Problems with XDG in Puppy 1.0.9
What's the difference between !/bin/sh and !/bin/bash?
console tab feature not working in 1.09 (Solved)
forward compatibility of dotpups
weather apps for Puppy
Graveman in 109CE does not work.
Dotpup Wizard - auto execute after unpack
Puppy2 unions .sfs extention files at bottom layer.
Tried to copy Puppy2 files from ISO file. (SOLVED - BAD md5)
xfce & puppy2?
wireless problem in 1.0.9
removing entries in 1.09 XDG menus (Solved)
What is process "3"? (Solved: it's Firefox)
Server Puppy missing mailserver
Mailwasher Pro and Hot-Key Scripting Concerns
How do I enable the "multimedia" keys?
Urgent! Need help Installing Puppy 1.09 in hdb!
Change Log for differences of Pup1 & Pup2? (SOLVED)
Request for dotpup of jtvd (requires Java)
Lobster tries to compile C code
Help w/firewall in 109CE
109CE: no 'connect to internet' icon? (Solved)
Run a Windows JAVA application in puppy
Removing Mozilla, adding Firefox
Krename and Puppysearch - The final features to leave KDE
Puppy2 Alpha boot off USB drive problem
Some libraries not recognised in /usr/local/lib
Is there a Binary Usenet Reader for Puppy
Where's ROX's desktop at? Is it a Dir.? I couldn't find it.
What are Certified DVD/drives for Puppy multisession?
could not find kernel image-SOLVED
problem with soundblaster pro
How to start vnc automatically?
What happened to the Wiki Dotpups page?
How to mount a .bin CD image file.
1.09 wants to remove sylpheed?
Audio and command line
Where can I get libasound.so (for Hydrogen in Grafpup)?
aspell for puppy
to upgrade or not to upgrade my puppy...
Does puppy automatically unmount all devices at shut-off?
d4x (or reasonable facsimile) for my Puppy
Find command to run all files in dir. (SOLVED)
A-uuu ... Anybody interested in EVE here ?
Making DotPup problems again... (It never seems to work)
If EVE would suit as Desktop Publishing tool for Puppy too ?
Made usr_more.sfs file & no union (SOLVED).
Kadischi : The Fedora Live CD Project
Desktop background picture
Remaster script Qs... can poormans install be used?
Resizing pup001 messed up keyboard config?
Help! Trying to create bootable 1GB USB drive - almost there
DotPups Menu
Help with Scanmodule used in boot script
Is there a Ksame game for puppy?
efficiency question for all you programmer types(RAM defrag)
Can Puppy write a CDR that can be read by a Win or Mac?
Moving pupxxx from 1.0.0 to 2.xbeta
How do I exit KDE to get pack to default PUPPY 1.07 desktop
Where is the /usr/home/ directory in Puppy 1.08 R1
Grub On Usb-drive: SOLVED
Can't Save usr_devx.sfs to Live CD
Remember window position?
HowTo get variable into GTK input box? (SOLVED)
ipods on puppy
How to convert to HD install without losing pup001? SOLVED
slow dvd burning with change of brand in blank dvds
Can I block posts from a particular poster?
LightScribe - the Golden Puppy
How to use a USB headset? (Solved)
Tried: ifconfig to setup NIC, boot fails, NIC's OK. (SOLVED)
Calling for a scripting volunteer for JWM config utility
How to block ping request?
Is Python the choice language for a small OS?
Bugfix package for 1.0.8r1 ?
How to remove the cursor from screen at boot?
Unleashed, new CF does not work!
How to install gnomad and libnjb?
Canon BJC-2100 stopped working with error msg
How to boot 32 MB PC from cd?
How to speed up the boot process?
How to Use FirstClass (Open University) with Puppy (solved)
Remastering: where is desktop configuration stored?
puppy unleashed
Time Sync
Compiling 2.4.29 kernel: What patches for Puppy 1.0.8r1?
Router oddities (I think), moving server in network.
How to compile programs from source in Puppy?
Need Nice Desktop Icons
How to build stripped-down Mozilla? (As in 1.0.8)
SVG Import & Freehand Tool in EVE ? Samples of EVE Slide
Option 1 HD install for 1.0.8r1 with no floppy drive solved!
How to edit ROX right-click menus?
Weird buzz on my notebook
Would someone kindly create a Dotpup of ICEWM Control Panel
How to automatically mount ext3 partition at boot-up?
Is it possible to theme GTK and QT apps the same
Testing Sylpheed 2.2.4 for Puppy 1.09 (Done)
Enhance boot-time security with GRUB passwords
Nautilus finds no iconpixmaps
wanted: PUPPY as host-OS for vmwareplayer - no further apps
Puppy2A Live: How to monitor battery?
seamonkey vs firefox/thunderbird
Very Poor Menu fonts in Scribus
No sound in Puppy 1.8r1 Mozilla
How to set up a shopping cart for used laptops? (SOLVED)
How to set up kde/konqueror as image viewer?
Resetting the clock in the XFCE window manager
Can't save ALSA config
How to set shell background/text color?
Making Puppy NOT copy everything to ram?
"missing operating system" on some USB boots
Themes for Mozilla - Anyone !!!!
Where is the latest dotpup-maker by MU ???
How to compile C in Puppy?
Possible audio problem after motherboard upgrade
Viruses, trojans and the like
Any way to control GTK widget positioning? ( ReWorked it )
How to lose the "show desktop" button in icewm?
How to name my Puppy so a router can find it?
[Puppy2 Live] Swapon - Invalid argument
Startup drops to console - what file or flag sets this?
How to netboot PuppyLinux?
Anyone know how to dotpup an eyetoy driver?
What is Puppy's programming language?
Sierra 860 3G Wireless uplink connection is slow
Puppy2 Alpha Live - no Skype ring tone
wheel on optical ps2 mouse not working
Gtksee froze. caused bios reset, audio problems?
#puppylinux IRC channel broken? (Solved)
URLs in Thunderbird won't launch browser
I can't take it anymore.
Can I use usr_devx.sfs to compile in Puppy2?
Mozilla, Firefox & SeaMonkey website display issue?
How I got wvdial to work with AT&T
Puppy to Win98 networking problem(solved)
Puppy & GCC
Skype will not open
Learn Puppy by Wiki
How to install desktop icons?
Is there a dotpup of sox (mp3 -> wav converter)?
Is there a small Puppyfriendly p2p?
Problems running Puppy2 w/64 Mb Ram, 8 Gb hd
How to Migrate Puppy1 hd installation to Puppy2?
Will Puppy download music from Napster.
file name on usb flashdrive only 8.3
HowTo set width of GTK ListBox? (SOLVED)
IceWM and Icons
wxMonthlycalender won't run ?
USB card reader & SD card hangs 'probepart' & MUT
Script calls itself, not working. (goofup) (SOLVED)
Solitaire - or KPatience for KDE
Suggest a database for Puppy?
Internet Sharing for X-Box connection
HowTo change the text on the Title Bar in a GTK app.?
Puppy cannot install autopackage files, bad checksums
Unattended booting with live CD entirely in RAM
USB 'Plug n' play' Mic and headphone
wallpaper in icewm
Xine doesn't play in fullscreen mode (Solved, sorta)
GXine and Eagle Eye Cam
Remarks on a kids computer
GTK help; get OK button & CheckBoxes. (SOLVED)
Setting up a DC++ hub running on puppy?
Building a puppy for kids. a couple of questions
Bash: read file or string line by line. (SOLVED)
Text justification in Mozilla
Can I adjust the double-click sensitivity?
where to get wifi beta package?
is there someone who can help me setting up my wireless netw
Why doesn't 'mount --bind' command work?
Is there any other Distro?
Need to list ALL Samba hosts & shares. (SOLVED)
Possible to disable left-click menu? (Yes)
Making AutoBootMounter for Puppy... (SOLVED)
Need abc -notation for musical Puppy
Need help unmounting a loop device with unionfs
Simple Pup 0.3.1 won't play LBreakout or LTetris.
Where on dual-boot hd should Puppy put pup001 file?
Can Puppy do dual processors?
Alien packages all give the same installation error!
Gimp2 won't print
Using usr_devx.sfs
Need help compiling artec as6e driver; no SCSI in xsane
usr_devx.sfs not mounted to /usr/. WORKED AROUND
Failure message
How do usr_devx.sfs & losetup-FULL work?
Switching keyboard layouts in 1.0.8 How the ... do I?
How to boot from Imation 512MB USB drive?
Scroll-less mouse needs to scroll
Here's a script for remastering Puppy 1.0.8
Where does perl5.8.6 come from?
libresmgr.so.0.9.8 being deleted on reboot
A couple of KDE puppy questions
How to make Leafpad the default Text Editor? (Solved)
How to save changes to Xfce?
how can I change the mouse sensitivity?
How can I add FLAC support to MPlayer?
1.0.8r1 can't run alsaconf from portable pup001 (Solved)
Need mt-st to use my travan tape drive. Where can I get it?
How to set Puppy to adjust for daylight saving time?
Need help with "make" for usb module for puppy
Mounting UTF-8 CDs and hdds with Pmount
Configuring cgi-proxy
GXine - Browser Plug-in Available for WMV and WMA?
AUTO logout root & login new user. (Coded a Workaround)
Just installed,, a few questions
Just installed a few questions
"tar" works, why don't "make" or "m
got a wifi usb dongle, now lets make it work!
Anyone know how to make Samba [homes] work? (SOLVED)
Write permission denied to public Samba share. (SOLVED)
HP600 Printer won't work in Simple Puppy
NVIDIA nForce Networking Controler driver needed... Solved!
Puppy 1.08 multisession network and printer
Is USB Philips Cameras driver in Puppy?
gzine fails to play "region free" movie.
Hd install, annoying message at boot
Using public hostspots with wpa_supplicant ???
How to change rxvt background to black?
Empty Crust and Sound - stupid I'm sure.
How can I burn a music CD?
Edit Xfe right-click menu "Open with". (SOLVED)
Switched off without shutting down, now USB Pup won't start
Howto run several X-Sessions?
Puppy won't unmount LinNeighborhood drives (Solved)
HowTo auto make Samba HOMES dir. shares, with no login?
How to backup pup file on USB pen drive?
What is best Application Development Enviroment for Pup?
error compiling noip dynamicDNS software
Thunderbird not deleting messages from mail file
Anyone want the di3635 soft modem driver?
USB Syslinux and floppy boot problems
How to login in as user other than root ?
Translucency for SimplePup? Translucency-demo.pup failed.
Puppy doesn't say if I assign conflicting IP!
(French, German) translations of HOWTO pages in the wiki
GAIM - God awfull noise (Solved)
Those @#$%&* missing libraries that aren't missing
SimplePup modprobe wlan error. The WLAN monitor. (SOLVED)
how to start mozilla automatically when puppy boots?
How do I mount USBhard drive at boot without using MUT?
128, 256 MB USB sticks won't fill up; 512 stick quit working
A Problem With Floppy Mounting
Second instance of "Blinky" is only half there
Is it possible to redirect sound to USB?
Can I use usr_devx.sfs from 1.0.5 for 1.0.8?
Where are the shutdown scripts in Puppy?
How to hide boot messages, change boot logo?
How to make hermes based pcmcia wifi card work?
How can I compile USB driver for Puppy?
XDAF compile/install
Mozilla being mashed - Browsers crashing
How to reduce Puppy??
scanner buttons are not recognized
Multi page scanning needs Xsane 0.99, how to make?
Problems with Simplepup
STATIC & unique HOSTNAMEs for LanPuppy client. (SOLVED)
Can't boot puppy with Grub4Dos and a USB-HDD
Printer on the LAN problems
pup001 file good for system space, but not user's home space
How to call boot script with no return to calling script.
Remastered Puppy won't boot; NWFS client and IPX
USB2 still boots slow - does not use USB 2.0 driver?
bkup2cd no longer works and Cdtar has never worked
Are there Label making solutions for AbiWord/Puppy?
I can run OpenOffice from SimplePup using Vector
Samba error: smb_writepage_sync: failed write
puppy wont play flash 8 animations
Need help upgrading Gimp.pup to freetype 2.1.7
Forum private messages aren't being sent?
Deerpark is not for those with bad eyes
Security Problem in gnupg prior to
How to edit Xeznet.tcl; edit, print images in Puppy?
Will someone please make a dotpup of Freemind?
puppy gets confused numbering partitions
Seamonkey Thinks Every Page Has Shockwave/x?
Can I change the /root/Choices location?
test SimplePup, a puppy derivative
How to play Nokia QCP audio files in Puppy?
Gif-viewer with small code using CGI/HTML
Custom 1.0.8 CD: how to boot with ACPI enabled?
How to frugal-install to option 2 hd-install.
Can't find GOOD tutorial for gtkDialog, indepth examples.
Puppy Upgrade Question
Ovislink OP-W54USB WiFi driver compilation on 1.0.8r1
How to use both my USB and serial trackpad mouse?
Laptop touchpad mouse: can't locate module psmouse
Toshiba Satellite 1805 S273 Laptop - boot problems
How to make symlink to "/" and use Iomega Zip Driv
PHP package in Puppy
Does Puppy support SATA hard drives?
How can I play FLAC files in Puppy?
MPlayer install problems
How to install PCMCIA driver so it's there on reboot?
USB scanner - almost there!
Need a link for Wake Pup
-o warning on 1.0.8r startup
UnionFS Problems While Customizing Puppy
How to set the horizontal position of the screen?
Is there a program for printing CD Labels?
What Apps. are best for these jobs?
Best way to merge multiple usr_cram.fs files into one.
Set up a 6 Puppy system
Puppy password for Samba's Swat? (SOLVED... don't know why)
Unable to SSH Secure File Transfer to Puppy
How to print from network using USB print server?
Keyboard and Qemu running in puppy
Puppy unleashed-1.0.8 issues?
Can I use my USB FM transmitter in Puppy?
How to remaster Puppy CD with wmv9 support?
X doesn't work after upgrade
Default background colour, screensaver and ALSA
What hardware settings are created on first boot
Any idea about why my sound doesn't work after upgrade?
Upgraded Puppy to 1.0.8 now sound doesn't work
formating a partition in puppy
How to see music.yahoo.com videos on Puppy?
How to tell which additional libraries are needed?
Puppy 2.0A and Open Office 2.0?
Is upgrading Puppy worth it?
Cant find either "install" or "fmt" GNU
How to port programs written in PowerBasic to Puppy?
Which Conexant modem driver do I need?
Wireless configuration: IPW and WPA
Sound Not Working on Clean 1.0.7 Install
Where do I find the PCCC script?
Network HP LaserJet 5 can't find xxd or mpage & doesnt p
KDE way faster
Puppy saves the day again!
Playstation3 & Puppy?
How can I change the icon theme used by rox filer?
Making Puppy look like XP
How do you choose an email preference in icewm?
Why doesn't modules.conf persist after reboot?
How to make extra loop devices? (Solved)
How to get screen shot in Empty Crust Puppy?
How to remaster Puppy 1.0.8 with Open Office 2?
Flash player kills browser in 1.08
Expect Gnome for puppy
Puppy Growing Pains - large pup001 resize prob past 800mb
Xvesa in 108 is slooowww....
Upgrade - Puppy 2 - hard drive
1.08 Help Upgrade Problem
How to install Puppy and XFCE4
How to put Pup001 file on PNY USB flash memory?
hd install partition changed; is it recoverable??
puppy-unleashed-core-1.0.8 missing
Can I Flip Display Upside Down?
Puppy Linux on an $30 internet appliance (i-opener)
Trying for Puppy + Mini-Mozilla on 16 MB flash disk
Installed from PupGet & can't find app. to make work.
How to connect to proxy server via serial or parallel port?
I need a dotpup of a VPN client
Mkinitrd problem - anyone can help? Please...
How to play .DAT and other files in GXINE?
how to compile orinoco modules?
How to delete Windows, resize Puppy partition?
Need help making "Welcome" dialogs for LanPuppy.
gxine Misbehaving via Radio3
Xwifibar autostart howto?
What is "expect"? How to use it?
How to capture streamed video?
I cannot install Firefox extensions
Puppy as wireless router?
How do I get a linked image to show in a post? (SOLVED)
RCA cable modem to USB via a PCI card
zero size partition error (Solved)
how to set up lilo for puppy?
Opera suddenly won't start
How to access remote Puppy machine?
Qemu for time travellers
Cannot find HD and CDROM/DVD combo drive
smaller simpler rc.sysinit, for running Puppy without hd?
Program to communicate with serial port worked, then quit
WSAStartup error when compile
OPen Office 2.0
Anyone has compiled pwc.o? Drivers for Phillip Webcam
Poor Man's Install Inside Ubuntu
how to modify usr_cram.fs ??
Swapping Graphics Cards, in particular, but also other HW
Can I save settings from 1.0.6 when upgrading to Puppy2?
Keyboard trouble: first character not seen
Kernel differences?
CAD and Multilingual Editor
Audio over the internet doesn't play properly
How do I get Puppy to use swap at start up -FIXED-
Mozilla security settings changed; saving sessions to cd
How to Upgrade NdisWrapper?
Dotpup downloader not downloading list anymore, mrxvt to bla
Sharing Current Desktop? - x11vnc or freenx
How to uninstall or deactivate Sylpheed?
PWC driver for WebCam - anyone got it to work?
An observation re: command line interface vs. GUI
Probs: 1-browser plugins (video, etc) 2-reboot stalls-FIXED-
Need a script that removes the extension from a filename
Universal Installer - you jest surely?
samba mount in fstab problems
A plea for MU to host 1.0.7 basic files
How to share a puppy drive over the internet/network?
No "burn iso image" in (puppy 1.0.7) icewm menu?
Puppy 2 Install compatable?
Bash command to cut file name off of path? (SOLVED)
Can Puppy run an internet cafe?
Can the Puppy 2 be imaged to a CD without multisession?
Is anyone else unable to connect to Google Talk>
Need a guinea pig to test this "mount remote file"
Can I make didiwiki serve wikis over the internet?
Bad Site or Mozilla Error?
intel bios block for linux?
Minimum resolution for Puppy 2
Defragmenting, deleting pup001 file in XP?
Samba errors when client tries to access. (SOLVED)
keventd is a cpu hog; how do I turn off acpi?
I killed my terminal -- by installing mxrvt?
Fun with Empty Crust Puppy on flash drive and a few notes
How do I upgrade to 1.07 from 1.06?
Where do the fonts reside in Puppy?
Iptables problem sending mails
communicating with the parallel port
Themes, How to apply?
107: usr cram fs will not mount (192 MB RAM)
Is CD being avoided?
How to disable shortcut commands?
PupWin98- quick extract question
cinelerra svn in puppy?
How do I compile in Puppy?
Not detecting external USB pen drive
Multiple (two) floppy drives
How to transfer files FTP-to-FTP remotely?
Can I install Puppy from floppies?
Cructacean crashes server
How to share remote files and folders?
Which Linux to use untill Puppy is ready?
Start Linux from DOS-Bootable CD
How to complie file .c with windows.h in Puppy ?
Make an install2hd option at puppy boot
Anyone tried AmbiCom Wave2Net 54 Mbps 802.11g CF Card?
Booting from Kanguru Zipper USB HD using Grub
Would someone please compile VMWare Tools?
Need an app for getting port number of boot requests
how to create a custom puppy?
Startup Batch File (or whatever the Linux equivalent is
How to do VNC from Puppy VNC server to Win2K?
How to set up mplayer codecs in xine?
Is there a Linux app that shows the ip of attackers?
Cold somebody get Gyach to work please?
How to download using ctorrent from command line?
Specify location for pupfile and usr_cram.fs?
Internationalising Puppy Apps
free 'puppy programmer' tools
Why no Man pages in Puppy?
mozilla font change--- possible?
greek keyboard problem
Axel download accelerator
Pxe boot: file not found ___ Ethereal screen shot...(SOLVED)
Remastered puppy iso with kde: how to do pup file?
Compact Flash to IDE Adaptor Corrupts Card
a gift for puppy users
GXINE Mishandling MOV or Bad MOV?
compiling allegro.....can it be done?
How to install the abiword help manual in abiword?
How do I get the pup001 file on a USB stick?
How to get TVout working from Radeon 7000?
1.07 Hacky Remaster Problem
Pocket Linux Guide
Can Puppy2 piggyback on Windows?
Mechanics of installing a new package from a compiled binary
Configure: error: *** SDL version 1.2.0 not found!
puppy releated questions for developing webenv
Mounting Harddrives on bootup
installation wanting c compilers
Abiword doesn't co-operate with Firefox
RAID possible in Puppy?
daemon (ip blocking) (How to edit iptables?)
MUT can't see hde; why does pmount say it can? (Solved)
I can't use Perl in Puppy 1.0.6
Real Player stream gets garbled after a while
Help required in making dotpup pacakge
Might finally be time for me to upgrade to latest Puppy.
dotpup games not working
Troubleshooting ISP connection problems
How To Disable a Port In Puppy Linux?
Need 4 or 5 Megs of par2 files for Puppy 107
How to create a VFAT swap file on hd, Puppy on USB drive?
Tried installing NVidia Driver, now Puppy is down
How to add libraries to Puppy CD distro?
How to boot Puppy silently? (I.e., no boot messages)
ghttpd what can it do ?
Need help running YamiPod on Puppy
Getting "Javascript is not a registered protocol"
Unicode Puppy
Get gcc and g++ compiler for Puppy
DVD Decrypter using Wine, won't use DVD burner
Bunches of help needed
Puppy 2 for the rest of us
Error: "Cannot set serial info:Address already in use&q
how do I get dialup service with every boot?
Puppy 1.0.7 very slow
Wakepup won't work, can't download boot2pup
How to enable sound themes for icewm ?
How to set default bookmarks in Firefox? Need Pupget help
Does puppy auto-sync the pup001?
Can't make Lyrics for xmms work, to get song lyrics
ushare.pup gives 404 error
Will someone help me compile Motion in Puppy Linux?
gcc-4.0.2 not installing headers or libstdc++!!
Any way to share Ethernet from a laptop via Wi-Fi?
How to install Intel modem driver?
Any Linux program to remotely control another computer?
Puppy 1.0.7 does not mount Zip drive
How to script autoDHCP?
How to configure GAIM for Google Talk?
How do dotpup packages work?
(Puppy in) PC World magazine on booting from USB
How do I save added words in ABI spell check
Boot errors on: Samba & DHCP3
Mouse and Keyboard wasn't detected
How to change wallpaper
Is there a developer's Java package available?
Can a poor man's install use a partition instead of pup001?
No capital letters when writing to vfat?
Firefox won't install Flash?
How to load 8139too ethernet driver at boot?
How to create a USB-to-Hard drive installer?
How to see console boot code after Xwin starts?
/tmp on PUP001 too small to download ISO image?
Can Puppy run on my old computer with 40 MB RAM?
How should I format my USB stick?
Is there an IDE for developing software in puppy?
How long does it take for your printer to start printing?
Removed Xorg, broke Xvesa.
How to change login password for BetaFTPD?
rc.local doesn't keep changes!
How to change font size in Sylpheed 2.0.1 e-mail client?
what does mozstart do exactly?
West Point Bridge Designer5 works using WINE!
snack amp error
How to use German keyboard map in 1.0.7?
elinks or lynx background color
Puppy 1.0.6 VM Now Available
How to change permissions with BetaFTPD? (SOLVED)
Need help installing audio part of Tkbiff (SOLVED)
How to control parallel port from Perl application?
Click & See dictionary !
Request suggestions: best laptop for Puppy?
Chubby Puppy
My script works from ROX, not from command line.Why?(SOLVED)
Is there a way to get Open Office installed to usb stick?
Remastering: having trouble breeding a new Pup
How to install "Linux" programs under puppy? (SOLV
My ISP drops idle connection too quickly
Installed Opera 8.51 but it won't start (SOLVED)
Can I use Adobe Acrobat Reader 7?
Is there a motherboard monitor for Linux?
How to share Puppy's Wifi via patch cable?
Stop background click opening START menu? (Solved)
How can I take a screenshot in JWM?
How do I set an environment variable?
Sylpheed email can't access POP3 account thru proxy?
Need "make" command to install samba
GRUB configuration questions
No support for MMS Protocol in Firefox 1.5 (SOLVED)
SMP & NAT (IP masquerading) for home router/server
gFTP won't accept dotpups.de password from hd install
Running Skype prevents starting localhost server (port 80)
How to get Windows XP to see Puppy on a network?
(SOLVED) HSF softmodems & Thanx 2 Barry & the gang
Recommend a Non-Java RSS Reader?
How can I install latex?
How to mount pupxxx files?
Gimp won't start, says it needs glib 2.8.0
How to run Skale Tracker in Puppy?
Slow Printing (continued)
Puppy 1.0.7 Virtual Machine Now Available for Download
WakeUSB boot problem - "crc error"
UAE Amiga Emulator works in Puppy
Howto import addresses from Windows Opera to Puppy Sylpheed?
Ripperx not ripping all of song (Solved?)
Puppy as a wikka server?
How to modify MUT to mount my VFAT partition?
Installing OpenOffice, I think I missed a step...
Can Puppy run as a server?
Cannot get Java to work (Solved)
Want to Multi-boot Puppy and other distros from one CD
How to configure, use IRC Xchat, IRC Gaim?
PUPXXX file size limitation?
Why was "which" command removed in 1.0.7?
Sylpheed - "Error. Can't write file"
How to switch xorg/xvesa w/o xorgwizard?
learn tmpfs - use Puppy to burn Puppy
Can we make a Dillo Desktop Toolbar?
Need Xnews or equivalent, for rar and quickpar files
How to display system info on desktop?
Shift key and CAPS lock problems
Boot loaders, Gujin.
1.0.7 X settings not saved on reboot (xorg)
Harddisk installation with linld.com
How to make pup001 completely fill 243 MB flash drive?
Sylpheed address book gives error, won't save data
How to upgrade HD install from 106 to 107?
using cd-r cd-rw as memory or swap (is it possible) ?
Auto hardware detection after installing to HDD
Why can't I "click on links" in Thunderbird email?
Wireless connected but not working?
does puppy have a dvd copier
need wizardpen driver compiled for 1.07
Problem making driver dotpup for Belkin USB wifi
Solution? for wine in newer Puppys
Xarchiver question
IBM 390E - No Sound
Running 2 installed versions of Puppy 2.10 Xorg Problem
How to play network games?
problem deleting files
WWW Security FAQ & HTTPf filter & Apps
Installing "cutter" binary
Linux swap partition
Is there any extra themes for the Dillo web browser
2.12 (?) 1200x800 resolution not found by wizard
Adding Unzipped Dotpups to Remaster Puppy Live- CD Problem
Setting up Cron jobs? How do I do it?
Seaview starts instead of Dillo in 2.13 beta - how useful?
How to make dotpup containing JWM Themes?
hi from my laptop + a strange small problem...sorta
Beginning Compiling from Source Codes
network setup ndiswrapper
Audacity won't start.
Help with Gxine (Sort of Solved)
Detecting Rootkits/ Cookies / Skype
Linking Thunderbird and Opera 9 how do I get it working?
requirements MEGAPUP002 - pupsave_file
"/device/mixer isnt there!" (- no sound in gxine after that)
NO sound in videos - neither in opera nor in firefox
Partionimage or Mondorescue DotPups
Spam flooding Puppylinux.org
Is there a dmesg log file in Puppy?
Puppy wifi problems
duplicate files
Firewall - Using Arno's Firewall
An initrd generator
pdq print recovery?
apps that worked in 109ce but not 212
Fluxbox fbsetbg
How does Puppy use memory ?
GTK dialog - question about checkboxes [SOLVED]
memory problem
GLIBC version, any reason I shouldn't upgrade?
USR_DEVX.SFS for latest Puppy 2.12
How can I separate a program from its data?
Where can I find Ian's PuppyMoney?
LHA utility needed to install Quake
Where can I find the "diff" program?
Sub-folder randomly disappears & reappears
underdog script
How to use Thomson USB cable modem?
Request: compile sis7019 module for Puppy 2.00
Memory Management - Linux
How to shut down WITHOUT saving to pup_save using USB-pendr?
PII ThinkPad 390E web surfer Wanabe
A very small Puppy from Unleashed core
How do I change Menu surround / Menu Bar Colours?
Wine cfg
Any advice for adding Puppy to a Win XP machine?
Democracy Player not working
jwm start menu and status bar away - How to get them back?
Upgrade Custom 2.10 Puppy to 2.12 - Preserve Settings
Building from Puppy Unleashed
how to disable console?
X won't restart
A challenge: Removing the Puppy setup screens
Audio problems migrating from Puppy2.10 -> Puppy2.12
Where are system icons, mimetype icons located in Puppy 2.10
Is there a laptop power management program?
I want to build a Puppy with a single GTK app
Is gtkpod 0.99-4 incompatible wih USB 1
How to do VPN in Puppy?
How to Compile Source Code in Empty Crust?
Are there icons available for use in puppy 212
can't play audio cd and dvd in puppy212
Audacity Optimized Version of Puppy 2.12?
Unable to download IceWM DotPup
LZMA in 2.12 - possible?
Puppy 2.12 eth0 issues on MaxData laptop
Custompup or DotPup?
puppy 2.0.2 hangs during boot
How can I always force puppy to boot into the GUI
jwm onroot=0 question
USB mouse not working in 2.12? Here's a solution
Partitioning, formatting USB hd with Gparted
cups printing
Trying to increase number of work spaces (virtual Desktops)
SSH into Puppy without password
Compile error - "cannot find -lXext"
FTP file transfer, puppy --> XP
ext3 plus file-backed loop device not recommended!
help compiling wine with opengl support?
simpler file layout
How to get Lexmark Z22 USB printer working in 2.11?
Xorgwizard Bug? Video Bug? Nvidia 6600GT
A snag with WEBCAM after re-boot
2.12 works great!
How can I contribute ?
Searching for 2.12 Firefox
[212] X doesn't start
How to access programs mounted in pup_ro
XFCE, added exec line in .xinitrc & it won't run.
Problem with browser
Configuring GRUB
Puppy 110CE
.Pet dead (sigh) PSI lives
exaile - gtk based amarok clone, python install issues
needed kernel modules
GParted wont recognise my partitions
Harddrive install not booting
Open Office 2
Using ALT TAB to switch between applications (resolved)
bittorrent transmission behind proxy server
How to install apps?
RealPlayer 10 Gold, FireFox, and desire to watch Innertube
Audio-Video codes how to play?
Kernel headers?
Suspend script (for laptops)
Double frugal install
GUI app without JWM?
Boot choice from CD
Can puppy host a VM?
Default Font Problem
Memory Management in Puppy
Want to download all Puppy ISO's released, where to download
Wireless almost works in Puppy 2.12
Network installer !
How to adjust time, change backgrounds in KDE ?
gFTP not showing file sizes correctly?
Internet using USB CDMA phone
How to shrink Puppy ;-)
USB webcam in Puppy install problem
Puppy LAN with FireBird 2.0 database
Can't run FreeCIV as user Spot
Where can I find Barbone Puppy 1.0.4?
Error downloading gcompris.pup from dotpups.de
Firefox crashing in 2.12
pup_save.3fs location
how do i make puppy detect mu usb hardware?
Delete line in file... Simple Bash troubles again!
How to split a file in Linux?
Puppy *is* small
Create a Puppy "swiss Army Knife" CD
No Login prompt?
New suggested packages for Puppy... vi clone and mawk
New version of createpuppy script: smaller, faster
how to use puppy for make an iso backup of my partition
using pup_save on another system
Bare Bones Puppy v2.01r2 HD Install
How to uninstall a dotpup?
I need help making a fontforge dotpup. . .
Is it Litepup 2.11 or maybe 2.10?
Using Rox Pinboard in Xfce? (Solved)
fonts in Xvesa look better
Change cursor focus from sloppy to click in 212?
installing a us robotics 5422 usb wifi adapter
Wine issues - audio cd, winamp plugins, MBR wiped
making startup quicker
Howto install a missed module
Anyone using amateur radio apps with Puppy?
Why does frugal Puppy access my flash drive so often?
I need a program for editing id3 tags (easytag)
Installing Software as root or better create new user
how 2 configure the border around the folders to stay 1 size
Need clarification on use of network wizard. [solved]
Firewall iptables
Using wxwidgets and other compile questions
Can this oggplay cli program be compiled... (not needed!)
Upgrade 203CE Frugal to 212 Frugal and keep all the 203 apps
DPMS Support in XOrg - can anyone help!
Best "thin" series-1 Puppy with Xorg = 1.08?
How did this happen?
Upgrading to 2.12: some issues
Help sorting out file locations (esp. for OpenOffice)
[Puppy2.11] Upgrading GioveLUG Edu 1.00 -> 1.10 issues
Compiling problem in 2.12
zdrv_212.sfs on full hd install Question ?
Compiling Mutt for Puppy. Problems with "configure"
PC hangs while doing memtest
Possible to HD-install Puppy so file system spans 2 drives?
Running rxvt with script argument...
2.12 on my new EvoN620c (Now booting in 28 seconds)
Updating to 2.12, how to retain Opera (with settings?)
How do I build a desktop icon into a dotpup?
Possable to have 2 or 3 XFCE panels?
pre loading wireless drivers
Getting Thunderbird and Firefox talking again with Weblinks
How to put Opera 9.02 icon on Puppy 2.12 desktop?
Migrating Puppy 2.11 hd installation to Puppy 2.12
Beryl --- be really cool to get Beryl running on Puppy ....
Wine 9.25 Errors
Apple Airport Modem Monitoring and Hangup Utility
2.12BETA HDD Boot Error
sfs issue - Wine-0.9.22_210.sfs on 2.11?
How to find Partimage.pup ?
pup_save.3fs and an Iomega Zip drive
How to run streams from live365 with xmms not gxine?
Stripping unused packages out of Pupp 2.12
Running Xvesa at Higher Refresh Rates
The best Video Player for Puppy?
Booting multiple Puppies [SOLVED]
Printer sharing with PCLinuxOS
Who phoned Lobster?
how do u go online wit Netcomm NB5 USB modem router
What is a good image viewer for Puppy?
How to select which wireless router with RuTilt?
psaux mouse won't work (laptop with cirrus 7543 chipset)
Puppy Wikipedia entry is obsolete
Puppy Teen for Fun Linux
2.12Beta2 fonts not displaying correctly
How to prevent the popup when turma shuts down?
pupwin98 can run on Win2000, perhaps XP, and maybe Vista.
Net Security
java on 2.02
. . . get ready for Bone Nanza . . .
gtkam problems - missing libs + crashes when installed
CD/DVD Wizard does not find my USB CD burner
2.12 beta preliminary result: wifi works, out of the box!
JWM shutdown confirm in Muppy: where is the script?
Using Mplayer to play TV from TV tuner card
Gimp installed to JWM Menu can't find exe to drag to desktop
2.11: error from install of mysql/Perl on CF HD
usb stick light comes on every 5 minutes
[2.11] Pango Cairo problem?
Problems installing mysql on CF in Puppy 2.11
How to do this?
One inch square case badges
is rmmod option built-in to the kernel?
Get scanning and printing to work with HPLIP (Solved)
Seg Fault with Opera in 2.11
makedepend and libxml-devel?
Seamonkey in Puppy 2.12B
Need help compiling tarball
Version 2.10 can't find USB Drive and stops loading
[Puppy210] Geany problem moving window
can't run anything new from initrd
Icon's keep moving on desktop after making new ISO CD
Networking/sharing files with xp?
KDE? What is current best approach?
2.12 beta enhanced remaster script
FATAL: Error inserting snd_via82xx Unknown symbol in module
System resource use spiking and application freezes in 2.10
[Puppy210] Problem with dotpups menu icons
upgrade from 200 opera to 21X opera
Selecting pup_2xx.sfs file at boot time
How do I block a range of IP addresses?
[Puppy210] Software to write cd
Selecting from multiple pup_save.3fs files at boot
mozilla doesn't start when an html file is clicked
Mouse not working! Neither USB and ps/2 work :(
Hey, where's WishCD CD writer in 2.11?
pup_save.3fs not detected
how can i extract files from a 3fs save?
Ash script using "-l" (L) for argument (SOLVED)
[2.11] Problem compiling Qcad application
GioveLUG educational Puppy211 based almost ready
Caps Lock requires 3 strokes to cancel
Connecting a puppy linux and xp computer via dsl? SOLVED
Wanted: a simple tcl script that just displays text
Does a "NOSWAP" boot param make sense?
How to Boot from HD but load into RAM?
X window closes when I close rxvt
Setting default printer for Open Office
Module Format...
JAVA for 2.11?
[Puppy210] Tuxracer won't run. Something with tcl8.4.so
Barrage, Lbreakout2 and Ltris broken in Puppy1.0.9!?
Windows refugee needs help installing software in Puppy
Ext2fs reader for Windows
Confusing results when compiling in Puppy
Firefox: Button for New Tab?
GAIM: "Save Conversation" Box Hassles
Photoshop on puppy? Wine in general?
Not having any luck with ANY drivers for the DWL-G122 rt2570
Can't go onto internet with Puppy
USB Printer Conflict?
[Puppy 2.10] OpenOffice panel link no image
Abiword in Puppy 2.11 -- Adding a Printer?
Spell Check in Abiword under Puppy 2.11 Broken?
Abiword Loses Characters When I Tab
3DCC and Puppy 2.11 don't like me
Secondary Storage Management in puppyLinux/?
deadlock will happend in puppyLinux/?
Rage Mobility M4: Xorg can't open module glx
[Puppy2.11] Create custom Puppy version
Changing hostname breaks compatibility with usr_kde.sfs
Xorg won't start - Read Only file system
Acer Aspire 1600 laptop shuts down for no reason
Need help with ndiswrapper
wireless devicenode ra0 not created
Anyone have libSDL_sound-1.0.so.1?
Toshiba 100CS Laptop installable??
Need information on backups and Puppy's virtual memory
How to install Qcad and Planner alien software?
What files should I save when erasing hd for clean install?
pup_202.sfs + pup_211.sfs (Solved)
How to tell which Puppy a dotpup works with?
Puppy 2.11 - Overwrite with Old USR OK?
k3b in puppy 210 pro?
Presario hd failed during defrag, now won't boot Puppy CD
problems with xorg
Remastering Using USB drive
Firefox loses some functionality after updates
Installing vmware tools to puppy linux
[PuppyPro210] Font problem with Seamonkey and Firefox browse
Bash script converts jpeg in Debian, won't work in Puppy.
puppy 2.10: unable to run sshd (from dotPup)
Sound card switch not retained between puppy2.11 boots
Qs about network setup, subnet, netmask, etc.
[Puppy 210] Migrating from Puppy 2.10 to PuppyPro 2.10
2.10: remastering often deletes alienpackages.txt.
Changing display resolution to 1440x900
FedEx Shipping Rate Servlet Fails in Puppy Seamonkey
Puppy for Granny
2.11 SeaMonkey: console won't do anything
Puppybackground Desktop Image App Crashes
Good News For XFCE users
What wireless driver for Dell Inspiron E1405 laptop?
[Printing in Puppy] I am very confused
package trouble with samba-3.0.21c.pup
wakepup installing to hard drive
How can I open a port for Gxine to listen?
Very Good resource On Linux
JMW won't swallow wine-system tray
odbc / jdbc database connection
Need driver for the D-Link DWL-G122 USB receiver
How to extract audio from flash media file?
SeaMonkey Crashing on Laptop
[Puppy 210] Gxine suddenly dos not work anymore
What program is needed to display a manual [Solved]
Online Game Requires application/x-director
Puppy 2.10 gxine can't play real audio files
Creating a cascading Windows-style menu system using JWM
need some advice choosing new laptop (for puppy)
How to properly remove installed applications
[mount count] What's the purpose [SOLVED]
Programming on Linux ...
Resizing pup_save.3fs
e3ne -- commandline text-editor
Lucent Technologies modem worked in older Puppy, not 2.00
Lucent Technologies modem problem...
Lucent Technologies modem problem...
Lucent Technologies modem problem...
How to change default programs? (Solved)
How to make Puppy run fsck every thirty mounts?
problems with tune2fs and fsck
xlockmore source/compile-options?
Looking for a file, Struct.pm
Advanced tray features?
[mTools] A word of warning
Puppy 2.10 with Gimp can't load jpeg files
Suggestions for a mini-reference for Linux console commands?
Mirrors of PuppyPro 2.10 beta
can I install kppp and konqueror to puppy
USB card reader worked in 1.05, only partially in 2.10
Q about .xinitrc & problem running GTK dialog.
How to make Conexant hsf 56k pci modem work?
Wimpering about WINE
No Journal in filesystem on loop1 - Mounting /pup_save.3f3fs
How to set up whitelist-only URLs for Internet access?
how to disable system logging to optimize hard disk standby?
Can't compile source for stand alone djvu viewer
Mount -o loop squashfs-lzma file
SeaMonkey icons: how to make background transparent?
Net boot of new Puppy 2.1?
Compiler etc for Puppy 2.10R1
Problem starting XaraLx in Puppy 2.10r1
/mnt/ has disappeared?
wrong video settings and no mouse after hd install
Where is the tar/zip utility in Puppy 2?
Pupp 2.10R1 - support for "Video for Linux"
How can I watch this Flash movie in 2.02 SeaMonkey?
Puppy italian translation and educational software
GK Dial modem initialisation commands
Howto get fonts in Wine? [solved]
Backing up hard drive
Defragging Hard drive
sanity check with cpp
Messed up my 2.01, can't make a bootable restore
Xfce in 2.10
What is your favorite VPN solution?
Xara Xtreme Xpup
How do you start the e-16 window manager?
Upgrade Questions 2.01 to 2.10r1
laptop acpi features - a hot machine and scary sounds
How not to autologin as root?
Get ROX to refresh/restart desktop for new link.
Puppy finishes booting before IP address obtained from DHCP
RAM Usage Confusion - What is normal?
How do I get my eth0 connection to stay connected permanetly
Need advice to purchase a new modem
Puppy Linux search engine
Super Flying browser
eCommerce Script for Coop Purchasing
K-Meleon browser under WINE on Puppy2.10
How to open .xls, .ppt, .odp files in Openoffice?
Problem with Rox Filer
i wanna NOT look for hdc (SOLVED! OWN!)
Questions about ROX and the Puppy GUI
How to put mini-volume control in icewm taskbar?
[Epson RX600] Doesn't print.
Password too short - only 5 to 8 characters
Does Puppy1 ALWAYS keep /mnt/home mounted?
Solved: WPA-PSK: wpa_supplicant connection problems
[ROX] Open windows issues
How to hide the title bar in JWM?
Restarting IceWM from a command line?
Howto add the gcc 3.4 lib
cannot boot after power outage
Lightweight X-based mp3 player?
Time display, how to get 24 hours display
No PCMCIA with 2.02 or 2.10 on Toshiba laptop
Bash BOF & EOF regular expressions? (Solved)
How to activate Puppy 2.10 Abiword plugins?
I need help with my index.php script. . .
How to fix the GAIM emoticon palette?
echo $LINE >>PuppyPin, cuts spaces (SOLVED)
Pupget running out of space error with pupzip in Puppy 2.1 ?
HowTo get Puppy1's SAVE file name?
Is a JWM taskbar-button-menu possible?
Burniso2cd burning CD using DVD burner
How to tell Sweep where to put temp audio files?
Need help --- trying to add losetup-FULL to intrd
How to restore a pup_save.3fs file? (Solved)
[2.10] Roxfiler not dispaying certain partitions. [SOLVED]
[2.02 to 2.10] what precautions to take.
Can't write long filenames to FAT-16 [SOLVED]
Booting 2.10 and pup_save on NTFS: what happened?
Dillo stable in Puppy 2.10
rc.shutdown killed X [SOLVED]
seamonkey crashing frequently in 2.10 - SOLVED?
Using Puppy 2.10 with Puppy/Opera Saved Files
Mount charset question
What's the file: /root/.smbpassword for?
HP 3915 Printer Drivers
integrity error when using dotpup installer
How to use Turkish keyboard?
Ramline Tablet PC - Will it work?
How to add ethernet setup to remastered CD?
Is there an ALSA.pup or pupget?
Release Schedule - Auto Update?
F-Prot & Virus Checking
Retaining file/directory ownership
phpBB : Critical Error
Need multisession CD to default boot to ACPI=off for laptop
Flash stick burnout: Is there a danger?
Seamonkey Crashes On Specific URLs
Heavy metal maintains wireless connection (rt73)
Puppy 2.01 USB write-cycle details?
downgrade kernel, keep everything else up to date
Universal installer doesn't find partitions (solved sort of)
Compiling modules for puppy 2.02
S-Video Output activating
Sound worked in 1.0.9 but not in 2.03CE
Gparted does not see all of hd (SOLVED: bad MBR)
Cannot save initial 2.02 pup_save in NTFS in <256MB memor
USB RMD-FDD and the Universal Installer
Testing: Improved Remaster Script
Mean Puppy: Install Flash Player in Opera?
REQUESTS: AMSN 0.96 DOTPUP and webcam wizar for kernel 2.6.x
[which core] in puppy 2.02
[UDF] Compile problem
Mean Puppy: Error loading library: wmvdmod.dll (Solved)
T2: what's it all about?
keyboard-how to write in bulgarian