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page updated on July 31, 2011 - table updated on July 27, 2011

Additional Software (PETs, n' stuff)

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Business Forum   Business Forum
Money Manager Ex
Looking for open-source billing & invoice software
Softmaker Office 2008 Free again
OOoLight Office 1.0 - Cutdown Version - REMOVED
WISH Checkbook 2011.1
SofMaker 2008 Available for Free!
How to install OpenOffice.Org in Puppy?
mtCellEdit spreadsheet editor
Where is the Ycalc source code (ycalc-1.09.1 PET)?
Ted - cutdown version
Zint 3.2.1 - barcode designer
Homebank 4.2.1
SoftMaker Office 2010 for Linux Public Beta Free
Calcurse - CLI Organizer
Gnucash 2.22 alpha1
Siag office 3.5.5
Billing software for Internet Cafe in puppy?
last update July 27, 2011
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Desktop Forum   Desktop Forum
Nitrogen in Puppy
Trying to use an ACER 4:3 monitor instead of notebook screen
Nathan Wallpaper Setter -update
Enlightment E17 plus fonts for Lucid
E17 Build Script
Ionic font
Simple Quake-Terminal alike script
xcompmgr 1.1.4 + transset-df 6
Ice Window Manager
wmctrl 1.07
Find Icons
Enlightenment E-16 1.0.8 for Lupu series Puppy / Cairo-dock
Enlightenment e17 for 5.2.5
Fonts, fonts and more fonts
Refreshing Wbar mod for pwidgets
egg WM
Beryl-0.2.1 for puppy 4.3 and lucid puppy 5
redefine the default-filemanager
JWM Configuration Manager
How to put a program icon on the desktop?
Weather Wallpaper
Parcellite 1.0.0
Where can one find more GTK themes for lucid puppy??
xpad (sticky notes) (Solved)
Fluxbox Windowmanager
? WM/Panel/DesktopHandler-combo
plogout - WM switcher, with GUI!
Small Windowmanager Enlightenment DR 16-7
How to change font color ROX-Filer FM
Equinox Desktop Environment ???
Show an icon on the task bar if a (semaphore) file exists
XToys GUI with 6 toys
rsaver 1.1
Pekwm Windowmanager
VideoThumbnail in rox
80 free fonts this month from the Softmaker people
Xvesa - minimal static uclibc version
mcwm -ultralite xcb based window manager
XScreenSaver 5.12
Qlipshare - networked clipboard v. 0.0.1
the menu: add, edit and change the entries.
tint2 Panel
Pretty Puppy with GTK + Clearlooks Theme Engine!
Professional iPhone Transfer User Guide
pwidgets: huge /tmp/xerrs.log
LXDE Light for Lupu
Ubuntu 5.10 problems with cairo-dock
Apps Starter
Beryl-0.2.1 for puppy 4.3
Lucid5 - RedshiftGUI-0.2.1
KDE 3 (Trinity) For Puppy Beta
Firstrun-1.8.4 (Contry Settings and more)
ROX 2.10
System Sounds Config
dwm Windowmanager
Defaults Chooser 0.8
Screengrab v.0.8.1
PET for new version of OSMO?
Pnote 0.2 - desktop notepad
IceWM (Jemimah's Puppeee Build)
XFCE4 (Nop431): No fonts, just squares [SOLVED]
JWM in Spanish for puppy 4.3.1
Wbar Configuration Centre - v 07
Which Window Manager to Use?
Compiz-Fusion, Where Might We Get That At???
Where to install wBar?
request: spellchecker widget
pStartupShutdownSound 1.4-1
JWM Theme Maker 1.5 - GUI
configure gmail for the mail widget
Enlightment E17 (from SVN)
Pmenu - Puppy Menu Editor
Powered by Puppy Linux: sticker
Pwidgets - plugins & widgets storage
Oroborus Windowmanager
Pwidgets 2.3.6
Gnome 2.20.3 SFS (Only for Puppy4)
Pschedule 1.0.2 - Task on time
last update July 27, 2011
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Documents Forum   Documents Forum
pdfedit 0.4.5
ghostscript 9.02
office suite for Puppy 4.31
GUI for Zathura PDF viewer
Portabase Database for Lucid
I am in need of a small database program {SOLVED}
Scribus - QT4 based desktop publisher
Recoll - Text search utility
Synovial Spicebird
Zathura PDF viewer
A complete set of Geany .png icons
AbiWord 2.8.6 on Puppy 5.2.5 'edit image via gimp' bug
Steps to fill out forms
Vim 7.3.206_No_Gui
epdfview 0.1.8
SCIM won't switch input language OpenOffice SFS [WORKAROUD]
mupdf tools 0.8.165 with XPS support!
Can anyone suggest an alternative for .ppt?[SOLVED]
djvulibre 3.5.24 and djview3
Pcreole programmable application + nme (creole converter)
Interesting HTML editor I found
Evince / Foxit Reader
poppler pdf utils 0.17.0 (static)
poppler utils 0.16.3 (static)
Open Office
ocrad 0.21 - 10 January 2011
gnotes 0.6.2
PDF editor problems
How to install LaTeX in Wary 5?
LibreOffice 3.3.1 sfs (Lupu 520)
Qfaxreader in PuppyLinux 5.2
libreoffice- SFS and PET
default save path in Abiword
MicroEmacs (JASSPA)
2008 is free again! for Christmas!
Office 2008 --- SoftMaker free download up to 31 dec 2010
Gnumeric - How to have Windows newline character?
gv 3.7.1
Geany Text Editor
Kotivox multi-user daily diary using Seinfeld's chains-NOV15
font manager
mupdf viewer
xcoral 3.47
pdfresurrect 0.10
lazyread 2.0
minimum profit text editor
mupdf tools
PDF bookbinder - gui for imposition
psdpftool 0.0.3
Gcal 3.6
qpdf 2.2.2
podofo tools
Cire 0.14.0
Request - text file viewers / readers for Puppy 4 Emacs
Bluefish text editor
LibreOffice Beta 3
Peasyscan Image Scanner Program
OOoKids 1.1 + OOoLight 1.0 (office suite)
HNB Hierarchical Notebook
Beaver - Text Editor
simplescan - scan & print (just a copier)
Scribus 1.3.8 beta - Lucid 5.1
old site-unused
Efax-gtk 3.2.4 for Lucid Puppy 5.1
Polish translation for puppy
GNU iconv - text convertion tool
Make Abiword from Debian packages
Yudit multi-language text editor 2.9.2
OpenOffice for US English?
OxygenOffice Professional
Evince documents viewer
Where to find an Open Office version for Puppy 5 Frugal?
gxlat - Desktop Google Translator redux
Psword + Xsword sfs for Lucid Puppy
Calibre - Ebook Software
OpenOffice 3.2.1
Gnome Doc Utils 0.18.1
Adobe Acrobat Reader(for PDF files) in Linux Puppy-4.30
How to install the JSword Bible & "Module Starter Pack"
pBiblx2 Field Wise Bible System
WISH Superscriptorium: Latin-English translation program
WISH Supernotepad 2011
Request: Sciplore PET - Mindmapping and pdf management
[PET] Xpdf 3.02pl4
Enchant library version 1.6.0
PDFOCR for Puppy 4.3.1
Stardict 3.0.1
Google translate desktop
Spellchecker addon 2.0 for puppy 4.3+
PDF Cube
Office Suite : OOo4Kids v0.9 en-us
Scribus: QT4-based desktop publisher
Updated Abiword-2.8.2 plus all plugins, locales and docs
Go-OO 3.2 sfs
gnumeric 1.10
Removed !! Softmaker Office 2008 25MBpet cutdown english
Is there a .pet of Gramps?
Dotpet for Artha thesaurus / dictionary
wine + free softmaker office suite fast/uses low resources
Pdfshuffler .sfs - Edit pdfs :) fantastic!
pdfshuffler - edit pdfs
Beaver + gtk+-2.4.0 + glib-2.12.
Vim-7.2.pet - text editor
Xsword/Cheatah Bible reader
pdftk 1.41 in puppy 3.01
Musescore Music Score Editor puppy4.0+
Psword-0.6 gtkdialog bible reading software
OCRopus 0.2 optical character recognition + layout analysis
tesseract-ocr optical character recognition
pdf applications & how-to
qfaxreader: QT-based fax/tiff viewer
FBReader: An E-Book reader
DjVu Viewer App and Mozilla plugin for Seamonkey
Notecase outliner
Siag spreadsheet & Pathetic Writer word processor 3.6.1
last update July 27, 2011
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Drivers Forum   Drivers Forum
Repository for NVIDIA drivers for PuppyLinux
Display problem on Acer Laptop
Unable to use any Nvidia drivers in Wary Puppy 5
How to use Dell 5540 wifi card in Puppy 512?
nVidia 275.09.07 for kernel 2.6.32.x
Monitor is 1440x900 but Puppy will only go to 1024x768
How to compile with puppy wary 5.1.1 (Full install)
How to install Asix AX88772 USB-Ethernet Adapter driver?
printer driver for HP Laserjet 5L [Solved]
ENE Card Reader Module for some Acer Aspire One Netbooks
NVIDIA x86-260.19.44 drivers for kernels &
Extra drivers for Fluppy013 with kernel
Nvidia (nonfree) drivers for Fluppy12
acx driver for wary 5.1.1 (kernel
HP 1020 Plus Drivers for Puppy 5 Kernel
Acer Aspire One Fan Control for Quirky/Lupu K2.6.33.2
my modem doesn't work
Epson CX3200 Scan fails in Ubuntu 10.04
Lexmark driver- multiple models
Lexmark 1240 Printer Drivers
Nvidia-260.19.12 Wary driver k2.6.31.14
foo2zjs Printer Drivers
PCMCIA Compatability: SLACKPUP
Nvidia 260.19.12 for kernel Wary 092
Nvidia 260.19.12 driver pets for Lucid 5.11
Nvidia drivers 256.59 and 71.86.14 for k2.6.35.7 (Wary)
Nvidia 256.44 driver for Wary 060
Laptop Mode Tools
Nvidia 71.86 for Lupu 5.00
Nvida Official (256.44) Driver for Lucid 510
Extras for Puppy 5.1 with kernel
WUSB11V2.6 Drivers
Hpliplite: dynamic packages
Installing Driver with Fatdog64 Newtwork Wizard??
Intel Driver Q1 - 2010
Nvidia Official Driver (256.35) for Luci 212 and beyond
Nvidia Official Driver (256.35) for Slack Puppy 040
Nvidia Official Driver (256.35) for Slack Puppy
Intel i810
Latest Nvidia Driver for Lucid in Pet format
NVIDIA Drivers for kernel (wary-030)
Lenovo Netbooks, Broadcom Wireless and Quirky
NVIDIA Drivers for kernel (Quirky-1.1)
NVIDIA Drivers for kernel (Lupu500)
Nvidia Video Driver Pet for Kernel
Request: ATI Catalyst .PET for Quirky (!)
where can i find the wifi driver for Marvell sd8686?
NVIDIA Drivers for kernel (wary-020)
Can I get driver for Alfa awus036e?
Wifi modem driver HP-Mini Netbook running Puppy 4.2.1 needed
Need drivers for Intel PCMCIA flash memory card
Having probleme with PPPoE + DHCP conection.
Alfa awus036h Drivers
How to use Dell Studio 1535 wireless?
No sound. Also can Puppy run Google Earth?
TP-Link - WN422G Driver for 4.3
Driver for the Huawei K3765 wireless modem (Solved)
install driver printer canon pixma 1980
How to force Java Sound to use ALSA not OSS?
Ralink rt3070sta usb wifi device driver
FPIT - Fujitsu Stylistic input driver for the Xorg
Audio issues when booting from USB
How to use ATI Mobility Radeon 7500?
add new module to puppy (elo touchscreen)?
GLX module is failed to load
using and modifying the usbtouchscreen module for elo intell
Xorg driver update for various cards
Intel 537 modem drivers for 4.3.1-k2.6.25.16
Driver for Emagic Audiowerk2 k2.6.25.16
Extras for Puppy 4.3 with kernel
NVIDIA Drivers for kernel (puppy 4.3)
Nvidia-185-18.36 for Puppy 4.3beta2/3
puppy 4.3beta2/3 Ati Catalyst 9.9 graficsdriver
Ati Catalyst 9.3 graficsdrivers for Puppy 4.3beta1
Ati Catalyst 9.7+9.8 graficsdrivers for Puppy 4.3beta1
Extra drivers for Puppy 2 with kernel
Epson scanner driver
Ati and Nvidia bugfix for Puppy
Extra drivers for Puppy 4.1 with kernel
NVIDIA drivers for k2.6.25.16 (puppy 4.1)
915resolution patched
Canon MP160 / 460 printer drivers
last update July 27, 2011 [top of page]

Eye Candy Table   Eye Candy Table
Which of these two would you prefer?
Which of these two Conky configs do you prefer?
How to change icon of freemem applet?[SOLVED]
Several icons for JWM. OS: "Quirky Linux 1.40"
Looking for 32 X 32 Icons
Puppy Theme Info (pti)
Conky Lua
Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot icons
Rox toolbar icon switcher
Blackbox styles
where I can found a fluxbox wm for my pup431 and my lupu520
How can I install these awesome themes?
Geany Theme Changer
Red Moon theme icon set
OpenBox Themes
Puppy Gimp Splash
Pixel art
Xfce Albatross theme on Puppy?
Icon Maker for Puppy? [SOLVED]
My desktop.
VLC media player Skin Editor
Does Anyone have Themes for SeaMonkey?
Console ASCII art?
Icon set for puppy NOP
Puppy 4.2.1 (DeepThought) theme pack for later Puppies
New Puppy Wallpaper
Updated - Puppy.look eye candy .pet for puppy
Pa Penguin's Favorite Free Fonts, version 2
Looking for a Super Blacked-Out theme
Making a custom mouse cursor theme
Icewm menu icons
Logo for Official Puppy 5
Icon theme
Slideshow Screensaver
Installing icewm .pets
How to disable rounded window corner in 4.3.1?
pekwm themes, etc
Screen Saver Similiar to Xscreensaver in Ubuntu?
JWM Question
100 000 icons in one place
Noia Warm icon set for Puppy
OpenBox GTK Guide plus more how-to
Which Window Manager to Use?
Compiz-Fusion, Where Might We Get That At???
"Antiquity" icon theme (my first icon theme...be gentle :) )
Bug Discovery
experimental minimalist backgrounds
(ask) Help
Two window managers for Puppy
Message files for the GRUB gfxmenu
Remove JWM shade/unshade feature
Theme request
how do I get iceWM in Puppy 4.3.1?
ram_bar config
Woof, Quirky, Puppy logos
Menu button icons post, where is it?
Puppy Linux Gallery Poll
Where to install wBar?
Happy Halloween!
PPLOG CSS templates
who's the creator of puppy 4.30 wallpaper?
Pmusic Themes
1000 Free Farm-Fresh Web Icons
General Icon Themes for GTK+
Custom theme
Fluxbox styles
request: spellchecker widget
Fake Mac look
ROX-Filer beautification
misc Puppy art
English time
configure gmail for the mail widget
Start bar and menu buttons
What happend with the Clock analog skins ???
Gimp tutorials
More Wallpaper
Pwidgets Wallpaper Express
Enlightment E17 (from SVN)
My Puppy is more gorgeous than yours!
What does your desktop say about you?
Official Opera Theme for Puppy
Bling for Puppy
Powered by Puppy Linux: sticker
TV Channels Pwidget
Pwidgets Eyecandy
JWM 2.0.1 Enhancements and Fixes
Pwidgets - plugins & widgets storage
Mplayer, gmplayer Skins
Java icons
Cursor themes
TrueType fonts for Puppy
Blendpics - e.g. as widgetbackground
Exquisite icontheme
xfce themes
Fake XP look
Puppy Wallpapers
Christmas is coming
Icon Themes Exchange
GTK themes for Puppy 4+ Dingo
Post your conkyrc files with screenshots here
Wet Floor Wallpaper for Puppy
JWM Themes Exchange
IceWM Themes Exchange
last update July 27, 2011
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Filesystem Forum   Filesystem Forum
XFE (X File Explorer) - file manager for Lucid 525
Gnome Commander released June 15 2011
How to install Nautilus file handler in Puppy?
What's that folder named <lost+found> all about?
vifm 0.61 file manager
Cups FileManager
[FILLED] Rsnapshot
Where is the roxicon config file?
Turma2 - Gtk2 search & replace tool
Certain files refuse to be deleted or moved out...
Puppy Python Mount v0.05
Backup with dump and restore?
PeaZip 3.7
WISH File Rusher 2011.2
xfm filemanager
PeaZip 3.6.2.
New recursive batch filename converter
mc-4.6.1 in "Quirky Linux 1.40" ! only script to install
iMount - Mount your iDevice
filemanager with videothumbnails
XFE File manager for PL 5.11?
WCD - Wherever Change Directory
HJ-Split file splitter joiner
eeepc internal cardreader lost to a problem savefile
build fsarchiver into Puppy
AsmFile - Cli Filemanager static build 34K
File recovery pet ?
[PET] ZOO 2.10-21
DUK 0.1
[PET] LHA 1.17
Script to change default file manager
Wiithon - WBFS manager
protection script (FreeBSD)
ROX-Filer Modification
Scratch File Tool
Thunar-Mini (xfce file manager)
WISH Command Center 2009
WISH File Rusher 2011
How to use mdadm with Puppy CD and RAID?
Midnight Commander (mc)
HDD Backup -- Acronis
InfoCentral4Wine -- a Relational Database & File Manager
MC Midnight Commander
Startmount-0.5.5 Drive automount and program starter
Tree - shows directory contents in expanded tree format
Unrar and 7zip packages
Picker 0.3 - File Acrobat
Pfilesearch 1.24
Pfind 4.22
Pbackup 3.1.8
last update July 27, 2011
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Games Forum   Games Forum
hellchess 1.02 Full Game
spider: another small card game
sol: another small solitaire game
xfreecell card game
If your looking for a solitaire
lin city addict
Risk dotpup game doesn't display right at low resolution?
xmame 0.106 & frontend, for puppy
shanghai: a tile removal game
xye: SDL based game
eremit: simple game to clear the balls
xpat2: card games
xtruco: a card game
toppler-1.1.3: weird game with object to get to top of tower
Can't play bzflag.pup
njam1.25 / a really nice game
bugsquish: swat those nasty bugs
seahaven: a solitaire card game
XSok game
linxtris: a tetris clone
gtkboard - collection of games
3D Game Paradroidz will be removed from repository
3D-game glest - great strategy/RPG
Arcade game moon-lander
Dossizola - VERY nice and cute SDL game..
childrens educational game suite gcompris
Battle of Mandicor / Survival - game
Battle of Mandicor / Survival
gsoko game
Games. . .
Alteria RolePlaying Game based on Quake1
3D-game pinball
Arcade game zaxxon
Game for children (educational, international) tuxtype2
3D-game BillardGL
Game AlephOne Marathon2
abuse sdl - game
3D-game BlobAndConquer 0.3 + 0.93-2
3D-game nogravity (Space-shooter)
KDE-game ksame and Stones for Wine
Mini-3D-game sable
3D-Game Descent2 (Shareware)
Request for Mame arcade game dotpup
syasokoban: another sokoban game
Afternoonstalker and Batrachians / 2 little games
(games) (rebuilt) LTris, LBreakout2, Barrage
Games. . .
(Game) Tuxracer / PPracer
Downloaded Bubblez; now how to install it?
SpaceZero 0.80.03
XorCurses 0.1.2
(Game) Quake2/Jake2
(Game) Quake1 -Darkplaces -Nehahra -Zerstoerer +mod-launcher
Can't play a Java Game (runescape)
Billards.pet not working in Lucid 5.2.0
Pmatchemup -fun little matching game
Quake 3 - game
Wine + portable .exe game
Smokin' Guns looks awesome, but...
dice roller
The Legend of Edgar
BumpRace - (nice Game)
FreeDoko: Doppelkopf card game
Can someone make pet packages for...
scummvm tools-1.3.0
scummvm 1.3.0
scummer beta5
Eliot: Qt4-based scrabble game
Burger Space (little game)
Odamex-test pet
playing sims 3 under vmware!
DRoD: Architect's Edition 1.6 CVS
xjoy2key 0.1.0
Cartoon fighter 1.1
Anyone know about Akalabeth Rebourne?
the butterfly effect
Postal 2: Share the Pain MP
Zero Ballistics v2.0
battle for wesnoth 1.8.5.sfs
xmoto 0.5.6
Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe
MUD (multiplayer text game like a MMORPG) server
How to have a desktop icon for each installed game?
Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries v2.14.3
FreeCiv 2.2.5
TkGames-1.1.1: Various tcl/tk based games
Games. . .
RuneScape client for Puppy -no need to install Java
Display dhammapada wisdom
Emilia Pinball
MUD server base (like a text adventure MMORPG)
GTK and xcow haiku generators
Exult-1.4.9rc1 With Studio (Ultima VII cross-os game engine)
Castle vox
Warzone 2100
Jigsaw Puzzler for Wine
Toribash 3.50
play 3d games in wine (for intel users)
Is Abuse (game) available as a .pet?
ePSXe.PET not Work
Play On Linux ( script - based on WINE )
FlightGear 2.0 INSTALL - Puppy Lupu 511
Is there a Pygame .pet?
Clickosquare 0.0.1
SDLMESS0136 - collection of game console emulators
ScummVM: Adventure Game Interpreter
Lotus III – The Ultimate Challenge
A selection of KDE Educational games SFS Lupui 511 SFS
Gcompris 8.4.13 sfs tested in Lupu 511
Linux PSX 1 Emulator
what am i missing to run games on lupu?
crimsonfields 0.5.3
RPG games to install into puppy?
RPG games to install into puppy?
3D shooter gallery
Games. . .
Snes9x 1.42 - Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator
Portal 2 Co-Op Impressions
assault cube
dosbox for lupu 500 and above
can I play Maple Story in WINE?
Virtual Gameboy 3.5
urban terror
MSX emulators
Atari 7800 .pet ?
brutalchess for puppy 5.x lupu
Puppy Arcade with Puppeee
Rejoystick config not found?
Grid Wars 2
Seven Kingdoms- Ancient Adversaries
Blobby Volley 2
Teeworlds 0.5.2
Counter-Strike 2D
Puppy MMO Discussion
fltk1.1-games: 3 small fltk-based games
Puppy Arcade 8 - PET and SFS
Skiing season in Full Swing. Where's Tuxracer?
How to configure Karting Race - SOLVED!
Flsh games
PET for an MSX emulator
"Dōkutsu Monogatari"/ Cave Story
[Emulator]DeSmuME 0.9.6
alien arena 2010
open arena
Eternal-Lands - 1.9.1 (march 22, 2011)
Games. . .
AssaultCube (updated march, 2011)
Racer 0.5.4 plus add-ons
How to create chess sets for DreamChess?
Gens/GS r7 (Sega emulator)
How to Burn AVI/WMV/MPEG/3GP/MOV to DVD (Windows/Mac)
harvest moon
Quake 1 repackaged
Spellblazer 1.0 eyeOS Action Game
QCheckers: QT4-based checkers game
Tk-Bubbles and Tk-Gemgame
Transcend and Cultivation
Xinvaders 3D
Gtans Tanegrams
Really crazy time killing games
DSI: SDL-based invading aliens game
Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection(32 Games)
World Golf Online
Mahjongg Solitaire 3D
Solitaire (Solved)
SoulFu 1.5.2 .pet
I installed the Frozen Bubble .pet but nothing happens
Free Flash Games
Games that Work on Wine
Planetmule request
Games. . .
Open Yahtzee
Is there a pet for Game creation/Access browser?
ScummVM 1.0.0
The Mana World .pet won't install
Sudoku 1.0.1
Chroma: SDL-based puzzle game
Quadromania: Quadromania is a board game.
GearHead1- Rouglike Mech RPG Game
[Games] ZSNES 1.4.2 - emulator for SNES (Super Nintendo...)
Which DOOM to run in Puppy?
Alienblaster 1.1 for Dpup
How to play Dofus in Puppy?
Doomsday,Prboom, Legacy + 22 Games
Stone Soup 0.52
TclTk-8.3 and Tibia Game-client
MUME - powwow MUD client
brutal chess
How do I install Wine?
How to install games
SMW 1.8b2
cli gaming
TkSol - solitaire game
OpenTTD 0.7.4 - open source Transport Tycoon Deluxe
Large Size Games
ishido - pattern matching game
UXSnake - New Snake Game for Linux
keyboard into a Musical Instrument! Keyano
crayon game
Crayon Physics on Puppy at Last!
Supertux is not loading in puppy 4.3.1
FreeCol - Colonization clone
How to install gPlanarity? Is there a .pet?
mjwin.exe - mah jongg
Duke Nukem 3d
Flash Games Pet (where is it?)
Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood
Visual boy advance - can't compile in puppy
Team Fortress 2 barely works in Wine; unplayable
Morris: A nine men's morris game
Mahjongg clone
Games. . .
Neotron games
Duke Nukem 3D (Shareware)
Wesnoth on 4.2.1
Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection
NetHack 3.4.3
Coins TCL Kit game - Kids memory game
Thanks for this MAME Pup...
GREAT PET.. I love it..
Puppy Arcade
Brikx Puzzle Game
Vendetta online?
Gens - Sega Genesis
Rezerwar: SDL-based game
42 Hot Free Linux Games (Part 2 of 3)
Aleph One running Marathon & Infinity
DJ-Backgammon: QT3-based backgammon game
Free solitare games for Wine
Request for your submissions!
SDL_Jewels: SDL-based game
SDL_Bomber: SDL-based game
Games for EEEPC
Holtz: wx-based strategy games
MiniRacer 1.04
Gamer Builder
Is there a list of games for Puppy anywhere?
Shishensho: Tile removal game
Anyone have this old text-based football game?
Snes9x-GTK 1.51-74 (pet no longer being updated)
Widelands RTS Game
Scummvm - Scumm virtual machine 0.13.1
Rise of the Triad
lostlabyrinth - a roquelike computer roleplaying game
chromium b.s.u.
Secret Maryo Chronicles SFS for puppy
Something like "Same Game" for Puppy?
5ball: A game to get 5 balls in a row.
Yo Frankie! opensource game
Dosbox games for kids SFS
Lesser Known Linux Games
Games. . .
Circus Linux pet
Classic_Invaders: SDL-based game
C-Dogs SDL: SDL-based game
Kakuro_Nichiyou: QT4-based Kakuro game
freeciv 2.1.9
moon-lander pet file
Dan's Retro games: Retro remakes of various games
World's Hardest Game Bunch of games converted from debian packs
Alex the Allegator 4
Help with running doom based games?
gnujump (a.k.a. sdljump) and nikwi
Nearly forgotten - Flash's find; Fantastic Contraption
Torus Trooper
Puppygames style?
Primrose: SDL & OpenGL based tile game
Afternoon Stalker: SDL-based game
My flash game collection
a bit of fun &.....
Games. . .
A Note to Parents on the Dangers of Gaming Addiction
Opera/Flash info for gamers
As the story says - 'Here's to a Linux Games tipping point'
Flash Games
TORCS- The Open Racing Car Simulator
Yoda Soccer
BOS Wars (Battle Of Survival)
Games thread.
Soul Ride- Jay Peak
Game [Solved]
Mega Mario 1.5
Super Mario War 1.7 AFE
Browser Based Games "URL Link" Lots of Games
Xemeraldia: Gtk2-based tetris like game
Super TuxKart: Mario Kart Clone
Sudokuki: Gtkmm-based sudoku game
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.4.5 X11 tiles version
Wormux 0.8.2- Worms Clone Game
the Mana World
Ri-li kids train game Pet
sega dreamcast emulators?
Zsnes-1.51 with sdl package made by me
XContract Bridge
GLtron not working
FreeCiv 2.1.8 released on 1st December 2008 puppy 4+
TuxType typing & TuxMath & TuxPaint+Stamps +SuperTux&Sound
TuxBlocks: SDL-based block moving game
supertux on puppy linux 4.1
spider solitaire?
Enigma Puzzle Game
Tibia 8.40
iNES 3.0 emulator
Visual boy Advance?
Tsombie: SDL-based game
Bomns for Linux: SDL-based game
GLPeces: a tangram game
Battlefield 1942 on pup
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup
The Mana World
Tetris clone
Petition for development of Linux Game
Games. . .
Quake 3 Arena
Globulation2 RTS Game
Puppy's Games
Clanbomber 1.05 GPL Bomberman Game
Sega Saturn emulator puppy 4.0
game: kraptor
I'd like to see some more game console emulators
Start Trek "Star Voyager" Game SDLx2 Puppy 4.0
Star Fighter SDLx3 Space Game Puppy 4 Fun addictive
Game Virus Killer SDLx4 Puppy 4.0
Atari ST emulator "Hatari" Puppy 4.0 SDL
ZSNES Super Nintendo emulator Puppy 4.0 SDL
Holotz's Castle: SDL-based gamed & game editor
FiveChess: Qt3-based 5 in a row game
SDL Asylum: SDL-based game
Puppylinux and SecondLife.
Patolli: SDL-based Aztec board game
Einstein: SDL-based puzzle
Linball: SDL-based pinball game
Morabaraba: Game for pup4
KardsGT: QT4-based AI card games for pup4
DotPup games and joysticks
LinCity NG 1.0.3
OpenJigsaw- Wx-based Jigsaw creator
Martian Memory: SDL-based memory game
Parchis: Spanish board game
R-Anagram: SDL-based anagram game
SdlZombies: SDL-based game
Any MMORPGs or online RPGs that works for Puppy4?
Twin Distress: SDL-based block removal game
Wesnoth for Eee PC
SDL Scavenger: SDL port of Scavenger game
Pingus (Lemmings like game)
No Games for Linux?
tkhangman dotpup
Polypuzzle dotpup
uxTank: SDL-based tank game
DeadlyCobra: SDL-based game
Games. . .
Scalar: SDL-based game to create jigsaws from images.
EXchess: Fltk-based chess game
Rocks'n'Diamonds: An SDL-based game
Blockit: SDL-based game
Penguin Command: SDL-based game
Virus Killer: SDL-based game
Scavenger game
HHH: An SDL-based game for kids.
xSkat card game
Matchball: An SDL-based ball matching game.
Classic text Adventure Game
Ufo Alien Invasion 2.2.1
Top 10 mini GAMES for Puppy 4
Batrachians: SDL-based game
NuclearChess: SDL-based chess variant
Barrage 1.0.2 SDL Game Series 2,3,4
Xsoldier-1.4 space Game 71kb series 3,4
DwarfConnect4: SDL-based connect4 game.
TouchMeGames: A collection of various games
Risk the game
DarkChess: SDL-based chess variant
wanted: chess engine that will run in 3.01
Mahjongg3D: An OpenGL & QT-based game
[Announce] Zep's Dreamland for Puppy
Biniax2: SDL-based game
ltris-1.0.12: SDL-based tetris clone
xawale: Tcl-based awale game
spacemonster: SDL-based space invaders game
Flash games via mozilla-panel with gui
xgalaga games: space shootem-ups
XmGoBang: is a simple board game.
Pinball Game 20MB
xsudoky: Sudoku game
eggchess: SDL-based game for young kids
eboard: gtk+ chess gui
Puppylinux Games
FreeCiv 2.1.3 for Puppy Linux?
GNUDoku: sudoku game
The Ace of Penguins
fltetris: Fltk-based tetris clone...another time waster!
Another Sudoku version: this one fltk-based
Sudoku: A tcl-based sudoku game
klondike: SDL-based card game
PySolFC: Python-based card/mahjongg games
GPLed version of SimCity: Micropolis
Games. . .
Fun Racing game: Stormbaan Coureur 2.0.2
Game: GL-Tron
Bomberclone game - dotpup
Pente game
vitetris: A console tetris game
vulcan: OpenGL chess game
GnuGo game
Xboard: Chess Gui frontend
Picpuz: A jigsaw puzzle program
Mahjongg dotpup
Freecell !!
qfreecell: QT-based freecell cardgame
escape: SDL-based fiendish maze game
pineapple3: openGL game
TkTk-0.95: Tk based "Time killing" card game
flobopuyo: SDL-based game. (clone of PuypPuyo)
freecell: Tcl-based card game
Blackjack: QT-based Blackjack game
lpairs: SDL-based memory game
Tcl games - collaspe, tktris, skat, tripeaks pupget package
tecnoballz: SDL based block breaking game
pysol: Python based card games
RocksnDiamonds: SDL based puzzle solving game
mahjongg: a mahjongg game using the allegro library
3D games on Puppy Linux
patience: a collection of card games
interlogic: SDL based logic game
GNUDoku - A Free Sudoku Game
mishigame: a SDL based tetris game
hexxagon-1.0: a hexxagonal game
Text Adventure Games
colliding.tcl: a simple mouse control game
taruli: a QT based patter matching game
gnumch: SDL based maths learning game for kids
connectk: a pebble game of the go genre
jester: a tiny tile flipping game.
wordjumble: yet another anagram puzzle game
step-by-step: java based puzzle game for young children
mankala: an african stone sorting game
blackpenguin: A game where it's penguin vs evil windows
linechec: a gui frontend for gnuchess
glsokoban: another sokoban using SDL & openGL libraries
anagramarama: another SDL anagram game for kids
Moon-Buggy text mode game the name says it all!!!
puppy beats itself at chess!!! cheops console chess game
scramble: SDL based anagram game
Cosmosmash: SDL based game
burgerspace: SDL based game
jgames: java games collection
xye: sdl based puzzle game
concentration: a pattern matching game for children
oxygene: sdl based underwater game
lupengo: sdl based game.
reverse: an othello game variant using allegro library.
Games. . .
xlogical: another sdl based game
robot: sdl based game
komi the space frog: sdl based game for kids
torrent: SDL based block game for the kids
nevernoid: sdl based breakout game
wordplay: an anagram game.
Dangerdeep Submarine Game may be of interest. needs new PC?
epiphany: another SDL based game
breakout: simple wall breaking game
digger: SDL game
xshisen: a mahjongg game
foxgames: a small set of games using fox library
lletters: a game to teach the alphabet to children
tuberling( potato guy)game
icebreaker: SDL based game
asteroids game
gnurobbo: SDL based game
blockrage: a tetris game clone
Request for OpenTTD game
devet: An SDL based block combining game
dialogquiz: Console trivia games
biniax: SDL based block game
xokoban: sokoban type game
affenspiel: tiny sliding block puzzle
vodovod: learn plumbing through this game
hex-a-hop: a game for young children
Xcruiser a 3D app of your system. small but fun enjoy
request for kjumpingcube
berusky: SDL based game
Tile World: sdl based game
xisola: a logic game
xbill: a controversial game
Freeciv 2.1.0 Beta 4
xcheckers: checkers game
dama: turkish draughts
puzzleblocks: another tetris clone
FakeNES - A Famicom emulator
xwelltris: 3D block dropping puzzle
Q: An SDL based logic game
qalah: a bean passing game
XBlockOut: Another 3D block dropping game
lmarbles: SDL based marble game
gtktetcolor: another tetris-like game
ifrac: 3D Block packing game
syasokoban: still_yet_another_sokoban
concede: a puzzling game?
littlepolish: yet another checkers game
danican: another checkers game
xawele: another african board game
Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge v3.0
mancala game
konnekt4 game
Games. . .
[Game][SFS]Frets On Fire 1.2.451
bos-wars 2.3 dotpup
FCE Ultra - NES emulator
qhalma: another Chinese checker game variant
sdlCC: SDL version of chinese checkers
Chinese Checkers Game
ntama game
kcheckers game
xinvaders game
re: xye game
re: xpired game
re: rockdodger game
are ther any good rts games for linux
Games repackaged
xskat game
Game Dotpups
action-games are back
TkMines with a cleaned up UI
Xquest old DOS game
montana solitaire
re: repost of some small, simple games
Old Tibia dotpup won't work. Any similar game available?
zsnes-1.50 - SNES emulator
3D Pong
Open Arena--Tiny Quake 3 Game
FRee civ error
Request for dotpup of FreeCiv 1 or even better 2
Wesnoth 0.9.0-5 - turn-based strategy game
XGalaga - video game
Ace Of Penguins game package dotpup
TkYahtzee-0.9 - tcl/tk version of yahtzee
xgammon-0.98 - backgammon game
GTKSpades-4.2.0 - another card came
euchre-0.7 - card game
TkHearts-0.80 - a tcl/tk version of the card game hearts
gsudoku-0.2 - a gtk sudoku game
Dotpup games request
Some Time Wasters
Blobwars needs missing library
Super Nintendo Emulator
[Wine] Playing Sudoku [just for info]
[Gaming with Puppy] Game-SFS-files?
last update July 27, 2011
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Graphics Forum   Graphics Forum
PLogo - TTF-based logo designer
Plogo 0.1a - Logo designer
How to do drop shadows in Gimp?
How to install resynthesizer plugin for gimp?
Gimp filters missing - SOLVED (apparently)
"Mouse Droppings" in GIMP
GIMP shows no units menu and no zoom button [SOLVED]
Digikam (linux alternative to Picasa)??
puppy lucid 5.2.5 and xnview 1.70
InkLite Inkscape Lite any more information
cptutils 1.39
Cadubi ascii console colored text painting program
Fyre: Fractal image creator
Tiny GIMP (5.5 MB!)
[solved] Cinepaint for Lucid Puppy
Google Sketchup
eye of gnome eog
Imagemagick-6.6.9-5 for lupu
Best Way To Set Up Gimp
ghostpdl 9.02
GLIB problem with RawTherapee 2.4.1 (WhoDo .pet)
Mandelbulber 3d fractal generator
Any programs for metadata and photo tagging?
Gimp 2.7.3 sfs (for Lupu)
gthumb-2.10.11 PET & SFS (lupu).
rgbPaint 0.8.7
Webpage Editors for Lupu 520 via Portable Linux Apps
[solved] mTpaint and land map processing and printing out
python Imaging
F-Spot, darktable or other?
Looking for the best upscaling method (MTPaint)
imagemagick 6.6.6-6 and 6.6.6-7
sebie 0.9.2
Conceptual Design Software
aaphoto 0.40
snapall 0.1
The Magic of fractal........
Blender-2.48a in "Puppy Linux 4.30" ! only script to install
Kujawiak Viewer
Printing with mtPaint
Allegro Sprite Editor Lucid5 - DarkTable-0.6.0
Inkscape 0.48 for Lucid 5+>
GIMP 2.7.3 Developers Beta
Processing, create animations and applets.
FontMatrix 0.6.99 for Lucid 5
Flash Extractor 2.2 - now converts pdf2swf
Flash Editor?
Is there an image editor that will preserve EXIF data?
SciPlore MindMapping
looking for a softwave:glade .who had did this?
Inkscape 0.4x
RawTherapee-2.4.1 RAW image processing
Fractal package for Lupu Puppy 5 (xaos)
Gimp 2.6.8
Anyone care to make a Pinta.pet?
New mtPaint-snapshot: Wait 2, 5, or 10 sec, or modify
Gimp-2.4.5 in "Puppy Linux - 4.30" ! only script to install
Request for a .pet of Mindworkshop
Converseen: QT4-based image batch converter
GLiv Image Viewer and Slideshow
Geeqie Image Viewer
Gnofract 4D
Gimp 2.4.6 With python,sdl,Raw image extreme version
XnView MP 0.35 and XnConvert MP 0.98 combo sfs
Ucview Webcam Capture
Blender 2.49b
Best program for managing photos in Puppy?
Picasa 3.0 beta for tpup and a pet
Inkscape 0.47 (latest)
Gimp tutorials
Plopp - creative painting tool for cartoon-like 3D scenes
Fotoxx: Image editor/viewer
GIMP 2.6 for Puppy 4.2 Unleashed: Is it ready? Will it be?
Picasa 3.0 Beta
Printoxx: Image printing application
Sam2p: commandline
Image Magick
nmap 4.68 with zenmap pet package
Ufraw: Digital camera raw image utility & gimp-plugin for p4
aaphoto - correct images in one click
Scale2pics - batch image scaler
Pencil animation/drawing software QT4
JPEG EXIF information display - jhead is a great little tool
xvidcap: A screencapture utility
Fotoxx: digital image editor
slideshow-1.1.pet: SDL based slideshow app
last update July 27, 2011
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Internet Forum   Internet Forum
Oxygenviewer 1.0.0 (1 Version only)
Latest Java jre-6u26-1 and Frostwire P2P
Dillo & Seamonkey crash inmediately after clicking on links-
Firefox 3.0.x for older Puppy (4.x)
Browser Speed Contest
Iron 12 Official Stable Release
which web browser for a old laptop ?
Chromium 14 - Cutting Edge Development Release
Firefox 5.0 Released
Chrome 12 has issues too
Language packs for FireFox or SeaMonkey? (SOLVED)
Firepup and the accursed title bar--SOLVED
pan 0.135 Pet?
Firefox 5.0
Seamonkey 2.1
Chrome 12.0.742.91 deb
Some questions about Apache's .htaccess file
Chromium 12 sfs
SeaMonkey Browser and Fish
Install chromium or google chrome on puppy 4.3.1 Full
Userscripts in Midori>
Firefox 5.0 b2
GoogeEarth 6.0
TOR-Browser Bundle Complete + TOR-Vidalia 1.1.8
Opera 11.11 Final
Firefox Compiled for AMD K10 Family of CPU's
HV3, Dillo, Links web-browsers in "Quirky-1.4" ! only script
User Agent Switcher Empty!
Need password and username for access to opera 11.1 sfs down
Opera Next
TOR-Browser Bundle 1.1.11
aria downloader
RSS reader which supports monitoring with keywords.
Thunderbird 3.1 - where does it stores + folder download.
Skype static [SFS]
Adobe Flashplayer updated
Skype static pet
Mozilla performance
QtWeb - fast portable browser
Arachne Browser
Firefox 4 Tips: Bend the New Browser to Your Will
How to install new Hamachi2 VPN in Puppy 5.2?
How to install Midori?
Firefox Menu Entries for Firefox direct from Mozilla
gftp 2.0.19 (for puppy 3.01)
Pichat chat server client
Chromium Browser 12.0.716.0 for Wary 511 [SFS]
firefox 4 portable.
newest Seamonkey 2.0.12 for Puppy 4.2
puppy chat
Midori 0.3.2
Google Chrome 10.0.648.127 pet
opera 11.10 (dev) portable & pet
Opera 11.50 Final [SFS]
Aria2 version 1.10.9
qBittorrent 2.6.7 for Lupu 511 and 520
A recent Pidgin for 4.31?
chrome 11.0.672.2 pet & sfs.
Looking for Email Client
miss my puppybrowser
Midori Browser - Bookmarks toolbar disappears
Profile changer for opera
Skype, easy install
Opera 11.01-1190, unmodified, for Puppy 214
Opera 11.1 Custom Firefox look and feel :)
how to get moonlight on opera on puppy linux 5.2?
adobe air for puppy
Pidgin 2.9.0
Opera 11.01-1190 sfs4 .sfs and .pet packages, unmodified
Will latest version of SeaMonkey work on Puppy 4.2.1?[SOLVED
Links-2.3 Browser; compiled in Lucid 5.2
download opera 11
tor version and polipo version
About puppy podcast grabber
Skype for Puppy Linux not launching
Installer for the latest version of Firefox 3.6 en-US
Opera 11 at mnt/home .pet Here
Google-Chrome pets and installing
Alpine 2.00 -- for Puppy 4.x & Lucid Puppy 5
Lynx-2.8.7.pet for Lucid Puppy 5 & Lynx-2.8.7.pet Puppy 4.x
Where can I find a Google Chrome.pet-file [SOLVED]
Lynx-2.8.7 rel2 for FatDog 64 - browsing and file management
Firedog 3.6.12
Firefox 3.6.12
Links-hacked lightweight console/GUI web browser
irssi-0.8.15-i486.pet - command line IRC client
Chrome suddently stopped working
urlview 0.9
Rapportive - Firefox add-on for Gmail researches senders
FileZilla 3.4.0-i586
GNU IceCat 3.6.16-i686
Opera 11 beta
Pan 0.133 (house of butterflies)
thttpd-2.25b-i486-static build - tiny webserver
Java Runtime Environment [SFS]
Seamonkey-2.0.11/FlashPlayer/JRE [SFS for Lucid]
Seamonkey 2.0.9
Gphone and Google-chrome
aMule 2.2.6 for Puppy 4.31
Hv3 Web Browser
What IS wrong with my Opera?
Chromium won't start...????.....
Opera mail gone and can't be reinstalled
Opera 10.60-6386 vertical shift
How to use Internet Explorer in Lucid 511?
Mutt and msmtp
libyahoo2 - A C library for Yahoo! Messenger
Iron browser now in the pet repository!!
XAMPP - v 1.7.3a - Includes menu & statusicon...
Sylpheed-3.0.3 for Lucid Puppy
Latest Google-Chrome with dpup 4.84 -OOPS!
Monkey webserver
Advert-Blocker 0.5
Transmission 2.04
Hiawatha 7.3 webserver
VOIP Softphone SJPhone
tinygmc - tiny Gmail checker - v.0.0.3
Poptray-0.8 a pop3 mail count, tray icon with sound.
How to use USB Virgin Mobile with Puppy?
Google-chrome 6.0.472.33 Beta
Opera 10.70 Pet
Pidgin 2.7.2
Gmailtray-0.9 tray icon with 'new Gmails' tooltip & sound.
Amaya gtk1.2
PIdgin 2.7.1
can't Login GoogleTalk in Pidgin 2.66 / 2.71
Browse as user "Spot"
Enhanced ctorrent
Pidgin 2.7.1 dpup build
Google-chrome 6.0.490.1 Development
Opera 10.11 package
No Keyboard input to Browser App
curl for puppy (a tool to see the info of server)
ChromePlus for Puppy
TextWand feedback request
Proxychains-3.1 Pet
Pidgin 2.7.1
Google Chrome stable final dotpet for Puppy
Google Chrome 1st stable release
Java based MSN & Yahoo App that works in Puppy
Firefox Minefield aka 3.7 or 4.0 rocks in Puppy 5 or Lucid
Request: pet of Murmur
Claws Mail v3.6.0
[PET] Arora 0.10.1-1
[PET] libflashplayer 9 and
Miniweb browser (tiny QT4 app)
Google-Chrome-Beta -5
Is there a .pet for Giver? (file sharing app)
Script to grab SRWare Iron
Arachnophilia.0.1 - An HTML Editor creator
Skype -static sfs
Lib for Wengo phone is missing
Browser Installer - choose your browser
How to install Flash in Firepup browser?
Google-chrome Dev ver 5.0.356.2
Google-Chrome beta 2
Dillo - Browser
Facebook chat for Pidgin
Midori browser (2.5 MB ~static ) 5MB full shared +all deps
webkitgtk - 1 file, 2MB compressed, flash & gxine work too
Dropbear Small SSH2 Server/Client + GUI Frontend
WeeChat 0.3.2
Google-chrome next dev release 5.0.366.2
Eudora OSE 1.0 is out!
Gyachi 1.2.2
Small webbrowser Kazehakase 0.5.4
Firedog 1.2 - a smarter, faster, more stylish browser suite
Seamonkey-2 RC1
Adobe Air & Tweetdeck
rTorrent a text-based ncurses BitTorrent client
Gtmess-0.9.4.pet A console MSN Messenger
You2pup-2.1.4 - YouTube multi format video downloader
Lynx 2-8-7 A simple text web browser
Ayttm version 0.6.3
Opera 10 Turbo browser (b4394 / static Qt 4.2.2)
Opera 11.11 pet +portable +WebM +locales +flash-adblock
Transmission 2.31 pets - Peer-to-Peer connector
Moonlight plug-in for Firefox or IceCat aka. "silverlight"
FirePup v0.04.3 released nov12/08
Now - Arora 0.4 Complete - One 10 MB pet - Webkit browser
Torrent client in the next version of puppy?
whois pet package
IHU: QT3-based VOIP communication program
Firefox 3.6, 3.5.6 and Firefox and Firefox
irssi 0.8.13
Pidgin OTR Plugin 3.2.0 for puppy 4.3+
Adobe Flash Player 10.1_RC, and Flash
Pidgin 2.6.6 for Puppy 4.3+
Skype and Skype
Opera 10.10 and Opera 9.64
New Release of SkipStone. Can Somone compile it Please
aria2fe: QT3 & QT4 frontends for aria2 file downloader
XmBlackBerry --- Blackberry cell phone utility & modem
Apache 1.3.37 + modphp 4.4.4 for Puppy 2
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Multimedia Forum   Multimedia Forum
Drum-sequencer Hydrogen
eyeD3 0.6.17
id3v2 0.1.12
Ptag 0.2
screenshot pet
cuetools 1.3.1
id3ted 1.0-pre-b3
auCDtect 0.8.2
Easytag 2.1.6 audio metadata editor
shntool 3.0.10
xorriso 1.1.0
cdrskin 1.1.0
Multimedia . . .
Gnome Wave Cleaner 0.21-16
Rubyripper 0.6.0 - cd ripper
gmusicbrowser 1.1.7
GStreamer & Eina
mhWaveEdit needs numerically calibrated mixer
How to use Pdvdrsab to shrink and burn?
gtk recordmydesktop
How to add more formats to PawdioConverter?
Gnome-mplayer 1.0.4 & Gecko-mediaplyer 1.0.4
ISO Master 1.3.8 64-bit
Retrovol 0.10 sound mixer, 64-bit version
MP3/Ogg encoder for Puppy?
XBMC for 5.25 Puppy or similar functionality
Bacon Recorder - simple audio recorder
VLC 1.1.10 by billtoo
K3B-0.12.17 in "Quirky Linux 1.40" ! only script to install
UM Player (Universal Media player)
Egg Recorder--Simple audio recorder
Pmusic - WebMusic index (youtube) - 25.Jun 2011
record and cut TV daily news streams
Deadbeef 0.5.1
atrac/omg playback with audacious or somehow else on puppy?
Clementine *IS* Amarok
Mscore 1.0
Linux bundle available for Banshee 2.1.0
Milkytracker (FastTracker 2) SFS
Songbird & wma
Bombono DVD maker for Lucid Puppy - will it work?
Multimedia . . . KIndle for PC for Puppylinux 5.25
cmus console music player version 2.4.0
Kino 1.3.3
Pburn: need to recover data after bad burn
Alsa 1.0.24
Audacious 2.5.1 Audio Player
Retrovol Menu Entry for Lupus
MuseScore0.92.pet in Lupu 5.25
Overwritten music track
Boxee not running on 5.2.5
Audacity pet for 5.2 lucent is incomplete
lame 3.98.4
Amarok for Lucid Puppy 5.2.5
WISH Music Time 2011.1
mencoder [solved]
eSpeak 1.45.03
Stand alone tiny NRPN slider for Awe and emu10k1 10k2
Play up to 32 soundfont presets at once with Organ tool prog
Slab multi-track recording studio compiled for puppy?
Some websites crash SeaMonkey
Cinelerra in 5.2 crashes when it tries to open an mp4 file
Need codecs to play m4a's (Solved: Installed Puppeee)
Reborn - synthesizer
Lucid 5.2 surpases windoz as daw for audio and softsynths
aTunes 2.0.1 dot-pet
Sbagen binaural beats instructions
Sbagen Binaural beats for Linux!
VLC skin seems stuck - SOLVED
Sbagen for binaural beats
Mplayer fails with dvb-s2 reception (HDTV)
milkdrop2 plugin for foobar
Is there an RMVB converter?
Audacity-1.3.7 in "Quirky Linux 1.4" !only script to install
Smplayer-0.6.9 in "Quirky Linux 1.4" !only script to install
K3B-1.0.5 in "Quirky Linux 1.40" ! only script to install
Unable to load subtitle on VLC player
Webcam For Flash [REQUEST]
Multimedia . . .
Lingot 0.7.4
Lingot 0.7.4
Can't record streaming audio in mhWaveEdit???
Deadbeef 0.4.4 small and efficient audio player
Commericial DVD won't play in Ogle DVD Player - Wary
playing mp3, want Mplayer to repeat ...SOLVED
Problem copying multititle DVD with Pburn
Music On Console - small music player
How to make Gpodder work in Puppy?
gxine problem on 412
gmplayer svn-2009-11-27 vdpau and multithread
XMMS not installing right???
VLC Player problems
AudioBurn - simple CD burner script
snd 11.10
gtkpod not able to see iPod
Video Editing - Cinelerra 4.2
How to install MuseScore in Lucid Puppy 5.1.1?
ereadfile and then some
FFmpeg Wrapper 0.0.5
Multimedia . . .
Audacity-1.3.5 in Linux Puppy-4.30 ! only script to install
JAMin pet
TerminatorX pet
Avidemux 2.4.4 and videoconvertaudio
mpg123 mp3player
Pure Data 0.41.4 (PET or SFS)
Gxine installation for Puppy 5
Avidemux in Lucid`s Package Manager doesn`t work.
Need to convert PAL region 2 to NTSC
Openshot video editor
UCView webcam video capture
Lucid 5 - ClipGrab-
PyKaraoke with Puppy Linux
DeaDBeeF music player
Audacious eq.presets
Lucid5 - DeadBeef-0.4.1-1
Audacious 2.3
Gcstar_1.6.1 - media / collections manager
Is there a DVD authoring program for Puppy?
gtkpod 2.0.2 for iPod-Touch & iPhone
Xawtv: no device
MusE Pet
DSSI host + DSSI plugins Pet
Audacious2.3 Pet
Gnomad2 Pet
Rosegarden 10.02
Streaming channels for pstreamvid, puptv etc.
SoX - the Swiss Army knife of sound processing programs
Build Audacity yourself, from 'Daily Build'
GMPLAYER for Lupu 5.01 - all dependencies.pet
What about DVD-RAM
Streamtuner2 SFS and VLC 1.0.6 SFS
FFmpeg-0.6 and xine-lib for Puppy 4.x
Pure Data Extended 0.41.4
Tinger Converter
Make music with Fatdog64!
Flash Editor?
Multimedia . . .
SopGui - internet TV
Kdenlive 0.7.8 (rev. 4559) and KDE 4.4.4 SFS
MP3 Diags
Fox Audio Player
Open Subtitle Translator
MiniDLNA media server
LAME 3.98.4
[solved] How to compile avidemux in Quirky-110?
[PET] FlashPlayer 9 Standalone And Debugger
Wimp media player
Where to find VLC Player .pet package? (Solved)
request: program to make webcam movies (like cheese)
Create ISO from ROX file menu
How Do You Run Songbird in Puppy 431?
[PET] SMplayer 0.6.9
Gxine Troubleshooting
How to install Miro Internet TV?
VLC-GTK 2.3 (23-01-2011)
Listen Again
Xine-ui 0.99.6
mhWaveEdit cutdown available if wanted
Goggles Music Manager
FFConvert 1.0 - multimedia converter
How to use Openshot Video Editor - Youtube video
mplayer on puppy 4.3.1 locks up
pet for kino video editor please.
Kdenlive 0.7.7 for LHP 443
mhWaveEditor VU meter needle not moving (Solved)
HandBrakeCLI with GUI
Retrovol 0.10 (Volume mixer)
Moc by WireWulf :)
[WANTED] VLC latest stable version + support for all formats
pupRadio (with pupTelly)
Precord mp3,wav,ogg recorder/player with pause & timeout
flite_hts_engine: at last, good quality Puppy speech
Avidemux2 - Video Editing Application
Asunder - Audio-CD-Ripper
Success porting Openshot video editor to puppy.
VLC 1.0.0rc4 Media player .pet for Puppy
MediaInfo - for info about video or audio files
vlc-0.8.6i (Lite - no gui)
Amarok 1.4.10 - Powerfull music player SFS
pCD 1.5 - CD-audio player
Mplayer SVN pet
Linux MultiMedia Studio - LMMS
Script to rip DVD straight to AVI: Letitrip
VCDimager - making VCDs and SVCDs
streamtuner (with shoutcast-fix)
Multimedia . . .
Raw Studio 1.1 "RAW" Image Batch format editor Puppy 4.0
TiMidity++-2.13.0, with alsaseq support!
VLC 8.6h mediaplayer Lite 7.8MB pet
Aqualung Music Player
Pmusic 1.8.3 - Audio player
Aqualung Audio,Podcast player Series 3 Only,, not 4.0
MPlayer-1.0rc2 + mencoder Feb 2008
audacity-1.3.5-beta + wxgtk-2.8.7 + more
Pburn language support
espeak: A speech synthesizer
command line id3 audio taggers for pmetatagger
Pcdripper-3.8 (a gtkdialog cdripper)
aTunes Music Manager might be of interest? Java Based
Pburn 3.3.4
PawdioConverter 1.2 - audio format converter
Lilypond 2.10 and Denemo (Note layout system)
last update July 27, 2011 [top of page]

Network Forum   Network Forum
ndiswrapper 1.56
Simply, Teaching LightHouse to SAMBA (Full Windows Sharing)
PPP daemon dies
Anyterm web to ssh login interface
Puppy as a wifi access point
Bluetooth interface in Wary 5.11
Need to bridge my wireless interface to Ethernet port?
RDesktop Puppy > Windows 7 Home over Ethernet via router
Angry IP Scanner 3.0 Beta5/64bit Beta5
AmazonMP3 downloader sfs.
Remobo - private network tool
Kismet-2011-03-R2 works in lucid 525?
How to setup Samba network connection manager?
Network Card Recognition
Remmina remote desktop with freerdp RDP support
XAMPP (lampp) from mnt/home -- includes MySQL, PHP and Perl
Network . . .
John the Ripper-1.7.6 community enhanced passwd cracker
How to install Airpwn1.4
Hydra-6.3 Network Loggin Cracker
Etherape, IPtraf, Nethogs in "Quirky-1.4" ! only script
auto proxy switcher
Frisbee Network Manager - Beta 2
MAC changer GUI 1.1
pnethood 0.6.7 - samba share mounter
Network Samba
pyWvDial : Frontend for wvDial written in python
Samba network on Puppy
Teamviewer 6 (on filefront since yday)
Samba-TNG for Quirky/Wary/Lupu/Puppy4
RealVNC - remote desktop control
vpnc - Cisco VPN client
Yet Another Samba Share Mounter
How to install vpnc? (Puppy 4.3)
Simply, Teaching FATDOG to SAMBA (Full Windows Sharing)
Network . . .
iPhone USB internet tethering
Mbuni:has anyone ever used it?
pupdial tray add on
Shrew Soft VPN - IPSEC
Simply, Teaching Puppy to SAMBA
Samba 3.5.5
VPN client
Samba 3.5.6 for Wary/Lucid
pnethood 0.6.6 - samba share mounter
Samba PuppyServer 3.4.2 - Withdrawn
Remmina remote desktop client pet
Aircrack-ng 1.0-1
Firestarter-0.9.2-3.i386 (RPM files) in "Puppy Linux4.30"
Roaring Penguin bug fix
Network . . .
GUI firewall utility
Remmina (remote mini access) client
LHMP - Hiawatha MariaDB(mysql) PHP
How to make Open SSH autoload at boot?
Firewall status tray icon - firewallstate-1.9
dhcpcd v5.2.5 for puppy 431
LAN IP checker
Snort-2.8.6 - network intrusion detection and prevention
need pppoeconfig.pet
GAdmin OpenVPN Client
CLInet 0.8
Pwireless2 (Version 1.0)
Network . . .
Wpa_Gui: Finally a real network manager for puppy
Mtr Traceroute
shareInternet-2.2.4.pet - Puppy as router - bugfix
openssh-5.1p1 client and server package
Transmission 1.81 for puppy 4.3
Aircrack-ptw pet package
last update July 27, 2011 [top of page]

Requests Forum   Requests Forum
Task Coach
GIMP 2.6 pets for Puppy 4.3.1?
LibreOffice 3.4.1
any packages for C++ ?
Why not a Development section for the forum?
PDF x-change wiever
Audacity 1.2.6 for Wary
QR code reader for puppy?
SFSdirload (on the fly) for 4 series in 5 SOLVED
Webkit Browser (Solved)
Puppy linux EMR??
GNUCash for Wary 5.12
PET for EduRoam GUI
Linux version of spotify
Sipe plugin
Look for Zend Server CE PET
Mscore 1.0 for Wary (5.1.2)
Vifm-0.6.1 file manager (solved)
Wanted! a wbar detailed configuration manager
How to convert FLAC to ALAC (lossless m4a)? (UNSolved)
Battery monitor in XFCE (Solved)
LinuxDC 1.1.0 for Wary Puppy
Moon-lander can it be fixed (SOLVED)
gfontview (Font Viewer) [FILLED]
Browser with features like many graphic viewer programs
SC spreadsheet, anyone? (SOLVED)
Dup(licatfinder) from 4 series for Lupu
Vuze bittorrent
RedNotebook journaling software
request musescore 1.0 [SOLVED]
Video conversion PET request
Xion Audio Player
requesting Microsoft Office, antivirus, other .pets
SABnzbd+ Binary Newsgrabber [FILLED]
Requesting qBittorrent .pet for puppy 4.3.1
Request for Guake drop-down terminal
PERL 5.8 - is it available?
How to impement RKWard GUI for R?
Request: SciPlore 15 beta
Request: KeepNote
linux version utorrent 3.0
Open source kinnect
Please make pets of these 3 games
Anyone working on a Gnome3 puppy?
Request for 3D modeler and Basic programming IDE
[SOLVED] OpenVPN 2.1.4 -- released on 2010.11.0
need kernel .pet - no IDE and SATA
Dwarf Fortress
USB joysticks on lupu 5+
Would someone please make a .pet file for UMplayer?
Droper - lightweight QT dropbox client
Nvidia 260.19.44
HD-idle pet [FILLED]
Sat Nav PET
Firefox 4 Tor Browser
can I install kde apps in lucid 5-20?
Dolphin (Gamecube emulator)
GimpShop .pet?
Can I download file ra (rtsp ://) There is a program?
iographica formerly known as mousepath
Are there any comic book reader .pet packs out there?
Chrome beta 11
Unicode font support
.rar support
There are requests for a new PuppyBrowser
Request Aegisub 2.1.7 portable [SOLVED]
NVIDIA driver for Wary 5.1.1 uniproc ide
gparted with large disks
projectM working, but needs pulseaudio SOLVED
tuxcut for puppy linux or variant (PET)
Seeking Gnome style wallpaper changer
Where can I find Get_iPlayer?
gtk+-2.16.6-i486.pet (Solved)
Is there a sound equaliser that works in YouTube?
Compiling TIA requires gnatmake. Where can I find it?
aTunes 2.0.1
Alcohol 52% (freeware) or similar
SDL seriosly WTH
Tribler - Truly Decentralized BitTorrent
installing emc2
OpenOffice Light
How do I install EMC2 Engineering/Science simulator?
WikidPad for Puppy Linux 5.2
List of Authors and their contributions
Any way to show CPU temp in Xfce taskbar in 431 NOP? (solved
PwrKap + GUI as .pets, do not work in Puplite 4.0 [SOLVED]
Make Grub4Dos recognize iso's automatically?
atheros ar5b97 linux drivers
Multiboot option in puppy universal installer
Wesnoth 1.9.3 in Puppy 5.1.1 +
fluendo codec to play mp3, wma ..pls help
Mozilla Prism
Password changer/remover for 2fs?
Cryptsetup / luks
VLC the Luggage
ALSA Driver for Realtec Sound <ALC861
Stable Audacity .PET
adobe air for puppy
need a realy fast image viewer
Perl 5.12.2
for Flash get Gnash
Scribus 1.3.9
**Solved** Latest HanSamBen
Request for Crystal Space 3D for Puppy Studio!
rtorrent-0.8.7 (hasMagnet link support) .pet
DSL Connection Program for 5.2 and 4.31
Latest version Clamav
talking Puppy
FlightGear 2
Gimpshop for Lucid 5.2
A pet for libsdl-1.2.so.0 ? (Solved)
A pet for Diamond Radeon 9250 drivers? (Solved)
Minitube - TV application
How to run 'Play it Slowly'?
Clementine Player (Amarok Lite "kind of")
sync iphone 4
[FILLED] Pidgin 2.7.7
[fulfilled by geoffery. thank you!]
µTorrent pet?
Better Archive Program?
Needed: a simple overdubbing/ looping audio recorder
TEENpup (=puppy 2.14) for SATA drives pet?
Monitor test utility needed
Productivity SFS
self control .pet
I need Adobe Air and Tweet deck
Pan Newsreader PET
Zim.pet request
iron 6
[FILLED] Scan Tailor
Wacom Tablet .pet for Puppy 5.1
Tuxonice for Lupu Puppy
[filled] yeahwm?
Slow Breathing timer needed
Puppy Nirvana through Gnaural
Can you make a Geny.pup file so I can safely chat on yahoo?
After the Deadline - grammar checker for Firefox, Chrome
After the Deadline - grammar checker for OpenOffice
SABnzbdv 0.5.4 - Open Source Binary Newsreader
VirtualBox 3.2.8 for puppy 511 PET?
GCJ The GNU Compiler for the Java
[FILLED] simple stand alone audio spectrum analyzer
Dream Weaver PET
GRUB re-install utility
Booting Live CD Quirky 1.3
Truecrypt 7.0a - Solved.
Red Shift
Audacity 1.2.6
Totem for Puppy
Adobe Air installer pet 4 Lucid 5.01 & 5.1
Gnucash 2.2.9 sfs
PyKaraoke with Puppy Linux
[FILLED] Allegro Sprite Editor 0.8.1
Request for Google Voice plugin
Demo version of Osmos
latest version of gnome
atanks 4.6
Request for vlc-0.8.6h-engv5-1 recompiled with live555
ATI Video Driver Pet for Lucid Puppy
Keyboard layout
Is there a laptop battery monitoring app for Linux?
Yafaray (not Yafray) renderer for blender
want a .pet to install gxine in Dpup
UGet build 1.5.03
Better Way to Find Puplets?
TINC VPN - Make Puppy Secure in Public Wifi
a cloud computing version of puppy with no google apps?
A pet or ? that includes eee-ctrl or Jupiter for Lucid 5.07?
Is there a program that converts files to dpg format?
.pet files for command line versions of FTP and XV
mudlet pet
Gramps Genealogy
(FILLED) Super Pi
Pet for an MSX emulator
Liferea (Linux Feed Reader) - (SOLVED)
looking for mplayer package
Viking GPS
Baseball for Puppy 4.3.1
Request for Tunapie .Pet
Perl 5.12.1 as a pet
Video Capture
Latest pidgin for puppy 4.2 v2 Deeper thought
chmsee for Quirky 1.1??????????
eee-control in a .pet or .deb
ADOM pet?
2 "graphic" requests: Raw Therapee and Xnview.
need a screen magnifier
Puppy 4.2.1 broadcom wl driver/iso
Gourmet (recipe software) possible for puppy?
logmein plugin
Tint2 panel
Flash Player 10.1 Final
MIDI patch for UCBlogo made to work for Puppy.
[Request]True Combat Elite
[Filled]Mangler.pet or Ventrillo
.pet of Murmur
Murmur for Voice chat
clamav and clamtk pet
SIMH historic computer simulator request
[FILLED] Proxychains 3.1
25 Linux graphic programs
Calibre Pet
Speed Dial for SeaMonkey?
[FILLED-ish] "SciPlore" - Mindmapping and pdf management
xscreensaver , please compile
Would someone make a .PET package of Minitube?
Specto (alternative to Copernic Tracker)
Request for Wireshark and Ettercap
How to install wikidpad from source?
Genealogy software - request for a Pupget/Petget
last update July 27, 2011
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Engineering / Science / Simulation Forum   Engineering / Science / Simulation Forum
xephem - celestial navigation, satellite tracking
GiNaC 1.6.1
Extcalc graphing calculator
Mathomatic 15.6.1
diy layout creator
Google SketchUP
Draftsight free CAD with .dwg support
Qucs RF/Microwave/Digital Design
DraftSight Beta
SkyChart / Cartes du Ciel 3.2
XEphem 3.7.5
Gpredict 1.3
Celestia 1.6.0
SciLab 5.3 SFS Package
Eagle 5.11.0 - Circuit Board CAD software SFS Package
EMC2 - Enhanced machine Controller CNC
Sage incl. R, GAP, Singular, maxima, ECL, Python etc...
Sysquake LE
gfortran pet
MIT scheme - sicp and sicm
How to install the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (ghc)?
Latex and Lyx
Non intelligent artificial language learner
Stellarium 0.10.6
light pcb cad for puppy seeking!
Eagle Electronic CAD
gEDA/sdcc and more - electronics design aid with PIC develop
[request] GtkMathView package
Request -BRL-CAD
QElectrotech: QT4-based electronic schematic program
Math Base - Basic Free Mathematic Software for Puppy Linux
R - statistics package and scripting language
ysflight Flight Simulator
How to install Enhanced Machine Controller?
BOINC 6.10.44
Folding@Home 6.02
BigForth: Forth programming IDE
qcad: QT-based CAD program
extcalc: a QT based graphing calculator
last update July 27, 2011 [top of page]

Security / Privacy Forum   Security / Privacy Forum
Authenticating Puppy OS - Ironkey style
1337 (Leet) generator
F-Prot-6-Lucid - Anti-virus for Puppy 5.2.5
foreign address
gpgusb4 pet package
Firestarter-1.0.3 in "Quirky Linux 1.4" ! only script
Firestarter-0.9 in Quirky Linux 1.4 ! only script to install
Firestarter-0.9 in Puppy Linux 4.30 ! only script to install
Guarddog-2.6.0 in "Quirky Linux 1.4" !only script to install
TrueCrypt 7.0a
figaro's password manager 0.78
[PortableApp] KeePassX 4.3 Portable
How Do I Enable GnuPG in Sylpheed?
¿Which is the best antivirus for puppy? leave your opinion
pwsafe - password manager
GPA - Gnu Privacy Assistant
F-Prot-6-Lucid - Anti-virus for Puppy 5.1.1
Truecrypt 6.3 under Puppy
AVG Rescue CD
Free McAfee Removal Tool for Zero Day Exploit CVE-2010-2568
PSteg - steganography app (gui)
clamav-0.97-i386.pet - For Puppy 2.14xTop7, 4.3.1. and 5.1.1
Pcipher - ciphersaber2 encryption/decryption with gui
Softmaker Office 2006 F-prot Finds False Positive
Parental Controls
Clamav-0.96.1 in "Puppy Linux 4.30" ! only script to install
Security Update For Adobe Flash Player To
EncFS - Encrypted Folders for Puppy
How to install Ettercap man-in-the-middle suite?
Fcheck - Filesystem Baseline Integrity Checker
Clamav 0.96 PET
Hotspot Shield Alternative for PuppyLinux
GPG support for sylpheed
Problems with Avast update(SOLVED.)
ClamAV - Anti Virus software
XFProt virus scanner fix for Puppy 431
Avast AV, AVG, Avira AV, Clam AV, F-Prot, Moon AV, Panda AV
Cryptkeeper for puppy (tested on 4.20)
Dotpets for Tor and Privoxy 3.0.11
parental control package
issues with wine running viruses
GnuPG.pup - PGP encryption program - New url for download
Rootkit Hunter
Truecrypt 6.3a and Truecrypt 4.3a
How to put Dansguardian on puppy?
last update July 27, 2011
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System Forum   System Forum
Sudo for puppy
perl 5.14.1
Python 3.2
Ymount 002
parted 3.0 (30-May-2011)
LibRaw 0.13.5
Boot Loader Manager 2.0 Beta
/sbin/modprobe-3.11.1 | -3.12 compiled suppressing warnings
Java JRE6u25
Awesome Window Manager
How to connect a high res monitor to my laptop? (Solved)
puppy 5 compatibility
ePSXe Libs
Sven 0.6
Java JDK6u25
help_NOX .. a helper prog if X crashes
Alsa-oss - make OSS applications use ALSA
Updated Gconf-dbus
Java JRE6u22
busybox daemons - 90% reduction in resource usage
swapfile manager
Allegro 4.2.2
LXRandR display settings for Lupu
keymap-set updates
Boost - C++ libraries (13 MB)
rc.sysinit - 20100703
Moo 009 - quick, advanced remastering tool
Woofy 0.8
Pman - enhanced replacement of /usr/bin/man for puppy
libevent version 1.4.14 and 2.0.11
[PET] p7zip 9.13 Full
Zenity 2.20.1
Wine 1.1.44
[SFS] Devx431 Java1.6.0.20 pycairo pygobject pygtk pyqt sip
Cabextract v1.2
codeBlocks 10.05 and wxWidgets 2.8.11 for Puppy 4.3.1
CUPS Printing (not)
Bluez 4.61 with GUI
Parcellite 0.9.2 clipboard manager
KDE 3.5.10 runtime for Puppy 4.31
FlSynclient - Advanced Touchpad Configuration Gui
Full Busybox 1.15.X snapshots
BCI-hinting-enabled libfreetype PET packages
Psync Time Synchroniser Version 2.1
Solved: Has expect/tcl been compiled for Puppy 4.20?
pygtk add-on to python
QT 4.4.1 full version of qt4.4.1 including webkit
Puppy 4.0 JAVA jre-6u10-beta
XSANE Scanner Package
Bluetooth & D-Bus, January 08
Epson printer utilities
Pprocess 2.2.3 - Process manager
last update July 27, 2011 [top of page]

Virtualization Forum   Virtualization Forum
VBox 3.2.8 running on lupu 5.2.5
Machine virtuelle simple à installer pour Toutou
VBox GA for puppy 525?
Atari game emulator
[SOLVED] Wine using large amount of space
puppy, virtually, inside debian base mint on powerpc?
How to identify modem ports for qemu?
wanting to try a virtual puppy under linuxmintppc
Wine-1.3.19 in "Quirky Linux 1.4" ! only script to install
Beginning - Puppy 4.2.1, VBox 4.0.0, now guestadditions?
puppy usbdrive virtualbox
LLVM + Clang
WINE+DosBox_120.sfs ==> Quirky 1.2
VirtualBox 4.0.6 for many Puppies
VirtualBox 3.2.8 for many Puppies
VMware Player 3.1.4
Qemu virtual machine on Puppy
WINE and Serial Ports
vbox-3.2.4 for lupucid 5
Virtualbox for Puppy 5 (lupu)
DOS platform emulation stuff
Windows Apps Running Successfully in Wine in Puppy
Wine font smoothing gui
Wine 1.2-rc1
Wine 1.1.44
Wine 1.1.43
Virtualbox 3 plus on Puppy 4.2
Puppy Linux Virtual Machine Files
VirtualBox 3.1 for kernel (puppy 4.3)
Amstrad CPC emulators?
last update July 27, 2011 [top of page]

Other / Unsorted Forum   Other / Unsorted Forum
HamFax 0.6.5
Legacy OS users looking for Extra Apps?
Gramps: genealogical research program
Can't link files in Xmind
Puppylinux 5.25 - Firefox 4 - Java
Lua 5.1.4
xcave 2.5.1
Senayan LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM pet packages and iso
Busybox v1.18.4
Bibletime Bible study tool
Bible Analyzer
theWord Bible software
How to install amule on puppy linux 5.2? (Solved)
Nicotine on 5.2
pTiming 0.7 - Event timer system
Activating the underdog in Puppy
PeaZip 3.5 file and archive manager [new official website]
How to set up jnos packet radio app in Puppy?
hebcal 3.9
SFS Netbeans 6.7 or later ?
Unifying the package conversion on Puppy.
xfce battery addon compilation
Cairo Dock 2.1.3 and 2.2.0 for LHP5.00D SFS
Installing Flash 9
installing mnemosyne
Lucid Elephant Worship
HaXe - multiplatform programming language
nenscript or enscript.
UCBlogo for Puppy Linux 4.x | Recreational Programming
split spam
What are your favorite pets?
Instruction: How to Rip DVD to AVI on Windows/Mac
TextWand feedback request
defaults chooser 0.1
EncFS - Encrypted Folders for Puppy
Wine font smoothing gui
Other . . .
Zint 3.2.1 - barcode designer
Gnome Doc Utils 0.18.1
Gnome Doc Utils 0.18.1
Zenity 2.20.1
Wine 1.2-rc1
xscreensaver , please compile
Problems with new2dir
Screengrab v.0.8.1
Are these Dotpups?
How to install the JSword Bible & "Module Starter Pack"
How to install the JSword Bible & "Module Starter Pack"
Static lib vs. shared lib - what's it all about?
pBiblx2 Field Wise Bible System
Request: pet of Murmur
Is there a PET for Meld - Diff and merge tool?
remasterpup3: new version of Puppy live-CD remaster script
lovely *.deb's
Wine 1.1.44
Wimp media player
Request for a .pet of Mindworkshop
Nvidia-settings tool for Quirky 1.00
request: program to make webcam movies (like cheese)
Miniweb browser (tiny QT4 app)
Google-Chrome-Beta -5
Is there a .pet for Giver? (file sharing app)
How Do You Run Songbird in Puppy 431?
What's an .sfs? Will it help me run Songbird?
Authors of programs, what is your program?
PET for new version of OSMO?
Other . . .
[Request] Miro
Enchant library version 1.6.0
Arachnophilia.0.1 - An HTML Editor creator
Cabextract v1.2
Lib for Wengo phone is missing
Hotspot Shield Alternative for PuppyLinux
need pppoeconfig.pet
PDFOCR for Puppy 4.3.1
Wifi modem driver HP-Mini Netbook running Puppy 4.2.1 needed
how to build a puppy with least pets??
GPG support for sylpheed
¿Any library similar to Python-bluez in PuppyLinux 4.3.1?
Listen Again
Apcupsd pet for Puppy 4.31. Anyone need this?
Stardict 3.0.1
GAdmin OpenVPN Client
Making a custom mouse cursor theme
Google translate desktop
Need CPU Temperture Checking software
Compilar gpsim and gputils for puppy 4.3.1
agbx360 v1.0.2 w/ GUI
codeBlocks 8.0.2 and wxWidgets 2.8.10 for Puppy 4.3.1
How to use mdadm with Puppy CD and RAID?
Pnote 0.2 - desktop notepad
Wine 1.1.43
Midnight Commander (mc)
CUPS Printing (not)
Spellchecker addon 2.0 for puppy 4.3+
Puppy software intstaller?
HDD Backup -- Acronis
Browser Installer - choose your browser
Hash and compare directories MD5 - SHA - Linux GNU MD5Sum
Virtualbox 3 plus on Puppy 4.2
Problems with Avast update(SOLVED.)
IceWM (Jemimah's Puppeee Build)
Other . . .
Xine-ui 0.99.6
How to install Flash in Firepup browser?
Can someone help me by posting the pets ive made?
[request] GtkMathView package
Converseen: QT4-based image batch converter
Request -BRL-CAD
XFCE4 (Nop431): No fonts, just squares [SOLVED]
mhWaveEdit cutdown available if wanted
QElectrotech: QT4-based electronic schematic program
PDF Cube
GLiv Image Viewer and Slideshow
JWM in Spanish for puppy 4.3.1
Goggles Music Manager
Geeqie Image Viewer
Office Suite : OOo4Kids v0.9 en-us
Nexus Chat
InfoCentral4Wine -- a Relational Database & File Manager
Needed Main Topic Organization Structure To This Section
Creating PETs for generic PuppyLinux 4.3 or Quirky?
Inxi command - shows more info than lspci
Access your Puppy from a Remote Windows/Linux
Dokupuppy index
Google-chrome Beta 5
Gxine capture webcam
XFProt-2.4: F-Prot antivirus gui
gphoto2 and gtkam problem
Google-chrome dev 5.0.342.7
Launchy: QT4-based keystroke launcher
Does anyone have Poedit.pet?
Xine streamtuner
Google-chrome Dev ver 5.0.356.2
Other . . .
Gimp 2.6.7-1.1
wine whine
smartcam w-lan web camera nokia n95 8gb
new2dir getting the 'program_DEV-i486' folder automatically
Pen testing stuff
Is there a .pet to make a proxy server?
gajim asking for PyOpenSSL - anyone know how to install/get?
IBM Lotus Symphony
firefox 3.62 pre
Finding popular applicaions and installing them?
Where go the Gimp?
bpwgen v. 0.1b - mnemonic password generator
Google-chrome dev 5.0.343.3 - for those who want the latest
how to install a lib?
Irssi IRC Client pet
Pwidgets not found in Puppy Arcade 7
BOINC running slowly
autocutsel 0.9.0
How to run vcrum in WINE?
JWM tray - is there a .pet somewhere?
Error trying to post pet
gyachi 1.2.6
What version is mplayer-1.0rc2-071007-1
Icon on the occasion of International Women's Day
Any progress on good videophone software for Puppy? (YES!)
Is there an anti virus software for Puppy?
Gimp 2.4.6 With python,sdl,Raw image extreme version
ClamAV - Anti Virus software
p7zip and WeeChat
GNUnet - anonymous file sharing software
How to compile Rakarrack and Wxcam for Puppy 4.3.1?
How do I install the pmusic .pet I downloaded?
Is there a Grip audio ripper .pet?
EMOC - Easy Movie Converter (needs QT4 libs)
How to install Mesa in Puppy 4.30?
Ghotscript 8.71
Google-chrome beta-3
Other . . .
pdf2djvu 0.4.11
rapidshare download menager?
2Plilo: a simple login-logout manager
How to install a Pet file from the command line?
Bluez 4.61 with GUI
grafx2 - pixel art painting program
Gnu Paint with recent patches
Unable to open PET files after installing rtl8185 drivers
GNU Paint
rungetty 1.2
amarok and k3b squash file for 4.3
TightVNC Server 1.3.10
FileZilla 3.3.2
Amarok-Lite 1.4.8
CaC - Convert videos from YouTube, MyVideo, etc.
Puppy 4.3.1 Mini Application Pack
Unrar for 4.3.1
VMPK works on... Ms, Mac, Linux (Solved)
Fan doesn't work
SUE - Simple Unix Editor
Jbig2enc 0.27
Ink 0.51
mplayer on puppy 4.3.1 locks up
Java 1.6.0_18-1, Jcash, Frostwire,Jedit,Genealogy
rtl8185 pci wireless
Has anyone created ibus pet for puppy?
rtl8180 driver for kernel
Textadept Text Editor
Google-Chrome beta 2
opera-10.10 shared-qt3
Enna: New Media Center
How to install programs in 4.3.1?
Other . . .
Easytag MP3 tag editor incl Album Art
Adobe Reader 9.3.1
Updated Abiword-2.8.2 plus all plugins, locales and docs
Installing AddApp for ROX
How to make Java work in 4.3.1?
Dillo - Browser
SOLVED:How to use Abiword-2.8.2 external browser component?
XnViewMPbeta0.26.sfs update
Application Request - Kvirc
Synchronet BBS
Is there an XFCE .sfs out there in Puppyland?
Super 4.3.1, misses updates and some software
Virtual Box
Can Juno run under Wine in Lighthouse Pup?
gimp 2.4.7 for MyWolfe-008 and other Puppies 4.3 and newer
Tcl/tk based mahjongg
Fav-Menu - Create a Favorites menu
firefox 3.6 + prism + yoono + cool preview
Need libORBit-2 for running tangogps
Wine Serial Port Error
Looking for a package for cgterm 1.6
OpenOffice 3.2
Windows Emulator
Open Office Orange Flavour
BS Bingo - now with word list->html generator: UPDATE - gui!
Lookin for unetbootin
How to install run-fullscreen.pup?
2Pmm: a 'split MENU' for Puppy/netbook users!
What cool programs are there for Puppy?
How to install Zoneminder CCTV system on 4.2.1?
How to compile webcam drivers?
Other . . .
Xine .99.5 compiled against xinelib 1.1.17
Google-Chrome 5-307-5dev
mp3html - generate lists from ID3 tags
pwgen 0.1a
Openbox Window Manager
Blender 2.49b
Best program for managing photos in Puppy?
curl 7.19.7
Data Loss Defender Tools
Lashstudio release 4
Pastelist (light with xclip)
Pet package for Wordpress?
Is there a .pet of Bind (named)?
Voice recognition on puppy 4.20
Updated dir2pet, petspcs scripts
Hal and desktop icons
How to install WINE on puppy 4.20
Pup-Shots Screenshot Utility
SmartMonTools 3.59.1
TECO for Linux
Midori browser (2.5 MB ~static ) 5MB full shared +all deps
VDR and sc-plugins
gpsd - connect to gps devices
(PET) Elinks codename 'Elated' version 0.11.7
webkitgtk - 1 file, 2MB compressed, flash & gxine work too
BrainF**k Interpreter .pet
Audacious 1.2.2
mbtPdfAsm 1.0.28
John the ripper
pdfcrack 0.11
SeaMonkey 1.18 static builds
Checking dependencies
Trouble with SFS and PET files (Solved)
Other . . .
lzip 1.9
grep 2.5.4
tar 1.22
Dmraid Error Device-Wrapper Target "Mirror" Missing
.MP4 Video Player or Plug-In for Puppy?
XFProt virus scanner fix for Puppy 431
Jackbeat Audio Sequenzer
Rox Filer 2.9 localization
xfce4.6.1 for quirky
WeeChat 0.3.2
Krusader .pet available?
Hulu Desktop for Puppy
Highlight - universal code converter.
pet for kino video editor please.
Request for PET - txt2pdbdoc [Resolved]
axel 2.4
About applications localizations!
Dosbox .73
lashstudio release 3
Bluefish 2.0-rc1 html text editor
Abword 2.8.1 and Gnumeric 1.8.4 for tpup's
using QUISK to control the SDR IQ software defined receiver
Geogebra - math education program
Remove unneeded modules and firmware - Zdrv_Cutter
Consonance - A Lightweight Music Library
How do I get the plugins into the right spot/directory???
Tesseract 2.04
Simple Firefox Installer Script
wget 1.12
Does anyone need there stuff to be mirror?
xz utils
Other . . .
creation of a .PET alternative repository in MEGAUPLOAD
How to localise right-click menus? (Solved)
Japanese text entry/Puppy 4.21
Is there a way to install iceWM to 4.3.1??????
Is there a DOS emulator for Linux?
Adobe reader 9.3 (security fix)
MKVToolnix 2.0.2
SFS Compatibility Check -01
Looking for xfe
Subtitleeditor 0.21.1
[Wish] Pet backup a la FEBE / TEBE +CLEO
screen capture - Camtasia - xvidcap ?
dialit-1.0.pet - click desktop icon to dial
sethostname v1.0
wireshark problem
Desktop Icons and background with jwm ONLY(no ROX, xtdesk..)
Math Base - Basic Free Mathematic Software for Puppy Linux
VICE Emulator
Request: Alexandria .pet
lashstudio for puppy 431
Pnetlive 02
1000+ sfs packages
Is there something like Sony ACID Pro for Puppy?
Kdenlive 0.7.7 for LHP 443
Dropbox - File Storage & Sync
CLInet 0.7
Are there any video conversion programs?
How to install Gnome Photo Printer?
Kmymoney2_0.8.9-1. SFS
onlinetvrecorder.com decoder, english, german, spanish
Where Can I Get Enlightenment?
Truecrypt 6.3a Questions and Answers
Open Office for kids - oo4kids
Startmount-0.5.3 Drive automount and program starter
Pwidgets, rc.local, and proxy setting problem
missing libgconf-2.so.4
Other . . .
BitchX irc .pet :)
Is there a newsreader such as Pan for use in Puppy?
HandBrakeCLI with GUI
Anjuta IDE and Glade3
Retrovol 0.7 (Volume mixer)
eBook readers for Linux
Moc by WireWulf :)
[RECEIVED] Avidemux 2.5.2 PET
pidgin facebook chat
Java 1.06 rev.17 SFS
run windows on puppy
Is there a Frostwire .pet?
Genealogy software
How to setup networking for internet cafe?
SoftMaker Office 2008 Christmas Give Away
VLMC new video editor/creator by VideoLAN
Acronis True Image (Free)
snap2 rotating snapshot backups for Puppy
Pet Library empty
billing cyber cafe
squeezecenter on puppy
How do I install (dot)pups?
How much space does the Seamonkey suite take up?
[WANTED] VLC latest stable version + support for all formats
How to get Firefox to connect to Thunderbird?
Equalizer for alsaplayer?
Texlive, Lyx and Puppy Linux
Softmaker Office 2008 for Free
Google-chrome next dev release 5.0.366.2
How can I install OO.o?
Latest NicoEdit source code
Other . . .
Latest Puppy Encryptgui version
[REQUEST] Aegisub: plz2petify
4.2 Theme on 4.3
rearrange content to fit small screen - browser
How do you make real player as default media player?
GetEz: Gtk2 wget frontend
Ameter, a GUI VU for sound recording/playback
pupRadio (with pupTelly)
Hot Backup for Frugal Pups
Scantailor (for puppy 4.2-4.3.xx series)
New Encryption GUI pet package
Need application to take pictures with built-in web cam
Precord mp3,wav,ogg recorder/player with pause & timeout
Hassle-Free Roxapps
Google Chrome Beta Linux
Installing Ubuntu and Debian packages on Puppy.
Google Chrome official beta release
Simple font editor?
Ogle dvd player
inkscapelite-0.36.3 sources
Is there a .pet of Gramps?
Where do I download a gcc compiler?n/t
Bibletime 2.4.1
Automatic checking and mailing in klinkstatus
OxygenOffice presentation keeps crashing
icon partition or flashdisk on macpup
MuseScore 0.9.5 + Jack + updated QT 4.6.0 + Extra Codecs
can i use existing XP installation in virtualbox?
Making pet and sfs based on T2-88rc
Building Eudora 8 (oss) for Puppy?
[WANTED&GOT] Kdenlive - video editor
Octave version 3.2.3
GNU findutils 4.42
running openoffice
Kernel Headers ?
Other . . .
issue with pnethood in Windows-based network
Fish shell
Firedog borked something; how do I revert back to Firepup?
last amsn pet request
Google-chrome-002 was working on controlpanel003 got crossed
sunrise/sunset puppybasic
flite_hts_engine: at last, good quality Puppy speech
fapg & Gjay
Puppy Media Center: XBMC + VDR
How to run a Windows program in Puppy?
Fluppy Window Manager Pack
How to get Windows program to run in Wine?
Gtick Metranome
Add text-to-speech to your browser
KDE 3.5.10 runtime for Puppy 4.31
Clipboard tools and Hotkeys for jwm
How to install wxGTK-2.8.10 on Puppy? [Solved]
UADE123 2.11.2
cmrxvt, an rxvt console magnifier
logcpu and monitorcpu
Pets to portable apps
Touch Typing App?
Where to find 0pkgs_db-4.31.pet for?
Tiny C Compiler - run C programs from source code
Homebank 4.1
How to install gnash on Puppy Linux?
Python-2.6.4 plus
Noob - simpler than Eldy
Pidgin 2.6.3
Is there a GIMP .pet?
Vala-Terminal Terminal Emulator
Stjerm - Dropdown Terminal Emulator
Sakura Terminal Emulator
Anyone compiled digikam-slim for Puppy?
Google Earth .pet and .sfs
Yahoo smiles for pidgin
Other . . .
Picasa 2.7 pet. in puppy 4.3.1(anyone using it?)
Juno Client Software
batterymon: apm not reporting diff between ac and battery
gcc-4.4.1 PET package to fix the broken devx in Karmic Woof
Flock Browser 2.6a
Medieval Cue Splitter
BaCon - Bash-based basic to C converter/compiler
Firefox 3.5 scroll problem @ puppylinux.org (and others.)
SRWare Iron 4.0.227 beta in uPup 4.32
would love to try thelastripper - a song ripper on last.fm
Dotpet for Artha thesaurus / dictionary
Is there an swriter.pet and scalc.pet?
Watsup - Process Monitor GUI
Jondo (free anonymous browsing software)
Warning about Google Earth
Pwireless2 Beta
Where can I find libkhtml.so.4 ?
What are .pet files?
multi package manager
Google Chrome Browser
Conky - System Monitor (tested in 4.3.1)
Is there a VPN Server for 4.3.1?
Desktop Recorder (drec) for Dpup
Puppy Search
GIMP 2.7.0 beta compile
Firefox 3.6b2 and Seamonkey 2.0 compiles
Pung - script-friendly server checker
Python 2.6.4 and Python 3.1.1
What happened to Seamonkey?
Blender 2.49b and Gimp
Is there a pdf converter/alternative for FBreader?
Floppy Formatter 1.6.2
Opera and Flashplayer don't work after uninstall SeaMonkey?
Hi! I compiled VirtualBox 3.0.10 How do i make it pet?
w3m 0.5.2
Stardict 3.0.1
Other . . .
nginx webserver
Control Panel
Freemind doesn't hold a candle to xmind...
Eclipse 3.5.1 + Cusp 0.9.390
SciTE 2.0.1 - advanced text editor
Go-OpenOffice SFS 3.1.1
Wormox let the war begin
Floppy Formatter
Abiword 2.8 in dpup
4.3.x .sfs Files where to find list
open vpn Server on Puppy
Could anyone help install VMplayer 3.00 on puppylinux 4.3.1
Gimp 2.4.5
wine + Portable version of PDF Xchange beats Foxit by a mile
Wake-On-Lan GUI v0.1
Speed 4 Gimp: for Pentium 4 Users
GIMP-2.4.5 + Dependencies compiled for Pentium 4 only
Seamonkey-2.0 Final
Question for developing in Puppy
Firedog 1.2 - a smarter, faster, more stylish browser suite
gcc 4.4.1 source, extravagantly patched
My first "yet another..." - Shell script in Italian
Arj compressor
Finite Element Analysis in Puppy
msdl 1.2.5 - cli media stream downloader (multi-protocol)
Vidma - vbox virtual disk resizer
XBMC Media Center for P412 (and others..,)
mp3splt mp3 and ogg file splitter
Automatic Vim Compilation Script 0.3
Numlock switcher for X
Video Disk Recorder on Puppy - it is possible!
'·..·:SOLVED:·..·'[problem] with all compresed files
USB Floppy Formatter
mpg123 - console based mp3 Player
Other . . .
Orpheus - lightweight audio player
FlSynclient - Advanced Touchpad Configuration Gui
FlSynclient - Advanced Touchpad Configuration Gui
Audacious 2.1.0 pet?Where to download?
Webcam Snapshot
Pfind Right Click
Abiword thesaurus in Puppy431
why does espeak eat memory
Klavaro-1.3.4: Touch typing tutor
Linuxdcpp: Direct Connect client based on DC++
Echinus Windowmanager Package
debugger and wine
Questions about the puppy package management
Edit grub to boot Puppy by default?(SOLVED))
Oxygen Office sfs spelling problem
Compiz 0.8.4 for Puppy 4.3
Firefox 3.5.3
Latest Bluetooth with Gui Wizard and Applet
Wpa_Gui: Finally a real network manager for puppy
Adobe reader 9.2.1 sfs - security fix
PCountdown - countdown timer
Xournal Notepad + Sketchbook
Link to site for sdl games some need compiling
ROX utility to: Add, Remove, and change desktop Icons.
Windows ME & Pnethood 0.65 question
gxine... double menu entries
Missing Libs libesd.so.0 libdab_r-2.4.so.2 liblber-2.4.so.2
sGmixer how to remove from the system?
How to use Sagem F @ ast 800 USB ADSL modem?
gpart partition manager - recover partition tables
Request: ClockRadio for puppy
Htop - configurable process viewer with color
Where can I get GCC without using /mnt/home/devx_430.sfs
Cannot mount devx_400.sfs
BMP Mediaplayer Sources
moblock-monitor IP range blocker tray icon
Emacs for Puppy 4.3?
How to use blackbox? (Solved)
How do you control desktop position of a widget?
Other . . .
Ondesk V2.1 - apps can easily, safely add icons to desktop
How do I install Amarok in Puppy Linux 4.3?
Gimp sfs won't open anything but xcf
awesum - java checksum utility
"Acerhdf" and "madwifi" for Aspire One / PETs please
GPicView 0.2.1 + Puppy GPicView 0.2.1
Tiny WeeChat
compile the kernel for puppy
Edit-SFS 2.1 (squash filesystem editor)
Dmenu (advanced) - Dynamic Menu System
rpl 1.41 - easy cli search and replace utility
HTop, ELinks and Nano
Transmission BitTorent Client
[SOLVED] How to compile Dungeon Crawl?
Driver for Emagic Audiowerk2 k2.6.25.16
Beatrix : b3 organ simulator
LXTask Task Manager
Open Office 3.1.1 sfs not loading...
lashstudio for puppy 412
SFS4 for Puppy Linux 4.30 - OpenOffice 3.1.1 and Anjuta IDE
Rox Panel Applets
Extras for Puppy 4.3 with kernel
Simple gui for showing network info
flash 10
Avast AV, AVG, Avira AV, Clam AV, F-Prot, Moon AV, Panda AV
Simple Database Program Available?
Mplayer with Multi-core support (09/2009) + gnome frontend
Is there a .pet package to just add PHP support to Hiawatha?
didiwiki improved
Music Pack with Rosegarden
CPU temperature in Puppy 4.1 or higher
List of all sfs available?
LocnRox (Enhanced with Vovchik)
pup430 - initrd.gz that supports pupsave.3fs
Google SketchUp Pro 7
VirtualBox 3.1 for kernel (puppy 4.3)
Seamonkey-2 RC1
Other . . .
What shall I work on first for the next CE release?
Petget enhanced and many version updates
Puppy ST, MT and STINIT tape commands
Firefox plugin installer
mplayer for old laptops
Questions about SFS modules
nplot - Data analysis application
Puppy 4.4 Community Edition Portal
[Testing] Seamonkey Beta2
Acer Travelmate 2490 touchpad
PPDF developement (0.1.7)
Puplet Wiki Pages
otherOS-2.1 - genie rewrite
Gsmartcontrol smart monitor
petUninstaller 4.3
gconf-dbus: gconf without the ridiculous orbit dependencies
Good news now about SRWare Iron - It is running in uPup 4.76
pNotes 0.1
Request Broadcom STA driver for 4.3 - kernel
Virtual Hypnotist: Windows Mind Tunnel Grock in WINE
NVIDIA Drivers for kernel (puppy 4.3)
mlocate - File seach tool
Samba File and Print Services for SMB/CIFS clients
Where is the J-pilot .pet? -- SOLVED (again)
mtpaint 3.34+svn
Nicoedit 2.3 - text editor with lots of goodies
Launchy for Puppy
Nvidia-185-18.36 for Puppy 4.3beta2/3
Request MySQL Workbench SFS or pet
Problem Converting OpenOffice (3.1 or 3.1.1) SFS for 4.3Beta
p7zip_9.04 file archiver
Net Perf 2.4.5 - test your network performance
puppy 4.3beta2/3 Ati Catalyst 9.9 graficsdriver
XMMS 1.2.11 Misses Start of Tracks
Other . . .
IES4LINUX as root
Fonts too damn small in Puppy web browsers
Newer Samba/SMBClient 3.2 series for Puppy soon?
Sam2p v.0.47 conserves page size
Adobe Air & Tweetdeck
Request: AirCrack-ng
kontrollerlab and Puppy 4.2.1
NetSurf Web Browser
USB floppy drive formatter
Request Broadcom STA driver for 412 retro, kernel
compiling error
Audacity - sound editor
Cinelerra 2.1CV Video Editor for Unnamed 1.1
IDE genie programming (VB style)
PET Builder? creating pet packages out of source code.
SFS manager?
Desktop Sharing without Portforwarding
Pnethood for Windows ?
ice and openoffice that works with Puppy 4.3beta2?
DVDStyler 1.7.3 - create video DVDs
locksession-0.1 a simple GUI
Sqcam driver for kernel
Printing after suspend
Avidemux2 - Video Editing Application
Questions about the Slackware-13 compatibility on puppy
aMSN won't go past "Logging in ..." screen
rTorrent a text-based ncurses BitTorrent client
Parashell - used to controll the parallel port
Opera 10 Released
iftop - Bandwith monitor
Clex - console - file manager in a .pet
Ghostscript 8.70 - print pdf files
100MB Games Pack for TEENpup 2009 Legacy Now Available
mpd Music Player Daemon + Clients
Whaw - Window Tiling Daemon for manual tiling
gmrun - CLI Run Dialog
DVDStyler 1.7.3 - authoring system for video DVD production
FirePup question
Other . . .
How to make a Private FileServer???
Request for an Eclipse PDT .pet
Porting Openshot video editor to puppy.
DRadio - console netradio / podcast / tv player
Scribus- QT3
PeaZip 2.7.beta [file and archive manager]
OpenOffice 3.1.1 sfs
Wmjump - control window manager from the keyboard
How to use BinBot Usenet Binary Downloader?
pqm - Puppy Query Manager
xmp MOD-Player
Installation of Netbeans IDE for JAVA programmers.
Very Small Text Editor 1.0
How to get started programming in assembly language [SOLVED]
Other Konqueror embedded browser pet ????
Menu items for OpenOffice 3.1 not working?
GUI Maker 1.1
LaCie Lightscribe Software
[Request] Mono 2.4 / Mono-Basic 2.4 Pet
Nvidia 7000m drivers for pp4a-423
Pdfshuffler .sfs - Edit pdfs :) fantastic!
PMusic 0.3.3 Playlist Issues
Installing jre for open office?
Problems with konqueror_embedded-20060121
Package Uninstall
Mixxx 1.6.1 not starting
Pup_save instant resizer 1.0 (FOR TESTING!)
Roxset (Improved)
pidgin v2.6.1 pet file
Does anyone have a pet for Gnome subtitles ?
Open File dialog for command line program I'm writing?
Which WineHQ release do you use?
teagtk Text Editor
Other . . .
GTK Theme Maker 1.4
Cream browser
Video Editing Software
Eee PC support for opengl
tea 13.3 for puppy 4.2 in a pet
[RC2] Automatic Java (JRE) Install Script
Efax sent copies viewer versus page size setting
SFS VERSION CONVERTER-1.4-1 sfs 3 to 4 vice versa
Picksel for Pastelist
Ati Catalyst 9.7+9.8 graficsdrivers for Puppy 4.3beta1
Is there a video converter for puppy?
Programming in GCC
[SOLVED] Key binding Alt+F1 does'nt bring up JWM Root Menu
Pastecolor 1.1 - Color Selector
Beesoft Commander 4.0.1
Is there a spectrum emulator that works in Puppy?
Where is the application to study keyboard typing?
Pdashboard 1.0
Ripit - CL CD ripper
JWM Theme Maker 1.4 - GUI
More QT4 apps
gparted 0.5.2 with ext4 support
e16 enlightenment desktop
Link to Linux Music Apps that may be worth compiling
Openoffice.org for puppy?
Conky and Pwidgets 2.08 incompatible??!
Wine 4 Warcraft + gnutls-2.8.1 compiled for Pentium 4 only
[Request] Create .pdf with 1.3MP webcam
Getting mgetty into Puppy
FTD or OpenFTD
radio shoutcast stream
Tucan - download manager
Xaos: Fractal zoomer
Navit: a car navigation system with routing engine.
[request] Tucan
CPU FREQUENCY SCALING 1.3-2 - Ondemand (dynamic) - GUI
Other . . .
Mupdf new pdf viewer
ptooltips 0.2
OBEXFTP Front-end
Install the Latest Browsers Yourself
Desktop Display Profile Mngr 1.2-2 (GTK,JWM,WALLPAPER,ICONS)
Pstreamvid v 1.3 - Streaming Video Controller
DOS platform emulation stuff
Customized XCpuload and XNet load to swallow to tray
You2pup-1.3-2 - YouTube MP4 downloader GUI
KDE 4.2.0 for testing.
VT-100 emulator for serial port. Puppy 4.2
[Request] Could anyone make an LXDE .sfs?
RipOff Instructions
Beaver + gtk+-2.4.0 + glib-2.12.
SFS Installer GUI Directly for 430 FULL HD INSTALL
Xnee: X11 Macro recorder
Autokey-text replacement and hotkey utility PET?
180 small static dietlibc programs
Vim-7.2.pet - text editor
Lynx 2-8-7 A simple text web browser
UK National Lottery - Euro Millions- Number Pickers - pets
Trying to compile Midori
Hellanzb Puppy Pet
Drivers for nvidia fx5200?
GPicView image viewer
Aqualung with JACK and LADSPA
4.1.2: Pburn will not open
Worker 2.17.4
Command-line Software
Opera 10 beta 2 (shared build)
Crash-o-mera2 & Links ultralite web browsers
Other . . .
[SOLVED] Sylpheed dependencies?
Pidgin-2.5.8 sfs file with OTR plugin
WeeChat 0.3.0
Lftp: Commandline Ftp client
How to install Godesk?
[REQ] VLC 1.0
Cactus Jukebox
Is there 2.6.29 kernel pet download?
Fix for vi editor (e3vi) in 4.1.2
Upgrade of /usr/sbin/filemnt to support encryption
InstantBird Messenger .PET
Command line document conversion apps
How to make a .pet of Privoxy dialup proxy?
Would someone make a .pet of Esperanto course .deb?
[REQ] Pidgin 2.5.8 PET
MultiShow - multipurpose file viewer
.PET Request - Pidgin with Piden PluginPack
Puppy 4.2.1 (HD install) on Virtual PC 2007 : VM Additions
Putty or anything Similar
Lien Mp3
How To Run Properly Downloaded Programs?
DivX Plugins
Machine code java compiler
(Request) Googlesmm
X-cursors.pet and Cursor-Selector.pet
Trouble w. Open Office SFS - icons link dead mount - SOLVED
Xfburn plus Gstreamer Support large edition ...4 series+
Audacity crashes when trying to play sound, it used to work!
looking for: lampp / xampp
SMPlayer 0.6.7 - Complete and portable mplayer front-end
Other . . .
Opera 10 (Qt 4.5.2) & SeaMonkey 2.1 alpha with Flash 10
Get Yahoo working in Pidgin Messenger again #2: June 24
Pup2p .PET - Use I2P on Puppy
ACAP - AragonsCliAppsPackage
Emacs, w3m, SBCL, and other interesting packages
Request: apps and desktop environments, in PET packages
NEW Opera 10 browser
access drivers to HP Deskjet D2545 printer
statifier - the worst parts of static and shared libraries combined in 1
fltk2 svn 6792
How to install plugins for Gimp?
Pidgin 2.5.8
Get Yahoo to Work on Pidgin Again
Putty Gtk2+
Opera Unite
Youtube Downloader
Dependencies checking
HELP! Got many viruses. Need response ASAP
Audacity 1.37 Beta - sound recorder / editor
Ppass - Simple password generator
VLC 1.0.0rc4 Media player .pet for Puppy
GPE Palmtop Environment Suite (50+ tiny programs/libs)
two programs that i need for downloads
Doku Puppy
Twindy 1.01: how can I install it?
No OpenOffice 3 works in Puppy 4.x
Pidgin .pet for Puppy 4.2.1 - Instant Messaging client
Request for Gyachi PET
Mendeley Desktop
alsa-lib DEV-Files for 4.20 and 4.21
intltool 0.41.1 .pet
PupFF v1.0 release
Fennec (Mobile) Web Browser for small screens
KDE Education project full and part sfs's412 & 421
Other . . .
How to run WinFF file converter in Puppy? (Solved)
Some Extra KDE Apps
REQUEST: WMV to DVD Converter
puppy as host for virtual machines
Spicebird Collaboration Client
Linux equivalent to AOA Audio Extractor
Open Office update?
MediaInfo - for info about video or audio files
Need VirtualBox for Puppy 4.12
Google Talk vocie chat in Puppy Linux is possible?
Abiword development builds 2.7.X series - 7Jul2009
How to install Handbrake .deb file?
Gopher Server.
Atmosphere lite? or similar?
The R Statistics Computing Environment (R-2.9.0 + Rcmdr)
Pwidgets 2.0.8 in Puppy 3.01
K9Copy .Pet
2 questions : meanwhile/keyboard layout ...
firewallgtk - a small On/Off button window
Request: Opera 10 beta .pet for 4.1.2
A Current Evolution PIM pet?
QCJN Radio Pwidgets 1.0 and 1.1
Cryptkeeper for puppy (tested on 4.20)
Cryptkeeper for puppy (tested on 4.20)
Aircrack_ng 0.9.3 and Aircrack_ng 1.0rc3
Mozilla Sunbird 0.9
GnuPG encrypted email in Gmail possible
mysql php-server
htop 0.8.1
Looking for Ardour and Rosegarden Pets
wbarconf + thunderbird
Is there a gedit pet for 4.1.2?
amule2.2.5where to download?
sysstat PET available
Psync Time Synchroniser v1.1
Bochs Emulator
Other . . .
How to install Wlan manager?
where to download pinoypuplite2412.iso
Gnucash 2.22 alpha1
Opera 10 Turbo browser (b4394 / static Qt 4.2.2)
installing software.exe from CD-rom under WINE
Looking for TGZ.PET and DIR.PET
Acer Aspire ONE fan control
Calendar display under another localization
Hex Editor
Ideas for bulletproof, standalone, internet appliance/kiosk?
Trouble getting OpenOffice .sfs to work -- SOLVED
SMP ffmpeg request
ogg flac and mp4 mime-types
Amarok and example how to add Internet Radio Stations
uif2iso PET available
A stupid error within Open Office
how do we see the whole list of folders from a server?
Verilog HDL simulator and gtkwave-waveform viewer
Website Watcher for puppy?
conexant PCI modem not detected
JWM configuration lacks of StartupCommand control?
QT4 desktop wm, filemanager, browser+flash, torrent, more...
Unetbootin for puppy linux ?
eremove or save-my-modem = Mailwasher alternatives
Dell fan control
I'm looking for a video editor
Any DVD tools for Linux available as .pets?
menu d'icewm en iso8859-1 avec accents affichés correctement
vlc-0.8.6i (Lite - no gui)
How to remove Conky from the tray?[solved]
glibc 2.8 available?
Kicad for Puppy-4.20
Script for Puppy App Search & ttuuxxx Search howto
Simple Audio Player [Replaced by xhippo]
Other . . .
how to leash puppy4.12 for the kernel
How to add wbar to 4.20?
Minimum Profit Text Editor 5.1.2
openSSH 5.2p1
Where have all the older Puppy versions gone?
[Request] Emulators for Puppy 4.x
Git dotpet
Geany 0.17 dotpet
Alternative to Orbit downloader
Pprocess replacement I-task
ngIRCD | IRC chat server on puppy
OpenOffice.org installation??
3proxy lightweight proxy servers
corrected English U.S. dictionary for Open Office
OpenOffice 3.1 sfs
SeaMonkey 2.0 latest nightly snapshot (May 06, 2009)
Pictureviewer 0.3 with PDF support
Sunbird 0.9 pet
Gimp tutorials
For those interested - Lazarus
GTKAM For Puppy?
Opera southpark studio
Foobar 2000 Audio Player for Wine
I would like to listen to my CDs in Dingo Puppy
Epson scanner driver
Genie Picturebrowser 0.6 (also shows PDF files)
Aqualung R-1061 (with JACK output)
installing dillo browser in puppy 4.2
Firefox, compiled with gtk 1.2
Firefox, compiled with gtk 1.2
Seamonkey install error
How can I use PSIP to make VOIP calls to landlines?
how to compile kernel modules for 4.0 Dingo?
Stygmorgan - musical workstation
Other . . .
firefox-3.5b5pre.en-US.linux-i686 SFS
Looking for a Time tracking tool
Compiling Question!
double post
Flashplayer10_070208 for Puppy4
Qucs/Asco 0.0.15
Enlightenment DR17 window manager (ver 0.60)
Compiler GUI and other packaging tools
Firefox settings in Puppy
request compile of Netsurf 2.0 final web-browser
[Request] Workaround for large packages in Petget
I am Having Good Luck w/ Swiftfox Browser
Three wishes on Sunday
Gparted 0.4.4 with ext4
wxmaxima - computer algebra system
Install new kernel
Ati and Nvidia bugfix for Puppy
Valgrind 3.4.1 - for debugging and profiling programs
pdftk 1.41 in puppy 3.01
Codetch WYSIWYG html editor extension for Firefox browser
Licq for puppy 4.2 pet please
Freenet 0.7
CUPS 1.3.10 13:31 Apr 16, 2009 for 4.2 TESTING
eps viewer
Puppy on 98 toshiba laptop 9? mb ram
Foxit Reader fixed for puppy and now Chinese/Japanese/korean
Bus Error with programs
HardInfo 0.5.1 - System info and benchmarking
SVN with SSL
Pfind alternative Search-Monkey for 4+ series
Anybody fooled around with Zoneminder for Puppy?
html single-page "notebook" (basic) v2.0.1 + use GNU fold
Thunderbird- email client SFS
UDF (2.5) filesystem module for kernel
WISH Disc-Writer 2009 (GTK+ edition)
Other . . .
maxima / xmaxima - computer algebra system
Wallpaper Express - v 02-3 Updated
Opera 10 BETA 1 (b4402 / Qt 4.5.1) *NEW*
Printer Brother HL-2070N .pet
Konsole without KDE?
Task bar partly unreadable
BROffice (Open Office in Brazilian Portuguese) for Puppy.
Pwidgets 2.0.7-1 for NOP
Eee Control for the Eeepc 900
KPDF 3.5.9 and Kopete
Script to install Java Runtime Environment
Eee Control GUI for Eeepc 701
[REQUEST] AudioMove - High quality GUI-based audio converter
What do I do with dotPUP files I have downloaded...
Multiget3.2 with dependencies
Now you can use the Print Screen Key
gtkpod 0.99.14
[REQUEST] AntiVir Personal (latest version) with GUI
Is FLAC supported in RipOff 0.8.3 (NOP Puppy 4.1.2)?[SOLVED]
screenshot utility
New Feature Request for Email
FileZilla Special Edition 4series Gnutls
Open Office Suite (Portable)
Opera 9.64 8.2MB pet
ALSA 1.1.19 Pet for Puppy 4.2
Adobe reader 9.1 sfs pack
The 'Official Puppy Shutdown Script' or Pshutdown-1.01
me-tv on puppy 4.2
xsw: SDL-based slideshow presenter
ffmpeg 0.5 and xine-lib
onDesktop v1.2 - manage extra desktop icons
Streaming client
a PET to install gcc?
ghostscript-8.64 run in pup 4.2
WinXP-style task selector for Puppy / JWM ?
Delete (dupe post)
ghostscript 8.64 for Puppy Linux
puppy 4.2 Play flash Mistake
Other . . .
Which Linux pkg for Puppy?
Pcrypt file encryption GUI
[REQUEST]Open source ATI drivers for newer cards (Puppy 4.2)
Wine Tip from Codeweavers
SFS Install 0.1.2 [updated 16.10.2009.]
Kernel src 4.2: when?
WISH Command Center 2009--GTK+ Edition
mplayer with many codecs
pDeskIcons - "Advanced" desktop Icon package
Inkscape automation
Puppy 4.2 keyboard layout
How to use the microphone on eeePC 900A?
ProjectM for Puppy?
kpat solitaire game for Deep Thought 4.20
Geeqie 1.0alpha3
SOLVED - Where to find VLC with live555 RTP/RTSP support?
Puppy 4.2 "Deep Thought" - Official Patches & Updates
Scribus Desktop Publishing Let's call it a beta
Firefox with Java 1.6/Flash 9.0.158-pet/sfs/pup420
Where to find MODULE videodev for kernel - SOLVED
LAMP - new version server package with Hiawatha
PET MAKER PLUS - V 1.7-3 for 4.xx series and 430
simple to use MySQL database program written in Java
Gtkdialog manual (French)
Tiny gtkdialog markup editor
convert-pupsave: enhanced personal storage file resizer
OxygenOffice extended openoffice package for puppy linux
Boot manager doesn't work
Tiny < 100b Apps - text editor, image viewer, calendar....
Can I find .pets of Remind and Wyrd?
Firefox 3.0.3 Loaded with Java 1.6/Flash 10 for "newbs" beta
k3b105_420.sfs - K3B for Puppy 3.x and 4.x
Stardict 2.4.8 - International dictionary
libtar.so.0 (hydrogen)
Other . . .
Kompozer 8.0
Pmenu - Puppy Menu Editor
Installing gcc
Is this the place to ask? MySQL, xamp, Puppy commands???
Almost hidden treasure for Korean
Muppy-how to start KDE
how installing PGP
Set color theme for Wine (Genie example)
grafx2 - pixel art
Any software to make a Puppy-based SIP server?
Not finding my WiFi - HP Pavillion Laptop DV5000
pkg-config problems
How to invoke Petget from the commandline?
Finding addresses
Finding addresses
deb2pet & rpm2pet
KDE3.5.10 .pets
Glib 2.20.0 Puppy 4.0+ Full Version
Primrose: SDL & OpenGL based tile game
Joomla on Puppy - is it possible?
Audacity Software/Linux Configuration
Novatel 3G modem support
Humble Request for compile: WAP11 GUI - SOLVED
Pcursorsel-0.1 Xcursor selector - now with preview feature!
XFCE 4.6.1 window manager Pet - alternative to JWM
Afternoon Stalker: SDL-based game
eyes following cursor
My flash game collection
AR5007EG wifi drivers
Request: Firefox 3.1 Beta 3
Request: Songbird 1.1
puppy linux 4.2 rc2 900a
avidemux2 Video Editor Extreme edition psp,xvid,dvd,svcd etc
Request for compile of GTK2 version of Gentoo
Pidgin 2.5.5
Unison 2.13.16 Lin/Win File Synchronizer
GRAMPS for Genealogy
Other . . .
Dougal Enhanced Remaster
Abiword-2.6.6 dotPet
PCP - Puppy Control Panel
Opera 10.10 pet +portable +locales +flash-adblocker +10.54
Drawpile - qt4 collaborative painting program
Soul Ride- Jay Peak
Yahoo Messenger for Puppy Linux 4
How to start Gimp with an icon on the desktop?
Country keyboard indicator (fbxkb-0.4)
Driver for my HP 640C deskjet
clean_whiteouts_daemon: A Daemon to Clean Whiteout File
WINE, Windows Media Audio and Propietary Codecs for Puppy
Openoffice for puppy 4 - Where is it?
PSIP not registering to SIP provider - please help
XMMS' dependencies..?
XMMS' dependencies..?
Wine 1.1.14 dependencies.. ?
XFE File manager 1.9.2 puppy 4.0+ foxlibs
gkrellm-2.3.2 latest release Series 4.0+
Installing TuxGuitar 1.0
Programming PIC microcontrollers in Puppy Linux
aspell and dictionary dotpets
Dotpets for Tor and Privoxy 3.0.11
Google translator (standalone) updated
Wine fonts tweak
Puppy 4.1 and mono
xampp 1.7 as .sfs
Foxit PDF Viewer ......1.84MB Pet
Mega Mario 1.5
Super Mario War 1.7 AFE
Pidgin 2.5.4 for Puppy 4 series
Other . . .
PET package for tor -
VMware & Puppy
MPD (Music Player Daemon) Server on Puppy
New to puppy - STK running slow
How to get Puppy to recognize my Creative ZEN?
IBM Lotus Approach with puppy Linux 4.2
Geany 0.16
WISH Supernotepad 2009.2
Petch error message
Browser Based Games "URL Link" Lots of Games
GNU Typist: commandline typing tutor
Moving from Ubuntu to Puppy - Hardware and drivers?
Drag and Drop support for Pmusic
SIR: Qt4-based image resizer/converter
Xemeraldia: Gtk2-based tetris like game
Super TuxKart: Mario Kart Clone
Request: Geany 0.16
XFBURN burns Data-musicCD-ISO-Erases CD !!! 512kb pet :)
LightZone running on Puppy
procps - package with top,watch,vmstat,kill commands
Sudokuki: Gtkmm-based sudoku game
pciutils - package with lspci,setpci,update-pciids commands
Remaster Express
GNU screen
mtPaint 3.30
Printer setup 'wizard' .PET
Java 6_11 SFS file
BibleDesktop SFS
OpenOffice SFS with Wbar icons
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup 0.4.5 X11 tiles version
Other . . .
ffgtk-0.6.4a (Fritz Fun) - Utility for Fritz Box
Wormux 0.8.2- Worms Clone Game
how do I extract a directory full of rpms, debs or tarballs?
how do I extract a directory full of rpms, debs or tarballs?
Restoring Pbackup 3.1.4 file
big_bass ,Amigo, ttuuxxx chit-chat zone?
aMsn 0.98B SVN 10952
Streamtuner+AlsaPlayer-476kb or Streamtuner+Aqualung-576kb
What .pets are missing?
Gnome Do
Alsa 1.1.17+ request..puppy 4.12
make VirtualBox 2.1.2 for puppy linux 4.12
the Mana World
Looking for Stellarium pet
Ri-li kids train game Pet
Puppy 4.12 Ati-Catalyst 8.12 Graficsdriver
GIMP 2.6 for Puppy 4.2 Unleashed: Is it ready? Will it be?
rpm2tgz script
ysflight Flight Simulator
linux baseball simulation
cups-1.3.9-i486 pet
flac player: light and fast
A Miro (internet TV) .pet for my Dad please.
firefox 3.0.6 for puppy 4.11
JWM patched
medit Text Editor
Ptray 0.5
Httrack 3.43.2 i686
HTTrack + GUI
sega dreamcast emulators?
www sites offline
aMule SVN 9410 latest development (30/01/09)
Transmission 1.50B4 full featured
Other . . .
Transmission 1.42
GUI dependency lister script
Ristretto.0.0.20 and XFCE 4.4.2 for puppy linux
FireWall -- Firewall Builder 3.0.3 puppy 4.0 QT app
PBackup 3.1.4 - How does "exclude" work?
JBIG2 encoder
Zsnes-1.51 with sdl package made by me
Changes to Puppy
Python for CCSM
jack-audio-connection-kit-0.116.1-i486.pet 182KB
esound 0.2.41
nice 3D kind of "screensaver", tropical island
Cclive video extraction utility - now with gui
Gimp 2.4.5 Compiled on 4 Series 3.7MB - 14.3MB
Qemu Puppy linux 4.1.1
What gui language works best?
UnrealIRCd 3.2.7 - Test PET
[ SOLVED ] I am having problems with installing java.
new software - not packaged yet
Need Installation file list for .pup or .pets
Flash not working in Firepup at news.bbc.co.uk
mtPaint 3.29
ZSH 4.3.9 now available!
acpid-1.0.8-i486 pet package for Puppy 4.1.x
mtPaint snapshot alternative
wavemon 0.5
TeamSpeak Client
mp3 player - 1by1 with wine
PeaZip 2.5 [file and archive manager] released
hacked grandr - randr gui
irssi 0.8.12
screen 4.0.3
OpenOffice 3.01 sfs
Other . . .
cups1.4b2-i486 pet (2.46MB) reworked for lpt & usb printers
dnsmasq 2.46
How do I install an RPM package in 4.1.2?
Dropbear 0.52
linetd 1.4
Pudd-lzo a lower resource backup tool
Netsurf 1.2 with bookmarks
run-a-file (determines mimetype to run something)
Compiling information
FaceBook ACE-Solitaire Game
VIM 7.2 - VI Improved
rdesktop and sound redirection
wanted Touchpad driver for asus EEEpc
Sylpheed Mail Client
Wine 1.1.13 SFS
mkaddon sfs wizard Now with more control
Picard - Next-Generation MusicBrainz Tagger
libdiscid - Library for creating MusicBrainz DiscIDs
FileZilla 3.2.0
Font Forge font editor PuPpY 4.0+
Nop Puppy Linux
WbarConf - wbar configuration tool
cgoban and gnugo for puppy 4.x
Wine 1.1.30 + winetricks +color setter +goodies ...pet & sfs
BlueFish problem
XContract Bridge
Blender 3d animation/video games - version 2.48a for Puppy
Some questions about sfs files
Mairix email search engine
Claws Mail 3.7.0
Could someone help compiling KTorrent 2.2.8 for me ?
Other . . .
QT4.4.3, libphonon for kbasic
MS Word97 Works in Wine 1.17 by Directory Copying Only
Gimp XSane plugin
deskicons002 -simple, scriptable Desktopicons in 9 kb binary
missing libraries...
How to specify compile target: i[456]86 ??
Is Deluge available in Puppy ?
Virtual Magnifier Glass
pidgin 2.5.4 & facebook plugin 1.47
Problem in Wine 1.1.7 and uTorrent (win32)
Gtk+Tobac Guibuilder for freebasic
Does anyone have "GNU Screen" for Puppy ?
Google earth - cache location, font size, etcetera
GLtron not working
Finally! OpenOffice3.pet
hplip lite and LJ 1000
OpenOffice3 Icon Packs
Coreutils Complete
Aqualung - Admin can remove it (double post)
Aqualung dependencies
wine & scratch
Decibel Audio Player
ffmpeg with mjpeg support for 4.1.2?
Caml language
Xvidcap_1.1.7(Screen Capture) + Glibc-2.7 pets + ReadAbout
libgconf-2.so.4 Where is it?
HP Deskjet F370 scanning
sdl-1.2.13 with addons
RAID using dmraid
Libgphoto2 + GTKam + gphoto2 + gphotofs
Tool to create new menu or desktop entries
Other . . .
desktop files for a few games
Raw Therapee
evilwm Window Manager
Ratpoison Window Manager
FreeCiv 2.1.8 released on 1st December 2008 puppy 4+
TuxType typing & TuxMath & TuxPaint+Stamps +SuperTux&Sound
26 Gnome dependencies
Karmen Window Manager
FBreader - e-book reader
Text editors Geany, Beaver, LeafPad, CSSed, Gtk2edit,
PGP key in Gslapt
Free NX
IRC, Voice and Video
educational software
Script to install wine and run PortableApps
Pidgin 2.5.3 Puppy 4.0+ 2.5.4 +SSL + MSN
Madplay frontend
TuxBlocks: SDL-based block moving game
Looking for Pidgin 2.5.3
xarchiver puppy 4.0 +
Songbird mediaplayer
Eee PC 900 hard drive install grub is blank
libshadow anyone?
Hash MD5 SHA-1 SHA-256 tiger whirlpool sum calculators
RAM Manager?
supertux on puppy linux 4.1
KeePassX: QT4-based password manager
Xvkbd: Virtual keyboard
What is Wine?
Simple Internet Connection Sharing by Wired Ethernet
Korean Input Method?
mldonkey-2.9.6 torrents p2p just about everything :) puppy 4
Other . . .
Moved, Please Ignore (was 4.1.x Wireless)
Long Wakepup
Dell Inspiron B120 Dell Broadcom 1370 Wifi Card Puppy 4.1
Font Forge
FileZilla (.pet and .tar.gz)
Minefield - special build
Gnome and Wine problem
new2dir for commands including quotes [solved]
Does anyone have 16x16 versions of the darkfire icons?
How to install Enhanced Machine Controller?
How to get RAID Tools
Better vi, arp etc
Tcl and Tk 8.5.5 .PETs from latest Slackware packages
Bless 0.6.0 and Mono 2.0.1
YACAS Computer Algebra System (CAS)
SOLVED: K3b: unable to mount blank DVDs
parental control package
Puppy package uninstaller - EeePC 701
opera 9.6 does not run after installed on puppy 4
tcpspy 1.7d-3
Portsentry 1.2-11.1
wget-list a multiple file downloader
CHM uncompress
Middleman 2.0.1-0
Cutter 1.03
Load up to 24 SFS files in Puppy 4.1.2
Coords Planetarium
Other . . .
What Codec required for listening to Arrow Classic Rock NL
Enigma Puzzle Game
g2calc - lightweight gtk2 calculator
Geany .15
Audacious 1.5.1
Emule Pup?
linux version of i-tunes
changing rc.sysinit script
Tibia 8.40
Iptraf 3.0.0
Opera 10 where do you start?
google gears in puppy
copying mp3-downloads to external device
need TightVNC server for Puppy 4.1.1
pbatt - Real GTK2 Battery Monitor
Dynamic loading of SFS
PHP MySQL for webdevelopment as module
iNES 3.0 emulator
Xitami web/FTP server
Japanese word processor???
VisiHex freeware hexadecimal file viewer BETA release
Visual boy Advance?
Tsombie: SDL-based game
Bomns for Linux: SDL-based game
Yowza, y'all, I'm back, another strange question...
Distributed Puppy Repository Format
Songbird 1.3a
Songbird 1.0
GLPeces: a tangram game
Prism for Firefox 0.2.1
Latest Java jre1.6.0_11
Apvlv: PDF viewer using VIM commands
Birt: the Batch Image Resizing Thing, QT4-based app for pup4
Two puppy repositories down?
Other . . .
Can anyone manage to get Pyroom running on Puppy?
Music Mixing
sakura-2.3.2 full language support plus needed VTE
Script to rip DVD straight to AVI: Letitrip
Concurrent download limit exceeded.
WISH Mini-Console 2009
WISH File Rusher 2009
TurboCAD LE: A full featured 2D CAD (on Wine)
LISA: Finite Element Analysis software
CollabCAD 3D Engineering CAD -- Surface and Solid Modelling
How to install open office with sfs - SOLVED
Background Diskspace Monitor
video editing and raw file software required
New .PETs for WISH apps with no color-scheme bug
WISH Supernotepad 2009.1 (quick bugfix)
Gyro, Seems like a breakthrough to me
Xournal- A journal/sketching application
qt4 libs for 3.01
WISH Command Center 2009
WISH Binary Viewer 2009
WISH CD-Writer 2009
NtEd 1.4.15 music editor (successor to NoteEdit) (2.14MB)
Where can I get hold of Inkscape 0.46 for Puppy 4.x?[SOLVED]
WISH Supernotepad 2009
Tcl and Tk 8.5.4 .PETs from Slackware packages
Request for Geany 0.15 .pet
pygtk add-on to python
WISH Checkbook 2010 (Post updated 2010 April 29)
valadoc documentation zipped 83MB expands 900MB
where is .config for a Puppy kernel build ?
ClickOtherOS-2.3 - a dual boot helper
Concurrent download limit exceeded.
Mirror sites for downloading PETs ??
Partimage under Puppy
Kingsun ks-959
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup
FileZilla Latest Release as of 2008-11-15 Puppy 4.0+
Standalone Flash Player 10
Other . . .
Gnome-Mplayer: Proper GTK (not Gnome) gui for Mplayer
The Mana World kernel for unleashed
Flash 10 request
Midnight Commander mc-MP 4.1.40-pre9 (from the T2 Packages)
LFTP sophisticated ftp/http client Puppy 4.0+
Pwidgets 2.2.7
CueSplitter - split cue/bin audio files into separate tracks
Hiawatha 6.10
Speedup ROX desktop loading
Atomic Clock
libgconf-2.so.4 and libxul.so missing [SOLVED]
Requesting GFire PET for Puppy 4.11 [SOLVED]
request for a pet to be made
MS Viewer startup packages
Where can I find penggy4Puppy (for AOL dialup)?
FuseISO with FuriusISOmount
Full XScreenSaver .pet with RSS Display Support?
E-mail and Mutt with GPG encryption
tinypy, a really tiny Python
September 27, 2008 version of wakepup2 in .pet form
PeaZip 2.4 released
SeaMonkey 2.0 Nightly (for Puppy 4)
mozilla firefox
pidgin 2.5.2 - nss + facebook + gfire plugins
issues with wine running viruses
Afterstep 2.2.8
Fish-1.23.0 Friendly interactive shell = FISH
WMware VMplayer 2.5.2
BlueFish 1.0.7
Java Development Kit 1.6u14 and NetBeans 6.5.1
Other . . .
RDC in puppy
Professional Electronic Design Automation
audacity-1.3.6 - audio editor
Truecrypt 6.1 for Puppy english
gnome-mplayer - excellent GTK (not Gnome) Mplayer gui
Pan newsreader
Pburn wont burn
xfce 4.4.3 Pet package
ufraw & lcms
Upgrading to 4.1.1 a breeze
Wirbel - a new programming language
Transmission 1.34 (6778) Compiled on puppy 4.1 ( 1MB pet )
Missing Codecs
Sugar on Puppy
Puppy 2.16 frugal and open office sfs-file
Mtr Traceroute
NCDU - ncurses du (disk usage)
APRS - Xastir
barebones puppy 2.01
Puppy Podcst Grabber Update
No sound in Open Office Impress (and other problems)
GNU Screen
I want to buy a second-hand Burner.
dosbox connection to slow
FirePup v0.04.3 released nov12/08
Mednafen? Has anyone built a .pup?
Has anyone made a Wicd pet?
Ruby 1.8.7-p72 dotpet for Puppy Linux 4.1
Gtkpod ipod manager,
Other . . .
Photoprint: Photo printing app, compiled with pup4
Petition for development of Linux Game
FirePup v0.03 released oct23/08
Are there any guitar tuner apps for Puppy?
No sound in VLC from Ttuxxx
EncFS 1.5
Terminator for Puppy?
blue orb icons
How do I contribute my dotpet?
Looing for RDC6.1 compatible Remote Desktop client
Flash Player
anyRemote Installation
Gimp 2.6 (updated to 2.6.3)
How to install anyRemote
dillo2 minimal web browser based on fltk2
media players
GTK themes for puppy 3.01
DVBT-channelswitcher for gxine
Seen The New Dillo-2?
Compiling Help
Hugin - excellent (but big) panorama and HDR making gui
Apache, PHP, MySQL & phpMyAdmin
GNU nano 2.0.9
SCSI driver
Brand new to Linex , Help
Compiling Pidgin - gtk spell headers not found
Missing UDF-Filesystem
Ftree family tree genealogy program
OpenOffice 3.0 FINAL - SFS package - ready to download
livestation: an interesting tv player
pdftk 1.40 or higher
Remaster with Clamav included
music notation
Bad experiences watching streaming video!
Other . . .
gfortran for puppy 4.1
Ktoon/Synfig for Puppy?
good puppy ide's
Extra drivers for Puppy 4.1 with kernel
NetWare tools
gtk2-engines theme clearlooks puppy 4.0+
Streaming aac+
FirePup internet browser based on Firefox
Gnumeric 1.7.13 crashes with print preview
playflash (mediaplayer instead slow player in your browser)
kernel headers for k2.6.25.16 (Puppy 4.1)
qemu for puppy 4.1
NVIDIA drivers for k2.6.25.16 (puppy 4.1)
mtools as SFS (pet file also available)
MAN pages available (SFS)
Wireshark Pet Package
How to install GLU
Install-OpenOffice-2.3.pet. Only for Puppy 4 and higher
cheyenne - Where to locate index.html?
Quake 3 Arena
XULrunner, XULrunner-Apps
Gzine does not work, can you recommend a media player.
RPhoto: wx-based Image Editor
Unreal Tournament GotY edition Linux install Part 2
Torchat for Puppy, Tor and Truecrypt
mp Text Editor (GUI-Version)
DosBox .72 in Dingo - where's the config file? - [Solved]
New Apps not having menu options
Unreal Tournament GotY edition Linux install - [Solved]
Qt4 4.4.2 for Puppy 4.x - FULL version,but without the bloat
Hangman: SDL-based hangman game
Globulation2 RTS Game
traditional man pages as sfs file
Very old version of Iron = Google Chrome - Spyware
Hangman: Gtk version of Hangman game for pup4
Other . . .
Running NFS Server on Puppy Dingo
Pup DinGo taking a lot of memory
help tweaking wbar?
openssh-5.1p1 client and server package
Puppy's Games
Clanbomber 1.05 GPL Bomberman Game
Privoxy - 3.0.10 i486 PET Package
Tor - i486 PET Package
Question about Wine and AOE II: Directdraw?
nmap 4.76 with zenmap pet package
wmnd pet package(bandwidth monitor)
OpenSSH 5.2p1
Transmission 1.34
Xfprot error
Sega Saturn emulator puppy 4.0
xcpuload - display cpu speed e.g. in taskbar
game: kraptor
I'd like to see some more game console emulators
Picasa 2.7.3736-15 24MB
GNU nano Text Editor
Start Trek "Star Voyager" Game SDLx2 Puppy 4.0
Star Fighter SDLx3 Space Game Puppy 4 Fun addictive
Game Virus Killer SDLx4 Puppy 4.0
Boost Release 1.36.0 including jam puppy 4.0
SeaMonkey addon Calculator 1.1.12
Request for ume-launcher.pet
Request - png2ico
Request compiling of car navigation/routing software
TeenSpire Linux Pro 2009 Beta will Release at 20/09/2008
Other . . .
macros in puppy?
Installing partimage
codec g729
module for puppy kernel
Now - Arora 0.4 Complete - One 10 MB pet - Webkit browser
Nmap 4.75
hydra pet package
Happydigger: Achaeological cataloguer
gnome_libs 2.2.3 for non gnome puppy
test: lxpanel
Recommended Process Manager Please
Recoll: Qt4-based text search utility for pup4
Compiling the Greek Version of Mozilla?
News Group Readers for Puppy
Cinelerra Pet
Wink 1.5 PET Package
Atari ST emulator "Hatari" Puppy 4.0 SDL
Looking Glass Pet
ZSNES Super Nintendo emulator Puppy 4.0 SDL
5.2 MB Calculator Puppy 4.0 SpeedCrunch
Pidgin 2.5.1 SSL,Gstreamer,Gtkspell,12MB Puppy 4.0 Dingo
Puppy 4 and Webcams
Suggestion for handling the missing lib's issue better.
Polymer qt theme
Polymer qt theme
Special Firefox 3.0.1 and Thunderbird Pets
XF-Prot Signature Files
WINE 0.9.22 Help needed
Artweaver - freeware Windows painting program in Wine
Coverting pup4 to pup3 programs
Grafburn can write data to CD/CD-RW, why can't Pburn?
Torrent client in the next version of puppy?
HPLIP 2.8.7 - for Puppy 3.x
Mesa 7.1 (OpenGL, Ati Radeon X1300 to X1950)
Music Software
gtk+-2.12.1 with xinput enabled
Cannot get the Samba server to work
Holotz's Castle: SDL-based gamed & game editor
Other . . .
CodeBlocks: Wx-based C++ IDE
AVScan: Gtk1 Gui Frontend for Clamav
Pidgin Trouble
FiveChess: Qt3-based 5 in a row game
skype video and usb key 256M (not enough memory)
SDL Asylum: SDL-based game
Delorme SA w/gps
Puppylinux and SecondLife.
devede in dingo 4.06
Generic GPRS setup and connection for Puppy 4.0
GtkHash Hash MD5 SHA1 plus many others, Calculator 129kb
Patolli: SDL-based Aztec board game
Einstein: SDL-based puzzle
MegaTunix: ECU tuning program
Sound in VirtualBox (SOLVED)
Linball: SDL-based pinball game
Glade to Freebasic converter
Boinc pet
Audacious 1.3.2, with a working Amidi-Plug plugin
BOINC 6.10.44
KDE for 4.0 Puppy
Abuse 2.0
Avast! AntiVirus 1.0.8
Amstrad CPC emulators?
mrxvt 0.5.4
dwm tiny window manager
Morabaraba: Game for pup4
Web-oriented wine programs
Tool for packages and dependencies removal in pup_400.sfs?
The vanilla monster from the console?
915resolution patched
KardsGT: QT4-based AI card games for pup4
big_bass also at ( puppylinux.ca /tpp/big_bass )
autopackage 1.2.5
[Solved] Filezilla dependencies
DotPup games and joysticks
Box: A vector graphics programming language
Other . . .
Puppy as a technicians toolkit (antivirus, spyware, trojans)
LinCity NG 1.0.3
Installing cyberroem client
hydra: A very fast network login cracker
Transmission 1.32
OpenJigsaw- Wx-based Jigsaw creator
Martian Memory: SDL-based memory game
Windows Startmenu
Parchis: Spanish board game
Pcman file manager 0.5.0 dotpet for Puppy 4?
Cryptsetup 1.0.5
Abiword Dictionary for 2.4 and 2.6
Liberation Fonts 1.04
rt73 Enhanced 3.0.3
rt2570 Enhanced 1.6.4
puppy on eeepc
Rutilt 0.17
MuppyQuickmount (August, 08, 2008)
QLabels: Qt4-based Label editor for pup4.
LXDE - Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment - For Puppy 4.x
Windowmaker 0.92.0 - New Pet
Geeqie: Gtk2 image viewer (is in alpha)
OpenOffice 3 beta 2
OO2SFS (builds SFS from Go-OpenOffice or OO3 beta2)
How to uninstall pup packages
muppysetbg (simple, very fast background, e.g. for conky)
What is best video player for live video streaming
Extras for Puppy 4.1 alpha5
Any one got sshd for puppy
Any one got sshd for puppy
Wine: Wrong Version Of Operating System;
A new version of Aumix?
pyqt4 for compiling programs
Thunderbird 3.0 and Thunderbird
VLC 8.6h mediaplayer Lite 7.8MB pet
Other . . .
pbnbt 0.1 - setup your own bit torrent tracker using bnbt
Ufraw: Digital camera raw image utility & gimp-plugin for p4
OxygenOffice 2.4.1 for Dingo AND Puppy 3.x
lshw pet package
icewm for Puppy 4.0 Plus extras !!!!!2.6MB pet
Brasero 0.7.1 (for Gnome-2.20.3)
gThumb 2.10.8 (for Gnome-2.20.3)
Puppy Package Manager and unofficial repos
tcpdump pet package
netsurf is back and better ! 29-Jul-2008 14:54 362K
Ruby running in Puppy
libpcap pet package
What happened to GIMP in official repo?
aqualung svn-r1025-0.9 w/ extras
Acpitool: commandline ACPI status program for laptops
Puppy News Reader
src2pkg source to package now on puppy
Firefox 3.0.10 with Java and Flash
How use mplayer and gxine same time but only one audio feed?
xse - program to send X events to a window
Gtk2 engines
rdesktop 1.6 - remote desktop for Puppy
Word War Vi
Aqualung Music Player
Alsaplayer - Audioplayer
How play multiple videos with gxine?
Link to Aiksaurus.pup?
VYM: QT-4-based mindmap program for pup4
OTR plug-in in puppy 4.0
K-Meleon Runs on Puppy
How view mms file stream on Puppy Linux?
elinks - Console Web Browser
Stock Market trading software
WordGrinder tiny word processor Terminal 297KB
Apollon (KDE GUI for giFT)
R-Anagram: SDL-based anagram game
Other . . .
SdlZombies: SDL-based game
IceCat 3.0 Browser + Latest Flash =12MB i386
WLAN_NG 0.2.9
aclocal-1.6: command not found
python 2.5.2 slackware 12.2 compatible IDLE GUI
cdparanoia III - 10.0
medusa4 CAD software
CUPS, 7z
lame 3.98 mp3 encoder
Any MMORPGs or online RPGs that works for Puppy4?
Twin Distress: SDL-based block removal game
error: Qt (>= Qt 3.0.3) (headers and libraries) not found.
how to do this
fapg - fast audio playlist generator
Snownews - ncurses rss newsreader
Change Xorg Display Settings without exiting X, Finally !!!
Preload 0.6.4
Problem when compiling - missing gcc?
WordSearch Creator: Qt4-based game for pup4
Butt: Fltk-based streaming program
flRec: fltk-based audio recorder
Best for Puppy 4
DBP: David's Batch Processor Gimp Plugin
Skype 2.0.63 missing "Options" menu items
Wesnoth for Eee PC
tea-18.0.3: Qt4-based text editor
tcc-0.9.24: Tiny C compiler
xnview Image converter and viewer
Gnumeric 1.8.2 "Contents" Help menu item not working
SDL Scavenger: SDL port of Scavenger game
gentoo: gtk1 twin-pane file manager
HP-15c: Hewlett-Packard calculator written in tcl/tk
Other . . .
Desktop Recorder
Powertop - CPU idle power management tool
Emacs in puppy, libXaw.so.8 is missing/not found
Text replacement program 'like' autohotkey for linux
How to install puppy linux in usb flash like hard disk
rxvt-unicode-9.05 + libAfterImage-1.18 + AfterStep-2.2.8
Tcl/Tk 8.5.3 with TLS, Puppy 3 and 4
Python-2.5.2 & Scribus-1.35 post install issues
Multitech Multimodem driver package for GPRS/EDGE/CDMA
herrie music player (command line)
Anyone got a Inkscape 0.46-Package (for Dingo)?
UPX 3.03
HotPup doesnt work after EZPup & XFE Installation
Ayttm 0.5.0_82
Request for Dia 0.96 for Puppy 4 Dingo
puppy 4 doesn't recognize sound card
gtk2 lib files for kde
Pingus (Lemmings like game)
FUSE Query
Software for Puppy 4.00
hardware info GUI or CLI called "lshw
lm sensors 3.x.x
giFT-ares. Gift configured for ares network
Claws Mail 3.5.0
playlist creator???
Beaver: gtk2 text editor
pdf2djvu: PDF to DjVu converter
shoka: pdf organizer
PSip - Puppy SIP
Dingo Icon Themes Exchange
2Pnotes: Qt4-based encrypted personal notes
Abiword 1.0.2 A relic from the past download for series 3
QRename: QT4-based File/Folder renamer
Other . . .
md5 & flac checking & creation scripts
tagtool 0.12.3 mp3/ogg tag file editor gtk2 gui
md5deep 3.0
Linux: Need help designing home file server
Save to USB
TED word processor
remote desktop from window xp to puppy...
I'm sorry I just can't install Amule, nohow
[Request] Quick Time
Cool puppy background
spicebird 0.4 beta
Tuxcommander 0.6.44 two pane file manager
didiwiki ownership
PYthon 2.5 and using IDLE
tea-17.6.5: gtk2 text editor
screen utility
Flash Player 10.0.15 updated
Seamonkey 1.1.10 release candidate runs fine in Puppy 2
SDL_basic: SDL-based Basic interpreter
Scribus-1.35: QT4-based desktop publisher for pup4.
Midnight Commander 4.6.1
Sun looking Glass 3D Desktop
Python 2.5.2
Terragen and Bryce 5.5 on a Puppy livecd
Cherry CyMotion Master Linux keyboard - KeyM@n software?
Retriever: Aptly named Java-based downloader
Abiword eastern european encoding Windows 1250
menu icons in fluxbox/openbox
Folding@Home 6.02
SCons.pet Request
FireFox 3 for Puppy 4
No Games for Linux?
Other . . .
P7zip 4.58
Buttondialog - nicer than xmessage
numlockx 1.1
File too short...!!
Improved Hotpup
Are Puppy repository disks available?
Virtual PUPPY file request
Ardour2 + Puppy 4 ? Anyone running this ?
uxTank: SDL-based tank game
Notepad++ Request
boost-1.36.0.pet C++ Libraries
aaphoto - correct images in one click
Installed Thunderbird from tarball.
DotPup Problems In Puppy 4
Where can I download "wolfpup-2.00-firefox.iso"
Any sniffer pets for Puppy 4?
How to install OpenVPN 2.1 in Puppy 4?
Compiling Hydrogen, QT error
VBinDiff: An Ncurse program to display file differences
NDISwrapper 1.5.3
ardour 2.41 = Ardour, a multi-track audio recorder.
Geany 0.14 pet request
VirtualBox 2.2.4 and VirtualBox 1.6.6
Mixxx for puppy linux?
XChat 2.8.6 with pup stuff for puppy 4.3+
Update/Change Repositories/Links for Package Manager[SOLVED]
PSPP: Statistical analysis program for pup4
Skype 2.0
vsftp - very secure FTP-Server
Fotoalbum: Fltk-based photo organiser
Xlock gui revision
How show icon in theme instead of ColorNetSend/Receive?
Puppy 4.0 Conky 1.5.1 Qiv not needed for transparent BG
Multitalk: SDL-based presentation program
Tiny C
gizmo-mini for your smaller system needs
Other . . .
Gtk error when running geany [SOLVED]
Wireshark 1.0.0 N/W Analyzer
OpenOffice 2.4.1 sfs for Puppy
Foksyfeyer patch so that it and krecspk work in Puppy4 dingo
deluge .pet/.pup
Puppy 4.0 JAVA jre-6u10-beta
Probs with install a software unser wine
VNC Server For Puppy 4.0
Htop 0.8 for puppy4 should work on puppy2 and 3
Samba in Dingo (V4.0) command(s) not found. FIXED
GTK themes for Puppy 4+ Dingo
conky 1.51 help
SoundRecEd: OpenGL-based Sound editor + recorder
Version 4 pets list yours here
New! iDesk configuration tool.
Are there any screensavers for puppy 4.0?
GoogleGadgets 0.10.1
uninstall preinstalled packages?
BitTyrant a hacked version of Azureus 11MB + Java needed
Nicotine peer to peer on 3.01
PET-packages from PuppyRus Team
wavbreaker 0.10 - wav file splitter
lftp 3.7.3
bashdb = bash script debugging tool + BASH upgrade 3.2.29
Is there a video format converter;
Is there a wav-to-mp3 converter for Dingo 4?
Converting Puppy packages to Debian packages - questions
Anyone done any voice recognition Pups/Pet?
FUSE - ZX Spectrum Emulator (now working!)
Jpilot-1.6.0 - Palm Pilot sync gui
KOffice 1.6.3 for 4.00 and 4.06 ***& 3.01*** New Version
Sources for dillowidget
OpenOffice 3.0 (beta m14) sfs pack
mkSFS ... FIXED app. for making SFS files.
gtkfm: A mini twin-paned Gtk gile manager
Other . . .
Tuxcmd: Twin-paned file manager
Multiget: wxGtk-based file downloader
GIMP 2.4.6
EZpup-4.0 is here!
SAKURA Console replace rxvt now!!! Puppy 3 maybe 4
aria2c 0.13.2+1
DD Rescue 1.14
Xpad 2.12
Pidgin OTR Plugin 3.2.0 for puppy 4.3+
4Pane: wx-based four-pane file manager
DeadlyCobra: SDL-based game
Antivirus software...
Scalar: SDL-based game to create jigsaws from images.
Devx 4.0 Pet Package compile your software 88MB Pet
any one have kde sfs file for dingo 4
MSN Messenger on Puppy?
wallpaper-0.5 backdrop image setter
programchooser-0.3 widget
TightVNC Viewer missing libraries
Midori Web Browser for Puppy 4.0
dotPUP req: GNU M4 macro processor [solved]
No libgtk-1.2.so.0 for Dillo [SOLVED]
Puppy 4.00 Petget GUI size fix
aMSN for puppy 4.0 Series msn messenger compatible client
Equinox Desktop Environment
Xmms pet for puppy 4 and 3.01
MPlayer-1.0rc2BB-486.pet 486 cpu and up
Gnu units - command line unit converter
Csound DotPup/ General Procedure for creating .pups
EXchess: Fltk-based chess game
Gnome Fitness
GPicView 0.1.9 Image Viewer Excellent Viewer 3&4 Series :)
Rocks'n'Diamonds: An SDL-based game
Blockit: SDL-based game
Murrine GTK Engine 5.3.1
Other . . .
How change colors, etc of background of windows?
Cannot get certain icewm themes to work
Can Flock Browser take Firefox add-ons? NoScript, AdBlocK
Installation of Clamav(Solved)
Slideviewer: A small openGL based slideshow app.
Has anyone succesfully run EGON animator for puppy?
lzma for Dingo
Gpredict: gtk+ Satellite tracker for pup3 & pup4
Penguin Command: SDL-based game
Updated Hotpup
Virus Killer: SDL-based game
Qoodaa MNP2P Creates a New Epoch of Internet Transfer
Efax-gtk for Puppy4 Dingo
Seamonkey 2.0.1 and Seamonkey 1.1.16
ATI 8.28.8 Display-drivers for old cards
HHH: An SDL-based game for kids.
GIMP 2.4.5
ProZilla 2.04 beta3
GTKsee 6.0 and Gimp problem bug
pet2sfs converter?
IceMe pup?
htop 0.6.6 Pet packet
Scale2pics - batch image scaler
Matchball: An SDL-based ball matching game.
vnc/rdesktop for puppy 4.00
xfprot: downloading problems...
Coords: A Planetarium program
Classic text Adventure Game
Ufo Alien Invasion 2.2.1
Benojt: A java-based fractal explorer.
Top 10 mini GAMES for Puppy 4
Aqualung Audio,Podcast player Series 3 Only,, not 4.0
epdfview patched for printing (and svn version)
Granule: Flashcard memory program
Batrachians: SDL-based game
Other . . .
VirtualBox 1.6.6/2.1.2 Guest Additions for PUP4
NuclearChess: SDL-based chess variant
Qucs/Asco RF/Microwave design software
Barrage 1.0.2 SDL Game Series 2,3,4
a few problems in Puppy.
Xsoldier-1.4 space Game 71kb series 3,4
Request: Vocabulary training pogram (flashcards)
Gslapt 3 Series Slackware + dir2sfs + undeb + unrpm
DwarfConnect4: SDL-based connect4 game.
BrickShooter: SDL-based game where object is to...?
online bookmarks
Request: radeonhd open-source driver .pet for Puppy 4.00
K3B 1.04 dotpets available for puppy 3 and 4
samba-3.0.26.pet seems to be just a tar file
NVU 4 Puppy 4
Firefox en français, avec ou sans flash
Accessing drives in Virtualbox
Exaile 0.2.13
Python GStreamer
Xampp into dingo not solved.
UniConvertor (svg to wmf and more)
EasyTAG 2.1 audio file tagger - Latest Stable Version
Xampp 1.6.6 on puppy3.01 file_get_contents() not opening url
Opera 9.27 works on 4.0 dingo 7 MB pet package
Glade 2.10.1 (depreciated)
looking for id3tool
Would someone please package the Picard Tagger?
OxygenOffice Professional 2.4.0
TouchMeGames: A collection of various games
Ghttpd and PHP
Mydown and mydownlib 0.2.3 command-line download manager
Printing through network on another puppy
Dingo 4.0 fix
Cedega on Puppy
lxtask-0.1 - small task manager
Full screen fix for Mplayer
Other . . .
dotpets for Privoxy 3.0.8 and tor
Drive access
IceCat is the GNU version of the Firefox browser
SOLVED: Searching hotpup Dotpet
refresh X instead of restart X - PET
DarkChess: SDL-based chess variant
GTKam Camera Access
XSANE Scanner Package
Google Calendar Quick Add utility
1628 Printer Drivers
Gamgi: Atomic modelling program
TestDisk & PhotoRec
Gutenprint 5.2.0 Beta3
Asunder-1.6: CD ripper/encoder
Printer drivers cups_espgs_gutenprint-1.1.23-8.15-5.0.0-2
browsercache (tries to fix probs in Puppy)
gnumeric config help?
pidgin 2.2.1.pet plus indivual locales 3 Series
Calendar program compatible with Ical?
Calendar program compatible with Ical?
GetEz-1.0: Gtk+ wget frontend.
wanted: open office for Puppy 3.01
Fpm2: Figaro password manager
recordmydesktop- and gtk-recordmydesktop-
prestore error message
muCommander: Java-based twin-pane file manager
flimp: Fltk GUI frontend to dcraw, netpbm & imagemagick
wanted: chess engine that will run in 3.01
gpsd and RoadNav
pupX, GUI for xset
Weather software
Noteedit and MuseScore
LMMS: Qt-based Multimedia Studio
AlbumShaper: Qt-based Image manager
ManEdit: A manual page editor
qcomicbook: Qt3-based comic book reader
Other . . .
firefox with stable flash 13MB
Installing TinyOS(Berkley)
Kchmviewer: A Qt-based viewer for chm files
Scanners Xsane Sane iscan package
getpix photo retriever
F-prot use
Comix image viewer -- Python program help
Fire Hydrant ICEWM Taskbar shutdown menu
Jdownloader - java download manager for Puppy
QEMU= qemu linux +launch script+SDL has a menu entry
GTK engine--Murrine, Aurora installation help
Kadu: Qt-based instant messenger client
could someone help me install RutilT
Abiword 2.6.2
qcad: QT-based CAD program
fluidsynth, abc2midi, abcm2ps for making/playing midi files
LAMP squash file
ljcrop - Tcl/Tk gui for lossless jpeg cropping
Fatdog sfs file for Puppy4 Dingo. Updated 4/17/2008
cisco_vpn_client and citrix_client from pcPuppyOS
Post your conkyrc files with screenshots here
Conky and gmail in Pupeee...how?
Openoffice impress slide show mode
cdrip burn audio ,50% task only
Flash vulnerability, does it apply to us?
SeaMonkey update?
libGL.so.1.2 for Puppy 3 (Update: may, 19, 2008)
RealPlayer 11 PET !!
Unprivileged - run Programs as restricted user
UNLIT password generator
enlightenment e17 compile- -development snapshots
Slackware Asunder CD ripper won't work
How do I create, install XFCE icon themes for wNOP?
Mapivi: Perl/Tk-based picture viewer
Adobe Flash Player 10.1_RC, and Flash
Other . . .
XFCE 4.4.2 for Puppy 4.0 - Dingo
Kemit, no not the frog.
Varkon: CAD & geometric modelling system.
LastFmProxy 1.3b
Sylpheed 2.4.8 with GPG-signatures
QPaddy: A small, qt3-based, text editor.
QtCommander: Qt-based twin-pane file manager
MPlayer-1.0rc2.pet DVD VCD and stream URL' s many formats
Is there a Quicktime .pet?
Soto Office 2002
Mahjongg3D: An OpenGL & QT-based game
Gnome 2.20.3 SFS (Only for Puppy4)
puppy volume mixer does't remember volume
DDD: A gui front-end to the gdb debugger
FreeNX Client DotPup
Lazarus on Puppy
where can i find libvga?
firefox- *firefox and flash*
hotpup icons are placed on top of each other in 2.17
PROBLEMS INSTALL gcompris-8.4.2-i486.pet
gliv: A Gtk+ OpenGL image viewer
[Announce] Zep's Dreamland for Puppy
GREYCstoration v.2.8
Biniax2: SDL-based game
ltris-1.0.12: SDL-based tetris clone
pet_get fix -----> so you dont have to hand edit the code
Wyzo - new web browser -
firefox 2.12 flash java SFS
Home Bank and OFX
Volume control disappears with battery monitor
[ANN] DotPet for Objective-Caml 3.10.2
Other . . .
OpenOffice 2.4.0 SFS
Select the drive for temp file NOT work
porting autotrace in Puppy Linux
how can we deal with applications that deny running as root?
xawale: Tcl-based awale game
insmod VMfixed-1.0.pet for VM users
(updated to the latest) RealPlayer PET
imagemagick dotpup
[UPDATED] FileZilla PET and SFS
i just try to compile SDL myself but.......
Links 2 (web browser)
Dingo has seperate pet repository??
[UPDATED] Firefox 3 Beta 5 w/ Flash & Java SFS & PET
Attention Barry -- gtk1compat
Ptimer 0.2
Nmap 4.76
wich enlightment to choose?
start bar
x11vnc server and tightvnc viewer packages for Dingo
Cisco Client & Profile-Files
multipage tiff viewer?
k3b squash file for testing
Is there an IDE for C++ programming?
spacemonster: SDL-based space invaders game
is there any software for viewing .ppt and pps files
"ttuuxxx on ice" new icewm lite for series 3&4
Vuze Formally Azureus
Frostwire 4.18.5
pStopWatch 0.6
Java 1.6u17
Flash games via mozilla-panel with gui
Sothink's Firefox Flash Capturer XPI
XMMS status docklet - tray icon for XMMS
searchmonkey: Gtk2 file searching program
Other . . .
Orbit theme for Seamonkey
Intelligent script to start Thunderbird
Search Puppy-sherlock search plugin for older browsers
Xscrypt-02 - New PUP for Puppy - UPDATE
Interesting article from Linux.com
Cardreader USB smargo smartreader plus not recognized
Pidgin 2.6.6 for Puppy 4.3+
AlsaPlayer v0.99.80
(Solved) HotPup icon placements /w xorg puppy2.17 vs pup3.01
xgalaga games: space shootem-ups
Missing application/x-java-vm plug-in from SeaMonkey browser
Handbrake update .. handy DVD conversion tool
Picker 0.3 - File Acrobat
Xara Xtreme Version 7 R1785 for puppy 3.0 series
Is there a list of Linux-based ham radio apps?
(Solved) Abiword 2.4.5 cannot open RTF that opens on 2.4.4 ?
Gnumeric 1.8.2
Gimp 2.4.5 Full install Puppy 3.0 Series
Kobo-Deluxe: SDL-based
Gslapt 0.3.19a Slackware package management + unDEB, unRPM
g-logo: a logo programming environment
Audacity 1.3.5 Pet Package Full Complete Install
LogoPP: fltk-based logo programming environment
lxlogo: logo programming environment
UnRPM UnDEB PET package
boot server for puppylinux
Better script to launch Seamonkey / Firefox
wbar help on 2.17
Amuc: A music composition program
ShowImg - porting for puppy Linux?
screen cleaner -working
Gtklist04MU source for Gtk2
Autoconnect 0.5
You are entering the timezone
XmGoBang: is a simple board game.
Puppy in VirtualBox with guest additions?
OpenGL 7.3 did brake my Xorg and Xvesa
xclip - command line clipboard utility
Other . . .
VNC Server package ?
Putting video onto a DVD to play it in a regular DVD player
petget replacement
Kompozer 7.10 pet package WYSIWYG editor and more :) How to install wikidpad from source?
Xmessage wrappers for rpm and deb
Pinball Game 20MB
Firefox 2.12+Java+Flash all-in-one Pet package by ttuuxxx
Wine 1.0 and Wine 1.1.23
etree_scripts-pre-3.2 - perl scripts for lossless audio
Skipstone-1.0.0 Lightweight Web Browser
pdfedit 0.4.1
GSPCA 20071224 dotpup
GSPCA 20071224 dotpup
The end of a era. bye bye Netscape !!!!
Unofficial AceOfPenguins game package available
Corrupt audacity dotpup?
xsudoky: Sudoku game
conky and cursor hang
System-Tools control panel
Claws Mail 3.3.0 & 3.3.1
6760 Free Fonts 157.7MB for Linux
HPIJS 3.9.12
Opera 10.10 and Opera 9.64
lacking libraries
XMMS 1.2.11 - multimedia player?
Seamonkey 1.0.8
MPlayer-1.0rc2 + mencoder Feb 2008
Simple Mail & Firefox = Best browser for Puppy Linux
fusesmb pet package released
Cairo Dock .pets for Puppy 3 and 4
what's up with pupdvdtool 0.8?
Other . . .
dial up connection monitor
Thunderirb doesn't open links in Firefox (nowhere)
eggchess: SDL-based game for young kids
Looking for an advanced FTP client software
Dkop: DVD backup program
pstree: Shows currently running processes in a tree format.
InkGUI v0.1 - A little program to check printer ink level.
Is edbrowse the best program out there (yet hardly known)?
Mozilla Sunbird
Pebble 1.0 BETA - simple bootsplash program
Please help me play DVDs on Puppy 3.01!
Firefox 3 Beta 3
icecast: mplayer daemon-(compiled with pup3.0)
mhwaveedit-1.4.15 (compiled different than Barry's)
Trouble compiling Icecast.
Snd-9.8 - sound editor
jack-0.109.2 - audio server
wxEditor 3.8
Ventrillo server trouble
Avidemux-2.4.0 - gtk2 video editor
eboard: gtk+ chess gui
qdvdauthor-1.0104 - dvd authoring gui
lives- - video editing gui
dvdwizard-0.5.1 - bash scripts for dvd authoring
transcode-1.0.5 - cli audio/video converting tools
ImageMagick-6.3.8 - image tools
MIME-Editor Alpha
Tktp: Another tcl-based card game
moreamp-0.1.21 - wxgtk audio player
dvdstyler-1.6.0 - dvd creator
dvdisaster-0.70.4 cd/dvd recovery program
BOINC netcomputing software
The ACM Flight Simulator
Make X apps speak text too! fokSyf Eye R (Puppy and Ubuntu)
Num Lock on By default
Pdvdrsab-0.1 - a gtkdialog dvd rip/shrink/author/burn gui
Shockware in firefox (Windows) with Wine
KDE 3.5.8 (feb 07, 2008)
Other . . .
Puppylinux Games
Is there a gphoto2 pup?
package request: Turtle F2F
Open Project 1.0 Project Management
SFS-Combiner - merge some squashfs addons
FreeCiv 2.1.3 for Puppy Linux?
amsn 0.97 for puppy 301 - Windows messenger clone
GtkLP / GtkLPQ package for Puppy 3.01
great fonts (fontrendering) in puppy
Anyone compiled Thunar-Volman?
Adobe Acrobat Reader
wxdfast: wx-based file downloader
TS2 und Pidgin ohne Sound
GNUDoku: sudoku game
localized menustructure Puppy 301,+ Menu for Gnome
Test: Cups 1.3.5 international
asmix volume knob
Xscorch compile request
making python programis into puppy package
Anti Virus Tools
WindowMaker 0.92.0
PIC-1MM and Puppy
The Ace of Penguins
Xwget-6 - GUI download manager
Screenlets 0.0.10 (Only for Puppy-3 + Composite Manager)
gDesklets 0.36 beta (Only for Puppy-3)
skipstone-1.0.0: Web browser. (Compiled with pup2.16)
gtkpod-0.99.12 - gtk2 ipod gui
There may be a problem with ibiblio.org
Battery monitor for Dingo Alpha5
clipboard manager for text and images
Patched MPlayer for Compiz-Fusion
FLDev: Fltk-based IDE. (Integrated development environment)
Opera-9.50b2 + libqt-mt
Something did not work...
fltetris: Fltk-based tetris clone...another time waster!
Another Sudoku version: this one fltk-based
Abiword 2.5.2 (Developer-release)
Other . . .
Sudoku: A tcl-based sudoku game
gpicview-0.1.9 - A Simple and Fast Image Viewer
Is there a weather widget/applet/epplet etc for Puppy?
PCMan Filemanager updated Feb, 03
fox-1.6.33 + rezound-0.12.3beta + xfe-1.19.1 + more
Seeking automated file transfer tool more secure than FTP
Modified Picopup on USB gives segmentation error
Skipstone-0.9.7: Web browser
Lotus Symphony for Puppy
AMSN 0.97 has been released!
J-Pilot 0.99.9 with bluetooth support
Mplayer plugin (streaming media) 3.50
Vectrex emulator
rc.shutdown from Puppy 301 localized - updated jan, 21.
Bootmanager from Puppy301 localized
klondike: SDL-based card game
PySolFC: Python-based card/mahjongg games
File sharing with Curlftpfs for Dingo
Secure File Transfer for Mainframe systems
Request for nicotine .pup
Devx 3.01.PET package
TrueCrypt 4.3a
how to modify pup_214.sfs file
Goggles DVD Player, Super Lightweight and actually works :)
JavaTunes and madman
Puppy Cards
audacity-1.3.5-beta + wxgtk-2.8.7 + more
Findwindow (set Windows fullscreen and such)
Sweep-0.9.2: Sound editor
need pup for swh-plugins
GPLed version of SimCity: Micropolis
Gimp 2.4.3
Other . . .
lsof_4.78-i486.pet Package
Pebble v 0.95 - BETA: Simple bootsplash program
JPEG EXIF information display - jhead is a great little tool
scite-1.7.5 - text editor
gramofile-1.6 - ncurses based wav file cleaner
proftpd-1.3.1 & gproftpd-8.3.2
wavbreaker-0.9 - gtk2 wav splitter
inadyn-1.96 - dynamic DNS client
EZpup-3.01 has puppies!
Puppy 301: Cups localization
Fun Racing game: Stormbaan Coureur 2.0.2
Game: GL-Tron
Gentium TTF Fonts
Notecase: hierarchical note manager (compiled with pup216)
newsreader for puppy Linux
EZpup-3.01 Now Available!
john-1.7.2-i486.pet package
sleuthkit-2.10-i486.pet & autopsy-2.08-i486.pet
Test: Icetea 1.7.0 (RedHat Java Runtime)
chkrootkit-0.48-i486.pet Package
PonyProg2000: A Microcontroller Programmer
gtk+-2.10.14-i486.pet Package
openbox- + obconf-2.0.3
Pburn language support
XUL MSN Messenger addon for Seamonkey
Puppy Podcast Grabber
lxpanel- window manager panel
pekwm-0.1.6 window manager
fbpanel-4.12 window manager panel
MU TrayButtons
lighttpd 1.4.18 and PHP 5.2.5
Wine with Puppy 3.01?
hping3-20051105-i486.pet Package
snort- package
Python-2.5.1-i486.pet Package
clockywock: an ncurses analog clock
cvoicecontrol: commandline voice control program
Other . . .
nmap-4.50-i486.pet Package
e-guidedog: a voice web browser
Firefox and Flash still not getting along
What is the best way to update CUPS?
QUCS 0.0.13
TuxCommander-0.5.103 - a gtk2 2 pane file manager
libburn-0.4.4 (cdrskin) command line cd burning utility
Eterm-0.9.4 - terminal emulator and more
mac-3.99-u4-b5 - Monkey's audio lossless ape format
optimfrog-4.600 - lossless audio format
shorten-3.6.1 - shn lossless audio
sox-14.0.1 - command line sound processing
Transmission-1.06 gtk2 bit torrent client
Gtk-Lshw: Hardware Lister
EZpup-4.0 is coming soon!
mpeg2dec-0.2.1 mpeg video stream decoder
mjpegtools-1.9.0rc3 cli mpeg tools
wmacpi-2.2rc1 battery monitor dockapp
libdockapp-0.5.0 windowmaker dockapp library
gopchop-1.1.7 mpeg video splitter
wbar-1.3.3 imlib2 iconbar launcher
rtorrent-0.8.4 - ncurses bit torrent client
fluxbox-1.0.0 (w/ imlib2 support for menu icons)
imlib2-1.4.0 graphics library
quax: A QT-based screen magnifier
libpcap-0.9.8 & tcpdump-3.9.8 pet packages
xvidcap: A screencapture utility
scramdisk: file/disk encryption utility
EBook Reader - FBReader
packpup v1.0 BETA (and packpet v1.1)
Puppy desktop wallpaper
Maple on Puppy ?!
anyone have ARES
Puppy 214R+cups-1.3.3 Menu entry??
Windows Program to access your Linux Partitions
gfract: A fractal viewer
Pupwait splash/wait eyecandy
vitetris: A console tetris game
dotpups vs pets ?
Other . . .
Puppy 3.01 hard drive install, desktop missing after SFScopy
FIREFOX 2.11 +Java 6u3 +FLASH Latestx3
Videocalls with Puppy?
FIREFOX 2.11 Latest +FLASH Latest
FIREFOX 2.11 Latest edition
vulcan: OpenGL chess game
OPERA 9.25 Latest edition
leafpad-0.8.13: text editor
flphoto: Fltk-based image editor
CRM Software for Pup - SugarCRM / Vtiger ???
Is there a slide show dotpup?
krecspk/wrecspk updated - less screen real-estate GUI.
Online Music Player, Office, Drawing program link
Xboard: Gui frontend for gnuchess
a request for a gui download manager
Partimage 0.6.7 beta2
emelfm2-0.4 (updated for puppy)
CompuPic v5.1
Extras for Puppy 2.12 - 2.16
Quarry: Gui for various board games
Version of MPLAYER required for Puppy 2.16.1CE
A really perplexing cups problem
zeroinstaller for puppy is it possible?
Samba 3.0.28
Xampp Server -- Doe not working properly
Puppy Linux - does support xampp server.
xplns: Celestial simulation app.
Picpuz: A jigsaw puzzle program
Good Bittorrent client for puppy?
How can I change Abiword default save location ?
Request: SexyPSF 0.4.8 and SexySPC 0.5.0 plugins for XMMS
What is the best home photo arranger (like Picasa) for Puppy
Install LimeWire in Puppy (Needs Java)
ion3 -tabbedwm
Security Based Pet Packages I've Made.
libesd and libjack .pets
Developing simple ALSA-based sound application on Puppy 3
Jajuk Advanced Jukebox might be of interest to someone
Mahjongg dotpup
Other . . .
IBIBLIO site missing dotpups.txt file(s)
keep track of lots of passwords??
GtkBasic - Analogclock (updated may, 25, 2008)
Freecell !!
Compupic Image Viewer
SANE installation?
Pup 2.17 or 3.01 for new KDE Puplet?
Pmetatagger-2.1 - a gtkdialog audio meta tagger
qfreecell: QT-based freecell cardgame
keyboard layout indicator
XFCE 4.4.2 .PET and .SFS
Request: JACK and WineASIO Packages for Puppy
Request: Qt 4 Dotpup
biblos: A QT-based file indexing utility
klavaro: A touch typing tutor
gtkgo: gtk1 Go version
findwild: File search utility
Fotoxx: digital image editor
How do you enlarge the Start menu in Pizzapup?
MPlayer 1.0rc2 compiled, but not packaged
Torrent tracker server
PROC>ACPI>Battery>S1B5 but Conky is looking for BAT0
xine-mms plugin could someone please compile for Puppy
OxygenOffice Professional 2.3.0
Searching for Icewm theme pack called icepak.pet
escape: SDL-based fiendish maze game
feh: Imlib2-based image viewer
pineapple3: openGL game
TkTk-0.95: Tk based "Time killing" card game
flobopuyo: SDL-based game. (clone of PuypPuyo)
xarchiver version
avidemux work good problem with cinelerra2 in puppy 3.01
CrowAmp: A small Tcl-based audio player
inkscape fails to launch
Did puppy was possible to run 3d
lang in 3.01
freecell: Tcl-based card game
Blackjack: QT-based Blackjack game
Gnome-2.14.2.pup What to expect.
lpairs: SDL-based memory game
Other . . .
Pebble v 0.9 - BETA: Simple bootsplash program
ATI fglrx 7.11 (8.43.2) video driver for puppy 3
LZMA-PACK: mlterm-2.9.3
DOTPET: LZMA-utils alpha 4.42 and two new scripts
OpenOffice 3.0.0 and OpenOffice 2.4.1 for puppy
a request for mlterm for puppy
Recoll: QT-based text search tool
aTunes Music Manager might be of interest? Java Based
antiprism: commandline programs for polyhedra
snackAmp: Tcl based audio player
GtkBasic-Deskbutton1 (tool for scripters)
Run 2 Desktops at once + XPenguins
Cutting edge kernel
GtkBasic-Screensaver (Beta, for testing)
GtkBasic Alarmclock
wmpower in icewm
Gyachi-1.1.0: Yahoo! messenging client
tool to translate JWM and Icewm-menu in Puppy 3
tool to translate the Desktop Icons
Billing software for Internet Cafe in puppy?
GtkBasic 003e - small Basic interpreter/IDE - 3300 functions
TkGate: A tcl based Digital circuit simulator
tecnoballz: SDL based block breaking game
fluxbox-1.0.0 - window manager
scite-1.7.4 - gtk2 text editor
pcmanfm- - gtk2 file manager
D4X: A File Downloader that can resume broken dloads
worker: A twin-paned FIle Manager
mtPaint 3.19 public beta release
EZpup on a Latitude C600/C500
xmms: multimedia player
A "traditional" vi for puppy 3.00 ( & 4.20)
gslapt tested and safe installs
vnc2swf app may be of use to someone?
Tray icon for laptop battery life
REQUESTING: SVN with SSH support enabled
jabbin-2.0beta2a: voip client
anyone has made gizmo work on puppy yet?
pnethood - samba share mounter
Other . . .
a few app's
Rox-Desktop Iconset-switcher
Tool to activate Windowshadows
Drivers for Logitech QC webcams
PET-Be-Gone for Puppy 3.x [SOLVED]
Gwhere-0.2.3 gtk2 disk cataloging tool
yava: Yet another v4lin app. Framegrabber for v4lin webcams
Are there rules/guidelines/advice for building PETs
Extras for Puppy 4.00
Puppy Search Firefox Plugin
Installing VirtualBox on Puppy 3.01
pysol: Python based card games
JWM Themes Exchange
danpei: Gtk+ image viewer
SearchAndRescue: A 3D helicopter simulation
Mumble on Puppy?
transmission-1.22: GTK BitTorrent file downloader
jigsaw: a tcl based jigsaw puzzler for kids to play with
Ainebot AI chat bot as an appdir just click to run!
Need help with aalib (for playing games in 3D text mode)
RocksnDiamonds-3.2.4: SDL based puzzle solving game
GPRename on Puppy 3
mahjongg: a mahjongg game using the allegro library
2 tiny WM's for the price of 1: sWM and failsafewm
TkV4Lng: A Tk widget library for V4Lin webcams
lynx 2.6.7 for puppy 3.xx
slideshow-1.1.pet: SDL based slideshow app
tcpdump -K not working
Pprocess 2.0 - Process manager
Anyone up to creating a GNOME .SFS?
3D games on Puppy Linux
Anyone can make a Wbar pupget
Enlightenment DR17 window manager for Puppy 3.00 and up
Broadband internet connection over Puppy Linux
Other . . .
MOC player acommand line music player with menu entry
osmo: a personal organiser
Pfind 2.6 config file problem (SOLVED)
iv-2.3.2.pet: a gtk image viewer
leocad: a cad program using bricks.
camstream: A QT based webcam utility
funky.tcl: a small graph display program
Opera 9.24 installed using Gslapt but Opera 9.10 still there
EZPup 3.0 failed in Puppy 3.01
Metacity WM for pup available?
Request: AntiVir Personal for Linux PET/Dotpup package
patience: a collection of card games
DjVu Viewer App and Mozilla plugin for Seamonkey
XFCE-4.4.1.SFS and XFCE-4.4.1.PET for Puppy 3.0+ FINAL
Firewall Script - Arno's IPTABLES Firewall Script
is there a kazehakase web browser pack for puppy?
Macromedia flash
1. Audio/video sync problem
interlogic: SDL based logic game
Extra Pup Files For Wine
Gimp 2.4 rc3
Mplayer in 3.01 beta
tkpaint-1.52: tcl based graphics program
XMMS strange behavior
rgbPaint: simplified mtPaint
free42: An HP-42S Calculator Simulator
A question on IceWM
A Question 4 WhoDo...
fwbuilder / libqt problem
Voip softphones internet telephones that work with puppy!
Truecrypt for puppy 3.00
Samba PET missing libdm dependency
Hv3 alpha 16
How to use rpm packages?
Hamachi Dotpup
Other . . .
Xdesktopwaves a tiny bit of eyecandy[fixed]
OpenOffice 2.3.1 SFS
Gimp and Open Office i Norwegian
installing undeb.pup - MD5SUM error
puppy 3.0 devx_300.sfs ?
XFCE-4.4.1.sfs for Puppy 3.0+
EZpup-3.0 uploaded!
connect4: a two player connect4 game with sound effects!
Truecrypt for puppy 3.00? (resolved)
Scheduling software in an office??
Nvidia drivers for Puppy 3.0
mishigame: a SDL based tetris game
[W]reckedleg "Voice Memo Recorder" GUI. dotpet Oct14 UPDATE
Wine 0.9.46 SFS only for Puppy-3.00
Extras for Puppy 3.x and 4.0
gelemental-1.2.0: a gtk based periodic table
Compiz Fusion 0.7.7 (git 28 Jul 2008)
Is this Active X plug-in available for Puppy?
fms-1.0: a group of sound generation programs
gperiodic-2.0.10: periodic table
hexxagon-1.0: a hexxagonal game
Text Adventure Games
Where's the JWM theme exchange
NVIDIA Driver 96.43.01 for kernel (Puppy-3)
Kernel source sfs file for Puppy 3.00
ATI fglrx 8.40.4 video driver package for Puppy 3.00
xzgv-0.9: an image viewer
multimedia software for Creative Zen Touch mp3 player?
mtpaint-3.31: latest release of mtPaint
colliding.tcl: a simple mouse control game
Music organizer on puppy
i950-i486.pet: driver for canon i950 printer
Forcing widescreen movies into full screen
taruli: a QT based patter matching game
xwrits-2.24: a timer program to prevent RSI
yoltia: a QT based image editor
gnumch: SDL based maths learning game for kids
Other . . .
connectk: a pebble game of the go genre
Has anybody gotten TORCS working in Puppy?
ump: unnamed-math-program? calc + graphing app
Gnomad2 v2.9.6 + libmtp for MP3 players
Shutdown dialogue
Lm-sensors-2.10.4.pet - now available
Can the glibc packages be removed, please?
qhacc-3.5: a QT based accounting program
Where to upload 'pet' package for "lm-sensors"
slapt-get/glapt for puppy 3.00
E17 for Puppy?
xyplot: a graphing application
rlplot-1.5: a QT based graphing program
TCL Games questions
Privoxy 3.0.6 dotpup
jester: a tiny tile flipping game.
Gtk-themes eXperience and vista-grey
Gambas 2 v1.9.49 pet
wordjumble: yet another anagram puzzle game
step-by-step: java based puzzle game for young children
VMware Player (vmplayer) 1.0.4 for testing
qps: a QT visual process manager
isomaster: cdrom image editor
Freebasic IDE (tiny)
Email Auto responder (Solved)
mankala: an african stone sorting game
blackpenguin: A game where it's penguin vs evil windows
gtkeyboard: A gui keyboard frontend
Can Compiz-Fusion be stable on 2.17
linechec: a gui frontend for gnuchess
glsokoban: another sokoban using SDL & openGL libraries
Netsurf 1.1
anagramarama: another SDL anagram game for kids
aria2: file downloading utility
metpad-0.8: a small text editor
Moon-Buggy text mode game the name says it all!!!
puppy beats itself at chess!!! cheops console chess game
Opera 9,5 Alpha Available
Other . . .
Widget-bar (online-widgets on your desktop) -now also P217
Gambas 1.0.19 pet - BASIC development environment
New IceWM Configuration Tool
Dotpet Package of Motion (Webcam Video Surveillance)
Is there a .pup or .pet for 'lm-sensors' & 'i2c' packages..?
gCAD3D: a 3D CAD program
scramble: SDL based anagram game
Problem with flash
Tiny web server for local file transfer
Which Wine?
quiteinsane-0.10-11: QT3-based sane scanner gui frontend.
Cosmosmash-1.4.3: SDL based game
Songbird and Gstreamer
rtl8180 wifi driver for 2.17
Any way to play embedded multimedia in Dillo?
Getting TI-Interactive! to work?
burgerspace-1.8.3: SDL based game
Pbdict - upgrade
leibnitz-1.2.0: a graphing calculator
jgames: java games collection
Mplayerplugin built for Opera
Request: Gimp-gap dotpup/dotpet
Script updates using Gnocl and gxmessage
vmware installation
Video Encoding
Need help with Google Earth
here are the latest icewm binaries stable and unstable
tinysid and xTinySid a .sid music player C64 8-bit audio
New Transmission-gtk 0.81
extcalc: a QT based graphing calculator
Is there any graphing calclator interpreter emulators?
Torrent Downloader
xye- sdl based puzzle game
CdCat-1.01b: a QT based disk catalogue program
StarDict 3.0.1 dotpup - online dictionary
Where can I find an Opera .pup/.pet?
concentration: a pattern matching game for children
oxygene: sdl based underwater game
Other . . .
lupengo: sdl based game.
reverse: an othello game variant using allegro library.
banks flight simulator (old school)
Pdrive 0.27
great need for poedit for puppy
xlogical: another sdl based game
revised Network Wizard + dhcpcd Aug 24 2007
Installing Google Desktop
robot: sdl based game
komi the space frog: sdl based game for kids
torrent: SDL based block game for the kids
ezpup sound problem
XMMS cdread plugin may bring new life to your XMMS Player
Magazine Cover DVDs
nevernoid: sdl based breakout game
wordplay: an anagram game.
soundtracker-0.6.8-i486.pet uploaded(WORKS NOW)
A few bits of software I'm looking for
FLV player
TkSolfege: a music ear training program
Dangerdeep Submarine Game may be of interest. needs new PC?
xcircuit: Schematic drawing program
New cd/dvd wizard
Xournal-0.4: A (handwritten) Journal app
Atol: a dual panel file manager
fred: a commandline txt editor
AMSN 0.97RC1
anybody wanna compile AstroMenace?
Installsfs fails to install devx_217
Request for new version of xpp
Nvidia drivers for Puppy 2.17
calcoo: another calculator
galculator-1.3.3: a gtk2 calculator
Request: Transmission 0.80 pup
Looking for CAD package
Where I can find Rutilt 0.15 [Solved]
Audacious-1.3.2 A relatively powerful media player
Internet TV - sopcast
Trying to get Code::Blocks to run
epiphany: another SDL based game
Other . . .
BMP- media player (Beep Media Player)
breakout: simple wall breaking game
Qt 4.2
Looking for VMware pup, pet, or iso
"compose" package (music composition) for Puppy Linux
digger: SDL game
Medit-0.8.10 - text editor
Will Google's Picassa for Linux work in Puppy?
New Xvesa video wizard
[Emulator] SDLMAME 0.125u8 for Puppy 3 and 4
5ball: a game to get 5 balls in a row
mplayer not working
tuxpaint - is there a .pup?
Where to downloads X11 Development files
xshisen: a mahjongg game
Wallpaper for PUPPY
pdf conversion software
IceWM Themes Exchange
XPP 1.5 Cups Printer GUI App
how to use deb or rpm packages in puppy
foxgames: a small set of games using fox library
Art of illusion App might be of interest universal installer
lletters: a game to teach the alphabet to children
Can someone help me install iceWM
need a keyboard layout indicator
gqview-2.1.5: Image viewer
Any photo management programs for Puppy?
telstra bigpond wireless modem
telstra bigpond wireless modem
libacl.so.1 missing
tuberling( potato guy)game
Request for Sylpheed 2.4.4 dotpup
I need a P2P program for file sharing
puppy, hylafax, and installing apps from sources....
How can i install SagCad?
icebreaker: SDL based game
Gkdial, Xeznet and Wvdial Alternative?
installing tar.gz
ATI video driver (fglrx) 8.39.4
Other . . .
ntpget - a Perl script to set time by NTP
cbb: personal finance program
"The Widget Factory" App works in Puppy Use Unknown?
littlewizard: a programming environment for children
Connecting a thermal printer
Opening up pup files
Font "TrueType" for Puppy
Is there a Windows Manager - Manager?
e2fsprogs-1.40.2: updates ext2/ext3 filesystem tools
grace: 2D plotter
asteroids game
A file splitting App that may be of use to someone.
ion3 window manager
How to change font colour in 2.17?
CLI SMTP mailer
PawdioConverter feedback
Needed libvolume_id for compiling hal
2.17 PET installer says Snack is missing libtcl8.4.so
gnurobbo: SDL based game
blockrage: a tetris game clone
what files are needed to run puppy 2.17
a shell command to install sfs files on a full HD install
Request for OpenTTD game
SagCad: A CAD program
business forms generator
HardInfo, system information
Which is the best media player in 2.17?
Rewritten run-pureftpd
devet: An SDL based block combining game
dialogquiz: Console trivia games
biniax: SDL based block game
xokoban: sokoban type game
affenspiel: tiny sliding block puzzle
Updates/improvements for Puppy 2.17
vodovod: learn plumbing through this game
hex-a-hop: a game for young children
Ultimate++ on Puppy
Other . . .
What is the xfcelocales dotpup for?
hardinfo: A system profile & benchmark utility
Xcruiser a 3D app of your system. small but fun enjoy
speech / voice recognition?
EZpup-2.1.7R2 now available!
request for kjumpingcube
cloop module for Kernel
berusky: SDL based game
Please help Program a router interface for Puppy
Tile World: sdl based game
dosbox 0.71
XawTV video viewer
Prozilla Downloader App - A must Have, trust me
xisola: a logic game
xbill: a controversial game
Xara Xtreme for Linux
Firefoxk looks ugly
Ruby-1.8.6-i486.pet on Puppy216 doesn't install correctly
Small CD Burner to play with enjoy
Freeciv 2.1.0 Beta 4
mancala.tk: yes, another mancala game
gnuplot: A plotting program
Useful CLI CD image tools
xcheckers: checkers game
dama: turkish draughts
putty-0.60: telnet & ssh client
puzzleblocks: another tetris clone
Wbar: a fancy launchbar (using Imlib2)
Pidgin (Gaim instant messenger) 2.02 dotpups
Gaim-vv 1.2.0 dotpups
chipmunk basic
Will someone compile gnash for me?
PET: memory problem
Tabbed Pmount
Other . . .
Pidgin Pets
Problem compiling gst-plugins
REQUEST: Ardour 2 dotpup
FakeNES - A Famicom emulator
how to put icons more color?
hv3 nightly builds
xwelltris: 3D block dropping puzzle
bad hard drive
C64 Emulator Frodo with Defender
Q: An SDL based logic game
Multisession CD/DVD burning software
qalah: a bean passing game
XBlockOut: Another 3D block dropping game
lmarbles: SDL based marble game
gtktetcolor: another tetris-like game
ifrac: 3D Block packing game
How to install Yahoo Instant Messenger with audio?
To Barry and all the puppy's world
gf1: gipf for one game
xearth package for Puppy Linux
Any Video Editors for Linux?
REQUEST: Updated nVidia driver dotpup
syasokoban: still_yet_another_sokoban
glimpse: diabolical duplicate post
glimpse: a graphics program
JWM v2.0 - With a fancy new look
concede: a puzzling game?
littlepolish: yet another checkers game
How to create a dotpup of Sphinx2?
danican: another checkers game
xawele: another african board game
Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge v3.0
Transparent Icewmpanel
Transterm - rxvt terminal configuration utitlity
mancala game
Adobe 7.0 Reader in Puppy
chemtool-1.6.11: app for drawing molecules
Other . . .
gperiodic: gtk periodic table
webcore 0.5.2, OSB-Browser
Request for VLC 0.8.6c
EZpup 2.17 fine tuning [SOLVED]
konnekt4 game
OpenMotif & Citrix - Need Help!
EZpup-2.1.7 now available!
[Game][SFS]Frets On Fire 1.2.451
ROX 1 click file mounter, types: .2fs, .3fs, .iso, .sfs.
bos-wars 2.3 dotpup
urlgfe: file downloader
Qnext for linux - P2P filesharing
gtk-splitter: another file splitter
Making a DotPet: I need some ./configure options help
256 colors Terminal
Gtklxsplit: Gtk frontend for lxsplit file splitter
Freecol 0.6, an open source Colonization clone
amsn 0.97RC1
Simon Tatham's Portable Game Collection (27 games)
Gyachi 1.0.5 - Yahoo Messenger for Linux
mrxvt 0.5.2
nano text editor (v2.0.6) PET package
dircproxy and eggdrop packages for puppy?
wine and pidgin
Allegro 4.2.1 Pet
mpg123 version 0.66 - efficient CLI mp3 decoder
Geany 0.11 - text editor/IDE
coreutils 6.9
Installation of Firefox with Java for standalone and applets
FCE Ultra - NES emulator
Is there a streamclient for puppy?
request: compile a good CAS maybe giac/xcas or ginac
Turma 0.1 hacked source
ISO Master 0.8
Ardour 2 request
LightScribe Simple Labeler
Other . . .
Good sound editing app for Puppy?
Where can I get pnmcrop?
Compiling QUCS in Puppy
emacs 22.0.97 - text editor
lftp 3.5.10
magicpoint: presentation maker
Should I package a rox app as a .pet?
Schismtracker from CVS 2007 Feb 02
installing VirtualBox in Puppy 2.16.1?
Can someone remove all these stickies
Would someone try to make a xpde dotpet..?
Htop process viewer
Grabpics - get pictures from Mozillas Cache
./dosbox: No such file or directory?
Request Ogre 3D
RoxFiler Background Pattern Changer
Abiword spell check
qhalma: another Chinese checker game variant
Pebble v 0.3 - Bootsplash (no animation)
gpRip cd ripper
EZpup Here Now!
what programs do you add to puppy linux
XDG menu font in icewm-ultra
Keyboard Sharing with Amiga
sdlCC: SDL version of chinese checkers
Chinese Checkers Game
How about a k3b pupget?
ntama game
rdfind - finds duplicate files
fdupes - duplicate file finder
kcheckers game
xinvaders game
synergy - desktop sharing
updated dvd+rwtools package - version 7.0
Cdrkit-1.1.6 and new cdburner-wizard
Some basic questions about icewm themes
re: xye game
re: xpired game
re: rockdodger game
Other . . .
SP216 - Unofficial Service Pack for Puppy 216
Truecrypt 4.3a for Puppy 216
are ther any good rts games for linux
Which icewm package?
FLV play for puppy
OpenSSL and OpenSSH
Adding sfs files to CD image
US english dictionary for Abiword pet package.
fprot with xfprot pet package
Kernel source for 2.16 .sfs module
Games repackaged
request for pykaraoke please please please
Does Ekiga, Kphone or another voip softphone work on Puppy?
Puppy DVB Viewer Alpha 3
OpenYahtzee 1.7
conio.h library for linux
Defaults-Wizard 0.5 (BETA)
Kino - a non-linear video editor
Missing Wine 0.9.22 Dependencies
How to Remove a program
Problem with AdunanzA (Emule mod) installer
Pidgin 2.0.0 Final Released
How to install Tomboy note-taking app?
JWM Config Manager with smaller interface
kdissert possible?
Simple Calculator
Video capture plugin for Beryl-0.2.1
Is there a Win98 like search program?
GTKLP 1.2.2 - GTK interface for CUPS
beep (the pc speaker)
Captura - screen/area capture dotpup
MozPlugger 1.8.1
Other . . .
Pupget package manager: left pane blank
DotPet registration and dependencies
can qdvdauthor run on puppy 2.14?
Ideas for dotPups?
JWM with flyout tray menus
RMB Rip, Make Burn
Rox 2.6 hacked
Xfce Battery Monitor
NFS Client for Puppy?
Uploading DotPets
MU's PB-Debianinstaller package - what is it's status?
howto install downloaded pup files ?
Winecfg not working
CPU Voltage - request
Matlab latex editor WinEdt Kile
Can't run any installed dotpups! Update 24.04.07!
Really slow new2dir?
Pcman file manager
Updated Universal Installer
Beryl-0.3.0 for Puppy-2.13 to 2.16.1 (ATI and Intel GPUs)
Wireshark 0.99.5
Mesa-6.5.2 (libs, glut and DRI video drivers)
x11r7.2 built-in AIGLX compiled on Puppy-2.13[Upgrade][Test]
new2dir not including certain files?
java vm?
what works in wine disscusion
VLC streaming
Playing video mpg
Updated Xorgwizard+ Updated Xvesa wizard
Teamspeak Client 2
Wine 0.9.35
OpenOffice 2.2 sfs (mysticmarks version)
google earth dotpup opinion
seahawk theme for seamonkey
GINS programing guide with example program.
GNUitar 0.3.2
Opera Spell Check (GNU Aspell)
Other . . .
Is there a mac emulator
to do list of dotpups
garage band dotpup?
Upgrade to Opera 9.20
Icewm standard themes
Get pup pacakage manager
Has anyone converted Xistar APRS to a .pup
Is there a Community edition for each release ?
Openoffice.org V2.2
Problem Getting Audacity to Run
Puppy DVB viewer alpha 2
Expansion Pack
xampp with gproftpd configure problem
pci.ids file for hardware identification
Where can I dl web_215.sfs?
IE Favorite Wizard
LSHW Hardware Lister
Java JRE 6 update
PET-Be-Gone v0.4
TODO list
faad-2.6beta aac audio decoder
faac-1.25 aac audio encoder
Will someone configure Jahshaka for a puppy application?
.sfs file installation in Frugal install 2.15 RC3
PDF printer for puppy
Backgammon (SOLVED)
Atari 800XL emulator
Kino Video Editor
Sources for uxplor
Tuxtexter04 - texteditor with custom overview-list
evidence file manager - anyone managed it?
Question about Wine dependencies
ieee1394 (Firewire) support for Puppy?
xskat game
newLispTk 0.9.1 scripting language
XMMS-Alarm - can someone compile?
Puppy DVB Viewer
Gocr-0.44: Optical Character Recognition utility
Firefox- Thunderbird-, Skype-
Other . . .
E-UAE - Commodore Amiga Emulator
XDM dotPup
Swiftfox works great
Servage hosting...?
SVG support on Puppy: cairo compiled with librsvg
time for new dotPup for Firefox....
Dia-0.96.1-Final Mar 29 2007
eXe 0.21 eLearning XHTML editor (for Python-2.5)
what happend when python software running
How to put Dansguardian on puppy?
Gizmo Project 2.0
Thumbnail icons for your desktop
Audacious 1.2.2 with plugins
Problem with cross compiling MySQL
Xlock screensaver asked
Ruby 1.8.6 DotPet for Puppy 2.14+ and Ruby on Rail
What's the procedure for uploading larger files?
C++ FLTK squashfile for Puppy
How to install 'goom' visualisation in XMMS?
Glipper clipboardmanager
request for jdk in a dot pup
What packages needed to compile compiz and xgl?.
Python-2.5 - pycairo-1.2.6; pygtk-2.8.6 and pyrex-
crypto-mount v0.1 - for mounting encrypted filesystems
what ever happened to jrisk.pup?
EncFS encrypted file system
Is Swiftfox faster than Seamonkey?
Compiling: any suggested reading?
Conky (a system monitor like Torsmo)
PeaZip 2.0-GTK2 released March 21 08
Compile to i486, i586, or i686 for DotPet?
Where to get ANSI standard C libraries for mingw studio?
Tarantella / Citrix Clients
Request for dotpup of Geany v. .10.2 (Solved)
Looking for guidance on how to create DotPet
Can't compile
North American Timezones
How to install battery monitor without internet connection?
bcTangoKDE icon theme
Other . . .
Gaim 2.0.0 beta 6 roxapp
Pvideoconv - A very simple FFmpeg GUI.
Stardust gtk-theme 0.5
wxLua DotPup?
Problems installing Dotpet .pet Anyone else having trouble ?
Envelope printing made easy...finally
petget help for Impress
How to transfer a pdf image to photoshop and resave as pdf?
LICQ dotpup please anyone?
Pwine - A very simple Wine GUI.
Loadmeter screenshot
Lzma 0.4.32.beta2
Is there a Filemanager with file descriptions?
Where is the Xine-lib pet package?
sweep-0.9.2 - sound file recorder/editor
snd-8.8 - sound recorder/editor
Analog Desktop Clock
Xcalc wrapper
PRename-0.7 - batch file renamer
XFileExplorer 1.19.2 (August 05, 2008)
action-games are back
Oneko (animated cursor: dog hunts a bone)
Is there a Puppy equivalent to Adobe Premier 6.5?
LinuxDCPP - Direct Connect for Linux
Gtk-Gnutella 0.96.3 Stable
Should we make a Dotpup and/or Dotpet creation checklist?
Scribus- Desktop Publishing
GQRadio 1.9.2 - Radio Player
TVtime 1.02 - TV Viewer
systrayapplet: A more customizable freememapplet
Suggested Puppy Control Panel
pConvert a Measurements Units converted (Mar 3, 2007)
TkMines with a cleaned up UI
JWM Config Manager UPDATE Apr 11
HPNA (HomephoneLine Network) Support
TOR questions -
Other . . .
3D file manager Someone might want to create Dotpup
Firefox dotpup available to download
CUPS (for printing) latest version, request for dotpup
default filemanager - updated to 0.2
Fonts symlink
vobcopy-1.1.0 - command line dvd ripper
SP214 - unofficial service pack
Network wizard 2.15-1 (Feb 24, 2007)
SMM (SaveMyModem) / mailwasher
Scribus Installation and more
xsetnumlock - set the numlock key
Xmix - simple audio mixer
What happened to http://dotpups.de/dotpups/
Mono on Puppy?
Post ideas contributions for qemu gui here.
Puppy Volume Mixer. Updated Mar 3, 2007
Gnocl: A native GTK Tcl toolkit
Blender-2.45 Released Sept 19 2007
Gdmap with large file patch
Enlightenment DR17 window manager - sort of -with modules
Swiftfox Browser, How to install? Does it Crash? Any Good?
mp3wrap - cli tool to merge mp3 files
Geany 0.13
Lynx text-based browser: Is there a .pup?
Can I use old Mandrake apps in Puppy?
MoBlock 0.8 blocks IP connections
Flac-1.2.1 - lossless audio codec
High Contrast Menu for Icewm
Ethtool - Display or change ethernet card settings
Musepack - a lossy audio encoder/decoder
Battery, Toshiba LCD and Centrino-step Scripts
Wifi / Wireless Network & How do I install RutilTv0.06
REQ: TestDisk
troubles with goodlooks.pup
wireless rt73 wizard + new rt73 Kernelmodule
running TOR/PRIVOXY under puppy
Official request for a start menu like this one...
Other . . .
Icewm 1.2.30 executables
pkgtool-0.4 CLI package manager
How do I convert CD/MP3 to AAC
Icewm Puppy Button Collection
Inkscape 0.45.1 released Mar 23 2007
gtkam 0.1.12 dotpup is 3 years old current gtkam is 0.1.14
REQ: Gaim-2.0.0-beta6
Uptime Project
ALien Package:Skype Release date: October 04, 2006
Firefox2 crashes after installing flash 9 in Puppy 2.13
VPN Client ?
Has anyone been able to run Photoshop 7 on Puppy with Wine?
Please add your latest dotpups here
UPX 3.01
XaoS 3.2.3.
Request for dotpup of GNU Typist
Wishlist Database
CurlFtpFs - Mount FTP as a drive!
Pfind 4.18
Simple DHCP Internet Connection Sharing [BETA]
valknut on puppy
B4SDL v. 0.1: Basic with OpenGL and SDL support
PHP 5.2.0 + Gtk demos
PHP 4.4.0 + Gtk-demos
Trouble running Songbird music player
Leafpad-0.8.10LE - simple text editor
KompoZer-0.7.10 - Html editor
PupGet failure
Dotpup to turn Display OFF not just blank
TVOut with Intel i810 and Focus FS454
Faadgui - a gtkdialog gui for the faad decoder
Any security tools available for Puppy?
( UPDATE) SMP kernel w/ modules ready for install.
Gizmo Project
audio decoder faad2 (m4a, aac, and mp4 formats)
vte - terminal widget for gtk
request: aircrack-ng 07
Pctorrent(Pupctorrent)-1.4 another gtkdialog gui + ctorrent
Puptransmissioncli-0.4 a gtkdialog gui I wrote
help docs for gimp
Other . . .
mtPaint 3.11 & handbook (documentation)
VLC media player for Puppy?
lxsplit: file splitter/joiner
pekwm *new window manager pakcagefor puppy*
Registering a dot pup
Xpad 2.12
Xquest old DOS game
Win XP desktop clone for Puppy
IceWM Tutorial on how to convert JWM menu
XFce 4.4 Released ! How hard to make full Dotpup
FAX Package
Virtual Magnifying Glass 3.3
Improved RemoteDesktopClient GUI - Feb 28, 2007
Request: nohttpd
Asterisk on Puppy
Request for Teamspeak dotpup
Grub: Puppy Bootsplash
Battery monitor for laptops
Remote desktop client that remembers settings
libimlib2 for tablaunch anyone have it?
Request Gambas2
Gizmo-Project [BETA]
TkDVD 4.0.1 hidden in Puppy 2.10? Why?
open office
Updated DotPups for QEMU-Puppy and Puppy-Linux
USB jump drives not recognized.
can i install superkaramba on enlightenment?
Eclipse crashes on Puppy 2.13 (and before)
Is there an application to make a Web Album? (Yes: XnView)
Flash9 final
IceWeasle dotpup
Remote PC Pups: SSHD sftp FUSE VNC
Grafburn cd burner - new version 0.10.1
Is gv available for Puppy?
Tor Internet Anonymizer
Which Muppy for Puppy 213
montana solitaire
Other . . .
Where is the spell checker in abiword?
OggEnc-1.0.2 (no flac support)
Soxmix-12.18.2 (soxmix executable from sox package)
3D Control Center: Graficscarddrivers
iso or package downloader with stop start function?
Bonfire CD/DVD burner Dotpup is it makable?
Dotpup to update/add more fonts
aMule 2.1.3 and wxGTK 2.6.3 alien packages ready
Sqlite .dump & dmsg
Anyone got nicotine or other soulseek client to work?
Unable to run nicotine: missing gtk?
REQUEST FBReader dotpup
Puppy Podcast Grabber v0.9.9
Hosts File - Faster web browsing
Dotpup downloader links broken
re: repost of some small, simple games
Japanese fonts
Old Tibia dotpup won't work. Any similar game available?
How to install Exaile? (Gtk based media player)
Request: An easy to use Media Player
Request HP Printer Support DotPup For Puppy 2.13
Request for dotpup of Comix
Polipo A Caching Web Proxy
Vice - CBM/C64 Emulator
devilspie 0.19 - set size of rxvt windows when they open
Request: Latest Version of Scribus Dotpupped?
Request for dotpup of xHarbour database compiler
Puppy Help Button
PupGant Icon Theme
zsnes-1.50 - SNES emulator
XMMS-MusicBox (Album based playlists with pictures)
ffmpeg - newly compiled - puppy optimized
Bugfix: Puppybackground
Opera 9.10 dotpup (and others)
OpenOffice-2.04 squashfile for Puppy-2.13
Puppy 2.13 MIME-info (fixes upgrade from old versions)
How to install VLC (h.264 - HD)?
Is there a dotpup package for Jpilot (puppy 2.12)?
IceWM, themes
Other . . .
Wine : new unusual usage for Wine
Dosemu 1.2.1
Wine 0.9.28
I downloaded some Pupgets from www.ibiblio.org how to instal
JWM Themes
FireLog v1.2.3 -- updated (Aug 20th)
snd-8.7 - sound file editor
Request for dotpup of comical and cbrpager
Soxgui-0.9 - a gtkdialog gui for several sox commands
sox-12.18.2 - Audio tools
dotpup request: matPLC
Is there a PHP dotpup?
Trouble installing Gaim2.0.0-Beta3
Is there a dotpup of a GUI builder for Tcl?
Grip MP3 Player, Burner etc where's it gone???
VideoLAN 0.8.6 media player
Glade 3.0.3 and Gtkdialog 0.7.9 (create windows with mouse)
Geany 0.10 - Text editor
Minefield web browser (Firefox 3.0)
FVWM-Crystal Window Manager
Is it possible to make a dot-pup for KDE-Light...???
TTA-3.3 - True Audio lossless codec
Alac-0.1.3 - lossless audio decoder
La-0.4 - lossless audio cli
Lpac-1.40 - lossless audio cli
Optimfrog-v4.520b1 - lossless audio cli
Wavpack-4.40.0 - lossless audio cli
amsn 0.96 dotpup - MSN Messenger for Linux
PupLosslessAudioTool-0.8.pet - gui for lossless audio
Pan - Usenet reader
Web spider like krawlsite, but without kde, suggestions?
Request: MoBlock - p2p protection
Wine and Puppy 2.12 and 2.13 beta - (SOLVED)
IPTraf 3.0.0 - network statistics utility for Linux console
Zounds - adds sound to 6 of your desktop icons
Is there a (1 MHz) oscilloscope program for Puppy?
Other . . .
Easytag-1.99.13 : Audio Tag Editor
Firefox 2.0 on Puppy
Icedock with wizard
Xarchiver-0.4.6 : Archive Manager (with rpm, deb and iso)
What photo management software is available?
sshfs and openvpn
IceWM themes start button issue
DotPup request: Open source game NetPanzer
IceWM themes: Gorilla and Fbx
XFce 4.4 Windowmanager is anyone working on a Dotpup?
bad pup?
Open Arena--Tiny Quake 3 Game
I miss Google Desktop Search - any suggestions?
Pmirror 0.4 - mirdir gui for copying (mirroring) directories
Solving Dependencies
wol or wakeonlan
WLAN madwifi-ng driver for amilo1538 laptop
how can I get chix to work gaim 1.5?
Gizmo Phone
Problem to upgrade Firefox from 1.5 to 2.0 on Puppy 1.07
green glass icon set
Printing in Puppy: cups-install-v0.3.pup (with Gutenprint)
wmkeymapper Keymap Changer
where can i find usr_devx.sfs for 1.07?
Defaults-Wizard v0.1.2
Aterm 1.0.0 Terminal Emulator
FRee civ error
"VLC Mediaplayer"Can someone make a Dotpup please
(HOWTO) Remote X11 desktop and SSH X11 forwarding in Puppy
using wine with puppy212
Wine for Puppy 2.12
gift file sharing, giftoxic app
Xkb Config Manager: Control the Xorg keyboard settings
puppycat - a gtkdialog gui I made for cataloging
Font DejaVu 2.12
MPlayer 1.0rc1 + XvMC Nov 2006
xFileMount.pup -mount, unmount many file types - GUI
gwhere - a gtk2 disk cataloging tool
How about a "Quick Launch" wizard for Puppy?
Other . . .
Nvidia drivers for Puppy 2.12
Nuxified Wallpaper
Where to find mc-plus dotpup?
Does Puppy have a Calendar making Package using digital foto
Zmixer Volume Control
Mrxvt 0.5.2 terminal emulator
Wine 0.9.26
ogg123 CLI ogg audio player
XMMS-1.2.10 media player (recompiled) + skins
Request for dotpup of FreeCiv 1 or even better 2
Slocate 3.1 - indexes files on your system, for searching
Could Somebody Make a Cjots Pup?
dotpups for creating a rescue CD - request
Xmms dot pup link broken
transmission bit torrent client update
rtorrent-0.7.5 - ncurses based bit torrent client
gfnrename-0.4.1 - a gtk2 batch file renaming tool
ghttrack-0.5.2 - web page downloader gui
Wesnoth 0.9.0-5 - turn-based strategy game
SP212 - Unofficial Service Pack for Puppy 212
any japanese-language-learning software for linux?
Aqualung, a fancy audio player
Tmsnc 0.3.2 MSN chat client
Pure-FTP server 1.0.22
Monkey Web Server 0.9.1
IPTstate - firewall monitor
Turma hacked
Check Disk utilities request
oftpd simple ftp server
request: xscreensaver dotpup
hv3 alpha 14 (lightweight web browser)
request: WindowMaker (AfterStep window manager)
request: AVRdude can somebody compile?
Flash Animation - Drawswf
GnomeWaveCleaner-0.21-05 for audio restoration
dotpup .po file: template for translators to use
Xosview system monitor
Xfmedia: A Lightweight Media Player (Xine fronend) for XFCE
Other . . .
Request for Bluefish 1.0.6
Is there a dotpup to control the fan?
X CDroast CD-burner
lpwrmon - laptop battery (fan, etc) monitor (uses wmpower)
dot pups with MD5 errors ?
Gnome 2.14 mini for Puppy 2.11 (english)
Panel Button configuration tool for jwmconfig
Project software - Planner - now available!
Mplayer startscript
PupMESS (xMESS) for puppy 2.11
openssh-4.4p1 (server) dotpup for puppy 2.11
GQmpeg: mp3/ogg player with many display options
XFCE- Desktop Environment (in just over 1MB...)
Mulberry 4.0.6 - e-mail client
Battery Monitoring Dotpup for JWM
wine 0.9.24 Released, anyone try it yet?
simplecdrx-1.3.2 - a gtk cd burning app
Emelfm2-0.3.2 file manager
Sound Studio 1.0.6 - a TK gui frontend for sox
dvdisaster - repairs damaged CD/DVD discs
More Libs needed not included in Pupget packages
Is there an antivirus program for Puppy?
Improved Remaster-script
Missing Libs Package says install missing Lib not in Pupget?
ISO Master 1.0 - edit, create bootable .iso files
Moneydance finance manager; sharing Java
PBrename - a puppybasic batch renaming gui
Image manipulation programm: imagemagick
Request: Linksys WUSB54GC pup
Firefox 2.0 last release
[Metisse3D][Themes] Black and Gold
Problems with megapup003 (kde-menu)
Edit-SFS 1.1 (squash filesystem editor) - OBSOLETE
rlplot 1.2 - Scientific graphics app
Edit-Initrd (initrd.gz editor)
Pcdripper (PBcdripper) - version 2.9 posted
Lacie Litescribe 1.4 CD-labeler
Lightscribe addon for k3b
jwm-1.8rc2 - updated window manager
Other . . .
How to set Nautilus file associations?
fluxbox-1.0rc2 - window manager
scite-1.72 text editor
pptpconfig dotpup to setup PPTP VPN connection
some more cdburning dotpups
cdw-0.2.4 with gtk2 gui - small cd burner & ripper
Sylpheed-2.3.1 email client
Proftpd-1.3.0 + GProftpd-8.2.8 = ftp server + gui
Flash 9 beta2
NX Client for Puppy 2.03CE
Gslapt - install Slackware packages
worker - yet another 2 pane file manager
XGalaga - video game
gentoo - another 2 pane file manager
Ace Of Penguins game package dotpup
xSANE0.991 / GUI (frontend) for SANE incl gOCR
S.A.N.E 1.0.18 / ScannerBaseSystem
Wget_Wizard.pup-Setup Firewall proxy for Dotpup & Pupget
mkkde: create your custom KDE 3.5.5
ndiswrapper gui written in puppybasic
Is there an architectural drawing app for 2.10?
Xten Soft phone sip - Skype alternative
TkYahtzee-0.9 - tcl/tk version of yahtzee
xgammon-0.98 - backgammon game
GTKSpades-4.2.0 - another card came
euchre-0.7 - card game
TkHearts-0.80 - a tcl/tk version of the card game hearts
gsudoku-0.2 - a gtk sudoku game
what do I need to run hylafax ?
KDE 3.5.5 Mini (53 MB) with k3b, amarok, kppp
jhead.pup - Extracting digital camera setting (Exif)
Open Office.org 2.04 Dotpup or .sfs (US, DE, FR, VI)
[GNU utilities 1.16] For which core do I need to select? [OK
Anyoine want to give compiling & dotpupping Jazz++ a try
Any music editing software for Puppy?
Easytag.pup - view, edit and write ID3 tags
Rsync.pup - copies files to and from remote machines, more
HP 48GX Emulator ( Graphing Calculator )
Request for dotpup of gMFSK communication software
create torrent 1.0.0 - cli tool for creating .torrent files
Other . . .
sylpheed-2.3.0-beta2 e-mail client
emelfm2-version-20060928 file manager
ctorrent-dnh2.2(enhanced)-cli bit torrent client
rtorrent 0.6.2 + libtorrent 0.10.3 - ncurses bit torrent
Transmission - bit torrent upgrade to 0.7 (svn 987)
flac 1.1.3 cvs & flake r104 svn - lossless audio encoder
Xdialog.pup - updated to 2.3.1 and built with gtk2
Scilab for Engineers and Scientists. ( Like Matlab )
Firefox 2.0 RC2
Iceweasel (GNU Firefox variant)
Crossover Office Beta
Ktouch (typing) or Kturtle (programming) on puppy?
Forget the hype - here's the Skype
MMS Ripper - tool for download MMS protocol
SavePuppy - click to save session (to USB only)
urlgfe: another gui downloader
Request --> Webmin as pup package
Xmail error
full versions of commands 'ip' and 'route' needed (SOLVED)
pup lossless audio tool - gui for flac, mac, shntool & m
AutoCAD now running in Puppy! (In Wine)
Wine 0.9.22 with Opera 9.02 and Flash 9
Is there a Lincity NG.pup package?
K3D- 3D Modeller (compiled on Puppy2.0.0)
Geany 0.9 released ! (Not just another text editor)
Longhorn icon theme for rox
gzip security update
Puppy Podcast Grabber 0.0.5 Testers!
Rox 2.5 hacked
google earth very slow
Rox 1.2 MIME types for Open Office
Gtick Metronome
Gtick metronome dotpup request
Abi Word vs. Hancom Word vs. GWP
xtraceroute - shows location of IP addresses
Is there a free electronic circuit simulator?
hv3 browser dotpup
Opera browser version 9.10
Other . . .
cdck - cd/dvd disc check
Request for Stepmania Dance simulation program dotpup
pupdvdtool-0.8 (dvd rip-shrink-author-burn)
[2.10] dotpups menu entries lost [SOLVED]
Puppy 2.10: Abiword 2.4.5 Plugins and locale
How to install MythTV 0.20?
JWM v1.8rc1
Is Open Office in 2.10? [Answered: No]
Request: input helper for ancient greek characters possible?
Anyone interested in a multimedia puppy 2.13 remaster?
Rxvt console help message
Rox Desktop Demo
qlcr / Internet-Least-Cost-Router (deutschsprachig/german)
Where to find different Puppy Flavor CD's?
Java runtime Sun 1.5.0_08 (updated Oct 25)
PuppyBasic 2.6 (updated august, 06, 2008)
Skype and Puppy.
Blobwars needs missing library
Numlock key xmodmap file
WINE 921
bcrypt a file system demo
dotpup LANG files
PSI: Puppy Software Installer 07
Fluxbox v1.0rc2
To whoever is changing spam subject lines and body text
Dir command
script: simple automounter
What is differents between dotpups and dotpets ?
Xfce 4.4 rc1 is out!
Abiword with smooth scrolling disabled
Puppy DNS/DHCP server
Small scripts to do small things
Hexedit 1.2.12
[VMwarePlayer] Puppy 1.07 vmware in XP [INFO]
Super Nintendo Emulator
Faster Firefox
Puptracker-0.5 bit torrent tracker for puppy
Other . . .
[KDE 3.5.4] Timezone and time not correct [EDITED]
[Wine] Playing Sudoku [just for info]
finding all the pieces to make a dotpup
Request dotpup of Acrobat 7
Virtual Machine for Puppy 2.02 available
xhippo + lamip audio player
Burniso2cd with burn verification
unace - the utility to extract ace file
Apres Simple Presentation / Slideshow
MU-Toolbox - for Puppy-newbees
[Krusador] Error during install
[locale error] When starting geany in KDE
[Streamtuner] error loading plugin on start in KDE [Solved]
Scribus 1.3.3 install
Is there an antivirus program for Puppy?
Icewm Vista themes
MU Gtk-themeselectors 07 (July 30, 2008)
devx_202.sfs not installing
Alarmclock-CLI v1.1
re: tkhearts & tkspider
KDE 3.5.4 in 46 MB (P 2.10) (P 2.02-testing)
bug fixes Puppy 2.10
Ktoon and QT 4.1.4
How to set icon size in the menu? [solved]
GKrellm - no sensors detected
Wavegain - normalizes wavs
Where and Banner - command line search and display
JWM not case-sensitive in VFAT partitions.
For musicians: ABCPlus (abcm2ps)
Test Wine 920 sfs
rsh and rlogin
BitchX IRC dotup
getting klik working
Memtest86 - ram boot test
mp3gain - normalizes volume of mp3s
Graveman Gtk 2.8 multilang
Dogbone Voice message recorder
Tux Commander - file manager - replaces uXplor and MC
torsmo utility for checking system resources
xdvdtool - rip, shrink, author, burn small footprint
Other . . .
Firefox Beta 1 for Puppy
opera 9.01 dotpup
Can't get fluxbox dockapps to load on startup.
Small dual-panel file manager BeeSoft BSCommander
DotPup-Compression with UPX?
Vob Copy
Puppy 2.02 remaster with earlier kernel + Firefox
chntpw - fix Windows password
[Gaming with Puppy] Game-SFS-files?
Error when run wine
re: a couple of gtk based graphing apps
tovid-0.25 - scripts for converting video files
xdvdshrink-2.6.2 - scripts for dvd ripping & shrinking
dvd::rip-0.52.5 - a dvd ripper gui
Rox filer 2.5
MU-Newsticker 1.0
dotpup handler 3 with localization
tkcdconverter-0.4.0.pup gui for cdripping & file convert
qvamps-0.9.6 gui tool for dvd shrinking
Flower Wallpaper Backgrounds
shorten-3.6.0.pup a cli tool for the audio format .shn
shntool-2.0.3.pup - cli tool for fixing wav file errors
mac-3.99.pup Monkey's Audio lossless compression tool
wavbreaker-0.7 - GUI - cuts wav files without pops or gaps
ogmtools-1.5 - Command-line tools for the ogg format
gopchop-1.1.7.pup - gui tool for mpeg splitting
flac-1.1.2 - cli tool for lossless audio compression
dvdrecord-0.2.1.pup - command line burning tool
dvdauthor-0.6.11.pup - command line dvd authoring tool
cdrdao-1.2.1.pup - command line cd burning tool
emelfm2-0.1.7.pup - two-paned file manager
ffmpeg-cvs-20051124 - converts video file formats
disksearch-1.1.0 - keep track of files on removable media
can't install ati propriatary driver
ImageMagicks 6.2.9
Musician Dotpups Pt.5: Rosegarden4, Gmorgan & more
Mini KDE?
Problem with Wine 0.9.18 sfs (request for 0.9.19??)
aria2c http(s),ftp,torrent,metalink Downloader
Siag Office (testing)
Other . . .
recoverdm - recover disks with bad sectors
waitfordevice - checks and waits for a device to become avai
Httping - pings webservers
tightvnc server file integrity problem
xmms volume normalizer plugin
Liferea - best RSS newsreader (multilanguage)
Unstoppable Copier - copies damaged files
xfce4 themes
Taskbar from XFCE4 for other windowmanagers
gettext translating program - demo 2
F-Prot 4.6.6 and xfprot 1.15 virus scanner
Chkrootkit 0.46a
Need website creating software. Please advise.
Unable to compile Stardict in Puppy?
hellchess 1.02 Full Game
K-3D - 3D modeling, animation, and rendering system
Help Compiling Inkscape 0.44
use a Rox-Filer folder as Trayicons (quicklaunchbuttons)
Rutilt- Wireless GUI tool -WAG replacement-UPDATED V.12
Flash 4 Linux
How to install First Class Client in 2.01?
rt73 ralink wireless driver for Puppy 202
Cedega, solution for Gamer ?
Xfce 4 beta 3.90.2 full
Wireless driver for Puppy 2.02 with rt2570.
Wirless driver for Puppy 202 with rtl8180
Enlightenment DR16-8 (no Open-GL) WM in a bit more than 1MB!
Opera 9.01
Help Blackart Installation in WINE
GRASS GIS (Geographic Information System) in Puppy 2.02
Blocking unwanted parasites with a hosts file
Getting Wine to work using dotpups
Real One Player for Puppy Linux
WINE 0.9.18 sfs
wireless drivers for 2.02
WAG not working on 202?
gnaural: a tone generator
DOTPUP - sven multimedia keyboard daemon 0.4.2
epdfview 0.1.5 - lightweight Pdf-viewer using Gtk2
Other . . .
Help with Foxit PDF Reader for Linux? --SOLVED
IBM Thinkpad 600e modem Dotpup Soon
Children's Puppy
Podcast Aggregator Just For Puppy
making a dotpup wiki
package management: pupget / dotpup observations
Mrxvt dotpup - tabbed xterm
Audacious music player
Come on Folks... Let's WINE Them!
Asunder - CD Ripper / Encoder
Gimp 2.3.10 cvs from Grafpup (Gtk 2.8)
Puppy Welcomes Xara 0.6
Gaim 2.0.0 beta3
Sylpheed 2.2.6 international
Thunar Filemanager (Gtk 2.8)
Gnumeric 1.6.3 (Gtk 2.8)
Gtk 2.8 (and Gnome 2.14 for testing)
Yudit - multi-lingual (Unicode) text editor
WINK - Tutorial and Presentation creation Dot Pup
Gnome 2.14 - mini - testing
Python 2.4.2
More Musician Pups Pt.4: MusE, TkEca, AmSynth & AMS
Request: libxml2 for python 2.4
Gaim 2 beta 3
Gnumeric 1.6.3 (Gtk 2.10.0) - depreciated -
Gtk-2.10.0 Glib-2.12.0 Cairo-1.2.0 - removed -
MP3 and Stream ripping scripts for Puppy
Trayicons: install pet/pup, convert wma/mp3, and more
NTFS read/write support
File-drop area for JWM or Trayicons
More Musician Pups, Part 3: KALSATools and more synths
spider: another small card game
DejaVu Fonts
Icewm ultra - window manager
sol: another small solitaire game
Linipcfg 1.3 Network Information Tool
xfreecell card game
usbview: gtk app giving usb info
Can Wine run in Puppy?
Other . . .
If your looking for a solitaire
GMerlin-0.3.4 Media Player
build Abiword
Can't build sofware !
lin city addict
getdir (bugfix) !!!
Wizard: XDG menu for alien packages and old dotpups
More musician pups: JACK RACK, synths and drum machines
VirtualKeyboard dotpup makes no sounds.(Solved)
gnome-ppp - GUI front-end for wvdial.conf
simple Dotpet installer
Risk dotpup game doesn't display right at low resolution?
ION Graphical User Interface?
Where to download scim.pup?
Drag and Drop URLs
Open Office.org 2.03 Dotpup (US, DE, FR, vi and others)
Thinkfree Office3
Set temporary folder for Dotpups
Successfully Installed Nero Linux
Nero 7 Ultra Edition Serial
Tin foil Hat software request
pkgtool-0.2, CLI packagemanager ready for testers
pure-ftpd-1.0.21 ftp server
xmame 0.106 & frontend, for puppy
Geany Texteditor 0.7(svn)
about ddd debugger
For Multiply Video Chat I Recommend Use SplitCamera.com
Xmail-1.22 mail server
Mplayer 1.0pre8 and Codecs in general
ADMINS - Please delete this thread. thx. Mark
Loki-setup for Puppy
KDE: k9copy DVD-copier
Dynamic menu structure (XDG menus) for Puppy
Prroblems with Firefox 1.5 & others
kismet svn 6/22/06 - wifi network sniffer, detector etc.
wma to mp3 converter
Request to compile ppp dialers (solved)
NEW DotPup-Downloader
Other . . .
SIP Compatible VOIP Client - Now were talking!
ICEWM: Pound key is behaving like backspace key
Musician pups: Ardour, JACK-Qjackctl, Vkeybd, several Synths
Anyone got Feh image viewer working under Puppy?
what happened to WAG?
Megapup disaster
shanghai: a tile removal game
irfanview grafics-viewer/converter
Opera 9 *final*
Default configuration file for zsh is ??
Akaram Tamil Texteditor with TclTk 8.0
Xpdf - PDF Viewer
LyX 1.4.1 unleashed - LaTeX document editor
xye: SDL based game
eremit: simple game to clear the balls
wine 0.9.15 sfs for Puppy2
wine 0.9.15 unleashed
text2speech english (festival)
text2speech german
Any SMTP, POP3, HTTP, FTP Servers for Puppy?
xpat2: card games
Google Earth-Beta4 for Linux
xtruco: a card game
toppler-1.1.3: weird game with object to get to top of tower
Can't play bzflag.pup
OneBone - best CLI apps in one place
(hv3) is a minimalist web browser "Updated"
Service-Pack for 2.00 and 109CE
njam1.25 / a really nice game
bugsquish: swat those nasty bugs
sdllopan: another mahjongg variant
seahaven: a solitaire card game
xshisen & xsok games
linxtris: a tetris clone
Rose Garden - for musicians
partimage 0.6.5
Swiss clock for your Desktop (Shockwave)
k3b - CD-writer
gtkboard - collection of games
Need help with care2x medical application
Other . . .
QBrew - A Homebrewer's Recipe Calculator
IceWM themes
mocp - comandline-musicplayer like midnight commander
wxMusik - manage your Albums
Tray Volume selector - Updated Mar 2007!
chkrootkit or rkhunter for puppy
PB-configfunctions (remove/insert/replace lines in files)V02
Help on KDE % WindowMaker
FLAC : Free Lossless Audio Compression
GPlayCD for the JWM Tray !!!
Introducing: The all new freememapplet v1.0!
Back to the good old days... ;-) (Atari emulator)
XFCE Desktop Environment
3D Game Paradroidz will be removed from repository
Fluxbox- dotpup, and xdg menu generator
Sweep sound editor
3D-game glest - great strategy/RPG
xephem - celestial navigation, satellite tracking
XFmedia: lightweight media player for XFCE
Subversion client
QuiteInSaneGimp / Scan-Plugin for GIMP2
S.A.N.E 1.0.16 / ScannerBaseSystem (complete)
Arcade game moon-lander
Notification area
Mozilla (Seamonkey) as Desktop-background
Big educational pack for children: gcompris
How to use Skype?
gprename 1.7 - rename files
Dossizola - VERY nice and cute SDL game..
childrens educational game suite gcompris
How to use Mega Puppy?
Battle of Mandicor / Survival - game
Battle of Mandicor / Survival
gsoko game
mpg123 and ksmp3play for console
Other . . .
squash-0.1, for hotswapping squashfile extensions
HackyRemaster v3.0 Finished
Alteria RolePlaying Game based on Quake1
3D-game pinball
Arcade game zaxxon
Game for children (educational, international) tuxtype2
gettext translating program - demo
3D-game BillardGL
wordtrans translator
Offline dictionary and translator
Game AlephOne Marathon2
libGtkspell libaspell english deutsch (spellchecker)
RTL8180 wireless NIC driver for Puppy2
abuse sdl - game
Some simple SDL apps - Mastermind+Mandelbrot
Synaptics / Alps Touch Pad driver (UPDATED again!)
Dependencies for Yahoo Messenger for Linux update?
3D-Desktop (3D-pager)
3D-game BlobAndConquer 0.3 + 0.93-2
3D-game nogravity (Space-shooter)
KDE-game ksame and Stones for Wine
Celestia Realtime-3D-Planetarium
WindowMaker dockapps, also usable in other WM's
Mini-3D-game sable
Icewm shutdown scripts for Puppy 2
3D-Game Descent2 (Shareware)
Trying to find a Puppy-XP Icewm theme
xwpe: a turbo-c style frontend for gcc/g++
motorola mobile (cell) phone tools for puppy?
Gtkpod 0.99-4
Kreceipes cookbook 0911
yahoo messenger voice/webcam client - made for puppy?
Abiword-2.4.5-international + plugins
Dotpups-shellmenu and pupget for consolemode
Request for Mame arcade game dotpup
Firefox v1.5.0.3 Download.
IceWM Menu themes
Find running processes easier with fuser
Transmission r806 bit torrent client
Other . . .
Parted - Partition management tool
scanpci (list chips in your computer)
Burgerspace1.8.1 - new/little nice game
miniXcal - a little companion for the clock
Yahoo Messenger Beta for Linux
syasokoban: another sokoban game
Some simple questions about ROX 2.4.1
Qs about making DotPup packages, or... why won't it work?
Mailclient Sylpheed 2.2.4 international +optional spellcheck
xzgv.pup grafical viewer available
fetchmail/procmail/mutt/gpg/openssl/msmtp for Puppy
Gnome 2.8 mini-version
How to enlarge winamp play list font?
Virtual islands: PovFront06
Leafpad 0.8.9 - text editor
Bluefish-1.5 (powerful code editor)
Afternoonstalker and Batrachians / 2 little games
IceWM Control Panel DotPup
Gnokii + libbluetooth for handys
Gnome-Numeric 1.6.3 spreadsheet (international) -testing-
Avast Anti Virus
What's the best way to post free software? :)
3D-Texteffects with Povshell
What is your favorite dotpup or unleashed package ?
Gizmo Project with puppy
Need help with DOTPUP install menu item and icon
Icewm 1.2.26 upgrade
Picturelist-widget for scripts
Python ver 2.4 - programming language
Trinux single-floppy Linux packages
Request dotpup of gadu-gadu Polish IM client
VOIP App (Speak Freely)
Request for LyX text editing program dotpup
Manager for encrypted virtual Puppy harddrives in NTFS
Dillo (Webbrowser) patched for Puppy
Open Office 2.0 in Puppy 1.0.4?
Small p2p client (Transmission) for testing
Koffice 1.5
Other . . .
MUTE p2p with gui (stable) unleashed
Request for gFTui dotpup
ATI video drivers from DRI are not secure
Puppy can host Inferno Virtual OS
Need libtk8.3.so, libtcl8.3.so, libstdc++-libc6.2-2libraries
PupSwap, create yourself some memory easy!
fast and small Desktop-Backgroundsetter -Major upgrade-
Any of these apps worth compiling for Puppy?
(games) (rebuilt) LTris, LBreakout2, Barrage
gmp3info - edit .mp3-titles
(Game) Tuxracer / PPracer
Request for krusader pup
Is there a black and white .pup?
wxB-card 08/09 - Textfilebased grafical hirarchical database
Request for Gaby dotpup
prettypup dotpups for puppy
Gnumeric international language-installer
Abiword international language-installer
QuiteInSane / GUI for SANE include OCR (gocr) - for scanners
XMMS (Soundplayer) 1.2.10 international
frostwire how do i get it 2 run
NXClient : xauth missing
Anyone using Antivir virus scanner with Puppy?
Phex P2P File-Sharing
Test Puppy 1.0.8r1 CD - Tests if 1.0.8r1 CD burned OK
HackyRemaster v3RC - Release Candidate
Xmule - (P2P file sharing)
(Game) Quake2/Jake2
(Game) Quake1 -Darkplaces -Nehahra -Zerstoerer +mod-launcher
making unleashed packages from dotpups
Missing library libGLU, can't play BZFlag *sob*
Quake 3 - game
Script: JWM to XFCE4-menu
Putty (telnet-client)
Request for LVM2 dotpup (Logical Volume Management)
where is Barrys unleashed page
xbindkeys - run programs with any keycombination
Apache/PHP/MySQL server package (alpha test)
Other . . .
BumpRace - (nice Game)
Autozen software 'brain machine' - entrains your brain
Music Player Daemon and related files
XFCE4 - Window Manager in less than 1 mb !
iconify001 and Maximizewindows
Wine 0.9.9 (usr_more.sfs)
Emulators for puppy
How do I make a vmplayer file?
Burger Space (little game)
Two calculators and Tax-calculator
Request: dmcrypt, create encrypted partition
Gaim-Plugin Chix (sms text messaging to mobile phones)
TkUSR - GUI for USR/3COM Message Modem
efax-gtk / GUI for efax
Request for latest Amaya and Bluefish dotpup
Command line tools for jpeg, png & gif compression
aria downloader
Easycgi - HTML with embedded shellscript
ScrapBook - Firefox Extension
xSMBrowser - Network Browsing (fast & easy)
Ganglia system performance monitor
TkSmb - Network Browser
TkSmb - Network Browser
Rezound Sound Editor
Samba-3.0.21c (file&printer sharing) -- full Samba build
qtWvDialer - Dialup / GUI for WvDial
Eukleides : Euclidean geometry drawing language
Requesting a dotpup of 'Greetings Cards'
Would like a dotpup made for FreePOPs
Puppy can't find libraries for my PutGet package!
Wavbreaker GTK App to cut wave files - only 80kb size
dark JWM-theme Praga-at-night
ARIBAS 1.53 (math interpreter for big integer arithmetic)
Snownews (Commandline RSS news feeder)
Icewm Menu 1.0.8
How to create a dotpup?
Small Windowmanager Enlightenment DR 16-7
oo 2.0.1
Other . . .
musiceditor Rosegarden
How do I uninstall Fluxbox?
Create a web page and have it hosted at Google
Puppy Money - personal money program
Blackdown Java Runtime Environment Dotpup
Firestarter (testing)
AVG Software Grisoft Linux version - Virus checker
I need the ALSA OSS emulation .pup
GimpSHOP-2.2.10 dotpup
problems with start-items dotpup
wavbreaker-wavmerge - for pasting wav files together
Hugo PC-Engine Emulator
Pan Newsgroup Client
Linux PSX 1 Emulator
3D-Desktop Metisse / Fvwm Ametista
where can i download the mac-menu?
R 2.0 - statistical language
Editor / IDE Geany 0.5 (english+deutsch)
openoffice in spanish
fuse userspace filesystem and sshfilesystem
dependent packages for gnudoku
Fvwm 2.5.16 + Themes 0.7.0
Someone please compile this new emelfm2-0.1.5.tar.gz
Is it possible to install Vector .tgz packages?
How about an Opera 9 dotpup?
Snes9x 1.42 - Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator
where can I download newer version of yahoo messenger?
bugfix for missing rc.reboot
Anybody tried Skype for Linux?
ghttrack - GUI for httrack (for downloading entire websites)
Ktorrent (torrent client for KDE)
Unison File Synchronizer - synchs with Windows files
Prozilla Downloader
md5deep 1.12 - Computes hashes of files, with options
kde-3.5.1 (testing)
webenvironment 0.4 (webserver,php,mysql,phpmyadmin)
Web2.0 Desktop Links - Web-based applications
Skiing season in Full Swing. Where's Tuxracer?
package organizer - paco-1.10.2 - pupget (or alien) package
Other . . .
keepass Passwordmanager
nano-1.2.5 pupget package
small webserver mysql/php/lighttpd (not yet) available
deutsch: UniKal Kalender (islamisch, greg., astronom.)
slapt-get (slackware/vectorlinux) pacakge download tool
Xine with XvMC hardware acceleration
par2 recovery files to repair Puppy 1.0.7 iso
par2 recovery files to repair Puppy 1.0.7 iso
wine-0.9.6 unleashed (Ready)
i18n files for KDE (KDE in your language)
wine extras
KDE menu for icewm / fluxbox
calculator bc - scientific comandline-calculator
VERY SMALL (48KB) 3D Missile Command for X11
FrostWire Gnutella P2P application
Sweep Audio-editor
Ndiswrapper v1.8 .tar.gz for Puppy
Add Files to copy to dotpups.de here
Old Index of Additional Software (Dotpups catalogued)BETA
pupgetmaker.sh v1.1 -- compiles source tarballs into pupgets
Dillo Webbrowser enhanced - with Frames, Tabs etc.
Synchronous pppoe module - for ADSL connection
Click & See dictionary !
Rox 2.4.1 - File Manager
roxfiler.23 made my wallpaper dissapear?
How do I make this card reader program work in Puppy?
Where is wifi-beta?
gFTP 2.0.18 available as dotpup
Afterstep.pup (window manager) available for download again
How do we offer source code for dotpup/pupget packages?
mtPaint 2.29.30 - create animations
tetex (implementation of tex typesetting system)
Licq Instant messenger available for download
TkFTP (replaces Gftp)
Is there a dotpup of Enlightenment?
WINE & Internet Call Manager
Request suggestions for EduPuppy (puppy for kids)
Other . . .
3D-Dri-Kernelmodules for most Graficscards
Jpatch 0.4 - Spline-Modeler
How I use Java/Eclipse on Puppy at Work
Puppy Linux Virtual Machine Files
dotpups, pupgets, directories, package managers...
Service Pack for afterstep.pup
Xfce for Puppy Download
[Games] ZSNES 1.4.2 - emulator for SNES (Super Nintendo...)
Doomsday,Prboom, Legacy + 22 Games
xdu - par - check and repair archives
KDE for puppy (update 2 - usr_more OO + usr_more KDE togeth)
escape puzzle game
Kernel for puppy 1.0.7
Xampp 1.5.0 - Apache with MySQL, PHP and Perl
TclTk-8.3 and Tibia Game-client
Kernel 2.4.29-lck - performance patch for puppy 1.0.7
New version 1.4 of dpupmaker.sh uploaded
Seksi - advanced file manager
dpupmaker.sh v1.9 -- compiles source tarballs into Dotpups
3D Intel i810/i915 / X.org 6.9 RC1
SIS-3D-Drivers / X.org 6.9 RC1
True Cypt: is there already a dot pup?
Rox 1.2 key bindings
open/close tray
GdMap wrapper - shortcut icon for Gdmap
PuppyPS (convert files to postscript)
Ubuntize Puppy Dotpup
Klearlook widgets for KDE (based on Clearlook gtk)
TkSol - solitaire game
joe 3.3 dotpup created, where should it be uploaded?
Java 1.5.0_6 Installer
Test Puppy 1.0.7 CD
Request for pdfcreator dotpup
ishido - pattern matching game
efax with Puppy 1.0.6
ATI-3D-Drivers(old cards) / X.org 6.9 RC1
Other . . .
rox 2.3 like mime icons for puppys default rox (updated)
Foremost 1.0 recovers deleted files
Netscape 7.1 (Testing)
Is there a naim or centericq .pup file?
Weather - icon
LGeneral - game
Binary Clock
Mahjongg clone
Xfprot 1.15 (gtk-2.4) - Antivirus program
For testing: Afterstep windowmanager
Duke Nukem 3D (Shareware)
mplayer dotpups to deal with DVD region problem
Puppy xmms skin
Elvis Text Editor (Vi clone)
Personal DragnDrop-Icons with Setup
Latest Skype: download, unzip-n-run-from-directory
arp and wake on lan binaries
check-forum - monitors Puppy forum for new posts
Hamachi virtual network - LAN over the Internet
Gush - instant messenger and newsreader
tkxcd is an excellent file-comparison tool
StreamTuner with 1.0.7
freetype-6.3.8.pup (font rendering library)
bitstream vera fonts.pup
Synfig-Studio (Vector-Animation)
Computer Algebra Systems and Puppy
Icewm 1.2.28 window manager
Dotpups of several games
AMSN MSN Messenger Clone
Other desktop env/window managers
Firefox 1.5 installer
DragNDrop-Icons (scriptable, zip files, burn mp3...)
Is there a JWM 1.1 pup ?
Other painless tarball installs
Windowmaker running on Puppy 1.0.6 hard drive install
Getting started with Web2
xvkbd virtual keyboard
Icewm Menu 1.0.7
xeyes - watches what you do and reports to the Boss
Other . . .
BarracudaDrive - secure HTTPS file manager
What happened with XFCE for Puppy?
Can anyone compile and package up the following
For you WM researchers
Need boot server DotPup: DHCPD & ATFTP or TFTP-HPA
GPA.pup, for GnuPG (GpgME.pup & Gnutls.pup added)
Xchat - IRC (chat)
Request gyach-enhanced-pYVoiceChat dotpup
HTMLDOC package
Full-featured VIM package - text editor
PuppyBasic Iconviewer
Rox-App: showfullLocation
MinGWStudio C/C++ (Integrated Development Environment)
Personal Iconmenu
Iconmenu (Puppy-Menu as Wharf)
uShare multimedia server with uPnP
Is there Apps Like Notepad2 in Linux ?
EText Reader
Fluxconf - fluxbox configuration tool
Script: remove dead DotPups from JWM-Menu
ALSA dotpup available for testing
Ruby programming language (dot pup)
any-wav: Convert any audio file supported by MPlayer to .wav
Windows-Feeling 0.1
Mozilla default configuration files
lostlabyrinth - a roquelike computer roleplaying game
Opera 8.5.1 plus Flash
for Testing:Fluxbox 0.9.14 (Windowmanager for X)
hexdump and od
Mini-Perl and Perl - new: Midi-Perl
Front end for program scripts
Abiword - plugins
Welcome 2 Beginners - GUI menu program
xbiff2 email checker
[request] some .pup that would be nice to have...
DotPup Request - CLISP
Multi-Platform Quake2
Other . . .
loadmeter system-monitor
Tea - GTK+2-based HTML editor
Kdrive-Xserver enhanced
gaim 1.5.0 with otr-messaging encryption plugin
Is Opera-8.50-1.3.pup valid for 8.51?
Installed dotpup, scavenger won't start
Wallpapers for puppy
Gammu - mobile phone tool
Icons 48x48 crystalsvg+graphite
PupBeGone-Package Remover for Built-In Unleashed Packages
Eyecandy for puppy (idesk desktop manager)
Gimp extensions- webotine and noise removal
Dcraw raw image convertor
VIPS - Large Image Editor
About Audacity
convert (from ImageMagick) - batch conversion of images
tablaunch (MacOS-style icon-bar)
rx rb rz sx sb sz serial modem file transfer programs
mtPaint 3.02 - graphic image editor
mtPaint 2.10
Rox menu hacked ('Send To' changed to 'Open With')
xarchive (winzip-like)
Puppy's DotPup package installer vs. Add'l Software forum
LastFm Player - plays streaming audio from the web
Would someone please make a DotPup of Gxine 0.5.0?
fbpanel 4.3 (Task-Bar with Puppy-menue)
MultiConvert - GUI for commandline file converters
ethereal - world famous utility for network packet analysis
fwbuilder & libelf - network util - Firewall management
Would someone please compile Gbrowser for me?
SNMPMonitor & libnetsnmp - monitor SNMP devices
hping2 - network util - TCP/IP packet assembler/analyzer
nmap & frontend - network exploration / security auditin
network util - tcpdump & libpcap
mtr - network util - 'traceroute' and 'ping' in one tool
Open WordPerfect documents in Abiword
Dogbone 0.9 - Voicemail for Puppy
pup-e-email icon
Other . . .
Is an nxclient available for Puppy?
Any GAIM plugins for Puppy?
Mo-Betta Wallpaper-Setta
pwgen.pup A Password Generator for Puppy
Puppy 1.0.6 downloader using ctorrent
Emacs.pup available for download
puppyPDF Advanced
Request for amaroK media player dotpup
007 Blowfish encryption
Yacas -Computer Algbra System for Puppy!
Icewm Menu 1.0.6
Inkscape 0.42
kmobiletools (KDE only)
Important for all Wiki-Contributors re: URLs
partview 1.0.6 partition tool bugfix
pmount 1.0.6 partition tool bugfix
SP 106 Service Pack for Puppy 1.0.6
Test Puppy 1.0.6 CD
Downloader for Unleashed 1.0.6
gnumeric 1.5.2 (test)
Request: DotPup or Unleashed package for Emacs
Server IP address not static? Use inadyn.pup and dyndns.org
Could Conky system monitor be made into a .pup?
Torsmo- script displays stocks, local weather.
libungif 4.1.4 security update
GnuPG.pup - PGP encryption program - New url for download
xkeycaps GUI for international keyboards
Apache 2.0.54 with mod_php - 18 MB only
parted-1.6.24-4 - create/alter/backup/resize partitions
Here is a Nicer looking gplaycd
Tierra+LightSys for Povray
About large dotpups
Request AYTTM messenger client dotpup
Ticker unleashed package for 1.0.6
pdftotext dotpup
turma hacked
Split / combine files to any size
Filemanager EmelFM
New Package Repository
Other . . .
difficulties making bidwatcher.pup..?
Umicons 2.0 Icon Theme
HackyRemaster v. 2 - remasters live CD
Saveable Pupget - saves pupget to archive
Test Pizzapup 1.0.5 CD
Hosts File Manager that Works in Wine
mkfontdir and mkfontscale - creates an index of fonts
wxAgents.org - specialized search
Release of professionel machine translation system!
Disk-Usage roxapp
delete please
Flock Web Browser
Ximian-Icons for Rox 1.2
Xitami webserver dotpup
L+ DVD researches the authors of article about privoxy
Personal start/reboot-script
This Thread is depreciated
This Thread is depreciated
BOINC-Donate computing power
CADAVER command-line WebDAV client
NUV 1.0 WYSIWYG html composer DotPup
Povray-3.6 + Art of Illusion
yasrt.pup - small raytracer with my simple 'gui'
xpad.pup - sticky yellow note pads on your desktop..
tkhangman dotpup
Polypuzzle dotpup
libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3 - runtime library for C++ programs
gperiodic dotpup - periodic table of the elements
Xdaliclock - Novelty Desktop Clock
JAP proxy - for anonymous web browsing
wine as usr_more.sfs
P2P file sharing; DotPups versus Pupgets - discussion
vnc-4.0-unixsrc.pup (disregard the "src" it's been
Reboot Puppy roxapp
Wine unleashed package
script for wiping freespace on hard drive
Other . . .
e3 text editor
Thunderbird.pup - mail client - Update
wput, a command-line ftp-client that uploads to ftp server
Language Files for gaby 1.0.6
Gaby Hacked
Xportscan.pup & hosts_file.pup
Dosbox 0.63 - for running Windows programs
.wav files play too fast in wavplay? Try playwave
Scavenger game
xSkat card game
gPS Graphical Process Status
new gtk themes and switcher
OpenOffice2 & applixoffice.pups
Flash-Presentations with wink
Mplayer plugin
XFCE 4.2.2 desktop for puppy official release
gPS - graphical process stats for puppy
Plugger - Streaming Multimedia Plugin for Unix Mozilla
(For test) J-Pilot 1.0.4 and 1.0.5 safe (syncs palm pilot)
Risk the game
Treepad Lite for Linux
muzip (Drag'n'zip)
Evilwm minimalist window manager
Which dictionary in Puppy ?
F-prot antivirus program installer
PuppyBasic-Screensaver 02
gtkam, for accessing digital cameras
Gobby 0.2.0 - Workgroup-Editor
Linrad 01.34 - application for amateur-radio
BurnIso2CD with minor improvements
BlueX theme super pack: Jwm , IceWm ,Gtk
bugfix for Puppy 1.0.5 multi-session
Xtdesktop for Puppy 1.0.5
Firefox 1.5 beta 2
TuxTexter 04 - Text editor written in wxBasic
Rox 2.3 - File Manager
Binary Newsreader 0.14.7beta
Beautiful cursors - new version
Endeavour Mark II - file manager
Other . . .
XP theme for jwm (1.0.5 only)
xclass demos
Game Beneath a steel sky (Scummvm)
Scrabble icon
UnOrange theme for JWM (1.0.5 only.) dotpup
Antivirus Package
Tor TCP Anonymizer
Unleashed 1.0.5 Downloader
entropy 0.9.1 - P2P file sharing and more
Dragonfly theme for Gtk and IceWm
Chubby Puppy bugfix sets ROX run actions to Open Office
Ticker bugfix sets AppRun so ROXapp works
Window-Control 09
Rpm4.2 -libs
BlackBox windows manager dotpup
Password-Protected login
What the Gimp and Cinepaint pupget packages
Bugfixes for Puppy 1.0.5
Is anyone making a DotPup of OO2?
Test Puppy 1.0.5 CD
Qucs 0.0.7 electronic circuit simulation dotpup
Icewm Menu for Puppy 1.0.5
Bomberclone game - dotpup
Dogbone voice mail v0.8
Your own Screensaver (Alpha)
Pente game
SDL-Libraries (for games)
GnuGo game
Remove uninstalled DotPups from JWM menue
gkdial hacked to "ATZ" but not tested
Icewm 1.2.23 Language files
delete this topic it is no longer active
PuppyBasic programming language
findutils2.1 (repackage to new guidelines)
less-382 (repackage to new guidelines)
Xampp Apache Server 1.4.15 to 1.4.16 upgrade
nohup (for Xampp)
Equinox Desktop For Puppy
xbasic software development environment for Linux
Gtkdialog2 (0.59.8) (For pre-1.0.5 Puppies)
Other . . .

Mtpaint 2.03
Wmpower (laptop power management utility)
JWM Themes for puppy 1.0.5
Firefox 1.0.7 downloader/installer
Tcl games - collaspe, tktris, skat, tripeaks pupget package
Here is graveman.tar.gz
updated cdrbq burner/ripper
Opera 8.50 - installer dotpup (obsolete)
Expose-clone 2.4 (shows thumbnails of open windows)
Leafpad 0.8.9 text editor
Xserver 6.8.2-addons
pupget for Puppy 1.0.5rc with ping fix
Internet connection test-online demo (not 'ping')
wxBasic-Help (alpha)
Mtpaint 2.02 - simple painting & image editing program
Mplayer TV
wxIconbar - Program Collection
Xserver 6.8.2
Test for Puppy 1.0.5rc CD quality
Gxine 0.4.8
DotPup request: Maxima algebra program
Mute text-mode file sharing program
Tor Anonymizing Proxy
DotPup Handler 0.0.2
Wxbasic and other languages - rant
ext2/3 filesystems for WinNT/2k/xp
HSF/HCF softmodem dotpup packages
Request for DotPup: Sunbird calendar for Puppy 1.0.5
xine_extra_codecs + icons/wallpapers
GNUDoku - A Free Sudoku Game
Three sets of icons choose
Theme collections for Icewm
Audacity Dotpup - A fast, cross-platform audio editor
Thumbnail-Icons (wxB-iconsystem03)
mrxvt-0.4.1 tabbed terminal
Xzoom - magnifies a section of the X display
wxBasicscript - script language for Xdialog
Request for DotPup: GnuPG encryption program
Shutterbug (make Screenshots)
Other . . .
Gtk-Theme-Engines (required forThemes)
Firefox 1.5 beta 1 browser
Fatback - undeletes vfat/fat16/fat32 files
thingamablog makes publishing blogs trivial
Full Ping - If busybox's ping is not adequate
DotPup-Downloader/installer 05 Version C
DotPup Creation Wizard 06 (12) - final release (Bugfix!)
Gtk-Themeselectors - themes for gtk based applications
libtag - audio format metadata reader
Streamripper 1.61.11 - Shoutcast and Icecast recorder
curl - command line file transfer tool (URL syntax)
streamtuner - stream directory browser
About KDE for Puppy
Set Time (for setting puppy's clock)
BitWiseIM.pup - encrypted instant messenger program
Intel ipw2200 software license issues
DotPup developers: Please read this
Icewm Unleashed Package Maker
QneXt Instant Messenger
DOS for Puppy! Puppy for DOS! DOSEMU is made for Puppy!
wxB-Monthcalendar 3 (Calendar-organizer w/alarm)
Open Office dotpup
alternative dns servers
Abby pup - preconfigured pup001 for 1.0.3 Bare Bones
Menuesystem/Editor for JWM and others (08)
wxBasic (Gtk2) - interpreter for grafical wxBasic apps
Movie - by telnet
Tor - TCP Anonymizer
Privoxy 3.0.3 - web proxy with filtering capabilities
Is there a puppylinux telnet MUD-capable client?
Another (Simple) DotPup Builder
Open 2 ROX windows
editor Adie, XFileExplorer multi-lang, Shutterbug,Fox1.4libs
Localedef (from Vector Linux 5.1)
JWM Config Mgr
upx, the compressor for executables
Ticker.app - news from BBC, CNN, Time...
Enlightenment DR17
rssowl.pup available rss feeder
Other . . .
LimeWire.pup available
WAG-0.3.2.pup Wifi Access Gadget
Puppy for XP via qemu or GRUB (download)
xnapster.pup: peer-to-peer/file sharing program
Brushed Metal G2 Icewm Theme
DOS emulator project for Puppy
Rox Filer 2.2.0
WAG-0.2.2.pup Wireless Access Gadget
Torsmo 0.18 desktop system monitors
Internet Radio Demo
Radio Puppy
libGL.so.1 (Mesa 3D graphics library)
Wifi Access Gadget v0.2.0
Acrobat Reader 5.0
Dotpup requests
Null httpd rox wrapper (beta version)
Xampp 1.4.15 Installer (Apache w/MySQL, PHP, Perl etc.)
libSDL_mixer-1.2.so.0.2.4 (Needed by many games.)
mtPaint 2.0
Game Dotpups
zlib 1.2.3
GKrellM 2.1.28 system monitors
Java 1.5.0_4 Installer
Icewm 1.2.23 for Puppy 1.0.4
libstdc++6 runtime library for C++ programs
Ice-cc configuration tools for icewm
Azureus P2P torrent File-Sharing
Alter your consciousness with Autozen
python ready!
BashPodder GUI - Podcast grabber
Welcome .Pup - for newcomers
"Simple DirectMedia Layer" library of APIs
DOSEMU for Puppy
RevolutionX Icewm Them e by klhrevolutionist
Sticky NotePad & Xwget (wget download manager GUI)
OnLine programs
Other . . .
3D Pong
Barebones 1.04 has no Mozilla / Firefox in PupGet
DeerPark Alpha 2 (Firefox) Installer
Firefox 1.0.6 Installer
Can someone please make a DotPup of limewire p2p?
VPPP graphical interface for pppd
Request for DotPup of plugger, mplayerplug-in
Wavesurfer: sound editing and phonetics (tar.gz file)
Icons! Icons! Icons!
Downloader for Puppy Unleashed 1.0.4
md5 test for Puppy 1.0.4
Got Wine (.tar.gz) How do I install?
Index, a console-based flat file database
JWM Themes and Theme Switcher
Start-Items DotPup
More Dillo browser patch?
Mozilla Sunbird Calendar works fine in Puppy
Dillo browser patched dotpup
How to Install eDonkey2000
Request: Yahoo Messenger dotpup or pupget
Cinepaint movie frame retouching program
How do I add an icon to my dotpup?
How would you go about making a dotpup?
ebook 'reader' for Palm Doc format
Tight VNC Server/Viewer (Now with GUI!)
XnView multi-purpose photo viewer/editor
Add-on XUL programs for Mozilla/Firefox in Puppy
Dotpup games request
Some Time Wasters
sshd (remote desktop) server, dotpup package
firefox tip?
Lobster Dotpup
Xfire chat client plugin for gaim
md5sum check for 1.0.3 cd
AbiWord spellchecker
Trash for Ice
XP Theme for Puppy Rocks
REWARD for ALSA DotPup and compiler DotPups
Are these Dotpups?
When to compress with upx?
Other . . .

mkdotpup: a new script to make dotpup and register it
new FTP Server: BetaFTPD
Amaya never loads
DSL apps don't work in PUPPY
Compiling for puppy: leave out the 'debug' symbols
Preliminary replacement for gtkftpd FTP server
My first dotpup streaming mp3 server
Puppy 1.0.3 with Xfree86-4.4.0 iso released
Blazing Fast Unleashed
extra, extra, extra's
Changing puppy's X Window manager to......PAWM, OLVWM, etc.?
How do I make a PupGet? (For Puppy with Firefox+modules)
Visual Dot Pup Maker
Menu for use with Fluxbox Window Manager and Puppy 1.0.3
Minimum Profit 3.3.9 text editor GUI version - dotpup
(old)Index of Additional Software, with other useful links.
ELinks text-only web browser - dotpup
ELinks text-only web browser
findutils_4.2.20-1 dotpup - UPDATED
Need step-by-step How-To make DotPups
Autopackage program installer
Starkit, Tcl's answer for application delivery and update
Some more simple tcl/tk games/apps
Ispell - DOTPUP
Gaby address book (and database program) 2.0.2
Sun Java 1.5.0_03 is downloadable for DotPup
Battlefield 1942 on pup
Tetris clone
dict - command line dictionary
look - command line utility for searching word lists
ispell - command line spell checker
Lobster Shell
GQview 1.4 uploaded
Install Midnight Commander dotpup and ICEWM-Theme
Installing mydsl packages
Other . . .
Penggy Puppy - Dialup program
musical notation
Partimage & Qtparted: for Puppy?
BASIC revisited: Rapid-Q
First DotPup to register with PupGet
XnView v1.68.1 (Free graphic viewer and editor)
SDL-1.2.8 Runtime Library
Gimp 2.0.6 package
Some new web pages
Adding Packages???
A few packages: Vim57, xmmsl2, Perl58
construction site (ex - Questions on IceWM)
last update July 27, 2011
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