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July 29, 2011 - last update

Truly off-topic conversations Truly off-topic conversations
Redefining the meaning of unlimited data
People who've contributed most of everything we use in Puppy
The Cloud - Which we use
Linux 3.0 announced July by Linus. Puppy?
Norwegian tragedy
Biggest corruption story ever, buried by "mainstream" media
Who are your favorite people?
Looking for a web host
Things to do with an old computer
Reading and responding to posts
10 small Linux applications for your consideration
Good Mystery Authors
events, sort of a story
Church of Linux exists since 2009 :) oops 1998
A new OS on a Tablet
The man behind the mouse
New favorite quote
A trip down Market Street
Linux for Absolute Dummies (LAD)
My new Driver's License Photo
Classic Microsoft quotes!
Facebook and CIA
Can't touch this nose. Ha ha funny
How to Simplify Ubuntu Interface
In Case You Missed It..
In Case You Missed It..
Just say no.
Ding Dong Dells
Where is the missing topic
Why they bomb Libya?
Multi-National report is interesting. Saw pre-release early
Personal integrity and anonymity online? Not so easy now???
Charity Dog Wash
Top ISPs agree to become copyright cops
The sausage bites back!
Noscript displaying new window
Android, Spot, Lucid 526
Cameras - What should Puppy Linux citizens have access to
Fourth of July
Unbelievable...Amazing app for fire and rescue
10 years of the Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign
my animals
youtube dark player skin/theme
Herding Cats... err i mean developers
Your "Cloud" data belong to U.S.
Best Friend
Teach kids to learn programming with board games
Browser Error: Update.exe
Hey, any old friends around...
I am NOT Vindictive BUT
? Just Can't Bear Counting Anymore ?
SkyPE completed
pi = 4 problem
America could be a great country but ...
US government gratitude thread
Don't use Google to plan a murder
Has anyone run the most recent Porteous?
Messing up page formatting for others
Demonoid Invitation Code. Anyone has one?
Hate Hour, With Your Host: Me
FBI: the pros at work
Secret web blocking proposals
Flat Earth Society
Hackers have been busy.
Microsoft hotmail error <SOLVED>
Thomas Ball, America's version of Mohamad Bouazizi
Technology changes occuring ...
UltimateEdition Defunct?
are you one 1 a hundred?
FBI Tracking Device Teardown
ElcomSoft Breaks iPhone Encryption,
Lunar Eclipse can be viewed online as well as nakedly
Bombing of Libya
Please do not feed the trolls
A lull in the storm
Microsoft loses U.S. Supreme Court patent case
forum Arguments [SOLVED]
Stop Driving Your Visitors Away!
Photo of Flash
For Music Lover and those who always wanted to practice
Wii U
Welcome to the new Admin
News of the world phone hacking more developments
Davenport Lyons and Solictors Regulation Authority
From Bittorent to ChromeBook !
Mother's Union goes all Mary Whitehouse over the net
Nice Little Android App....
Proxy list wanted (SOLVED)
Government ask doctors to identify potential terrorists
Repair or recover data from Windows XP (Solved)
have you seen where they make Mars Bars?
Facebook becoming a tool of the state?
United States ?? or Early Roman
Erattic internet browsing
Martial Arts
Members with strange displays of name
Australia starts Chrome OS and ChromeBook
Links to two articles
Casey Anthony Trial
New user interfaces in 2011
Kill your dog, save bluebell,
GPL license changes over time
MS gripes on Vista and Win7
remix-os live dvd / multimedia
Murga, Hungary
Microsoft ships free malware cleaner that boots from CD, USB
for the record
here's the deal
..but does this thread have to become another playground for
ACS BT and the useless corrupt ICO
Nooby post too often and too low quality posts!
How come we can't just do what we want?
Swift Linux 0.1.1 is now available!
Linux users maybe are a bit like Ants. Doing their thing!
BareMetal OS - Assembly level OS for FAST computing!
Jonyo don't like Flash
the question on everyones lips,
Merchandising - misinformation
LPI Certification Virtual Study Group
Firefox 7 Nightly..
yet another locked thread
"take the bull by the horns"
Standing room only
I Change My Mode
TinyCore 3.7RC2 has NTFS support now. News!
pup colors
Opera's 'Best of Oprah mails to Opera" best of.
Australian banks say no to approved 300 MW coal plant
who officially represents puppy via a forum?
JavaScript Linux a Linux OS Emulator in FF browser
All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace
Top Ten Myths About the Brain
Watching French TV online in FF stopped working (Lucid 525)
Fair Internet in US is being undermined even more
Does Microsoft sabatoge their own OSes
Win 7 and Win Xp dual boot
Heaven Can Wait
fame, fortune, physique, power.
Onix TV
U.S. losing Internet-access race
The rise and fall of CentOS
La double vie de Dominique
Skype after Microsoft
I declare May 21st 2011 - LAUGHTER DAY!
Judgment Day - Jesus is Coming on May 21, 2011
Ubuntu and other Linuxes and their root traditions.
BBC 3 looks into 'evangelical frenzy' over apple
Did you spot Win XP in the New York court?
"There is increasing evidence that considerably higher....
Cyber Equivalent of a Police State
Anybody ever try PC-BSD ?
Do you like the new Ubuntu 11 interface?
HP/Compaq getting WebOS rather soon.
Bruce and the Buddha
We are not in the business of harboring,
Swift Linux 0.1.0 is now available!
Microsoft Urges Users Not to Use Windows on the Internet.
Does Flash Gordon track you? Cookie Monster to rescue!
Campaigner's email to CPS over failure to prosecute BT
A peace prize that actually means something
Flag this message
Video of Windows Upgrades
Squeeze OS in SqueezeBox has ARM and work with linux
were US grounding raptor to ease deficit ?
Microsoft close to deal to buy Skype
Latest Knoppix live almost as good as Puppy?
build a linux filesystem for your chosen device
What will Linux become?
Going to the Dogs
Good Vibrations
Tiny Core Linux vs Micro Muppy - the cat vs the chihuahua
Raspberry Pi - teaching computer science
Easy conversion for your videos of various formats
The Future of Puppy Linux
Osama's burial at sea
herbal tea for Barry
Anyone need a wife?
new cutting edge breakthrough technology for touchscreen dev
Swedish Politics
Archiso, ArchBang, Chakra are all a kind of Arch.
Avoiding conversational narcissism
Uk Politics
Archiso a version of Arch by Godano Edit write permissions?
Aging Puppy
Just one more to add to the never ending gallery
American Politics in the Puppy Forum
Who's more progressive, Obama or Ron Paul?
Easy way to test Porteus Linux (Slax) Frugal install
Trump the ASSimBirtha - You've got to be kidding
We humans are so smart! Ants?
Peppermint-Ice-OS is not that bad :)
Mobility in Oz
Easily file transfer between pc and ipad 2
Google fined $5m over Linux patent row
Happy Easter
Operamini6 is out
Trump the president
What is the physical meaning of statistical parameters?
i-known knows where you are and have been since boot :)
Teaching PUPPY to SAMBA
We humans are so smart! right?
Differences in performance of graphical mode
Now here images of Puppy THE ACTUAL DOG
The Canterbury Project try to merge different Linux Distros
big history
"GNU/Linux Basic" Free 256 pages to read.
The New Commodore 64, Updated With Its Old Exterior
Obama running for a second term
Future Toyota cars will crash themselves
Podnet is mobile device-to-device communication system
I'm sober 3 years today
Understand Puppy!
Puppyites are DOGS
The Nuclear Debate
77 Features for Windows 7 that Every IT Professional Should
well.. we know what day it is!
Microsoft says Google is thwarting competition
uk minister confirms site blocking discussions
Newbie comparing small distros. Puppy, Slitaz, TinyCore
Update to a previous thread of mine on quantum computing
nonviolent revolution rulebook
How to figure the amount of stones I need? (Solved, thx)
autoresponse in pidgin
DigiWars: Special Features – ZenithKnight Comic Strip
Sleeping Air Traffic Controller
The sound of a bad hard drive
getting Yahoo/gmail password
Article: Exotic Linux distros can come in handy
Tiny Core fraud on Source Forge
Red Hat: Nearing $1 billion in revenue; Not bad for free sof
Cuckoo in egg pattern 'arms race'
Meat Glue, at a Grocery Store Near You., Bastards exposed!!
Replace cell phone towers with Cube
Another war for our Nobel Peace Prize winning president
XXX Domain Names Pass Final Approval
The end of "free" internet content as we where used to?
Phorm steal website material to make their own website
Windows 7 Setup Frustration
Easily solve all your conversion for iPad 2
What computer did my Abit VA-10 come from?
Is it worth getting a new printer?
Hardware Issue on EEEPC
It's a slippery slope to a life of crime!
The History of Linux and it's Developer Linus Torvald
Tiny Core Linux Website Down [solved]
Bypassing the big guys to get broadband
Ridiculously Fancy Star Wars Home Theater
Ideas for HowTo? "webmail site only" download
Atari game emulator
Java4Ever Movie Trailer
For The Apocalypse: Submarine Tanks
Personal, only read if you care about Nooby as a person.
Japan earthquake and tsunami
Frugal Installs -- non Puppy
Note 2 Self
GAME Changers - Artificial Intelligence becoming REAL
end the controversy over running as root
Deleted Threads
Children abuse in God's places.
Ed Vaisey MP on the new cookie law
cancer treatment website
Android virus an increasing smartphone protection problem
Video of an Orb?
eeePC 900ha - broken disk drive but need Windows
Horse Rentals
Whatever happened to l0wt3ch?
I got a new lighter
I love this Error 404 page
I have not bought Your piece of crap! :)
snapkeys? The new revolutionary way to type?
What do you really want / expect from Linux
".ad" Image Format Conversion
tubes tubes tubes
how to take over the world
Give your brain a Workout!
Editing YouTube Video Preview Frames
You can't have more than 1 puppy.
Bothered Me
First details on EC data protection action against UK reveal
New Zealand Quakes - Everyone OK?
Huawei offers free mobile connection equipment for the Tube
ubuntu's history
VW Amarok? What's next the Ford Gimp!
Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?
Analog corner
Could be the lobbyists get their way in the US...
Microsoft pushes for infected computers to be quarantined
Does Slax Linux have a better persistent save file now?
Limo, a linux platform. Will be public in July!!!
Tour de Force [PHOTOSET]
Google "doubleclick" ads??
Technological Arachnophobia or A Spider on a Lampshade
Shure M97xE turntable cartridge
Nokia and Microsoft form partnership
AppleOS, Android, WebOS, all are Linux and Unix varieties?
The Year 2012
The Wizard
Take screenshots of your Android phone from Windows or Linux
Are you smarter than your puppy?
Questions about FreeBSD and Debian
The Upcoming Puppy Bowl
Post your uptime
TinyCore and Knopix linus etc, is it okay to get help here?
PlayOnLinux lets you do wine too.
It's snowin' down in Texas!
I hear there used to be cassowaries at mission beach
Got some snow in Chicagoland
How to start a fight with your wife
ICO lets BT off the hook in the ACSlaw scandal
Nexus may be the better Linux?
Remembering puppy
Acer D250 NTFS HDD Frugal SlitazOS fails (Solved partly?
Catherine Fitts describes the "tapeworm economy"
Best Wishes for the Middle East
ID ten T error
turn cell phone into a remote power on device
My vacation...or not
Windows 7 and SSDs: Setup secrets and tune-up tweaks
Puppy Users in Australia - Floods?
Canada's Inuit gather mussels under tne sea ice
Has Iguleder left Puppy ?
People are awesome!
Big Brother is... online?
A hunter shoots bear
2 new boxes in a week
Knoppix_V6.4.3-en DVD aptget fix
I've just been blown away....7 year old girl - A-Mazing!!
Frugal install is kind of looked down upon in Linux world?
Puppyite, a reintroduction
I want an OS to write, listen to music and manage files
Data General One
Beware Aussies US is sending you our sick
ICO forces Home Office to hand over Damian Green papers
Happy times in the ME.
We like war
The Hosts File
The Oz Tragedy - lateral thinking?
A walk on the wild side....?
TalkTalk v website owner fighting fund
Flooding of Sunny Coast and so on. Sad indeed NT
Flash Vs HTML5 Pong Game
mangrove trees in pots
^thehatsdrool^ - banned from TCL forum ... intentionally
Join OIN before 1-23 for rights to Novell patents
Permissions, SU, LiveCD not allowing NTFS read write etc???
Creative backup solutions for every situation
Digital Audio Workstation Meego Linux hand held cutie!
Danger, Will Robinson, danger....more bull coming your way!
New Year Resolutions
2010: The year technology replaced talking
I hope every one has a great new year
Stop ACTA! International anti-counterfeiting agreement
Jesus as a programmer...lol
Website hosting in Australia who do you use?
Man quits job, makes living suing e-mail spammers
poor dog
Those violent Aussies
Barnes and Noble Nook
How to fix my Xbox 360?
conspiracy- the dog is working with the man
Change GPL forcing Companies to put Linux on Packaging
Merry Christmas
Phorm appears to make government decisions
Question about buying a processor
Rocketry Miniconf at linux.conf.au: tickets are nearly gone!
computers more harmful to IQ than smoking marijuana
Linux rules the Clouds
Never too late!
Scrooge, Grinch, Humbug
full moon - lunar eclipse - winter solstice 2010
Video links
Christmas Greetings
2 great articles on Microsoft's losing its mojo
PC I built from scratch won't work
Payback time on eBay -buyer pays up.
Humble Indie Bundle 2
Troll hunting for fun and profit
Motivation for middle-class taxpayers
How to make a big game gun from a shotgun
pingus periratus website moved
Is this credit card theft scheme for real?
Oh my, our Windows machine was attacked!
Obama signs law for Indian tribes black farmers
i though we had successfully canned these junkets
Google Chrome netbook
Super_Talent Flash Windows environment
What's the worst GNU/Linux distribution you've used?
What is http://www.puppysupport.com/support/?
Google Acts to Demote Distasteful Web Sellers
Race Is On to 'Fingerprint' Phones, PCs
DeLi Linux becomes ConnochaetOS
Lobster Gratin
damn this disposable world!
short stories corner
MSN in Pidgin doesn't work
Digital Dark Age
Novell acquired by Attachmate
phone apps that you recommend
Quantum Biology and fish soup
Solutions to broken cups
Use your routers SSID to whine to the neighbors
Big doings in Redmond tonight!
murga Linux mobile site?
How best to secure my hard disk drive?
Stupid Retrospective
What it costs to host a malware site
Mac g4 tiger 10.4.11 OS Software
dyou guys happen to know where can i see a tuts for openshot
It’s people! Meet Soylent, the crowdsourced copy editor
Documentary: The History of Internet Search and Google
Vote for the best troll in Puppy forum
My eye-rolling smiley is not rolling his eyes
Bleeding Heart Guilt-o-Meter
ULTra at Heathrow - the future is now?
Get the MP3 file from RainyMood.com
Report on my Windows 7 experience
Mac has no bugs....
How can I do a Vista downgrade?
Inkscape tutorials
Is the Climate Denier Monckton fixing the Election Results?
New videos of my band on youtube
How to hack a voting machine
Halloween Rant
tried Hydrogen for the first time
Why people don't contribute to open source projects
Creator of Rocky and Bullwinkle Dies
RIP Linux questions...?
Ambiophonic Audio Player
I don't know about dog, but human can do such a thing
Lobster Ordained
Nikon Small World winning photos for 2010
Think you live in Australia? Think again.
Got young kids? Check out UKnow4Kids live Linux DVD
Science Fiction Book "The Unearthing"
Google is about to release Crome OS RC version.
Puppy vs. GParted boot times
Storage administration terminology cheat sheet for newbies
Photomicrography winning images over the years
Freedom of Speech Rights
The Barbarian Faggots of America surrender to the StoneAge
Mobile firefox 4 some phones
Distro for iBook G4 PowerPC?
Minix instead of Linux? :)
Is your PC sick?
We are more than 1%
Pussycat SHED or GALPon Minino
Screwed(in another 3.7 billion years)!
Fancy a game of ping pong?
BIOS about to change.
What happened to bugman?
World's Scariest Job
US sorry for infecting Mexicans with Influenza A H1N1/09
Coal is still the enemy of the human race
Whatever you do in this life,
Open Office gets forked some not happy with Oracle
Funny videos
Someone is trying turn this Forum into a Political Nightmar
Obama wants unfettered access to your Internet activity
Australian ISPs
Char (human) non integer variable
Where's the gold?
New anti-aging treatemet - the Face-Lower!
Pulling the plug for a friend
Centre Punch 100% Australian made, for wood,steel,plastic
Is the video on youtube yet?
Site check request
Commodore is back!! Amiga, 64 etc
Tame Impala - best Aussie band I never heard of
Running the world from down-under
Low power communication in the house 27MHZ
News Source
Mice Killing for beginners
Pat Metheny/Lyle Mays commentary over song "September 15"
Ghostbusters musical stuff
Make sure you take a loaded 12 guage shotgun with you to breakfast.
Learning Windows XP
Future Wave Energy Saver
Greetings from a new Puppy Linux user
Can't understand mobile phone message in Spanish
Pizza Contest
Have you got too many puppies?
New Zealand Earthquake
Does Happiness have to cost the Earth?
What HTML5 can do
Aussie humour!
Hurricane Earl
Underworld video describes how I feel about Puppy
More Privacy
Kodak, 1975- first digital camera
MIS Technology Report for MBA Class. Looking for ideas...
Interesting site on GUI Design
domain squatters - possible solution
Slip stream Windows XP install CD
getting your mail served
unable to boot XP
Router lose connection to ISP [Solved my fault]
Funny Youtube Video - PC related found by accident
praying for fish
Long Tan Day
Matrix runs on Windows XP
My new web site
Starving geek rescue plan
recurring BSOD in WinXP SP3
Finally got SliTaz 3.0 on my Asus P5QL Pro!
Is linux the way to greener computing?
TalkTalk StalkStalk's its customers around the web
fixing windows XP domain name through Puppy
Obama's sabre-rattling debunked in 7 minutes
Puppy (real canine) advice wanted
What Linux Needs
Gluten and gluten intolerance
Swazi queen caught with 'married lover
Fix Windows with Puppy Linux and Other Live cd Tools.
Anyone here try Lubuntu yet?
The Pentagon's true enemy: the American people
Pre-release music sampler from my friends project
Do ya think Linus Torvalds is rich?
automatic bug fuzzing
Hi-fi stereo choices
How to make Smart PDF submission form work with TOR?
Relative Prayers
Birdman- street performer in Lisbon, Portugal- video
Inception - movie review
Having fun with Micro$oft's dinky $mallBa$ic
Astronomers detect 'monster star'
Wierdest Hardware Fix Ever!
Lobster vs. Robot
anyone need a new dog?
Compassion, "Obamacare" style
How to Access the Internet (A Guide from 2025)
Olé. olé. olé. olé.
Microsoft opens source code to Russian secret service
Puppy chat remains blank ...
Did you know you can't carry a loaded gun at a gun show?
Your IP address is showing
Will They Never Learn II
ROX filer limitation?
citizens of the civilized world rejoice, the end is in sight
cycling and camping on the Thames
How to get by built-in e-machine HDD password?
ATX Power supply question
Woof t-shirt
Household hint from FaceBook
Is this fungus a Death Cap?
Al Gore
Law Enforcement against Prohibition
Don't Taze My Granny!
Longest Day, and my Buddies are STILL making turns
Damn if you do and still damned if you don't do it!
Zombie dogfish. Yup, it's a thing.
Why I must stop liking puddy cats.
Hirens Boot CD now uses RIP Linux
Even Barack Obama would sooner go to Hell than to McDonalds
7" Notebooks on ebay
How about a round of Scenes We'd Like To See?
Non-Puppy Linux Problem
The End of free info on Internet has begun.
Does anyone else feel like this about music?
The Tourettes Guy [NSFW]
Top scientists show us their wish lists for the future.
hi y'all
world cup football
Pentagon looking for Wikileaks founder
Paranoid programming?
A Linux Hater's Blog Page - Gave me a good laugh
My solution to poor signal quality from wireless router
oz enviromentalist steal Hayabusa asteroid capsule
Israel's Mavi Marmara footage is a propaganda hoax
The best Footboll Trumpet. The Zazu Kudu Horn Vuvuzela
Puppy Poetry
Safari 5’s ‘Reader’ Simplifies the Web
Surface area needed to power the whole world by solar power
Man these mechs are cool!
Font compatibility Nimbus Sans L
Breaking News Hitler found alive in U.S.A.
KDE 3.5 continuation....
How To Market A Linux Distro Successfully?
Would you trust THESE people
arizona in the news again
Is Google making us dumb?
FOSS/Linux to love or hate the HardWare makers?
Be nice to America, or...
The 2 Millimeter Dash
Inaugural electric motorcycle race becomes a dogfight
New PC fries my USB sticks! (Solved)
Barbarians in the palace
Apple now bigger than Microsoft
IBM's "mini" brain - circa 2010
Even my computer is ahead of its time
Future Linux distro wish list from a newbie?
a hungry star
Just in: news from pattaya
Canada at war
"Any Christians in there? Well you can all f*** off."
Sony's removal of Linux support from PS3 upsets gamers
Wine for Windows in linux! XXX for Apple/OSX? What?
US Senate approves sweeping reforms of Wall Street
Kentucky politics in the news Oh no
Kenny G sucks
Vacuuming a dented touchscreen...
Oil Spill Is Really Pissing Me Off!!!!
Artificial intelligence and the Dislike Response activation
Puppy and effects on productivity
Windows wuauclt.exe [SOLVED]
Mandriva for Sale
unemployed people usa
South Park Avatar Creator
Windows Messenger Fix 4 Old Version
Malicious adware
PlanetSolar solar catamaran around the planet on to Manilla
Norhtec Gecko Clone
Internet use at work
Undersized penis leads to beating and arrest
anybody use scroogle?
Brown going down.
Vector Classic
KR 500 Robot as Amusement Ride
browser stats
Firefox space saving theme
Gates No Genius!
Google Chrome Speed Tests
Silly Microsoft Video
Where can I buy a Gecko Edubook?
Women tennis hurray.
So How Did Ubuntu Become Dominant?
Linux is Useless in the Real World
Rant about smart phones
is this an ozzie or kiwi girl?
Are they serious?
Forum connection
I Love this Bloke!! His Freeware statement for his Program
I'm big in Turkey
Flamewars.net: listing the best flamewars on the net
It Takes a Village Idiot: The Jerks of Online Forums
Windows XP great for making music with....
70MB text-only Ubuntu
Printer drivers: A thing of the past? Google, HP think so.
How do I download Puppy for Aspire one?
what if they gave a tea party and nobody came?
Puppy Gave Me Eternal Life
Windows error message on "open" tablet pc
New Caitlyn adventures in the Linux wonderland
GTK on DirectFB or run Gimp without GTK??? Strange but true.
TinyCore Linux information?
Hell Tetris (Inspired by XKCD)
Intel to release 48 core cpus.
Unprecedented Internet Censorship Bill Passes in UK
Looking for a copy of the Sun W2100Z Supplemental CD-FOUND!
FCC loses to Comcast in Net Neutrality ruling
The hard ware solution to failed linux compatibility
Playstation3 and linux?
Open Source?
The latest outrage of American imperialism
buggy scripters shouldn't have computers
Always Split Test
lawsuits of the living dead
IRC, Trolls And Me: The Future of the IRC channel.
Anyone with time
Happy Easter
More mods
solar powered netbook
a great words and great signature
Happy Easter
so you have pissed off barry
Puppy Cam!
Guam may "tip-over" and "capsize" w/ more people
Really good April Fools joke by The Guardian
More Oratory from Conroy-Pusbag in Waiting
Linux Tablet from Spain
Some questions for a paper about open source software
The real Pac-Man, Death Star found !!!
The vigilante's guide to social networking
Conroy's lies - OZ Internet Filter
And You Thought PUPPY Was Easy To Use...Look At THIS!
Country Life Breads = Cadburys Syndrome
Bill Gates is gone Nuclear
AVG Boot cd Now Free
Top 10 internet filter lies-Conroys lies
Aussies - We are the worlds best
BitDefender Finally Gets it Right about Windows OS
Feeling down about your looks, maybe this Website can help!
Making Fun of Microsoft and Bill Gates Website just for fun!
Freak storm cuts power in Perth, Australia
Guest who's on the Pathetic W#$ker of the Day List!
M$ Goes Nuclear
Communist Party of India
Boonex Dolphin PHP script is SCAM! Beware!
My crap site
Michael Jackson's unreleased video
Puppy goes to the dogs
monolog with wilson
Klingons technology will be here soon !!! Cloaking
China unveils homemade AC313 large civilian helicopter
Jogger knocked out by boxing kangaroo
Am I the only one still using dialup?
Indonesia, Brazil and India are enemies because of FOSS
New Zealand filters the web - another one bytes the dust,
Preview of IE 9
Where am I?
got your safety head gear ready 01micko?
Does anyone know what those two W7 agreements mean?
Meanwhile back at the SCO case...
How did M$ decide they wanted interoperability?
Any Ideas how to become the Prime Minister of Australia
Novell being bought out,...
can 1 box slow the others down on a network?
Finally- scaling gradients
Talk about Smart Computing!
Domain name sale notice: Murgalinux.com
Get your own jet pack! Yahoooooooooooooooooo
Neural networks in PHP
Future for winXP looks bad with new harddrives
Win User Energizer battery charger contains backdoor Trojan
Aqualung FAQ
Off topic Thank You area?
Coby $85 smartbook
Marketshare of Linux - does it matter at all?
Sharing in Linux: Can it get any easier?
How do other forum member's habits Annoy you?
stupidity or boredom
google auto suggest
creation myths [fao fleetwood]
some pictures of the earthquake on Chile
Australian ruffians receive rough justice
Forever Moving Goal Posts Ever changing Protocols Annoying!
Well, Is it True? The End of the Federal Reserve???
How do I build a whole website?
Well this sucks...
Noah's Ark was </?>Flying</?sic?del> Floating Saucer
Mi first post in nearly 4 years
Libel: Is it time for a change?
TPG phone -pay as you go $1
Igelle Linux looks interesting with possible new ideas
Suggestions for using Linux on a Sun Java Workstation?
Journey of the Blob
The funniest Spam I have ever gotten...
Puppy best friend
Puppy in Top Ten
Pilgrimage to Woof
Linux is an Evil and Uncompassionate OS
Free audio books: download great books for free
simulates an os inside the browser
Other linux Distros
At Last - The Age of Stupid - a recommendation
Humans 2.0
Where is MU ?
Latest outrage: the assault against our brave men in blue
External 2,5" SATA HDD + USB 1.1 - is that possible?
obsolete knowledge: mental arithmetic
how do you guys edit videos in puppy linux?
Operation Titstorm
(Solved) Mint. Asks Username?
Search within a thread
A server virtualization project success story
stupid question
Can someone do my homework for me?
Linux Distros differences. Puppy, TinyCore, Absolute Lin.
Old subroutine threaded programming languages like Forth etc
Dual boot installation
Who thinks the internet can't be censored?
The Public Domain Manifesto
Symbian phone OS goes open source, Excellent news :)))))))
security theater: bordering on madness
Leave an old Linux Magazine in Waiting Rooms to promo Linux
Our Aussie politicians.
iiNet slays Hollywood in landmark piracy case
Cannot Post Anonymously in South Oz
Netbook distro...just for netbooks only?
Now THIS is ~weird~ - Ubuntu 8.04 is their LATEST release??
fao paulbx1
Pay a liscening fee in the UK to view online tv streams ???
Streamlining OS X
Can tablets, other such things run Puppy?
Paranoia - Virii, Linux, Puppy etc
iFrame Virus On Ads viewed with Internet Explorer
Laptops, motherboards, problems
smp or nosmp?
Stepping on programer's toes?
internet war zone
Linuxconf.. Brisbane 2011
spousal issues with Puppy Linux
New developments that could help Puppy
Steampunk computing
fancy one of these?
US America PO Money Orders
can my old computer use a new hard drive?
How to assemble your puppy
Some noobs are very naive and unrealistic in their demands?
Linux Magazines expensive in the Philippines.
A Message From Transport Canada
Water dunked phone
Streaming TV
advice needed
See how the 'Numb3rs' Geek helps other Geeks to Date
Nostradamus Says: It Will Soon Suck To Be Us
new mascot at work
Cool video: San Francisco, 1905
The Oh-My-God Particle
Linus' blog FOUND !!!
Do you have a favourite wine?
Got a Prius - congratulations...however you've added to this
Which search engine you like the most and why ?
improved Hume/Tiger poll
Anyone played with the DX1 input system?
Video of the day
Keep Fat- eh FIT
Famous Quotes
Attention Graphic Designers
Post your dev machines.
Americans looking to ban going to church.
Request: Assembly Language book for Vista and Win 7
4th Age of computing
It's cold
DVD copy protection
Running TEENpup 2010 and Mandriva 2010 on EeePC
The generation gap -- Do you expose your life online?
New Year Resolutions
Why can I do this?
Would anyone here be interested in Puppy Kiva support group?
Two windows laptops died in two days !!
OS fanboys graphic
Merry Christmas
Hail to Obi, the visionary..
There is Something You Need to Know.
Merry Christmas
Puppy Christmas and Puppy New Year !
Puppy screen cleaner
for Lobster
Cleaning up search results
Wind Turbine powered by hard drives
Microsoft to stop selling word
Kim Peek (the real *rain man*) is dead
more spam mods?
What music would be good
Brittany Murphy Died!!!!! At 32? , OH Geeze...!
Wireless general question
Are we allowed to change username? How?
Australia gets internet...
Popups on Murga forum
Australia gets internet content filtered "for the children"
google's new quantuum computer
The reason why we like a particular style of music
Microsoft accused of stealing code?
Giant iceberg B17B heading toward Australia
"Just sit down, and play like..."
climate confidence?
Brazil Is World's Newest Spam Capital
Acer Cash back deals, have you not received your cash back?
Questions about immigrating to Australia
Extended Warranty offers.
Wikireader !
AntiX 8.2 and Crunchbang 8.10
Where's the laptop bargains?
Puppy is a Menace - the State is on to him.
Why vist Australia? (comic)
Google public DNS
War President Obombya to collect Peace Prize soon
Puppy's Future 48-Core CPU ???????????
The World according to Americans
so dark inside...
Windows 7 Black Screen of Death -How to Fix
187MB GTK1 Ubuntu version
Computer "recycling" in the third world
/tmp/xerrs.log file mysterious file type changes.
Virus Warning - Are you suffering from these virus's
Gary McKinnon will be extradited to the United States
Surveys - Does anyone do an unbiased survey?
abit va-10 1.1v backplate
Torvald's pray
My Zenith Z181 computer died
Hooray for Hackers!!
KDE3.5 vs. KDE4
people said it didn't matter
Scared one off I see
pre natial vitimenes
One 4 Caneri - Sun Cube
Does Xmas give you the s*&ts?
Play on Linux
The Cult of Puppy
The Itch is Back - Shat Lyn Martian
why i use linux
M$ Mind-control
Not much good at #puppylinux on irc
The way it is
New Zealand did it!!!!!!!
what is up with Upup and dpup? There isn't much difference.
Mined Control
Windows 7
How to turn off the evil ClearType in Windows Vista / 7
#puppylinux irc questions
Who am I?
Microsoft patents SUDO?
What is the Puppy WIKI?
Puppy Party
What is Lobster’s STAR quality? (I can’t find any)
details on the site defacement,,
Someone just hijacked the puppylinux.org site?
Several "mic67" threads to be erased
What Personality Type are you?
If you Love GOLF - Robin Williams
Bringing "The Tudors" to Life: HD Wizardry of Ousama Rawi
Ubuntu 9.10 Software Center: For better or worse
How Do You Want To "Go"?
Will the real "new" features in Windows 7 please stand up?
A Universe From Nothing
Windows 7 Unix core?
Demons and Ghouls
Hey Lobster - Private
Animal communication.
Missing my puppy
Cold Turkey
Paragon Rescue Kit for Mac
Bamboo Bikes
Perfect gift for the man who has everything
Digicam - Video
BarryK is human
Ascended mistress?
Hehe - adobe update crashed Windows Task Manager
Hardware Area. Anyone interested?
And the winner is.....NT4
What the hell is up with GIT?
Authorised attacks only
Are there any Actuaries on here? I would like to become one.
Time to ditch Windows for online banking and shopping
Barry KaulerTravels the World
Do Other Drivers P... You Off - Now I have an Answer
Has anyone seen Béèm?
Here's my real puppy. His name is Chateur.
Proof MS Office 2007 is an anti-productivity suite
Does anyone outside USA think Iran is trying to get nukes?
Need Free Email
dvd drive
Australia becomes a financial superstar
Distrowatch Blocked my IP address for saying Puppy is safe
Oct 10, 11, 09 LNN: Pandora mini-netbook runs Linux
A house for less than $400,000
bugman got a job
Obama and his peace prize
Frozen Lobster [thawed]
Oct 7, 09 news.cnet: Computer memory flakier than expected
What Doctors don't want to tell you !!!!
Rogue landlord gets 90 days in jail
The best flag in the world
Don't laugh too loud
Case Study Dissertation Ideas…
The Power To Change - Home
Is It A Good Idea To Microwave A Giant Mercury Light Bulb?
Cultural differences
Geos OS
True image of a Lobster
Asians need better translators LoL
What do you use besides puppy?
Bill Gates
Karmic Koala: That's One Seriously Fast Marsupial
The President is a FOSS guy!
is maths any use in learning to program?
university education: is it a waste of time?
Aussie inventor's $445m Microsoft windfall wiped out
Quacks like a duck..Court smacks Autodesk software suit.
Android - Linux for mobile phones
Cnn VS Fox News.
On-line banking: How safe is it?
Haunting sight of water and people on the streets
We are on quite a ride....
Google`s Chrome OS, beta testing...
Will you get the H1N1 flu shot?
ZD Poll on Torvalds 'Linux is Bloated & Scary' comments
I am sorry! Is the tablet (finally) coming?
The Bobby Tables guide to SQL injection
Canada eh!
Torvalds calls Linux "bloated" and "scary."
Zeus Instant Messaging Trojan.....
Shadow of the Swas .. oh, wait
Left brain rests. Right brain compensates. Thus, haiku.
Nils Gilman's lecture on the global illicit economy
Vanish - P2P file deletion
Flash cookies: What's new with online privacy
MS teaches Best Buy employees how Windows beats Linux, Mac
Apple says no-way to the C64 emulator
ScanSafe raises alarm: thousands of compromised Web pages
Hello again
MSN costs $12 AUD a month ???
Why we should forget about converting Windows Users
Ubuntu Software Store Will Be Available in Ubuntu 9.10
Every OS sucks
microsoft ad is so wrong !!!!
With so many things screwed up . . .
Weird Australian clouds
penaOS another windows xp clone, this one based on Ubuntu
Hannah Montana Linux
The Inbox Of Nardo Pace, The Empire's Worst Engineer
Caning of a Malaysian woman for drinking beer
Cricket lessons given!
Double entries again!
Daylight savings time setting wrong for southern hemisphere
Shocking if true ?
I followed the instructions, now what?
I want to make an X Window Manager
There, I fixed it.
Cop that Australian Federal Police
Circular, Wrapping, Gantt "Window" Graph
forum message sorting
Nigerian 419 scammers: What you didn't know
You Must Obey: The Unwritten Laws of Technology
Terrible NEws !!!! Microsoft patents XML word processing doc
leaky browser syndrome
Feeding my puppy
chicken in halogen oven
Internet Filtering Boofheads - Only in OZ
Changeing my forum username
For King and Country!
HowTo test a developer
Why writing is hard / Writing vs Computer Programming
once in a life-time event tommorow
AWord of Advice
Why writing a Windows compatible file server is (still) hard
What makes Linux safer than Windows?
Beos user before switching puppy linux
McClatchy investigation: Birthers are just plain nuts
My Enemy Honor
Windows 7 rant
Getting started in BASIC
Pro active health
Firefox 4.0: Early Screenshots Released
Video: MythBusting the moon landing
A Pox on McAfee
Here's one I think Lobster may enjoy....?
Pigs do fly a LINUX FIRST !!!! Microsoft makes linux code !!
CDlinux Makes Computers Fly
Damn Small Linux dead?
Firefox 3.5.1 Crashed By A Simple JavaScript
Microsoft is opening shops
Linux & Media
Dark Light
I hate terrorists!
Online TV
Seldom sick, but . . .
Cursing can help cut pain
Microsoft announces its Azure cloud computing pricing $$$$$$
internet addiction
Old Lawn Mower
What ya listening to now?
DamnSmallLinux_Forum problems?
IBM Says
Rudolf the red nose hay fever
Cool picture of hounds jumping a fence
Top 10 Amazing Facts About Dreams
Top 10 Amazing Facts About Dreams
Benchmark article about programming languages
Mandriva-2009.1 first impression
Anyone tried Android SDK in Puppy?
Free Linux Software Bridges Brazil's Digital Divide
Outrageous insurance claims
I don't plan to try MS boing or bling
The best place for Puppy to test DivX.
Please, help me to find the right verb
No known 'Linux specific' bugs for the latest release of FF!
I'm a DAD!
Hello World
Homemade LED Flower with Lemon Juice Battery
A few things that keep me using Windows
SATA drive
Reverse image search engine
St. Louis Needs AB Negative Blood
Release Schedules in relation to different dist designs
My Puppy Just Got It's First Vrus
Previous life
Some thoughts on Twitter
Chinese Wake Up !!!
What's the problem with linux that vendor are seem avoiding
Married Names that shouldn't be hyphenated
Dispute Between Neighbours
Best programmer
outsourcing jobs you have to see this!
Looking for a DTV card that works with Puppy 4.2
NO to development on open space
Cell Phones that never need to be recharged.
Do you have some money that needs "whitening"?
Involuntary Pirate
How about cold turkey for winos ?
Hot Bee Action
Quantum Biology
When Puppy fails
Tmxxine News
John the Ripper password cracker
umount pup_save.3fs, mount pup_save1.3fs without restart
Chrome for linux
In "defence" of Windows
Germany forbids violent games
Great minds think alike... UNIX alike
So Sad
Satellite poo trail leads way to Antarctic penguins
Who R U?
Free webhosting PHP + Mysql -----Magic quotes
Archive old Puppy Linux Discussion Forum posts?
Forbidden from http://www.puppylinux.org/
Apple on the cheap
VirtualBox 2.2.2 on Windows
how many puppies can u get into a comp (JPC)
Why are the requirements for AdobeFlash10 so high for Linux?
When all hope was lost
We got across the Auckland Harbour Bridge
Montana tells federal govt to shove it
Secure Version of Windows Created for the U.S. Air Force
A Nice Distro -- Mepis
Anyone read Tux Radar?
Staggering !
How much is puppylinux.com worth?
Innovative wiimote projects
Free Dog Lovers Browser Theme
How are you doing?
Wall Street virtual stock trade game
No, it's a mouse not an elephant.
100mb micro Windows XP iso
Whirlpool post conclusion -QUOTATIONS!!
Kill cancer, support me on Alpe d'Huez on June 4th
Wall Street virtual stock trade game
Swine Flu Voodoo
Wesabe firefox extension - Safe Banking?
Dirty Monitor?
Fraud and Treason, Thy Name is Texas Grand Jury
Seeing green...
Windows 7, Release Candidate
http://puppylinux.org/home/overview problem?
Questions about starting a Linux forum
Trying to install XP on a Vista machine
When seeing is not believing
Told you so....
happy "birthday" lobster
Weird Dream
2300 yr old Egyptian Puppy discovered
Presto! In ten seconds, you've got an Internet desktop. $19
How to sink a Distro
A little bit of history - by Linus Torvalds
the real problem with Linux
I Won Competition at Atomic H.Q mag with Asus Insight
A New Breed of Netbook?
The Free Music Archive (Beta)
Mexican 'flu
Audrey Landers sings The Yellow Rose of Texas
Computer joke
Wake up to economics reality
Wanna feel better about the stock market ?
knowledge about Linux security
Tah Dah! And now we have Ruppy the Flourescent Puppy.
Tiny Core and Puppy
open source cell phones
Trashed hard drive or motherboard failing?
Hello, postal Pup!
VERY SAD DAY FOR THE WEB. "Oracle buys Sun; Now owns Java"
Secret Squirrel
Do you own a vicious Dog?
on a more positive note
SliTaz GNU/Linux Requires Only 16 MB RAM
Microsoft Sued for Browser Monopoly again
Aussie inventor in $537m Microsoft damages win
EC attacks Phorm trials - update
Congrats Cuba/USA
Is the African plate moving away from Europe?
Can Google build open source communities?
Run portable *buntu as a Windoze App
Our fancy Internet operates on a wire and a prayer
magerlab rocks
Need Suggestion To Buy A Digital Compact Camera
open suse equivilent of puplets
Which netbook mini-notebook do you think I should buy?
Debian Vs Puppy Forum
My puppy is chewing everything.
Puppy weeing from fright
Star Wars according to a 3 year old
Linux DAW for producing electronic music?
It's even got it's own frogs!
XP highs and lows
Vector Lite 6.0 no match for Puppy 4.2
Future Wi-fi Podcast
Are Ubuntu, Mepis, SUSE & Debian trying to kill Linux
conficker installs Puppy XP installer
stop software patents in Europe
Radio QCJN
Death in Action
My hand hurts when it shouldn't...
how many women are there here in the forum ?
Vegans v cructaceans
Looking back to the past old Distros to improve the future
Designer babies: join this interesting discussion at NS
Are there any Websites still holding old Linux iso's
making things last
video of underwater volcano eruption off Tonga
'technosaurus' is crossing distro's to 'Tiny Core Linux'
How I trashed two hard drives
The seven best Linux Foundation contest videos
Cry for Help
Proposed parental rights amendment to the US constitution
The History of the Gold Standard
Microsoft: Litigate on FAT, and you'll be the next Unisys
Another perspective on the finances
A game for Lobster?
Australian Financial Review: Germany dumps MS for Linux
10 reasons why Linux will triumph over Windows
Open source for hard times
Two and a half cheers for recession
speak to me
congratulate the bugman!
Direct Revenue: A Twisting History
Health Awareness - What do you know?
Recycling - Call for creative reuse ideas
Security and other catastrophes
Maximize your television reception
Surge protection for DSL and dialup service.
10 obscure Linux applications you need to try - article
No net... again
Cardboard PC cases... Great idea!
Rednecks, old computers, and TCO
Kidz Korner - moderated Linux graphics forum for kids
World's First Triple-Engine Web Browser - Windows Only !!!
Thermostat Setbacks—Do They Really Work?
News blooper of the day
Google knows about windows
WARNING GNINRAW:Stroking your Puppy will send you <blind>
Mozilla wants to watch Firefox users
RIAA, BSA lawyers fill top Justice spots
Windows kicks Linux to the curb?
How to boost website Google search ranking?
How to dual-boot Windows and Fedora or Redhat?
Give XP that Linux Look it always wanted
Netbooks become the bane of Microsoft
how to erase partition
And Gong Xi Fa Cai to you too.
Crunchbang - A lightweight Openbox 'buntu
The Evolution of Linux
10 predictions -Linux - open source 2009
My Father's idea of Creation and the Bible Mathomatically
Microsoft Goes Green with overseas Tech Support
Why are Balkan state keeping tabs on this forum?
Zigbert goes wild
fao lobster
Murga-linux.com is unavailable sometimes
Another Life
Three ways to levitate a magic carpet
Honestly Officer it wasn't me, you've got the wrong Aarf
php disk space monitor for the mirrors
Linux as a Virus / Trojan
Patents, Copyrights, Bankruptcy and the Free Market Myth
Lobster joins Microsoft
The idea of the WebOS. Good or Bad
[video] Apple Introduces New Laptop With No Keyboard
Hibernating a Linux Laptop…FINALLY!
The Daily Puppy
Nano-NanoNanotennas convert photons into electricity
Neat bookshelvs
Etsy: only handmade things.
Any Suggestions/Warnings For Buying a Laptop?
Internal Debate
SSL broken by hackers, Good or bad?
YouTube: Uncle Jay Explains Year-end!
Strangest football game ever
Still unsure about moving to Linux?
Lesbian or Debians ????
Vista Source Code!
PolyU Student Challenge
Just in case........
Zeitgeist the Movie
Aussies - Stop 'Clean feed' censorship
Google acquisition Grand Central phone tool
The Best Hip Hop Christmas Songs Ever
I paid $350 for a Jack-Shit
Something astounding I just discovered with dental floss...
Nix: package manager for *nix
10 Programming languages worth checking out
Go Aussies
Scared to Try openSUSE 11.1
Change My IP Address
Tiny Core Linux
Monitor your Linux server with Monitorix
R Wii Borg?
Serious Security Flaw found in Internet Explorer
installing printer and password in CUPS
Creative Commons Music download free Cd's
Swedish Puppy Linux Forum!
INX: Ubuntu based live CD
Teacher threatens to call the cops over Linux
Can't fight City Hall
CSS as a drawing tool
Food for deep thought?
When Linux fails
PS3 = Linux supercomputer?
I got a Christmas present
"Quick Reply" option for forum
3 word story
Christmas has been cancelled
Librivox - Free audio books!
The Vision Thing
Not Impressed by Ubuntu 8.10
Password stealing malware masquerades as Firefox add-on
Red Hat Linux Red Flag
A Puppy inspiration?
The Halloween Documents ten years later
Digital Imaging - Still and Movie mode
The Beer Code
Maybe-free virtual machines online
linux-related falling-apart day
Verdict in MySpace Suicide Case
OSWA Assistant
Graffiti and litter lead to more street crime
It was a matter of time the 'State' will wake up frightened.
Language Translation.
All The News That's Fit To Print
Under worm attack, US Army bans USB drives etc.
Aussies Do Pasta Better
Stupid Low-tech Patents
Life magazine - photo archives
Interplanetary Internet.
Next-generation USB revealed
Video: Five things you should know about rootkits
Microsoft trainer or instructor
Barack Obama Irish?
Is Banning 'illegal' downloaders coming your way soon?
Respect - or else >>> M$'s latest outburst on freedom
Good News Day!
Well I'm still here, but...
Micro$oft Advertising Campaign Crashing TVs
Do you travel for the purpose of criminal or immoral acts?
ASRock “4 second” Instant Boot for Windows
Useful and Useless thinking
need some parts i don't have, have some parts i don't need
Anyone interested in Planning/democracy/having a say?
PartedMagic 3.1 Live Linux Utility CD
Congrats, USA!
Proposed theme song for this forum
Aitch and Flash = Woss and Bwand?
Flash deleted the 'funny' thread because it defended me
Sand eating.
Aitch and Flash - link for spiritual lessons for you
Here's what Flash censored again - to kill sane conversation
Censorship is alive on Murga's Forum - Part Two
Puppy to enter White House with the Obama family
Censorship is alive on Murga's Forum
Another pic of Harley
New puppy :)
Guess what?!
Something else I've been doing
Linux Outlaws - podcast
Dr.Web LiveCD: good for testing Windows?
I hate domain snipers
Reinstalled XP but get 'Error Loading Operating System'
Great Firewall of . . . Australia?
Problems registering?!
Grappling with Ubuntu: good Slate article
Good Calories, Bad Calories
How to follow my posts in the forum?
Researchers hack wired keyboards, hijack keystrokes
Whatever happened to U3?
Hopefully you let your dog get full access to area news
Book review: Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, .......
Linux Professional Institute Exams
Sub Prime Mortgage Mess
Lobster attacked by pornographers from another dimension
10" notebook $413 USD or $599 Australian
Pun Contest
Why did a mod delete the Rick Astley / Einhander 2 post?
Lowest Legal Price
Compaq desktop and Vista
Mark Twain
Justice Department.
Clockwork Orange
DNA Database: Record Collection Levels Reached
No new taxes !?!?
crazy aardvark
What a coincidence!
Come on over here and talk about spiritual stuff!
Flash: why not answer my pm's?
More Silliness - Match Game
A Caneri Birthday
Indian Air force cut backs .....
Microsoft Virtual PC hell
english is evil
China spying on Skype users
Time to stuff your mattresses, kiddies!
Windows 98 fundamentalists
Why does my computer run slow
I will REMOVE the toilet seat if you don't shut up
Striding Cat - series
HP mid-tower $99
Barter / Exchange
Finnish stewardess meets Spanish gent
Google phone to cost $179, debut Oct. 22
Does Puppy need diapers??
Dog Owners' Liability Act Information
Earth's resources allocation for the year, used up already
It's a Girl!!!
MS Clown ad
Online IT courses in Australia has anyone done one?
MP3 Player Purchase and Puppy
Idiots claim right to charge money for DVD copying software!
Totally silent computers with Puppy on them?
Pirate Day
Is This Poaching?
Verichip - No Thanks
WTC - The answer's 'in our computer'
Monopoly anyone? Buying housing?
Beware - There's a scam going on!
Farewell to Pink Floyd's Richard Wright
Is there a program to convert itunes m4p to mp3, wav or ogg?
Berners-Lee backs web truthiness labelling scheme
What would Windows be without Win32?
I found something extremely weird on a forum
FlipVideo camcorder
SD Card to USB Photo
London Stock Exchange - Another Bad Choice
Just watched the 1999 "Pirates of Silicon Valley" Movie
"Security" of social networking sites.
"In the mirror"
Staging building collapses
Sarah & Bill
Thoughts on browsers
Wake up to Beauty
8thh of the 8th 08, just for fun
Strangelets to consume the earth 10 sept 2008
Hieroglyphic Equations
The longest domain name..........
So You Like Animals, Eh?
Bicycle Engine Kit
Flash cookies
Germans To Change Data Protecton Laws
$10,000,000 ?????
A New Dog
A new method to study origin of life
Link wxchange with this forum
Chrome Eula?
truly open computing system?
Rally For The Republic
Linux v Windoze and Games
I'm back!
How to extract files from floppy image of PAUD?
Icewalkers: new interface
Big Brother is camera shy!!
Gustav - Good luck New Orleans
Got Kids Who Keep Asking Science Questions?
Biological Time travel
Debian finally coming to its senses with Lenny?
A belgian crossed the Simpson desert alone.
Are they wanting an AI (intuitive) instruction set?
Exercise for the Elder Geek
Dolby - you don't happen to know about NESARA by any chance?
NOISE tracking system.
Fantastic Contraption: online physics puzzle game
Linux under attack: Compromised SSH keys lead to rootkit
You can run from viruses, but you can't hide.
Reasons to hate Microsoft
Light Entertainment
Great news - Security At Last!!
Reinstalling Win98 on a laptop w/o CDROM or USB <SOLVED>
Aware and Elonex 99£ comp a new challenge for Puppy?
Trimming down a less than reliable XP system
40 Tips for a Better Life
virtually real
Napkin PC; Activated by Pen or Touch
INTEL: Any sufficiently advanced technology....
Creative threatens over Vista-fix
Faunos Linux offers alot, well worth a look.
Face Off: Windoze vs Linux
Physics Questions
OMG - Political Animals
Predator - New Game Causes Stress Fatigue
great flash games for little children Red fish soup!
darknet.org.uk competition is a big fake!
Its Hell Week :D
Long term data storage
Tesla revisited - another mysterious death
Virus Alert
Wikipedia: Free access to the sum of all human knowledge,
Dreams answered in Oz
Like Anime - so did Disney - allegedly
Interesting Google experimental results
Treasures at the Dollar Store - computer cables
hard reality from big_bass
open source stands up in court
Freedom of Information or the Right to Information
Gary McKinnon - Hard Criminal or White Hat Hacker Explorer
Lobster bugged
More Important Legal Decisions
Web based Apps - New Hacker Target?
Picotux - smallest linux PC
Tires ..
Lite-weight Ubuntu
My dog and his last day
How do you handle browsing youtube?
Why are some hardware manufacturers liars?
Revamped site
M$ at its worst?
Open-Source E-Voting: A Fix for the Nation's Voting Problems
Stolen: Google employees' personal data
TUX for Freedom to Choose. JWM, XFCE, KDE, X11, Gnome ....
OpenGoo: Open Source web office
Organised crime and bleeding edge technology
DSL brag too much in their book title on amazon
TimeTravellers board here
Bill Gates vs. GM
George Orwell joins blogging fray.
Film vs Digital
Microsoft Tactics?
Killer Tux
4 Legged Robot
SkyscraperPage - your city in images
How to get a "Microsoft Windows Tax"refund
Lenovo Linux Laptop
That's the way to do it!! [he he]
Not so loud.....
Puppy 5.00 The future SciFi version. :)
collapsing security models
Hey - Is there such a thing as good local government?
Defend our Dog...LOL
Thought you got rid of me, huh?
What is happening when forum is almost down? Superslow?
State of Washington Income Tax
How to do frugal install of many different distros? Tips
Obama in Berlin
What is the best site for reselling a domain name?
Running outside in a rainstorm?
Song contest
How to resume after suspend, in Debian?
Zenwalk has a working Flash. Puppy has too. Crashes?
Anaconda Bulge Wave: check it out. it is real cool
Magnetism: what is it?
new hacking opportunities
Barry Hall is over rated!
Laptop pointer controllers, on the keyboard
Alixe Linux Live CD/DVD works in RAM non-review.
Compiling Gnome
Grafpup? search did not find it. [Soldved] Thanks to Jeff
Me Mums Act - Book now
Penguins and Parliaments.
Q:Have you heard about the dyslexic bat?
Google Gadgets for Linux appears
unexpected sources on energy
Wood for the trees
HP, Linux & Business
History of Freedom & Its Future
Looks like Hans Reiser done it
KDE 4 Desktop
New skin, Reveiw
Encierros San Fermin
happypenguin was under attack!
I Like Puppies, but here's an irresistible Cat
Microsoft Modem / Router
National treasure
Microsoft will sell Office by annual subscription
Study: 637 million Google users surfing with insecure browse
FireFox add-on adds protection
Russian Spammer furious at British
Is there really a market for an open source router?
Ideas for an advanced USB flash drive.
long arms of genes and environment
Electronic Frontier Foundation respond to Judge in P2P trial
ebay - craig's list lawsuit
Windows Longhorn M1 Free download
Singapore forum 'scammer' faces caning and prison.
No FTP through T-mobile
Good News
The e-Book Test: Do Electronic Versions Deter Piracy?
A Firefox 3 security flaw
Y2K COBOL parable.
Unknown unknowns
Do computers have vulnerabilities?
Happy Father's Day
Getting rid of varmints
Microsoft caves: ‘Super-standards’ mode to be IE 8 default
Aussies deploy bovine facial recognition
The MINIX 3 Operating System
Elive Linux and Networking - Wow
Windows Vista (In)capable
Lobster molested by Pony
Ubuntu 8.04 Sound Problem
Puppy is a REAL distro, damnit...
SPAM due to default settings
Windows has Secret NSA Backdoor
Attention Geeks and Hackers: Uncle Sam's Cyber Force Wants U
Mapping Malware Web
DTV converter box antenna woes,.....
A Sad State Of Affairs - Human Rights 2007 report
Why Linux won the embedded market?
Yet another M$ failure - programmer motivation
Broadband: How fast?
I'll call you
Miraculous sun-eater!
Replacement windows for your house
P2P LiveTV on the desktop
Bill Gates/ Hitler?
Are all USB flash drives created equal?
Computer trained to 'read' minds.
TuxDroid - your next robot
Android Developer Challenge, which will provide $10 million
Solution for botnet problem?
Chocolate Cake, anyone?
Linux Vista Parody
General Linux Question
Mexico - You Are Not Alone
Peaceful Protest - or Act of Terrorism?
Grow your Own - Radio Station!!
We had to destroy the village to save it
Some programming notes
Tux Paint: a draw/paint program for... Windows?
Biker Penguins
Lost parrot gives vet his name and address
"Should he selflessly donate his stock to the U.S. treasury,
Hyperindividualism - Why bottled water is a success!
My first experience on Windows Vista
Elude Your ISP's BitTorrent Blockade
Law about to make the planet safe from destructive humans?
Quite Rock aint music.....
Burma - Monks relief efforts thwarted
ISPs' Error Page Ads Let Hackers Hijack Entire Web
Automatic Patch-Based Exploit Generation
Metal(music) community
Reinstall Windows? cut rate, only $99
Bell Canada’s packet inspection violates privacy law?
Instant on PC based on Linux
The key to Windows success? It’s all about the drivers
Attracting Linux Newbies
Open vision on future games distribution system
How many Computers do you have and what OS is on each one ?
We get our priorities right in Oz.
Microsoft's "free" WorldWide Telescope
Will Microsoft kill Linux on ULPCs?
Why your internet experience is slow
Linux Grows Up and Gets a Job
2012 - Planet X
Heads Up
OLPC M$ style: serfing the web
A reminder - We all need someone who understands
Geek Sheet: Bare-metal backup and recovery
How to reclaim hard-disk space from failed linux installs?
Tits cope well with warming
It's Now Completely Impossible To Sell A Laptop On Ebay
THE MOON: A Propaganda Hoax
Article: Common misconceptions about database security
I built a boat
www.ttuuxxx.com history
Buckminster Fuller crossed with Origami, anyone?
How do they do that?
Top 10 x-wind & scary landings
Muzak (Not Muzak)
Penguin Rape.
your computer keyboard is 5 TIMES dirtier than your toilet
World's first digital camera.
Something smells fishy here ...
Reiser found guilty of first degree murder
XP SP3 released
help needed
Some of the world's most INTERESTING sites.
Linux and making babies
Ubuntu Hardy Heron
Can a line be drawn between technique and creativity?
Why outsource to a Costa Rican call center?
Reggaepedia needs help
Baltovich properly convicted, Crown argues - Sept 24/04
Going for a quick smoke..
Radical revision of Islamic texts
Angry Renter?
Watch out for the scam
Of Oil, Foil, Toil, and Girls.
Marooned pup rescued by cruise ship
Suggestions Needed....
Google Search Results
Stop Virgin
Re: Why Anti-Hacking Software Is A Growing Need Of Todays Bu
Green Humor
Texas takes 416 children from their mothers
The science of computer forensics
Not linux friendly companies ?
Request a theme compiled for KDE
CDlinux 0.6.0 EDIT Sunday 13th.
Use getmail to get e-mail simply and securely
I am looking for a good FREE web hosting service
Linux kernel not good enough ?
Computer Programmers Forum
magic wheel?
"hard crashed of the year!!"
The next big thing? Crimeware-as-a-service
I'm baaack!!!!!!!
Mandriva 2008 Powerpack included with Linux Magazine march08
Msoft victory in getting trojan horse accepted as open
Superfast internet
The Masai Warriors’ Guide to Britain
April 4, 1975:
Importance Of Work Station Setup
Getting started with C++ and Linux.
Whovians awake!
Bunch of cf cards in raid 0????
Music of Life
About SeaMonkey's Update Notifications
Does TPM bill being debated in NZ affect Linux?
Pic Of The Day
Have we hit bottom yet?
The BBC has updated it's website
Freedom from what?
Human Nature
News Flash Adobe AIR for Linux Just Released
Neat Stuff
New Technology
Full vs. Frugal Installations
For Mr. prehistoric
What are your hobbies and interests?
Users of Wikka Wiki
What is happening to our freedom these days ?
Hot-spot Puppy
'Dead' man revived..
Being prehistoric
Dark Suckers
Eagle Webcam
Damn small BSD?
Boomerang in space!
Investment Advice
Turin Shroud
Tootoo bros. ..the good, bad &
The Windows help
How is religion good for you?
Reports of my death Premature
The Republic of Lakotah
Prez. Bush moving to Paraguay?
What is the size limit of file uploads to forum?
The Use of the Apostrophe in the English Language
Videos: Extraterrestrial World Contact (June 6th)
You know you're living in 2008 when..
Bigger Linux Distributions
Common Misconceptions
Thought-provoking images.
What is funny?
What is Love?
Set up a TFTP server for easy netboots and firmware upgrades
Dextre The Canadian Robot
Linux live CD speeds up computer forensics for cops
Windows vs Mac vs Linux cartoon at Youtube enjoy
my Cat
"Forbidden Archaeology"
Sick of win?
Ron Paul on American Fascism
Some "easy" questions
An off-topic puppy chess area would be good
New Puppy user :) (Tried ubuntu on old PC - no go)
Roadrunner doesn't support Windows 98 - okay?
Hawgs, Turbans & turbanator..
Microsoft plays with new non-Windows Os
US dairyman inaugurates bovine biogas plant - Canberra next?
ISOHUNT is Sick!!
another for Mr. Lobster
An Open Letter To NVIDIA
For mr. Lobster
Driving me nuts?
Did Ron Hubbard plagiarize Scientology?
anybody know of what happened to noobiedoobiedo?
Reminder of Puppy's Awesomeness
Ego person
Visuwords - online graphical dictionary / thesaurus
FOR SALE - Linux-Friendly Mp4 Players
Linus Torvalds talks future of Linux
Do NOT use Network Solutions 2 check Domain Name Availabilit
Why I quit: kernel developer Con Kolivas
Sister-in-law has a PowerPoint printer problem
Hosting providers
How do we end World Poverty?
Here comes SP1 !!!
Is it just me
Source Force
Are you sure?
Segment Fault Error Message Explained
Is there a Goddess?
Total eclipse of the moon right now in Seattle
Nothing last forever... New IRC Channel
Open Source Code Contains Security Holes
The King is Dead
John Cleese’s “Letter to America”
Is the Free Software Movement just a Big Con
Puppy Passion
Canada a top copyright violator, U.S. group says
Slax 6 is released
Apology to the Aboriginal Peoples
Puppy Vs Robot very good video
Australia apology to Aborigines
Working class hero
root exploit in linux kernel
Cheap Puppy PC
Hostile laVista, baby
Vista, Leopard, Linux to compete in hack contest
Cosmos: An open-source .Net-based microkernel OS is born
Happy Chinese New Year
Opinion needed on FTP Vs SFTP
Spare some change..
Long neck cat
Modern "Who's on first?"
A general information site
Gushing profits
Microsoft’s open-source strategy
a day in the life of a cat and dog
Even SSL Gmail can get sidejacked
You know you've been on the computer too long when...
Windows XP Pro XAMPP installation problem :(
Rift Valley: Britain screws up again
Daniel: US screws up again
How to connect to McDonalds wifi UK?
Yanking the Window Shade - It's a Windows-centric world
Bavarian gov't commissions trojan to listen to Skype calls
Survey: What do you want in DCL?
Promoting Linux Site bags Linux to Promote Linux
One man wipes out 2nd largest French bank.
100 GB memory chip coming in 2009
Hacao Linux at a Pirate Software download site??
Auto-reboot Linux after a kernel panic
Puppy and Zaurus
Programming Forum
WHAT is BarryK, really?
Re: Ebox2300 with Puppy & alpha VFX linux forth
Pimping Hermit Crabs
PC Tools ThreatFire for win refugees..
Canada puts US on'torture list'
Running firefox for just a few hrs can absorb as much as
SD card with built in wireless
Asus eee: which is better, 2G or 4G?
Sun buys MySQL for $1 billion
I'm surrounded by uninformed, uneducated retards.
Researchers outline Wi-Fi router hijacking via browser
Down the Puppy
Why Rik Fairlie runs an open Wi-Fi network
Stupid Reasons to Leave Vista on a PC
You in space
Does Microsoft employ retards as a public service?
The most screwed-up retail website
Google open-source code repository
Any online job opportunities? (Not a full-time)
Charley's Angels
Life Before The Computer
technology: huge and unstable
The Funeral for Netscape is Feb. 1 2008
Splashtop/Blueflops + WebOS
EEEpcs effects on the industry
Solaris driving me mad, and I don't even use the OS!
Linux is Not Windows
On the fundamentals of programming
Star Wars - created in a garage (not so) far, far away!
New York City now using cool microturbines for energy
programming languages
for all the puppy's using aol....
How to Convert a friend to Linux
puff the magic dragon..
I wonder if 'Puppy Broadband' is possible ?
System Configuration Collector?
Christmas in Australia
Offering board help for Puppy derivatives
Traffic/link exchange advice
2007 land-speed record for copying and deleting
Amazing Space Photos & Rare Finds
Free: Handbook of Applied Cryptography
Has CAPTCHA Been "Broken"?
What I really want for christmas....
New blog for programming & site design
Improve your vocabulary
Bali Hi - jacked
Opera takes MS to court in EU
Improve Windows XP Pro’s NTFS performance
10 common Web design mistakes to watch out for
Australian Says Always Wear Clean Undies
Macintosh Lepord gets certified
I Passed Yahoooo
Open Source Gets the Snub From Seagate
Western Digital's DRM for your safety
Operating Systems and Airlines
Re: twinklephone compiling problems (Resolved)
what would it take to replace...X11?
Greenhouse gas methane may get the boot by kangaroos
My new gaming forum
Would you sit on this Santa bot's lap?
The 9 worst Microsoft products ever
waterboarding & ad hominems..
Web-based secure e-mail - isn't
Why I have given up drinking - in front of a mirror
austrians teach dogs to play doom....
Team Puppy to enter Spiritual Olympics?
The ultimate secret to faster and reliable Windows
Tcl/Tk OS?
Fast & loow..
Google What the "H.E.-double toothpicks!"
FBI crackdown nabs 8 botnet herders
Thanks Aussies, for voting to get out of Iraq
Samba developer on learning from buggy code
Some bidders for OLPC computer on Ebay(canceled)
Real-life flood and typhoon
Goodbye Microsoft Cashcow-Ironic
For the Paranoid..you were right
How I joined the WWW community
Is the Free Software Movement just a Big Con
Symbian software developers
Hello and My experience
Online PDF, PostScript & Word.doc Viewer
Has Google been hacked? Or do I have a virus? Tweaking?
USB Flash Drive RAID array!
Colossus lives! Alleluya!
Hacker finds 492,000 unprotected M$ Oracle, SQL servers
Wal-Mart’s $200 PC - sold out
M$ makes refurbished PCs its latest WGA anti-piracy target
UFO's onPuppylinux.ca
Windows XP on FAT32
Largest and smallest dogs in the world meet
$399 Asus Eee PC 4G mini-laptop
Hello world
DARPA Urban Challenge
VMware question
Time for a nap..zzzzzzzzzz
gOS Walmart Linux PC $199
The Battle of Bondi
Halloween Pups!
BIGFOOT lives!..
BSD on the desktop
64 Studio
how to get the source for windows legaly
Dogs Enjoy Halloween
My final for Programming In C
cygwin disscusion
Plane gonna crash? Jump Out -- Not Usually The Best Plan
Stripped-down ‘MinWin’ kernel to be at the core of Windows 7
What lies has ISPs told you?
How low can a Linux PC go?
Nobel winner who discovered the double helix...
former linspire ceo moves on.. to ubuntu..
Puppy Forum - Open Office Forum
Asus eee is out!
BIOS does not respond to keyboard input?
When in doubt ...
Election Fever
A look inside Chinese censorship
How to expose Gmail contacts without really trying
Karl Marx on Copyleft
Russian schools move to Linux
Just for Fun
Microsoft quietly lets Vista users revert to XP
Please ignore the start-up stealing the OS from Microsoft
A king can do no wrong in Texas?
How to edit menu.lst to boot Puppy + FreeDOS?
NiMh Battery Shoot Out
religion is the opiate of the masses
Seen any good films lately?
The Pursuit of Happyness
Really tiny web server
Revenge for Oz, today?
re: free software directory
Best Linux system repair distribution gets better -Oh! Yeah.
what would you use for disk duplicater? why puppy of course!
Sanity Implodes
Gary N sayeth..
OpenGEM - for running DOS programs
Lockerbie..years later
files on hard disk cannot be found after using mke2fs
Using Vista’s Mastered optical disc format
NimbleX100 - Live KDE Desktop under 100mb's
the ultimate showdown
Frugal Shopper Canada
Why did you change to Linux?
I'd rather use Windows than Linux Mint
Serious vulnerabilities found in VMware
Ads say the darndest things
Odd CPU/System configuration
Floppy Office-4 Windows
Vista Downgrade - The XP alternative for Vista PCs
LOWE'S Home Improvement - Anger management in action
computer operating system theory.
Lawsuit on behalf of busybox developers
Bangers and Mash -Now I know why they call it that!
Is there any Linux Distro or LiveCD for Software Developer?
Bumptop: What Will They Think of Next!?
I'm happy about the way things have been going ...
old linux distro with up-to-date software, possible?
Puppy Swear Jar
Dissection of a compromised Linux (Apache) server
Point, Click ... Eavesdrop: How the FBI Wiretap Net Operates
'Remarkable' Discovery: Scientists Burn Saltwater
Journey to OZ
Ithaki: Best Metasearch Engine?
Can a plane fly on & land if a wing breaks off?
Truly off topic.
Web ad blocking may not be (entirely) legal
Cross Platform Mobipocket Reader Hack
Open Office suite rant
Properties of partition tables
mp3 player firmware upgrade requires Windows!
A GUI operating system on a single 1.44Mb floppy disk!
Lenovo launches green (and small) desktop
To George Bush and Dick Cheney on the 6th Anniversary of 911
what do engineers do?
Linux Openmoko/Nero1973 mobile phone
Restart a Frozen System with the Magic SysRq Keys
Capacitance Values on Circuit Diagram with no Unit Specified
AMD nurtures open-source graphics
Archiving with an array of Blu-Ray drives saves energy
Microsoft kills its ‘Get the Facts’ anti-Linux site
What is friendship?
Low Cost Laptop
Best Places to Live in Canada
Search On For Steve Fossett..
Why linux is not adopted
Linux Installers
LINUX for Mac G4
Mosquito repellents
Anyone remember the Novel "get a Linux adds"?
Returnil Virtual System Personal Edition Beta 1.70
2 cd/dvd drives on one IDE buss
Free Software Foundation: No GPLv3 exemptions for Microsoft
Can Windows 2K use hd like Linux?
I need a Linux I can install on a hard disk drive
Best storage strategies for the multimedia PC
How to secure Firefox against hacker attacks
Linux felon forced to install Windows
Paramount's CTO on Why His Studio Is Dumping Blu-ray
can I get fries with that?????
M.D.A. telethon coming soon, TedDog would welcome your gifts
Linux for Robots
Linux home server
Oz offers laugh-a-minute
Something to ponder!
Puppy Born with Love-Heart Pattern
Creating a UI in Linux
a linux distro for a old mac
Music to the ears of all Linux users?
How Microsoft puts your data at risk
FCC commissioner blasts US broadband, media policy
Article: 30 things I’ve learned from using Linux …
Fanless ITX
MA finalizes inclusion of Microsoft format in open standards
pooch defies gravity..
Open source Sheet Music File Format
firefox on windows xp dead in the water
How Microsoft beat Linux in China
company's that suport linux
Kid converts dead PCs for the poor
Why I use Puppy to tuneup XP
If you like Disney Pictures...
Absolute Linux 12.0 tested
For Aussies on Telstra -
Goodbye Oz,
Studying Maggots And Whale Dung Better Than Being Microsoft
A handy web site for Linux Packages, may be of interest.
windows me is "open-source"
Chihuahua vs. Rattlesnake
No Spyware or Worms In Puppy
Barry - Never let Puppy Become Bloatware
Maan..the luck (& skill) of some people..imagine..
Review: Puppy Linux 2.18
Illustrated dictionary of RAID terminology
Request for floating 'Navigation bar' in EVE-paging
Last hurrah for the lost remote
These criminal scamming spamming b*st*rds are back
strange request...
Google,Firefox and the paranoid
Please shoot me!
Enigma rides again
Skateboarding dog
Humour, or even humor
where's the puppy book?
Scary stuff
Enlightenment DR17
Independence Day in the American Empire
Why not an elevator to space?
Why did I think of Lobster
Alan Johnston released
I use KJV why anything else (other than original text)?
Mysterious company kills satire site
Want to learn the command line?
Man Accused Of Setting Up Meth Lab In K-Mart Bathroom
A forum for programming/video games/graphics
giant penguins
A Great Chat
Giant penguins discovered
Open Source Alternatives?
post your desktop
Processor speed barrier?
A Perfect Circle - Counting Bodies Like Sheep
SnowDog - Where are you...?
An overview of what's up
Countdown timer
The google killer !
the good old days!
The Yoggie Pico Pro Linux security appliance review - Part 1
Tells us Dougal, Who is No.1?!
New freeware open source virtualisation software
Mitigate the effects of a DDoS attack
Printer isuue with Ubuntu 7.04
What the EVE, actually, is ?
Tuning the Linux kernel for more network throughput
who needs flash for browser games
Why home RAID won’t fly
EVE for collaboration & wiki ?
Mga Askals! Magpakilala kayo.
Not Music To My Ears
Vacation starts Sunday
Marge Simpson uses Puppy Linux
your puppy may be more gorgeous than mine.......
e-Stonia Under Cyber-Attack
The true story of my success!
Ned - gone but not forgotten?!
EVE Pager
Absolute Linux looks like an over sized Puppy?
Linux War
Scottish coppers ask bosses to drop trousers
Vista goes gangbusters
No end in sight for Vista's Long Goodbye
Three cheers for Howard
Don't hurt your Puppy's feelings....
Tokyo team busts the Ethernet speed record
Laptop overheats, vapourises Brazil... almost
Great day for University of Auckland School of Engineering!
What is the salry range of a php programmer?
EVE-file Reader ?
PopUp-Box to show multimedia content with .eve files
Multiple-pages content in EVE (experimental)
American inventor builds jet-propelled crapper
Are you mad yet ?
"Green, green grass of Perth"
Judge in MP3 case to Microsoft: time to pay up
Oz boffins unleash the power of beer
Closed Universe? Nothing more to be said??!!!!!!
How to REALLY erase a hard drive
What is your superstition?
Freespire, Ubuntu & CNR
American conversation I had today (for Aussies)
.kkrieger windows FPS in only 97k
A very early version of "Desktop Author" ?
How to open .eve file in a certain place ?
Ad makes fun of Linux, some truth in it
Another small linux distro Jinx Linux
A claimant for the title of World's Smallest Dog
Let's all do something to conserve paper"
Beer was responsible for technology
Vista flops in China
Microsoft admits Vista failure
M$: wringing out every last drop
Running puppy from the future
if you want better answers you have to ask better questions
race vs individual
You’ve heard of KDE? How about MDE?
cell phones > no bees > no crops > no food?
Time to drop in, I taught
where i stand
The Rise and Fall of the Foundations
Windows XP phased out by year's end despite customer demand
Eggdisk file hosting review
PNY 2GB Flash Drive - $8
Eggxpert beta
6 places to nuke when you're serious
Steve Jobs releases two Exciting New Products!
What do I gain with more memory on a video card?
Despite its aging design, the x86 is still in charge
Vista Hands On #15: Access shared folders from a Linux machi
Found stray dog while hiking
No more April Fools allowed - this year.
Vista Hands On #13: Connect to a shared folder on a Linux ma
Mac Pc Linux Spoof
Blame it on Paul Hogan
Believe it - Puppy to the Rescue!
Microsofts Advertising is boring or is it just me?
Favorite Graphing calculator real/emulator
Lobster goes winter camping
Microsoft researchers follow Web spam money trail
Car for all Politicians to Drive - Will run on Hot Air
Hey! A game
Aussies develop brain-driven computer game
Windows for Warships nears frontline service
the true meaning of politics
Intel's USD 400 Flash-Based Laptop Alongside the OLPC
Hide an entire filesystem
Gekko needs an avatar
Windows Longhorn in 2003 video, no duo-processors then?
New Aussie version of Windows 2000 released
What do you get when you cross...
Don't forget to change your clocks!!
Request ideas for Science Fair project
the best laid plans of puppies and men
the one child one laptop project.
Ciao, Bye, C-ya, Later, read inside
Passive cooling
total moon-darkness 2007
The machine that built itself
free tool used to reduce spam
Wokett Science -$10 wok keeps TV station on air
Those other famous Perthians
Firmware memory in PC hardware can pose rootkit threat
M$ to charge for Daylight Saving hotfixes for older products
my first impression of Vista
speaking philosophically, an eye for an eye
Dell's Daring Daylight Robbery
Property of the state
Installing windows vista
dick cheney
puppification of the universe
God Bless Microsoft
Cuba government to go open source
How much would you pay for a custom Linux?
Aussies cleanest people on Earth
Microsoft attempts open-source?
I'm too friendly
Firewall filtering by process ID rather than port
Tiny windows
Puppy just amazes me
FREE Web site.
BSD - Live-CD of TrueBSD, with installer
Best free web forums web sites and picture hosting
For those who can appreciate real talent!
Anna Nicole Smith Found DEAD...! , In her hotel room...
Dell leads the way in Wow factor
Graduating this May!
Good communication isn’t just about good grammar
Reasons to use second hard drive for backup
Only a few day's out and Vista got hacked already..!
Still think Microsoft isn't evil?
No more free Linux and/or Open Source Software Magazines?
Windows Vista: The 'Huh?' starts now
Thinking of upgrading my operating system--XP or Vista?
Super Bowl stadium site hacked, seeded with exploits
Sony BMG Agrees To Reimburse Consumers For CD-Protection Sna
Linux Genuine Advantage
a sad, but true, story
Great Day, g'day
Weird animals
A rant on Mac OS
Ed Brown Quest For Fair Trial
Oz hosts another weirdo
A Christian version of Puppy?
dreams for puppy: a sort of deep review, and long wishlist
fun with patents: alan cox requests patent for DRM
Season's greeting
macgyver X crocodile dundee
NSA helps build vista
Aussie jon down the pan
Our friends at Vector Linux
DreamLinux Icon's look what do you think
PuppyLinux Operating System
programming is a real boring thing...
my random search engine tool !
Weird and Wonderful
bans from irc require an explanation.
keeping focused on whats most important for the Puppy forum
Happy new year everybody
Frankie Linux - Slackware based boots from 60MB's of Ram
Run Puppy Linux on this , A linux capable robot...
$150 Laptop
Linus and Father Christmas
Microsoft will drive Linux desktop adoption...
Slight forum moan
Forum Ethics
A forum specific complaint..
Beware! the lobster cometh...
Locked Out
Costume Dogs website
CIA Money Helped Launch Google
Secede from PuppyLinux
Was about upgrades ... Now just an argument
Curry eating as a religion
Crustacean in Trouble?!
Good Grief.! , Check out these monitors...
Definition of Open Source abused by salesmen
Microsoft's project management
How to have fun with Spammer's / Reducing Spam in your Email
New spam without a point. Why?
what kind of puppy is this?!!?
Check this thing out.! , Would you have the guts.?
randiroo & sage, anyone welcome!
Eight daily steps to a more secure network
I need a domain name!!!
Introducing Microsoft Firefox 2007 Pro
Core2 vs X2, why did the top performer change?
Microsoft and Novell Linux Alliance Announced
Is it just me experiencing this?
Another Aussie Winner, but not all roses (leeks?!)
Maths, an exact science?
Win98 ASPI blowout...
Chertoff: Web could be terror training camp
As promised - life, the universe and everything.
Milking our water!
Newcomer to this forum, from NZ
Security expert: User education is pointless
Protecting your digital images from theft
Hi-res gallery of flame fractals
Oz Heritage
submit your Engineering Articles , News, Suggestion
Ship Fedex, Only 1200% more and 100% slower!
automatic gun fire
Photos: Making the first disk drive
water-scape wallpaper anyone?
Lessons in disaster response from Strong Angel III
Try Web-page editing with cross-platform Nvu
Puppy Foundation meeting disrupted
Do You Want A Dictatorship?
Democrat vs Republican
Small home-made electric motor
Another Puppy????
Immunity and/or Redefining Torture
Google may be listening to and/or watching you...
Steve Irwin - R.I.P.
Dr Keovorkian
Forrest M. Mims & ted dog
Does anyone here use a wireless isp (WISP)
Icons & avatars - free download site?
Wiki site aims to boost patent review process
Any good multiplayer games for Linux and Mac?
Linux + viruses = kernel panic?
SPAM- Little voices
Hamster stories
Ted Dog Says -- Support M.D.A this LaborDay
Fly the copter - Flash-based game
I just made this thing , Boy it's alot of fun...!!
How much is Windows worth?
Aussie umpire starts third world war!
A DIY fuel injection kit for your car , No more carburator..
Social Security ?
OLPC in the news
AOL's data leak reveals the 7 ways people search the web
Asbestos in the outback?
Dirty computers: Revenge of the dust bunnies
Make a super cool digital picture frame from an old laptop.
Infinite Monkey Theorem
Homeland Security: Fix your Windows
Another WGA failure
Alright , How about Free-To-Air satellite TV...???
Cheap WiFi Antennas
Place I voulunteer at...
The Doctor meets Madam Pompadour
Moving again
Kernel panic - unable to mount Playstation 3 FS on (0, 117)
Nessie comes to Oz
Rochfest SPECIAL EDITION T-shirt features Linux penguin
Linux Dharma
Bill Gates demands open source
"Windows chased away by Puppy" & "Check o
damn, so hot...
My silly little dachshund.... What a dog...
Puppy Promotion !!!
The best version of windows yet.! Windows RG
So you think you can trust windows....
Year of the dog in Australia? This is because of Puppy right
A method for evading liability claims on software
AT&T "clarifies" their privacy policy
Dangerous Oz.
Windows users only
An answer for SnowDog...
I have 500 feet of CAT5 cable, will you trade?
microsoft to no longer have 'anti-piracy nagging feature'
Happy Fourth
Three Cheers for John!
Project Looking Glass - 3D environment
Custer: saint or sinner?
tinyXP 'beast edition'
Modding a PSx Controller For Parallel Port
SF short story about a golden mutant man
Increase Production to Stop Global Warming
Windows-friendly desktop Linux launches
Another interesting read..
In the Navy
Gorgeous XFCE-based linux
Google for Tin Hats
How to jam your neighbor's Wi-Fi legally
Say what? A look back at Gates' pearls of wisdom
new bathroom for Lobster
World Cup
Cool picture of dogs playing
An interesting read..
Someone Help Me!
Why Microsoft should put user data in a separate volume
New website for freelance artists
Microsoft forcing people to make a choice
For Sage
Starwars Laughs
RAM CAS Latency?
New staff for your cell phone
Microsoft: Open source 'not reliable or dependable'
Bank's defense of bad security: Everyone else does it
"They Thought They Were Free"
I have a bone to pick
More MS BS!
Has anybody tried EVE on PDAs / mobile-phones ?
Problem with my Flashdrive
Best thing next to popcorn!
New Mac Ad campain
Beautiful Elive !!!
Haa.....what a Lii
Need program for scheduling league tournament
More windows BS
Here is one for everybody to discuss
I love yours site
More dross from big-mouthed SB
What the heck is a Management Console?
Good news for Linux users!
Save the whale
Sometimes a Picture can say it all
New Puppy Powered Buddhist Shrine
Warning - Anyone using Ubuntu
Microsoft should be sued!
Are Poms still accepted in Oz?
One for the man - thats you Barry !!
Opera 9 beta out
The triangle pen
Joke of the day :-)
So what should we be teaching?
More ammo for my-country-is-better-than-yours talk ...
The same boards
Get Perpendicular!
Dillo Web Browser:which is the library for rendering
Zacarias Moussaoui is guilty!
Dog Property Rules
The Future of Art and War
Politics test
Web CMS 2006
Need help for editing .xpm
online hacking game idea
Anybody wanna send me their old laptop????
Albert E. and Lostdog
My new ride
What's your definition of left and right?
Dog Linux????
what happened to EVE?
10% off coupon on top of 80% of regular retail on ink cartri
Top Secret: the truth about lior2b
Integrity compromised
Disaster Recovery - Linux server success story
EVE...does EVE have a fullscreen mode?
Samorost2 game
Search engine for the paranoid?
Hardware upgrade for the smokers you know...
What To Do About The Sorry State Of Web Development
Free USB Flash Drive
Linux used to record my music project
At Last! A Linux friendly global DVD tech forum
Language translators wanted
RE: Bootable business card CD-r/RW and Credit card sized
You ask me last time for Career opportunity site, I finally
What the internet is for...
Democracy Platform
Shock Collar Woes - super-puppy?
Legal redress against interlopers?
Chain rattling for beginners
What color is your parachute?
Free download: Using the make command to build software
Open source: The newest competitive tool
Trying to help someone, XP registry file corrupted
Can I share ��.. New here
some puppys :)
My Golden retriever had puppies, now her hair is falling out
Gifts from the Gods
this forum is really a pain...
Why have multiple operating systems on a computer?
There is Hope ...
What's the deal with processors?
Lunar Happy New Year !
barry's assembly pedigree
Microsoft to license Windows source code ?
Cool gadgets
Internet Milestones
Defender of the GPL
Battle over net neutrality ready to rock
Terra 10, perhaps it has to do with puppy linux?
zoom zoom
Iran & the draft
Computer Enhancers
Is it possible to have a favorites section of posts ?
muggins by name muggins by nature
Good on Google
rootkits again?
My name is Pizzasgood!
Freedom always prevails
On religion and debates
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