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Official Download Repositories
Puppy Linux software @ ibiblio.org
Quirky Linux & Wary Linux software @ ibiblio.org
Puppy Forum Topic Listings
Additional Software (PETs, n' stuff)
Beginner's forum
Bugs Forum
Cutting Edge & Multisession live CD/DVD
HOWTO (Solutions)
Pour les francophones
Truly off-topic conversations
Users (for regular users)
YouTube Videos
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Linux Videos
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Links on this page
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Russoodle's PuppyLinux Stuff website
Reference general interest
Smokey01 website
Websites of Interest

Puppy Linux Related Websites - free software & downloads   Puppy Linux Related Websites - free software & downloads
Looking for Puppy ISOs, software and more? Visit these websites
Barry's Blog watch Puppy software development online
Barry's Links
Puppy Linux Barry Kauler home page
Puppy Linux official software downloads
Puppy Linux commnuity wikka | frequent updates by darkcity
Chinese E-PUP Linux Forum
Chinese E-PUP Linux Project
DaveS openoffice, libreoffice, portabase
Dejan555 dpup, grafup, eyecandy
Icyos YouTube videos
Iguleder informative blog, regular updates
Macpup a beautiful derivative of Puppy Linux
Mark's Archive hundreds of software packages
Mirocommunity.org videos
Puppyluvr too many puplets to mention
puppeee linux full service website - thanks jemimah!
Looking for Puppy ISOs, packages and more? Visit these websites
Puppy en Castellano en espanol y muy excelente
Puppy Web Desktop by technosaurus, hundreds of packages
Puppy ISOs & software
Raffy safepup, eeepc, excellent tutorials
Toutou French Puppy
Tubeguy - Puppy Linux Merchandise proceeds to Barry
Shino's Bar - Lucid Puppy Quickset edition (LupQ-511)
Smokey01 IcePuppy, support, tips, software, links
Trobin's blog speakpup
Russoodle's Puppy Stuff puplets plus software galore
Time For Linux - ISpup, Nvidia, LibreOffice, more
WISH programs, programming support, more
Please PM Bruce B to add more sites
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Websites of Linux Interest   Websites of Linux Interest 
Under construction - daily updates
CDBurnerXP: Free CD and DVD burning software
ISO Recorder
MS-SYS Sourceforge
JWM Configuration | joewing.net
Big repositories, download official Puppy & pets
gwdg.de Linux Distros
gwdg.de Puppy ISOs
ibiblio home page
Ibiblio.org Puppy ISOs
Linux Journal
Linux Documentation Project
LINUX Howto-Pages.org
MBR in detail
QEMU wiki
YoLinux Tutorials
Desktop Wallpapers - www.hiren.info
My Free Wallpapers
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News - Informative - Magazines - Periodicals   News - Informative - Magazines - Periodicals
Under construction - daily updates
ABC - News
Atlantic, The
Chicago Sun Times
Christian Science Monitor
CNN money.cnn
CNN US Edition
COED Magazine
Daily Beast
DailyMail UK
DailyMail US
Discovery Channel Videos
Discovery News
Econmic Times - indiantimes.com
EW.com - tvrecaps
Frontline Club
FrontPage Magazine
Geeko System
Google News
Guardian UK News
Indian Express
International Business News
IT Portal
Jursalem Post
LIFE Your World in Pictures
Los Angeles Times
Medical News Today
New York Daily News
New York Times
PBS Video
PC Magazine
Philadelphia Inquirer
PM me with URLs
San Francisco Chronicle
San Jose Mecury News
Sky Sports
Southshore Express
Start using your ImTranslator Pro toolbar
Summit Country Citizens Voice
Tampa Bay
Telegraph UK
Times of India
Wall Srtret Journal - Europe
Wall Street Journal
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
WPRI,com Eyewitness News
YouTube videos

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Dictionaries, Languages, Thesaurus   Dictionaries, Languages, Thesaurus  
Dictionary - Thesaurus
Chambers | Free English Dictionary
FreeThesaurus.net - the Free Online Thesaurus /Synonym Finder
Thesaurus | Check Thesaurus Online for Free
Merriam-Webster Online
Thesaurus - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster
Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus - An online thesaurus and dictionary of . . .
Wordsmyth - The Premier Educational Dictionary - Thesaurus
Text to Speech
Top 10 Text to Speech Websites (mostly pay sites)
Translate & Speak - imtranslator.net (seems best free)
Translate & Speak - translate.com (pay human translator)
Google Translate
Yahoo! Bablefish - translate
Translate & Speak
Imtranslater - translate & speak
Our World @ timeandate.com
Local times around the world
Weather around the world

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Russoodle's PuppyLinux Stuff   Russoodle's PuppyLinux Stuff
» abushcrafter's kde/graphic/internet/portable apps + more
» alexandrion's Reborn Puppy, a remaster of Lupu 525, (168.6mb)
» Alex's Flexxxpup 1.7 (249.91mb)
» Barry Kauler's Quirky v.1.0, a sibling of Puppy's (106.03mb)
» cakeordeath's KitchenPup Beta, designed for upside-down laptop
» CatDude's tutorials/graphics/grub-stuff/drivers VINTAGE PUPS
» DaveS Libre Office + java + browser pets and sfs files
» Dejan's KDPup-484beta 4 (425.5mb)
» DeltaPup 1.6, 119.34mb iso
» Fat Games Pup 2.1.6 (450.71mb)
» Grey's NOP 4.3.1 Nearly Office Pup, (99.97mb)
» Hacao-Linux Vietnamese/English, several versions
» john biles' Legacy OS + TEENpup - great for ageing hardware
» JRB's Choicepup+Barebones+Broadcom-specific + more
» Macpup runtt21's elegant E17 puplets
» MediaPup 1.0a (322.2mb), as its name implies
» MU's NewYear'sPup 02-RC10 Midi (527.26mb)
» Pizzasgood's Puppy 4.2.1 Multi-User R3 (101mb)
» Pupeez 1.0 - an older puplet for older hardware (76.72mb)
» PupGeek's ProducerPupV1.1 (264.9mb), multimedia-specific
» Puppy 5.0 - Lucid Puppy or "Lupu" (128.4mb)
» Puppy Fancy 1.2.11 7x bootable isos on 1x CD (658mb)
» Puppyluvr's PAW RC-2 (Puppy Artist's Workshop)
» RevPup 2.13 (74.17mb), a retro puplet for retro systems
» Sc0ttman's Puppy Arcade v5 (109.21mb)
» sPup 451 (124.18mb), Slackware-based
» Starhawk's Greenpup (240mb)
» SucciLinux 1.0-R2 Brazilian Portuguese translation, (98.52mb)
» swiatmar's Fafik 5.2 - Polish translation, (158.95mb)
» The community's PET files -- Sylvander
» Tipsy Puppy 4.1.3 R1, with Compiz, (212.32mb)
» vanchutr's Chu421Tex2008, a Vietnamese adaptation, (181.51mb)
» Zigbert's Puppy Stardust-013 (101.88mb) + many Pets

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Smokey01   Smokey01
Partial List of Site Contents
» DownloadLucid
» Easter is here
» Folder Encryption
» Forum
» Help 101
» IcePuppy-004
» Instant Update 001 for Lucid Puppy 5.2.5
» Lucid Puppy 5.1
» Lucid Puppy 5.2
» Lucid Puppy 525
» lupu-525u.iso (5.25 with update)
» Pet Packages
» Puplets01
» Puppy 5.0
» Puppy Help 101
» Puppy Help 101 Forum
» Puppy on a Flash Drive.mpeg
» snowpuppy-004.iso
» Tips & Tricks
Hosted Sites
» bruceb
» CatDude
» Cool
» JamesC
» jemimah
» micko
» MinHundHettePerro
» pupQ5sys
» radky
» sszindian
» stu90
» pemasu
» Tman
» ttuuxxx
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YouTube Linux Videos   YouTube Linux Videos
Blu Ray Rip on Linux Part 2
Bryan SMASH Google | LAS | s16e09
Canon Pixma USB Printer Tutorial Review
Capture and Analyze Bluetooth Packets
Compiz Cube Tutorial: Howto Ubuntu Linux
Delete Linux Restore Windows 7 Disk Partition Boot Loader Tutorial
Documentary: GNU / Linux : The Codebreakers [PART 1/2]
Documentary: Linus Torvalds on the state of Desktop Linux in 2011
DreamScene Animated Desktop For Linux - Ubuntu 10.04
Fixing MBR
GNOME 3 SHELL in Ubuntu Linux Lucid 64bit Review Tutorial
Google Chrome - PC/Mac/ Linux
Hak5 - BackTrack 5 VM with Wireless and Linux on a Dingoo . . .
Hak5 - Linux man-in-the-middle attacks, detecting Firesheep in ...
Hak5 - Linux Screen Recording
Hak5 - Using Screen in Linux , Motion Detection Webcam Software
HakTip - Comparing Password Protection Tools - HakTip
HakTip - Enhancing Windows with Virtual Desktops
HakTip - Packet Sniffing 101: Promiscuous Mode
How I converted my Office to Linux by MLUG
How to Build Your Own Linux Distro
How to Dual Boot Windows and Ubuntu Linux 10.10
How to Install Linux on USB with Unetbootin
How to Install Samba on an Ubuntu Linux Server and Share Files
How To: Make Your Website Look Like A Linux Terminal
How to Reset Windows 7 Password (easy way)
How to Set up a Minecraft Dedicated Server on Debian Linux
How to Switch Operating Systems: Linux , Windows, OS X
I'm a Linux Slacker
Installing a Secret Linux Distro LIVE on my Show
Internet cafe based on diskless Linux Gentoo
Introduction to Linux
Intro to the Linux Terminal Part 3: Text editing with Nano and Vi ...
Intro to the Linux Terminal Part 4: Redirecting Input and Output
Kazam Review - Linux Free Screen Recorder
Learn Linux Chapter 38 of 40
Linus Torvalds and Greg Kroah-Hartman on 20 years of Linux
Linux and KDE 4.6
Linux Beginners Q&A | The Linux Action Show! s13e06
Linux Device Drivers-Intro
Linux ? EP 030 : Part 5 : Q & A: Linux Art Project ...
Linux for the budget minded school
Linux Home Server Build PT1 | The Linux Action Show! s13e02
Linux How To: Install Software
Linux How To: Install Software
Linux Journal Review: Giada Slim N20
Linux Network Configuration
Linux - Setting up a DHCP Server (Video 1 of 4)
Linux Tutorial: The Power of the Linux Find Command
Linux Tutorial: The Power of the Linux Find Command
Linux Webcam Recording Made Easy with GUVCviewer
Live USB Drive | LAS | s17e08
Mac, PC & Linux - Novell Commercial
Meet Opera 11
My Top Ten Alterative Linux Distro's For the Last 12 Months
NetSupport Education Software.
New Linux Tablet Says SCREW YOU Android! - CES 2011
Noobie Linux & BSD Tips | LAS | s15e09
Pardus 2011 Review - Linux Distro Reviews
Puppy Linux - Adding and Changing Desktop Icons
Record All Screen Output to File - BASH - Linux
RETRO: ASUS Nukes Netbook Linux | s10e05
Review | Which Linux is Right For You?
Setting up & running a Linux key logger
Simple linux commands part 1
South Park Mac vs. PC vs. Linux
SuperTuxKart 0.7.1 Linux Native Game Review
The Linux Foundation Video Site - Basic Commands on Navigati
The Linux Foundation Video Site - Encrypt a file with gpg -
The Linux Foundation Video Site - Encrypt a Partition with . . .
The Linux Foundation Video Site - Linux 20 Years - Everywher
The Linux Foundation Video Site - Linux 20 Years - Everywhere
The Linux Foundation Video Site - Linux Command Chaining
The Linux Foundation Video Site - Linux Compression Utilitie
The Linux Foundation Video Site - Linux - Easy as 1 2 3
The Linux Foundation Video Site - MAD Tech Linux
The Linux Foundation Video Site - Reading and Converting DOC
The Linux Foundation Video Site - Sort CSV by Column - BASH
The Linux Foundation Video Site - Survey 525
The Linux Foundation Video Site - test
The Linux Foundation Video Site - You are Linux
The Linux Kernel (Part 1)
The Origins of Linux - Linus Torvalds
The Story of Linux: Commemorating 20 Years of the Linux OS
This Week In Linux
Ubuntu Linux running Windows XP in VirtualBox
VirtualBox 4.0 in Linux Review Tutorial Screencast
What is Linux ?
Why Linux is Safer than Windows or MacOS
Windows 7 vs. Linux : File Transfer
Windows 7 vs. Linux : Spreadsheet Performance HD
Windows VS. Linux part 2
Gaming Videos
Gaming In Linux : Assassins Creed Installation
Gaming In Linux : Enemy Territory Quake Wars
Gaming In Linux : Fallout - New Vegas
Gaming In Linux : Far Cry 2 Installation
Gaming In Linux : Grappling Hook
Gaming In Linux : Hitman Blood Money
Gaming in Linux : Killing Floor
Gaming In Linux : Lego Star Wars
Gaming In Linux : Quake 4
Gaming In Linux : Stubbs The Zombie
Linux Native Game : Braid
Linux Native Game : Penumbra Overture
Linux Native Game: The Perfect Tree
Linux Native Game: Wormux
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Puppy Linux YouTube Videos   Puppy Linux YouTube Videos
How to install Puppy Linux on innotek VirtualBox?
How to install Ubuntu 10.04
How to make a USB boot stick for Linux Distros ...
How To Recover Personal Data From Your Computer
How to use Unetbootin and Infrarecorder to try Linux
Information Security in the Age of Botnets
Install Audacity in Kubuntu Linux from Terminal
Install Grub no Puppy Linux
Installing and using Audacity in PuppyLinux 4.3.1
Installing Ecopup beta.......the good and the bad ...
Installing Skype on Puppy Linux 4
Install Puppy LInux in Mp3 player
Joli OS - Your new personal cloud desktop
Justin Bieber Linux + more Puppy Linux puplet
LighthousePup 4 4 2 au iso
Linux in usb disk - MP4 player
Luci-236 Lucid Puppy parte 01
Luci 242....Puppy Linux 5.2 Testing.....
Luci 253 - Puppy Linux
Luci-254 is Ready and Waiting - puppy linux
Lucid Puppy 002 - Puppy + Ubuntu 10.04 lucid
Lucid Puppy 5.1 for Old PCs
Lucid Puppy 5.1......Now with added xfce.. ...
Lucid Puppy 5.2 Base Luci-232 New Version OCT 18
Luci Puppy 5.2
Macpup Foxy3..The return of the Foxy pup..... ...
Macpup Foxy3..The return of the Foxy pup......
Macpup Foxy e17
MacPup Opera 2.0
Macpup Opera
Making Videos, The Linux Way...
Molinux - Puppy Distro
Molinux-Zero_v2 um belo Puppy
My Top Ten Linux Distro's For the Last 12 Months
MyWolf-024 alpha - puplet
network booting using PXE & an extended UDA server
NOP431update V.02 Hu - hungarian puppy linux
O distributie Linux foarte simpatica: "PUPPY LINUX"!!!
openBVE demoroute v4 in Linux / wine
Painel de Controle Puppy Linux - PCP2
Puplet - MyWolfe 019
Puppeee 4.4 Beta1
Puppie 01
Puppy 4.00 With JWM
An Introduction to Puppy Linux
AttackPup v1 - Watch out, this puppy's got fangs!
Bigpupbr - dando asas a sua imaginacao - brasileiro
Blackberry tethered to Puppy Linux
BrowserLinux Chrome - puplet
Buddapup 217
Cairo dock 2 0 5 on my puppy linux
Change single click option in Puppy Linux
cl66 ECML openBVE Linux / wine
CL67 NWM openBVE linux / wine / mono
compiz fusion on puppy linux 3.00
Computer stuff
Debian Squeeze Linux on a Pentium II 366mhz 128mb ram ...
December Newsletter
Default Project.dvd
Deltic openBVE Linux / wine / mono
Dpup-009 Puppy Squeeze
ebox 2300 loading Puppy Arcade 8.
Eeepc photoframe
Fatdog 64bit
Firefox Homepage
Fluppy 07 fast, light, Puppy Os for netbooks & UMPCs
Free Software: Linux Live USB Creator - Tekzilla Clips
Grafpup usb disk MP4 player
Grooveshark...more streaming groove tunes..
Help menu option in Puppy
How to Create a Virtual Machine
How To: Download & Burn Puppy Linux 5.25 to a CD
How to install and Configure Puppy Linux
How To Install Free Operating Systems w/ Out dual boot
Puppy 4.2 Deepthought alpha
Puppy 4.4alpha1
Puppy - guia de instalao
PuppyLinux 2.17.1 Demo
Puppy Linux 4.0
Puppy Linux 4.1.1 running on an IBM Thinkpad 560Z
Puppy Linux 4.1
Puppy Linux 4.2 "Deep Thought"
Puppy Linux 4.3.1
Puppylinux 4.3.1.....Come and take a ride on ...
Puppy Linux 4.31 s? Windows ( VMware )
Puppy Linux 4.3 beta1
Puppy Linux 4.3 beta2
Puppy linux 4.3...puppy is growing up..
Puppy Linux 4.3 - using the puppy
Puppy Linux 5.0.1 Lucid Puppy
Puppy Linux 5.1 - boot e instalao
Puppy Linux 5.1 - Boxee Media Center
Puppy Linux 5.1 "Lucid Puppy" New Features
Puppylinux 525...A Steroid Shot For Pup ...
Puppy Linux 5.2.5 Quick First Look Review
Puppy Linux 5.2 ...Now in the house....
Puppy Linux 5..New pup goes walkies..
Puppy Linux
Puppy Linux
Puppy Linux - Adding and Changing Desktop Icons
Puppylinux at USB by unetbootin
Puppy Linux CE15
Puppy Linux - configuracao de rede
Puppy Linux development tools
Puppy Linux Dpup Squeeze 003
puppy linux gnome cairo dock.flv
Puppy linux installation to hard disk
Puppy Linux in VirtualBox
PuppyLinux in VirtualBox
PuppyLinux on old PC
PuppyLinux on old PC
Puppy Linux quick bootup on old PC
Puppy Linux Rocks
Puppy Linux running in mp4 player (usb)
Puppy Linux Simplified Chinese in Live USB
Puppy Linux Song
Puppy Linux Spot 5.3
Puppy Linux traduzido para PT-BR
Puppy Linux with Compiz Fusion and KDE
Puppy Lucid 5.2
Puppy Lucid Maverick
Puppy on a stick..a USB Drive I Mean....
Puppy Pre-Alpha release 4.4 CE
Puppyrus Linux 2......From Russia With Puppylove..
Puppy Squeeze 004
Puppy Stardust 009
Puppy Variants wNop
Quickly and Easily Install Linux - Unetbootin
Quirky NOP 1.2
Run different operating sytems (VirtualBox)
SevenPuppy 07 - hungarian puppy
SevenPuppy 09
Succi Linux
Succi Linux - nova versao do succi
TechBytes Episode 20: GNU/Linux ...
TechBytes Episode 20: GNU/Linux Gamers ...
TechBytes Episode 20: GNU/Linux Gamers ..
TEENpup - instalacao
Teenpup Nirvana
The Origins of Linux - Linus Torvalds
Tmxxine 1
Top USB Attacks On Your PC! VHS to Digital Video, ...
Ubuntu Linux
Unetbootin Uso
Update: ubuntu online on the eeepc vs cats
USB Monitor, Windows Server Add-Ins, Core i7 Going ...
Virtualization basics installing Linux
Wary Puppy 1.0.2 beta
WavePad Editor no Puppy Linux (wine)
XP-like Puppy 4.3.1 english version
Xubuntu 9.10 LiveUsb Demo
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