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Network privacy & personal security

Software project home page:

  • Distribution: source code

  • A Web browser is only able to make use of Tor when:
    1. Web browser has the following default configuration:

    2. Tor is running, using one of the following 3 methods:

    Tor is dependent on the host computer having its clock synchronized with that of the network clock.

    Confirmation of successful Tor network connection: libevent,+libseccomp,+openssl,+zlib

    Build (compile) binary distribution and install

    Compiling for 64-bit operating systems via the command-line interface:
    Verify the installed software version via the command-line interface:


  • Surveillance Self-Defense
  • How to verify signatures for packages
  • Which PGP keys sign which packages?
  • "Spoiled onions and Tor exit relays", N. Willis, 2014
  • "A Short Guide to the Internet’s Biggest Enemies", J. C. York, 2014

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