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Description - links to 1,096 Howtos, covering a period from May 6, 2005 to July 25, 2011.

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Save packages downloaded in Puppy Package Manager (PPM)
How to protect quickly the file by means of password.
Installing Puppy to HD on a Compaq - PC
Update your BIOS over network via PXE! (server: Puppy Linux)
How to build an ISO with the development software. Quirky L.
How to use NVIDIA nonfree driver in "Quirky Linux - 1.40"
Fix a Seamonkey Hotmail XML parsing error
Using OOo4Kids on Puppy, without installing
Laptop touchpad continuous scrolling
How to start Puppy with Skype running
network connection for ASUS Eee PC 1015P
Run chromium as root
Making a captured image visible when attached to a posting.
so your wget .iso failed md5sum?
1. freeupRAM ; 2. freeswap ; 3. runaway /sbin/udevb
How the Linux Kernel works, and how to hack it
How to restore some remote XUL funcionality in Firefox 4.0
Openbox/Fbpanel, How to set it all up.
How to boot Puppy from internal sd card using xp bootloader.
HOW TO: Create .po and .mo Language translations
Transfer Jpilot data into Thunderbird's Lightning calendar
Modify Hard Drive Reserve Space
Free books from Project Gutenberg!
How to Compile Firefox for your CPU (in Lucid 5.2.5)
Silly tips and tricks...
Howto: Get latest Citrix ICA Client working for Puppy 5.2.0
How To Use Less Space In Your Lupusave file
Manual frugal installation with or without CD
.Pet fixes misbehaving menus in Lucid Puppy 5.2.5
Remastering Lucid Puppy 5.2.5
PLOP - boot loader
Howto install groff (for typesetting)
How to Make a Bootable Flash Drive using GRUB2
How To: Use Pcreole to create an html note from text note
HOWTO Use Perl on Puppy Linux Systems
HOWTO stop puppy from saving when shutting down.
How to Fix Any Computer
System-wide equalizer with alsa.
How To Keep Videos Downloaded With Flash Player 10.2+
Install Puppy on VMware Player
how to install directx 9 without winetricks
guest additions
How to Have Menu Entries for External & Wine Apps
Forcing USB 1.0 operation
How to build a 3MB static Midori with plugins
additional mbr fix for Windows nag screen
Ordinary user in "Quirky Linux - 1.40"
How to set up a wireless connection in Lupu-520
Add internet DNS servers.
Automated frugal install and grub1 menu edit.
Run Puppy from Live CD: Easy Step by Step Instructions
How to insert a newline into a desktop icon name
How to password protect you Puppy system
How to protect the exit from user space in terminal mode
How to Use Woof to Build Lucid Puppy 5.2
How to save to Savefile only on demand in Puppy 5.2
PAP - puppy application panels
How to recover data from software and/or hardware problems!
Pmplay - mplayer search / play script
Create bootable multi puppies CD with Grub stage2_eltorito
Backup savefile every "time interval" and Backup-on-Shutdown
Foxitreader URL launch fix (edit 17/2)
Howto - play youtube videos in Mplayer
How to make a Puppy Kiosk out of Lucid Puppy 5.2
Bootable USB key with DOS created using Puppy 5.2 and Grub
Bootable USB using GRUB and Puppy 5.2
HowTo: Lucid 5.2 - swap fbpanel for Tint2 panel
How to set up grub 2 to boot Puppy frugal install
How to adjust P states (freq and power) in AMD processors
How to do a manual remaster
Tutorial -How to edit Openbox window manager menus
Getting the Forward & Back keys working on a Lenovo T60
5-steps - Netboot a Puppy over the LAN with NO Media (PXE)
Make Links with Images in your Forum post
Making a desktop wallpaper with mtPaint
How to Save Files from Failing DOS Disk Or Bad Filesystem
Desktop weather script tutorial.
Password-less ssh in Puppy
Frugal install on EXT4 file system
How to enable scrolling on Seamonkey
How to record tv tuner gadmei 330+ with ffmpeg in puppy 245
How to Shrink Softmaker or any Tarball
Rip audio from DVD
Howto remaster using just 1 flasdisk (without burning cd)
How I customize my Puppy menu (for jwm) - Method 2
How I customize my Puppy menu (for JWM) - Method 1
How To Make A Bootable Flash Drive
Basic command-line tips for CDROMS
Sound not working?
Enrich 'Frugal' instead of doing full install
Sound fix for Gateway mx 3215 and maybe more.
Fighting Persistent Cookies and eliminating bloat
Make a PPM repo
HowTo Forum . . .
NetBoot HOW-TO
How I got dosbox working in puppy 510
nfs (samba, cifs): getting shares to umount @ shutdown
Keep your savefile slim and healthy
Puppy 5.1.1 on to Toshiba 1805-S203 with Trident graphics
fixing the aspell error about nroff mode
context menu from keyboard-via mousekeys
How To Install OpenCV computer vision library on Puppy
How to install Puppy on Windows PC
How to change ALPS touchpad settings in Quirky
How to create a 4GB lupusave.3fs save file
How to have Aqualung apply GTK theme
Try the Grub4Dos and make a rescue. Here's how.
Add a Graphical Boot Menu to your Puppy Live CD
Keepass and Dropbox on Puppy-Lucid
RAID arrays in (Puppy) Linux
One way of check the CD-device for presence of readout error
How to split mp3 files using mp3splt
How to run Puppy Linux on a Windows Vista computer
How to Use the P910nd Print Server
How to use Midnight Commander to organize files
How to compile the Sipe plugin for Pidgin Internet Messenger
XnView crashes (how to fix it)
Various ways to install Puppy Linux
How to manually install Puppy
How to Use Samba-TNG in Puppy
How to switch kernels between Puppy versions
How to Install Legacy OS to Hard Drive written Guide (PDF)
How to Install and Set Up Legacy OS Definitive Video Guide
Porting an applet to busybox
How to Install latest version of Avast4 workstations.
HOWTO set up your own custom Bible study operating system
Additional Programs How To Install
How to Do a One-Click Backup/Restore of Windows
How to install Firefox
How to make Puppy hibernate
How to Make a Clickable Script
HOWTO run MSOffice 2003 in Puppy Linux
HowTo - Turn Puppy into a Home Media Center with Boxee
Frual Install of multiple Puppy versions to one partition
How to Give Your GRUB Menu a Password
Surviving guide building a new ISO for Classic Pup 2.14X
Nvidia video drivers: How to install and setup
Power saving tweaks
How to add Puppy (Lupu) 5.1.0 language support
Transfer Seamonkey Mozilla Profile
Upgrading Lupu 5.01 to the Latest Lucid 5.10
Plugin container keeps Firefox from crashing with Flash
Howto using Nokia as modem in Puppy
Upgrading your Puppy using .delta files...
How to install lupu_devx_501.sfs in virtual box full install
[HowTo] Block ads on all browsers
Fix Windows with Puppy Linux and Other Live cd Tools.
Fix Windows with Puppy Linux and Other Live cd Tools.
Setting Special Keybindings in NOP
How to Install Arduino on Lupu-500
How to Use Your ZTE k3565z USB Vodem Puppy 4.3.1 & Lucid 5
Using Google w/ out mouse
Load SFSs from psubdir
Add 'Home' Button to Nav. Toolbar, SM2
How to Make a Flash Drive Install Work Like a Hard Drive
mounting external drives and flash drives the easy way
Repairing broken computer pieces (plastic, etc.)
Flow chart to select the Right Puppy for you
Put Desktop Icons on a Launchbar
How to fix GRUB ERROR: 2
mplayer with gui for LUPU puppy 5
HowTo Forum . . .
How I formatted a flash drive to NTFS (with Windows)
Cursors for visually impaired users
Find network key for Verizon FiOS WEP SSID
Use puppy to be a server (detailed)
Webcam tips
How To Install Google Earth In Puppy
How to watch youtube (and others) without flash
Kiosk Setup
How to cleanly unmount your filesystem on shutdowns
How to install Broadcom STA driver on Puppy 5
How to Make a Digital Camera with Quirky
How to (semi-)automatically back up your pupsave
How to install Open Office PET in Linux Puppy-4.30
[HOWTO] Make Seamonkey Portable
How to enable coolbits for Nvidia video cards
Play Flash - without installing Flash
How to add icons into MENU, WBAR, DESKTOP BAR
[HowTo] Make Firefox Or Other Mozilla Based App Portable
How to multiboot (with menu) from a usb stick on a netbook
UNetbootin and Puppy
Build a Graphical Speed Dial for Seamonkey (and others)
How to Make a Puppy Flash Drive using Another Linux
Drop-down on-screen keyboard howto
Simple Pup 431 Seamonkey Upgrade
How to Work with GRUB4DOS
Commandline script for converting .doc to .txt
Adding and removing programs from your SFS
How to Backup, Restore and Clone an Ext Partition
Programming Java in Puppy 4.3.1 using Geany!
How to Backup, Restore and Clone a Windows Partition
How I make audiobooks from text files
Update to How to Install Firefox
How to make a multiboot usb flash drive
Booting multiple puppies from flashdrive using Sarducd
e-Sword bible software installation
Manual remaster gui - no command line
Howto unpack, edit and repack initrd.gz
Script to block tracking from omniture etc.
How to keep your system clean
ONE Seamonkey2/firefox browser folder for all frugal puppies
How to Manually Edit an ISO image before burning it to CD
HOWTO Remaster a big Puplet (~700 MB)
Script refreshes Wbar in XFCE
Convert .lit files to text and .pdb for e-books
HOWTO use Xdelta to upgrade isos and apps
No More CUPS Password
HOWTO install thunderbird + install webmail
Repair Damaged Drives With Linux
Sensible titles for terminal windows
Install Puppy Linux 4.2 on Alix fanless motherboard
How to add a global MIME type with icons in Rox-filer
How to Setup a Wireless Printer
Howto use the Framebuffer with Puppy 430/431
VLC setup for .FLV playback
How to set up AviaMedia DVB-T HD USB Puppy 4.3.1
HOWTO create an SSL certificate
Activate Facebook Chat on Seamonkey 1.1.xx (std in puppy)
Run DOS/WFW in VirtualBox
IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T20, T21, T22, T23 full install 4.3.1
How to configure ASCII WEP key from wifi wizard
Html file in an Applications Directory
How to poweroff HD on full hd install
How to enable Kqemu acceleration
Turn your Linux Desktop into a Mac!
HowTo Forum . . .
Shrinking Photos
[Howto] From Vista to dual booting Vista and Puppy
Found an easy fix for small menu fonts in Seamonkey
flashplayer on youtube relief - mplayer plugin
D.I.Y. uPup 20091120 Karmic Puppy with GLX/DRI
How To Make SeaMonkey as Good as Firefox...if Not Better
Fix corrupted MS Office documents using OpenOffice
HOWTO Sound on a Dell 3500
HOWTO Customize your Boot Image
How to install official NVIDIA drivers
Want straight up access to all Ubuntu/Debian packages?
How to remaster a full install of Puppy-431
How to add a new MIME-type (file extension type) in Puppy
Google Browser
Puppy Linux Windows Users: exe installer programs
How to customize the command line appearance
Convert AVI's to AMV in Puppy Linux with ffmpeg
How I run Puppy 431 from CD with save file on USB stick
Open lyric inside mp3 format
How to synchronise your Blackberry (in French)
How to add Firefox 3.5x to Puppy 4.3.1
Please post your simple tricks you know but others don't
Do not see "installed" programs in u- s- and d-pup
[Howto] Make a Puppy USB pendrive from Windows
Install basic Puppy on a computer with 16 Mb RAM
How to change the Shutdown Picture/Image/Color
use a boot menu on flash drives
Puppy Multiuser Support
Make Puppy recover automatically from improper shutdowns
How to understand what goes on in the kernel
How to set ABNT2 keyboard Layout - Config Teclado Brazil
Simple, quick configure of new Puppy frugal install
How to Build a Multiuser Puppy
[HowTo] Install Multiple Puppies on a Flash Drive
[HowTo] Build a Custom Puppy with Woof
Pidgin 2.5.8
Clean out excess Firefox droppings
How to get sounds in aMSN
[HowTo] Install the Official nVidia Drivers
wikiHow - How to set up a Wireless Network in Puppy Linux
Remastering 4.3 Final with Dougal's Pupremaster
How to connect 2 linux computers over internet (such iTwin)
How to install Watchtower Library in Puppy Linux
Install HP Printers in 4.2.1
An Excellent HowTo Page at TAPCUG
Install Firefox 3.5.* in Puppy 4.2*, 4.3.* Instructions here
Atheros wifi with kernel 2.6.30
HOWTO install Puppy on HDD without GRUB - interesting way
Build your own Puppy
How to speed up Firefox
how to connect 2 linux pc using cross cable
Clean shutdown for full installs
Step-by-step guide to partition for triple boot system
Block Malware & Ads - Protect Privacy & Browse Faster Too!
mac iPod nano gtkpod and gxine song playback with puppy 4.13
Boot Puppy from usb key on a netbook and install to its SSD
USB cable modem working in Puppy 4.0 on ThinkPad 600e
HowTo boot with SCSI
How to install flash 10 without crashing on firefox
[HowTo] Install Skype on Puppy
[HowTo] 2 steps, 2 mins: Frugal Puppy & Linux Dual-Boot
HOWTO Install Rosetta Stone on Puppy Linux using Wine
[HowTo] Turn On/Off Font Antaliasing
Explained: Puppy Version Numbers
Add GTK GUI frontends to a command line program in minutes
How to use iptables to open a port.
DIY - How to Install Flash Player
Create Links on Desktop you can delete or edit w/ impunity!
[HowTo] 4 steps, 10 mins: Install Puppy on a USB Flash Drive
How to mount (ISO-13346) UDF DVDs created in Vista
No Broadband? Download Linux at your Public Library
Improve flash 9/10 stabilty on puppy 2.10 - 2.17
DIY - How to Install Java
Can't read the text in rxvt console? take a screen snapshot
How to play .rmvb files in Mplayer
Use the same save file on more than one computer at a time
How I installed Spotify in Puppy Linux
Implementing kernel mode NFS file sharing on Puppy
DIY-Install the Latest Browsers Yourself - Seamonkey 2.0
How to dual-boot Puppy and Ubuntu
Add ext2/3 file system to your FAT/NTFS file systems
Fluxbox 1.1.1 puppy menu
Gaming on Puppy Linux
How to kill SeaMonkey's cache
How to Uninstall .pets in 4.2.1
How to create your favourite apps menu beside the main menu
how to download a complete website
Hacking Firefox with Javascript: popups, min display
Opera v.s. Seamonkey; SMTP Settings for Yahoo & Netscape
HowTo Forum . . .
Mini internet connection sharing how-to
How to Change the Clock to 12 Hour in Puppy 4.2.1[CORRECTED]
Howto connect using 3G modem ZTE MF627
FreeBasic v0.20 on Puppy Linux
If your SATA HDD is recognized by Windows but not by Puppy:
How I upgraded my kernel - from full Install to live CD
detailed HOW TO for Puppy Unleashed
How-to: download watch/convert videos from your phone
wikiHow Puppy-related articles
Free pascal works
howto install the Safari 4 Webbrowser in wine
Use PLoP bootmanager to USB boot Puppy on older computers
How to FULL Install Puppy 4.x to Hard Drive
How to define shortcut keys to folders, in ROX
How to Do a Dual-Boot Install of Puppy with Windows XP
How To deal with Qwest DSL
HOW-TO: Do a full manual remaster without Unleashed
how to put current directory in rxvt titlebar
How to set desktop color for scaled background picture
How to do a One-Click Installation of Puppy
Advice on the best dialup modem for a laptop
HowTo: delete remote network printers from CUPS
How to install additional spellcheck languages in Seamonkey
Use FATSORT to sort mp3 files & folders alphabetically
So you miss the XP/NT "ipconfig" command?
Save resurces, install a LIGHT version of SeaMonkey 1.1.16
Boot from USB with NO USB BIOS support using just Grub!
How to make PPLOG work in puppy 4.2
How-to: Webcam still capture with mplayer
HOWTO make seamonkey more like firefox
JP1 software can be used in Puppy
How to view contents of PET packages before installing
Set up a Socket Serial PCMCIA card
Howto setup Microsoft VPN with gpptp (4.12 - 4.31)
How to manually fsck an encrypted pupsave
How to run Yahoo Messenger 9 in Wine
How to have Icewm absvolume on the right side of tray
How I connected a ZTE 636 wifi modem to Netcom
HOWTO install Spotify
How to wipe unused areas of volumes
simple hints pop-up
HOW TO turn of default visualisations in gxine
Set Wallpaper - another way
Extract .rpm's with xarchiver
Touchscreen HOWTO
ASUS Eee 1000HE & 1002H/HA wifi HowTo
How to Build a Locked-Down Installation of Puppy
Desktop Icons
Use the AirLink AWLL6070 USB Wireless Adapter
Screen rotation
How I make .pets into .sfs's
Recover your full Logout menu
The sometimes necessary modem dial-up pppd fix for when:
Fixing WEP
Multimedia on an old lo-RAM PC solution
Get seamonkey, gtkmoz, and CUPS to work in Bare Bones 4.1.2
mybin: script for tinkering
How to Install Abiword 2.6.x and above
Scripting: how to extract links from html pages
How to calibrate your monitor - check out this tool...
USB installation solution for people who are linux clueless
HowTo Forum . . .
Any browser work with
How to get Seamonkey to Auto-Refresh a page.
Frugal plus Full install without cd
Simple Puppy Improvements
How to connect Broadband with lan card
How I got on the Internet with Alltel usb wireless modem
How to enable video in gxine when using composite wm
Using multiple window managers in Puppy
How to get 2barks to work
How to get rid of bad blocks on a drive
GtkDialog - tips
view text files with old DOS characters
How to setup Canon Pixma MP610
createsfs - script to create sfs file from .pet/.sfs files
Set Up Thinkpad 600E Sound on Puppy 4.1.2 retro
Audio fix for old Thinkpads (and maybe others)
how to open downloaded .php and .asp files with firefox
How to create OO22 sbase forms with multiple subtables
createpet - Another script to create pet packages
How I installed a NETGEAR WG111T Wireless USB Adapter.
HOWTO insert tags in forum posts.
How to enable the use of the magnet tool in Wings3d
How to turn off Eeepc 701 touchpad
Partview simple replacement (space in pup_save)
script to detect interface
gprs with huawei ec228 & alltell
Solve widescreen problem
How to repair a Windows registry error with Puppy Linux
Random wallpaper changer for ROX-Filer
Look inside Linux partitions from Windows
WEP work around
How to Manually create a Frugal Install of Puppy
Solve Wifi encryption problems in Puppy 4.1.2
Design custom toolbars and keypads for Gxine
HOWTO install KDE v3.5.10 from Slackware v12.2 on Pup v4.1.2
How the CUPS Printer Wizard Works with Gutenprint
Use fapg to quicky create formatted music indices
How to fake pfix=ram boot option with USB-install
HOWTO: share folders on a network with Windows XP
HowTo install Conky for beginners.
Boot ISO's on HDD with GRUB
How I imported MS Access mail-list into OpenOffice sbase
Batch renaming files with ROX
How to give effective problem reports
How to boot puppy from a USB flash drive with Grub
dwm - a tiling window manager
Random Wallpaper Script
HOWTO change settings in Pwidgets
How-to: DVB-T USB TV tuner with Genie 619W (Afatech Chip)
What to do if Petget doesn't work on local PET files
Firefox for multi users
How to repair your Puppy 215CE AND Puppy4.1
How to check MD5 hash in Windows
Bash: how to extract a regular expression from a string
How to make SeaMonkey & Firefox work with Hotmail Live
How to Open daa files in Linux
How I installed grub-1.96 on Puppy 4.1.1 root partition
Get PcurlFTP to boot to password required
How to convert .flv to .amv in Puppy, updated
How to Get Samba Server Working in Puppy 4
Howto: auto-shutdown after period of inactivity
Install Puppy w/ no bootable drives other than hdd.
Misc pup411 ( frugal fixes for games, printers etc
How to deal with ATI Radeon Xpress and Xorg (2 ways, 1 easy)
Conky dynamic colour changing
How to move an existing Windows 98 installation to a VM
How to install Puppy 4.1 in IBM Thinkpad 600 (in Spanish)
Single-click to dial up
Pet Packaging 100 & 101 & intro to 200 forum sticky
How to make Xorg work in QEMU and other VMs
Handling filenames with spaces (in bash scripts)
Freevo: media center based on Puppy - Part I
Use Wine, ppviewer to watch PowerPoint presentations
How to Connect Nokia Phones to Puppy
Howto: PostgreSQL 8.3 on Puppy 4.1
Howto use two mice at once with Dingo 4.00
HOW TO: Use the PMEDIA, PDEV1, PSUBDIR Boot Parameters
Make Puppy 4.1 into a POS (Point Of Sale) terminal
Use Wine, wdviewer to print perfect Word .doc documents
Trick to play Flash Games in Full Screen
uploading and posting pics from digital camera
Run Partview partition size viewer in Puppy 4.1
view & print patent (TIFF) images from browser
how-to use WM5/6 Internet Sharing with Puppy via USB
HowTo get CUPS-PDF (aka pdf-printer) to work
HowTo Forum . . .
How to install Open Office 3 in TEENpup 2008 the Hard way.
how to eliminate mozilla or other base/core apps
HowTO get ADSL connection and Surf Internet
How to do a full install on external USB hdd
Create Panaroma images in Puppy 4.1
HowTo use the Teac mp-233 MP4-player
Howto: Change name of partition/drive label
How to install Puppy linux on a USB and run inside windows
Save-file mount Script HOWTO
How I made my serial elo touchscreen work in Dingo
How to build Puppy Unleashed from outside Puppy
How to do RAID0 with USB thumb drives using lvm
How to Check MD5 Sum the easy way
How much RAM is your Puppy using?
How I installed Puppy on my Dell Xpi p90
Enable Playback of Multiple sounds / streams / apps at once
How-to: Agfa snapscan e40, e50, in Sidux and Puppy 4.00
How I boot puppy 4.0 without monitor, keyboard or mouse
How to get Hotpup Drive Mount working in Dingo....
Creating a hands off network file server
Howto Run commands at boot
Aoi's guide to installing Firefox 3.0.1 in puppy 4.00
How to access a Windows printer from Puppy 301
Howto install NANO
How to select between competing drivers in 4.1
How to install webcam Vimicro ZS0211 in Puppy4 Dingo
Install and run bubbles, gemgame and tuxtype2 in puppy4.0
Compiz-Fusion for Puppy 4.0
How to Install AntiVir for Linux
HOWTO pppoe with Puppy (Roaring Penguin)
LTSpice / switchercad-3 = spice like pspice on puppy-4
How to boot from scsi on Puppy 4.1-alpha-5
How-to: create a swap file
Dlink DWL-650 fix (with autoconnect working)
Howto upgrade Seamonkey on Puppy 2.17.1 Full install
HowTo: Extract files from a .ISO under Windows
[HOW TO] Blacklist/Prevent a module from loading
[HOW TO] Belkin F5D7050 v2 WiFi (WEP) with ndiswrapper
How to boot Puppy not from CD, but from HDD without install
File System Browsing a la Microsoft Explorer
How to have a pretty pretty puppy 4.0 ( Or one with gtk2+)
How to translate NewsFox RSS Feed for SeaMonkey
How I updated the BIOS in my Compaq Presario 5410
ffmpeg and mplayer use with 2goPC web camera
HOWTO: Make Puppy 4.00 run on Microsoft Virtual PC 2007
wipeout a disk (erase all data) OR zero the empty space
How to put Windows fonts in Open Office SFS
Sharing one's Puppy - How to eliminate personal info?
How I got Dingo clock to show right time
How to convert m4a music files to wav easy!
Accessing Windows hidden partitions after GRUB/fixmbr
How-to: Batch-resize a group of images.
Gnumeric: Formatting Cells on TigerPup
USB mouse middle button on TigerPup Compiz-Fusion
Use tk-burner to burn large files on dvd
How I compiled my first .pet!
HOW-TO have a more secure wireless network (counterintuitiv)
Thinkpad sound, recording and VOIP (Solved)
2goPC Web Camera Setup
2goPC Microphone Setup
How to (possibly) boost your microphone gain
HowTo: Install Puppy 4.0 on 2goPC mini-notebook
Puppy 3.01 + KDE 3.5.8 + flite = Talking Puppy
HowTo Forum . . .
If you use WINE, a way to speed up linux...
DIY Distro
How to paste a very long URL into the forum
HowTo fix "no space left on device" with Opera
HowTo: secure /tmp files, for hard drive users
How to keep the startup sound through upgrades
Solving Wifi encryption problems (WEP/WPA) in Puppy 4
How to do a FULL install of Puppy, to an empty HDD
Start up sounds
Intel Classmate: dual boot between XP and Puppy Dingo
How To Run OpenOffice 3 Fast and How to Easily Upgrade
HowTo use WinTV USB
How to make Opera feel at home
vietnamese typing with scim/unikey in puppy
How to copy *.vob files on DVD to the hard disk and merge th
How to automatically set a random background on startup
Wireless Remote Control of your Office PC using Puppy
Howto use Sound Blaster MP3+ with puppy linux
How to use USB dialup modem with wvdial.conf
How to Access a Puppy Printer from a WinXP Machine
How to Access a Windows Shared Printer from Puppy 4
HOWTO: Restore the Intel 810 Video Driver in Dingo
How to migrate Mozilla mail to the Sylpheed mail client
Upgrade Puppy 3 to Gtk 2.12
How to install Puppy without burning a CD
Sort order: newest to oldest
How To show day, date, seconds in hour minute box
How to boost your wifi signal
How to best improve your hardware resources:
How to keep your cpu cool and your fan quiet
Opera 9.64 for Puppy (Do-It-Yourself Guide) [Update Apr '09]
Howto change gtk+ stock icons
How to build a head/headless, multimedia, file, and print
Install Pidgin from sources with SSL support (GNU TLS)
HowTo edit Sysinfo so Puppy sees your iPod
Howto create/edit and play midi files using abc
Understanding Linux Graphics Drivers
How I got network bridging to work in Puppy 3.01
howto: get a LG L1730SF touchscreen working on puppy
Internet through a mobile phone
Your First Program
How to have a graphical GRUB (Updated Package Available)
HOWTO install Puppy on an IBM ThinkPad 380XD (HD install)
How I installed Puppy on a Sony Vaio PCG-N505VE
HOWTO download content from bbc iplayer for viewing offline
HOW-TO mount a NFS share in Puppy
Speed Firefox if using Broadband
How to mount a second pup_save.2fs file
Howto: Change clock for DST
Puppy 3.0 Abiword German Language / Abiword Deutsch Sprache
[Howto] Install Opera (FLASH works!!!)
Howto: change Openoffice gui font
big remasters on old machines
How to build an OpenOffice.org2.3.sfs file in your langauge
If you encounter sound/audio problems try the following
mobile phone gprs connection
How to make videos for youtube with ffmpeg
linux-unix cheat sheets
Secure PenDrive Install
Get a NETGEAR WG111v3 USB Wireless Adapter working in puppy
Puppy 3.01 on Compaq Deskpro (EP/SB series)
Sound Configuration Toshiba Satellite 4000CDS
play midi files using your soundcard's "FM" port.
How to get flash working on opera.
How to install Cisco VPN client on QEMU-Puppy
ndiswrapper in puppy after version 2.14
JDK and Netbeans on Puppy 3
howto install Puppy to hard drive
HowTo get rid of OO logo
HOWTO add splash image to grub
How to share files and folders with Windows
How I got the microphone working on Asus EEE
Puppy 3.01 frugal installation on Dell Lattitude C840
use UTF-8 in Barrys Scripts (for XDialog AND xmessage)
Wi-fi roaming from the command line
Resizing NTFS on Vista
how to avoid pointless sound card problems
GKrellM in 301 via GSlapt
How to use .sfs files with full hd install
Add a "pfix=noram" option to your Puppy
Kill the little gray square
HowTo Install VMware Player (vmplayer)
Bluetooth - too easy!
Puppy 3.01 installing to Compact Flash on motherboard
How to Really Clean an Inkjet Printer in 5 Simple Steps
How to boot from a Sandisk Cruzer Micro
If your Compaq Presario hangs at "Loading Kernel modules..."
How to download Slackware packages from faster servers
Increase size of MUT's display
How I changed the boot order of my computer
HowTo: Set up GRUB to boot from HD or CD
Boot Puppy off a PocketPC memory card with WM5 or greater.
Converting .wav to .mp3
Installing Open Office 2.3 in Puppy 2 series the hard way??
ALSA 'amixer' utility howto
How to repair Windows after being damaged by PCLOS - Solved
howto switch among WMs
HOWTO install on COMPAQ Notebook 100 with BELKIN Wireless
If sound is not working.....try this!!!
Poorman's XFCE
"Foomatic-rip failed" one possible solution?
Gxine Configuration HOWTO for Puppy 2.16 to 3.01 and further
Ban I.P. Addresses From your Network
(Extreme...) Puppy remastering: Making multiboot LiveCDs
Open Opera from URL in Thunderbird email
Install Wine 9.49 to Puppy 3.01 (Thanks Slackware!)
Puppy 2.17: wide TFT and XGA projector simultaneously
How to: Run Qemu Puppy under Mac OS X
HOWTO Cable-Modem (Link to 2004 article)
DSL HOWTO for Linux
How to Install Puppy Linux 3.01 on VMware
How to change the desktop icons right margin in puppy 2.17
How to install Emesene
Compiz, Puppy 3.01 NOP and an ATI 9000 success story
Configuration for Microsoft IntelliMouse Trackball mouse
IC Plus Corp IC Plus IP1000 Family Gigabit Ethernet
Howto: Remove default printer setting
How to Install Puppy on Toshiba Laptops
A GUI front panel for the Ten-Tec RX-320
HowTo Forum . . .
Fresh Start Puppy 3.01
How-To install Devx or any .SFS FULL HD STEP BY STEP
How to open local .html files with Netsurf browser
How to write Greek in puppy
How to determine if your computer can boot a USB stick
How to use Wakepup2 to boot Puppy 3.00 in an NTFS partition
How to configure wifi from the commandline forum sticky
ALSA configuration for Intel HD Audio
Howto: Set up a simple (insecure) Windows compatible network
How I installed SeaMonkey's Adblock Plus in Puppy 3.00
How to: Refresh Gaim/Pidgin Buddy List
How to see .pps files in Puppy using wine
HOW-TO for the 'lm-sensors' hardware monitoring package.
How to: speed up Open Office
HOWTO: Shrink a VirtualBox 1.5.0 Windows Guest Virtual Disk
HOWTO: Clone a VirtualBox 1.5.0 Virtual Disk
Howto: upgrade the Tor dotpup to the latest version of Tor
HOW TO: Install VirtualBox 1.5.0 under Puppy 2.17 Seamlessly
upgrading Seamonkey 1.0.8 to 1.1.4
How to convert DivX/XviD/MPEG to DVD with menu using manDVD
Start using CLI
HOWTO find the mozilla libraries gxine depends on
HOWTO install Java the hard way
How to Use Gxine to Play Video in Firefox
HOWTO: Manually get your webcam and/or TV card working
How To Make ROX icon sets from icons you find elsewhere
HOWTO add login and password when booting Puppy
Fan Not Going
HOW TO BURN A CD DISK, to boot older computers..
How to edit Icewm themes with mtPaint
How to add a small splash image to Puppy
How to Install Puppy Linux 2.17.1 on VMware
HOWTO: Multi-Booting between Puppy, DSL and, Windows
How I added a SLAX Module to 2.15CE
Howto Add Wine To Puppy
parental controls for firefox
How to record voice messages
How to chat on AIM with out a client only seamonkey
how to setup to boot straight into wifi
Enable the Use of Special Keys
HOWTO qemu-puppy-xampp (QPX) in one single thumbdrive
A 12-Step program for personal Linux edification
HowTo install the Typo3 CMS
How to make Debian and Mandriva Packages work in Puppy
How was the GTK1 anti-aliasing done?
How to download and extract what you downloaded?
How to watch CNN video - embedded
HOW TO ... connect to a wifi network
How to enable DMA on IDE CD/DVD drives connected to SATA
Print PDF files with PDQ
How to print a4 (European) pagesize in PDQ
How to: Add wma playing in xmms
How I got Firefox working with flash9
Wanna run puppy on linux and Windos?
How to boot a balky multisession CD/DVD
Boot Faster with 185Mb CD
Remastering CD with puppy in VMWARE
Avoid problems with xorg after a powercut
How To Secure Puppy in 5 easy steps.
Configure a Maxon Bigpond BP3-ext USB wireless modem
Adding extra programs to 2.16
Howto show the correct local time esp. if dual/multi-booting
Want to install "vi" on your Puppy?
Simple internet connection sharing with puppy
HOWTO rebuild Puppy with loop-aes and ciphers support
How to build a small Linux computer
HowTo Forum . . .
How to enable the PC speaker
Simplify Things For Senior Citizens
How I made a Grub backup floppy
How to set up and host one's web site
Install R (statistical computing language) on Puppy 2.14
small HOW TO: set up plugins & spellcheck in abiword
How to back up a hard disk to another machine
How to make Firefox open downloaded files and their folders
Howto: make a bootable USB drive Puppy from Windows
put icons for unmounted items on desktop
HowTo Puppy A Sony Vaio PCG-N505X Laptop.
Loading Puppy 2.14
c2scan quality check for CDs
Increase font size in Wine
Restart IceWM
Icons on the desktop
USB low ram solution
Portuguese lang: how to put accentuation + c-cedil (US keyb)
Import IE Favorites to Mozilla BookMark File Format (BASH)
How to make a multi-purpose boot CD for Puppy
How To update to SeaMonkey 1.1.1
Install JDK, netbeans, Eclipse in Puppy 2.14 (and Muppy0084)
Puppy and a Compaq Armada 1700
Dual boot Windows/Puppy Install Documentation.
How to calculate MD5 checksums in Windows
Export IE Favorites to Mozilla BookMark File Format (VBS)
Reduce Python Runtime extracted size by ~1/3 (13megs)
Grub Setup for Multi-boot Linux
How to set up a Wacom Tablet
HOW-TO: Select a printer that works with Puppy
How to run Office 2003 in Wine on Puppy
How to setup a Testing Environment for Puppy Linux
Firefox/StumbleUpon Bug fix
Ham Radio Digital Modes with Puppy
Bringing OneBone and Puppy together with pfix=nox
How to run Puppy at 75MHz with 40 megs of EDO RAM
Firefox vs. Flash 9 Progress
How to remove attachments from kmail
Trick for USB Users with Scarce RAM
HowTo: Change password for root
A very simple Win98/Puppy dual boot with grub
How to specify which DNS servers your browser will use
vmware HOW-TO install on Puppy 2
More On How To Speed Up Seamonkey And Firefox
Gmail notifier for JWM taskbar
How I mounted CIFS/NFS shares
How I installed Java, Tonicpoint and Seamonkey Java plugin
Add snd-usb-audio and snd-powermac support to sound wizard
Quick wallpaper change
How to add Firefox features to Seamonkey
HOWTO tp-fancontrol (for Pizzapup beta 3)
don't burn coasters! use qemu instead.
How to Setup Puppy Linux on an Averatec 2370
Booting Linux from Windows boot loader
make man command jump to correct place for busybox commands
One Main Way To Stop Firefox From Disappearing, Downloading
How I got Puppy 2.13 working on an old Toshiba Satellite
VCD won't play in 2.12, 2.13 Gxine? Here's how to fix
Compile C programs in Puppy Linux 2.13
How to Enable SVideo Out
Supply a pup_save file as a grub menu argument
Save directories to DVD+RW as sessions, using growisofs
How to get alsa to detect legacy ISA cards in 2.12
Howto ssh with X across the internet, puppy 2.11
HowTo Forum . . .
MPlayer as a simple DVD movie player under Puppy 2.13 beta-2
How to use truecrypt on puppy 2.12
Display thumbnails in ROX in 2.13
Wireless Install Tips: Linksys WPC54G, Dell Inspiron 2650
How to boot 5 - 10 seconds faster!
How to: Speedup DNS Resolving
How I installed Skype in Puppy 2.13 beta
Edit JWM key bindings
Xpdq print install HOW-TO
Shrink your Pup save file or Rescue data out of it
Howto use XF86_SVGA X server with VIA passive motherboards
Remember underdog?
Firewall Logging -How to
Brother Laser Printers +/- Wired or wireless print server
Networking - Changing your Mac address
Connecting Puppy to another Linux PC
How to use AOL Dial up in Puppy
Nested X servers
Upgrade syslinux to 3.31 for faster USB booting
How to force PUPMODE 13 (flash drive) when using hd install
How to use mode 12 w/ SATA
(HOWTO) Remote X11 desktop and SSH X11 forwarding in Puppy
How To Connect 2 PCs at Home with an Ethernet Connection.
How to stop keyboard repeat
How I added TTF fonts to Puppy 2.12
How I Got WPA To Work WIth Puppy 2.11&2.12 on My Laptops
howto use bash (console) - for dos users
puppy 2.11 and palm tungsten e2
How to add program icon on tray zone in JWM
Mounting NFS shares
Add words to firefox dictionaries
upgrading jady's pupwin98 to 2.11
Remaster Puppy Into 2 sfs Files (for low-RAM machines)
How to make MS .URL files open in your default browser
Change Your Gaim Login Screen
Howto get CPU frequency scaling to work in 2.xx
howto use Puppybasic for small tasks
Windows fails to boot after using Wine? Use fdisk /mbr!
How to find all your attachments
Zoom text in Geany
puppy 2.10 on toshiba tecra 8100 with ACPI power saving
HOWTO: Get Puppy 2.10 running (off the HDD) on VMWare Server
Specify graphics card with Xorg
Howto: make Openoffice use Gnome interface
Numlock key in Puppy 1.x
How to boot Puppy 202 or 201 Normal HD install using Grub.
bash: create a gauge (percentagebar) with Xdialog
Howto compile HSF/HCF drivers for Puppy2
Get Puppy to find pup_save files on different partitions
Add Fonts to OpenOffice 2.0
Hoiw to add extra software
XLock for password protected login and screensaver
How to MIDI
Wireless solved
How To pretty up JWM appearance in Puppy
How To Puppy From Scratch? Unleashed, or wait for T2?
How I do fonts in Puppy
How-To: Right-To-Left Languages with TTF fonts in Puppy
Use most ver 9 Flash sites with Puppy
Get H-P psc 1200 printer running with PDQ in 2.02
Top Puppy Linux Tips
re: grub from the ground up
wake2pup for geexbox
Choose a Puppy to download
create an elegant Desktop with low resources
Enlightenment Wiki page updated
New NTFS-3G / How to mount and not get ROX error message.
Quiet CD drives by setting their speed
Quiet hd drives with hdparm
Tip: screenshots in Icewm
make your puppy into a samba server for windows clients
Use LILO (from another distro) to boot Puppy w/o CD
script to open mozilla as user spot
Understand Puppy T2 development environment
Cisco Aironet How to in Puppy 2
Howto boot frugal-installed Puppy v2.02 on NTFS partition
How to install devx_20.sfs and wine0915_200.sfs in Puppy 2.0
How to rotate the screen with xrandr
Shell script accesses online man pages (needs nohup)
Puppy 2 Multi-Session - Quick Start
Python Snake handling
How to make Puppy 2 unresponsive to probe (firewall)
quick access to better man pages (or any search) opera EDIT
Boot from USB on a Dell Inspiron 1300
determine free diskspace
A Short Script to Clean Your /tmp
Enable Wireless Connection on an IBM T40
new wiki page - share one mozilla profile with win and puppy
create relocatable scripts/packages
HowTo Forum . . .
Create your own Puppy based ISO Distro
HOWTO Automatically Start Applications at Boot
Boot from a FAT partition without burning the iso file.
How to install XFCE4 on Puppy2
How to get Make command to work in Puppy 2.01 from HD
ALSA fix for legacy sound cards in Puppy 2x
Puppy 2.01 and the International Keyboard - How to
How to imitate the "Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar"
Neat way to boot Puppy --- from .iso using Grub
How to Print with CUPS using Pup2.00, Pup2.01, or Pup2.02
Run a script when puppy starts
JWM theme creating for Puppy2
DHCP on AtHome network (sending hostname in dhcpcd)
Firefox 3.0 how to install
Crystal cs4237B Soundcard (Dell Latitiude Cpi D300XT)
Pup4dos boots up Pup2.00 seamonkey on a W98 machine
How to run Microsoft Office on puppy (updated for puppy2)
Xara Xtreme Graphics
How to play a VOB (video) file
Skypecasts using Puppy!
USB Keyboard on a USB Install
How to install OpenOffice
Wireless Puppy Linux for Proxim Gold a/b/g combocard 8480-wd
(Primitively) Run Rox 2.4.1 Without background (+dotpup)
tcsh style command line completion in bash
How to install TuxPaint, TuxMath and TuxTyping
HowTo: edit line in file, with bash code
HOWTO: Edit autoexec.bat to Boot Puppy by Choice For Pup4DOS
Cingular 3G HSDPA howto (sort of)
This procedure allows you to boot OSX, Windows XP and Linux
How to get Webcams to work in Puppy
How to make wmpower work on an IBM Thinkpad X23
How to have a multi-user Puppy..... sort of
How to auto-start Gxine when Puppy boots
create KDE (Puppy2)
How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
2.12: How to bring menu to desktop only for rightclick
Adding/ Removing fonts in Puppy
How to make yourself localization Puppy
How to chroot from 1.0.7 Live CD with * Linux on HD
How to install RealPlayer10 in 1.0.8r1 Mozill
How to make iso file from CD with readcd
Reduce & speedup shutdown writes to USB with rsync
How to set a menu font size for the Mozilla's applications
How to set up an FTDI USB to serial modem adaptor
How to customize Snack sound generator freq. increment
How to theme 2.0
How to show more hardware info in Puppy 1.07
HowTo (easily!) get faster grafics
Connecting to the net on PPPoE
Firefox browser TWEAKS for Broadband/DSL internet connection
If you are having a problem booting Puppy from CD!!!
How to add the office suite
How to setup 5.1 surround sound in puppy2
Assorted Server Tutorials
Samba full server-client, compile & install. (It's EASY)
Complete guide to web design
How to mount swap partition auto when starting
be a Puppy Guru
How to attend a Linux Foundation meeting
How to activate perl
HowTo Forum . . .
HOWTO run R (statistical language) in Puppy (working cheat!)
Upgrade opera
shell-scripting guide
Get Puppy Linux to work with less than 32MB Memory (WORKS)
Another way to boot puppy in win98
Boot Puppy in NTFS hd partition from floppy
Use hdparm to improve hard disk throughput
How to boot Puppy from USB-to-EIDE HDD
Sylpheed and GPG: tips to get them working
advanced bash script guide
modem install code
How to enable side mouse buttons
KDE with HD install (solved)
Take screenshots in icewm using PrintScrn key
Saving inaccessable data with Puppy
How to make .sfs file (compress programs and settings)
SMART hard drives: hdparm, smartmontools
How to install NVIDIA graphics drivers.
change the desktop menus
learn about USB mounting in Linux
View dark images
How to do away with mozill
Boot loaders, Lilo v Grub article.
IBM font in RXVT
How to install BitTorrent
How to have better/windows fonts in puppy
How to change menu font size in OpenOffice
How to use a hard drive for a Swap Partition
HowTo use Shadows
Add an ad-blocking list to the /etc/hosts file
How I installed SLAX on an iPod nano
Ripping, converting wav to (32 kbps mono) mp3 with RiapperX
How to 'view source' in Opera.
Create an image of HD using (dd), resize NTFS with qparted
How to debug rc.sysinit (puppy boot problems)
How to debug ash/bash shell scripts
How to capture (command line) screen output in a file
How to pass Named Variable to script
Create Web Page with Nvu
HowTo use partially non-aliased fonts
Recommended for beginners: the How-To Videos forum sticky
birth puppy by hand - manual hard drive installation
How to force load alternate text editor mp - Minimum Profit
How to force mount usr_cram.fs
How Too XP-theme your Puppy (Menu included is for 1.0.6)
Open the Help icon with Mozilla - for a better fonts
Command-Line keyboard shortcuts
LinNeighborhood HowTo video
Partitions; How a Linux Distro Saved Hard Disk Dat
How to restart the window manager
Dual boot install: XP on ntfs/vfat and Puppy on ext3
using puppy and chubby puppy
ext2, cramfs file systems: layout
In Linux, SheBang (= #!) denotes executable script file
Linux vs Windows: file names and file type associations
got a usb driver in dos..but how to post??
How to use BASIC in Puppy
What to do when Puppy says "Permission Denied"
How to read the mbr contents Mark L
How to edit Start menu text
TrueType fonts in Puppy applications
How to re-Configure Mouse
Use Smart Boot Manager on floppy to boot CD
make gtk apps look like qt
QEMU-Puppy: tips on running Linux in Windows
HOW TO Fix resolution / refresh rate on Intel 815
FOUND ON THE FORUM: quick tips & tricks
Howto install oroborus window manager + fbpanel taskbar
Make files undeletable with chattr
Puppy config notes
Burning a Puppy CD with Roxio 6
Start jwm's Start menu from the Start button
Boot problem with puppy 1.0.6 on notebook - simple solution.
How to use XUL
How to tie the Wiki to the HOWTOs?
How to extract slax .mo modules for use in Puppy
How to read Linux files from Windows in a dual boot system
Speed up USB-Harddisks
How To utilize a Hosts File
Not a howto, but a request for a compiling howto.
How to make a splash screen and menu
How to resize images and icons in mtpaint
HowTo Forum . . .
Azureus Icewm tray icon
How to download a torrent
How I got Atheros wifi card to work in Toshiba Satellite P35
Linux Learning Games & Programs
How to compile and run Wine for Puppy
How (not) to set the time and date :)
Run an X app as another user (e.g. spot)
Compiling kernel 2.4.29, recreate live-CD on other computer
An easier way to expand pup001 in windows XP
Get more software with Pupget
Soft modem (AKA Winmodem) support
How to boot Puppy on USB flash from NTFS partition
Dialup config: small bugs in GKdial, wvDial
HOWTO : Share files and folders between Computers
Integration of hebrew into applications
GRUB auto boot; link to Red Hat GRUB documentation
Dotpup making script
Wheel mouse XFree86 Config
Mercury: Instant Messaging with Video Conferencing
How To: Remaster LiveCD from LiveCD without pain :-)
Add Puppy News feed to Google
Install opera 8.02 in 1.0.4 bare bones
Use MToolsFM to create, zip and decompress, .tar files
How to disown a Wikka page
How to install Vim package from Slackware
Step by Step: Installing Puppy Linux to Your Hard Drive
Create a Logo
How to add ALSA to Puppy 1.0.4 HD install
How to Boot from HD but load into RAM
Yet Another Portable Puppy
How to change desktop background/wallpaper
Add image to Puppy wiki
HowTo hide and unhide the desktop icons
Multiple user pupxxx files - very simple with GRUB
mini-HOWTO: Customizing windowmanagers; adding key shortcuts
HOWTO Run another Linux from inside Puppy
HOWTO: watch TV with mplayer
Howto boot Puppy from internal Compact Flash card
A fairly simple php install (in Monkey server)
'Start web server at boot'
How to Clone a USB stick
HOWTO Install certain major applications outside pup001
Visual TCL
Building better dotpups
Using qemu to install puppy
How To: Remaster Live-CD based on Hard Drive Installation
Thinkpad yamaha cs4232 sound in puppy solved
How to install Mozilla Sunbird Calendar into Puppy
Download the yahoo.dotpup
How to edit th menus in JWM/FVWM95
Compiling VectorLinux 2.4.29 kernel from source.
How to run Puppy from Windows NTFS partition
How to use Brazilian (Portugese) keyboard
How to convert audio cassettes to mp3
How to install elinks 0.10.5 package
View the contents of your Pup001 File from Windows
How to run Tcl//Tk programs
Playing RealAudio and RealVideo with Gxine
Old binaries will run in Puppy!
Translating: teaching Puppy another language
WIKI Howto
How to make multiple run actions with Rox's SendTo
Install FireFox or Opera in BareBones Puppy 1.0.3
HowTo Forum . . .
How to use Gtkcat to find files
Placing icons on the desktop
Enlarging the pup001 file in XP (NTFS)
Simpler than a database
Here's a complete GRUB boot manger on floppy disk for Puppy
Setting up tinycc C compiler
automatically running files at startup
solved: getting wireless to work in Puppy.
How-To Install Puppy in MS-DOS without a CD-ROM or Floppy
Changing wallpaper with ROX's SendTo
Thin Client with Puppy and SSH/LTSP
How to cache ROX thumbnails to a ram drive
Solved: how to burn CDs with version 1.0.2
FireFox Tweeking: is pipelining a good idea?
Left Hand Mouse
Upgrading from 1.0.2 rc1 to 1.0.2 Final
Maintaining Desktop appearance after remastering....
How-to: Flash / USB / HD booting
AbiWord Spell Checker (a brief howto)
cropping to a circular region?
Getting a Shell; controlling mouse speed.
Acrobat Reader 5.0.1 for Fat Puppy
GSview & antialias
Installing Gimp, Firefox, OpenOffice
Cloning an Instance of Puppy....
Log In Fails
IRC instant Puppy chat from any browser
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