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Optical Disc Recording

How to write an image (ISO) file to optical disc (system-on-disc creation)

How to run GNU+Linux from optical disc

  1. Perform the above procedure with the image (ISO) file of selected GNU+Linux distribution
  2. Ensure the optical disc is located inside its drive
  3. Ensure that the B.I.O.S. is configured to follow the correct boot sequence
  4. Shutdown the computer and ensure that the computer is switched off
  5. Switch/power on the computer

Setting the correct boot sequence

For a computer to boot from a device such as an optical disc or a flash memory drive the device must be read/accessed before any other connected device such as a H.D.D.; therefore when, for example, an optical disc is in the optical disc drive at boot up it will load Puppy Linux from that drive only, and no where else, if the computer has been configured specifically to do that. If the computer does not start/boot from the live D.V.D. it will be necessary to either access a boot menu or the B.I.O.S. so that the computer is instructed to boot from the optical disc drive and not any other drive; re-starting will be necessary in conjunction with using the correct key(s):

Uses for system-on-disc

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