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Beginners Help (Start Here) Forum - Jan thru Jul 2011   Beginners Help (Start Here) Forum - Jan thru Jul 2011
WARY Puppy not booting into desktop on Compaq Presario lapto
Can I spin-down hdd in Puppy?
"power-off" command not taken
CUPS 1.4.3 printing problems [Solved]
After frugal install, no more boot options? [SOLVED]
Error 15 at Boot
How to send keystrokes from commandline? (Solved)
Puppy5.11 can`t find the file: lupu_devx_511.sfs
Step-by-step dual-boot install, Lupu 525 with Windows 7 ?
How to go to desktop? In WARY PUPPY?
Grub Error 17 Cannot mount selected partition
Changing PUPMODE for Dummies?
would like to watch online tv with half eye while browsing
wary puppy password? [SOLVED]
What is the PuppyPC login password? (solved)
Multi-tasking from the console
Cannot get online
Puppy 5..2.5 on a laptop 868MHz with only 256 MB RAM ?
Simple GUI scripting in Puppy
How to boot Puppy from USB on the Intel D945GSEJT?
How to install latest version of classic Pup?
How to download "amp; use PUPPY, for dummies?
moving files to Jump drive
create only one rule for similar filters in IPTABLES
Pasting text to the console? (Solved)
how to make xfce the default wm?
WINE under 3.01
[Keyboard] Programmer Dvorak Problem
Learn puppy or linux in general?
Configurations aren't persistent in PL525...
resize icon on desktop
What does outside of your pupsave mean?
525 full install: HD seems to be filling up. What to do?
Files disappeared from HD after viewing with Puppy?
How to connect wirelessly to internet?
Possible to boot directly from a usb stick?
Flat-screen monitor won't work
No sound with my Samsung N130 Netbook (Solved)
After 12 successful boots, no x-windows
Can puppy play CD on SATA DVD-ROM? [SOLVED]
Forced shut down lost pinboard
Need and
Puppy linux 5.2 (lupu) video crashes
Remove pop-up messages
Can't instal devx_431.sfs in Puppy 4.3.1
USB 3.0 support in Puppy?
Sony Vaio VGN-CR41 Web Camera
Audio loses synch with large video files in SMPlayer
Replace Vista with puppy linux
Puppy 431 sound just dies after a while
Puppy on WIndows
phpMyAdmin Access denied for root
Wacom Tablet out of the box support???
How to install 9 GB app (Lotro) onto hard drive?
My first dual boot computer
Question re: FatDog64 installed to USB with Unetbootin
How to change login (console) prompt from #?
Why don't Copy and Rename dialogs appear in taskbar anymore?
Statserial for Puppy
Which Version Best for Dial-up?
google earth half loads
How to make a custom Puppy CD from my HD install?
How To Hide Files In Rox/Puppy [solved]
plugging a External USB HDD to puppeee
I would like to learn how to make themes.
Skype 2.2 won't work on puppy525
Are you using frugal/full install, help with wiki page
Nice job
Pmount will not mount sda7 but mount command does
Problem with network: Xircom ethernet card works - sort of
where did the missing space on my drive go?
Problem with new motherboard display in Puppy
Can Puppy be used for Remote Desktop Connection?
Should I (and How to) Convert from Full to Frugal install?
Puppy 525 USB install won't save settings.
How to use Cutecom USB adapter?
How to install Lord of the Rings in Wine?
is wine incompatible with latest puppeee?
"personal storage" indicator saids i'm out of virtual memory
Not enough personal space to download file
sda not listed
Using Python on Geany...
Cannot connect broadcom wireless
is it ok to use p2p filesharing with live usb?
How to find a certain Windows Outlook file with Puppy?
Updating a full install
From watching a Puppy newbie
How to change screen refresh rate?
HDD DEAD, how long before my usb drive wears out?
Icons on fbpanel
Missing Desktop
Installing my own program on puppy.
How to revert to original mbr using grub4dos?
How to connect Puppy with hidden ESSID wifi?
Installing HP Deskjet 932c
Issue installing softare on puppy linux installed on pendriv
Rosetta Stone in Wine: full screen crashes X server
Having trouble using Wine graphics driver
Puppy CD won't boot in old IBM Thinkpad (Solved)
525 install and Desktop settings
I accidentally blacklisted my wireless driver
Can't get puppy to boot properly from HDD
Questions and Answers
puppy iso/vmware desktop settings not saved
linux Totem for visual adv
pudd copy drive/partition question
Questions about using Puppy 4.3.1
Question about library backward compatibility.
Is there a boot parameter to specify pupsave location?
Grub loading error 17
A reply to the sony vaio poster
LightHouse 5.03 Error Message
A little confusion about new versions...
Puppy turns dark when booting
How to get audio to work
No Puppy CD will boot in my old Sony Viao
How to save bookmarks in Firefox?
Ext2 to ext3 filesystem
translating puppy
Left Click Button - Wary Puppy 5.1.2
chinese language
Problems with /root/.Xdefaults and remaster
Which "Puppy" editor cope with large plain texts? [Solved]
Unable to display content of IMAP emails offline (Solved)
Firewall weirdness
puppy 5.2.5 don't recognize data DVD
Links2 external text editor?
Mini PCI Network Card in Dell c400
Puppy 525: AutoDHCP not saving in desktop; ok in laptop
Possible bug(s)
Youtube videos slow and jerky only in Puppy
Bluej not working
Installing Puppy in slave HDD
How to install Puppy alongside Mint?
Openbox config problems
RDP From Puppy Linux
how can i create a torrent file using transmission?
USB Webcam not recognized on Puppy Dingo 4.00
Switching Wireless/Wired
Boot options menu from CD boot Puppy 5.2.5 (frugal install)
Upgrade Puppy linux to 5.2
Automatically connect to windows network
full install boot issue
How to boot Puppy from USB on an Aspire One Netbook?
How to use ASUS USB-n10 wireless in Lucid 525?
Puppy Opera and Bittorrent
Just Curious : what are the numbers after pppd ?
How to put Save files on SD memory card?
SFS mounted at boot vs. BIN files and RAM usage
How to boot Puppy from iso on USB flash drive?
No midi in Puppy Studio 3.3
can a keypress activate the screensaver? [SOLVED]
has hotmail logon become impossible for Seamonkey? [SOLVED]
Mouse pointer pointing to a different place than on screen
Personal Settings Not Saved
Network Sharing Puppy to Windows 7
Remastered CD Won't Boot
Puppy fpr Power Pc?
How to restore files back to windows from Linux backup?
puppy programs
Sucess!!! Boot From USB
switch root kernel panic
key bindings don't work
Is there a file system cleaning utility for Puppy?
Save File not Saving????
my-documents directory has gone
Slow Sound and skype problem
Burn CD .iso with programs in place for a read-only setup
Some questions about Puppy full install
Posting links to other posts (Solved)
USB modem won't stay connected except in spup 100
Is there a small music player for Wary?
Mouse Problem
Problem with Upgrading from puppeee 4.31 to ttuuxx's 4.32
USB guitar cable
No sound notification in Thunderbird
5.2.5 Alsa Mixer vanishes when trying usb audio - no sound
Still no Bootable USB
525 frugal install - no Save file - radeon driver [Solved]
does there exist a "universal boot CD"?
Keepass on Wary Puppy
[SOLVED] Uninstalling a Program - then Remastering Puppy?
How to install the Plop Boot Manager?
[SOLVED] What is the name of the C/C++ compiler in "devx"?
Systray's battery icon
Can't make setxkbmap stick!!
Sylpheed Junk Mail Error
[SOLVED] Puppy 5.25 USB stick, No Sound on Toshiba
Using floppy to boot option
HDD full installation not as fast as CD
Suddenly have slower boot: SOLVED
How to install Puppy into HDD from USB?
g++, gcc on lucid puppy
Home Network
Swapping Hard Drive to Install Puppy
Lupu525 and multi-user settings, possible ?
Has anyone else noticed very strange behaviour from Abiword?
Triangles with exclamation points on my desktop: solved
Can't "quietly" merge folders.
Which Mysql Workbench is for Puppy Linux?
How to install Freemind in Wary 5.1.2? (Solved)
Hello to all - Booting Puppy on VM and/or SSD
Can i replace my bootloader?
puppy Linux on USB, not enough space
Beginning to use gcc - lib issue getting HelloWorld.C going
how to load indian unicode TTF fonts ?
Still Struggling with Bootable USB
GTK theme says it needs Murrine Engine?????
printing in puppry linx
Wary vs. Lucid dependency question...?
Puppy Help 101
Upgrading from PL511 to PL525 --Testing
Reduce sensitivity of laptop touch pad
Wary 5 HD install: boot hangs at kernel line
gnome player
Reliance Netconnect Huawei ec 1260 installation. how to do?
Load Picasa on startup (Solved)
crash upon reboot after package install
Wary 5
USB Flash Drive->single FAT32 partition: Contents GONE
Have new cd for puppy linux
grafig server dont work
What PCI (not express) wireless adapters work well...
Simple Way to Change Text Size on Boot Splash Screens?
Kiosk Puppy?
Live CD won't boot
lupu forgets wifi
Seamonkey corrupted images
How to install gmp library?
syncing with google calendar
Puppy Linux Gnome
Could I use OSLoader to easily boot Puppy Linux?
Xorg Problems Lucid 5.2.5
How to run AssaultCube in Puppy?
I would like to set up Puppy with programs on compact flash
Choosing sav files at startup
Lucid 5.2.5 Desktop not displayed
Lcid 525
Lucid on flash drive will not read lupusave file
Free space errors
Pup not recognizing Netgear WG311 - [SOLVED - recall card]
puppy as headless backup server
Puppy "Happy" 2.20
how to disable the INSERT key? it kills Firefox [SOLVED]
Toshiba Satellite A105 Display issue
How to install Ruby in Lucid Puppy?
Lucid/Wary - Can't have keyboard and mouse attached together
5.2.5 install to HD from Live CD won't boot
5.2.5 install to HD from Live CD won't boot
How to transmit infrared from my laptop?
Latex on 5.2.5
MacPup 525: no sound in Skype
Join WinServer Domain "amp; Browse Folder
Portable MP3 player that works well with Puppy?
How to install Puppy in a netbook?
Lost the wallpaper setter in 5.2.5 Lucid
[SOLVED]Cool clock in puppy-4.2-k2.6.25.16-seamonkey.iso
Compiling Terratec Cinergy (solved)
WakePup Won't Recognize Wary 5.2
Found a PET link but got a GZ file, how do I install this? (SOLVED)
Can the Dell Axim Pocket PC be synchronized in PL511?
Installing Puppy looking for lupu_525
make minixcal (JWM taskbar) show the current date (SOLVED)
Slow USB copy speed in Puppy 5.25
Acer laptop with Atheros AR5007EG wireless adapter
Configuring wireless interface in Puppy 525 [SOLVED]
Using Puppy with Dosbox on a Compact Flash
How to disable responses to ping? - security issue [SOLVED]
Can attached Drive probe on desktop be disabled?
Can someone please check if webpage works in Seamonkey 2
Inconsistent pos-neg video w-text "amp; bkgrnd
How to Boot Macpup 525 from USB Stick using Plop?
Create an audio image file to ease whole CD burning (solved)
ROX detailed view, column ordering [SOLVED]
How to uncompress rar file?
How to make OpenBox windows and menus transparent?
Internet connection save issues
Sound on NEC Versa SX with Lucid 525 (fixed)
Reccomendations for an old Toshiba Sattelite Laptop
No audio playback and /dev/dsp is no longer there?
Open Gl, What is this ?
Will Puppy Detect Swap and Turn On
How to disable filesystem check when frugal install boots?
confused about what repos to abort with update now [solved]
Remaster - How do you autoconnect to network, run firewall?
I can´t post a Reply here on this forum (Solved)
Putting laptop on suspend instead of having to shut down
Puppy on the new Acer Aspire one D255E (dual boot)
Network install 2 old netbook - your opinion?
Can't use ASCII table - Numeric keyboard locked
Creating desktop icon for wine Rootsmagic program
network connection for ASUS Eee PC 1015P
Problem starting irssi
Trouble with boot from CD, shut-down and save to HD
Problem installing Puppy in laptop with 190MB ram
How to boot 5.2.5 from live CD? (Solved)
How do I get from a zip distribution to a bootable SD card?
Openbox related inquiry
FAT32 partition?
Save file issues
Sound is lost upon reboot [Solved]
How to not run Puppy as root?
constant browser crash
Bulk Installation
[SOLVED] Live CD - Boots but black screen no menu
Having serious issues keeping an internet connection.
Installing packages in Lucid Puppy 5.2.5
Live CD not saving laptop settings
strange message at booting
Special device files missing
Get drivers for windows hardware and install using puppy.
Save setting on Lupu 5.25
Pseudographics in text-mode terminal
How to transfer files from Puppy to Windows 7?
How to change urvxt text, background colors?
Installing Mi******t Office 2**3
How to make main menu inaccessible to all except teacher?
Questions re using Puppy 525
Ogle nor Mplayer will play dvd [solved]
Why Kernel Panic after making a pupsave file along with SFS?
At end of Wary Puppy 5.1.2 install wizard: there is no /boot
is a puplet functional with no dev_**sfs?
How to get GCC or another C compiler in puppy?
is there a shortcut to open many files?
Puppy 5.2.5 Blank Screen During Loading
How to install HP Deskjet D1663 in Lucid 5.2.5 [Solved]
How to open .pet from console?
error browse-select file to attach in firefox (puppy 5.2.5)
Uxrvt and gimp wont start
Seamonkey and Firefox problem
How install modem 180 zte in Puppy Linux 4.2?
'wget' freezes when downloading SF-Prot virus scanner
dell c400 boot error
How to install Wine in Puppy 4.3.1?
Bios does not want to recognize Puppy on older laptop
Default location of SFS save after CD boot in Lucid Puppy ?
Create lupusave.2fs in a dedicated partition (Solved)
Browser won't open, crashes Wary Puppy (Solved)
Menu.lst???? {Solved}
How does Puppy's save script work?
How to install Backtrack apps in Puppy?
Not a help request.....
No sound or internet connection in Puppy 511
Boot puppy using PXE
JWM Tray .....workspace switcher disappeared [SOLVED]
How to install this Linux program?
Wakepup2 and lupu_525.sfs
Trying to Install Puppy 5.2 but cannot use CD or USB
How to install LibreOffice?
Basic info video on using Gparted
Google earth won't open...[Solved]
How to install Puppy without a CD?
Libreoffice3.4-unable to launch= DOES'NT WORK IN PUPPY5.2.5
Tiny-in-sized apps?
No Audio
Same Commands?
Went Too far
How to install Puppy 525 in Toshiba Satellite?
How can I do install ocr feeder in puppy linux 5.25?
Old Thinkpad and wireless PCMCIA prob
Acer Aspire One D260
5.2.5 and genealogy
How to use stalone tray?
Problem with booting Slimpup LiveCD[Solved]
.pet file location (SOLVED)
Which Qt library for Basic development?
NFS file sharing
Where to find missing dependencies?
Stuck left arrow key
I have to reconnect my wireless...
puppy linux package manager
Strange behavior in relation to the zip api - Lucid 511
Lucid Puppy 5.25 Live-USB
Downloading 5.2.5.
Some questions before migrating to puppy
Desktop Icons Greyed Out ?!!
How to install souce file on puppy (lupu 525)?
Problem with ruby gem eventmachine
Icon organizer app?
Cannot get Puppy to boot from CD or USB
[solved] Problem installing Debian packages
Type thai and read thai [SOLVED!]
Manually create a Save File for a new Frugal?
2 issues: Wine, and JWM
Running Minecraft in 5.25
fail to connect to VPN
Difference in puppies
puppy linux 5.1
Cups - can only get to the "home" page - none of the links
Where is Python
How to download files to where I want?
My Opinion of Puppy
How to install Firefox in Lupu 525?
How much RAM does Puppy need?
How to recover personal files
Very confused
CR-48 User Looking for New Distro
Same old Problem
Puppy- FAIL
Sharing my CUPS printer
Slow GMX mail on puppy
Stable web browser for Puppy 4.3.1?
Puppy 5.2 Virtualbox does not run
Interested in being paid to do a pet pkg?
Where to find missing dependencies?
How to cut and paste into a console?
How do i Install tarball
CA0106 Sound Card Issue
Remastering: What packages do what?
How to start Gnotes at boot up?
Installing VBox Guest Additions Lucid Puppy
Clock issue [Solved]
puppy official release
Installing puppy 5.2
Can't install my brotherdcp135c on puppy
Is it possible to block certain sites - for example youtube
How to have 12 instead of 24 hour clock?
Toms hardware page won't load completely
Web pages won't download completely
Full install on an external usb hard disk
jwm key combo annoying [SOLVED]
Current JWM theme?
sfs software pkg in Puppy 525 - -solved
Terminating a command-line program... ?
Suddenly grub4dos does'nt see multiple frugals anymore
Puppy5.2.5 do not good support chinese
Uninstall of Sea Monkey
LibreOffice 3.3.1 Install
Amendment to Installation Success
Does RX show downloads or only net traffic? *Solved* maybe
IEEE1284 parallel port printer setup Lucid Puppy
Puppy and Windows Shares problem (SOLVED)
how do i copy more than one file at a time
have to select my wifi each reboot
How to install Java in Wary 5.11?
puppy on a hp n5150
Can't install a driver for my webcam --RICOH
How to record with mhWaveedit?
LOADLIN to boot Wary?
5.1.1 to 5.2.5
[SOLVED] Puppy 511 wireless network not detected
mounting USB key
Convertint avi, mpeg to DVD with Prism
How to wipe HD with Puppy, to reinstall Windows?
Somehow I borked my USB Puppy, but don't know how
Trash Icon
Remap dead Left Arrow key onto Menu key? (Solved)
Wifi not working on Amilo 1650G
How to move (mv) read-only file system?
Cant open a webpage when internet reconnects
how do I remove "select default browser" button ?
Unable to start X
System Snapshot or Backup
Installing/Booting without CD
How To Install Compiz on Puppy 5.2.5
No WiFi on Lenovo x201[SOLVED]
How to loop in Firefox even if internet connection fails?
turorial como configurar modem zte paso a paso
Puppy Lupu 520 Live CD Boot Failed [SOLVED]
Mediastreams in Lucid
Installing Wary 5.1.1 on USB pen drive [solved]
How to change the default apps used??
Does Lucid Puppy say it is Puppy or it is Ubuntu? [Solved]
Need to run syslinux after repartioning bootable Flash drive
How to connect to intenet using DSL/PPPoE in Puppy?
Copy files
How to subscribe to threads in this forum? [Solved]
WiFi Connection Troubles
Puppy does not recognize sata hd 1TB
Doubts about installation.
Dell laptop inspiron 1525
Puppy 4.3.1 - Mail server connexion problem
How would I use nice/renice with *parm to automate swap?
Samsung x360 - light screen - puppy lucid
How to install Bitcoin client in Puppy Linux Wary?
How to use dialup modem program sms?
How to connect to a wireless router with Puppy 5.2.5?
Which Puppy version is best for an older machine?
Puppy Startup Disk
lupu 525 not found
I downloaded Puppy but it won't boot
How to configure grub so it boots Windows too?
Changing /mnt/sr0 to /dev/cdrom ?
Puppy full install won't boot from HDD
Puppy-powered development workstation?
Remaster Puppy Live CD
using my mobile as modem
Automatic reconnect to the network after router reboot.
Mounting SDB1
Grey Screen , No Shortcuts ,Only taskbar visible ( SOLVED )
Networking a printer
How I Installed Puppy
Puppy alternative for Windows ipconfig /release renew ?
No Sound from Puppy 525 in Thinkpad Edge
Puppy on the Acer Aspire One...
Launchbar Margin [SOLVED]
Could not install LibreOffice on usb stick [SOLVED]
Transmission Opening Port
A big tmp with small memory
Can you help me go back to Windows?
Fido and Spot for Beginners, Newbies and Noobs.
Is Puppy good for me?
installing Puppy from DOS prompt?
unable to use keyboard
Trying to install MacPup 520, hung up on Grub config
Cannot get the CD to Boot up in the computer
laptop multimedia keys package (not sven)
DeepFreeze alternative anyone??
Is there antivirus and keylogger for Puppy?
Unable to change Puppy 5.1.1 keyboard layout (Solved)
Installed Squeezeboxserver .deb but it won't run
Mouse pointer looks like complex QR code?
Which Puppy Best for Toshiba Satellite 1415-S115? [SOLVED]
howto wifi-manual step-by-step?
Full Install of Puppy didn't boot
Edit signature so links get inbedded? [Solved?]
Removed desktop icons return after reboot/power off
sdb1 v. sdb
lspci behaviour
How to add 'script' to the Bash commands? (Solved)
Lupu 5.25 doesnt have a boot screen. How to get one?
How to transform Puppy 5.25 to look like Macpup?
Puppy And Jolicloud Trouble
iron web browser
how can i preselect xvesa driver on 511 and up?
How do I password protect Puppy Linux 5.2.5
How to add Flash plugin for 64-bit machine? (Solved)
NVidia X Server settings issue.
Lucid Puppy 525 and isolinux on older hardware.
Puppy CD won't boot [Solved]
How to determine what graphics card I have? (Solved)
Remap single dead key on netbook to another that works Assis
Install puppy 5.25 on Dell Inspiron 8000 with ATi rage mobil
printing with hp deskjet 3550
thunar for xfce is not working
Troubles installing puppy in a VERY old computer.
wary is not seeing my wireless(solved)
Which linux for movies online is the best?
Puppy 4.2 installed on USB won't save settings to USB
firefox puppy linux 5.25 question
Dragging windows until they loop to the other side
Intro and questions.
xfce interface
Desktop icon link lost (Solved)
Puppy 5.2.5 USB boot does not recognize keyboard or mouse
menu is gone
DWA-125 and Puppy 5.2.5 on a Dell C400
What compressed file types should we download?
GRUB issue
how to add more desktops to puppy 5.25
Compiling source files problem [SOLVED]
Universe / Multiverse What are these?
puppy linux programs
How to install Skype?
Installation Issues: Puppy, Barry Utility, Firefox, Desktop
puppy package manager
No headphone volume in alsamixer, retrovol
Battery in Laptop is Not Recognized[SOLVED, BAD BATTERY]
About puppy
Blank display after booting in compaq v2000 -puppy 5.25
Puppy load slower when full-installed than when used USB?!
How to partition new HD for XP and Puppy?
Scanner Sharing - SANE
minimal puppy for exam taking at university
Puppy VNC Server Shows Console Only
How to get VMPlayer to recognize 3D Graphic Drivers?
How to configure Dlink 125 USB adapter in Backtrak4?
Frugal Install 5.25 in Ubuntu partition[Solved]
Saving an OLD windows XP laptop using puppy
Broken post please ignore
Acer Aspire 1312XV will not boot 5.2.5
Save icon disappeared from desktop (Solved)
Puppy on VIA 8650 netbook?
Puppy Linux Discussion Forum
No deskop with 5.2.5 live cd on HP laptop
#SOLVED# grub
save file formats
[Solved] Opera won't run from GUI in Macpup 511
Puppy 5.1.1 Screen Resolution
How do I install Lupu-525.iso?
stuck at switch root? SOLVED
How to connect VPN with PPTP? (SOLVED)
mouse problems [SOLVED]
Installing Tweetdeck google chrome "application"
Should I increase swap file ?
How to password-protect Puppy on usb drive?
try (hd0.0): issues :\
I can't edit menu.1st right to boot a frugal install
How Can I get my ethernet and usb ports to work for ssh?
Installing puppy linux from USB without cd optical drive
How to use wireless in Toshiba satellite pro 4600?
Compiling and Installing Boost file system library
vaio memory stick reader
changing the windows manager menu
How do I remove the save2flash icon on the desktop [solved]
Having trouble booting hard drive full installation of Wary
How to execute driver file with .run extension?
Samba Shares on Desktop? (Solved)
How to save settings to usb if running on usb?
Puppy in Toshiba Satellite with 64 MB of RAM (Solved)
How To Get puppy recognize SCIM(solved)
how to connect WiFi?
how to learn how to use Puppy??
how to change my default file manager to Thunar?
Power management
[SOLVED!] A Quick Command For Adding Desktop Icons...?
Puppy Freezes On Pet Installation "amp; Issues With Pen Drive
can't remove usb drive
How to make a USB flash drive work like a boot floppy?
[SOLVED]simple network setup for puppy 4.3.1?
Error in bash-script
[SOLVED !] Nathan Wallpaper Setter Not Responding...
How do you unzip a tar.gz file in macpup?
How do you download and install tcptraceroute?
Source packages
ireless usb keyboard and mouse
How do you get rid of preloaded apps on macpup?
Puppy and Internet Banking
Puppy 5.2.5 not detecting USB memory stick
British Summer Time/GMT/Psynch and icon wobbles...[SOLVED]
Installation Probs
broadcom wireless
Problem installing Macpup to USB
Can't connect to the internet
puppy won't boot from usb
No Save file option when Puppy shuts down
woof scripts
The server's security certificate is not yet valid!(solved)
how to install Puppy Linux on HP Mini netbook?
Puppy Won't Boot O.o
Startup folder -- how to have items start minimized?
Email Folder Storage Location
Personal Storage / Saving to hard disc. (Solved)
Mouse Pointer Problem (it clicks everything constantly)
a new entry 4 wvdial
puppy isn't loading iso file
Inconsistent WakePup2
como pasar de 5.2 a 5.2.5
change keyboard layout
Changing Network Manager
[solved] Media Keys not responding
My first USB Flash Stick install
WPA Wireless on Lenovo S10e [Fixed]
Build Script
Java application on Desktop (Solved)
How do I find puppy iso file on cd (SOLVED)
WPA2 wireless connection keeps dropping (Solved)
[SOLVED] puppy eating up my savefile!
How to set up keyboard shortcuts for applications? [SOLVED]
Lupu file change of HDD
Error installing application
Can`t connect to wireless network
Dell Dimension 3000 audio just works in Puppy 5.25!
Autohide not working well
Network settings. (SOLVED)
How to use PCMCIA wireless in an IBM Thinkpad 1420?
how does the file downloading work?
usb flash puppy installed, bios screen keeps repeating
Puppy USB Install
Some questions about using Puppy
Doubt after upgrading to 5.25
sh: make: command not found
How to optimize my puppy for browsing?
Did i choose the right distro?
puppy can't find data dvd
Pmount never stop..
Change splash screen?
[SOLVED] SDL Compliation problems
booting fromSD card in netbook slot (2 gb Asus 1004)
changes no saved after reboot
GRUB ver 0.97 Minmal Bash like line editing
Desktop slightly off-center (sorta-solved)
Does Anyone have GNUPod working for Puppy?
Wifi not auto-connecting on boot
Games running on wine cannot detect graphic hardware!
ifconfig and discovering the default Gateway? {Solved}
How to install transmisson remote gui on Puppy?
usb modem
Instaling a self extracting Linux file
does sfs get loaded into ram? (solved)
Invalid system disk on boot for USB (sdc1)
[solved] savefile; how to make Puppy use new location?
Puppy without a harddrive
GSmartControl hard disc health inspection
Saving Downloaded Files to NTFS Formatted Hard Drive
Program that show the load of the system in the tray..
Lucid Puppy 5.2.5 wifi not working [SOLVED]
Win7 shared printer
Openbox error message that doesn't make sense...
How to edit Keyboard Layouts?
making iso file
Tried MacPup, now Windows doesn't see Ethernet
how to install KDE into puppy linux?
xorgwizard abnormality..[SOLVED]
How to connect to Internet on Lucid Puppy 5.1.1?
How to Configure Puppy Linux for Dell Mini 1010?
[Solved] System locking up repeatedly
how to mount sda16,sda17 ?
Multiboot. Macpup (Grub1) and Grub2 systems
(SOLVED) How to install MORE THAN ONE graphic driver IN A PUPSAVE??
Can not start play on desktop ..
Prog required to open xxxx.ppsx
[Solved] Installing SDL
crossdomain.xml downloads?
Deleting old sfs files
Can i install Puppy Linux on Intel Mac Mini using USB...
How to kill tcp connection? (Solved)
Puppy Linux freezes every 5 seconds
There is an easy tutorial to create a new user?
Odd browser issue?
IBM 300GL Network Drivers
JDK and Android SDK installation
Which wine is better for gaming?!?!
How do you stop the monitor from going into standby
Puppy won't save
How to control the colors of pwidgets?
Wireless config not saved
[SOLVED] Serial mouse doesn't work (error during boot ?)
network connection up but Firefox can't connect...
unetbootin puppy
Kernel panbic!!
How can I shut it down port 631 that is open? [Solved]
Can't get puppy 5.2.5 to finsh booting
xp_boot only to c:?
how to play the sims 3 in wine?
SOLVED How to completely disable internal sata hard drives
I cant download or install anything from quickpet
Lucid 5.2.5 live CD hangs at boot with kernel panic (CLOSED)
Auto configure X after remaster in 525
Usb ADSL modem HUAWEI SMARTAX MT810. PPPoe settings.
Getting connected
connect powerbutton to sleepmode?
Expand lupusave.sfs
Anyone tried e4rat ?
Can't find Tonido I installed in Macpup from a .deb
Puppy 4.2.1 Retro doesn't boot
USB Network Adapter install problem
Saving Files to hard drive?
How to upgrade Puppy from 5.2 to 5.2.5?
Superblock problem
How to get Puppy to use swap file on startup?
improper shutdown!
boot failure after sfs install
Puppy won't show on friends LAN
Booting Puppy from a live USB on both Mac and PC
Error 15 after frugal install to HD
How to use Dynex wireless G USB adapter in 5.2?
SOLVED !!! HELP !!!! Remaster without using CDROM drive...
Repositories in PPM *SOLVED*
install from source
how do i use terminal?
How to make a start up script for Puppy?
Icons changed appearence..
How to start Puppy without a monitor?
Pwidgets 2.3.1- Puppy 5.2
No PET packages will install anymore
Chrome not found..
Can't get hiawatha to serve up images
Some problems I have...
I have a problem with the library ( ffmpeg
how to make puppy 5.2 use a zip file for a driver?
how to clean windows with malware and viruses?
Can I use Puppy on very old Sony Subnotebook?
Auto-start wont start
Gaming compatable?
test on kernel for puppy 4.3X 5.x
does anyone know what should i do.
GRUB's "unknown" Linux distribution
deleted important files (*.iso 's) in ROX filer
Install puppy to a usb pendrive from an iso file(puppy 525)
Puppeee + EeePC 701SD, increase 3D OpenGL speed by 100%
Puppylinux 5.25 black screen when shutting down
Installation - Compaq Presario 1245 Laptop
GRUB does not recognize linux partition
Seeking guidance re: puppy and old ati
Seeking guidance re: puppy and old ati
installing Lupu the hard way
Window size in ppm unmanageable..
No PPM on Wary 5.1 plus corrupt desktop
Is there something wrong with CUPS?
set static ip / dns / gateway from console?
Problem starting up
New linux user...thanks, Puppy folks
Instant startup?
Is puppy linux right choice for me?
PawdioConverter, I try to select a sound file
Make Irfanview (via wine) my default image viewer
How to install Firestarter firewall? (solved/abandoned)
Using Puppy Linux as a server
Moving large apps to mnt/home
Ip Info applet, where does it get it's information from?
Three different ways to use .sfs files in Puppy?
where is guvcview
I installed Chrome bowser; where is it?
Puppy defrag app?
Wary 5.1.1 (on external PATA drive) and MacBook 1,1
Compiling Source code from the command line
driver for Lexmark X2470 multi-printer
Boot From CD problems
Does directx9 and wine works on puppy 4.3.1?
Omitted letters in calendar
Desktop icons changed to generic type *SOLVED*
amule id low puppy5.20,how can i do?
backup suggestions??
Announcing New Puppy Release version 7
wifi does not work
Removing Pidgin package borked my Lucid install
Safari webarchive or .mht how to read them? [Solved]
Can Puppy delete Tivo partitons?
[solved] would like advice as to what Puppy to install
Install problem: Keyword error
How to Uninstall pre-installed programs from Puppy Linux?
Java install correctly..
Questions about SFS and pupsave's speed
Does loading up software on Puppy slow Puppy down?
Cpu x2
Iron 10 browser fail to edit in Puppy forum (solved)
can not see hard drive
Puppy 5.2 can't see save file booting from USB flash drive
Dual Monitors for ATI HD3000
Glxgears won't run in Lucid. Do I need a video driver?
Samsung Printer not working - ML120 in 5.11
GIMP 2.7.1 on-line tutorial sought
Working Boot CD but not HDD - I don't get it.
POVRAY Installation
Xorg Wizard cant get to work!
How to connect Smart Bro USB stick to internet?
Failure at group handshake
uncompression error
Network Problems - Via-Rhine-II
Trouble installing Puppy on Macbook Pro 7,1
How to install Woof?
Update java with sfs package? (Solved)
save2flash from console?
Detection of usb dvd-t in kaffeine
How Can I Shrink My Main Windows Partition?
Resize and encrypt existing savefile?
Why Can I Only Make This Partition 7MB?
How to Check for Updates?
full install on flash drive?
External Floppy Disc - Drivers?
PUI for Windows (hard-Puppy)?
Which Puppy is best for Windows recovery / repair?
Getting Puppy Live USB?
How to remove sfs file from hard drive
Puppy's fonts aren't as crisp as Windows'
Wallpaper change.. [SOLVED]
consloe commands
Puppy - blank slate version per se...?
How to install a PET over SSH?
What hardware requirements for Puppy Linux?
When do you have to remove Windows?
about using startmount
Linux Puppy wont boot suddenly.
touchscreen fun (toughbook CF-28)
TeamViewer in Wary5 [SOLVED]
which release for my old PC ?
How many RAM does Puppy Linux support?
How to install Puppy 5.2 to PC with 94 MB of RAM?
cd starts up, "making file system usable..depmod" "amp; stops??
Deleted shortcut from desktop. How to get it back?
Is there a wireless log file?
webcam on desktop
migrating PuPPy
Installing Firefox/updating libraries
Read-Only SD card
How to change the name of the PC
"Just works" wifi card?
Puppy on USB?
Anything like Linux for dummies online?
How to get DirectX working?
Puppy CD boot error: Can't access tty. What to do?
Multiple JWM Desktops
How to install Puppy on hd, then install XP?
SMP or nosmp, apic etc. Which boot options?
Video "amp; Touchpad Settings Problem
MIcromax 351G USB modem with Puppy 511
apropos makewhatis
Windows Remote Desktop
Easiest way for noob to run puppy (guest) from Vista (host)?
Addons Won't Install to SeaMonkey in Wary Puppy 5.1.1
I am considering swithing to Puppylinux just have a few ques
How to install Puppy in a Acer Travelmate 433LM?
will it also format the drive?
I Can't Find Out How To Close The Sidebar
Do You Need Internet to Install OpenOffice?
Compiling, booting multiple KERNELS ... HowTo's, SOP, GLP?
wireless conection
what to do when lib*.so is missing upon installing pet?
[SOLVED] Lan lost
Where do I purchase FatDog64?
Acer Travelmate 430
No Internet - Solved
wary 5.1.1 Cant shutdown?
using apt-get in Puppy - installing with all depedencies
use of "send to" to open programs
Fan Control Lucid 5.2 Dell Inspiron 8500 ?
How to connect to work network with VPN?
BackUp Files from Windows Hard Disk using PuppyLinux-520
Puppy 5.20 display problems
How to start menu using the WIN keys?
Paritioning and boot questions
Puppy for intensive 3D gaming?
how to install gambas2
Windows doesn't see everything on my Puppy flash drive
creating startup script for iso?
Question Turboprint in Wary5 (or Quickset Wary5)
How to adjust time in task bar
Linux type for Puppy 5.2
How do I install the "devx" development package?
Education and Documentation (continued)
Extract Two Partitions from .Img to USB Compact Flash?
How to extend onto 2 monitors?
Monitor turn off time
Place to tick essential icons on desktop..
How to use ffmpeg to convert .ogv to .mp4 or .avi? (solved)
Puppy Menu opens off screen (Solved)
Installing from quickpet..
Which version of Puppy Linux has easiest dialup config?
[SOLVED] How do I avoid bootup disk searching?
I installed Puppy without a swap partition. Do I need one?
Grub stops and I have to press enter to boot puppy
Lost clock?
Where does puppy put the savefile?
Installed Puppy 5.20 won't boot
Problem with puppy on my USB flash drive?
How do I open a program?
how do I get a password request at boot?
what laptop to get?
How to run Linux in my old laptop?
Disabled the wrong hardware, how to re-enable?
Firefox lost the ... x to shut FF down [solved]
My settings NOT saved
I messed up Lucid 5.1 Xwindows. How to fix?
adobe flash player
Write permissions ignored [SOLVED]
Renaming Drives
How to use LibreOffice sfs in Puppy 5.2?
Puppy on Linux?
4.2.1 dependency check fails and dies
Puppy Linux Education and Documentation
Truecrypt or Bcrypt
Icons reappear when switching between savefiles?
USB Wifi-g adapters with OEM Linux drivers --> Pupppy 5.2
Not finding any interface to connect to internet
Wary 5 full install won't boot
cannot find sfs error SOLVED
How to have wbar vertical start at top left?
mysterious 'make install' error
Puppy is not creating a 'pupsave' file
How to increase Personal Storage? (Solved)
Blackbox keybinding?
How to kill hidden firefox?(Solved)
nvidia 440MX
flash player... how to install?
Sfs Get in QuickPet doesn't do anything
MACPUP Cannot Install any other web browser
Installed Lyx but clicking its menu entry does nothing
Is there a simple way to install TOR? (Solved)
Install Puppy without cd or pendrive
Lighthouse Pup
Preinstalling Puppy on removable HD
I downloaded Puppy onto a CD but it won't boot (Solved)
Broken GParted in5.2 *SOLVED*
Changing MAC-address permanently in 4.3.1
Strange message when I open a rxvt terminal
Wireless connectivity
How to run Puppy 5.2 with no system sounds, but audio on
Default wireless
Driver for 3CCFME656 B PCMCIA Card
How to install other languages
Installing Lexmark Pro200 printer driver?
[am_start() failed, error 26
I downloaded the man page .pet for 5.2. How to use it?
Raid arrays in Lucid Puppy 5.2 *SOLVED*
How to use sfs files in Puppy 5.2?
How to add another repository to PPM?
How to add Musescore to the 'Open with' .. list?
Screenshow howto?
XArchive 0.2.8-6 in Puppy Linux 4.3.1 (k2.6.30.5)
anorexic display does not want to cooperate
Keeping Changes on the Remaster (and on the next boot)
How to move Puppy install from USB to harddisk?
Standard Script for loading applications??
Booted the CD, unmounted HDD; how do I get it back?
MacPup 511
Possible to view stdout remotely over SSH?
How to create internet shortcuts like in Windows?
Dropbox for Puppylinux
How to create a new save file?
Wireless connect w/Puppy 5.01
how to set up a dual or triple boot?
How to make a desktop icon?
Connecting to Internet
gtk-recordMyDescktop (solved)
Install Puppy on Hard drive from VirtualBox
Lost start menu and window switcher in panel: Puppee/Opnbox
Problem with connection manager and GPRS
How or where do I configure puppy to NOT start xwin at boot?
Jack audio install error on 5.2
Shutdown issue (can't save config to live usb)
Lots of Bus Errors: 5.2 lucid
Is there a Puppy less than 64 MB?
broadcom 4313 wifi driver in hp mini 210?
Boot problems SOLVED
How to setup Compaq CMOS to boot from CD?
Can't make Puppy run from thumb drive
How to use ADSL IDE card?
How to make a Puppy-based server?
segmentation fault launching 'tilda'
How to connect laptop to to 2nd laptop thru wireless router?
How to get PL 5.2 to boot straight to desktop?
How to make a live CD or install Puppy Linux?
Basic Shell (Console) operation for beginners
hp mini 210 2177nr OS problems with wifi and touchpad
Internet DSL Slow
Is puppy not working for you?
Gnumeric link - Puppy521(Solved - Sorta)
adding a partition to PUPSHARE(solved)
Font size question
PL 5.2 runs really slow
How do I assign a sound event for new emails in Sylpheed?
Unable to see CD drive after booting from USB
how can I remove the built in torrent client?
Firefox and winamp problem after puppy try-out
Man command broken
Problems compiling, adding desktop shortcuts in Lucid 5.2
dropbox problem.....screenshot dbus WARY (Solved)
So many routers, the window is off the bottom of the screen
Is Puppy Linux right for me?
iPhone Tethering
Puppy 5.2 frugal on usb and Acer Aspire One
file sharing with Ubuntu
Remastering - Getting it right SOLVED
How to create a Save file? (Solved)
Getting lupu-520.iso to run
Please explain network icon animations
Slow download speed as compared to windows
First time linux user, setting up laptop for kids
Simple Cd Remaster not saving Firefox add-ons
Using Orinoco USB Client Gold to connect to internet
Woof and Puplets
Can't connect to internet via Ethernet
Remastered Puppy CD won't boot
Keyboard Layout for Swiss German / Swiss French
how do i install puppy 5.2 to hd
What is "free?"
Puppy whines
Sneeky Puppy
Can't get PL to shutdown
Run application at Puppy Linux startup
Cant get Puppy to load from HD
Will not boot into Puppy
How to make the window transparent
How to run Macrium Reflect Rescue CD in Puppy Linux?
hp mini 210 touchpad only tap works
Problem during installation
How do I find out how much memory I have
lucid 5.2 lost desktop icons
Frugal install questions (most ANSWERED)
Unable to install on either HDD
enable webcam for flash??
Can you install PL without installing Grub?
Recovery after bootflash... possible?
Wireless access to Broadband
Haskell in Puppy?
General Puppy Linux questions
How do I install themes?
Editing Start Menu
How do I make puppy mount disks with noatime option?
puppy partition problems
libreoffice without java? [solved]
whats the fsckme.flg and what does it do?
printer "busy, will retry.."
Problems after installing Puppy 5.2 to hdd
Inserting a folder/image link in gnumeric
Puppy CD boot: keyboard does not respond
[SOLVED] How do I get my taskbar icons back?
Box-shaped mouse in Lucid 5.2 full install
boot floppy for Puppy in ext2 partition on USB HD?
How to compile a driver from source?
Mouse too fast
Can't use MSN chat in Lucid Puppy; also Firefox crashes
Segmentation faults - (SOLVED - did a new install)
unable to get djmount to work
Can I skip the PPM library updates I don't want?
I'm a beginner at trouble shooting with Puppy
How to add browsers to frugal and update browsers in frugal?
Developer's Package?
How do you set up 2 partitions on a USB flash drive?
Puppy 5,2 can't see crashed HD
Does Lupu52 create unnecessary files on Home? (Solved)
How to set a screensaver
Installing Gnome 2.32 or newer on Puppy 5.2
[SOLVED]What happens when i delete inbuilt files of puppy
VLC crashed Browser - see also link below (SOLVED)
waitng for modules.....why ?
Geany projects
How to prevent RAM copy of lupu_520.sfs ? (Solved)
How do I boot Lupu 5.20 frugal?
Open/Save File Problem
How to set up internet connections in Puppy 5.1 "Wary"?
Server not found Messages
USB - boots kernel followed by blank screen and bark.
Grub2 installed on hard disk, how to configure it? [SOLVED]
Problem connecting Puppy 5.2 to internet wirelessly
[Solved]Spacebar=Page Down??
Puppy 5.1 installed to flash drive but it won't boot
Installing Supertuxcart
Saving "amp; Loading Files [Solved]
How to reduce brightness-LCD screen-Dell Laptop(SOLVED)
How to setup printer on laptop
Wary 5.1 No hard drive seen.
installing brsrlinux to same USB flash drive as the ISO
Can I use checksum md5 to verify Puppy installation is clean
FirstClass client needs libqt in Wary; where can I get it?
creating live cd from HDD
CAC Reader install
CAC reader installation - how?
I want to keep XP; What are my Puppy installation options?
Puppy 5.2 fails to boot from HD
Installing applications freezes PC [solved]
Does Puppy have an Update Manager?
Broken Download Links?
Puppy linux CD won't boot at all?
pup 4.3.1 stops at Loading kernel modules
How to strip Puppy down to just a browser?
How do I install Puppy in a USB 256MB pen drive?
Gparted: Resizing hda2 on the left side hda1
Unable to connect to internet with AT"amp;T DSL modem
Problem installing wxLua
Successful Lucid 5.2 install on Aspire 3810TZ
No sound from Puppy 5.1 in Packard Bell EasyNote laptop
puppy arcade 10
Multi Boot from USB
Change root passwd if console login not possible? (Solved)
How to password protect my Puppy account? (Solved)
why root?
[solved] ati drivers
How do I Change the Color of the Scrollbar in a browser?
gsopcast (ABANDONED)
how to start programs maximised
LIVE USB not saving files on mounted partitions
Save Session to CD "amp; *NOT* load to RAM on boot? (Solved)
Which instant messaging client works for everything?
How do I install packages in Puppy?
new programs not showing up in menu
SOLVED: Non CDROM Puppy boot "amp; storage file creation
Has Frugalinstaller been removed from Lupu 5.2?
Weird Installs
Previously loaded filenames in program file menus
Should I Create a Non-root Account for a Live USB of Puppy?
How to install Puppy on a clean partition
Transmission torrent download error [SOLVED]
Use usb frugal install on more than 1 computer?
tv or monitor out with puppy
How to setup/install/configure ADSL2+ internet?
How to ping? (To check my internet connection.)
Pinboard is gone! [Solved]
How to install and use antivirus/malware/spyware programs?
Problem running Avast anti-virus in Lucid
How to backup nose to tail
Cannot connect to network in Lucid 5.2
How to update the browser in older versions of Puppy?
Lucid Puppy 5.2 - Booting problem
SOLVED:: LiveCD won't boot
How to auto mount a drive at boot in Puppy 521?
How to connect wirelessly to Buffalo NAS?
How to make a screen saver in Linux?
Puppy and Hacking
How to make touchpad tap work?
Cups printing
Orinoco USB wireless card not working in Puppy 5.2
Whats an Ideal installation to a windows drive.
Lucid-Bleed repository - can It be added to PPM?
lucid5.2 scsi drivers
How to share a Windows partition with samba from live CD?
Need GCC Binary path to finish installing VMWare Tools.
How to use dual monitors in Puppy Studio 3.1?
NO headphone sound
Wireless config not saved "amp; how to install software?
grub4dos editing [Solved]
puppy 5.2 + xboot = Boot partition not found
moving lupu_520.sys - SOLVED
Puppy 5.2 installation not detecting USB drives
Riptide Combo card drivers contacts and how tos
Puppy and Ubuntu
Is there an for Ubuntu Studio 2.1?
How to install Sbagen for beginners
Attempted install failed, now the computer won't boot
To compile/install in 5.2 Lucid you must have the dev file
Bootpup2 and an old Laptop
How to remove "save session" prompt at shutdown?
Lupusave file: which file system is better (ext2 or ext3)?
So can you configure a Riptide sound card without the ALSA?
Linux puppy Instalations issue
Removed default browser, now browse icon won't work[solved]
Dependency programs for Riptide Combo card for Linux
How to make quirky sleep or hibernate?
Puppy Linux DVD won't boot
Ram memory more than 2GB - puppy 5.20
Keyboard ok from CD but not working in X after hd install
Terminal in file folder doesnt allow $./configure or $cd
How to compile/install in Puppy 5.2?
Desktop icons
Video problem
How to run downloaded programs?
Which is the best Puppy for my needs?
need to 'hide' my sfs files briefly
Libs Deps etc. I just dont get it....
Pnethood doesn't work on full install
ALSA sound wizard does not detect HP 4455 soundcard
No sound from Lucid 5.2 in HP Pavilion 4455
No sound(driver missing?, icon missing, not detecting?
Puppy does not see network card on my ShuttleX
"Where is the linux source build [SOLVED]
How to get flsynclient to save touchpad settings? (Solved)
Power management problem on Aspire One ?
Installed apps to .pets?
Configuring gpptp PPTP vpn client in PUPPY 5.2
Question about the initrd.gz
Unable to boot or install Lucid Puppy in a SIS laptop
Unable to use network card in a Fujitsu Amilo
Installing devx_520
Problems installing puppy linux 5.2
How can I get my icons back? RESOLVED
disabling autologin at startup
How to mount a network share?
Swap space questions
Connect to Windows 7 Home Workgroup shared resources?
Could anyone compile those for puppy (PET package)?
How to install Puppy on a Sony Viao with 64 MB of RAM?
How to upgrade from 4.0 to latest version of Puppy
Question about RAM load
What an incredible distro!
Can't connect to the internet Via ethernet cable.
Where are those darn executables?
How to connect laptop to router wirelessly?
Stellarium from .pet runs slow in Puppy 5.2 (Solved)
unable to connect to internet with midori due to lack of ssl
Trying to find info on LaunchBar or Wbar
Pup-431.sfs Live CD great; USB flash boots but malfunctions
How to permanently retain a boot option?
tarball to pet conversion(solved)
Dual boot W7 / Puppy
Question about personal file usage in a USB install
USB 4.3.1: browser disappears after a short time
Puppy CD won't boot in old laptop
icon shrank? [solved]
Installed Firefox now email won't work
Why does GParted show my hd is locked?
Puppy as an email server?
Linksys WPC11 with Puppy 5.2 Lucid--Fails to Load
Touch panel in Linux Puppy 4.3.1
Trouble with Puppy Package Manager. Solved
Upgrading usb flash
Issues with Puppy 5.2 in laptop
4.2.1 hd install won't boot (Solved)
sharing files between two puppies
5.2 HD install
Inastalling Windows after puppy
Windows 7 won't burn .iso to CD
Puppy and DOS dual boot from usb
Pretty Much Everything Fails to Download From Repositories
configure not working
CD To USB Boot
Chromium Problem
install amule, qbittorrent and tucan
Are the pets for Lupu-520 also working on Lupu-511, 510?
Installed Puppy 5.2, but can't make it boot automatically
Puppy doesn't even see my DVD writer
mplayer /Puppy 4.21
How to Remove 'Welcome to Lucid Puppy' "amp; 'Welcome 1stBoot`
[SOLVED]Can't shutdown properly Lucid Puppy
Lupu puppy 5.20
shutdown and reboot buttons disabled on xfce
What puppy versions can I use with Qemu?
How to config Iron browser to auto-run downloaded mp3 files?
How to install an SFS file to a Full HD install of Puppy?
Remaster Puppy 4.3.1 creates ISO that is not customized.
Want to move netbook to Puppy but there's an issue
problem with vertical scrolling in browser - puppy511
Puppy can't find a carrier for my wireless modem
Puppy 4.2.1 won't boot after hdd install
programing with QT Creator
Trying to recover data on Raid 0
touchpad settings not saved
Mono sfs won't work(solved)
How to mount top layer
Attempt to kill init!
Puppy 5.2: pnethood samba shares problem
How to boot from USB without monitor and keyboard?
version repository
I have to reset the time every time Puppy boots
puppy 4.3.1 on an office PC with LAN ether network
firefox to usb
Booting puppy from USB flash drive, without burning it first
Wireless connection lost after period of netbook inactivity
Save custom DNS settings? [Solved]
How to update all packages automatically?
connecting two pcs
Wireless DHCP Puppy 511 (Solved)
Sending junks to the Trash Basket
How to share files between Windows and Puppy? (Solved)
go open office is slow[Solved]
Open Live DVD question
Flash content crashes the plug-in or the entire browser
How to get list of files installed by a package ? [SOLVED]
serial modem
No Video [ Solved ! ]
How to run an .exe file in Wine?
Starting SSH automatically after a reboot
How do I make sure a daemon is running upon boot?
Using Seamonkey profile after reinstall (SOLVED)
fatdog64 more packages?
how to autostart programs?
How to share drives and folders in home network?
Puppy 5.2 Wireless Stops Working
How to dim the screen?
Make_3.81 and Puppy
Problem to install KOffice from quickpet - Puppy 5.2
chromium crash - puppy linux 5.2
Unrecognized Folders
Dual Boot: How to use files saved in Windows?
some questions about samba in puppy 5.2
Questions Re: Remastering
laptop ran out of juice and now puppy forgot me!
Balky Puppy...
How to install, save and open programs in Puppy?
Puppy 5.2 won't boot from CD in one computer
Boot PL 3.01 On a 486...
how to connect two puppy laptops using command?
rxtx for JDK 1.6.2
kernel panic on Windows after making files lowercase[SOLVED]
How to avoid the monitor switch off after 10 minutes?
Wireless PCIMA Card
How to install missing libraries?
Can't drop down to console
Abiword upgrade is necessary? (SOLVED - New Install)
Puppy 4.3 does not detect certain USB thumb/flash drives
What GRUB partition I type in?
Font Names -- 10x20 -- [solved]
snd module (pup 520)
more light browser and mail client
Please! Dead links need sorting out!
how do i download and install frostwire on lucid puppy 5.0
Puppy 5.2 not detecting hard drive
puppy quirky will not recognize pcmcia
Puppy won't boot after HD Full Install
Lucid Puppy 5.2 defaults
Where to Get ldconfig for 2.1.6?
No Driver in Latest Puppy for Wireless Card in my Laptop
No wireless networks detected
toutou linux
Can't get Wifi connection
Searching tsclient 0,150 or most recent
Using live boot options (SOLVED)
No option to make savefile?
manually updating puppy linux from 5.1.1 to 5.2
Error mounting sr0 (dvd drive)
Moving USB Sticks?
How to increase RAM memory and remove services
On-line security using live dvd (rw)
After Frugal install, Puppy runs slow
The "make" command and dellfand
Grub Modification for Full Linux mint Install?
Trouble with mouse pointers with Lupu-52 Guest in Windows
Personal storagefile getting full !!
Puppy on Thin Client -- How to Make It Work?
easy antivirus?
Puppy doesn't see blank CD-R's
Puppy in my classroom
Installed fprot anti virus has no menu entry <solved>
xfce4 on 5.2
Cannot mount anything
How to do a one click installation posted by rcrsn51
how installing vim and texlive ?
Installing Linux puppy to HD
How to connect to satellite internet provider?
Galleon in puppy?
Is there a way to use Puppy 5.2 in French?
Some questions about using Puppy 5.2
How to uninstall a tar file
[SOLVED]Gtk+ 2.22.1 "make" not working?
Question about kernel compiling
How can I do remote help for newbies?
[SOLVED]How to track files
How to get online with old laptop?
how to use wine in puppy 5.11?
USB stick setup for boot - Solved
boot Puppy 520 from usb on Acer One A110L SSD 8Gb Atom
Problem with install to hard drive on IBM T21
backup data
Can't Find Saved Puupy
Problem in Remastering
how to config hiawatha?
Puppy 5.2 JWM Themes
Which versions will WolfPup's .pet packages work with?
vpn client
How to run LottaNZB news reader in Puppy?
ALSA Fails in Wary - Solved
USB can not be found
520 - Boot partition not found
ethernet card drivers in vista
Internet browsers crash
Where can I update QuickPet? [SOLVED]
Kernel panic after installing software?
USB-dvb-t stick
[SOLVED] chromium does not work
Acerhdf installed now what ?
Configure scan HP Deskjet F4280 and others -i supose-
Yet another automount question... [SOLVED]
GoggleEarth App won't load in lupu511
What version of Puppy is best for internal SD card install?
How to get Puppy to use new cd/dvd drive?
Dual Boot With Xubuntu
Where can I download PBurn and iso2cd for other distros?
Puppy 5.1 loaded on Xubuntu 9.0 - Where'd it go?
How to start php using null httpd?
USB Bootable? [SOLVED]
hiawatha giving error while loading
bridging network interfaces
Re-Enable xp startup processes i accidently disabled?
Cannot mount sda1
How to configure Puppy 4.2 webserver for Perl cas cgi?
How to recover files from a crashed Windows hard disk?
What are Puppy's minimum system requirements?
Puppy linux with only Wine?
Error loading operating system, system halted, ethernetless
Puppy 4.3.1
No Keyboard input lupu 5.1.1
Launching WINE
Installing Fonts
flv player for Lucid Pup?
Puppy 5.1 on Inspiron 8000 Monitor Issues
put puppy package manager on desktop?
HowTo: Convert mov,avi,mkv to mpeg1,or mp4,or avchd?
pcmcia wireless on Panasonic toughbook CF 27
Puppy 5.1.1 often freezes
Quirky need change 1024x600 to x768 (solved)
What's required for Puppy to see a LVM?
Powersave and monitor turning off - how to turn off?
Dlink wireless dongle sees AP but won't connect [SOLVED]
What's limiting RAM when running from lupu-511 live CD ?
Internet Connection
Converting .pet to .deb
Display shows repeated copies of one corner
How to uninstall driver?
problem booting solved
can't Paste to rxvt (Console) Solved!
Puppy installed along with SUSE
Mouse + Keyboard problems "amp; other questions
ACPI and PCI; when and what and why?
A few questions about using Puppy
puppy and v. old laptop (win 95)
How do I manually change the IP address?
ati video card[solved]
Java in firefox?
Is there any reason to install puppy?
SOLVEDLost Menu-need to find gparted
mounting drives
Change CD/DVD drive name? 5.1.1
How do you install software and drivers?
vertical refrsh hell
Puppy 5.1 CD from 'OS Disk' won't boot
Restoring old files
How to boot from micro sd card?
Pup 5.1.1 or TXZ Pup?
Some applications are not working anymore
How to use Cricket modem with Puppy
[Request] Webcam For Flash (Ubuntu-like?)
Upgrading Puppy
Conky + X | High CPU usage
Linking directories to the desktop with Rox
Any way round using adobe flash player (Solved thanks)
Windows disk problem. Can I fix this from PuppEee?
Getting 5.1.1 to run - DEVX not starting
How to Change Paths in MtPaint Snapshot Screen Capture?
Frugal Install "amp; GRUB 2 on Linux Mint (Ubuntu?)
Are there a netboot guide for puppy 5?
Using wine to set up a wireless adepter EDIMAX EW-7711UAn
Simple Database to Use in Puppy 5.1.1?
Can U run Skype Video Chat in Puppy?
Problem (?) keeping the wireless connected...
How do i enable vdpau acceleration?
Puppy does not see my Ethernet connection[SOLVED]
Will a thin client with a VIA Eden CPU run Puppy?
Some kernels boot slow in my old PC. (solved)
Puppy Package Manager
The Indian community needs modem drivers
Comic\Manga Reader
Sylpheed 2.7.1 [Fixed]
Tray disappeared!
OK, what's the trick needed to play MP3 audio?
how to write in arabic in puppy linux 5.11
Best strategy for giving Puppy to a 9 year old?
Dual/External Monitor with Xorg
How Can I Force Synaptics Driver to Load??
How to Upgrade / Update Puppy Linux Hard Drive Install
Desktop icons - how to get them in nice colors?
UPDATE - No Sound in LuPu 5.10 / LuPu 5.11 [SOLVED!]
Puppy CD boots up but then the screen goes black
How to use Netgear PCMCIA wifi card in Lucid 5.01?
Blockbuster / Netflix not compatable with Linux?
How to make Seamonkey's tabs take up less room?
lupu-510.sfs not found and
How to associate attachments to applications in SeaMonkey?
Truly portable? Or tied to the original PC? [Solved]
Can I get OpenShot "amp; Kdenlive on one USB stick?
Is there a pet that functions like Moviemaker?
How do I install Avast?
strange startup script issue
Are there cleaning utilities for Puppy?[Solved]
Need a working msn client
Operating System Not Found [error]
Overcome your newbie status
Newbie V.S. Puppy
Fails to install (Grub Error 13: Invalid Format)
Link(s) needed for bootup options [ SOLVED ]
How to make the font bigger?
how to adjust bightness of lcd on laptop?
How To Get Lucid 5 to skip saving and simply shut down?
How to watch YouTube videos in full-screen view?
How to mount Reiser4 filesystem?
PXE boot Puppy 5.0.1
conky 1.8.0 - missing lua?
Dark screen with ver 5.01 ( SOLVED)
RAM/ Storage space in usb? confusion
Cannot boot laptop using battery power
puppy lucid installed thunar doesn't work
File sharing between puppy and Se7en
[SOLVED] Need keyboard shortcut to "show desktop" in JWM
Moving Puppy install from one flash drive to another
Frugal Install and Grub 2
Xklill for puppy 431
turkish keyboard support?
How to stop "SAVING TO FILE" at shutdown?
"Cannot detect f-prot versions Aborting.............."
Grub is gone
Total monthly upload/download: is there a PET?
Extreeeeemely slow to copy from USB
How to automount a hd partition at boot?
How to update Puppy 4.21 full install to 4.31?
pup-431.sfs not found
ADSL( BSNL Dataone)
Inspiron 1100 Install
Grub won't boot--pam_start() failed, error 26
Desktop graphic customization
How to install Firefox in Puppy?
Script to launch two items at once [SOLVED]
open containing folder from firefox in ROX-filer
Puppy sees the router but can't connect to internet
Fujitsu P series Lifebook with Transmeta Crusoe Processor
Newbies - Puppy needs YOUR help too!
3G Wireless Data Terminal ZTE MG478/AC8700 modem problem
slideshow screen saver?
Understanding mounts/memory/RAM "amp; filesystems/_save file
How I can share files for a Windows computer
Installing Puppy Linux on VirtualBox
Installing Dropbox on Puppy Linux
Video Problem: windows out of the screen
Can't print with HP Deskjet F2280 USB printer - Solved
puppy as file server
frustrated by inadequate "wait cursor" feedback
Puppy Linux 4.00 fails to install in USB key [SOLVED]
Adobe AIR - Install on Puppy
How to adjust keyboard repeat rate? SOLVED
How to install vmware tool into Puppy?
I can't get dotpuphandler to work
Gtkam won't save pics
SEARCHING; Ways to search the forum for problems/solutions
A Beginner's Guide to Installing Puppy
FAX and Puppy
How to update QEMU-puppy 2.17 to 4.0?
Concise wine tutorial ?
Were do i get the file ?
How to compile and run c++ code? (solved)
Will Puppy work with Intel DUO core?
How to add programs (games) to Puppy linux CD?
Cups printers
How to compile Webcam Drivers gspca for Puppy 2.17?
How to auto mount multiple hdd's on boot up?
Installing Microsoft Core Web Fonts - SOLVED
How to change MAC address? (Auto DHCP not working)
Logged out of X, how to restart it?
How to Install IceWM
Adding a spell checker to Puppy
Forum ettiquette
Index of resources for Beginners Help forum
Puppy 5.2.5 for beginners
How do install Citrix Client in Puppy?

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