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Puplets and Derivatives Puplets and Derivatives
fat pupplet : time of launching the liveCD
Puppet with gambas????
Watch Dog puppy - still maintained?
SlimPup 3.1
ShepherdPup - Third Anniversary Edition Released.
Midnight Sun Pup Office Edition 001
How to dual-boot Legacy Puppy and Windows XP? (Solved)
Derivatives - a full list
mpdPup - a puplet dedicated to Music Player Daemon
Puppy 4.3.1 running in a virtual machine
any puppy w full office?
SlimPup 3.0
Enlightened Dpup 0.1.0 Alpha 1
forum chaos
Printing Problem
puppy rescue os
SlimPup 2.9
What is the smallest Puppy available?
How to install Drake Puppy?
Pussy: potentially a Puppy with a perfect package manager
Studio 4 Website Back Up
Midnight Sun Pup 002 with and 003 with
SD drive woes under Puppeee
SlimPup 2.8
Change Desktop/background/wallpaper on BrowserLinux
Applications that make Legacy OS 2 Great!
Which Puppy is the smallest?
SlickPup 5.2.5 - Updated June-25-11
Lighthouse 64 5.11 Alpha for 64-bit processors
macpup 525 PROBLEMS installing DEB files
Polarpup-003 with Qt4-4.8.0 and Gstreamer libs inbuild
Macpup 525
SlimPup 2.7
SlimPup 2.6
The Legacy OS 2 Documentation Project
Legacy OS 2 - Bugfixes.tar.gz
Extra Application Repository for Legacy OS 2
Can't get some sfs's to work.
looking for Puppy-302Alpha2_barebones-skipstone.iso
Justin Bieber Linux
SlimPup 2.4 and VirtualBox
SlimPup 2.4
Wary Tiny (81mb)
Package Manager issue
SlimPup 2.0
Browserlinux - SimpleScan
Studio 4
remasterd snowpup for acer 1825ptz
pupbang 001
Puppy Lupen- K
Is Lupu-5+ Series going the way of PUPPY 4+ Series
What's the #1 reason you use Quickset Puppy Linux?
Quickset-specific: no /mnt/sda3 in Rox filer, why? [SOLVED]
SlimPup 1.0
SolidPup - Updated - June-04-11
Browserlinux - Iron
How to rename the derivative?
Cloud Puppy - 1.0
Difference Between Puppy & Ubuntu
pUPnGO cannot access USB flash drive
TW-OS a TiddlyWiki Operating System
Cannot load .sfs OR the pupsave file, pUPnGO!
Lighthouse 64 development
Looking for an absolutely minimal puppy derivative
How Does One Add/Assign an Icon to a New Program?
Reborn Puppy v0.44
Wary mediaplayer edition
RexBang Beta2.4 [updated 06-29-11]
PuppyRus Linux 2.0.0
Spup-099 with kernel
Lightest Puppy-5-based derivative?
pup lite
IcePuppy-014 for newer and Ice Puppy-015 for older computers
will pupeee work?
Lucid 525-lite as a backing track player
Uninstalling programs in pupeee4.4
how do i strip apps out of puppy derivatives .
Lucid Tmxxine 525
Fluppy 013 - HP Mini 210-2000
Lucid 525 lite + experimental Lucid lite - v004
Puppy with kernel 2.6.32.x
Is Spup tutorial updated yet?
macpup 520 locks up when loading ati driver
Virtual Box Additions
Macpup 520
Announcing Wary NOP 511
BigMikes Puppy Resources and Pet Collection
puppy derivative pulp
Macpup frugal install hangs at "Starting up ..."
My Last 6 Months In Derivatives
Pbox - Openbox + Tint2
puppy for server
Puppy Studio
Lighthouse Pup 5.03 203M inc. Wine 1.3.14
Manual PET removal
Lucid Puppy can't read UDF DVDs made by Windows
Making Puppy Derivatives
Proving Snow Puppy is best
puppy arcade 10
New Cloud Bible on Wary 5.0 light!
lupu_devx_520 failed to install on puppy studio 3.3
lupu_devx_520 failed to install on puppy studio 3.3
How to build a locked down, browser-only kiosk Puppy?
Why should Derivatives share their Unique features?
wary 502b
431-KDE-Slax 02
GreenPup 1.1.2
Barebones Lucid 5.01
How to search within Puppy Studio 3.3?
Still having trouble setting up working puppy arcade.
Is Puppy 431 dead?
Which Puppy do you use and why?
pUPnGO v41210 hangs on "Booting the Kernel"
Problems making a Puplet with Woof
Puppy Arcade 10 running in Puppy 5.20?
Network Attached Storage
Lighthouse Pup 5.02 185M
FAFIK 5.2. Polish puppy linux
Problem with remastering MacPup
personal storage file full but not full
Running Puppy on a Tablet PC
Running Puppy on a Tablet PC
Running Puppy on a Tablet PC
Running Puppy on a Tablet PC
Running Puppy on a Tablet PC
Running Puppy on a Tablet PC
Puplite 1.0
Puppy Studio can't see Edirol UA-25EX USB sound card
ati fglrx install issue on fluppy
Jadm Feather puppy 2.0
Teh Gray Puppy 055
[SOLVED] Tray loads then disappears, until I restart X
Jadm bug linux and jadm feather linux
Macpup 5.11 Rox-Filer issue
Puplite 5.0
Is dpup dead?
Presenting Think Linux Puplet
Snow Puppy 020 with more apps, fonts and themes
What's an Ideal Puppy Developer Install?
Odd Suspend Behavior
[SOLVED] pupeee in eee701 1.0: suspend and resume issues
Puppeee 1 (4.3x) on Asus 901
spup-100 built from latest woof
Need script that restarts Pwidgets in PupEEE
How to install along side with ubuntu
Diaboluq-5.1 : Multimedia Création
Puppy Arcade 10
Legacy OS: Running Windows Apps with Wine
EliteOS won't run in HP Vectra with 384 MB RAM
Insidious Puppy 001
Puppy can't mount sda1-SOLVED!
My long term someday goal: a Cross Linux From Scratch Pup
How to install wxPython on Lupq-511 ?
SageLive - Mathematic Pupplet
[Solved] Which puppy for a giada n10
SevenPuppy 10 + XFCE
NOP431 update V0.3 Hu
Ozi in Wine, com ports, GPS and Puppeee on SD card
Macpup 511
Asus 901 - Puppeee 1 (4.3x)
Is there a recent puplet with Gnome desktop?
Trying to install puppy arcade on an old SBC84500
fluppy 7
coolest puppy ever
(SOLVED) Problem with Grub4Dos --Ubuntu won't boot
PuppyStudio installation?
Puppy studio 3.1: like a dream come true
error in pgprs-setup
Kernel 2.6.35
Fluppy sound hangs
Browser linux Idea.
not mouse usb with Puppeee-1.0-atom
Problem with VirtualBox vboxdrv kernel module
Weigh In on Puppy Size
jre- will not install in Luci 2.3.0
EliteOS 1.1
Puppy Studio: A Superior Technology
FatDog Puppy Package Manager empty [SOLVED]
Wine installer error.
MijnPup: LibreOffice 3.3 (Final version) Firefox 4.0 (b10)
Hungarian NOP 4.1.3 remix
WebServerPuppy upgrade or a new puplet??
FatDog500 - Sudden Change of Permissions?
FatDog500 - Change Clock from Military to 12hr?
FatDog500 Great Distro
Is there a digital camera workflow Puplet?
Posted to wrong place
Legacy OS Printing problem
fatdog 64 and flash crash on youtube
Vote: Pup4Pentiums should be in Puppy Wiki!
Legacy OS "Update Packs".
fluppy 005 and revo ion graphics
[Legacy OS] Boot hangs after Xorg/Xvesa choice
XOpup Oops
Where's the VGA needs of Legacy?
lost x server on NOP quirky
Lucid Puppy Quickset edition (LupQ-511)
Puppylinux for the OLPC laptops: XOpup
Downloadlinks to older puppies
Bruno LuPu Lucid Based ??
LightHouse Pup, Mariner, and SFS processing
Today, I give you...
Puppy for librarians
New Puplet Proposal: DataPup (for data recovery)
Wishing for a TRUE clean slate Puppy 5.1.?
Legacy OS what it is and what it's not.
Puppeee 4.4 Beta Testing
Does Lucid Puppy recognize winmodems?
New Cloud Bible flight 110!
Mini 'LAMP' server
Legacy OS (TEENpup) User Experience Feedback
Legacy OS (TEENpup) Feedback is it booting?
Legacy OS Released (New TEENpup)
TXZ wireless
internet browser troubles
New info Blog for Cloud Bible
SOLVED: Lighthouse 5.00D and dead ROX
?????? TEENpup's replacement needs hosting help
Is the light on the drive supposed to be red?
Cloud Bible- flight 1.0
Nearly5x Pup
XLUPU 5.10 Bugs
Cloud Bible 1.0
Cloud Bible 1.0, hello my brother!
gtk1.2 puppy anyone?
Puppy Arcade 9
Cloud Bible 1.0
Please post a reply if you use TEENpup regularly and why?
Lucid Puppy 501 with APT
Browserlinux 401
Hiawatha control-panel
newbie Q:how to install fluppy on linux PC
a small pbasic linux born from "*pet"
Samsung N150 Brightness Control with Pupee
LupQ-510s FINALIZED - Lucid Puppy Quickset edition
Frugal Fluppy Install on 1 gb Jump Drive
answer found
Problem with Java in TXZ-Pup
Barebones Puppy
Using T2 to cross-compile from x86 to...?
Recover Tool Puppy Linux?
Murky Puppy 002
Upcoming ??????? TEENpup's replacement Desktop
Quirky NOP 1.2
package installer
puppeee touchpad horizontal scrolling
Google Android Development Kit running in new ???????
Where's WINE?
Has anyone installed TEENpup 2009 Legacy on a SD701 EeePC?
TXZ_pup 4.5 ~~ a fork build
Boxpup 431 - Can someone re-upload it?
Ubuntu Studio: "Puppy Edition"
SevenPuppy 7 - Hungarian puplet
Kinda Lucid Puppy 006 (August 1st)
Bluetooth printer problem
How about Puppy 4 retro-retro-retro?
Quirky-120 Firefox Version
LHP 5 virtualbox
whats the newest puppeee os beta 5 or rc4?
HanSamBen 431- Kids Linux distro based on Puppy Linux 431
Puplets with intuitive, easy, automatic wireless connection
Suli Puppy (school puppy in english)
RC4 boot error on 701SD
Fluppy 013
Puppy 4 Forever (Puppy 4.x snapshot, 3 kernels)
Lighthouse Pup 5.00 G 185M
Windows module
Turbopup PETget: ERROR
AttackPup v1
Puppy Arcade 8
Develpup again?
quirky student quirky 1.2 June 2010 based
Problems w/ Pwireless in MacPup Opera 2.0
Can't get Dpup 476 or 484 to boot
Remastering with 2.6.33-sched-bfs-316-patched kernel
Making a Puppy from another distro that is not Debian/Ubuntu
KDPUP = KDE 3.5.10 + dpup 484 beta 4
TEENpup to be re-branded to ????????
Puppy Ultimate Edition v0.17 alpha
Puppy stardust 13 with wine for "full tilt poker"
cur pup
problems with puppeee arcade 2
MyWolfe-016-Beta1 now Beta2
Xin: New Concept (Puppy-based) Linux
{Solved}Teenpup 2009 Legacy fairly up-to-date?
Lighthouse...Mariner. I need clarification
MyWolfe-014 a wolfe-upup test now MyWolfe-015
Macpup Opera 2.0
How to build my own Puppy?
Problem with N64 games in Puppy arcade
Lighthouse Pup - kernel module not installed
How to build Puppy Derivative
OSMO not working/starting in lighthouse pup
open office
MyWolfe-013 Final is out
Big screen derivatives?
Custom Puplet for Dell Mini-9 free to good home
BrunoPup not recognized ext2 partition
Jukebox Pupplet anyone?
Puppeee 4.31 beta 4.1
Latest puplets
Need sophisticated Live CD Puppy
Problems Xdelta3
Three puppys doing trial boot the same machine!
[UNOFFICIAL] Puppy 4.3.2 Snapshot (26/3)
Puppy for Packard Bell imax mini N3600?
TeenPup will not run Homebank finance software (Solved)
Installing PuppyLinux
Looking for the most basic, easy to use Puppy
Derivative Puppy 432 and VirtualBox 3.08
CyberPup, Puppy for internet cafe , with billing
Lost drive icons
puppy ISO with built in anti-virus?
LightHouse Pup 443 GU1
MyWolfe-011 for the Acer Aspire one
Puppy Stardust 013
Thnake: Python + Lisp
Puplet with gtk2 only?
A puppy derivative idea
K-9 WBAR Pwidgets and other quirks
Macpup e-17 window manager
Derivative Pup432 support TeXLive 2009 (cutdown)
[ASK]Install Gnomenu Puppy Linux NOP 4
Final: pup4pentiums 208MB
Kitchenpup Beta
Introducing Bruno Puplet
chkrootkit says Stardust /sbin/init INFECTED with Suckit
Puppy Stardust 012
Small 421.iso with texlive 2008
The version number - Stardust 011
Puppy Stardust 011
TEENpup2010minibeta (Final) Ready for download
Eliminating BRB message
Do derivatives make sense?
Derivate for the Samsung NC10 suggestion ?
Puplet with non-English Language support
TEENpup 2010 Mini Update
Puppy Arcade 7
SageLive - Mathematic software Pupplet
menu colors
How to install AdvanceMENU in Puppy Arcade 6?
Puppy Stardust 010
Wishing for porta/media/pup/pro
Problem wiith JWM and X Server
Linux 4.31
DMP's Puppy421_APM puplet
how do I bring back the taskbar?
fast puppy with cool interface?
Puppy as a HOST for VMs
Puppy Stardust 009
Problem downloading Puppy_cielo
pupsave.2fs not loading
Puppy Stardust 008
How to view chinese font in Puppy 4.3.1 Stardust 006?
newest lighthouse dies after pwidgets added
Derivatives quality and qualification
Puppy Stardust 007
Facebook.com doesnt allow status update via puppy 4.3.1
KDE 443f
Puppy Arcade 6
Lighthouse 443b boot cd
Puppy Stardust 006
Help with Customization
Looking for Gnome Puppy(s)
How to use Google Earth in MacPup?
431 Japanese Edition Solved Kernel Wireless Problem
Puppy Stardust 005
NOP 4.31
NOP 4.3.1r1 wireless problem
Any derivative that will work well with newer nVidia cards?
Browserlinux Chrome - 73 Mb
XP-like puppy ENGLISH version
Puppy Stardust 004
Laptop's modem not detected by Stardust
Puppeee Arcade 2
I think my Abiword's either broken or bent.
Pupbuntu Officially Closed
Is there a Puplet with the following?
dpup remaster
Puppy Stardust 003
MacPup + UbuntuPup + XP pup combined?
Want to build my own NAS. Which derivative to use?
Request or question: Xandros puppy
[Puppeee 4.31R3]How to set 1440x90x24@75Hz on EeePC701?
MyWolfe-008 Final
DVB-T eeepc 901
Any LXDE pups?
Puppy Stardust 002
NOP not recognize USB hub
Lighthouse Pup USB Flash Install Not Persistent?
CuPup 2.18
Puppy 4.3.1 for Gecko Edubook
Browserlinux EeePC Edition
Where is the old puplet page
MyWolfe-008 beta1 now beta2
Puppy Stardust 001
new upcoming browserlinux feat. google chrome?!
IceWM Issue
XP-like Hungarian puplet
Hungarian NOP 4.3.1 puplet
Light house grub error
Puppy Ultimate Edition
Puppy Hosting
Macpup Foxy 3.0
Boxpup 431
DPup for touch screen?
My derivative: Skinner
Tmxxine Twinkle
Window Manager Links
dpup logo
Dpup 482 beta4: beep won't play flac files (Solved)
Looking for Puppy as an Thinclient-OS
Hansamben - 412 - Kids Linux distro based on Puppy Linux 412
Puppy Cielo 4.3
Uhuru 421 - Now extremely lighter as first promised!
Difficulties booting puplets
Car diagnostics Puplet
Here's where to find animated icons
Unable to save puppy session from virtual box vmware.
Another 4.3.1 Puplet.... No name as yet!
which puplet gets updated often?
Forget Ubuntu 9.10, simplicity-910-netbook-edition is out
Is there any Puplet that includes VirtualBox?
How do I add a repository to woof.
XFCE4 Booster Pack: for Pentium 4 computers only
asus eeepc 901 and special keys
Pupeee 4.2 on eeePc 901 - a few problems
My first puppy derivative
Puppeee 4.3X
Browserlinux with Firefox 3.6.6 (new version 366v2)
NOP 431
lh4.4.2-f won't boot
LighthousePup-4.4.2-f_Mariner.iso doesn't start at old lap
Wireless wlan iwlagn didnt work on lighthouse pup SOLVED
ChemPup MD5Sums posted
Lighthouse Pup 4.43 Gu2 215M
My dream Puppy derivative !
Tarnegol 4.3
ChoicePup431 - a gnu way
Multiuser Puppy 4.2.1
Lighthouse Pup 4.4.2 f wireless internet connection problem
Which Puppy can use a big repository?
Lighthouse 4.4.2 Gives New Life to Old Laptop
Diskless Webdev Puplet?
Coming Soon: Fluppy for netbooks, widescreens, smallscreens
obmenu for openbox in Boxpup
Installed Lighthouse Pup 4.4.2, it only boots from CLI
Puppy File Server ?
plans for tipsy with puppy linux 4.3?
succi linux?
Puppy 4.3 - 4.0 (Dingo)-Like
boxpup 413 problem with editing.wbar
Any Puppy distro for laptop Digital picture frame?
Puppy Arcade v5 - new files (29 Dec 2009)
Lighthouse Wine
Puppy 4.3 beta 3 Virtual Machine
Where can I download Teen Puppy?
DPUP -- Quanta not working
4.4 CE
Puppy with SMP (Dual Core)enabled & WL Wireless Module?
Someone seed please!
Puppy 4.21 RETRO Barebones
Quick Pupeee + kernel question
TMSiaB v2.0 ( Trackmania Server in a Box v2.0 )
Pupeee 4.X with full Eee701SD support ????
Dev-Pup (Released v1.0)
How to listen to streaming internet radio in Choicepup?
List of Apps that come with TEENpup 2009 Legacy
Release Candidate -Puppy 4.2.1 (spanish edition)
A program can run on puppy4, but it can’t run on puppy3
Any Eeepc optimized - using Kernel 2.6.28rc1 or newer ???
Are you a regular TEENpup User? Has it been useful?
which puplet for hp mini 1000
resizing windows vista partition using Puppy Linux 4.x
puppy linux as web server
WookiePuppy V1.1
Project K-9 - You decide what you will get!
Jadm Feather - only 70.6 MB, with Gimp and a web browser
Cannot connect to eezos website
A Pup is needed for a Remote Embedded PC
Fatdog 112 on Asus 1000he
Puppy Linux in RAID HD
Extending the PC architecture support in puppy linux
Unable to download FlightPup (Solved)
BrowserLinux 200908
Games for Puppy
Now - Puppy 4.3.1 VirtualBox - Much Simpler than Before
Puplet that includes blender ?
Flexxpup is not reading save file.
ROX-BOX 0.0.1
Distros with Firefox 3.5
Puppy Browser 4.9[SOLVED]
Firefox 3.5 Keeps Closing
Browserpuppy makes Distrowatch News
Need input for my *derivative*
vmPuppy 2.14X - Now Version 9
PCMCIA issues with Series 2 Puplets
Lenny Pup
e will not start
TOP Linux 4.2.1
TEENpup 2010 Mini - progress - Puppy 4.2.1 based
NOP 413/XFCE - Thunar: avoiding the superuser warning
Muppy load entirely in RAM ...
RescuePuppy alpha release- Frugal adaptable
Browserlinux 77 Mb puplet with Firefox 3.5.7
Puppy 4.2 is slow; would another version be faster?
Testing Release: Moo Pup
Pup2p Discussion Thread
Puppy 4.21 Barebones
Willing to Host Some Puplets having hosting issues!
OpenOffice.org EDIT- SOLVED
TEENpup 2010 Mini coming September
What about Macpup Opera Unite?
Boxpup 421 Retro
battery gauge
Video TEENpup 2009
Playing old DOS Games in TEENpup 2009 Legacy
Macpup Opera: The Fastest Child Of Puppy Linux
Puppy 4.2 SMP-RT
Opinion Poll- Best low-resource puplet for Qemu?
Teen Pup Legacy 2009 forum
Latest TeenPup - No Grub in MBR
Installation of Acer Aspire One derivative...
TEENpup 2009 Legacy - Magic Scripts - what is it?
WANTED: Hacky Remaster
some help guys chosing my puppy..
TEENpup 2009 Legacy Final Screenshots
Webserverpuppy LAMP and XAMPP
Uhuru Linux 4.12
HamSamBen User guide ???
noram-problem with some puplets
Tipsy Puppy 4.1.3 - Configure Wireless Internet
VestaPup Install Help
devx_413.sfs where to download?
MacPup Foxy 2 VLC windows too tall
Macpup Opera / Macpup Opera061
Looking for puppy109ce-kde3.5.2.iso
Pizza Pup--won't boot
Language support
TEENpup 2009 Legacy very close
Derivatives with newer kernel
GUI/X less Puppy
expand browserpup
Puppy-EXTON Invalid or Damagd boot sector
full screen hulu
A workaround to getting WN322G with zd1211rw chipset going
XBox Media Center Pupplet ?
Puppy Lighthouse 4.1.2rc2
Browserpuppy 4.7 (63 Mb)
Just a Web Browser
how puppy create icons of detected block device on desktop
Does anyone have this puppy?
remax 4.2 does not work in Puppy 4.2 v2
Dell MINI9 Puplet
How about puppy derivate
Whatever happened to pizzapup?
Media PUP - can't see my usb flash drive or DVD-RW drive
Smallest pup
Tipsy Puppy 4.1.3 with universal video driver, now R1
PUPLET newbie Q-a puplet with openoffice supporting PPTX?
Running puppeee 4.2 from SD card on eeepc701 - (4G)
Puppy 4.2 SMP
Unnamed puplet 1.1 (kernel-
Kudos and question to Luther349
Onebone puppy
How to write on sfs filesystem
How to build puppy sound mixer
HanSamBen-a derivative of Edupup with Gcompris 8.4- Alpha V2
April's almost over, where is TEENpup 2009 Legacy??
Seamonkey on 2G Surf
Slaxer_Pup slackware 12.2 SMP kernel boots puppy 4.12
Boxpup 413 Available
puppies 4.2 unofficial updated with Bling "SUE edition"
Puppy 4.1.2 retro
Deep thought with XFCE 4.6
fatdog 112 can't read dvd
What Window Manager to use
Support for Derivative
Church/School Office Puplet
Links in Mail
Problems with the remaster
Fatdog 112
Which Puppy-Derivates works with DELL LATITUDE CP-233M
BOBY (Puppy Parcialmente en Español)
Puppy Derivatives / Languages
how and where could anybody upload his/her puplet ?
Puppy 4.2 smp
artec scanner puplet
I need a puplet with puppy 412, any suggestion ?
Puppies 4.2-v2 Deeper Thought :) UpDated Version X2 lol
Choice pup
MacPup Foxy 2 Upgrade to 4.2? and pbackup problem
Puppies 4.2-v1 Deeper Thought :) UpDated Version
Opinions please
pupeee 4.2
Another 420 (Final) derivative
libretto pup?
Puppies 4.2 Deeper Thought :)
Turbopup Xtreme v1.0 - The fastest dog on Earth
Italian Puplet which can run on 119MB Ram laptop
all links for Inferno 3.0b.iso do not work
DexyPup 4.1
Can someone make me a puplet with......
Please delete..this belongs somewhere else. Thanks
Introducing PULP
BoxPup 4.1.2 w/ zdrv_412.sfs disk remaster procedure
pupeee wireless problems
Opera in MacPup
Xpup CD won't boot
Puppy Portable Studio
TEENpup, Puppy and other Distro's The future of TEENpup
NOP 4.13 r1 released
NYP - special Eclipse edition for Java developers
Wireless success
System Recovery Puppy
Problem -- devx_400 won't work on my system
Macpup Foxy E17
Boot hanging on Lighthouse
How do I change the default browser?
NOP 4.1 Trash Error
Unnamed puplet 1.1 (puppy411 kernel- Xorg-7.4 LXDE)
Where is Zen?
Fatdog 111
Developement of Grafpup?
TEENpup 2009 Legacy coming soon
Lighthouse Pup 4.4.2 Final SMP 194M
Trying to understand puplets
Tipsy Puppy 4.1.2 v1 released
Macpup E17
Fatdog 110
Galipup in French
Vuppy - Puppy with virtual box included
Which Puppy Derivatives is for me?
pupplet version specifically for Old Hardware
Change default browser in teenpup
Removed by UltraPup
PUPITUP Music Lab v:1.2 (Netbook friendly)
Macpup Foxy 2.0
which puppy or muppy??
Fire Hydrant (Found)
Please include
Newyearspup 02 Micro, Mini, Midi, and Maxi RC10
BOXPUP - ROX - symlink not executing
puplet desktop icons
Boot MSG
remaster to addon.sfs
Nop Puppy Linux
NOP, Thunar, and "default word processor"
Suggestion: A MAME inspired puplet
Which one?
windows 98
Macpup 412F, icewm, firefox
Interest in a simple puplet with graphic card support & smp?
NetBoot Capable Puppy 4.1.2
Puppy Barebones 4.1.2 Retro
documentation and crediting?
Missing libImlib.so.11
Eeepc 901 and Ripple .6-2
Eeepc 901 and Ripple don´t work
eeZos 0.6 -- Next release
Macpup 4.1.2
Puppy Ubuntu Japan
Puppy Derivatives
Lost My Wbar
plea for return of earlier version of pmount
How to get processor unique id in Puppy?
puPSP, Puppy Linux + PSP
ppp support
Pupeee on eee pc 1000H - no wlan
Ecopup - Beta release now with AUTOMATED INSTALLER!
Ripple and Eeepc 901
Grub Boot Issues
Where is the normal menu to 'system' and install options .
Adding Themes
How to add new programs to the top-of-screen drop-down menu?
ToddPup 0.2 - 67.4 MB
Videopup 2 codename: Diabolo multimedia
410 nop full install.........usb wireless mouse not working
My first pupplet attempt - Scorpion
MiPup2 - New Puplet
PupCore - 0.1 ALPHA - 4.1.2 Barebones Base
Adopt a Puppy
Puppy 4.1.2 Barebones
Nvidia Drivers built in?
G_Pup 1.2 Updated, now with kernel source
Unnamed pupplet (puppy411 kernel- Xorg-7.4 LXDE)
Puppy 4.1.2 for old Ati Radeon cards (update 12.12.2008)
Thnake - Emacs, Python, and Lisp
MiPup rc.shutdown
Puplet for Lenovo 3000 N200
BobPup 0.3 "Kud"
m_serv 0.1a - 39 MB Puppy-based server
Is there a puplet that fits this need? "all work no play"
problem with rxvt (in greece)
A Puplet with Native OpenGL support?
TEENpup based on Puppy 4.1.1 testing a long road ahead!
DingoPlus TouchPad
Full KDE
BobPup, Flexxxpup, and Puppel.
Creating a Derivative - How hard can it be?
Puppy's with Nvidia
Latest Muppy-Mini download?
PudgyPup -- Puppy 4.1.1 w/ OO3, FF3, & the Gimp
Info concerning Mupy 008.4 (Minisys-Linux)
PUPPYLINK qtel and svxlink puppy
Problems with Abiword on Pupeee
Muppy 8.4c Hope this is not dead?
Menu being overwritten NOP 4.1R1 [solved]
How to install Wine in TeenPup?
MacPup411 availability
Boxpup 4.1.2 released
New Puppy Ferrari 4.1
Realtime in puppy linux
Ripple Releases (Puppy with Compiz-fusion, more)
changes not saved
TEENpup testing with 4.05 alpha 5 & 4.11
Tmxxine 4.1.1
Macpup 4.1.1
aspire one puppy
disable the program menu when right clicked on desktop-icewm
Searching for a particular puppy... [update]
Macpup Foxy 1.5
eeZos 0.2 ** NEXT RELEASE**
Coming soon - the best derivative EVER!
Develpup 1.0 rc1
want to make custom puppy
muppy 0084 digikam 0.9.4
Lighthiuse 3.01c
no keyboard, laptop Mebius by Sharp
SurfPup 6
The LDS Operating System 0.5
Understanding how to cutomize my pupplet
Upgrade Dngo400 to Dingo410
Speak-Pup RC2
Muppy 084 final ~ hangs at loading msy_main-file to ram
Puppy with Truecrypt
ChurchPup: Concordia Edition
Speak-Pup RC!
NOP 4.1 Released
Icepup 301 alpha
Black Greyhound Ultra
Minimal Mac-looking Puplet?
chihuahua wifi probs
chihuahua wifi probs
The LDS Operating System
LDS Operating System
Lighthouse 3.01g Gold ISO 353M, Mariner SFS 150M
Macpup - has to end?
My Custom Puppy, let's call it Lambo Puppy
minimal linux iso
Churchpup Lite/2.17 remaster: RESOLVED
DCL Linux homepage hacked
what are the min. packages to build a minimal CLI distro ?
compilation question
specialized puppy for linux sysadmin
Does someone want to take over the "icepup" name?
puppeee problems
TorPup 4.0 - A Puplet to help protect your privacy
Make Muppy's "running low" alarm less annoying/more useful
Hardened Puppy with encryption and tor?
Chinese Support in Muppy 084 how to get it?<SOLVED>
Puppy Greyhound
Configure Puppy to mount devices read-only by default
[suggestion] Emupup
Muppy 008.4c (final release)
4.xx-based Muppy anytime soon?
SurfPup 3.00 (65 MB) built on Dingo
Are most derivatives created using the CD remaster tool?
Puppy 4.0 bare bones
Can't find the download for Living Water
Macpup Foxy
Puppy Linux Developer's Edition
puppeee install...won't recognise CD
SkinnyPup 4.0a - Sort of like Fat Free...
puppy surfpup
installing openoffice.sfs on puppeee
puppeee on eeepc... problems installing pet applications
Buddapup.dingo (unable to import themes)
Puppy pupeez
SurfPup 1.02
puppy transitions
Filesystem Check on Every Boot
Puppy Qbit - can't save sessions?
Dingo with KDE desktop?
new derivitive mythpup need help or suggestions
Puppy derivatives
New Puplet - Boxpup
Debian project preferred BioPuppy Linux for Bioinformatics
Minisys 084 beta - still missing some video stuff
White Fang 0.2
Wifi Pup
Multiple Save files on Live-CD
muppy embryo addons
Help needed with TigerPup project
TEENpup future releases Roadmap to 2009
TEENpup based on Puppy 4.0.5 IDE Test results
My new number 1!
vuppy - puppy with SUN vBOX included
cfwizard patched (compiz)
eeetiger 1.6
Sea Icepup 1.21
Puppy 215CE Printer Setup? Finally GOT IT!
Puppy 4 NOP: lock screen at start
Tigerpup won't mount my SD card
Tigerpup won't mount my SD card
EEE 900/Pupeee Fan Control
hey guys!! plan to have a New puppy..
shutdown of enlightenment
shutdown of enlightenment
Openoffice problem
Puppy 4.00 Unleashed
Muppy 0084 Beta 2 with Compiz + Gnome 2.22.3 + KDE 3.5.9
The Future of TEENpup
Live CD vs 301 derivatives
Hit the wrong button
Pupeee wireless on assus eee 4g
Macgic - Transform Puppy Dingo to Macpup Dingo
Buddapup Dingo
"Fire Hydrant 3.01 Retro Lite" 75.8/86MB .Optional Print/Vid
Bootup problems
LXP pup
dingo on eeepc help please
Pupeee on asus 900, screen reolution problem.
BuddaPup 2.17 with E17 wm
VestaPup Released 7/1/08
12 Browser Dingo!!
Encrypted save limit?
Sea Icepup - 59.5 MB
building LaTeX puppy?
Tiger pup and opera
Puppy the hacker!!
MacPup Dingo and CUPS
xfburn in NOPr1
usb modem
How to customize themes, background and icons -unleashed?
Hdd Partitions
Thank You
(closing minimize maximize) option is gone
Macpup Dingo
Yet rp-pppoe in Muppy 0083 works - NO browsing
Eee to Puppy!
No more mathpup .... considering Archlinux livecd (Update 1)
ipod, iriver apps in TEENpup 2008 do they work for you?
TEENpup, Future Releases Update
Wireless on Eee PC with wNop 0.2
webserver puppy
TigerPup booting issue
one bone puppy
Is it time for sub-forums?
Muppy 083 - Glipper
TigerPup printing
KDE Network Tools is anyone using them? Need Feedback Please
Setting up Muppy 008.3
Grafpup - Feedback requested
DCL 2008 and Dingo.
Invite SystemRescueCd?
Small puppy for a free flash drive - Icepup Lite
A new born BioPuppy Linux
Muppy 08.3 Cups
Easybuild sfs package maker
Seamonkey 1.1.8 on Classmate PC
Puppy 4.0 Dingo Nearly Office Pup (NOP)
Muppy Questions
pupeee-b4 USB install
How to install Pupeee?
FatFreePuppy+hotpup+EZpup+Wbar one small detail [SOLVED]
pupeee - grub problem
eee pc puppy getting tired
Minisys-Linux Muppy 008.3 F (July, 12th, 2008)
Muppy 008 not online possibile!
Teenpup 2008 X
Transitions Linux
virtualbox in teenpup2008
Puppy Family Tree - update
Puppy (cachorro para su aprobación AKC)
Pupeez 1.0 ** NEW PUPLET**
Hurt Me Plenty 01
Wnop on portege m200 ( wrong post please delete )
requied packages for linux
puppy 3.02!!
SSD booting as HDC1 slower on EEE pc Problem solved!
Good version for thin client
wireless pci problem
Custom puppy - Puppy version
Pupeee and HP usb cd..Problem solved
DCL Open Office
NOP r3 to NOP r6
[SOLVED] Broken Cups Printer Wizard
upgrading puplest/derivatives
safepup does not boot
Add an icon in NOP 3.01? [SOLVED]
Buddapup Dingo
FireHydrant....Login stalls
Removed delete this please
Does DVD playback in TEENpup 2008 work for You?
Request better ID on boot screen for Derivatives
puppy unleashed questions
TEENpup 2008 Problem Booting
Remastering - which version should I use ?
help on grub installation with teenpup 2008
booting pup3.0.1 wNop v0.2
Downloading ISO
Downloading ISO
Downloading ISO
Happy Linux (new iso) by "The Hamsters"
teenpup 2008 frugal install how to setup grub
Macpup 2.17.1 Alpha 1
CuPup 2.17.2v2 Done
pcPuppyOS RC6
CuPup 2.17.1
Teenpup 2008 liveCD stalls
No Pupbeatz...
Icepup Deluxe 1.2
TEENpup 2008 is ready
Speak-Pup V0.05
Modern Web Browser on a Pentium!
VNC Server using EEE resolution problem
On Pizzapup 3.01 Usbview doesn't work
ChurchPup in Vmware
Can Puppy make Fedora connect??
Dragon Puppy download link?
External Monitors again
Office 2.02CE with the SHS font improvements
Happy Linux!
Fat-Free-Pup-3.01!! 62MB released 2-25-08
Fullscreen trouble
pcPuppyOS RC5 - Maximum Testers Requested!
Micro Puppy
DCL 2008
Creating your own puplet
Teenpup 214v2 over 214R
My Puppy won't work
Flighpup /FlightGear JB4x4 congrats! creative project
NOP Questions
Which puppy version
"Living Water 2.17" by ttuuxxx
Lighthouse 3.01 Alpha4 - KDE 3.5.7 - ISO 278M
Touchpad scrolling on the Eeepc?
Batmon not working on full install of pupeee
2.13: lost puppybackground.pup (Solved)
Fast Booting Processs.. of Pico pup
pcPuppyOS RC4 Now Available
3.02Alpha1_Barebones_retro with xi810-4.3.0v2-xkbd package
Speak-Pup V .01
Distributing Your Puplet
Puppy CE
Muppy 008.2 (Feb 01, 2008) outdated
New Pup for the Eeepc based on Puppy 301
Icepup 1.1 / 57.2 MB
pcPuppyOS RC3 Now Available - 29 Jan 2008 EDIT: 30 Jan
pcPuppyOS Site will be down for a day or so...
Speak-Pup Version 0.001
Network interfaces not found
invisible/defective mouse cursor under XOrg
pcPuppyOS RC2 Posted 22 Jan 08
Pico Pup
Modified Picopup on USB gives segmentation error
bootstrap cd
mount usb flash drive in picopup
A Safepup/Thinkpad 770x sound challenge
via unichrome on pup3 Help wanted.
Tmxxine Vision - now available
Mount Other devices
New pcPuppyOS Version - Fixes and New Features, Security!
Muppy 008.1 Mini + Standard (updated Jan, 22 2008)
FlightPup ver 1
Muppy Linux
Linux Tmxxine 4
pcPuppyOS Packages
pcPuppyOS Screenshotr
pcPuppyOS - with Citrix, Cisco VPN, OOffice/Oxygen, WPA2
NOP 3.01 questions
ProCon Latte Password Question
truecrypt grafpup
Brandon Cornell Software Puppy
muppy08 shutdown bug
Any way to modify files/script inside the crated puppy iso ?
NIC not working in MINISYS MUPPY008 full HD install!!!!!!!!!
need a screen capture utility
Breeezy, tiny and fast browser suite for the eee (pup_213)
TEENpup next version will be called TEENpup 2008
Best Puppy gaming derivative and packages ?
wNOP v0.2
WIkipedia Article For derivatives Please verify
where can I get undeb utility fo puppy ?
Muppy 080 final
I need libstartup-notification0-dev
where is the C compiler in 3.01 release ???
Dual-monitor support?
shared libraries are missing
KDE4 for IceWM
What are the min requirement of a CLI puppy ?
Edupup 2.00 Beta
ChurchPup RC1 feedback here!
FoxPup .....
Since you guys like Vista themes so much
Wrong module loaded for ethernet port pro/100
Blinky missing in the task bar.
Article about Grafpup
Fire Hydrant FH_Jwm3.01c Just Released
download link for puppy 3.00 retro ?
Help me select the startup song for MATH PUP
MATH PUP 2.15ce
which is the best way; unleashed or remastering ?
How do I install a dual boot of Pizzapup and XP
Safepup Question
Safepup Question
Some questions about software installation
Questions about Pizzapup
confusion between dotpup and PET
New Slimmer & Trimmer Fire Hydrant 3.01b 112mb
how to build tinyx server ?
where can I get picopup ?
where can I download the 8 MB micropuppy ?
Teen puppy live cd doesn't load.
Shockwave-Flash TEENpup - Some Work Some Not?
RAM and Puppy 3.01 footprint
Fire Hydrant featherweight, Main & Inferno Released
Help me make my version
Is Edupup DEAD?
Dragon Puppy
RudyPuppy Error when burning to DVD-RW
Include a checksum (MD5, SHA1) when announcing your puplet
Anyone planning on a Puppy Christmas Edition?
I have an issue extracting and repackageing teenpup2.14.1
Pupbeatz update
Minisys-Linux Muppy008 (dec, 20, 2007) / SP3 (jan, 13, 2008)
Churchpup can't find wireless or LAN cards
ChurchPup Alpha Discussion
how to save modification in Micropuppy ?
Waht may be the tool to make GUI based on shell script ?
New website for Foxpup and Icepup
Fire Hydrant 3.0.1b Soon to be released
Lighthouse 215SeaM_Beta5
Want to help with a new Puppy Derivative?
Firefox puplet
how to use apt packag manager ?
Want to make a new distro; need your help
RevPup 2.13 Final
Puppy CLI
Want to make a new distro, please help
Add Firefox to MicroMuppy
where can i get micro muppy opera and picopup
micropuppy root in ram with usr on a partition
TEENpup 2.14 Update/Bug fix Release Maybe in 2 weeks
NOP 3.01 Available
Puppy Linux, IBM Transnote Edition
fat-free-pup-3.00 at 62MB
Instux, a project I can never do alone
Lighthouse Pup
TEENpup 2.14 is Here! Download Now!
RevPup 2.13rm1
Fire Hydrant 3.01a Is Out,
"Fire Hydrant 3.0" 192MB java, flash, firefox,Gimpshop,"
I gave NOP 2.17 a try
Softare selection
Shutdown problem
Icepup 0.5
Fat Free Puppy- Is it to lean?
LighthousePup 2.15 FINAL (Formerly 215 Beta5) ISO 182M
Setting up a blog about my ipup 0.1 experience
Fat Free Puppy Released 2.17
Icepup 0.4
TeenPup Linux is totally unique..
TeenPup Linux is totally unique..
a puppy derivative that includes java & flash preinstalled?
mythtv puppy
New name for myPup?
post deleted by author
squash files in Pizza Pup
Removed by author
WHICH Puppy derivatives?
Download TeenPuppy
Wifi by pcmcia card.
Developer for 'Custom' Version?
Various new Distro's
Customizing a Puppy Remaster
SafePup based on BarelyPup and Puppy Linux 2.13
Icepup 0.3
problem creating users in grafpup
How to change the browser in 2.15CE to Firefox?
Intro to Puplets
Lighthouse pup
Looking For Distro Creator (Will Compensate)
Puppies on a 266MHz with 48MB RAM?
Puppy Family Tree
Icepup 0.2 (formerly known as iPup)
Tmxxine Shard
Connecting a thermal printer
programming puppy?
FTP server for TeenPup?
PupWin98 — Puppy Linux® for Windows®98
ChubbyPuppy v PuppyOffice v PuppyPro
PLP (Puppy Linux Portable)
atheros wifi difficulties
TEENpup and future TEENpup's (Expected Releases)
lighthouse pup cursor issue
LighthousePup "Testing the Water" 215Beta4 ISO 182MB
puppy games..
audio on ebox 2300
iPup "Ice" 0.1 - 55 MB
GamePup 2.16 Alpha
TEENpup iso burn problem - solved
Problem with sound in TEENpupu 2.0
rox desktop
Talking Puppy (for the visually handicapped)
DCOPserver and KDE/Grafpup
Ecopup 0.7 Beta [Depreciated]
Sloooow developent of CoolPup...
pizzapup windows movement
kde gets grafpup in a pickle
Dinamite Puppy[primordial state] .01% complete help wanted
Keyboard problems in Grafpup 2
Open Office Disappeared from Menus!
EZpup-2 ... First Looks!
Grafpup: issues with WINE...
Change backround picture?
New Icewm Vista Theme for TEENpup2.0.0
2.15 CE missed my Realtek 8139 netcard
Pupbeatz...what would you like to see?
EZpup - June 2007 Edition
Firefox Unuseable (by newbs) in Puppy 2.15ce
Pizzapup 3.0 dont find pup_save file
Correct Menu replacement for TEENpup 2.0.0
Grafpup control panel
Grafpup-2.00 final
Tk DVD in Puppy LInux 2.15 CE final
GRAFPUP 2 RC2 - WI-FI, intel ipw3945 problem - solved -
Linux Tmxxine Prism 3.01
2.15CE save script destroys data if save file too small
WakePup floppy
Teenpup 1.0
TEENpup 2.0.0 is here! 272mb iso
Muppy Hard Disk Installation and Mysterious error codes
Grafpup website issues
How about a multiuser Puppy derivative?
Pizzapup and a full hard disk installation
Encryption of pup_save on Qemu-Puppy 2.15?
Strange behavior of Puppy derivatives
Mouse pointer disappears in 2.15 CE
kPup 2.16 - Kiosk Puplet (106 MB)
Pup215 modprobe ndiswrapper not working
CoolPup Kernel Testing
TEENpup 2.0.0 what to expect
Text Colors in Pizzapup
2.15 is slow and low ram
Pizzapup and Gaim
Icons for Puppy derivatives, themes, and/or customizations
EZpup - First Looks!
Testing kPup 2.14 - Kiosk Puplet
how to make a custom remaster
Grafpup 2.00 beta: what are initial username and password?
sfs files and Pizzapup 3.01
Pizzapup 3.0 RC1 -- can't setup printing
External Sound & SimplePup
Tray Volume needs upgrade in Puppy 2.15CE
How to boot Pizzapup 301 without floppy?
Any Distribution with a working Suspend to Ram??
What Packages do you want to see in TEENpup 2.0.0
TEENpup 2.0.0 Update - Unknown Release Date
Virtual Box vs. VMWare
trouble with facebook and hotmail.
trouble with facebook and hotmail
Is Optimized coming back ?
Is there a list of derivatives and descriptions anywhere?
Puppy distro with root user
Pizzapup 3.0.1
how to burn an audio cd using your mp3 files with rudypuppy
xmms problem
GrafPup (First Impression)
CD won't eject
Qemu-Pizzapup 3.0
i am all lost
Grafpup-2.xx fourth (and final) alpha
adaptation & puppy for win 98
Pizzapup 3.0.1 Final (formerly RC1)
a year of grafpup news (in brief) work in progress
CD won't eject
Samba and CUPS for 2.14Lite (also how to create sfs)
Rudy 13: Firefox closes when Yahoo opened (solved)
wifi rt2500 setup in Puppy Barebones 2.01r2
Pizzapup: Wireless Woes
Internet Explorer in Muppy007
webcam security puppy ("watchdog")
Rudy edition and Chkrootkit, weird results
Grafpup-2.xx third alpha release
Puppy 2.10 Professional
some questions for a VM based puppy
TEENpup Version 1.0.0 iso download now!
Pizza Puppy
Rudy Edition: slimming it down?
first post!!!!
Strange USB problem in pizzapup
Pizzapup 3.0 and Skype sound problem
Litepup-2.14 (62.2 MB) - available to dowload
puppy-214-JP_beta01.iso released
A 2.14 Puplet already :)
Grafpup-2.xx second alpha snapshot
QEMU-Puppy 2.14-1
Pizzapup 3.0 FINAL
Todd's Institutional Puplet (55.3 MB) - codename "TIP"
Grafpup-2.xx first development snapshot
BarelyPup-2.13-0.1 - Nearly empty Puppy 2.13
Micro Muppy 002 (12 MB-Iso with Xvesa)
eBoxPup-2.13-0.1alpha released
Muppy 007-212
QEMU-Puppy 2.13-1
Litepup is back! New 2.12 version coming in at 46.3 MB. . .
QEMU-Puppy 2.01-3
Muppy 006
Puppy 2.12: 3D-Control-Center V2.00
Muppylinux-004 (+ 005 for testing)
iPup (60 MB)
XPuppy Pro for Download
Rudy edition
QEMU-Puppy 2.01-1
LanPuppy...At Last... [ Testing & Suggestions ]
108 gameCD 2
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